February 23rd, 2013

LibDem Sex Pest Cover Up Allegations Mount

“I absolutely deny any suggestion of improper touching, nor did I invite a woman to join me in my room.

“I note that these alleged instances supposedly took place in public bars with other people present.

“I am disappointed and angry that anonymous accusations from several years ago are once again being made public in this manner in a clear attempt to damage my reputation.

“Let me reiterate that in 27 years working for the Liberal Democrat Party, not a single personal complaint was ever made against me to my knowledge.”

With the ironic timing of yesterday’s Pollard Review, LibDems are comparing the cover-up to the BBC’s handling of the Jimmy Savile scandal. What did Clegg’s office know and when?


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    Kebab Time says:

    if they not true does that mean he is kicked out of party for not being a sex pest?

  3. 3

    Will the mongs still vote for them though? Probably.

  4. 4
    Len Bretta says:

    In Italy, we have a sexy frolics with a da bunga bunga, bappy,barley legal, hooker babes.

    I don’ta know what thees Reynard is a thinkin’. He has a the wayne rooney fetish?

  5. 5
    Purpleline says:

    He will be using the Bill Clinton defence soon. Has anyone got a smoking Gun or in this case some of his Sperm or did these liberal women spit it out.

    The only thing that surprises me is there are no male juniors involved, sandals, beards mentioned just a couple of left wing ugly birds with Merkins.

  6. 6
    Owin Jones says:

    George Osborne should now be known as the Chncellor……. aaa

  7. 7
    Popeye says:

    Totally unbelievable.
    Does he think we are all fools?

  8. 8
    Barman says:

    “I absolutely deny any suggestion of improper touching, nor did I invite a woman to join me in my room.

    “I note that these alleged instances supposedly took place in public bars with other people present.

    “I am disappointed and angry that anonymous accusations from several years ago are once again being made public in this manner in a clear attempt to damage my reputation”.

    All of the above sounds so depressingly familiar and echoes Huhne’s repeated denial of guilt in the matter to which he has now pleaded guilty. As to there being other people present, how many conversations can anyone recall that other people at the bar or at other tables were having? I suggest that is hardly indicative of anything, let alone innocence.

    From the reports to date so far, it appears to be a case of here we go again. That no complaint was ever made against this individual is again brought into question with the added caveat of “to my knowledge”. As with all politicians, their understanding of the truth is rather different to the perception of the same held by the general public.

  9. 9
    the PBT says:

    its the same with the NHS cover-up – people knowing exactly what it is that the next up the line doesn’t want to found out

    this ‘culture’ is not only common to the bbc nhs and the lib dems – it goes through society – the professions the banks etc..etc..

    per ardua ad nauseam

  10. 10
    Alan Rusbridger, turgid pianist says:

    Today I will be mostly playing Groping And Hoping by the Toids.

  11. 11
    Anonymous says:

    Surprised noting is said about UK losing AAA rating. I can also smell a rat before a by-election, timing seems very odd.

    Hope any party except LD or Con with the by-election.

  12. 12
    Lord Mandelson of Ethics and Lizards says:

    Rutting Rennard should be publicly defrocked (like a lot of other peers, for that matter)

    That ermine should be removed, followed by his clothes and he should be left naked in front of the statute of that old q u e e r Richard the Lion Heart in front of the House of Lords…

    A suitable punishment methinks…

  13. 13
    Sir William Wade says:

    Ladies, what’s wrong with a good, old-fashioned slap round the chops? La gifle, as our froggie friends have it, is an honourable tradition in these cases.

  14. 14
    Anonymous says:

    Hope any party except LD or Con win the by-election.

    I am not even against stopping almost all of the benefits. UK needs to grow and this government is incompetent to achieve it.

  15. 15
    Mr Jay of Levinson fame says:

    I am quite prepared to investigate the LibDems and their sexual practices

    It will onlt cost your all about £500,000 and I can always put my junior, Mrs Eempty Ed, on the case…She knows how to milk the public purse as well…

  16. 16
    Owin Jones says:

    Well, we ARE reduced to eating ground up horses and enforced labour in Poundland. Moody’s were just catching up.

  17. 17
    Perry Mason says:

    If it comes out that Clegg was ever notified of a rape or sexual assault this could be a game changing event as he will have been complicit in hiding a crime .

    An arrest and interview under caution would have to follow .

