March 1st, 2013

Fabricant: UKIP Message Connects, Tory Voice Muffled

Tory vice chairman Michael Fabricant has given his critique of this morning’s by-election result:

“Nigel Farage is right: the UKIP message “connects” with the electorate & it’s not just Europe but crime, immigration, etc too. In Eastleigh UKIP appealed to protest voters but also to Blue Collar Conservative voters… This was ALMOST certainly a protest vote.  But no-one should write UKIP off. They will do well in the European elections (their very raison d’etre). The Conservatives have similar policies to many in UKIP (more than with the Lib-Dems!), but we need a clear and focussed voice. The Conservative voice is muffled and not crisp. It does not clearly project Conservative core policies or principles. Everyone from the PM downwards must focus on the economy, immigration, crime, Europe and not allow other side policies to distract.”

How can the Tories win in 2015? Truly one of the great questions of our time


  1. 1
    Ironside says:

    If Cameron cannot with this seat, there is no chance of him winning a general election in 2015 (or otherwise).

    • 16
      Bloke says:

      Most conservatives wish to tell Dave and George Osbrown to fuck right off.

      • 27
        Anonymous says:

        It is not too late to replace Dave and George Osbrown, in few months it will be too late.

        • 61
          Putr1d, spiteful Labour ruined my Country says:

          I’m beginning to agree with you. The distraction of side issues is destroying the party.

          • Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler says:

            The Lib Dems were considered a ‘protest vote’ until recently. And look where they have ended up. The days when the big two could lord it over every other voice are long gone. Get over it.

          • Nigel Faberge says:


          • Michael Fabrican't says:

            Losing Eastleigh comes as a bitter suck.

          • Big Momma says:

            Side issues like gay marriage?
            Is Wavy Dave taking instructions from Obama?
            In spite of $17trillion debt Obama today came out with saying he is pushing hard for gay marriage.
            Cameron is an imbecile to start such side issues that reduce his core voters to total frustration and leave the field open to UKIP.
            On a lighter note today in Iceland they found NO MEAT at all in Beef Pies, it was all vegetable matter. He He He.

          • A View from the Solent says:

            My paper mentions that Clint “Dirty **rry” tough guy Eastwood is now in favour of bumsex! Whoda thunk it??

          • Anonymous says:

            What’s that on his head?

          • Aunt Mat says:

            Is he impersonating Harry Enfield?

        • 207
          Dave the Destroyer says:

          I don’t understand with all my wonderful policies why the people are so against me. Only last week I went to India wore a silly hat and told hundred of thousands of Indians come to the UK as students and stay. Im also a keen supporting of Dave Nicholson the NHS destroyer who bumped off over a thousand sick and elderly patients who would have been a burden on the taxpayer. At the end of the year on the orders of my bosses in the EU will be welcoming millions of Romanians & Bulgarians to enjoy our benefits system.
          What more can I do.

      • 33
        Anonymous says:

        Few days ago Cameron went to India and invited them to come here.

        • 84
          The savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

          Via. Bulgaria. And. Rumania. From. Jan. 1. When excellent connecting airline services. Direct to. The. lunar. house. Croydon helipad will. Have been. Set. Up. By. Stelios Under. The name of his new venture BenefitsJet.

          • Herman Van RunPoo's executive office says:

            please remember the name of this exclusive 5 Star new airline service

            is “Easy*Benifits*Jet” funded & approved by EUSSR…..

            Ver Voll & Achtung double quike…….hinglish lackies……..

        • 95
          rick says:

          After slipping the Indians a few millions of UK tax payers money to help them with their space program (nice turban, by the way) – and maybe set up a few call-centres to help with their employment program – add that, windmills for Africa ….the guy really is all heart…makes me proud to be British.

      • 190
        Anonymous says:

        The English really are ugly horrible looking bastards no wonder they are hated every where we need another plague to rid the world of these ugly Hunts

      • 244
        Anonymous says:

        Most conservatives wish to tell trolls like you to fuck off.

    • 71
      Hang The B@stards says:

      Camoron is so obsessed with occupying the Center ground that he has failed to realise that the public mass is firmly on the right.

      There is a fucking open goal son staring you in the face. Trouble is Farage is standing right in front of it with the ball, and you still haven’t got your boots on.

      How to Win Elections For Dummies – Rule 1 : LISTEN TO THE PUBLIC

      • 129
        Anonymous says:

        A very accurate analogy that’s for sure! Have you thought about standing for office?? ;-)

        • 139
          The wizz says:

          Wish I was youmg enough, how abou you?

