March 4th, 2013

Sarah Teather’s Accident at Work

Have you had an accident at work? Slipped, tripped or fell into an inappropriate position with a colleague? Sarah Teather has the answer. The silent LibDem has just pocketed a £2,000 donation from Simple Claims, an ambulance-chasing personal injury compensation firm. Apparently “everyone in the workplace, including visitors and members of the public, are at risk”, and Simple Claims are “experts in providing hassle free quick settlements”. Every little helps…


  1. 1
    LB says:

    Soon to move from PPI to the NHS claims business.

    Lots more money there

    40,000 avoidable deaths a year. 500K a pop say, same as a payoff for a failed manager.

    20 bn a year, not counting back claims.


    • 22
      ouch! says:

      Little Miss Bump?


    • 26
      Who Want's Some! says:

      Our next ‘growth’ industry once PPI is all done. We lead the world in innovative ‘products’ funny how it’s either the consumer (in the case of PPI) and the tax payer (in the case of the pending NHS claims) that pays, never the useless twat that caused the problem.


      • 39
        Popeye says:

        Obviously tripped over her tongue, still didn’t have far to fall.


        • 59
          Putr1d, spiteful Labour ruined my Country says:

          Yes, the National Death Service will soon take over from PPI as the major breadwinner for ambulance chasers. If hospitals are bumping off thousands of elderly every month then this breadwinner will go on for years!


          • George Bernard Shaw and assorted Fabians says:

            We are nominating Mid Staffs hospital for the National Eugenics award for excellence and outstanding achievement.


          • NHS: Not For Sale! says:

            “National Death Service” – who comes up with this right-wing BS?


  2. 2
    Tuscan Tony says:

    Oh, I assumed she’d had something splilled on her dress.


    • 5
      Mike Hunt says:

      Yuk, not from me.


    • 122
      Wanda Ringhands says:

      Lord Rennard would have got that stain out for nothing. He’s got a bottle of stain remover in the bedside cabinet of his hotel room don’t you know.


  3. 3
    Ed Balls says:

    I am an accident at work, does that count?


  4. 4

    Nice little earner,innit!


    • 89
      Dianne Abbot says:

      The fat bitch probably slipped on a breakfast biscuit – the yoghurt fillings are lethal!


  5. 6
    Robert Catesby says:

    Sarah Teather should least make some money out of her car crash career.


  6. 7
    Simple Claims says:

    Thanks for the link above Guido that will help our SEO efforts ;)


    • 30
      LibDem asking for a friend says:

      Dear Sirs,

      My friend is a politician and wears a strange outfit covered with some kind of fur. He has slipped over many times and accidentally stuck his gentleman’s sausage into a few interns and activists.

      Will you pay out on this evidence.

      Your’s Faithfully
      N. Clegg


  7. 8
    Sara Teather MP For Watership down says:

    I slipped on a carrot and fell into the burrow


    • 9
      Watership down says:

      Seen the movie?

      Read the book?

      Now try the pie


      • 11
        Richard Addams says:



        • 28
          Sara Teather MP For Watership down says:

          When I was just a little bunny I had a part as an extra in Watership Down, a bit like my career as an MP I suppose.


          • Bobby Peru, Lib Dem HR Manager says:

            Ya know, I sure do like a girl with nice tits like yours who talks tough and looks like she can fuck like a bunny. Do you fuck like that? Cause if ya do, I’ll fuck ya good. Like a big ol’ jackrabbit bunny, jump all around that hole. Bobby Peru don’t come up for air.


      • 103
        fruitcake says:

        And probably also available in the Value range of pork sausages at your, sorry, everybody’s local Tesco


  8. 10
    Centre Parting says:

    Vicky Price trial reported on today by BBC – why so little coverage?


  9. 12
    Bent City solicitor says:

    She is scrap7ng the barrel

    She should take a real offshore bung like Blair Mandy and Co

    I can advise her


  10. 13
    Omertà says:

    Well at least she cannot be accused of being a whistle blower.


  11. 15
    PCC tell Gordon to get fucked says:

    Apologies if this has already been covered in previous threads, but I only just read this delightful story.

    Gordon Brown’s PCC complaint against Sunday Times rejected

    Gordon Brown’s complaint to the Press Complaints Commission over a Sunday Times story about the more than £2m in fees and expenses received since he stepped down as prime minister has been rejected.

