March 4th, 2013

Treasury Kick Back at Greenpeace G.O. O.G.

gTeam Osborne are kicking back at this morning’s Greenpeace fracking stunt. Occupying his constituency office seems to have backfired somewhat; a Treasury source tells Guido: “we are happy for Greenpeace to draw attention to the fact that George is fighting for cheaper energy bills for all”. Something of an own goal…


  1. 1
    George Gideon Oliver Osborne says:

    This article is simply Tat(ton)

    • 23
      george is a creative thinker .. says:

      fracking good reply george

      • 33
        Putr1d, spiteful Labour ruined my Country says:

        These Greenpeace fools are making our energy bills too expensive and are losing any support they once had. If you see a Greenpeace idiot please smack them hard with a cold dead fish.

        • 56
          Lord Stansted says:

          I wouldn’t call them fools. They are arrogant bastards who deserve to suffer slow and painful deaths. I am sick of these know-all people telling me how I should live my life. I’m passed allowing them space and wish them nothing but the worst. I’m sorry to be extreme but they have driven me to it.

        • 66
          M says:

          Would that be a hand reared line caught sustainably sourced fish ?
          I couldn’t forgive myself I’d slapped one of them with a piece of old horse .

          • Anonymous says:

            It would seem that Italy have a real life Guido Fawkes!

            In the MSM there is no mention of Grillo being an accountant prior to becoming a comedian and subsequent political reformer.

            Or the fact he was a whistleblower for the corruption scandal at Parmalat:


            Seems the press have gone into overdrive of personal attacks on the whole Five Star Movement …

            Political contagion not financial contagion is the worry. Not just the EU, but across the West, case after case of scandal in our party political systems (from expenses to perjury and pa3d.op.hilia) .

            That’s before we even get into the far too cosy special interest groups.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            And Parmalat – of course were protected by – Grant Thornotn a bent UK acHuntncy firm.

        • 69
          Anonymous says:

          It would seem that Italy have a real life Guido Fawkes!

          In the MSM there is no mention of Grillo being an accountant prior to becoming a comedian and subsequent political reformer.

          Or the fact he was a whistleblower for the corruption scandal at Parmalat:

          Seems the press have gone into overdrive of personal attacks on the whole Five Star Movement …

          Political contagion not financial contagion is the worry. Not just the EU, but across the West, case after case of scandal in our party political systems (from expenses to perjury and paed.op.hilia) .

          That’s before we even get into the far too cosy special interest groups.

    • 37
      Dave Cam the rare'un says:

      “We are happy for Greenpeace to draw attention to the fact that George is fighting for cheaper energy bills for all” all I can say there but I don’t what planet that spokesman was from, but they are not doing a very good good job

      • 54
        Ed Miliband says:

        My Climate Change Act has been a tremendous success.

        It’s massive in built cost all transferred to the end users of course, making energy eye wateringly expensive. Let’s hope they are too stupid to ever cotton on.

  2. 2
    George Gideon Oliver Osborne says:

    In your face. I am number 1

  3. 3
    George Osborne says:

    In my next budget I’m going to tax doggy bags in restaurants.

  4. 5



  5. 6
    George Gideon Oliver Osborne says:

    And you get a free pen just for enquiring

  6. 7

    Never been to Tatton but I do wonder what they did that after having got rid of the Hamiltons they have ended up with someone even sleazier.

    • 15
      Tatton Voter says:

      We could have gotten Martin Bellend that’s why !

    • 47
      Dave Cam the rare'un says:

      Well in the normal run of things Tatton is a safe Con constituency, and the Cons wanted to parachute Gideon in, he had probably had never heard of Tatton or even passed through the place.

    • 94
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Read Alistair Cabmpell fables of the new labour projectit.

  7. 8
    Disgusted of Tatton says:

    I like to walk my dog on that village green, surely these eco-fascists can be removed for causing an obstruction???

    • 9
      Chief Constable of Tatton says:

      I’m sorry Mr Bercow, you’ll have to take Sally via another route!

    • 13

      Just let her out the door John. She’s used to walking the streets at night. She’ll find her own way home… eventually.

      • 18
        Sally *wipesmouth* says:

        I am well Jell. I have been reading an article in the paper entitled

        Sarah Pipelines laid by 1,000 men

        Oh bugger its Sahara not Sarah #StupidBint

    • 17
      Phil from Pentonville says:

      Just let the dog of its lead mate.

      You will soon discover just how brave these little eco warriors are.

  8. 10
    Lost in Clacton says:

    They want me to pay more for my energy?

    What a load of morons .