          • Anonymous says:

            I sometimes wonder about the age distribution of those who post to this blog. How many are broken down by age and sex and how many have a future, not just a past.

        • 151
          Tally Ho..... CMDDD says:

          How to Win Elections for Dummies:- Rule 1 Listen to the Public…….
          CMDDD’s answer “Who the Fcuking hell are they ?”

          And as a long term founder member of B.B.C aka

          Bull*ington Bo*ys Clu*b there is no way I am going to deal with

          the great un-washed, its beneath me, plus you don’t know what you might

          catch…..from these drun*ken ar*se hols, no wonder Ga*y Marria*ge is

          more important & always will be, along with chucking away Billions on

          overseas slush funds & the EUSSR

          & all exto*rted under maximum duress from the UK Ri*ff Ra*ff……

          Oh well off to Chip*ping Nor*ton for a Tally Ho weekend of pea*sant shoo*ting!!!

    • 103
      Rennard Mathews says:

      Fabricant is a dumb fucker

      this is not a protest vote, it is the pukeing up a belly full of Tory bullshit thats been swallowed

      I can assure Fabricant I am not eating any blue sick off the pavement

    • 120
      Copperbottom says:

      anyone with half a brain has known for three years that labour will win a majority at the next election in ++looks at wrist-watch-app++ approximately two years and two and a half months time

    • 124
      Anonymous says:

      Remember this I posted it months ago
      In the past Cameron has dismissed UKIP as “Fruitcakes, Nutters and Racists” Well you and I know that these fruitcakes will become Lions at the next election and give him a bite in the arse that will end his political career. Time is running out as are many Tory donators and supporters

      Spot on I think

      • 142
        The wizz says:

        Yep, youv’e it the button, but what will he do FA! Now that leaves me happy because I changed to UKIP over a year ago.

        • 161
          Joe Public @ Large says:

          Also remember there “Many” Tory MP’s are waiting to cross the floor of

          House…to join UKI*P.Org !!! if they make the grade……..

          They just need the Green Light as even they can read the six feet high

          message on the Wall That CMD*DD & his Socialist Clique are to put it

          very succinctly well & truly utterly FCUKED………come 2015 GE…

          if not before !!! with a Vote of No Confidence…….

          That does note mean the One Nation Turnip is going to have a clean

          sweep either…..with or without Ba*lls……….Its time for real change….!!!

          • The wizz says:

            Lets hope they are Carswell and Hanahann, that will certainly seal the outcome. Please Excuse my spelling of the above names, I only view now and again.

          • Grimy Miner says:

            IF the 46 backbenchers do not sign the letter before the May council elections CMD won’t be unseated (ooer Missus), as after May it only leaves 2 years for a new candidate to bed in (ooer again).

            A UKIP good showing in those elections will mean that the only recourse that those backbenchers with flimsy majorities will have is to jump ship. Will it be to the LD’s? to Labour? or, if they will have them, to UKIP?

            My analysis, FWIW, is to watch for the rats streaming down the quay ropes after the May council elections and just before the Good Ship Oblivion sets sail towards the iceberg that is the 2015 General Election.

          • Anonymous says:

            Talk some sense ! ukip didnt win, they have no MPs. The greens have more and so has the “respect” party. Farage is a joke, he wants to get into Parliament so much, he didnt even stand at Eastliegh! he wont give up £2000,000 a year as an MEP.

        • 167
          fruitcake says:

          I just feel sorry for the 13342 residents of Eastleigh who think they best represented by a party that’s running round like a (lying) headless chicken right now.

          Then again, maybe they all play banjo down there.

          • A View from the Solent says:

            Yes, but don’t forget the other 27000 who voted for somebody else – plus the 30,000 or more who couldn’t be arsed to go and vote for anybody.

          • Anonymous says:

            Its strange how there is no mention of labour only polling 4,000 ! do they pull your strings via twitter or is it face book.

      • 209
        hahaha says:

        Cameron is just Blair in drag, appointed to complete the task of destroying the Tory party. Afterwards he can collect his reward in the EU or making speeches to which nobody listens.

    • 197
      Pol Pot Noodle says:

      Who has hair like that and wants to be taken seriously, it looks like it’s got it’s own Eco system.

    • 246
      Grrr says:

      A non-Conservative leading the Conservative party.

      If only we could find a non-Socialist to Run Labour, and a non-public school twit to run the LibDems then we’d surely win?


