March 4th, 2013

Frack & G.O. in Tatton


Across the street from George Osborne’s constituency office is a village green on a roundabout where teams of Greenpeace activists have constructed a huge mock-up fracking operation – presumably to show the Chancellor how safe the process can be. The drivers of the 4x4s passing the stunt will be reminded just how much shale energy will save in fuel costs. Tatton is set to become the Dallas of England sitting as it does atop reserves which will provide cheap energy for the UK’s future as we dash for gas…


  1. 1
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    Greenpeace is a terrorist organisation & should be closed down.


    • 6
      Equal misery for all says:

      Not closed down, but laughed at – much more effective in the long run!


      • 20
        Floating Voter says:

        But they should have all their tax exemptions stopped.


        • 26
          Tom Catesby says:

          ‘Tax exemptions stopped’, speak to Gideon, he’s the expert on tax exemptions.


          • Rage Against the Devious Political Elite says:

            Fu-k GREENPEACE.. Lying C-nts dont want to know about the Estrogen.. I mean Endocrine Blockers been Pissed into the environment, killing off wildlife, Fish,. Sending young Kids Mad by damaging their developing Brains in the Womb, so that the WOMEN can work and Pay Tax, so the State can borrow more from the International banking system. Bunch of Shit house State sponsored Lackies


          • Rage Against the Devious Political Elite says:

            Green Peace are Fu-king low life State Sponsored Spooks.. What about Estrogen, Pissed out by Women,, Killing all the Wildlife,, or stopping Women getting Pregnant. damaging undeveloped Brains in the Womb. Endocrine Blockers.. Check it OUT..


        • 76
          Rule 1: No poofs says:

          .. and any/all public funding abolished forthwith. Easily done in this month’s budget if wee Georgie puts his mind to it.


      • 97
        Your friendly policy and communications director of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Chang says:

        Hi there

        Hi there.


    • 13
      doomwatch says:

      Fuck off you old cuпt.


    • 22
      lojolondon says:

      They do this secure in the knowledge that the Biased BBC will give them 7*24 coverage on TV and radio. There will be full collusion and no tough questions like “where would you like us to get power from now that wind has proved useless.” Just loads of free publicity and a few days on the telly for people who are likely claiming disability benefits.


    • 60
      Lord Browne says:

      And they should be forced to use electricity only generated bu wind turbines, no wind freeze to death.


      • 77
        Rule 1: No poofs says:

        If they re using installed electricity facilities, I do hope somebody will send them the bill.


  2. 2
    Shooty* says:

    Hang on…. Greens like fracking? Is that right? I assumed they were opposed to anything that didn’t run on lentil power.


  3. 3
    Banana Republic Britain says:

    Wind power was generating just 0.1% of the total over the weekend.

    That means every wind turbine has to be backed up by gas turbines.

    Does anyone in their right mind think this will result in less plant food being emitted.

    And what about the IPCC admitting there has been no global warming for 16 years, how does that square with all our ‘increasingly dangerous weather’?

    Bollocks is what it is,


    • 71
      Bolox Watch says:

      New Scientist published an article last week claiming that a spreadsheet had proved ‘conclusively’ that carbon emissions from London were adversely affecting long term rainfall in Africa, hence anyone who denies global warming has blood on their hands.

      Now: I read that as there are a bunch of academics out there who are very clever at making spreadsheets prove up is down, and who really want to have their research funding renewed as there are no jobs in this shitty economy for them to do once that ends.

      Gas is going to get cheap over the next few years, and there is a lot of shale gas under the ground here. Consuming domestically will help reduce trade deficit significantly.

      Oil fracking does has some environmental impacts, and there are a lot of kinks being fixed in production process there.

      Gas fracking is the future, and to be frank, Greenpeace can seriously frack off.


      • 78
        Rule 1: No (Green) poofs says:

        I think Green ‘peace’ is a serious misnomer. They should be renamed Greenproblems by the bucketload R Us.


  4. 4
    Equal misery for all says:

    The Greens, like all socialists and puritans, would rather we were all in virtuous and abject poverty, rather than living life as it should be.

    Try telling poor pensioners that they have to pay a 50% premium on their energy bills, to keep the Greens happy!

    Get fracking – it is the future, it is the only way to keep the lights on at reasonable cost in the short to medium term!


    • 36
      Turbines are not the answer says:

      Nuclear, ultimately it must be to realistically keep the lights on etc for 60 million plus of us (currently till Xmas 2013 then add Romania, Bulgaria etc) In the meantime we should look at all realistic options, no cold old age for me thank you just to make some middle class luvvies feel good about themselves. Has anybody else notice that those with the money are free to talk about the ‘options’?


    • 61
      Ghengis The Khan (Tatton branch) says:

      Every green should be fracked.