    • 39
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      Well, if you have to pay more for something you’ll use less of it if you haven’t any more dosh to pay for it (and believe me, these people don’t want you to have any more money than you already do, if you are not on benefits that is). Seems like this is one basic tenet of economics they seem to have down “cold,” if you will. Use less fuel for heating, and you will save the planet from global warming, which will raise the temperature of the planet to where you will need less fuel for heating. This is one basic flaw in their argument which will require a bit more working on.

  9. 11

    GF + associates, you’ve got the wrong link for the Gordon story.

    He was totally Owened on his complaint.

    “Indeed, the fact that Mr Brown had declared these payments on the register of members’ financial interests demonstrated that he, as an individual, could not be divorced from the payments and his office to the extent the complainant appeared to consider appropriate.”

    His claim that they weren’t to do with him is like a defendant in a traffic case claiming they were not part of the accident.

    “Then I put it to you Mr Brown, if you were uninvolved as you claim, and just a witness to proceedings, why did you feel it necessary to give your insurance details to the other party and a statement to the road traffic police?”

    “Erm…erm…tractor production has risen for the ..erm..oh.Bugger!”

    • 29
      Gordon Brown says:

      i will spend the afternoon writing my name on bus shelters as a protest

  10. 16

    I wouldn’t exactly say it was an own goal – how many people are actually going to hear about this and take what Osbourne says seriously.

    • 20
      Milly Tant says:

      Right on Sister


    • 21

      I mean I’m not in favour of increasing energy prices, but people seem to be against green alternatives from the get go, it is because of this ingrained attitude that the thought of straying from the status quo seems so ridiculous.

      • 25
        OffTwat says:

        So you are in favour of green energy, and you don’t want to have to pay extra for it??? Who do you want to pay for it??

      • 26
        Anonymous says:

        Lol just go and look at the wind farm and solar power production figures and tell me how can you know about the billions spent on nothing the familys forced into fuel poverty and the excess winter deaths of thousands and not take against greens and their genocidal intent !

      • 59
        where the blind lead says:

        Thats the trouble with the left, they cannot add up simple sums or understand the simplest economic realities, what sounds great in their made up fantasy world imagination is often an epic blunder.

    • 24
      Becks and Squash says:

      The trouble is that there is no BloJo in this government to outrageously promote simple common sense policies with the buffoonery and celebrities that it takes to get onto the front page of the Sun…

      Perhaps the Coalition should hire Max Clifford to promote its policies

      And offer him an amnesty to make it easier for him to accept

      • 75
        Dave Cam the rare'un says:

        Why hire someone like Max Clifford when HMG have very own super PR man?

  11. 19
    A minimum of common sense says:

    Fracked oil and gas is one of the few sectors that can help get Britain out of the

    It should be supported 100%…..There Is No Alternative…except for tilting at Windmills

    (The same applies in Poland and France BTW)

    • 52
      Anonymous says:

      There is an alternative: coal mining.

      • 74
        254 Tax Rises since 2010 says:

        Are you volunteering to be the first down’t pit?

      • 80
        Dave Cam the rare'un says:

        Well they estimate that the UK has only extracted 20% of the coal reserves, the trouble is you cannot just say tomorrow I am going to extract coal deep mining requires the sinking of shafts, installation of underground conveyors rail track it takes years for one pit, plus all the signalling equipement and then the training of men/women, management, GAS was the big fuel Maggie thought it would go on for ever.

    • 77
      2 birds 1 stone says:

      Get all the fat people on an exsersise bikes
      And plug it into the national grid

  12. 22
    The Maximum Imbecile says:

    My assistant Mr Balls

    Tells me that fracking is the right thing to do

    It booms and then explodes

    Like he and I did with the British economy

    • 42
      Anonymous says:

      Originally it was an “end to boom and bust”. Notice the “and”.

      Then it morphed into the idea of a never ending boom as being wonderful.

      Now some think the word “boom” is a positive scenario.

      Boom has never been a good thing. A bomb goes boom. It does not explode afterwards. The boom is the explosion.

      Any uncontrolled positive feedback of anything is never good. The origin is in the use of a boom, being a spar, that moves rapidly across the deck of a ship and the associated noise made by the sail. It occurs at the most dangerous time in sailing. The boom (spar) and the boom (noise) were therefore related.

      • 51
        Economist says:

        In fact the Imbecile launched the Boom and Bust on the back of a Ponzi Scheme

        That is why it will take YEARS to repair the damage with limited resourses

        While other countries steam ahead especially in Asia

  13. 27
    Honest citizen says:

    I think the Squeaker and his wife are unkempt

    WIll I be prosecuted?

  14. 28
    Casual Observer says:

    The fracking set up is a lot less intrusive and aesthetically pleasing to the eye than the windmills. Also would be quieter.