  2. 2
    going out in a minute says:

    appears some voters kick up the arse has stirred someone

    • 30
      Walter Mitty says:

      It certainly invigorated Bishop Brennan ….

    • 40
      Louise Minchin says:

      I want my hair back!

      • 89
        The savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

        Actually is. Fabricants . Hair a. Wig or actually. His. Own ??

        If the latter. What is the correct. Name for the colour. Shade.

        Minge. Russet perhaps ?

        • 130
          Anonymous says:

          well he looks a Hunt in it

        • 144
          Rod Polisher says:

          Let’s face it, if you were bald and could choose a wig, would you choose one that looked like that??

        • 146
          Outraged, Eastleigh says:

          Think Fabricant (great name for a tory party spokesman by the way) in his haste to address the disillusioned membership, clearly slipped his wig on back to front.

        • 184
          BBC Union Type Fcuking Pratt.... says:

          Its has been brought to our attention The fore mentioned Crow*n Top*er or Syr*up of Fig, that everyone is talking about. There has not had a rigorous
          Heal*th & Saf*ety assess*ment check, so until such time this has been carried
          under EUSSR executive orders 543/212/678/984/213/He’s a To*ry Toss*er

          My members will not go near the said offending barnet & or person………
          this should give complete aids for the clinical assessment

  3. 3
    A casual observer says:

    Fabricant and Chris Griffin: contrast and compare.

  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    Bring in AV?

  5. 5
    Immer Wieder says:

    Modern Tories promise little and deliver less.

    • 42
      left wing, right wing, it's all the same bird. says:

      Bit like the modern Torres!

      • 49
        Anonymous says:

        That’s quite witty – made me smile.

      • 147
        The wizz says:

        FO the guy is worth 50p not £50M, does a very good job of passing the ball to the opposition goaly! Never seen him make a clean strike. Aroud here he’s called the 50p man.

  6. 6
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    Cameron is finished.

    Accept it, move on.

    ….or rather don’t actually. He is the gift that keeps on giving to us.

    Vote UKIP, all the odd people are.

    • 21
      tapestory says:

      Cameron’s mission is the destruction of the Conservative Party.
      Nigel Farage’s mission is the destruction of the Conservative Party.
      They’re both succeeding.

  7. 7
    Anonymous says:

    Every self serving politician has had their 5 minutes worth today haven’t they?

  8. 8

    An open letter from the prime Minister.

    “Hi, Look…I just stopped by to say goodbye. I’m jacking it in. I’ve got pots of money , so I don’t need the gig, and to be honest, I’m finding it quite a chore.
    People moaning about too many cuts and not enough cuts. Too much regulation but then they kick off if you let horesemeat into the country.

    And don’t get me started on building! Ohh..we need a stimulus in construction..So I tell George to relax the planning laws and build a brand new hi-tech railway and you lot all start moaning again.

    Really, I just don’t know what you want. And I don’t think you do either.
    So..I’m off. I’ll leave Nick in charge until 2015. Hopefully by then he’ll have made such a ‘Brown’ of everything that you will have come to realise its not all about punishing foreigners and being anti-gay.

    But I won’t be around to find out as I’m off to live in Sweden.

    Thanks to you all and I wish you all the very best.

    David Cameron
    Former prime minister

    • 13
      Common Porpoise says:

      So long and thanks for all the fish.

    • 24
      Rambling Sid Rumpole says:

      Dear Bill,
      Cams has spent rather a lot of time letting Cleggie,”jaunt” while he was on holiday, foreign jaunt, etc

    • 32
      Gordon McMental says:

      HA,HA! I lasted longer than you!

      Not as easy as it looks, is it?….you twat!

    • 34
      Jimmy says:

      Maybe Redwood still wants the job. Go on righties, you know you want to

    • 96
      The savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

      Waves. Davey Give him your answer do
      Nige is crazy hoping you ll marry. Nick too
      It won t be a star lit. Marriage
      Cos you can t afford a. Farage
      But you ll look sweet
      Sucking on nick s teat
      Whilst oblivion takes both of you

  9. 10
    Paniagua Dos says:

    The conservative voice is muffled because there is a big cock in the way.
    Camermong must go.

    • 64
      Rambling Sid Rumpole says:

      Why are the Cons fellators

      • 102
        The savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

        Cos they cannot tell the difference between. a suck job a blow job. And what the yanks call. A. Snowjob

        • 164
          Call me Dave says:

          What’s the difference between Fettuccine and Fellatio?

