March 4th, 2013

White Middle-Class Liberal Males Welcome Fresh New Blood


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    At the corner of the picture you can just about see the handbag of the woman Guido has enterprisingly cropped out.

    Not that a lone woman is anything to bost about, of course. The white maleness of the Lib Dems is still rather disturbing.


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    the savant10.4 highway patrol says:

    What for … drinking ??


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      Anonymous says:

      Romania says British ministers have agreed secret deal to ensure migrants receive benefits despite coalition claims of a crackdown

      Read more:
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        It's illegal under EU law says:

        ID cards just for EU nationals in the UK?

        That will not last five minutes until a legal challenge, then it will be ID cards for all, or none at all.

        The money is on ID cards for all.


        • 148
          Anonymous says:

          Across the rest of the EU they are variously called ID cards and Residents cards, linked to citizenship and the payment of tax. Restricting the payment of benefits, including access to the NHS and social housing, to those with such “evidence” of being a local resident and/or evident of entitlement to reciprocal benefits (e.g. emergency health care) does not appear to be a breach of EU arrangements – provided the same rules apply to all, including UK “citizens” – nor does it appear to require legislation – only the introduction and enforcement of “adminstrative procedures” under existing law – a variation on the silly “know your customer” routines “mandated” on the banks so that they can stop us changing when faced by bad service.


        • 230
          Uncle Joe says:

          In my day it was called the ‘internal passport’, we used it to control Kulaks moving to the cities, of course we had other solutions as well. I see my home town is putting back up my statue, my time is coming again comrades.


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        labourunionsbbc are one under the EU says:

        If you think any government anywhere is going to stop this aspect of globalisation forget it. This is what is going to happen. It’s why the dark continent and other backward nations are being brought up to a certain levels of western education, enabling them to use information technology in their countries and perform adequately in the old ‘first’ world countries; when they are shipped about (you know like in the old s1avery days).


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        The Peckham Terminator shouting at Camoron says:

        You cant, you facking cant, fack off you cant


        • 96
          Pliny the Welder says:

          Man is born free and everywhere is in chainstores.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Fuck off you oven loving mantra loving duplicitous piece of scum 5hit – I clocked you and battered your bile over a week ago – get the fuck to wanchor.


          • BW – you really are an unusually vituperative, hostile young man – tell me, are you a sexually repressive, but higher than average IQ 14 year old, or is your current relationship so disappointing that you are of the mistake belief that anybody on here is at all worried by the on line bile you spew? Have you tried Viagra – I’m told it works wonders if, like you, a person suffers the frustration of penile erectile dysfunction?

            Just asking, mind. All that frothing IS rather amusing – and after 2000 years, you have to be amused by something.


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        rocknrolla says:

        Enoch was right. And I fear now it is just too late, we’re being ethnically cleansed and a whole generation are now being educated and being told it is a good thing. All nations die eventually and all civilisations too and the west will disappear. The only hope looks likely to be Switzerland.

        On the other hand Japan, India, China etc all allow no immigration and have no truck with multiculturalism so there is hope for them. When one considers the amazing things that the white man has achieved – without us there would be no modern medicine, cars, airplanes, classical music, western legal systems, jury trial, US constitution, internet, capitalism, apple macbooks, ferraris, Shakespeare etc etc – then it will be sad when white people are ethnically cleansed as is almost certain to happen now.


        • 107
          Jimmy says:

          “a whole generation are now being educated”.

          Starting with basic English grammar.


          • rocknrolla says:

            Well done, you managed to completely miss the point. And your point of grammar isn’t as clear cut as you think. That GCSE in English you scraped a C in 15 years ago isn’t all you thought it was.

            What a twat.


          • rocknrolla says:



          • Jimmy says:

            Is that Shakespeare? I don’t recognise it.


          • rocknrolla says:

            Of course you don’t, but then you’ve never read anything he wrote or seen any of his plays performed. No, going at school, en route to the D grade you scraped in English, doesn’t count.


          • rocknrolla says:

            Of course you don’t, but then you’ve never read anything he wrote or seen any of his plays performed. No, going at school, en route to the D grade you scraped in literature, doesn’t count.


