February 27th, 2013

Tim Montgomerie Quits ConHome For The Times

Interesting news: Tim Montgomerie is standing down as editor of ConHome to become the Times’ comment editor:

“It is with mixed emotions that I report that Sunday 7th April will be my last day as full-time Editor of ConservativeHome. The following day I start an exciting new chapter in my working life. The Times newspaper’s new editor John Witherow recently asked me to edit The Times’ comment pages and I have decided that it was right to say yes to this exciting new opportunity.”

He will still be contributing weekly to ConHome and advising the site. Congratulations…


  1. 1
    Ditto says:

    Cameron is a Communist


  2. 2
    Nick Knowles says:

    Are you jealous?


  3. 3
    Quiet Bat Person says:

    I’m devastated,

    Hang on.. who? He quit what? Never heard of him/them.


  4. 4
    Tomorrow belongs to me. says:

    Scratches bollocks. It is nearly tea time. whistles*


  5. 5
    EU Watch says:

    Picture from Spa!n, caption says it all:

    The banks there are very resistant to change which is required.

    From zeroHedge:
    Spa!n Mortgages on Houses -27.8% y/y. Previous -31.6% y/y. This will bounce when it hits 0

    Spanish banks have been bucking calls for mortgage law reform. There has been a high number of suicides associated with repossessions in Spa!n which has in part been fueling public anger against government / austerity and banks.

    Ca!xabank is to cut 3,000 (10% of workforce) announced last Monday.


  6. 9
    HM Her Majesty says:

    If Mr Clegg wishes to resign as Deputy PM, I will not need him to visit me at the Palace. A simple text will do.


  7. 10
    Weygand says:

    I would say that putting him behind a pay wall was the best one could hope for.

    But as a Times reader is just another reason to despair.


  8. 11
    Learn to Count with Ed Balls says:

    Yvette approached me in the canteen today. “Fancy a sixty-nine?” she asked.

    “Don’t be absurd,” I replied, “there’s no such number. You just made it up!”

    Later I got Fatty Watson to duff her up behind the Commons bike sheds until she promised to support me in the next leadership election.


  9. 12
    Disgusted of Neasden says:

    Seems to be a trend for successful bloggers to be offered, and take the shilling of the dead tree press.

    As our beloved Guido will testify.


    • 43
      dirty desmond says:

      The times has been reduced to producing Mrs Dales Diary

      Afer all those promises from Citizen Murdoch


    • 73
      A Typical Conspiracy-Theory Ranter says:

      The proper terminology, when one is alluding to Guido’s having sold out, is “DTP shekel.” Guido is obviously a cat’s-paw for a particular International Conspiracy, or didn’t you know? Tim Montgomerie too, now. They all “sell out” eventually, assuming their “independent voice” wasn’t a put-up job from the off. We know who controls the media– indeed, everything. If the bloggers don’t sell out, they are destroyed by a death of a thousand cuts in which they are sued, investigated, audited, and just generally made miserable till they go mad or top themselves, at which stage they are pointed to as having been unstable all along, and we hear “Aren’t you glad you didn’t turn out like him? Always knew he was a nutter.” Know who Guido’s, Tim’s, and YOUR Masters of the Universe really are– wake up before it is too late!


    • 86
      Atlas burped ? says:


      • 131
        Woodward and Bernstein says:

        Is that an example of Owen Jones’ journalistic ability?


        • 166
          Ed Miliband says:

          That is really scraping the bottom of the barrel.


        • 185
          JH20348923458734 says:

          That is what happens when you Tweet while being bumloved.


        • 250
          Blowing Whistles says:

          Pelase – nobody – must tell him that he is just another in a long line of pathetic jumped up by their own ‘so called self-importance’ journo hacks who has been used at arms length to promote the zioloon agenda.

          Don’t tell him that he believes that he is a rising big star – and that in fact he is just another miniscule mong in a long line of paid jerks who do the at arms ‘bidding’ for those who he does not want to see – who are actually ‘controlling his naive little mind.

          Wouldn’t want such a pathetic little pratt to realise that it isn’t he who is really controlling his destiny and have him go and do something silly like!


          • Catty Comment (Ms) says:

            For The Times they are (not) a-changin’

            Much safer behind the (pay) wall where nobody ever goes.


  10. 13
    Lady who lives in the real world - who thinks the coalition have achieved quite a bit! says:

    Guido, I trust Tim Montgomerie as a fair commentator, in the same way I trust you. I wish him well and look forward to what we have in store. He always seems a very pleasant fellow.


  11. 14
    Mark Oaten says:

    Oof – what a sexy beast!