          You don’t know !!. Do you want to come to a wine & pasta party?

  10. 11
    Anonymous says:

    Chief Troll,
    It’s The Whigs that won it—–Get it—-HaHa.

  11. 12
    old SHEP says:

    How can macho man heal his sores?, welcome to the future, nobodies joking.

  12. 14
    DAVE (start packing) CAMORON says:

    Come on ! anyone can see that’s Heseltine in a ridiculous wig

  13. 17
    Fishy says:

    There is though one positive to come out of all of this:

    The Tories with 25.4% of the vote are striving to get the deficit under control; the Yellows with 32.1% agree. UKIP with 27.8% say that we need to cut further, quicker.

    This means that 85.3% of Eastleigh voters, voted to get the budget sorted – they voted for cuts.

    Where does that leave Mr ‘too far too fast, let’s borrow even more, Balls? Only 9.8% bought into his tired monotonous rhetoric.

    If any one was humiliated yesterday it was him. For Balls, Eastleigh could be the beginning of the end.

  14. 18
    Flyer says:

    No real surprise about Eastleigh today as I wrote to my own Tory MP 2 weeks ago to say I was switching my support to UKIP as she was more left wing than Tony Blaire.

    • 45
      Rambling Sid Rumpole says:

      He used to be known a Tory Blair, because of his family connections

      • 137
        You couldn't make it up says:

        Cameron’s father was born in Blairmore House.
        When the Camerons visited the US last year the couple stayed in Blair House, the official U.S. residence for visiting dignitaries, where they were greeted by White House assistant chief of protocol Randy Bumgardner.

  15. 19
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Is it too much to ask that the tories might be opposed to a top heavy state (Get rid of more quangoes) , mass immigraton of people with no skills (say no to EU immigration policies and select those we need to let in); and supports an NHS that does care about patients (get rid of Nicholson!), an education system that teaches basics like the 3Rs and supports those who work over those who only want benefits?

    Oh and please can we get out of the EU??!!

    • 108
      The savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

      Nigel. Farage replies :

      I m here. My dear .

      Your prayers and those of millions will crystallise into cogent reality. When you vote. Ukip. At he next suffrage .


  16. 20
    Tooth fairy says:

    Any party that can enthuse the electorate that had given up on politicians has got the trust of the people. The Tories can’t do anything to change that. UKIP are the future with cross party voter appeal.

  17. 23
    Winnie the Pooh says:

    Cry baby John O’Farrell is angry his own words were used against him.
    He appears to be in a bit of a huff.

    He says he won’t stand in 2015. :-)

    • 25
      Winnie the Pooh says:
      • 26
        Winnie the Pooh says:


        • 52
          Christopher Robin says:

          You’ve been eating too much honey again. All those pesticides have got to you.

      • 88
        Casual Observer says:

        The 0.2% gain in Labor vote for a candidate who supports terrorism and wanted the UK to lose the Falklands is worrying.

        This does at least explain how voters can support the murderous Andy Burnham and the rest though. The left is truly nasty.

        • 113
          The savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

          Yes. I agree

          I. Understand that as we. Speak. The. Eagles are working on a draft manifesto. Commitment to. Abolish heterosexuality in all its forms in an effort to. Halt future population growth .

        • 140
          Oozlum spotter says:

          Look at it this way :
          Liebor got 5153 votes in the 2010 general election but just 4088 votes this time.
          Still disturbing, I grant you.

          • A View from the Solent says:

            Maybe the missing folk must have been patients in a certain well known hospital then?

        • 173
          Same As It Ever Was says:

          Yes, the Tory-right are nice, friendly and caring?

      • 125
        John O'Farrell says:

        Nobody laughed when I said I wanted to be a politician, well they are laughing now.

      • 153
        Outraged, Eastleigh says:

        Just a message to poor wee John, I’ts tough out there in the land of real life politics. It’s not some kind of luvvy TV talk show.

    • 31
      Frankie Boyle says:

      Get a grip you spaz

    • 38
      Jimmy says:

      I don’t see any point complaining about the Daily Hitler. You may as well object to rain.

      • 44

        He did write it . And he’s a total Blair apologist. He couldn’t even condemn the Iraq war.

        Shame. Ruined his otherwise very good modern history comedy book.

        • 66
          Jimmy says:

          An excellent book. A sort of “Fever Pitch” for anoraks.

          A Blair apologist? Good heavens, I can see how that might offend the Baathist element here.