          • rocknrolla says:

            Of course you don’t, but then you’ve never read anything he wrote or seen any of his plays performed. No, going at school, en route to the D you got in English, doesn’t count.


          • Louis XV says:

            Are you saying you’re an Oxfordian?


          • Jimmy says:

            You’re childish. I bet you’ve never even seen a girl naked. You fucking idoit


          • Jimmy says:

            Yes I can see how lesser races might struggle to reach your level.


          • CarryHole is a stupendous Hunt says:

            Is even jimmy being sock-puppeted by this blog’s (s)care in the community?


          • Jimmy says:

            Before you ask, you cretin, I am at a higher level and got A* at GCSE and nearly passed by AS level.


          • Jimmy says:

            It looks like rocknrolla has just discovered sockpuppetting. I have a feeling this could go on for some time.


          • Jimmy says:

            And Jimmy finally responds.


          • rocknrolla says:

            so now i see you’ve had a weird conversation with yourself, or at least someone impersonating you, which you hilariously replied to and then blame me for sockpuppeting. Just weird. And well done, you managed to completely miss the point by trying to appear clever spotting a slight grammatical error on order-order.


          • Jimmy says:

            I wonder that you will still be talking. Nobody marks you.


        • 216
          Anonymous says:

          psycholgical evolvement is part of life.
          how will the Japanese cope with becoming submissive to china. they are not going to like it?


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    Kebab Time says:

    At least there was no risk of groping then…….


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    Ancient History says:

    10 years older than the Pope.


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    Daily Ref says:

    50 men, 7 women, 0 ethnic minorities – You wouldn’t think that looking at their web site or election leaflets.


    • 52
      old SHEP says:

      Yet are they not champions of multiculturalism and equality for women?, yeah but not on my/our LIb/Dem patch.


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    Anonymous says:

    What a shower of wankers


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      Handycock from his sickbed says:

      I object to that. I would have been in the photo but am hiding in my villa in Spain, bought for me by my boys, pretending to be ill to avoid a council investigation in to my sexual habits with constituents. Smart eh? Boaz.


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    Joss Taskin says:

    No sign of Lard Rennard then ?


  8. 11
    Pink Rodeo says:

    There is enough assembled to form a circle. YEE HA


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    Popeye says:

    More like a bunch of woofters.


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    They are all backward, scrounging, socialist scum in Edinburgh. says:

    The future belongs to me.


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    Pryce Watch says:

    Like a rabbit out of a hat, the brother in Athen’s comes to the aid of his sister…


    • 32
      Anonymous says:

      You sad fucker. Take some time off giving Chris a reach-around and take Carina balls out of your mouth.


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    Bitches all round.


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    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Never mind the maleness or otherwise of the libdems what about the competence or otherwise of cameron and his mate nicholson.

    I see No 10 has declined to answer the DT’s question about nicholson no doubt hoping the issue will go away. He presided over the needless deaths of at least 1200 people and developed thugocracy in the NHS based on labour’s model in Westminster, with relish. This issue is not going to go away!

    These are the DT’s questions about nicholson- an answer from No 10 would at least show they respect the public but I’m not holding my breath:-

    1) On Sir David Nicholson, the Prime Minister has said he has full confidence in him. Could you just explain why he thinks the public should have faith in him as NHS chief executive?

    2) Are there any specific aspects or attributes that justify that confidence in [Sir David Nicholson]?

    3) What would the Prime Minister say to a member of the public wondering why Sir David Nicholson is still in charge of the NHS?

    4) What is the answer to the question?

    5) Can I ask a different question: how can Sir David Nicholson still be in charge of the NHS given what happened at Mid-Staffs? How can he carry on?

    6) For the record, why is he still in charge of the NHS?


    • 56
      Netocracy will defeat 'Democracy' says:

      Keep going nell. The net is greater than the sword, the pen and politicians.


