March 5th, 2013

Don’t Mention Mid-Staffs

MPs have been deluged with emails from the obviously completely non-partisan “progressives” 38 Degrees over the last few days, opposing Jeremy Hunt’s “privatisation plot”. Tory backbencher Andrew Jones has rooted out the logic behind the campaign:

Dear colleague,

I am sure that, like me, you have received many standard emails via the 38 Degrees website on supposed NHS privatisation.

I thought you may be interested to know that the author of the 38 Degrees independent legal advice is former Labour MP, David Lock QC, who was the MP for Wyre Forest until losing to Dr Richard Taylor, the Independent Kidderminster Hospital and Health Concern candidate. Mr Lock remains active in Labour politics as Chair of the West Midlands Labour Finance and Industry Group.



Andrew Jones MP
Member of Parliament for Harrogate and Knaresborough

As David Nicholson takes a battering at his select committee hearing this morning, it is worth noting the 38 Degrees campaign has absolutely nothing to say about the failings at Mid-Staffs…


  1. 1
    Andy Burnhams Scythe Sharpening Service says:



    • 21
      Sherry Slotgob OBE says:

      We are the Progressives!

      Progressing our careers, our network, our friends, our honours, our ideology….thanks to David Blairlite Cameron, Prince of Blue Labour and enemy of baby eating Tory Toffs, everywhere! Common Purpose Rools!


      • 64

        David Lock would appear to your typical mendacious, avaricious, sociopath Labour activist.

        Do any of the PLP ever live by their five core values of social justice, strong community and strong values, reward for hard work, decency and rights matched by responsibilities.

        Dave, Nick, George and Danny may be inept knob heads, but at least they are trying to put the country back in order. Ed² Inc will do and say anything just to get in office for the “massive ego trip”.


      • 89
        Calidius Eroticus says:

        In some universe there is a Westminster populated by people who are not involved in politics, only in the business of good governance. These people wake up every morning yearning to improve Britain for the British.

        Unfortunately that universe and this will never meet.


    • 27
      CarryHole is a stupendous Hunt says:

      If only there was some choice in the NHS
      If only lazy staff could be sacked.
      If only I could choose from a range of health insurance plans.
      If only I wasn’t subsidising poor health choices.
      If only the NHS was privatised.

      Aneurin Macht Frei.


    • 50
      Jeffrey Bernard says:

      Why has no-one started an for the removal of David “I knew nuffink” Nicholson as Chief Exec of the NHS Commissioning Board?
      I had a look at but could not find anything …


      • 76
        The Civil Elephant Man says:

        Quite right Jeff, this ‘David “I knew nuffink” Nicholson’ chap is now the nation’s top serial killer from what i can see (the next step up is genocide by the look it). Something we can thank that bunch of twats called NuLabour for. I’d give him 10 days in one of his own shitty hospitals at the very least the c_nt would come out a couple of stone lighter.
        We still miss you in the Coach and Horses I’ll have one to your health later.


    • 67
      Fishy says:

      I do recommend a visit to this left wing site. Just for a laugh.


    • 71
      genghiz the kahn says:

      Just to add more names.

      ir David Nicholson to resign over NHS failings

      Responsible department: Department of Health

      The head of the NHS should resign for presiding over the ‘appalling care’ that led to at least 1,200 patient deaths at Stafford Hospital


      • 80
        the savant10.4 highway patrol says:

        Sir David Nixon the Magical Medico says :

        Now’t to do wi’ me lads if over one thousand people got brown breaded when I was at North Staffs …

        I was ‘owt but office toff …. never touched a patient in me life .

        Triples all round …


  2. 2
    Harriet Harperson says:

    We need more immigration. 500,000 people per year – the number the racist Tories are bringing in – is not enough. Too many of them are white males anyway. The goal is in sight, the ethnic cleansing of England can be achieved in our lifetime. Will the sisterhood join me in demanding minimum immigration levels of 1 million per year? We can be the change we need.


    • 33
      You Know It Makes Sense says:


      They’re all the same, all bluster and bullshit. Vote for real change, kick the treacherous scum, all in the proverbial balls.


      • 39
        WVM says:

        + 1.143 Trillion


        • 51
          Putr1d, spiteful Labour ruined my Country says:

          The ethnic cleansing has already happened. The breeding projections of migrants mean the whole Country will be like Londonistan within 100 years.


      • 81
        the savant10.4 highway patrol says:

        Yeah but replace them with what ?

        Grillo and Berlusconi ??

        Or perhaps G . Galloway ??


    • 52
      The BBC, Common Purpose & the EU says:

      We’re importing more than that already.
      How about 2 Million per year? – That would represent only a 10% increase on our current achievements.


  3. 3

    No one wants to talk about Staffs…


    • 12
      The Nuremberg Tribunal says:

      Andy Burnham has a right to remain silent.