          • Rob says:

            The Baathists were on your side mate. Socialists. Another despotic socialist regime to add to the long list of others.

        • 70
          old SHEP says:

          I thoroughly agree with his sentiments on this one, totally outrageous behavior on the part of the nasty media, quoting something he had published previously, where will it all lead?. If we are not careful people may be brought to book for their actions, I hope Lord Leveson is keeping a closed [sic] eye on these revelations!.

      • 50
        CarryHole is a stupendous Hunt says:

        It’s not the Daily Hitler. Mail readers do not support Socialists.

        • 68
          Jimmy says:

          Against stiff competition you may actually be the dullest person here.

          • CarryHole is a stupendous Hunt says:

            You win that “prize”.

          • Jimmy says:


          • Lifter o' Shirts. says:

            You’re very uppity today Jimmy. Not pleased with fourth?

          • Jimmy says:

            Of course. Eastleigh is a must win if we are to achieve a 400+ majority.

          • Rob says:

            Jimmy’s lot came 13th, two places below the Elvis Loves Pets Party.

            Brothers, we have work do to with the downtrodden masses of Eastleigh!

          • Oozlum spotter says:

            Such a shame, Jimmy, that the Liebor vote in Eastleigh gets smaller each time there’s an election.

          • A View from the Solent says:

            The 2 Eds have a solution to that – send all the 4 million incomers from Bulgaria and Romania there. That might help the postal vote anyway as none of them will understand a word of English.

        • 175
          Anonymous says:

          Yet again putting out total BS. Might not ‘Lying Hunt’ be a better name?

      • 118
        Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler says:

        Is the Daily Hitler meant to be the socialist Guardian? A paper that thinks the state is the best way to boss all businesses and tell everybody what to do?

        • 158
          Outraged, Eastleigh says:

          Thought that was the EU’s job.

          • A View from the Solent says:

            En passant, what is the opposite of “Outraged”?

            Wouldn’t be “Faraged” by any chance?

        • 183
          Something Wrong Here? says:

          And about time. BIG business keeps getting its’ own way all the time – someone needs to control them. Or do folks not mind horse-meat getting into their ready-meals?

    • 56
      Labour...menadacious expedient sociopaths all of 'em says:

      you should try keeping the sort of venal crap you wrote as thoughts then next time ..

    • 65
      Fishy says:

      No laughing matter? Your jokes are no laughing matter either.

    • 81
      The Public says:

      O’Farrell the ‘funny’ man is having a laugh in that article.

      Now, fuck off.

  18. 28
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    Of course, to Cameltoe, what Michael is saying is all just his usual brand of “Fabrication,” innit? Just Mike being Mike– like a sucking noise in the background…

  19. 29
    Anonymous says:

    Tories = mass immigration, E U, windmills, HS2, Foreign Aid, Destroying the countryside, etc, etc And Cameron is a member of the rotten Liberal Elite.
    Metropolitan Vermin.

  20. 35
    DAVE (start packing) CAMORON says:

    Yes Dave “It’s a by election , it’s mid term ,it’s a protest vote” all true but when you no longer want to vote Tory and you think that UKIP might be a wasted vote you are left with a choice between Labour and the Glib-Dev-iants
    You are so fuckin doomed

  21. 37
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    Why are they concerned? The eastleigh result showed right-wingers, very clearly, that if you vote UKIP in marginal seats, you get a Liberal or a Labour MP instead.

    • 47
      Realist says:

      I should tell that to CCHQ. After all, it’s their move even further to the left which has caused this to happen.

      • 123
        Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler says:

        The eastleigh result showed right-wingers, very clearly, that if you vote Tory in marginal seats, you get a Liberal or a Labour MP instead.

    • 57
      An Ex-Con(servative) says:

      And the 2010 election showed, very clearly, that if you vote Conservative, you get liberal policies.

      So why should right-wingers vote for the Cameroon Conservative Party?

      • 62
        CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

        Thick twat! 2010 showed that if too many people vote Lib Dem, on a whim and a protest, you get a hung parliament and coalition with them.

    • 59

      True. But it showed you might get a UKIPper instead.

      That will encourage many more to try. Bit of a gift to the party with no manifesto.

    • 67
      Sir William Wade says:

      Peope feel thei is no difference between the Tories and the LibDems, so they do not care if they ‘let a LibDem in’. It’s no loss.

    • 182
      Bellyfull of Dave says:

      Perhaps it shows that if you vote Tory in a marginal seat you get Liberal or Labour.