  12. 16
    Going Native? says:

    Note how the outsiders like Guido and Montgomery are now part of the Murdoch Establishment.


  13. 18
    Calamity Jane says:

    Aw shucks and gosh a’mighty!


  14. 19
    Fishy says:

    Thought he’d have joined Polly at the Guardian


  15. 22
    Rip Van Winkle says:



  16. 23
    Duncan Weave says:

    His homosexuality has been a problem for some Tories reading Conservative home.


    • 33
      Local Shop says:

      Bum boy eh?


    • 138
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Every Journo who is a homosexual – should be of enough backbone to have a “strap(-on) line” atop their articles stating CLEARLY that they are a homosexual – Now wouldn’t that be “transparent and open” – from those who bitch so much about themselves being so hard done by …. Ahh di dums … poor me luvvies!!?


    • 142
      Blowing Whistles says:

      And while I am about it – How come Tatchel and his stonewalling mob haven’t been screamin, fulminatin ‘n bitchin for same sex dancing partners on strictly come dancing – Answer – BECAUSE the public mass would turn the 5hit off.


      • 212
        Not Blowing Whistles says:

        The only dance where same sex partners is really allowed is Tango.

        In the UK, women dancing together was acceptable after WWII as during the war many women had to partner as the men were away fighting.

        Tricky for same sex couples as it requires the dancers to learn both follow and lead. There is value in doing that, but for Ballroom, most will not. Unless of course they are instructors.

        Good example to highlight as it demonstrates another asymmetry between the sexes which discredits the ‘equality’ argument.

        Incidentally: Why in the equality argument is no one arguing that women should be more like Rennard ?


  17. 24
    Owin Jones says:

    HMRC trawling social media and trader websites (eg rated people) to find evidence of tax fraud



  18. 25

    Thank God for The Times pay wall. Sadly he’s still contributing on ConHome weekly it would be much better if never. But we can’t have everything can we?


  19. 31
    Owin Jones says:

    Tim Montgomerie…………What a joke


  20. 32
    Thursday child is thick in the head says:

    Like spads and interns blogs appear to be stepping stones to the centre of the earth in Londonistan.


    • 41
      Fred says:

      Arrr yes the great whore of Babylon and capital of the now septic Isle Londonistan.
      The beacon of multiculturalism diversity and mass colonization from the thrid world, I can smell the enrichment from up here in Yorkyland.


  21. 34
    Jack says:

    Is murdoch mob now censored.?


  22. 37
    Glyn H says:

    Must be for big money because he surely has more influence at ConHome. When did the editor of a newspaper comment section get invited on to Today or TWTW etc as he presently does.


  23. 38
    Rebekah out on bail says:

    I only got a payoff of 11 million dollars for being my masters voice

    I hope guido and montgomery get as much when the law catches up with them


    • 194
      Blowing Whistles says:

      £11 million pounds wasn’t it? Still what’s the life of a Milly Dowler worth to Rupee – a paltry £1 million bung. Because the dead Milly Dowler can’t speak out – hence the increased bung to the Red one.


  24. 40
    Moishe Galloway says:

    Syrian rebels said they injured or killed Hezbollah’s number two man in an attack on a Syrian convoy on the outskirts of Damascus.

    The reports say Sheikh Naim Qassem, who is Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah’s deputy, was returning to Lebanon after a high-level meeting with Syrian officials.

    Hezbollah’s official line is that its people fighting in Syria went on their own; Qassem’s way too big a fish to rendezvous with such Syrians on his own personal initiative. Nasrallah’s got some ‘splaining to do


  25. 42
    Owen Jones says:

    My farts smell of sugar puffs.


  26. 44
    anon. says:



    • 50
      Parlimentary Policeman says:

      I filed a complaint with th Squeaker lat year because a libdem lady groped my balls in th central lobby

      Cicciolina called me to say I should drop it because all libdems are nutters, like her I should add


  27. 47
    Another snout in the trough says:

    “Digital boss Martha Lane Fox to get peerage”


  28. 53
    BBC says:

    This just wont do, the people of Eastleigh seem to be unenriched and hideously white!



  29. 54
    Anonymous says:

    Tried not to laugh but Tory MPs seem to be desperately trawling their twitter archives looking for any previous tweets they’ve made praising the UK’s AAA status to delete – now their blundering chancellor has gone and lost it.

    For example, yesterday, Daniel Byles, Tory MP for North Warwickshire and Karl McCartney, Tory MP for Lincoln both deleted this tweet they made over a year ago:

    UK is now the largest country in the world with a “AAA” credit rating and a stable outlook. < Thanks to the Coalition govt.

