March 5th, 2013

Life’s a Beach For Gordon

The Prime Mentalist is gracing us with his presence in the House tomorrow, having secured a debate about cleaning up radiation on a beach in his constituency. Let’s hope he puts in a little more preparation for his speech than he did for the written parliamentary questions he has been asking the Ministry of Defence recently. The replying Ministers politely pointed out that the MoD no longer owns the beach site in question and environmental issues are devolved to the Scottish government and are no longer Westminster’s concern. If he turned up a bit more, he might know these things…


  1. 1
    Gordon Brown says:

    I saved the galaxy. I am Superman and Hercules combined in one package.


  2. 2
    Gawd Help Us says:

    Maybe someone could arrest him for destroying the British economy whilst he’s a captive target?


    • 9
      Raoul Moat's ghost says:

      I’m free.


    • 30
      Sir William Wade says:

      Be fair, radoactivity has to be somewhere, and a freezing cold beach in one of the ugliest parts of Scotland is a better place than most.


      • 56
        the savant10.4 highway patrol says:

        Or better still behind the “portillo” of Ms Cristina de Kirchner’s Pampas hacienda.


  3. 3
    Absentee Voter says:

    When is he going to acknowledge the toxic debt he managed to leave on Britain’s beach ?


  4. 4
    AntiLeftoid says:

    They are still cleaning up the shit he left this nation in, he won’t mention that though. A labour clingon with an appropriate surname.


  5. 5
    Gordon Brown says:

    Why did Sue not tell me this?


  6. 7
    Call me Dave says:

    I hope to someday be as revered as Gordon


  7. 8
    John O'Farrell says:

    I’m going back to being an unfunny, terrorist supporting shit.


  8. 10
    Moussa Koussa Mark 7 says:


    Poor Guido…Are helping to spear head the “Fight Back”

    …It’s too late…and you Know it !!!!!


    • 15
      AntiLeftoid says:

      “LOL” … on a forum, oh dear.. sums up ones intelligence like no other acronym could ever do. Haha.


  9. 11
    damned impertinent questions says:

    Why is Westminster wasting time on theis guff. This is man who all but destroyed the UK – selling our Gold, destroying the economy and electing Bercow as Squeaker


    • 37
      Johninthe Sticks says:

      The whole topic is a waste of Parliament’s time. We are talking about the remains, after incineration, of luminous paint on aircraft instrument dials, left over from wartime planes that were dismantled in the area that is now Dalgety Bay new town, but was then two RNAS stations, in the 1950s. A leak at Sellafield it is not.

      The Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment (COMARE) report referenced makes it clear that there is no identifiable link between the increased rate of two particular cancers in the area and the material on the beach.

      Once again this dreadful man, who has done so much harm to our country, is leading everyone up the garden path with his malicious nonsense. He is grandstanding to his constituents, and we are rewarding him handsomely for doing so.


  10. 13
    Moussa Koussa Mark 7 says:

    When all round fruit cake and neo nut job Priti Patel is propelled to the front…the game is up.

    Talentless Career Tory MP with nothing to say other than classic neo nut clichés


    • 47
      Owen Jones says:

      Hmmm, criticising a non-white woman. You are clearly a massive racist.

      Oh, sorry I forgot – you are a tribal, dogmatic Labour lickspittle apparatchik-in-waiting, like me, and she is an evil Tory. Carry on comrade, everything you say is correct.

      With a bit of luck she will be blown up by the Real IRA and we can have a good old laugh about it with John O’Farrell.


  11. 14
    One of the Great Unwashed says:

    Now steady on trying to get McNu*tter to actually appear more than a couple

    times a year in the House……….do you realise the HUGE increase in his

    expenses IF he did..???……we as a country cannot afford it, let alone the

    hard pressed bloody tax payers…… to leave him securely chained up

    in his padded cell up in Jo*ck land……at least there won’t be a further

    run on GOLD with McNu*tter kept there…..will there ??


  12. 16
    Mid Staffs scandal says:

    Watch live.


  13. 17
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Brown is a clown.


  14. 18
    Ah! Monika says:

    Mr Clegg and his wife Miriam have decided to send their son Antonio Clegg, to the London Oratory state Catholic school from September.

    An investigation has been launched into allegations of child abuse at the London Oratory School.

    Police and social services are looking into claims that a former chaplain and governor, who died from a suspected Aids-related illness, sexually assaulted pupils he befriended there.


  15. 19
    Popeye says:

    Just another Socialist idiot.


  16. 20
    Anonymous says:

    The Labour voters still in denial of what their great leader Gordon Browmn did to destroy our once great nation,sad but true


  17. 21
    Baoghalta Brigade, Kirkcaldy Branch says:

    Are the people of Kirkcaldy stupid? How on earth do they stand for an MP who cashes in on the salary, expenses and pensions yet hardly does any work for them?