  18. 18
    Blowing Whistles says:

    As with the BBC – look just behind the front of the story and what do you get? You get legions of lawyers spinning up legal rhetoric – mangled truth / inverted logic …

    Why do so many of you commentators fail to see the legal hand – every time?

  19. 19
    Le Monde correspondent says:

    Quite right Sir WW

    Most English women need a good gifle…

    And you, as well, probably…

  20. 20
    Rage Against the Political Elite says:

    Looks to me that there’s not a good Fu-k in him.. Amazing what really goes on eh? Paying these useless C-nts with our Hard earned Cash to F-ck everything they touch. Broad sheets today.. Government Robbers need the workers to put more than the 8%
    already agreed from their wages into pensions,, so that said government can leverage more Debt from the IMF.. Oh and Energy companies will be mandated to steal another 10%, more money from us to prop up the Windmill CO2 Ponzi scheme set up by the useless fraudsters political class..
    Economic system is in systemic meltdown.. Government need more to keep themselves in clover,, Oh I mean expenses

  21. 21
    Anonymous says:

    I though being liberal is sleeping around with anyone who says yes to once advances.

  22. 22
    Hannibal from Carthage says:

    Moodys should have posted that report when Dave was giving his speech on Europe or better still when Hollande and Merkel were trying to be nice to one another celebrating 50 years of Franco German friendship .

  23. 23
    Anonymous says:

    Having an inquiry into Osborne’s IQ will be more useful to this country than this.

  24. 24
    Spokesman for the bent legal profession says:

    But you must understand

    We have always believed in being paid to break the spirit of the law but never the letter of the law…

    Just look at the City of London…

    Full of the tax avoidance/evasion specialists…and specialists in covering up the criminal banking community…

    We believe in stopping Parliament from actually performng its job of passing legislation which is applied…

  25. 25
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    No I never !

  26. 26
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    No win no fee should apply to damages for sexual harassment .

  27. 27
    Randy Rennard says:

    I am not as stupid as Bill Clinton

    I never left sperm on women’s clothes…

    Us LibDems are more civilised than that…

  28. 28
    Rage Against the Political Elite says:


  29. 29
    misty53 says:

    Reblogged this on NO MORE SHAME.

  30. 30
    Eccles from Salford says:

    If that happened Lord MacAlpine would be able to sue everyone

  31. 31
    Sir William Wade says:

    Guess we’ll have to start cutting government expenditure. Clearly we can’t, for instance, afford any further foreign aid or subsidies for the EU.

  32. 32
    Bluebottle says:

    When were you last sued ?

    Is there a lawyer in the Chamber ?

  33. 33
    Defrocked Hansard Reporter says:

    Mongs don’t vote for Lords

    Or any ordinary taxpayers for that matter

    You should know that, Sir

    Abolish this stinking House of Ermine Vermin, I say

  34. 34
    Editor of the Sun (not yet in prison) says:

    What is Wayne Rooney’s fetish please?

    I must include it in our Sunday Edition…

  35. 35
    The Right Honourable George Osborne says:

    I think we’ve got a very clear message, a loud and clear message that Britain cannot let up in dealing with its debts, dealing with its problems, cannot let up in making sure that Britain can pay its way in the world.

  36. 36

    Was talking about Eastleigh and how they probably won’t even register this news when deciding how to vote.

    I know I look stupid but… ;-)

  37. 37
    Tory squire from the Shires says:

    The trouble with these LimpDems is that they have no class

    We know how to do real orgies, boozing and old style fun

    These people are just cheap, frustrated imposters…

  38. 38

    Does that not amount to the same thing?

  39. 39
    Celebrity chaser says:

    You must be the Editor of the Tatler (or that GQ rag)

    And I want my £5….

  40. 40
    Anonymous says:

    This cuпt hasn’t seen his cock for fucking decades.

  41. 41
    Jimmy's Rightie Quote Of The Day says:

    “What investor is going to come to the UK when they fear a downgrade of our credit rating and a collapse of confidence?”

    [Gideon Wallpaper, February 2010]

  42. 42
    Armando Iannucci says:

    You are all in the Thick of It…

    And I am going back to Sicily to help my compatiot Silvio…

  43. 43
    genghiz the kahn says:

    LDs and the media were quick to cover up Charles Kennedy’s excesses, can’t have anything which helps the Tories or the right.

    Having a sobriety problem doesn’t matter if you were against the Iraq War.

  44. 44
    Jimmy says:

    “Surprised noting is said about UK losing AAA rating”

    You are? That’s so sweet.