    Blimey. It must have taken them hours to go back that far in the Twitter archives to find a tweet – just so they could delete it and pretend they never said it.

    You’d think MPs would have something better to do with their time, wouldn’t you?


    • 59
      Joe says:

      Indeed but I didn’t know Moody’s were the be all and end all of credit ratings.
      I wonder what Standard & Poor’s and Fitch have to say about the UK?


    • 71
      Ministry of Truth says:

      “Oceania has never/always been at war with…”, etc etc


      • 150
        Tony benn's ill says:

        Ratings agencies and for that matter the IMF did not as far as I recall realise a credit crunch was coming,whereas me and my friends, whenever we discussed politics in the last 15 or so years always ended saying the country could not afford all the borrowing and welfare spending.


  30. 56
    EU Watch says:

    Are you feeling hungry ?

    The EU centralized food inspection shambles cannot be trusted.

    This seizure is the tip of the iceberg. Do not eat EU meat.


    • 61
      Person from Porlock says:

      Food fraud has now reached galloping levels.


      • 68
        Tight arsed Northern bastard says:

        What we are talking about with this meat scandal is Slurry , mechanically reclaimed waste meat it is one grade away from the skip
        So all this shite about using 100% beef will put the cost up is quite frankly bollocks
        The slurry with horse meat costs probably about 50p a KG 100% beef slurry probably about 10p a KG more
        I don’t know if you have ever had any of these products but you would be hard pressed to find any fucking meat at all


        • 96
          Person from Porlock says:

          one grade away from the skip

          In the wrong direction, as well!


        • 112
          Food Watch says:

          Using your 10p difference per kg:

          For 80 metric tonnes that is a GBP 8000 difference.

          At the wholesale end the small differences in per kg price add up.


      • 69
        starter says:

        and they’re OFF


      • 157
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Its all about the transparency (NOT) at the EU – who are to blame 100% – but don’t wait for any treasonous UK MP – save one or two TO POINT THE REAL ‘FINGER OF BLAME AT THE DOOR OF THE EU’.



        • 174
          Anonymous says:

          Gorilla politics. Unable to see what is in clearly visible to the average person.

          Long past the time they would be expected to see future consequences.


      • 158
        Blowing Whistles says:

        btw – hi there pussy.


  31. 64
    Tight arsed Northern bastard says:

    After denying all knowledge of renn ardon at thew weekend Clegg now tries to make political capitol by saying he got rid of him
    What a slimy lying scrote Clegg is

    On sky news before was an Alison Smith Ex Lib Dev activist , she said she didn’t know one woman in the party who hadn’t suffered sexual advances/abuse
    she really went to town on Renn ardon saying that you would be lined up for party photo’s and he would stand behind you and slide his hand down your skirt


  32. 67
    EU Watch says:

    Shooting in Swtizerland today:


    At least 3 dead so far. Switzerland has third highest per capita gun ownership in the world, behind USA and Yemen.

    They are on alert now for Marxists to crawl out of the woodwork and demand further restrictions and ownership ban. Removing the guns from circulation will make the Sw!ss defenseless against the Euromongs without.


    • 275
      Curly says:

      Swiss males are required to do a stint of national service, and then retrain regularly. They take their guns home with them so the whole population is in a state of constant readiness should the need arise. One little shoot out at a small factory is not going to change anything.


  33. 70
    anon. says:

    Lib Dims ecstatic that Clegg decides to leave Eastleigh.


    • 72
      Nuremberg rally says:

      What a bunch of brainwashed clapping sea lions.


      • 74
        Point of Information says:

        They were probably paid to do that.

        Can’t trust anything with the Lib Dems, as we have recently been reminded.

        At least at Nuremberg the audience was being honest.


        • 108
          Universal Hiss says:

          Well as there was about 35 of them it would be quite cheap.

          Strange people.


        • 139
          Don't Trust Anything They Say says:

          You are not far off.


          On 8 Dec 2010 the Sheffield Star reported that Lib Dems told the Electoral Commission that they paid Full House Audience Management £7,600 to find audiences for four meetings at which Nick Clegg spoke between April 10 and May 4 in Gateshead, Glasgow, Redcar in Cleveland and Richmond in London during the election campaign.

          The party paid another £1,000 for the company to find an audience for Mr Clegg’s 50th town hall meeting at a school in Dorset. The invoice had originally been £2,000 but it was reduced by half “due to short notice and poor response”.

