March 5th, 2013

Chris Huhne’s Driving Advice at Heart of LibDem Pamphlet

“Is true that Huhne has a chapter in the new Liberal Democrat ‘Green Book'” Guido asked a LibDem source in bewilderment earlier. “No, that would be madness… He has two chapters,” came the reply. And yes it’s true, Huhne has found good use of his spare time to pen two chapters for ‘New Directions for Liberals in Government’ that apparently ‘brings together 27 leading Liberal Democrats and sympathetic experts to propose radical and innovative new directions for the Liberal Democrats.’

One chapter is on, cough, “Driving Growth” and the another on ““reducing emissions from transport”.

Two areas he has a specialist interest in.

With a foreword from Clegg, it seems his party has learnt many lessons from their recent communication disasters. 


  1. 1
    Lord Mandelbum of Fondleboys says:

    Har, har, he, har har!

    See the judge is still summing up in Southwark too…


  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    First ? Or merely nearly first ?


  3. 3
    the savant10.4 highway patrol says:

    Is he in chokey yet if not why not ??


  4. 5
    Captain Gatso says:

    New directions? With these points it seems the Lib Dems are speeding to electoral oblivion.


    • 24
      I Remember You Hoo says:

      The death of the Lib-Dem party, will be a good day for real democracy.


      • 25
        Moussa Koussa Mark 7 says:

        ….and Ed


        • 62
          I Remember You Hoo says:

          Miliband is not a democrat by any useful measure.

          His entire family history is one of contempt, to outright hatred for free people. The sooner both the Labour party and the Fauxservatives join them Lib-Loon party in the dustbin of history, the better for true freedom and democracy.


  5. 6

    And Chris Bryant will offer election advice in it, in a chapter entitled “Coming from behind”.


  6. 9
  7. 11

    Message for Schrodingers Cat – your T shirts ready!!

    (AND off one of Guido’s Adverts as well!)

    I know it’s off topic, but they don’t do a “Tell the Limp Dumbs to Fuk Off” T shirt.


  8. 13

    Ok lets see if this post works.

    New Directions for LibDems:-

    1. Keep your promises.
    2. Learn from the mistakes of your rush for power.
    3. Ask yourself why you need a new direction, what is wrong with the existing one?

    You need to inspire hearts once again, but as you have broken countless hearts that will be tricky.


  9. 14

    That is brilliant! What in their right minds were they thinking? Whatever next?


  10. 15
    Chris Trimingham says:

    The instructions on my driving licence application said “Tear along dotted line” so I have been doing so ever since.


  11. 16
    An Emissionary says:

    If Huhne is in prison he won’t be able to drive, thus saving the lives of many polar bears.


  12. 28
    Moussa Koussa Mark 7 says:

    Monday – Defence Secretary Philip Hammond..NO MORE CUTS etc etc

    Tuesday – Defence Secretary Philip Hammond… Announces more cuts.



    • 33
      Liam Byrne (There's is no money left) says:

      Ha ha ha yes it’s so funny, those fucking baby eaters trying to fix the economy!


      • 72
        I Remember You Hoo says:

        Fix the economy?

        How, by pissing money away on worthless green crap, third world dictators palaces or the E Spew?


  13. 30
    Owen Jones says:

    “You ain’t seen nothing yet,” said Owen Jones, chief economist in London at Owen Jones Fund Managers Ltd., which oversees about $42 billion. “If the world believes there will be significantly more stimulus coming, which I expect, the pound is likely to be under further pressure.”

    The U.K. currency slid to $1.4986 on March 1, the lowest level since July 2010, and down from this year’s high of $1.6381 on Jan. 2. It rose 0.3 percent to $1.5166 at 10:31 a.m. London time today. That’s still a 6.7 percent drop from the start of the year, the third-worst performance among 32 major currencies tracked by Owen Jones after the yen and the rand.


    • 31 says:

      and my sherbet dabs have gone up 5p


    • 35
      Currency Wars says:

      It’s a race to the bottom, something I thought you were very adept at.


    • 43
      Anonymous says:

      Correct me if I am wrong Owen but didn’t we used to be told that a low £ was good for our export market as it made our goods cheaper to buy?
      Oh,I forgot;we no longer manufacture anything that other countries want.