    Remember guidophiles, never mind what anyone else tells you, Rennard is the big story.

  45. 45
    Russian Oligarch (and his bent City solicitors) says:

    We love Britain

    The best place to launder our money

    White wash our reputations

    And buy passports and immunity from prosecution…

  46. 46
    Ed Miliband says:

    Don’t forget that I’m a complete twat.

  47. 47
    George Osbrown says:

    I’ve received an advance from Ocean Finance.

  48. 48
    Ed Miliband says:

    In the unlikely event that the UK votes for a twat to become PM in 2015, Ed Balls will continue all of this and much more in the fine tradition of Tony Blair.

  49. 49
    Old Vince says:

    They usually go off early, leaving it inside their own clothes.

  50. 50
    Jeremy Thorpe says:

    Things have changed since my day – I believe women are now the targets.

  51. 51
    Cursed Reynard says:

    I’m planning to go to Mount Olive.

  52. 52
    Bhouy says:

    With the Bullingdon bozos at the box Britain is bolloxed plain and simple. @owenjones84 for PM.

  53. 53
    Golden Shower Commander says:

    I was never told that the BBC existed.

  54. 54
    Kebab Time says:

  55. 55
    Gɘorge OzzboЯne says:

    I sign off my accounts with a crayon.

  56. 56
    just askin says:


  57. 57
    fat cuпt watch says:

    To be fair, he is pretty big.

  58. 58
    Putr1d, spiteful Labour ruined my Country says:

    I understand it was men, dogs and ponies in your day.

  59. 59
    Lawyers inc. says:

    Our greatest achievement however has to sucessfully argue our entire legal system up its on arse thus rendering it incapable of performing the purpose it was intended for. Aren’t we so clever !

  60. 60
    the play wot i wrote says:

    I think I told you to piss off some while ago.

  61. 61
    must.....not.....respond..... says:

    Don’t fucking tempt me…..

  62. 62
    The Captain of HMS Pinafore says:

    Well, hardly ever.

  63. 63
    Gordon the Brown says:

    You ain’t seen me, right?

  64. 64
    childoforwell says:

    Oh the irony!

    Now there are demands for an internal investigation. I fear that it was the desire for an internal investigation that might have caused the problem in the first place.

  65. 65
    Where are Tony Blair's expenses says:

    Mark Oaten says “I don’t give a shit” He is just a member of an ever growing club of honest LibDem politicians

    Paddy Pantsdown

  66. 66
    Wayne Rooney says:

    Getting hair transplants. (Yeah, right.)
    Pay attention:

  67. 67
    Lard Everard says:

    We are the ‘touchy feely’ party. Vote LibDim !!

  68. 68
    Hank the Cat says:

    Just a point the triple AAA rating was downgraded by Moodys. Really should not take any notice really, Moodys is under investigation at the monment for the monumental phuck up that realised into the banking crisis. The Senate are laying the blame on Moodys and their ilk. The word is they are going to be fined with a huge amount, could break them

  69. 69
    Brokerman says:

    Did they know that you can see Kate Middleton in ALL her NAKED Glory at http://brokermandaniel.com/2012/09/18/kate-middleton-naked-photographs-future-queen-of-england/

    I bet they didn’t!

  70. 70
    B Boyd says:

    OK, Mr Davies, you’re on our short-list for DG.

  71. 71
    Ed Balls says:

    That Osborne, eh ? Well – DUH !!!
    Should have gone to comparetheratingsagency.com

  72. 72
    Anon says:

    The man is well enough known for it. I have a friend who I am very sure had an ‘encounter’ with the cad.

  73. 73
    Calamity Clegg says:

    Only we LimpDims try to get in touch with the feminine side.

  74. 74
    marmite says:

    I agree. It’s a cess pit.

  75. 75
    Instant Coffee Granules says:

    The scale of this is far greater than just these allegations. You have to remember what was being dangled in front of these women: being picked as parliamentary candidates, being nominated onto party lists for Europe or the London assembly, nominations to the House of Lords….

    There are a number of women at the top of their professions who he tried to suck in and exploit who had a lot more than just feeling foolish or ashamed in public to consider if they blew the whistle.

    It must also be recalled that a lot of this went on before Nick Clegg led the party onto its opportunistic, deceitful current path. Some of these women were very confused to encounter this creep and his methods at the top of a party which ostensibly still had some values and principals worth supporting

  76. 76
    Putr1d, spiteful Labour ruined my Country says:

    I did not have sexual relations with that woman!