          A Lib Dem spokesman was reported to have said: “When Nick did town hall meetings we paid an independent firm to recruit the audience for us. That is the provision of security vetting and political neutrality.

          “Rather than just have members, we thought we would open it up to other people. To do that we employed an audience-finding company”.


          • Tony benn's will says:

            Could someone please check the postal ballots,good time to expose any fraud perhaps


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Chris h**** had an audience at a childrens school (evening public meeting) in Poole on 17th Dec 2010 – which didn’t quite go to plan for the LD mob when many members of the public tried to speak out against his love of the myth of global bollox and climate chan.ge


          • Me again! says:

            As I mentioned before on here recently, my domestic assistant went to one of these rent a mob functions some time ago and returned home with 20 quid in her pocket, a free t-shirt and a pack of sarnies. She thought it was a good day out in the fresh air away from the chores, but had no idea what the protest was about.


    • 135
      Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP, Climate Change Chieftain says:

      Nick heil ! Nick heil ! Nick heil !


    • 153
      Lord Rennard's Lordly Sceptre says:

      Not many girls in that herd of screaming.


      • 164
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Could you try and tell the lard – to “STOP DIGGING A BIGGER AND BY THE DAY BIGGER HOLE” … Even the dirtiest digger knows when to stop diggin.


  34. 77
    Alex says:

    Given how far The Times has sunk in recent years, it sounds like a match made in heaven!


  35. 80
    Fuck my old boots says:

    Hold the front page: Nobody leaves site no one’s ever heard of for a newspaper trapped behind a paywall


  36. 81
    EU Watch says:

    Not new news, but worth watching. This was before !taly vote:


    • 89
      Person from Porlock says:

      Nice differentiation between escaping and avoiding recession which the interviewer was not smart enough to identify. Same thing he said. Wrong!


      • 107
        EU Watch says:

        Agreed. Much chicanery.

        However, the Dutch seem to be getting the right idea with bank bailouts at least:


        ‘On Monday, the Dutch Council of State blessed that procedure and thus set an example for the rest of the Eurozone: when a bank is bailed out and nationalized, owners of its debt can lose their entire capital. The unwritten government guarantee on bank debt is off.’


        • 123
          Person from Porlock says:

          It annoys me to think of how the government is looking to get out of its ownership of the banks when it can “get its money back”. There should be a significant insurance profit for carrying a risk that no insurer would (or could) have touched with a bargepole. Shareholders and bond holders should be wiped out to pay for this. Instead, the government has got them off the hook. Midnight madness.


  37. 84
    Ultra Spin says:


  38. 85
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    The brave journalism of Channel 4 News knows no bounds. Tonight we had Kathy Newman pretending to be Cathy from Dulwich. Dull witch might be a better description of Cathy. Now why would she lie? What would Leveson make of it?
    The trouble with C4 News is that they go for the sensationalism, but don’t bother to follow it through. Micky Crick on Andrew Mitchell is a case in point. Why isn’t Crick on the case of Hogan-Howe over Mitchell?


    • 99
      labourunionsbbc are one under the EU says:

      Can you imagine C4 news ever going after a liebore front bencher in the same way?


    • 170
      Blowing Whistles says:

      IDNND – You have killed your credibility by stating that she pretended to be cathy from dulwich ……… OMG what a pri.ck you are IDNND

      She openly DECLARED THAT SHE WAS FROM CH4 …..

      you are deducted 2000 credibility points.


      • 202
        Not Blowing Whistles says:

        I think IDNND mis-heard the interview a little. She was introduced as Cathy from Dulwich, but as you pointed out, she did immediately declare herself as Cathy from C4 news. A simple error.

        Here a fuller segment of the LBC interview:

        Clegg is a f’cking loser who should seriously go back to Europe.

        The fat f’ck who has been messing about with the women probably should be prosecuted for several counts of sexual assault.

        The whole think is almost as incredible as St33ls denial of knowledge about Th0rpe and Sm!th etc. back in the 70s.


  39. 87
    Anonymous says:

    Tim Montgomerie is a tosspot.


  40. 91
    Person from Porlock says:

    From Pharyngula blog:
    I can defend both Lawrence Krauss and philosophy!



  41. 93

    Now for some Enterum Scrotum Rectum


  42. 97
    Archbishop Cromwell says:

    So when are you going to get offered a real job eh Guido?


  43. 101
    Person from Porlock says:



  44. 103
    Moby Dick says:

    Anyone think UKIP could be the SNP of England after Eastleigh making it a 4 main party system?


    • 116
      Thursday child is thick in the head says:

      The chance is there, but the brainwashed will still vote for the LibLabCon,it’s just like they buy green petrol at a the same garage even though the petrol is cheaper across the road, it’s because they always do, change scares people.