    Brown objected to a Sunday Times story in December headlined “Globe-trotting Gordon Brown loses his voice”, which reported that while the MP had not spoken in parliament for more than a year, he was busy “criss-crossing the globe to maintain an international profile”.

    Sunday Times reporter Dipesh Gadher went on to detail 28 trips Brown had made according to the MPs’ register of interests since he had last spoken in the Commons on 30 November 2011.

    The article also reported that “since leaving No 10, Brown has received more than £2m in fees and expenses — although this has all been ploughed back into his public and charitable activities”.

    A complaint was lodged with the PCC by Charlie King, who works for the office of Gordon and Sarah Brown, accusing the Sunday Times of publishing “a deliberate slur” because it had reported that the former Labour prime minister had “received” the money when in fact he had not personally received the fees.

    According to the Sunday Times, which reported the PCC’s ruling at the weekend, King had demanded a correction and apology.

    Brown’s office had made the complaint under clause 1 of the PCC editors’ code of practice, which relates to accuracy.

    The PCC rejected the complaint as the paper had made it clear that the money was not for his personal gain and ruled there was no breach of the accuracy clause.

    “It was the commission’s view that the newspaper had not mispresented the situation,” the PCC said in its adjudication, which has not been made public in line with its policy on straightforward cases that do not involve public censure.

    “The article had made clear repeatedly that the payments were not for the gain of Mr Brown personally – it stated that the money ‘was not for personal gain’, that it had ‘all been ploughed back into his public and charitable activities’ and that ‘each payment goes to the office of Gordon and Sarah Brown’,” the PCC noted.


    • 20
      Gordon Brown says:

      My public and charitable activities will not get out of bed for less than £2m


      • 34
        Pawn Sandwich says:

        Can you please explain to me what the words ‘prudence’ and ‘investment’ mean, the dictionary description of these words do not convey any meaning for the context in which you used them.
        Do you have your own interpretation that nobody knows about?


        • 41
          Gordon Brown says:

          I should never have been put with Pawn Sandwich. Whose idea was that? Sue’s I think.

          What did he say?

          Och, everything. He was asking me about my definition of prudence and investment. He’s just a bigoted man. It’s just ridiculous.

          I don’t the news programmes will run with it.

          They will run with it.


        • 86
          Tony Blair Messiah in waiting says:

          Its quite common for Politicians to redefine language for example I stated that Mr Blunkett left office with his “Integrity” intact . This was after he resigned when caught shagging another mans wife and stealing travel warrants . See its easy and if you think that’s good wait till you see what I did with the phrase “Beyond doubt ” !


      • 84
        Glyn H says:

        What a pompous arse ”The Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown” indeed. Any bungs to that from the bonker of octogenarian Belgians? Suppose not now that brown nosing won’t get him anywhere!


        • 130
          hold them to ac says:

          It is clear. Fees and expenses, we all know what this means, it means staff and personal indirect benefits. Rooms, cars, planes and even drinks provided meetings, and hardly a slur, just stating that he has seen fit to be above an MP as he is a name. Gee wiz. But maybe people think his largesse is a little over the top, and so there might be a common theme in Brown’s spending.


  12. 16
    Anonymous says:

    Is this woman determined to lose her seat at the next election?


  13. 18
    Anonymous says:

    No chance of Teather slipping or tripping – surely she knows that Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down


  14. 23
    SamCam says:

    My Dave wanted his naugties last night, I had to tie him to the bed and call him Nigel


  15. 24
    George Osborne says:

    I made a claim from Simple Claims last year, but apparently shi**ing yourself whilst delivering a budget speech doesn’t count.


  16. 27
    Sarah Teather's a bit thick says:


  17. 29
    Casual Observer says:

    The cases on some missing children should be re-opened, as per this Indy article yesterday on Elm House:

    The Spinks character mentioned was re-arrested last year at Heathrow after being on the run for 15 years. Was tracked down to the Czeck Republic, arrested and returned. He was very much active in Eastern Europe and Holland both before and after his original spell in prison in the UK.

    It is suggested that Spinks is the link between Dutroux and Demmink.

    Spinks himself has often boasted of being involved with snuff movies.

    Statements given by various people to Scotland Yard support those boasts. Spinks was more a procurer of the children involved, and agent for film distribution to the more extreme end of the gay market.

    Worth a google as he only had only 18 months of sentence left to serve.