  77. 77
    Instant Coffee Granules says:

    I don’t believe you

  78. 78
    Gaddaffi's chauffeur says:

    Paxman was right about him !

  79. 79
    A Maritime Metaphore says:

    You are certainly all at sea.

  80. 80
    Anonymous says:

    But when they are secretly taped admitting they know, then they come after the one with the evidence, with threats to their property and physical safety. All backed up by London based solicitors and corrupt judges. Then the ultimate happens. Even then they can not see themselves in the wrong and still attack the whistle-blower.

  81. 81
    General Election Now says:

    Surely, surely Osborne’s position is now untenable? Everything, absolutely everything he set out as his financial strategy has gone tits up. Not one target reached.
    And this week alone, having underestimated the proceeds of the G4 auction when declaring that borrowing is down, is incompetence and bungling of the highest order.

    It is a scandal that Cameron keeps this man in post because they are old friends, in spite of the financial damage being done to the country.

    Cameron is weak and ineffective, and not fit to be Prime Minister.

    We need a General Election now and if need be, a Government of National Unity to lead the country forwards, not backwards.

  82. 82

    Boys, boys,

    While you’ve been arguing about Europe and who is fingering who, when and why, the tories economic credibility collapsed http://www.tom-watson.co.uk/

    Play nicely.

  83. 83
    Halloway says:

    Osborne set the retention of the AAA rating as the primary standard by which the success or otherwise of his economic policy should be judged. As the UK has now lost that AAA rating then, by his own criterion, he has failed.

  84. 84
    Rinka says:


  85. 85
    Frank Scunner says:

    Exactly. Osborne and Cameron’s strategy has failed spectacularly.

  86. 86
    Anonymous says:

    It’a a condition of joining the party.

  87. 87
    Anonymous says:

    Is all the fuss about Rennard being made to divert the media’s attention away from The Elm and the Tory MPs who may have been involved?

  88. 88
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

    Only Balls and I can save the World.

  89. 89
    Must get a pseudonym one day says:

    If you believe his ‘denial’, neither did any of those girlies.

  90. 90
    We need a General Election says:

    They didn’t have a strategy. They have not paid down the debts or stopped the public sector from haemorraging the national wealth, they are still trying to send 0.7% of GDP overseas every year and paying vast sums to the corrupt and anti-British EU. Local government remains deeply corrupt and the electoral system undemocratic and highly susceptible to manipulation. There is no credible industrial or trade policy and the armed forces are being emasculated.

  91. 91
    Harridan Harmanhater says:


  92. 92
    Lard Everard says:

    Paddy Pantsdown is a very close colleague.

  93. 93
    Ed Balls says:

    The UK has lost its AAA rating after nearly 3 years of following Osbourne’s fiscal policy. If I was chancellor we would have lost it within a fortnight – I am so efficient.

  94. 94
    WoRaft ChiHUAHua says:

    “You have to remember what was being dangled in front of these women”


  95. 95
    AAA says:

    Seriously, who gives a shit?

  96. 96
    Ed Balls says:

    The Tories economic credibility has totally collapsed, we must borrow more to get out of this debt spiral!

  97. 97
    Labour's Manifesto (nothing has changed) says:

    more immigration
    more debt
    more borrowing
    more Europe
    more quangos
    more tax (to pay for it all)
    more spending
    and more useless lazy good for nothing public sector workers to piss it up the wall

  98. 98
    the pen-is mightier says:

    Rennard is a foxy guy.

  99. 99
    One Nation Labour = One Party State says:

    There’s no money left.

  100. 100
    One Nation Labour = One Party State says:


  101. 101
    Red Egg Millitit.....National Socialist. says:

    Chop off ‘is knob, the knob !

  102. 102

    So have I heard and do in part believe it.

  103. 103

    Go on, Give us a kiss..

  104. 104
    albacore says:

    If all the LibLabCons’ guilt was in being randy gits
    The country would not be nearly so deep sunk in the pits
    As it is, they’re undisputed world champ treacherous shits
    Lickspittling up to anybody but native Brits

  105. 105
    Nick Cleggo says:

    No you meant our snouts in the trough.Lets get it right

  106. 106
  107. 107
    Bonar Law says:

    What about Lloyd George?.

  108. 108

    They look bigger now.

  109. 109
    Chris Hunhe says:

    Its something that just happened.

  110. 110
    Ed Balls says:

    Only if she borrows Freddie’s mac.