    • 64
      Anonymous says:

      Cameron’s support for Nicholson continues the form of his judgement …

      he bows to Clegg
      he threw Mitchell to the wolves
      he backed Hunt in dumping on the staff
      he promoted proven thief Laws
      he backed Fox
      he backed and continues to back Coulson
      he backed and continues to back Brookes
      he backed Kirkbride and Mackay even after they were exposed as benefit cheats
      he enabled a whole string of cronies to avoid punishment for expenses fiddling
      he renegued on EU referendum – against his mandate
      he initiated top-down change to the NHS – against his mandate
      he initiated gay marriage – without mandate

      some record.
      maybe nothing wrong with him as a person but he is not competent as PM.


      • 86
        rebekah aka nellnewman says:

        Yep.Not a great record is it?


      • 88
        Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

        He didn’t get rid of Abu Qatada and the head of the NHS is still in place after the deaths of over 2000 people at Stafford and Bolton.

        He is a spineless public school fop.

        Clegg, Cameron and Miliband probably the worst politicians in the last 150 years


        • 138
          What a plonker says:

          You forgot Brown and Balls.


        • 232
          Uncle Joe says:

          I agree, let me sort it out for you, I can liquidate your ‘left’ as class within 48 hours and then work my way through the ‘scum of Eastern Europe’ for you in around 30 days. I’ll then get your own feckless lumpen prols sorted within another 30 days. I estimate 3 million dead, 12million in socialist labour camps and another 10million exiled. You’ll have full employment, your borders will be secure and heavy industry rebuilt, all bankers and MPs will all be shot. I can’t say fairer than that.


          • Diderot says:

            “Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest”.


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    Cardinal bum feck Mcfuckety says:

    I love milky white bottoms. Particularly of the liberal persuasion!!!


  15. 27
    The Right Honourable George Osborne Mp says:

    I think we’ve got a very clear message, a loud and clear message that Britain cannot let up in dealing with its debts, dealing with its problems, cannot let up in making sure that Britain can pay its way in the world.


    • 134
      Hard southerner says:

      Doesn’t matter how you spin it, whenever George, your debt is getting worse. Balls would only provide temporary relief. We need proper export-led and waste-cut led growth and efficiencies or we are going to be BBB rating soon and paying far more to China and the US for no good reason.


  16. 33
    Lord Rennard says:

    I’m horny
    I’m horny, horny, horny
    So horny
    I’m horny, horny, horny tonight


  17. 41
    The Left's retort to Lord Renard says:


    • 48
      Guido Fawkes says:

      Two tossers using social medja to masturbate off to.


    • 65
      AntiLeftoid says:

      Owens writings have the same effective influence on society as a wet fart has in a hurricane.


      • 77
        Casual Observer says:

        Wet farts in hurricanes do less damage to the environment and do not waste column inches in the !ndy.

        OJ must be very jealous of Grillo though.

        As OJ sits tapping on his tea stained computer (look earlier in OJ’s timeline to figure that one), it must hurt for him to realize that the real power of social media, to effect radical political change, is happening just down the road from Toynbee’s old gaff. ;-)

        If he works hard, he could catch up with Grillo.

        OJ could yet start the next UK national socialist party if not kept firmly under control. Or UKIP for the left as he described it previously. In such a twilight reality though, could our erudite Penelope serve as Eva ?


        • 100
          AntiLeftoid says:

          He could recruit Chavs in hoodies for his Shitler yoof and Penelope Braun could teach them the benefits of feminism in the new world order.


    • 106
      Carl Marks Out of Ten says:

      Jones appears in his photo to be peering jealously at the member into the next urinal.


      • 119
        Tay King-dePisse says:

        Jealously or longingly?
        And only because I cannot help myself and must resort to a cheap joke, is the member in the next urinal that of a Peer? We must be told!


        • 220
          Catty Comment (Ms) says:

          The Peer and the Peeper – must be at least 6 episodes of that for the BBC “drama” dept to milk.


  18. 43
    Red Egg Millitit... National Socialist says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha so much money they can afford a social conscience and feed the world :)


  19. 49

    You know how that Cardinal was all ” I’m anti gays” and then it turns out , he’s a gay himself?

    Well, remember how Gordon said he’d saved the world? Turns out ……


  20. 58
    Jimmy says:

    Order Order has a diversity officer?