  45. 105
    Final Pre-Election Message from the Lib Dems says:

    Come on ladies, we want to see you out there tomorrow – and we’re not just talking about your tits! No, what we want you to do is tart yourselves up and make yourself beautiful, you know – short skirt, low cut top, nice pair of high heels, that sort of thing. Now that you slags, I mean ladies, have the vote, we want you to walk suggestively down to your local “pole-ing” station (eh? eh?), take that pencil in your hand and stick it in the box – know what I mean, girls? Oh, don’t forget to drop your ballot paper first, so we can watch you bend down and pick it up. As a pretty little Liberal like you knows, politics is phwoooar!


  46. 109
    It's all Balls says:

    Crick: Why is Labour a poor 4th?

    Balls: This constituency has always been a Lib Dem / Conservative…

    Crick: No, that’s not true you were second here in the 90’s

    Balls: It has always been a Lib Dem / Tory seat at the Last election.

    It’s all Balls


  47. 117
    a curse says:

    whoever betrays this land will have a miserable end


  48. 118
    Beppe Farage says:

    Vote UKIP Eastleigh!


  49. 121
    Clegg Watch. says:

    They just can’t help themselves.


  50. 122
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    It seems British Gas have been slagged off over profits today by our media. Not once did I hear our media suggest the price that British Gas should charge. The media just complain but have no suggestions. The media and labour have the same outlook, complain but have no ideas themselves.
    Then we had sour face herself Caroline Flint, complaining. Once again the media never asked her what investment labour made in new power stations while they were in power, or what labour did about fuel pricing.
    Just how dumbed down will our media get?


    • 152
      the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

      I have always considered that the utilities should be state owned. Sorry about that.


      • 175
        Tessa Tickles says:

        Ah, yes, the halcyon days of state ownership of the utilities. I remember them well..

        Forget about buying a mobile and being connected 10 seconds later (to the whole planet) for peanuts, what we need is GPO telephones. True, it took 3 months to for the GPO to connect you, but.. you had a choice of phones. A choice! Oh, glorious benevolent State, thou art so generous! You could have a big beige telephone, with a rotary dial, or (get this) a big beige telephone (slightly different shape) with.. a rotary dial. Other phone providers were not available. By law. Union says “no”.

        You couldn’t use your new GPO phone, of course, because (due to lack of any competition) the calls were so expensive. But you could look at them. And you could tell all your friends, “we’ve got a phone!”. “Ooh,” they’d say. Of course you couldn’t tell them over the phone, because it was too expensive. But you could tell them in person.

        Damn. I wish all our utilities were state-owned again, so we were once more locked into their monopolistic uncompetitive sky-high prices and utterly crap Soviet level of service. How much better that was than today, when we can tell our suppliers, “you’re shit, I’m switching” and have them beg us to stay.


        • 183
          Rose tinted glasses says:

          But quality of life was far better in those days.


        • 186
          Dial 1s 0s and 9s and tap the other numbers on the headrest to get free calls in the 60s says:

          Ah! The Trimphone which warbled instead of ringing. It also glowed in the dark until they withdrew that model due to radioactivity fears.

          Trim = Tone Ring Illuminator Model

          All else the same except you paid a premium for the privilege.


          • (I don't need no doctor) says:

            The trim phone was too light, but oh so modern at the time. Just off down the pub in my Sinclair C4.


        • 187
          Language is a gift says:

          Tell the suppliers in your very best invective, Tessa!


        • 215
          the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

          isn’t the time you describe when mobiles were the size of a house brick ?


        • 220
          Axe The Telly Tax says:

          Try telling your water company that they’re shit and you’re switching.


        • 224
          the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

          telecoms is not really a good example. I was thinking more water, heat and light.
          I still have to be convinced that the private sector can deliver a more perfect product than a state. I think this is because I understand the artistic mentality where it is the production of the honest, successful, innovative outcome which is more interesting than profit


          • the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

            As opposed to the greedy neanderthals which seem to have got themselves in charge.

            Shit and Cream floats


    • 172
      Blowing Whistles says:

      You regain 50 credibility points for that. [1950 points to go]


      • 190
        (I don't need no doctor) says:

        Many thanks, at least I will sleep soundly tonight. You had me worried there for a while, phew.
        However she did get through by saying she was Cathy from Dulwich. Then when through she admitted to being Kathy Newman from C4. So she did lie.
        Now if you accept what I say to be true, you must lose 2000 credibility points, making me 50 ahead of your good self.
        I await your response.