  111. 111
    Dick Ghurkin says:

    absolutely right sir…was a time when you could give a minger a chance of some plumpiousness and be thanked for it … good bottle of claret and an empty bathroom at the huntball always helped

  112. 112
    Anonymous says:

    Popeye thumped the last person to try that.

  113. 113
    Gordon Brown says:

    Pity he didnt have a reserve sale price like real autions have, Oh I forgot its not his money so it doesnt matter. The total twonk.

  114. 114
    Bob, uncharacteristically NOT "Silent," says:

    (*Nods, wraps index finger around nose*) I’m yer uncle, laddie!

  115. 115
    green ink says:

    spot on Hank … they and from memory S & P and another were triple A rating the very financial instruments that caused the meltdown in ’08

  116. 116
    Abu Hanza (Retired) says:

    And dont forget more postal voting to ensure the ethnics get a fair crack of the whip cant be seen to be wascist.

  117. 117
    Eddie Boys Bandwagon Tour briefing for party activists only says:

    well done team…they’re still swallowing it … keep going on the triple A headline…we know its no surprise but its still worth the punt.

  118. 118
    A Labour MP (Pick any) says:

    I hate people who beat around the bush ,say what you mean and mean it.

  119. 119
    HRH says:

    Lets be specific Make that UKIP and give the so called big 3 a bloody nose.

  120. 120
    Gideon says:

    Hey Wonga — Now my credit rating’s gone Grecian, how much to borrow £10 billion to cover my February deficit? I’ll pay it back with nice new tenners that sir Merv will forge for me in March, honest.

  121. 121
    Watcher in the shadows says:

    ….and don’t forget Trougher-in-chief and self-confessed Teen-Fondler Handycock.

  122. 122
    law unto themselves.. says:

    so Moodys decides because they don’t see growth in the uk economy we only rate AA1 ..wow and what did the markets do ? .. zilch .. they had already written the reality into the equation some time ago.

    in reality Moodys have their own questions to answer and explain why they were Triple A rating financial derivatives based on a explosive mix of sub-prime mortgages … they were not alone.

  123. 123
    Thawpie says:

    That damned pilot shot the dog !!

    Couldn’t fly either.

    If only I’d a fixer like Rennard, history would have been different an I would have been PM. So sad.

  124. 124
    Angel says:

    I can hardly begin to describe the horror of what was dangled in front of me.

  125. 125
    Casual Observer says:

    At least Pantsdown is physically fit, unlike the greedy fat troughing cnut Rennard.

    The former gets lucky with women, whereas the latter disgusts them all. Not even Carina would touch the ghastly pillock, and she/he’s not too fussy as we well know.

  126. 126
    Broker says:

    The bond market.

  127. 127
    No steps forward 100 steps back says:

    Of course you know about gold auctions, pot , kettle.

  128. 128
    Broker says:

    Markets have not had time to react as the news was released late on Friday.

    FX has gone down a touch though.

    Watch tomorrow when Asia opens. In particular FX and 5Y, 10Y Gilts.

  129. 129
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP.

  130. 130
    Irrelevant Handbaggin' says:

  131. 131
    In their defense says:

    Being this comprehensively shit is not easy. Some credit, however not from international investors, should be given for that.

  132. 132
    Redacted = CENSORED... Axe the telly tax says:

    LibDummies last MP is going to jail, the present leadership is complicit in a sex scandal cover up

    the labour party bust the country killed 1200 at Stafford and scream the NHS is safe in their hands yet…..

    The dumb fucks of Eastleigh will still vote for both of these parties

  133. 133
    Point of Information says:

    No. I think there was a Labour plot running to kill the Lib Dem support on two lines: i) Big up Huhne’s sentencing (screwed up by the jury…) and ii) This on Rennard.

    It is obscuring other news, but perhaps coincidentally.

    Labour would want to capitalize on that once they had won Eastleigh.

    Is anything going to plan right now is a very good question.

  134. 134
    Redacted = CENSORED... Axe the telly tax says:

    There is not enough min bleach in the world to deal with that statement

  135. 135
    Mr Slater's Parrot says:

    (stare) (crest) ONYERBIKE SAILOR!!!

  136. 136
    R. Youshore says:

    Not the bit about ‘good to see you back’. That was in jest.

  137. 137
    Point of Information says:

    And S&P downgraded the US + are owned by Murd0ch.

    S&P are being sued at present by DoJ over subprime mortgages:


    They have until April to respond.

    The credit rating agencies themselves are being downgraded.

