February 28th, 2013

Boris Does a Mitchell

You would have thought bicycling Tories would have learned their lesson about shouty x-rated rants in public. Boris has been accused of swearing at workers on a building site in south London. Unlike Thrasher, BoJo had his excuse sorted immediately. Apparently he took a wrong turn on his bike, ended up on a building site and was left “cursing his own stupidity”. Of course he was…

Via @simonharrisitv


  1. 1
    Hang The B@stards says:

    Vote UKIP Boris

  2. 2
    maggie the dog says:

    Wow thats a first

  3. 3
    Bojo says:

    I say, can you working class scum tell me how to get out of this filthy place?

  4. 5
    The Right Honourable George Osborne Mp says:

    I see some parts of the press are showing off my talents at skipping, Ed Balls was clearly better but left before the random drug test.

  5. 6
    Anonymous says:

    “Boris Does a Mitchell” – so, nothing then?

  6. 7
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    I think Guido needs to look at his wording. Shouty x rated rants is not born out by Micky Crick’s C4 piece. Sun wording Guido? Are your blogs vetted by your Sun editor?

  7. 8
    Boris Biker says:

    Swearing at workers on a building site just ain’t tennis, dontcha know.

  8. 9
    Public Opinion, Gay Marriage ? says:
  9. 13
    Lib Dem dogger. says:

    Arrrggghhhh!! You’re working class? Don’t touch me! Owwww it burns it burns. I’m melting oh what world what world!!

  10. 14
    Breaking News says:

    Nick Clegg apparently warned time and time again about the laissez faire attitude of Nick Clegg but chose to ignore.

  11. 15
  12. 18
  13. 19
    Petronella says:

    Boris was a bit of a one for “wrong turnings”.

    I never knew where he was going to stick it next.

  14. 20
    Casual Observer says:

    Good article on ‘kicking the Lib Dem Puppy’:


    The only problem is that it paints all the issues facing the party very much in the present. It fails to mention that the covering up of child abuse and sexual assault of party members goes back to the 70s, and that the leadership pre SDP was just as corrupt as it is now.

    The Liberals must have been ‘straight’ at some time in their history, what would be of interest is to identify when they became corrupted and why. One would suspect post WWII and as a security service triple cross, which perhaps has been seconded by interests in Europe.

    A minority party sitting in Parliament to keep an eye on the others and serve as a governing agent in control apparatus of things such as p3d0 rings would be credible explanation. Would also explain why now Clegg has so many ‘special advisors’. Sp00ky.

  15. 21
    His Holiness Saint Clegg of clusterfuck says:

    Ohhh, sex pest you say? I misheard heard you. I thought you said, ” vote to treble my tuition fees.” My bad! Let me make it up to you. “Rennard, give this woman a cream finger and some yum-yums!”

  16. 22
    Geordieboy says:

    Roman Catholic Priests Lib – Dem MPs what is the difference.
    In the end they fuck themselves.

    • 35
      Lou Scannon says:

      If only they’d keep it to themselves and not involve the rest of us then that would be fine.

  17. 23
    lol says:

    Q: What’s got two legs and kills women?
    A: The Pistorius Brothers

  18. 24
    Geordieboy says:

    Boris was looking for the crack of an arse to park his bike.

  19. 25
    Concerned of builders crack ! says:

    Wow so Builders those well know fainting flowers of probity heard a baby killer Tory swear! this is disgusting I hope a helpline has been set up to council those affected !
    I demand the BBC spend the next 10 weeks running this story down and scalping heads to get to the truth [which will be proven to be a pack of lies by C4 a few days later as usual !]

  20. 28
    Everyone on Chingford says:

    Boris is a well known liar.

  21. 30
    Londoner says:

    The Romanian builders have been learning their English swear-words from the Poles.

    • 33
      His Holiness Saint Clegg of clusterfuck says:

      ‘Courva’ is not a poorly pronounced Spanish Champagne? I never knew!! God bless diversity!!

  22. 32
    Sir William Wade says:

    It’s another ziggurat of zaniness, a monolith of moonshine, a skyscraper of scat concerning our Boris.

  23. 39
    David Cameron Is A Cunt says:

    Fucking cyclists are ALL arrogant selfish Hunts, so no surprise then that cycling politicians are especially arrogant selfish, and also obnoxious, Hunts now is it!

  24. 40
    Fred Blogs says:

    My question to the Mayor is: Does he keep his bicycle indoors or does he prefer the back passage?

  25. 42
    shouty yank cunt live from rome yet another bbc fuck up says:

    ride a bicycle? you’d think he’d be driving a boris minor



  26. 43
    Polski Sklep says:

    The builders probably didn’t have a clue what he was saying any way as they are all likely to be eastern european migrants, doing the jobs that the Brits won’t touch apparently!

  27. 44
    Jim says:

    It is a funny world ‘banks’ fined for robbing and thieving – fine passed on to customers.
    Enter Boris with a plan to set up a special squad to round up the individual crooks in the banking fraternity with a view to prosecute under special powers.
    You heard it here first.

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