  22. 48
    keredybretsa says:

    I mean like do me a favour! This geez is at the front end of the on going political process. He must know the demographics of the voter base. They have to focus on core competentces in a glitch free enviroment. An above all communicate their plans and ideas in a language that everybody will understand. Innit, knowwhaImean?

  23. 55
    P l e b says:

    What we need is an ultra right wing government then they can finish the job and shoot all the worthless unemployed, sick and disabled that would be a vote winner in what has become an uncaring sick country

    • 83
      CarryHole is a stupendous Hunt says:

      Sorry but death camps and gulags are a left wing “solution from the last century.

      • 160
        Denisovitch says:

        Hitler, Himmler, left wing?

        • 248
          Southern Softy says:

          Of course – the clue is in the name of their party National SOCIALIST.

          They were about total state control just like you lefty pricks.

    • 191
      Anonymous says:

      Careful, there are (right)wingnuts on this site that will take such comment for real. Not joking.

    • 193
      C.P., Shirtlifters division says:

      Bit harsh but at least we duckies seem to be excluded.

  24. 60
    Person from Porlock says:

    I have voted in every General Election* since 18 June 1970 and always voted Conservative.

    Even if I had a gun held to my head, I would not vote for them again. What they have lost, they won’t get back.

    * Local elections (once voted Independent) and referenda too, not missed one in my life.

  25. 63
    Sir William Wade says:

    Mr Fabricant doesn’t mention the two areas where the Conservatives are actually making progress: education and social security. Perhaps it helps that No. 10 isn’t interested in either.

  26. 69
    Fishy says:

    I think that Fab need to go back to no 10 and tell the PM that the coal fired power station must not close this month (and to tell the EU where they can stick their windmills).

    • 180
      fruitcake says:

      Yeah windpower, rather like this govt. Plenty of shite about how good they are, then reality kicks in…

  27. 72
    Alan Rusbridger, monster pianist says:

    Today I have been mostly playing a diminished fourth, in honour of John O’Farrell.

  28. 73
    Eugene says:

    The Tories lost the vote between 1992 and 2010 when they were the Nasty Party. All this UKIP- BNP Lite shit is not the reason for the hammering in Eastleigh. The Tories got hammered for the same reason they did between 1992 and 2010. They are an anti- poor, anti-NHS, anti-everyone who does not live in Surrey Party. British people have too much regard for human rights to accept this agenda.

    • 131
      Silly Old Man says:

      what ??? what planet you on Son. Most of us just want our country back as it was

    • 149
      David careful-with-that-axe Cameron says:

      I say, Gideon, I do hope you weren’t thinking of cutting subsidies for wind farms.
      Got to keep the tax-payers’ dosh coming in to fill the family coffers, what ?

    • 192
      Same As It Ever Was says:

      Good Call! Sadly, on this site, they REALLY cannot stand the truth.

  29. 79
    Politicus says:

    The Conservatives will lose.

    Ed Miliband will be the next PM. The only question is whether Ed Balls becomes Chancellor?

    • 82
      I'm a small businessman, get me out of here says:

      No, the only question is whether I leave the country if that happens.

      • 87
        CarryHole is a stupendous Hunt says:

        The question should be “where will you be going Mr Galt”.

        • 223
          Happy Expats Ltd says:

          If we tell you, you will all want to come – and that will spoil everything that we have worked for! So, FO.

    • 85
      The Eddie Boys Fiasco Eastleigh Review says:

      well at least we have one soapless supporter left

    • 94
      Joss Taskin says:

      The only question is, if the two Eds are ‘in charge’, will gilt yields be 7% or 10% ?

  30. 92
    I Infamously Trolled The Economist Magazine says:

    Weimar Republic part two.

  31. 97
    Simon Hestor says:

    Cameron is a dead parrot. He did not secure a majority at the last election, following massive over-spending by New Labour and the worst economic crisis since the 1930s. He showed us again last night that he has not made progress and he will not win a majority for us at the next General Election.

    Come 2020 it will have been almost 30 years since we won a majority (1992-2020) and during that time there will have been massive demographic change unfavourable to us. Ditch the dead donkey now!

    • 105
      Point of Information says:

      The correct term is lame duck, surely ?

      • 109
        Simon Hestor says:

        Parrot, donkey, duck . . . any of these will do fine . . . just so long as it isn’t Findus.