  51. 155
    Abdul says:

    Postal votes all filled in and sent. 5,000 sent to Eastleigh Hamsure and 5,000 sent to Eastleigh Somalia to be on side of safe.

    Lib Dems akbar!


  52. 159
    Paddy Guido says:

    Odds with William Hill at 6.30 pm

    Libs = 1/3; UKIP = 9/2; Tories = 9/2; Labour = 100/1


    • 176
      Blowing Whistles says:

      About the same time
      Corals gave

      Libs 1/3; Tories 10/3; UKIP 6/1; Labour 100/1


      • 181
        Bonkers Brown says:

        I wager 400 tonnes of gold on a Labour win!


        • 209
          Blowing Whistles says:

          You are a desperate George Osborne – following in the footsteps of the well known gambler Wins.ton Church.ill and I claim all your secret supplies of coke.


          • Not Blowing Whistles says:

            That would explain the PII on Litv!nenko then.

            Litv!nenko was investigating Spa!n / Russ!an mafia for M!6 before he was whacked. Not so secret supply source perhaps.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            NBW – I read some of the recent articles – HOWEVER – still not convinced whether double a gent found out and done by my 5.

            Remember guys – this is all conspiracy stuff!!!!


          • Not Blowing Whistles says:

            @BW: Agree with you, not sure about M!5 though. This is real deal conspiracy stuff which does not involve green l!zards.

            Hushing up on the basis of pressure from M0scow is not completely credible, but Put!n will not mind as that reasoning has just given M0scow cover to do something in the UK themselves, if they wish.

            Would blow the credibility of the PII cover if a week later you have to be honest about a separate action taking place.


  53. 160
    MANUEL CLEGG says:

    I Know Nothhhhhhing


  54. 168
    Girly Boy says:

    That’s the end of Conservative Home then. Montgomerie is Conservative Home.

    He’s a dead ringer for that brown hatter who won the TV talent show. Will something or other.


  55. 171
    Nonny Mouse says:

    NileGardiner on twitter
    Today 08:44 PM

    Losing to Ukip in Eastleigh would cause ‘crisis’ for Tories, says David Davis via @Telegraph http://t.co/RQd6gCTYH6


  56. 189
    Fuck it says:

    Here we go again Fawkes trying to block people.


  57. 191
    Nonny Mouse says:


    Bet 365
    LibDems 2/7
    Cons 4/1
    UKIP 13/2
    Labour 100/1

    LibDems 3/10
    Cons 4/1
    UKIP 13/2
    Labour 80/1

    LibDems 1/3
    Cons 7/2
    UKIP 11/2
    Labour 100/1

    LibDems 1/3
    Cons 3/1
    UKIP 6/1
    Labour 66/1

    LibDems 1/3
    Cons 4/1
    UKIP 6/1
    Labour 100/1

    LibDems 1/3
    Cons 10/3
    UKIP 6/1
    Labour 100/1


  58. 196
    Jack Cohen says:

    Tesco warns of higher prices


    Tesco has warned that the horse-meat scandal will hit profit margins and may force up prices for consumers, as Britain’s biggest supermarket pledged to conduct tests on all the meat it sells.


    • 198
      ASDA says:

      Cnuts only Tescos could get a price rise out of an cluster funk of their own making


    • 207
      Not Blowing Whistles says:

      Tesco’s dropped donations for cancer research preferring to sponsor LGBT events:


      Stopped shopping there before this, but the pro-sodomite aspect of Tesco’s made it permanent. Luckily avoided the horse thing as a result.

      The reason I stopped shopping incidentally was after having my shoelaces attacked by mice when shopping in one of their London ‘Metro’ stores.

      Tesco’s will always aim for the highest profit margin, so you are guaranteed the worst ‘ingredients’ in their budget lines.

      Better to shop elsewhere.


      • 217
        JadedJean says:

        Think of the Pink Ribbon…

        Did you know there is a group amongst us who, as a percentage of their total in-group (population), suffer far more greatly from breast cancer than the out-group. This in-group have been hugely successful in pursuading the out-group (the rest of the population) to give very generously to the breast cancer research charity.

        Now how clever is that?


        • 223
          Blowing Whistles says:

          And the Charity Commission are not stuffed with Marxist CP mongrels?


          • Point of Information says:

            I would have though you of all people may have made the legal tape connection with the ribbon ?

            Hilarious, as the pink ribbon not being trademarked can be used by anyone on anything, including certain cosmetics companies whose products contain carcinogens and who do not donate profits to breast cancer research. ;-)


        • 227
          Not Blowing Whistles says:

          The breast cancer issue is an interesting one for the equality mob.