    • 35
      Anon says:

      Have you ever been to Kirk*caldy in person ????

      If not Please go there asap for a BRIEF visit & it will quickly clarify

      why they elect McNutter…….the one who saved the Universe & Beyond……


  18. 23
    Ray says:

    Brown the man who single handed, (oops, sorry aided and abetted by Balls and Miliband, ruined the British economy) appears in the house for the second time in a year, what is the world coming to? He must be running out of cash, so if he goes to the house, he can then can claim some more expenses.


  19. 24
    Residing in 96.999% white Merseyside says:

    She does come from the only hard-working family in the country.


  20. 26
    Gordon Brown says:

    I am strapping on my crash helmet in order to go headbutting at various motorway service stations prior to having a burger based meal and cola beverage.


  21. 27
    Gordon says:

    I was Prime Minister once! Nobody wanted me to be Prime Minister but I SCREAMED and SCREAMED and SCREAMED until they gave in!!! Now I am VERY IMPORTANT everybody says so when I go to foreign countries they have a driver for me and I can go to bed whenever I like so SMELLY PANTS to you!!!


  22. 29
    Andy Burnham says:

    Oh yes, that Sir David Nicholson is getting what he deserves, in front of the Health Care Select Committee. If I was on the committee, his arse would be kicked from here to Stafford.


  23. 31
    albacore says:

    Has anyone geiger-counted his brain?
    An atomic mutation might explain
    The weirdness and the alienation
    In all the works of Gordon’s creation


  24. 32
    old SHEP says:

    Wouldn’t it be a good wheeze if nobody bothered to turn up for Gordons debate.


  25. 33
    Good-n Broon says:

    My economic fuck up’s have a half life of one million years. You’ll be cleaning up my toxic turds for the rest of your lives!!


  26. 34
    Malcolm Redfellow says:

    Are you implying it was the Scottish government put the radiation there?


  27. 38
    Jimmy says:

    “the MoD no longer owns the beach site in question and environmental issues are devolved to the Scottish government”

    And the Guido crack legal team advises you that that is a complete answer to liability?

    Is this Blaney again?


    • 41
      old SHEP says:

      So why didn’t Gordon do something about it when he was in office as Prime Minister of the country? after all they were his constituents then too, reverted back to a full time Scotsman now has he.


      • 43
        Jimmy says:

        No idea. You could write to him and ask.


        • 49
          JH32940832409 says:

          Ahhh, sounds like even the resident Labour paid-to-post apparatchik is trying to put daylight between Das Partei and poor old Gordon.

          What is it with lefties and the deafening silence about past failures and the associated removal from history of their previous leaders? Do they think the miseries of Socialism will magically disappear if they alone refuse to identify its excesses?

          Answer: Yes.


    • 44
      Ma­qboul says:

      You missed the point. It is q question of which government agency is responsible for pursuing the culprit.


      • 48
        Jimmy says:

        No, they both agree it’s SEPA. The MoD is saying that the fact that SEPA is responsible is the reason they haven’t made a report to it. No, me neither.


      • 51
        Jimmy Servile says:

        soon as the shit flavoured one eyed scottish genius rolls into view
        you can bet Jimmy is there with his tongue hanging out


  28. 45

    If it is if handed back to the Scottish Parliament, complete with all liability – but thanks for checking with us.


  29. 52
    neilfutureboy says:

    Gordon Brown once again complaining about radioactive pollution in Dalgety Bay in his constituency. He did this once before in Parliament.

    The fact is that none a single particle of the alleged radium has been found and that Dalgety Bay has a LOWER radiation level that many other places from purely natural background radiation. His constituent’s community is being deliberately blighted by a lie. But the lie gives gainful employment to “environmentalists” who can stomach such corrupt parasitism.

    Brown certainly knows all this but being a corrupt parasite himself…


    • 53

      Excellent Post!! Thank you.

      I visit here as much for phlegmy and frothing insults as I do for interesting opinions, but fuck me backwards I’ve been educated, by a bloody good piece of investigation!!

      Thanks AGAIN!


  30. 54
    Anonymous says:

    Also from theyworkforyou:

    “Does this answer the above question?
    Yes! 17 people think so!
    No! 1 person thinks not!”

    Wonder who the 1 person was?


  31. 55
    Anonymous says:

    The worst thing of all is that he’s got away with it. Ruined the economy, maybe irrecoverably, and he’s not suffered at all for it.


  32. 57
    David Spameron. says:

    Meanwhile, all his voters glow in the dark. No need for street lights to be switched on in the early evening.


  33. 58
    Sir Barrington Minge says:

    What a cock!!!


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