    • 72
      Mike says:

      Without coal and hydrocarbons we would have to resort to animal and human power. I have yet to meet a member of Greenpeace who I would employ to undertake a hard days manual labour. I suggest all Greenpeace types spend 3months digging ditches in N Scotland in winter in order to appreciate the benefits of steam and hydrocarbon powered excavators.


  5. 5
    Gay Gordon says:

    I canna believe it. That twat Cameron is so useless he’s starting to make me look good.


  6. 8
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    More Liebour shills making a political point and not an environmental one.


    • 10
      genghiz the kahn says:

      greens policy screw the poor.


      • 21
        Transitional Tarradiddles says:

        Quite right. Screw the poor. There are careers to be had in being a Green.


      • 64
        Equal misery for all says:

        That is the point and it needs to be shouted from the rooftops.

        The Greens impoverish the poor by putting costs on their energy and by exporting their jobs to where energy is cheaper!


  7. 11
    Swampy off his head on white lightning says:

    Vote green, hic!


  8. 12
    Keith Dovkunts says:

    According to that photo, Tatton village is missing its idiot . . .


  9. 14


    I like fracking, I like fracking,
    I like fracking and I like to frack.


    Apologies to NTNOCN


  10. 15
    widescreen2010 says:

    ‘will provide cheap energy for the UK’s future’ ?
    Not really, the reserves aren’t that big.
    ‘may slightly slow the rate of increase in energy prices’ is more like it.
    Carry on.


  11. 16
    Anonymous says:

    Er so they have been given permission by the owners of the land to do this ? if not they are causing criminal damage and trespassing are they not ?


    • 27
      La La Law says:

      Trespassing , possibly. Criminal damage has to be proved, not merely alleged by the pompous.


      • 58
        the impartial observer says:

        “Criminal damage has to be proved, not merely alleged by the pompous.”
        You are bloody kidding aren’t you? The village will have the standard bye-laws make it a criminal offence to even look at a council public space in an incorrect manner.


        • 70
          the impartial observer says:

          I do humbly apologise. I inadvertently used the word ‘incorrect’ in the above comment. I did of course mean ‘approved in a non judgemental manner in accordance with council guidelines on inclusivity in a diverse multi-cultural society’. I will now go & shoot myself in the head with an environmentally sustainable bullet having first paid for it’s carbon footprint.


      • 74
        Anonymous says:

        Sorry you obviously have difficulty seeing the picture with the heavy crap they have used to churn up the grass it’s at the top of the post !
        pompous hahahahaha I’m a working class engineer/ biker living in Wales you utter judge>mental< jack ****!


    • 28
      MB. says:

      And one council got done by a traffic warden because they parked their small buggy on a similar area of grass in the middle of the road whilst cutting the grass.

      I am sure there must be lots of charges that the police could use if they could be bothered starting with the standard Public Order offence, obstruction, criminal damage before getting onto highway and traffic offences.


    • 43
      Support Encloser Now! says:

      Village green, common land?


  12. 19
    Centre Parting says:

    Hope the Greenpeace scumbags get run over by an HS2 train.


  13. 23
    Tom Catesby says:

    Bet Gideon thinks it is fracking wonderful


  14. 25
    George Osborne says:

    In my next budget I’m going to tax “Mock Fracking Equipment” – That’ll show ‘em!


  15. 29
    Frack off Greenpeace says:

    Britain can lead Europe with the discovery of cheap gas.

    Don’t believe the phoney Michael Moore style documents about gas coming out of people’s taps, those people drilled bore holes for water into a marsh. It’s the same as John Prescott with a colostomy bag.

    Far better we get the gas from under our feet than we import it from dodgy nutters in Russia and the Middle East


  16. 32
    Onan the Rotarian says:

    Yeah, big deal. Even just the concrete base of a useless wind turbine would eliminate the entire area shown in the pic. Ecomentalists and ecofascists haven’t a leg to stand on, twats.


  17. 33
    Dave Cam the rare'un says:

    Well Cheshire seats on a large salt bed and in the middle east there is oil associated with salt beds. Who knows, they may find oil in recoverable quantities within the M25, fracking on Wimbledon Common. Oil for years has been extracted in Lincolnshire by the old nodding donkeys.


    • 81
      Curly says:

      Kindly do not confuse those hard working oil gathering nodding donkeys, which in general do not blight the landscape as they go about their daily chore, with those who claim to represent us in Parliament and inhabit residences in Downing Street.


  18. 34
    HenryV says:

    I thought Bloomberg had said that shale if exploited wouldn’t make much difference to prices. Or will it have a positive effect? Sources please. Who is telling us the truth?

    We sit on all this coal and gas yet we pay a fortune for somebody else’s energy and worse hold ourselves hostage to others. We should be paying less for our own energy.