    • 35
      Communist Purpose says:

      What happened in Mid Staffs stays in Mid Staffs.


      • 45
        Luftwaffe High Command says:

        Who happened in Mid Staffs stays in Mid Staffs.


        • 82
          the savant10.4 highway patrol says:

          Il Padrino says :

          Yeah right . Omerta’ Rules — unless you want to become an insomniac with the fishes … Capisch!!


    • 38
      CarryHole is a stupendous Hunt says:

      Infection: Staffsocockyes ABurnham.
      Outcome: Terminal.
      Risks: receiving soviet style ration of treatment.
      Treatment: removal from National death Service infection clusters. top to bottom cleansing of extortion and subsidy from system.


    • 42
      Luftwaffe High Command says:

      We envy them.


    • 57
      Rudolf Hoess says:

      I bow to their superiour efficiency.


  4. 4
    gordon brown says:

    Damn. Beaten again.


  5. 5
    sproggingforbenefits says:

    Nicholson should be faced with criminal charges, with Burnham, Hewitt & Johnson not far behind


    • 9
      Sir William Wade says:

      NHS bosses’ salaries, pensions, and freedom from accountability are the envy of the world.


      • 46
        The BBC says:

        I think we can match them on the “accountability” stakes.


        • 73
          Putr1d, spiteful Labour ruined my Country says:

          And the salaries and pensions as well. We’ve also got millions of pounds of perks because of the sucker licence payers.


    • 59
      Anonymous says:

      His performance from the moment he walked in shows he needs a permanent carer himself.

      Did he not notice the others entering. Just blocking the way for the lady. He also could not speak clearly and made a slip “never to make it … let it happen again.”. He admitted to “learning”. Exactly how many deaths does learning take?

      He also referred to the being “held to account” from the “centre”. Who is the “centre”?

      He is the Chief of the NHS. Obviously he thinks he is just an onlooker, and that the “centre” is in charge.

      When do the shareholders get to vote out the CEO?


    • 78
      M says:

      Ed son of brown
      Nicholson son of shipman


  6. 6
    The Right Honourable George Osborne Mp says:

    Dave just made some lovely cakes.


  7. 7
    Sir William Wade says:

    38 degrees of separation from reality?


  8. 11
    Comic Book Guy says:

    Hunt and Lansley would be happy to see Sir David Nicholson keep his job.


    • 15
      The Nuremberg Tribunal says:

      I hope they one day fall out of their piss-soaked NHS beds.


    • 43
      Anonymous says:

      Or it is that they dare not depart from the script written for them by Sir Humphrey any more than Jim Hacker could do more than dream of sacking him.


  9. 13
    The National Homicide Service says:

    We have a success rate that Dignitas can only envy.


    • 26
      BBC says:

      The NHS is a wonderful and caring organisation, so what if the UK has dropped down the European health league table, is nothing to do with our glorious NHS!

      No, it’s solely down to smoking and drinking since 1990.
      Even though we’ve had a smoking ban in public places, 40 pubs a day closing down, less people smoking than ever, more tax on tobacco and alcohol and more people using the gym.

      Next we have the weather with a homosexual from Brazil.


  10. 14
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Nicholson not talking about role of Secs of State for Health, keeping very quiet about what politicians were doing.


  11. 17
    Jimmy says:

    They’re quite right about Mid Staffs. They should demand an inquiry.


    • 23
      health rationing by numbers says:

      What, and highlight the fact that the NHS is NOT in fact the envy of the world? Do give over, twatty.


    • 31
      Ed Millionaireband says:

      Well said.


    • 44
      NHS Liverpool Death Pathway says:

      Let’s hope any enquiry has limited scope. We don’t want people looking too closely at us and the very important work we do in reducing NHS costs and patient life expectancy.


  12. 18
    health rationing by numbers says:

    Labour are shitty little opportunist fuckers, end of story.


  13. 19
    Penfold says:

    Another Common Purpose style/like mafiosi orgo, dedicated to pursuing the progressive cause, i.e. that of Labour and Total Socialism and the elimination of the electorate having any voice, in anything


  14. 20
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Why isn’t Burnham in front of the Health Care Select Committee.


  15. 22
    Comic Book Guy says:

    According to Sophy Ridge Hunt and Lansley want Nicholson to keep his job, why ?


  16. 25
    Simon says:

    Those who love the NHS would try to root out the problems in Mid-Staffs.

    Sadly we see corporatist interests closing ranks to cover-up the scandal, to protect jobs and deflect criticism. Shame on them.


  17. 28
  18. 41
    Patricia Hewitt says:

    The NHS is safe under Labour.

    To murder your relatives.


  19. 49
    Anonymous says:


  20. 53
    Jack Nicholson says:

    Frankly I could run a hospital better. Even allowing for time spent screwing all the hot nurses.