    Good for you! There’s hope for you yet.


    • 76
      CarryHole is a stupendous Hunt says:

      No diversity of opinion allowed on the left. That’s why there’s been so many murdered by (Inter) national socialist governments.


  21. 59
    Next says:

    Mother Theresa ??


  22. 63
    The Piss Soaked Tramp Formally Known As TAT! says:

    Diversity is great goys! Until it happens to our country of course:


  23. 68
    EU Watch says:

    Bersan! is trying to force a new election to be held. That may be a miscalculation as it will likely bring the right further into power and ensure that 5-Star gets stronger position in the lower house.

    Bersan! will likely be replaced by Renz! before a new election is held.

    As the !talian president is retiring in May, he is constitutionally prevented from dissolving Parliament. A new Presidential election will need to take place first.

    Calling a new election may have unintended consequences though, as it may

    It should be noted that Bersan!’s center left achieved majority in the lower house mainly on the back of postal votes.


    EUR/USD today has been toying downward with the 1.30 level, it may be at 1.29/8 by the end of the week as the deeper implications of what is happening in !taly sink in.

    Note in the above article, Barosso lying through his teeth with statistics. Spa!n / Portugal may act soon, Greece most are waiting for the coup and Syr!za to replace Pasok.


    • 78
      CarryHole is a stupendous Hunt says:

      Who could have predicted that it would all fall apart?!?
      What could go wrong with the antidemocratic, soviet Balkan model imposed over the peoples of Europe by the worlds most useless politicians?


      • 95
        EU Watch says:

        The main reason it is falling apart is because there is no demos, and thankfully the EU does not really have much kratos.

        Absent that shared political union, any attempt to correct the economic decline of the southern countries will fail as they will gladly take the money and just do what they did before.

        Better to let them break free and re-balance their economies of their own volition. One good lesson learned from recent experience is, sending in foreign apparatchik to do this through managed artificial unwinding only makes matters worst. Being in the Euro is not helping them, and !taly has had second thoughts about membership from the start.


    • 90
      Problems problems says:

      Tick , tick, tick, tick, the clock is telling us that the time is getting closer for the dismantlement of the EU, democracy by the peoples but lies and corruption by the politicians .


    • 113
      Mr Quelch says:

      For Christ’s sake it’s simple enough : let the Mafia (never heard of them) run the bits of Italy they don’t run as well as the bits they do run. You know it makes sense.


  24. 69
    Edinburgh junkie shitty moralising to us all. says:

    Shurely shome mishtake.


  25. 89
    Queen Liz says:

    That’s the last time I’m getting a chicken madras from Abdul’s in Walthamstow.


  26. 98
    EU Watch says:

    The only reason Spa!n has been allowed to massage its deficit figures down is to prevent people dumping bonds. The investor which mostly benefits is Germany.


    • 118
      Sir William Wade says:

      I couldn’t see any sign of a financial crisis in San Sebastian the other day. It was full of smart, well-kept flats and smart, well-kept ladies in mink coats. Plus, massive youth unemployment means excellent service in the restaurants!


      • 135
        EU Watch says:

        San Sebastian is a tourist town, that is likely to be calm as protest will likely result in broken legs from the people who run the town.

        Downside for being fired is very great at the moment:


        To see the real problems it may be better to look to Madrid, or if on the north coast, Bilbao. The problems will be more evident in the industrial towns, and more so off the tourist trail.

        eg, From the other day:


        And in Barcelona last week:

        Government has predicted 0.5% GDP contraction this year, followed by a 1.2% expansion next. That works out to a 0.6% expansion by year end 2014, assuming of course there is any growth next year.


        • 221
          Lef bak (be'ind the gowl) says:

          Nah, dem stoodents woz protestin dat dey woz robbed of a penalty against Real Madrid at de weekend. Cheatin refs over dere as bad as dey r here at ol traffud


  27. 105
    Andy Burnham says:

    Laugh, I don’t quite believe it myself, they are all after Sir David Nicholson, while I’m getting off scot free. I’ll just lie low for a while longer, and then wham more photo opportunities and get back to slagging off the tories over the NHS reforms.
    You know, thinking about it I can lie and cheat and get away with it.