  138. 138
    Eddie Boys Bandwagon Tour leaks dept says:

    you see our logic oh wise one

  139. 139
    Joss Ayinglike says:

    Er, nah.

  140. 140
    Lard Everard says:

    I might go down to Eastleigh tomorrow to ‘press the flesh’….

  141. 141
    Carina Carina says:

    Suck my dick.

  142. 142
    prezza says:

    can I bring me diary ?

  143. 143
    U R Sure says:

    It was polite but odd turn of phrase to use with the gentleman concerned.

    Perhaps meant with the same good intention that the hungry monkey expressed when asked to guard the banana.

  144. 144
    Redacted = CENSORED... Axe the telly tax says:

    And that’s the point most of Europe and USA lost it ages ago. Far from a failure I wonder how he managed to keep it so long given the utter shitty start point those that are complaint most left us in.

    Odious scumbag labour

  145. 145
    Calamity Clegg says:

    I’ll be down there on Monday with one or two LimpDim ‘big swinging dicks’.

  146. 146
    The voice of reason says:


  147. 147
    Schrödinger's cat says:

    I remember in the late 60s the police raiding the National Liberal Club and finding semi-named men standing on others wearing little but riding boots and brandishing whips. It was a national scandal at the time. Very much in the Liberal tradition.

    Of course, it is all fairly tame compared with what happens now…

  148. 148
    when men were men.. says:

    those were the days

  149. 149
    Anonymous says:

    You talking to your rent boy or commenting on here?

  150. 150
    Anonymous says:

    Kennedy’s alcohol problem was covered up by the LibDems and the BBC, probably also by the other parties also , for years.

    It was only when he was blind drunk at a lunchtime meeting at the LSE- hardly able to speak – that he was outed – by a very junior female member of the Libdems who wasn’t in on the cover up and was just disgusted in the normal way and said so that Kennedy had to resign.

  151. 151
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:


    joeyjones saying the loss of TripleA gives edballs a fillip!!

    He’s kidding !!!! gordonbrown’s sidekick needs more than this to prove himself a competent potential chancellor!

  152. 152

    At least John Major created a Psittacines Charter

  153. 153
    keredybretsa says:

    Strange similar scandal in Germany the Liberals are too Liberal!

  154. 154
    Mrs. Ball-Scooper, TRIPLE FLIPPER says:

    He said gives Ed Balls a ‘flip’. It’s time for us to move up the housing market at Taxpayers’ expenses again, that’s all.

  155. 155
    Mark Oaten says:

    ‘Liberal’ is a euphemism for ‘filthy’.

  156. 156
    Standing Erect says:

    With a name like that, I wouldn’t put my two penn’orth in on a discussion about Lord Ren-Hard-On. Yeah yeah, we know, it’s “Bonner.” Right– just like it’s Hyacinth “Boo Kay.”

    And for that matter, Lloyd George might have known a thing or ten about the subject of boners, or so goes the legend, at any rate.

  157. 157
    Slot Gob says:

    My Tony’s got bigger jugs.

  158. 158

    Now! You’re projecting again, loser.

  159. 159
    Big Cyril says:

    LibDems and perverts seem to go together like boys and spanking.

  160. 160
    Bert says:

    It didn’t help his case that he was also declared a fire hazard.

  161. 161
    Ed Milibandwagon says:

    I just had a really good idea for a policy, promise I did. But I’m not going to tell you what it is.

  162. 162
    By British Film says:

    UK Political Polling reports on Eastleigh
     Voting intention now stands at CON 28%, LAB 11%, LDEM 33%, UKIP 21%.
     UKIP have advanced into a solid third place.
    the detailed tables for the Populus poll so here are a couple more things worth noting:
    First, there is a very high level of don’t knows or refusals. Populus interviewed 1001 people, but a quarter said don’t know and a further 12% refused to give a voting intention. In a close race that high proportion of don’t knows obviously have the potential to change things.
    Secondly, Populus don’t just ignore those don’t knows. Like ICM they assume that a proportion of them will end up voting for the party they did in 2010. This adjustment made no difference to the Lib Dem lead, but reduced the reported level of UKIP support (as they didn’t have many former 2010 voters to reallocate).
    Without the reallocation of don’t knows the topline figures would have been CON 26%, LAB 12%, LD 31%, UKIP 25%. 
    Thirdly, everyone assumes that the UKIP support comes mainly from the Conservatives. It isn’t quite the case. 17% of 2010 Tory voters are saying they would vote UKIP, but so are 11% of 2010 Lib Dem voters and 10% of 2010 Lab voters.
    CON 26%, LAB 12%, LD 31%, UKIP 25%. in Eastleigh !
    If Lab vote UKIP in protest, or Con vote UKIP to keep LibDem out, then it could be on.