    • 64
      254 Tax Rises since 2010 says:

      Fracking would also deliver abundant ‘on demand’ low cost energy. Something no wind farm will ever be capable of.

  15. 30
    Ex Raver turned bent banker says:

    The way to get the Greeniepeacies to flee is to hire Guido out of his retirement

    to throw a memorable Rave Party on the Green in Tatton….waving fraackng flags

    and exploding a few devices to indicate how it will be

    Thye Greens would run for their lives

  16. 31
    CCHQ says:

    You’re on fire today!

    Keep up the good work.

  17. 35
    Gordon Brown says:

    I am going to burst someone before I burst myself

  18. 36
    Occupy Movement from their slave labour manufactured Chinese tent says:

    We will not be moved

  19. 38
    Owin Jones says:

    Look here Guido,you just behave yourself!

    • 49
      Owen's mummy says:

      Owen, why are not paying attention in school again. Just wait until you get home this afternoon.

  20. 40
    OffTwat says:

    We have Ed Miliband to thank for our increased energy prices, when energy secretary he signed up to impossible carbon targets and we’re paying 200 quid a year per household trying and failing to achieve them.

    • 45
      Fruitcake, Nutter, Racist and Bloody Proud says:

      Are the windmills on PFI ?

    • 57
      Economist says:

      Was it Empty Ed who agreed to the windmill fraud as well?

      • 76
        254 Tax Rises since 2010 says:

        The windmill fraud was built into the Climate Change Act, so that some corporate organisations could make billions in subsidy and direct government pork payments. As frauds go, the green one is by far the biggest, ever.

    • 70
      Lord Pont says:

      Ed Milibands dad thought 15-20 million deaths would be ‘worth it’ to bring about a socialist revolution . I wouldn’t trust anybody brought up in that atmosphere .

  21. 43
    anon. says:
    • 65
      Alan Johnson says:

      I had my pants down when thet asked me for an enquiry

      I was proccupied by more important things

      Prezza taught me about priorities

      • 96
        Blowing Whistles says:

        What did you try to bring on during your time at the DTI – but failed to ‘cos someone fuck.d the whole thing up – Re Flexible / annualised working scams?

        btw still got all the docs – one lovely PAPER TRAIL.

    • 79
      Liverpool Death Pathway says:


      That’s nothing, we have terminated more than that and nobody has raised more than an eyebrow yet.

  22. 44
    We're all in the shite together says:

    O/T……Clegg sends school son to “state” school

    That’s a bit like Bill Clinton’s “I didn’t have sex with her” innit?

  23. 48
    Skorpian de Rooftrouser says:

    I see that Anthony Worrell Thompson is back on BBC radio, wonder if they will strip search him when he leaves the studio?

    • 53
      Sharia Law wouldn't be all bad says:

      Just cut his fucking hands off.

    • 97
      Blowing Whistles says:

      What ever happened to the BBC’s most prolific Celebrity Psychiatrist – ‘on the edge of the couch’ – Dr Raj Persaud? Is he dead or is he being not tobe spoken of ever again?

  24. 50
    Hughie says:

    I’m Green

  25. 55
    One taser and he says "Ai ai ai ai ai ai" says:

    The same chap who got tasered outside Buckingham Palace for holding a knife to his throat has been at it again, this time outside Downing Street. And again he got tasered. There’s no footage of the latest incident, but you can see him do the Islamabad shuffle in the first one.

  26. 58
    No thanks I'm washing my hair. says:
    • 62
      Fuck off, kiddo says:

      Americans would call that a circle jerk.

    • 73
      Boo Goose says:

      Good luck. He’s one of the very few that’s even more of a lefty twat than you.

      • 85
        Curly says:

        It should really be called the Spirit of Owen’s P45. At least we’d get him off the airwaves.

    • 89
      Owen's Mum says:

      Try not to get all shouty and animated like you do in your ‘discussions’ dear, it makes your mouth looks like it is trying to escape off the side of your face. It’s unbecoming.

      PS – can you hurry up and get that nice Mr Milliband in to Number 10? Daddy and I are getting rather short of other people’s money.

  27. 67
    Skorpian de Rooftrouser says:

    You are not taking part in a discussion owen, you are blathering away and he is not listening

  28. 68
    Rob says:

    Yes, Osborne is fighting for lower fuel bills by…taxing fuel. Well done.

    This spokesdrone must think the entire country is populated by idiots.

  29. 87
    Stolen innocence 2012 of United Wheeldom says:

    Reblogged this on shared blogs.

  30. 91
    The vegetable lamb of tartary. says:

    Greenpeace have no credibility anymore.

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