    • 115
      Carl Marks Out of Ten says:

      Keep buying the Maybelline, Andy in case you need a girl disguise.


    • 132
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      andyburnham is indelibly marked with at least the deaths of those 1200 people in the NHS .

      He was the Chief Instigator, alongside Nicholson , of gordon’s thugocracy into the NHS to gag staff on the avoidable deaths of vulnerable people.

      In my view there should be Murder Charges against brown, burnham and nicholson and if that’s not possible there should be Civil charges against them.


      • 152
        CarryHole is a stupendous Hunt says:

        Lverpool fans crush 79 pf their fellow fans to death = massive investigation, calls for porsecutions by BBC et al.

        NHS kills 2000 odd by neglect = tumbleweed.


        • 163
          Fishy says:

          Burnham made himself available to support the Hillsborough families

          Burnham refused to meet the Stafford families (and blames them for not speaking up).


          • Carl Marks Out of Ten says:

            Burnham is an educated (well relatively) scouser, who will always support “the cause” vaz-like whatever the real evidence. Hic.


  28. 117
    David "Mein Kampf" Ward says:

    Seig Heil !


  29. 125
    AIPAC says:



  30. 126
    labourunionsbbc are one under the EU says:

    “At a Reuters Summit on the future of the eurozone, Barroso appealed to European leaders to stay the course and “not give in to populism”. ”

    Does that mean don’t listen to the people? Still to be fair nobody elected him so he doesn’t have to listen to them.


    • 129
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      ++++Laugh++++ The EU giving into populism .

      About as much chance of that as putin giving into democracy .


      • 136
        rebekah aka nellnewman says:

        I actually think the economics of the EU will be like one of those self exploding stars that becomes a black hole.

        Not this year , not next maybe but quite soon!


    • 159
      Sir Bumley Foghorn MP (Much Ranting in the Shires) says:

      I like the cut of Barroso’s jib. I held my annual surgery only last month and had to listen to endless whining from people who thought they could just wander in and expect me to help them. I have my butler to deal with the trade classes.


  31. 128
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Let’s face it – white middle class ‘males’ are predominant across all Westminster political parties.

    That’s not the evil. Giving EU jobs to the boys is the really evil thing. That’s why the EU has to go . It’s not here for the good of the people it’s here for the financial benefit of the political classes!!!

    Ask mandy and the kinnochios = they know – they made their fortune from commissioners job and the perpetual £millionnaires pensions that they still draw at the expense of us the taxpayers!!


    • 130
      (I don't need no doctor) says:

      …………….and think they have the right to!


      • 133
        rebekah aka nellnewman says:

        Yes but the tide is turning – slowly it’s true.

        The web is exposing the rotten core of Westminster and bit by bit each MP and Lord is being brought to book .

        It may take 10 years – it may take 20 years but the rotten metropolitan core of Westminster is slowly being eroded and one day is going to be replaced with decentt , public serving mps and Lords ( or indeed a Senate which would be better)


        • 142
          Residing in 96.99% white Merseyside says:

          But power corrupts.


        • 146
          Problems problems says:

          In 20 years time Nell, it will be just as corrupt, the corrupt are making the rules and the laws.


          • rebekah aka nellnewman says:

            True but the internet is exposing their weaknesses and lies . Pandoras box on the westminster sleaze is open – it can never be closed again.


          • Casual Observer says:

            You are right nell. The internet is exposing the scams, well some of them anyway. Others will follow.

            The problem is, exposing scams, and even breaking the propaganda model so as those outside the loop can see what is really going on is not much use without enforcement and proper investigation of the laws which are being flagrantly broken.

            One suspects that at the point where a critical mass of the populace realizes its moral compass is off and compensates, a new economic boom will be started and the majority will probably quickly forget what they were upset about before and get back to it.

            The determining factor will be whether the public choose to look at the light or content themselves with shadow projections. Shadows suit most, provided observance rewards.