  163. 163
  164. 164
    Rita Mae Brown says:

    ”Normal is the average of deviance.”


    Obviously, being a LimpDumb cannot in any way be considered normal.

  165. 165
    Bert says:

    Fuck it! Bob’s a Jock! Another illusion shattered.

  166. 166
    The Lib Dems says:

    As a party committed to womens’ rights, the Liberal Democrats are pleased to announce that they are seeking more female members. Candidates should have a nice arse and a cracking pair of tits.

  167. 167
    Hilary Mantel says:

    I well don’t like that Kate Middleton. She thinks she’s so posh. Stuck up cow.

    I’ve defriended her on Facebook.

  168. 168

    Who is the Spad on the front screen of that video? She does look highly intelligent. I should like to engage her in discussion about the errors in Malthusian theory.

  169. 169
    Con Artists says:

    Labour = Conservative = Lib Dem = Wasted vote

    Vote UKIP, get UKIP.

  170. 170
    Con Artists says:

    I hate the LibDems, I hate CaMoron, I hate Wierd Ed – they are all self serving liars

    UKIP is our only chance.

  171. 171
    Casual Observer says:

    Just another troll who got lost on his way to mumsnet.

  172. 172
    D'jango. says:

    If there was a magic button that could make an economy grow don’t you think it would have been pressed! The truth is growth js not in the gift of poltcians.

  173. 173
    Lard Everard says:

    I’d just like to touch her up.

  174. 174
    UKID DING says:

    There’s a whole lot of hating going on there.

    I can quite see how you’d be at home with ukip.

  175. 175
    Diane Fatbott says:

    I’m over here, Cleggy ! Come and get me !!

  176. 176
    Nick Clegg says:

    There is no truth in the accusations that women were assaulted by senior members of the liberal party because we are all gay. You only have to look at the harridans to see why we are all gay. I am surprised that the other parties are not all gay as well – for the same reasons.

  177. 177
    Mr Grumpy says:

    They could expedite the exploitation of Britain’s shale oil reserves – if they had the balls to face down the eco and warmist crowd.

  178. 178
    Con Artists says:

    That’s right, vote LibLabCon and get more of the below…

    More uncontrolled immigration
    Higher taxes
    More Liverpool care pathway
    More Stafford hospitals
    More subsidies from your electricity bill for windmills that don’t work
    Lower pensions
    Worse education
    Busier GP surgeries
    Council housing for every body from abroad, not for uk people
    Larger class sizes
    Overcrowded hospitals
    More LibLabCon politicians troughing at the money teat, biding their time in Parliment until they get a job at the EU paying £500k pa plus pension plus expenses, all of which is tax free
    Fewer jobs for British people and your children
    A race to the bottom for wages for you and your children
    Any remaining manufacturing destroyed in this country
    Cosy relationships with big business allowing them to avoid tax in offshore tax havens
    Increased punishment and fines for individual tax cheats whilst big business gets off Scott free, every time.
    Unlimited Indian student visas
    Same day Indian business visas
    5 million Bulgarians and Romanians with full access to housing benefit, pensions, schools, hospitals, gps, job seekers allowance, disability allowance, free council tax, free opticians, disability living alliance, tax credits, child benefit…. The list goes on and on.
    More EU
    More £50m per day to the EU
    More £50m per day in overseas aid to countries like India with nuclear weapons and space programmes
    More European human rights
    More terrorists we can’t remove from our county
    More uncontrolled immigration from third world countries from unskilled or no skilled people who we can’t kick out even when we do catch them…
    75% of our laws now under jurisdiction and competence of the EU…

    When will you mongs wake up and realise the three existing parties want more of the above, they are destroying this country and either believe the above is good for you, or are just on the gravy train to Brussels via the uk Parliment as a short stop on the way, think Dutch man clegg and Wierd Ed twits band for that.

  179. 179
    Gooey Blob says:

    The Tories are second, well ahead of UKIP. If anyone wants to keep the Lib Dems out they should vote Tory.

    Personally, I wouldn’t vote for any of them.

  180. 180
    Lord Touchit says:

    It’s all a terrible misunderstanding. I’m so enormous that I thought it was my own arse I was feeling.