    Something Blair didn’t factor in when he opened our door to the world is that all those millions come here because the “lights” work. We shutting power stations off to comply with EU dictats and yet because of the EU we are going to let another 4 or 4 “power stations” worth of people into the country. I wonder how many of Blair’s millions of immigrants aren’t paying for gas and electric?

    I fear it will get worse before it gets better. I fear it will cost lives.


    • 38
      Ma­qboul says:

      Don’t worry, expect about 6 power stations’ worth of pensioners to cop it in the next few cold snaps due to their inability to pay the high prices of power caused by sunsidies inflated prices.


    • 49
      Tom Catesby says:

      e live on an island of coal that is well known and certain, but we shut the pits and import coal from across the world, shouldn’t we be thinking of modern techniques to extract what is definately known to be under our feet? I seem to recall we made large amonts of gas from it too.


      • 65
        Ma­qboul says:

        The unions won’t allow “modern techniques”, which was why it was cheaper to import.


      • 98
        Fahrenheit says:

        Also coal is a valuable chemical feedstock. Before stuff started to be made from oil the coal gas industry provided us with coal tar, napthalene and all sorts of useful stuff. It is not beyond the bounds of science to build a coal gas and coal products plant that would be infinitely safer and more efficient than some of the British gas works of old.

        It is utter madness to let it sit there while we rely on the Russians and the Bearded Savages to provide us with hydrocarbons.


    • 89
      Economist says:

      US shale gas, when it comes on line properly in 2017 or so, should cause global prices to go down.

      Bloomberg will talk it up though and keep it up in part due to bias. (Have you not noticed that it is ?)

      The US will prefer to keep natural gas prices up as they need higher price to make the development of tech and initial extraction economically viable.

      After that, they will likely start to export nat gas as a means of addressing their current trade imbalance.

      There is a lot of natural gas coming on line over the next few years. It will be more expensive for those who do not produce.

      Ignore Greenpeace, they are mongs with a different agenda.

      Russia in particular does not wish for fracking to proceed, or for that matter !ran’s south pars gas field to be exploited, as it will directly affect their natural gas exports significantly.

      Russia would prefer to have a monopoly on European energy supply.


  19. 37
    Not Tim Yeo says:

    We should put mini nuclear power stations in all the empty bedrooms of people on benefits. Then we could supply all with lower cost power


  20. 42
    the impartial observer says:

    WTF? If you can squeeze a full scale fracking operation onto a village green, what exactly is the fracking problem? Bloody lucky the Greens don’t run the military. They’d have the butts of the rifles on the wrong end of the barrels.


  21. 45
    pete says:

    That fracking apparatus is an enhancement to the landscape.

    Even more beuatiful than a wind turbine.

    By the way, the village is a town called Knutsford. There is no town, village or city called Tatton in the constituency of that name.


  22. 50
    Sir William Wade says:

    It does look a lot nicer than those horrible great windmills.


    • 68
      Ma­qboul says:

      And as can be seen, it can be done without cutting down the trees and I’m sure it does not slice up the migrating bird population.


  23. 55
    SomeoneElse says:

    Watermelon middle class soap dodgers.

    set some land sharks on them!


  24. 56
    where the blind lead says:

    All this stunt has achieved is to show ordinary people just how little a fracking operation affects the area. Most normal people seeing a mock up now support fracking. Just goes to show how utterly ridiculous the ecofascists have become, a perfect advertisement for fracking.


  25. 59
    hmmm says:

    Well makes a change for green peace people looking like their actually doing work for a change………

    Looking like mind……..


  26. 62
    hmmm says:

    Looks nicer than a sodding wind turbine……..


  27. 66
    Cameron's greedy fucking father-in-law says:

    Fuck this cheap energy lark. Bring on the wind farms and gas imported from by my buddys from across the channel


  28. 67
    Equal misery for all says:

    Best points above – a glorious own goal by the ghastly greens! The fracking equipment shown in their stunt, is far less intrusive than a useless windmill!


  29. 69
    BeeCee says:

    Easy enough to find out if it is a village green – the local council will keep a register. If I was in the vicinity I’d tell the demonstraters to frack off – you can’t stop others from enjoying the green and you are not permitted to hold an event on a village green without permission.


  30. 85
    Gewyne says:

    If I fenced of a village green and started erecting structures i’d be told to take it down or escorted tot he local nick if I refused.

    Hell I doubt I could even do a stunt like this if I made written application with H&S, plans, timing, marshaling etc sent tot he council – so how come Green Peace can get away with such stunts !


  31. 86
    FrankFisher says:

    It’s directly opposite the McLaren showroom too…


  32. 87
    George Lawson says:

    Someone should check out who these greenpeace aerseholes are and why they are not working.


  33. 91
    Harry Hagman says:

    ” Tatton is set to
    become the Dallas of
    England ”



  34. 94
    Michael says:

    Idiots. I nearly ran over three photographers as I passed this shower this morning.


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