  21. 54
    Herman Goering says:

    If only I’d used the “Lessons will be learned” defence.


    • 60
      Heinrich Himmler says:

      Ja. The whole World War II thing was a regrettable mistake and lessons have been learned, but it would be wrong to scapegoat individuals. Then put Adolf in charge of the UN and leave the rest of us running Germany. Simples!


    • 65
      draw a line under, going forward says:

      Don’t be silly, you didn’t kill half as many as the NHS ffs.


  22. 62
    Where are Tony Blair's expenses says:

    Just listen to the twat Nicholson answering the questions from the select committee, blah, blah , blah, corporate speak, culture was the problem, not my fault, more corporate speak and we will learn lessons etc

    And Cameron wants to keep this moron.

    As others have said he must have a cupboard full of coverups on all the political parties.

    I wrote to my MP asking why Nicholson was still in place and not being charged under the 2007 Corporate Manslaughter Act – I did get a reply; a page full of politico speak – in his defense he does have a very safe Tory seat and very ambitious so clearly will not say anything off message.


    • 68
      Anonymous says:

      There are no “bad” people. It was a joint effort of everyone and the “centre”, so you can not blame me.

      So the conclusion is that NHS is unfit to work with the sick. Essentially the organization is sick itself.


  23. 63
    Lock the **** says:

    Ah David Lock who was throw out of his seat for ignoring a 100.000 signature petition and over 20.000 letters over the downgrading of Kidderminster hospital with the loss of A&E services and then left it saddled with a PFI dump that will not be payed for until 2032!
    Very trust worth man !


    • 74
      Where are Tony Blair's expenses says:

      This is a brilliant post; these left wing criminals are in the very fabric of all facets of our society. Why does it take one of Guido’s posters to point out what he has done, couldn’t Andrew Jones have put it in his letter. What do their researches do all day !!!


  24. 72
    Turkish Bath says:

    Look at the fuss when some horsemeat gets into the food chain. It’s bad but no risk to your health.

    Here thousands of people are dead and buried because of medical malpractice and nobody gives a toss.


  25. 75
    Anonymous says:

    Resign David Nicholson you utter utter C UNT !


  26. 83
    David Sue. says:



  27. 84
    FF's Sake says:

    If there wa any integrity in public life the commons would pass a law stating that:

    “Every single management person from the ward sister to the top of the gravy chain is automatically fully responsible for all and any foul ups on their watch. Additionally all excuses along the lines of ‘I was not told'; ‘it was not my reponsiobility'; ‘I never went and looked at the ward level’ etc etc will be deemed automatically to be admissions of incompetence and thus render the maker automatically removed. All contracts of employment will identify the exact level of responsibility (as in ‘The entire Hospital’ for an executive; as in ‘the entire NHS for Nicholson’, as in ‘the entire ward’ for the nursing sister) for any foul ups. All foul ups of whatever nature (dirty wards, patients not fed, watered, cleaned, given correct medecines, left on trollies, etc etc) being the full responsibility of the lot of them, top to bottom.”


    • 86
      The Obrien syndrome says:

      Alas such a law supposes that those who pass it are themselves seated on the moral high ground.


  28. 85
    Anne D Burnbum says:

    Bloody C5 just had Nicholson as lead story.Dont resign David.Keep me out of the frame.Lets hope the families dont get together and mount a mass action.x


  29. 87
    Graham says:

    As yet no comments from Burnham, Hewitt or Johnson. How typical for Liebour shits to deny any responsibilty. Just the same as denying responsibility for bankrupting the country.


  30. 88
    Dave Price says:

    Dear Mr Jones,

    Your letter to Guido Fawkes implied that 38 degrees went to David Lock QC for advice because of his past political affiliations and that somehow his advice lacked credibility because he has political affiliations. That suggestion is frankly ridiculous as well as libellous. As a friend of David’s can I take the chance to correct a few matters.

    David Lock was, until April 2011, Treasury Counsel. Treasury Counsel are called on to advise the government you support on the most sensitive points of law. He is a highly respected QC in the healthcare field. He is regularly called on to advise NHS Trusts, Primary Care Trusts and other public bodies including Conservative controlled local authorities in the most difficult of issues. 38 degrees came to him on the advice of highly respected solicitors, Leigh Day & Co and because he was counsel for the successful claimant in the only NHS procurement case to come before the courts in recent years, R (Lloyd) v Gloucestershire PCT. Contrary to your insinuations, none of these clients came to David because of his political affiliations or doubted the quality of his legal advice because of his political activites.

    In the event the problems he outlined with these Regulations have been accepted by your government which has now withdrawn them. All this suggests that 38 degrees were right to come to Mr Lock for advice and you were wrong to denigrate the quality or independence of his legal advice.

    It may be better to play the ball rather than the man in future.

    Yours sincerely,

    The Price is Right!


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