    Interestingly, it appears an international arrest warrant was raised by the Home Office against Spinks, but no mention that a European Arrest Warrant was.

    This case should be a poster child for EAW, however, that he was able to so easily roam across borders in the first place continuing child trafficking with conviction and criminal record highlights more what the real reason why open border policy is defended by some.


    • 126
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Makes one wonder about the Mcanns and the links to the Vatican networks and Daddy Mcanns links to his family connection in the HOLuds?

      While all along the innocent child – was murdered – but who by?


  18. 32
    The end is nigh says:

    Vasiliki Pryce – Defence closing speech


  19. 37
    Owen Jones is a phony says:

    Owen Jones, if he was ever honest, would admit that his entire career and livelihood depends on there being continuous poverty. Like Polly, he proclaims to stand up for the poor and disadvantaged, but they’re his bread and butter. Instead of actually doing something worthwhile, he’s carved out a career that depends wholly and exclusively on there being a solid, permanent base of workshy chavs and scroungers. He doesn’t respect genuine working class people, who actually strive and work and make their contributions. He probably refers to them in private as Thatcherite white van man etc. His crusade is solely on behalf of what Night Jack called the “evil poor”, the scores of feral lunatics who constitute the underclass, committing vicious crimes and living off the state.


  20. 38
    AntiLeftoid says:

    No win no fee, just ask Lord R..”well i was working in my office one evening when my hand got caught in my secretaries drawers, I thought I would be off work for years but Simple Claims had it sorted out within weeks”


  21. 42
    Oooooh you bitch says:

    Oh that explains her face. She fell on it in the accident.


  22. 43
    Fire Marshal Bill says:

    Sure, go ahead and laugh, at how dangerous the workplace can be, and how people can get injured so easily…but even a schoolroom isn’t completely safe, and I’m not talking about mass shootings, either!

    Let me show you something!


  23. 46
    Pravda says:

    In similar news, Robert Mugabe announces his landslide victory in next years General Election!


    • 58
      Curly says:

      Isn’t it time somebody asked his membership just how many of them earn (or even hope to earn) half as much as he is already paid – from their subs of course; and what benefits they receive for being part of his gang.


    • 66
      Kremlinologist says:

      He’s taken control of the envelope stuffing department. Again


    • 69
      (I don't need no doctor) says:

      Nice little earner Len.
      Is Len a predator or a producer?


  24. 48
    The Evidence M'Lud says:

    TEATHER, Sarah (Brent Central)

    4. Sponsorships

    (a) Donations to my constituency party or association, which have been or will be reported by my party to the Electoral Commission:

    Name of donor: Simple Claims Limited

    Address of donor: 567 Barking Road, East Ham, London E6 2LW

    Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £2,000

    Donor status: company

    (Registered 25 February 2013)


  25. 51
    Men fighting back says:

    Just seen this – two signatures already so going well!


  26. 62
    Stolen innocence 2012 of United Wheeldom says:

    Reblogged this on shared blogs.


  27. 63
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Lordy, lordy.


  28. 63
    Curly says:

    Queenie’s home folks.

    Charles pick up your toys.


  29. 65
    Anonymous says:


  30. 68
    Lord Shergar says:

    TRANSLATION: I’ve just donated 50k to Ed Miliband and expect the work to roll in in 2015!


  31. 70
  32. 77
    Stomach Bug says:

    The Queen has left hospital, after blocking up their toilets with all night diarrhea.


  33. 84
    Lib Dem Party Conference Footage says:


  34. 87
    Beef or Horse You Be The Judge says:

    Looking at that bloated face I hope she doesn’t waste it all on Big Macs!


  35. 88
    Owin Jones says:

    The only thing I miss about childhood is not having to shave my legs


  36. 92
    Owin Jones says:

    Cam wasn’t having nightmares about Farage breaking 20% in Eastleigh. It was the idea of Guido Fawkes breaking wind.


  37. 93
    cGOM says:

    train! – aboard – All – gravy – the


  38. 94
    Yvonne from the Colliers Arms Clydach says:

    Many years ago a Judge calling himself Woolf introduce these no win no fee claims .

    Apparently at the time only a minority of people were claiming for injuries for Rtas

    The idea was that by knocking back costs more people would claim what they had been missing out on .

    Not surprisingly total compo payments have gone up .

    The only thing is the insurers don’t like it because it hits their margins.