          Men suffer from that as well, but is not as well publicized.

          Agree with your point.


      • 249
        Joe says:

        Think I will.


      • 281
        Shirley says:

        Guys guys! Give a girl a break! The cost of living is going up in Haifa too you know.


  59. 200
    Fuck it says:

    The Tories are useless.


    • 222
      tabblenabble02 says:

      As are the LibDems/New Labour/UKIP which are all libertarian, free-market, anarchistic, leberal democracy parties.

      Anarchistic as in economic anarchy = without regulation (anarchy means without rules)
      Think banking and lack of financial regulation…even following the credit crunch.

      They are all nation wreckers. Have you not noticed how they have so spectacularly failed at nation building in Iraq and Affhanistan at nation building. Western liberal democracy doesn’t do nation building…only nation wrecking.


    • 239
      albacore says:

      No, they’re working well for some sod but not us Brits
      Exactly like the Labour and Liberal gits
      The Mother of Parliaments? More bought and sold ho
      No maternal instinct, just a craving for dough


  60. 213
  61. 214
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Be warned – The Law Society – have a big problem coming …

    They spin with rhetoric and duplicity – and I will unspin their bull5hit.


    • 238
      Lucy Scott-Moncrieff says:

      Fuck off you tit!


      • 243
        Not Blowing Whistles says:

        So I guess some are not cool with Dave’s earlier statements about restricting foreigners access to legal aid:

        This sounds more an argument for guaranteeing income for lawyers rather than an argument in favor of human rights.

        Seems to be a lot of diversity and equality chatter coming from the Law Society as well. Very common purpose sounding rhetoric indeed.


  62. 228
    Blair looks mental says:

    Just watching that liar Blair being interviewed by Kirsty Wark on Newsnight – bluddy hell he looks fuckin mental – he’s gone right down the nick. All that spinning has left him unhinged.


    • 240
      Bla!r Watch says:

      I think things are catching up with him, especially Chilcott.

      He has always been like this. It is only now we are seeing him on the back foot trying to defend a position which we and he knows is indefensible.

      The UK and West cannot intervene in Syr!a directly as the Russ!an’s will not allow that. Obama knows this, and the US is not interested in intervention either. US is drawing down ME forces, and is pivoting to focus on the hotter issues going on in the Pacific.

      He is wrong about the UN. Unless a NATO country is attacked or a UN resolution authorizing action is passed, there is no right to intervene under international law. He also glosses over the obvious sectarian conflict which is going on regarding shi’ite vs. sh’ia, which was started and is broadly perpetrated by the US.

      Afghan!stan happened under NATO Article 5 due to 9/11. !raq was UN resolution 1441 based on the dodgy dossier in large part.

      On !raq / !ran, Bla!r is right that the west supported !raq, but the west also supported !ran periodically. The East-West support for the proxy war did oscillate from 70’s through to the end of the !ran-!raq war. It was the West who supplied Hussa!n with chemical weapons, Russ!a did not supply these to those countries.

      There is no case for intervention at present in Syr!a despite the bloodshed as collapsing the Syr!an state without a viable replacement available will lead to a repeat of what happened in !raq. The US cannot afford that and Russ!a does not want it.

      The only reason he is animated here is that there are some very lucrative deals here in the medium to long term involving the carve up of oil / gas routes into Europe through Turkey. What is playing out right now is not going his way.

      Incidentally, the Mal! and broader Sahel power plays which are going on at the moment are not going his way either.


      • 262
        Blair looks mental says:

        Yes, the oil and gas pipeline routes certainly fit the bill and also explain the stances of the various countries involved. Pretty clear too that Blair is acting for the big energy corporations here (as usual).


        • 264
          Bla!r Watch says:

          He is not acting directly for the energy companies. Think banks and comprehensive financing from field to kitchen so to speak.

          The deal in Afr!ca is a little different though, but only in the commodities being shifted.

          Best to look at Bla!rs involvement in a similar way to M!tchell’s down in Rw@nda, Ug@nda etc. with a steel edge attached. Very much removed, but very much needing certain governments to implement certain policies in order to pull things off.

          His real problem is that events and others have outflanked him. Brand Bl!ar is not what it once was.


    • 246
      Universal Hiss says:

      I just watched that. He looks very old with dead eyes.

      Still lying,still trying to justify his sins.

      “Here’s the smell of the blood still; all the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand. Oh, oh, oh!” That Shakespeare bloke knew a thing or two.

      I have a feeling that Blair will not be long in this world.