      • 102
        National Union of Teachers says:

        it’s because our teachers’ unions have made our edjerkashun so much better than that of India or China where they still aer examined on facts and study real Maths and Science instead of doiong “projects” on climate change and multiculturalism


  14. 32
    Chris Rennard says:

    Me so horny.


  15. 39
    Crime Time says:


    • 81
      Bolog Nayse says:

      It’s re-assuring to know that convicted criminal Huhne, is going to face the punishment. Even as most suspect, it will be a mere tap on the wrist compared to that which an ordinary citizen would likely expect.


  16. 42
    Twat watch says:

    Someone asked Nick about Lord Rennard. All Nick had to say was this.


  17. 46
    Candidate for the Darwin Awards says:

    A man has died after reportedly playing the gun game Russian Roulette “for a laugh” in Renfrewshire, Scotland

    Emergency services were called to a house on Hogg Avenue in Johnstone on Saturday following a “firearms” incident.

    Alan McWilliams, 41, was found seriously injured and taken to the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow for treatment but died on Sunday.

    A neighbour told the Scottish Sun that Mr McWilliams had been “playing Russian roulette with a pal and the gun went off”.


  18. 48
  19. 49
    Father O'filatio says:

    Looking forward to meeting Nick Cleggs children when they start at my school.
    Apart from atheism any other beliefs you don’t believe in Mr Clegg?


  20. 51
    Gorralaff says:

    Entrepreneur Alki David, founder of social networking site Battlecam, has pledged to cough up a “streak bounty” to whomever gets their bits out in front of the deputy prime minister.


  21. 52
    Just Wondrin says:

    What proportion of Catholic Cardinals still believe in God?


  22. 54
    It grows on you says:

    Sign on the door of the Gent’s Toilet in my local garden centre.

    ” New Children’s menu available “


  23. 56
    A mong jury says:

    “The jury in the retrial of Vicky Pryce, the ex-wife of former Lib Dem cabinet minister Chris Huhne, has retired to consider its verdict. ”

    Can’t wait to see what questions this lot come up with.

    “Can we return a verdict of stoning to death for the infidel woman?”


  24. 60
    Self assembly says:

    Ikea pulls almond cakes after bacteria found

    First horse-balls and now shit.


    • 67
      Mark Oaten says:

      mmm *licks lips*


    • 96
      Point of Information says:

      A dominant member of coliform group is E Coli.

      Given the ingredients of those cakes, unless there is contamination in the factory where they are made, one should be somewhat concerned about the dairy supply chain.

      This has probably come in from the Milk / Cream ingredients, but pasteurization usually kills that off.

      There was an outbreak of e-coli in Sweden back in 2011 which claimed at least 39 victims tied to outbreak in Germany, and a separate case:




  25. 83
    Sir David Nicholson says:

    Harold Shipman, pfft, in your face you amateur.


  26. 87
    gracie fields says:

    am i right in thinking that some of our colonial cousins are on the jury?


  27. 89
    Yap yap bloody yap says:


    • 94
      Diane Slugusset..well known labour apologist says:

      we’re more worried there could be more slugs out there like you heading our way


    • 95
      JH32940832409 says:

      What the fuck do you care Abbopotamus?

      It’s not like they are going to be in your son’s private school classroom, with the exasperated teacher trying to teach them basic English while the rest of the children’s education goes down the shitter.

      Why are lefties so obsessed with allowing mass immigration of unskilled labour when we already have 25% youth unemployment and overwhelmed services?

      Because it’s an excuse for a bigger state, that’s why.


      • 100
        Zeitgeist in Strawberry Hill (and 1st class passenger!) says:

        I suggest that Abbot buy a copy of The State of Dependency: Welfare Under Labour by Frank Field, 2000, The Social Market Foundation, ISBN 1-874097-52-6


  28. 90
    Owen Jones says:

    Guido,this will change your life


  29. 97
    Notareargunner says:

    Sent a missive to my Old Comrade, Paddy Pantsdown. “Have you got a spare shag as I’m on 12 points and Mrs Huhne gone queer on me?” Landed on Pisshead Kennedy’s desk. Reply reads, “Take up drink. It works for me.”


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