    That is what it is all about.


    • 110
      Anonymous says:

      The Rt. Hon. the Lord Woolf & Sir Jeffrey Jowell QC have no interest in justice, they only saw a cash cow and went for it. It was not their aim to reduce their fees but to attract more cases. If they were after justice they would have reduced the courts costs instead.

      Their demonstrable lack of concern over justice, and their support for ADR, and other road blocks to justice, is the largest miscarriage of justice for individuals in this country. A real justice system would have these stages built into it, so that the cost of justice was proportional to the harm. But nothing will be done until the corruption is taken out of the system and the ones in charge, actually care about justice and the integrity of the judges.

      But like certain types of business they only want the cases that are simple and can be mass produced. That way they can still charge the huge fees but do the least work. Any unusual cases are ignored and all effort is made to destroy the victims.


  39. 96
    Johnny says:

    Can Sarah’s parents claim for a slip that they made?


  40. 97
    Anonymous says:

    Can’t have been that they think the thick midget can do anything for them, so was it blackmail or damages?

    Someone must know the dirt.


  41. 102
    Abdel from Tooting says:

    An interesting list you have got there Mr Guido !

    It deserves a little more reading.

    What has Mr Gareth Thomas of Harrow West been up to ?

    Well I can tell everyone he has been carrying out some overseas visits paid for by the Coop.

    To be precise £2,498 for “flights some hotel nights and Misc expenses” plus another £1,803 for “additional hotel accommodation and meals”.

    Where pray where these visits made? Mali ,Chad , Niger? No,no no!


    I had never heard of this guy before but thanks to Guido I now do and will most definitely be marking his card in the future .


    • 106
      Stella Creasy says:

      The Co-op is one of those nasty, interest-charging banking conglomerates that subverts our democracy by buying MPs.


      • 109
        loopy Lou says:

        If you look into this matter a bit further you will find that in the Cooperative movement Gareth Thomas is not simply “the chosen one” .


      • 124
        Comrade Joyce says:

        The CEO of Co-operative group took home £1.3 million last year. now that’s a divi comrade!


        • 128
          Catty Comment (Ms) says:

          … and just how much did his organisation contribute to Liebore Party funds? Still not sure if Co-op account holders are aware that every transaction results in a small contrib to their funds.


  42. 107
    Abdel from Tooting says:

    I thought Guido was having a pop here at no win no fee lawyers .

    Well he is missing something .

    When it comes to no win no fee agreements Leigh Day and Co and Thompsons can mix it with the best of them .

    Enter Emily Thornberry the Honourable Member for Islington South and Finsbury.

    Leigh Day have paid a legal research assistant for her twice over £ 19,250 plus another £14,150 .

    Not to be outdone Thompsons have chipped in another £8,750 for another research assistant .

    I bet we would all like to see their conclusions about no win no fee agreements !

    The matter gets even worse because Emily Thornberry is a “non practising barrister ” so what is wrong with a bit of DYOR without accepting shillings from people with vested interests .


    • 112
      (I don't need no doctor) says:

      Thornberry is a two faced hypocritical vile arrogant woman. She is a pseudo socialist who has made big money, and can now play at politics. She along with Harman, Cooper, Flint, Abbott and other labour parasites are just plain insincere.


  43. 113
    Lord Mooncrater says:

    My Lord, you quite right that posting anything here other than, ‘Mary had a little lamb’ will be censored.

    Never put fuck, Hunt or even bloody in a post or Staines and his cronies will: –

    1. Censor the post.
    2. Order your execution.

    The people here are too busy trying to make money from organising a database for their beloved politicians, that they mendaciously profess to hate, to give a fuck about freedom of expression.


  44. 114
    Temple Dipper says:

    Tracey was impaled on a chipolata but never got a Labour party pay-out.


    • 134
      ukfred says:

      Prezza is so fat that wew had to take her word for it.

      BTW, any truth in the rumour that he is changing his name to Hugh Janus to match his big mouth?


  45. 119
    Lord R says:

    I’ll go to the end of the Tether, not half.


  46. 120
    Wanda Ringhands says:

    I heard she was sitting next to Lord Rennard and he had a stroke.


  47. 125
    Failed Ad Copywriter says:

    Have you had an accident at work?

    Then look where your going in future you dozy careless pillock.


  48. 127
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Been here done that on this blog.


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