    • 224
      Krys Pattern says:

      Hey Nellie – don’t for get me! This 2 day a week BBC job is really terrific


  32. 140
    Sir Bumley Foghorn MP (Much Ranting in the Shires) says:

    Look at the mess we got into by putting a girl up for Eastleigh. It’s more chaps we need. Ex Guards, ex Eton and a little woman at home to manage the servants. Where’s that oik Gove….another G&T waiter.


  33. 144
    Diddley says:

    I didn’t realise that C*ntwatch’ had started already!


  34. 145
    One Term Dave says:

    My advice to the British people is not to believe a single word I say on the EU, immigration or benefits. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


    • 149
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      The same is true of militwit.

      So who are we to vote for ?

      And before you say it, it can’t be UKIP because they can’t produce enough mp’s in 2015 for a government!!


      • 164
        albacore says:

        Parliament has connived, through mass immigration
        At fomenting the end of the English nation
        That means that our system of government as well
        Has, with malice aforethought, been consigned to hell
        The current incumbents can’t but have intended
        That, once they’ve skedaddled, the whole shebang’s ended


      • 240
        Anonymous says:

        don’t have to – lib dems control govt at the moment.


    • 154
      The Treacherous Tosser in No 10 says:

      On the other hand, – if they don’t believe me – who will they believe? I think you know me well enough by now!


  35. 162
    Saffron says:

    I see the beeboids are staying well away from the disgrace about what happened on liebours watch re mid staffs hospitals.
    Mascara and Postman are lying low,what a surprise not,despite lots of warnings these two chose to ignore them.
    I hope they do not sleep easily in their beds knowing that apparently many people died who should not have as a result of their inactivity.
    As I see it the EUSSR are a busted flush as time will tell,the EUSSR are not Europe,rather they are a bunch of commies who yearn for dictating as to what peoples of Europe will be railroaded by force if necessary into doing.
    That portuguese plonker Barrosovitch actually was a maoist and what does that tell you?.
    In my opinion we are now seeing plenty of unrest across europe which I think will see the end of this EUSSR nightmare which europe is suffering from.
    Methinks your ussr dream is rapidly coming to a close.


    • 165
      Sir Bumley Foghorn MP (Much Ranting in the Shires) says:

      That’s the attitude. Splendid. Must invite you to the next meeting of the Much Ranting Young Conservatives (70-80 age group section).


    • 180
      Serf at work in the Immigration Department says:

      They have been acting like rabbits caught in the headlights at work in the Department today – as I’ve been reporting the ministers don’t have a clue how to get through the coming year (2014) and a half.

      It’s been made worse by the leak of the secret agreement that they have already promised the Romanians that all their immigrants to this country will get full benefits

      The bbc however are now going with the line that anyone who opposes the flood of immigrants from Romania/Bulgaria is “wacist, wacist wacist”. Wonder how many are going to squat at Bush House.

      I’ll continue to keep you updated on the lack of action combined with blind panic that pervades the Department.


    • 192
      EU Watch says:

      The charlatans at the heart of the current cult will be ousted soon.

      Managed collapse is order of the day.

      As a lot of the debt is owed between countries within Europe, a simple way of fixing some of the debt problem is just to cross cancel and write off, and then simply worry about what is left over.

      Part of the reason for the debt construction in the first place was to keep a certain flow of money through the EU system, and countries dependent on each other.

      Cross hairs on a chunk of London and Frankfurt when this is ‘fixed’.

      An elephant in the room is the US.

      They are keen for the EU to stay afloat as it is critical for their strategic defense plans for this century. In the medium to long term, the containment of Russia via NMD (which will fail…) and ‘protection’ of Europe.

      Most of Europe’s defense bill is carried by the US and they want to transfer that burden to a single supranational entity they can interact with, rather than 15 odd countries. It lowers costs and simplifies strategic planning.

      In the short term, Obama is banking on credible competition in the defense contracting realm to emerge from Europe. He needs that to provide leverage for negotiating down the big US firms, hence effecting a defense budget cut without reduction of US power.

      This is why the pressure on Dave to sign the B.A.E deal, and that only really works with an EU of sorts in place.