    • 117
      Anonymous says:

      The current rise of UKIP could be comparable to the rise of the SDP in the early 1980′s. We don’t know what the political landscape will be like in a few years time. By 2020 there may be an electoral pact or even a full merger between UKIP and the Tories.

      • 121
        Tony H says:

        If the Tories merge (or go into formal coalition) with UKIP – that will open up a lot of space in the middle ground. Space for looney tune LibDems and socialists posing as Blue Labour.

        • 150
          Georg Cantor says:

          The Cameroons will occupy the centre-left or merge with the Limp-Dumbs. The real Conservatives might just possibly merge with UKIP.

      • 162
        The wizz says:

        I don’t think so, the Tories are now truly fucked, those of us that were are now UKIP. Like many others we want nour Country back, it is no thank the former p.m. Bliar that we are now in this position. The EU Human Rights Att was a step too far, that pratt needs a lesson (rather stiff).

    • 166
      Jimmy says:

      “massive demographic change unfavourable to us”

      Do you mean evolution?

      • 236
        JH384739459834 says:

        You could be right Jimmy.

        We seem to have evolved into a country of gelded girly-men who are hellbent on giving up territory and encouraging aggressive tribes to install themselves in our midst.

        Fascinating subject.

  32. 101
    Jimmy's Sneak-this-out-on-Friday-no one-will-notice announcement of the week says:

    Prescription and dental charges up.

    That’ll teach you people to vote the wrong way.

  33. 104
    Jesus Of Nazareth says:


  34. 107
    Anonymous says:

    The Tories are dead in the water. Thank God for that. A shame we have to wait 2 years for their demise…or maybe not if the ranks revolt.

    • 112
      Red Egg Millitit... National Socialist says:

      Let us hope it is not Liebour that take their place !

    • 116
      constituency trainbound says:

      and we’ll be governed by a socialist bunch of jerks or a hybrid coalition of everyone else excepting tories… what an enlightening prospect that must be for you.

  35. 111
    Red Egg Millitit... National Socialist says:

    What is so hard about going for the popular vote ?

  36. 114
    Anonymous says:

    The conservative candidate was crap.

    • 157
      Man from the Midlands says:

      I agree. The Conservatives should have fielded a more professional candidate, but you can’t expect her to take responsibly for all her parties faults.

  37. 126
    Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler says:

    There are really only two kinds of party in this country today. A right wing party (UKIP) and three left of centre parties.

  38. 133
    Never New Such Perverts Existed says:

    They are here to stay if all x parties want to hog the centre – can you imagine a three stooges coalition – perm any three from four for an overall majority:

    Dropsy Dave and the tearaways
    Calamity Clegg and the innapropriates
    Far right Farage and his Sic O Pants
    Ed (the sTalking Horse) Miliband and his nightMares

  39. 145
    Anonymous says:

    Do you think a Conservative leader might give us a bit of an edge?

  40. 148
    Anonymous says:

    Maria .should be allowed to speak and the soonr the better

  41. 154
    Man from the Midlands says:

    Mike Fab is a good constituency MP with a good local profile. I know, I live just up the road from Lichfield. But I’m gonna have to disagree with him with regard to UKIP. The Tories can’t keep trying to copy UKIP on Europe policy just because it feels good at the time or is seen as the trendy thing to do. They’ve got to make sure they have clear and consistent policies that are right for the country. I openly admit that I’m one of the very fewer Tory voters who are actively pro-European and I take the view that all this talk about referendums and withdrawal is drowning out the sensible debate we could be having about Britain’s future in Europe.

    I’ve voted Tory all my adult life with one exception, and that was at the 2009 European elections when I didn’t feel able to support the Tories because of the new grouping they sit with in the European Parliament, so I voted Lib Dem instead.

    I also feel slightly disenfranchised because Britain is now the only EU member where people don’t have the chance to vote for a part which sits with the main centre right grouping in the European Parliament.

    As for the possibility if UKIP getting my vote, no way! They’re starting to remind me of the Tory part as they were 15 years ago and are starting to come across as being the nasty party.

    Although it might be tempting, the Tories should think very carefully before cuddling up to UKIP.

    • 174
      Old England says:

      Another “Pro European” making threats,you will be ignored.

    • 176
      Sid Viscous says:

      “very fewer Tory voters who are actively pro-European…” Fewer than what? Your entire party leadership – assuming they vote Tory?

  42. 155
    BBC Red Bottom says:

    The far right parties made significant gains in cuddly, liberal Eastleigh.
    We must all be ever more vigilant!

