February 28th, 2013

Burstow’s Radio Silence

It is worth noting what Guido had to say about Paul Burstow’s involvement in dealing with the Rennard allegtions back in May 2009:

“Paul Burstow, Chief Whip in the House of Commons, phoned a number of female LibDem PPCs personally to assure them that Chris Rennard would no longer be in charge of their careers. A number of Cowley Street staffers are rejoicing at the departure of of the Chief Executive.  Mostly female staff…”

Burstow has just had a nightmare under pressure from LBC’s Julia Hartley-Brewer:

No answers in a textbook car crash interview. Guido is working on getting the audio…

UPDATE: You can listen to the interview here:


  1. 1
    Paul Berstow says:



  2. 2
    Calamity Clegg says:



  3. 5
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Andy Burnham shares your pain.


    Lying bastard just like Dave protecting or rewarding Nicholson for failure.


  4. 6
    Where are Tony Blair's expenses says:

    The LieDem car crash goes on and yet the in breds at Eastleigh will still vote for them.

    What is wrong with the voters of this country, Rotherham was another example, LibDem/Lab/Con can commit crimes, lie, borrow money your great grand children will have to pay back, convert hospitals into death camps and still people vote for them.

    Exactly how thick do you have to be to vote for one of the main parties


  5. 7
    Sir William Wade says:

    That spoof LibDem logo features two right hands. Better than Gideon’s two left feet I suppose.


  6. 9
    The Right Honourable George Osborne Mp says:

    I think we’ve got a very clear message, a loud and clear message that Britain cannot let up in dealing with its debts, dealing with its problems, cannot let up in making sure that Britain can pay its way in the world.


  7. 12
    Casual Observer says:

    And lets not forget about Fernbridge / Yewtree.

    There was meant to be a big arrest this week ?


    • 42
      Cliff Hanger says:

      And the week before, And the week before, And the week before, And the week before, And the week before,


  8. 15

    Julia HB has become my broadcaster of choice.

    She covers the same ‘human interest’ { code for ‘Women’s hour’} topics as Victoria Derbyshire or Shelagh Fogarty, but without the stultifying dullness.


  9. 16
    Moby Dick says:


    on no account accept radio invitation JHB


  10. 17
  11. 19
    An dirty old man says:

    Julia Hartley-Brewer. My favourite MILF!


  12. 22
    Hang The B@stards says:

    Paul Burstow , Nick Clegg – Defenders of the Sexual Predator.



  13. 25
    Concrete Cunt says:

    what a concrete hoon


  14. 32
    Anonymous says:

    That was great! I think we can all conclude that Mr Burstow is up to his neck in it either for doing sod all or reporting up the chain of command and dropping Clegg well and truly in the doo doo. Wonderful!


  15. 37
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Rig for silent running, Aye, aye Cap’n Clegg.


  16. 38
    Person from Porlock says:

    David Ward interpreted: I hate all Jеws and wish they were dead. This comment is not meant to be interpreted anti-Semіtіcally.


  17. 40
    Chris Bryant says:

    They are so beastly in Eastleigh.


  18. 43
    Ed Miliband of Primrose Hill says:

    Union controlled Labour scraped the barrel when they chose me. I am a one nation new statesman without a policy to my name.


    • 44
      Ed Miliband of Primrose Hill says:

      How dare you moderate me. When I come to power your site will be shut down immediately.


  19. 60
    Baroness Thatcher says:

    I shall be staying up to see the look on John O’Farrell’s face tonight. I expect to feel a surge of excitement when the socialist cu nt comes fourth.


  20. 62
    keredybretsa says:

    She’s scraping the barrel interviewing the Dishonourable P Burstow MP


  21. 64
    Andy says:

    The egregious Paul Burstow is my local MP (I didn’t vote for him). I have had cause to write to him twice in the last 5 years and didn’t received a reply to (or even acknowledgement of) either of my letters…

    It doesn’t surprise me in the least that he didn’t answer questions on air


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