      This is some of the rationale behind the ‘rushing’ of the EU agenda, and why certain aspects of it are being nonsensically pushed.


      • 218
        Timmy Tin Foil says:

        Possibly why defence “cuts,” in the whole sequester charade that’s going on now, are to be “engineered” for the purpose of neither the Democrats nor Republicans bearing the entire brunt of the blame, i.e., the hoary old chestnut about “there’s enough blame to go around on all sides” if the “cuts” are enacted? Aside from the entitlements programmes (which desperately need revamping, too) defence is a sacred cow– nobody wants to be seen as cutting defence, even though it is necessary, beyond cosmetic (and mostly non-effectual) here-and-there trims. If Obama can trim the cost of defence and the Congress can be assured that readiness and capability are essentially maintained without large gaps in the defence perimeter, it serves everyone’s purpose. But you couldn’t get anything like that done without some contrivance to cover you. If it walks like a duck, etc.


      • 225
        Catty Comment (Ms) says:

        But why does he have to ‘negotiate down’ the US arms firms? If he just says the Govt won’t buy anything they produce, their prices will fall faster than the proverbial whore’s knickers.

        O’Barmy needs to get some decent defence advisors on board and put a stop to all this nonsense. Besides, who is going to attack them anyway?

        I agree that giving away BAE to a Franco-German consortium would not be in the UK’s best interests, but Dave is going to have to grow a pair very quickly to fend off the corrupt (and exceptionally rich) crooked consortium pushing merger this for their own benefit – and to the detriment of us ordinary folks.


        • 226
          Catty Comment (Ms) says:

          *this merger (not merger this). Sorry.


        • 248
          EU Watch says:

          The world of defense contracts, Cost-Plus in particular do not work that way.

          Remember also that the US Government is in a catch-22.

          The military could turn on them if they do not get their toys, and as a result of Cost Plus contracts, the government is on the hook for any additional cost beyond what was originally agreed, which would be inflated in any case.

          Credible competition is the only way the US Government can knock down the terms and prices charged by the US Firms, and meet the demands of the armed services.

          The irony is that the US Government would never actually purchase much high tech from overseas as that technology is strictly not allowed out the country on security grounds. They will aim to negotiate by splitting replacement parts costs, which is where the large contractors make their real money over time.


  36. 171
    MellowYellow says:

    A liberally stimulating meeting where you can’t underestimate the diversity of equal opinion, amongst, or thereabouts.


  37. 185
    A bit of Nige says:


    • 200
      Casual Observer says:

      It will be a difficult message to get across, but the UKIP tax policy is going to be a point of confusion.

      People need to understand that flat rate, even if extended to pensions, will offer massive net savings as the simplification will allow both individuals and businesses to save a lot of money on the cost of their tax accounting.

      The pension issue they should get clarified quickly. Taxing the income received when pensioners start claiming is likely what they intend, but such a message is easy to spin into a Brown like perpetual raid.

      Labour are already clouding the issue in the mind of the electorate with the ‘bedroom tax’ b/s.

      UKIP need a secondary spokesperson now to help reinforce the message.

      Would be awesome if they could find someone like Diane James as she is precisely the type of person who could deliver that message.


  38. 187
    Pedant says:

    We have come to eat your brains


  39. 189
    Inquisitive Bonce says:

    So, when old “Steve” pops his clogs, who’s going to provide the many hundreds of comments each day that this blog is accustomed to?
    H@rry is far too fat to be bothered, surely?


    • 197
      A balding, gum-chewing, tax-evader, that I'll call "Steve", for now says:

      Well it won’t be Ewaname Botha, I don’t suppose.


  40. 195
    • 202
      Casual Observer says:

      One suspects they may have a list of high level p3d0’s in the establishment which could be the hidden bargaining chip here.

      If that is the case then the government here had better speed up the clean up which is ongoing with Fernbank etc., and prepare for serious armed conflict.


      • 227
        Catty Comment (Ms) says:

        Does this woman have any views on the Spanish enclaves/settlements on the north African coast. Presumably she thinks they should be returned to Morocco.