  43. 156
    Aunt Hilda says:

    current polling on the daily mail website showing 73% agree UKIP is a credible party for parliament … quite what that means is debateable

  44. 170
    Michael says:

    UKIP got the Lib Dem elected and come the General Election, they’re going to get Miliband into Downing Street.

    The left must thanking their lucky stars for Farage and his friends Neil Hamilton and Christine.

    God help us!

    • 172
      Ready to hoist the black flag says:

      Good, let labour in so the country goes bankrupt overnight and we have true anarchy on the streets.

      Half measures and double threats are no use anymore.

      Time for proper progress.

    • 189
      One of the Great Unwashed says:

      Arrr another of Dopey Dave’s Trolls has just crept out of the sewer they infest along

      with ZanuLieLaborLiddimwits & nutty EU Cleggy………..

      Time for a long lasting flush of the handle to send them on there way….

      to kake heaven…… for good…….

      • 195
        Michael says:

        So tell me which bit aint true?

        • 225
          A View from the Solent says:

          If you are suggesting that all those who voted UKIP should have joined thousands of others and simply not turned up, that would still have given the libdems the seat. Sums not your strong point is it?

    • 213
      hahaha says:

      It would be more honest to be governed by open leftists than by closet leftists pretending to be Conservative.

  45. 186
    The shitty hands in Edinburgh. says:

    They need to focus on the ECONOMY. Get the economy looking better than it presently is, then the Tories will not have to shout to be heard. Get the bread & butter issues sorted! Priority!

  46. 196
    Wake Up People says:

    Is UKIP a REAL Party, or are the (right)wingnuts trying to push the Tory party back to they THINK it should be? If that happens – what future for UKIP?

  47. 198
    Anonymous says:

    FFS, yet another one. How many deputy chairman/vice chairman positions are there in the tory party??

  48. 199
    ObI Cameron Kanobi says:

    `i used to have a dog like dave cameron, a springer called Joby, tried to please everyone all the time, but a right fucking pain in the arse and ultimately not worth the bother, had him the keeper shoot him,, but he refused to die, writhed in his death throws in agony for a bit… Milked his exit too. Got a proper dog now, much better.

  49. 200
    Reverend Stephen Adair says:

    Not getting carried away here, there’s a bit of mid-term tension. I can remember David Cameron lurking in the shadows behind Norman Lamont, following the problems of Black Wednesday. Here an early glimpse of how Government market manipulation, could be used to make billions in profit for friends, with a few phone calls from within the admiralty as to where the interest rates are certain to move…. No wonder they were singing in the bath, Knight of the Garter etc.

    • 201
      dj cohen sparks says:

      whens the pay off with cameron then? Surely we shall all get the nod before they pull off another big one?

      • 203
        Porn again Farmer says:

        fuck them all. being in the party aint no longer being in the party. Camerons a wanker

        • 204
          collette sharp says:

          cameron can move the markets and give us all a nod first then its Jam again although he wont do anything traitorous like 7/7? or would he?

  50. 202
    Old Blue Eyes says:

    Here is how the Conservatives can win the next General Election albeit with another (but different) coalition.. Firstly replace Cameron with a Conservative NOW. Then offer the following deal to UKIP. In exchange for UKIP not fielding a candidate in any of the seats currently held by the Conservatives they will not contest any of the other seats thus leaving the field open for UKIP. Each party will promise to hold an in/out referendum within 6 months of the general election.

  51. 210
    Robin Day says:

    …a transient, hair-today and, if I may say so, gone-tomorrow politician.

  52. 211
    John Jones says:

    Now does he feel
    His secret murders sticking on his hands;

  53. 214
    Another Tory defector says:

    Thank you, Mr Fabricant. You have just conifrmed my growing suspicion that the current hierarchy of the Tory Party is so out of touch with its supporters (to whom you owe your current position and salary) that it does not deserve to hold office.

    By using the phrase “Blue collar Conservatives” you imply that those former Tory voters of Eastleigh who voted UKIP in this by election are little, working class people, without much education or understanding of politics.

    You pompous, condescending prat. Why should anyone continue to vote for a party that holds its voters in such disdain?

    • 228
      A View from the Solent says:

      To most Brits living north of Watford, that is a way of life!

  54. 238
    c777 says:

    Not to mention we don’t believe a word you say any more Mr Fabricant.

  55. 240
    Ex Tory Member says:

    For Fucks sake get the 46 signatures and give Nadine back the whip.

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