    • 254
      Casual Observer says:

      Chief Weapons inspector Hans Bl!x maintains his position agreeing to the invasion of !raq was a huge mistake on the part of the UN:


      He is inaccurate about US wanting further revenge on basis of 9/11.

      Bush Jr. may have wanted further revenge for the 1993 plot against his father which had resulted in Cl!nton striking Baghd@d with Thomah@wk missiles in June of that year. However the real US motivation was more to finish what many had felt was left unfinished from Gulf War I. That was more Cheney’s side than the military. From a foreign policy perspective it had been a long standing thorn as it had made the US look weak in the eyes of its enemies, and that for sure was the perception in Washington.

      There has been no inexorable rise of !ran.

      !ran has been dealing with sanctions for many years, and just maintaining a steady state. The only basis upon which rise may be perceived is because many countries in the immediate have declined drastically. In particular !raq.

      The only unintended consequence of !raq invasion, as Bl!x states in the opening of the interview, is that the UN will be highly unlikely to authorize action again on the basis of foreign intelligence reports alone. The implications of that will directly affect western interests seriously in the future.


      • 280
        where the blind lead says:

        The USA attacked the wrong nation, 911 came out of Saudi Arabia and the only reason why Iraq was steam rollered was because SA ordered it.


        • 285
          Chilcott Report. sealed for 70 years(or was that another report ?) says:

          They also thought that Saddam bankrolled AlQ to carry out attack when any first year international relations student could have told them that AlQ was anathema to the Ba’athist Party and Saddam. It was only as a result of the US/UK Iraq cock-up after the inavsion of not securing the borders,dissolving the only credible authority and failure to supply enough forces to police the region that AlQ and Jihadists streamed over the border and the militias efectively kicked the UK out of Basra and forced the US to massively re-inforce in the country especially the south


  63. 231
    Mrs. Ball-Scooper, TRIPLE FLIPPER says:


  64. 233
    Marx and Sparx says:

    Q. What do you call a statist with money?
    A. A cheat.


  65. 244
    Anthony Lopes says:

    The fucking BBC have for the last few days spent their wad pissing off a load of Catholics, ignoring Clegg and his sex pest mate and sucking up to any fucking left-wing fucker who will spout their usual shite.

    And before anyone asks, I’m not a bloody Tory.


  66. 247
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP.


  67. 256
    Dead Tree says:

    UK national newspaper sales for January 2013 (source ABC)

    National dailies Ave sale Month/Month% Year/year%

    Daily Mirror 1,058,488 2.30 -5.71
    Daily Record 251,535 0.58 -8.87
    Daily Star 535,957 -0.85 -14.11
    The Sun 2,409,811 5.80 -12.41
    Daily Express 529,648 0.10 -9.73
    Daily Mail 1,863,151 1.01 -7.37
    Daily Telegraph 555,817 1.53 -6.77
    Financial Times 275,375 -3.85 -13.88
    The Guardian 204,440 0.11 -11.02
    Independent 76,802 -1.64 -34.40
    The Scotsman 32,435 -0.09 -17.53
    The Times 399,339 0.83 -1.43


  68. 260
    Ttttim says:


  69. 261
    Propaganda Watch says:

    Interesting example of inconsistency in US policy:


    Towards end of the piece:

    ‘Asked to explain why the United States picked that target and did not go after S@ddam himself, Asp!n said, “It’s very difficult to target a single individual. It’s very difficult to capture a single individual. Dropping bombs on the hope that you’re going to get a single individual is a very, very demanding task.”‘

    Contrast with the drone policy used these days to target individual members of AQ and others the US wishes killed. Interesting how DoD policy and reasoning rotates, which is how one can deduce that in 1993 there was no desire to kill Hussa!n.


  70. 263
    BehindTheTimes says:

    An exciting move: he’ll go from commenting online in real time to a massive audience on issues of the day to being a part of a print empire that’s hidden behind a paywall, commenting about stuff that Rupie thinks is fit to print, that nobody can access unless they want to pay Rupie’s Rupees.

    Ah, but his pension rights will be considerably enlarged, until they sack him in a year’s time.

    Good work, Tim.


  71. 267
    EU Watch says:

    Am no fan of bank bonus’, but the EU should not be interfering in private sector pay. Wonder what the City make of this…


  72. 284
    albacore says:

    Anybody got a clue what Parliament’s for?
    It’s bad enough that the E U makes all the law
    When we never voted to join that contrivance
    But Parliament specialises in connivance
    Even where it’s supposed to have jurisdiction
    In seeing that truth is replaced by pure fiction



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