        (PS: Don’t mention Gibraltar)


        • 249
          Casual Observer says:

          Probably not. She is just distracting to an old enemy as she likely has some dirt, and needs a distraction at home to cover up for the decline in the economy.


    • 239

      At least they will get a referendum , where as “god forbid” If Camoron wins the next election , we will not
      As with his Cast Iron Lie , he will weasel his way out for a second time with yet another lame excuse


  41. 198
    One Term Dave says:

    I can’t wait for our Romania and Bulgaria Euroland brothers to join us next year, I can feel the enrichment already.

    P.S. Remember that kippers are bad for you and vote for the party of Dave!

    Toodle pip old beans!


    • 207
      that strange fishy smell - no not that one! says:

      CMD is rotting from the head down – and anyone who is in touch with him shares the putrification – or putrifaction – or stench – which repels any normal decent folk.


  42. 199
    Calamity Clegg says:

    Who’s Lord Rennard?


  43. 201
    Downing Street Spokesperson says:

    Romania says British ministers have agreed secret deal to ensure migrants receive benefits despite coalition claims of a crackdown

    – Romanian foreign minister Titus Corlatean claims to have ‘received official assurances from the British Government’ that handouts would continue.

    – UK ministers plotting emergency measures to allow benefits for newcomers.

    – Care will not be restricted to those who have lived in UK less than a year

    – Access to housing and out-of-work benefits will also be unlimited

    – Downing Street predicts ‘widespread indifference’ about big influx from Romania and Bulgair when restrictions are lifted next year.


  44. 205
    Carlos Slim says:

    I reckon Owen Jones is going places,he gets my vote.


  45. 206
    Goat Song says:


  46. 208
    Klaxon says:

    Was he working for a tax avoidance company before he was elected?


    • 215
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Does he have any links to that other usuryous avoidance Thornton company re Parmalat Grant?


  47. 219
    Rizla Teeth (BBC graveyard shift) says:

    Thanks. This blog reminds me how good it is to not be dead. I, too, enjoy letting my hair down.


  48. 228
    albacore says:

    It seems Parliament ain’t just the great deceivers
    They’re also unread, unholy unbelievers
    Do you reckon that they truly are unable
    To see how unstable’s a Tower of Babel?


  49. 229
    An interesting thought says:

    Just cos’ they call themselves Liberal DEMOCRATS doesn’t necessarily mean that they are actually democratic does it ?


  50. 231
    Owin Jones says:

    Short-termism,as practiced by the Conservative led coalition has become an “entrenched feature” of British business and is damaging economic growth, a business leader has said.

    In a report commissioned by Owen Jones M.P., Sir George Cox said overcoming a focus on short-term gains was the only way to ensure the UK economy grows.

    He recommended making changes to executive pay so some rewards were based on longer-term results.

    Owen Jones M P welcomed the review and said short-termism had “failed our economy”.

    Sir George, a former director general of the Institute of Directors, said the pressure to deliver quick results to the potential detriment of the longer-term development of a company had “become an entrenched feature of the UK business environment”.


  51. 234
    Jose says:

    Rafa Out!


  52. 235
    Paddy says:

    It is not at all disturbing that a political party in Britain accepts and promotes white males.

    Should second-rate candidates from your primitive segmentation strategy be promoted above their abilities?


  53. 238
    Owin Jones says:

    Owen Jones on how to boost economic growth: “It isn’t a single list of two or three things, it’s a culture.


  54. 245
    simmo2012 says:

    Successive Governments have taken us the Public for granted for so long they treat us as a conveyer belt commodity .We are ignored and put on waiting lists and be thankful when your turn comes -utility companies expect you to wait in all day ,business have taken a leaf out of the Governments book ‘they will obey ‘.Eastleigh was a wake up call to both Cameron and Miliband ,there is nothing to choose between the pair of them both have damaged this Country and we need new blood in Parliament to redress this situation .Members of the General Public that take an interest in Politics and Policies are just a mere audience without them there would be no show .Don’t think for one moment that the Country would go to the Dogs without a resounding overall majority .The Civil Service is Britain’s Backbone with Political interference .www.brokenbritainundertories


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