  181. 181
    Lenin McClusky says:

    Now, now, boy. Don’t go getting ideas in your head. You just play with your Rubic cube and leave me and Mark to do the grown up stuff.

  182. 182
    Gooey Blob says:

    Who is Joey Jones, and why should I care?

    I know who Ed Balls is. He is not a person competent enough to be commenting on the running of the economy.

  183. 183
    Joe Public says:

    Congratulations Hilary, on winning the 2013 Cow of the Year Award

  184. 184
    Gooey Blob says:

    No, they won’t vote Labour. England will probably not give Labour a majority of votes cast again in our lifetimes.

  185. 185
    Anonymous says:

    Anybody who knows Eastleigh knows they’re all as thick as shit.

  186. 186
    Anonymous says:

    Good post.

    Vote independent?
    Spoil your paper?
    Don’t bother?

  187. 187
    Anon says:

    SC, you will never leave this site, you are totally fucking hooked, and will forever be shackled in hell.

  188. 188
    Anonymous says:

    Semi-named men?


  189. 189
    Gooey Blob says:

    That betrays a fairly basic failure to comprehend how the electoral system works in this country.

    If you support UKIP, you best bet is to find out who is best placed to beat Labour and vote for that party instead.

  190. 190

    What i meant to say was that in 27 years of fondling young interns , i’ve never had so much as a hand job
    now what i really need to do is express an intrest in eastern european orphanages like my fellow fondler Mike Handycock

  191. 191
    Gooey Blob says:

    The Bond market? Sell Connery, buy Moore!

  192. 192
    Finger in the eye by your own side says:

    I am quite enjoying England v France

  193. 193
    Rene Descarte says:

    @Stinky Cuпt

    You stink therefore you hum.

  194. 194
    Lou Scannon says:

    Anyone but the LibLabCon Plunderbund.

  195. 195
    Rene Descarte says:

    Yeah, fuck off Pompous Tit, and you CO.

  196. 196
    Anonymous says:

    But killing off growth is in the gift of politician. This is what Osborne is doing. For e.g.

    1) £10bn foreign aid can be spent in UK. At least buy products produced in UK and give it to foreigners.

    2) Increased VAT and NI. This reduced public spending power.

    3) No tax cut to small and medium companies. These are the once that pay tax in UK and create jobs.

  197. 197
    Anon says:

    Go forth and multiply you filthy old fucker.

  198. 198
    Please can I go on holiday with you says:

    If you visit Eastleigh, remember to take your Treaty of Rome travel companion.

  199. 199
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Great Writer. Thought it was a great shame that she tainted her Award with such leftwing nonsense!

  200. 200
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    LibDems slowly spiralling down into oblivion. I believe their peak was 46 seats in HoC . They will be many generations before they make that again.

  201. 201
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Everytime I see EdBalls in the media I thinks he’s like like a bad comedian. Not very good at what he does.

  202. 202
    Tom Fatson says:

    You’re going to f*cking regret that !

  203. 203
  204. 204

    My apologies. It should have read semi-naked.

    M & K are next to each other on the keyboard and curiously remind me of Maynard Keynes, which may be rather Clement Freudian.

  205. 205
    Anonymous says:

    ‘Spiral’, the best thing on the BBC at the moment, ‘cos it’s French and they don’t give a fuck about making dramas about terrorists, unlike our homegrown media collaborators and traitors.


  206. 206

    Without the s you remain rather distressingly non-dualist: Descartes.

  207. 207
    SC, the knob king says:

    hehe, fat blokes have such little knobs don’t they?

  208. 208
    Sam's vajayjay says:

    I know it’s not a competition or anything, but My Dave compares favourably when it comes to the tits’ department

  209. 209
    Anonymous says:

    not long to go now….we all look 4ward 2 the 21st…the present monarch will be 87, the number of happiness.

  210. 210
    Spead the bumsex, feel the love says:

    Cameron will never get rid of Osborne – he’s the only politician that makes Cameron look good.

  211. 211
    The ghosts of thorpe and smith says:

    Liberal sex scandal ‘eh? Well at least this time around it is hetrosexual

  212. 212
    Spead the bumsex, feel the love says:

    So fucking what?

    Dave’s been concentrating on the really important issues – arse bandits will now be able to recognise their deep love for each other in a wedding service.

  213. 213
    Beatrice Tanner Campbell, actress, and muse for G.B. Shaw, says:

    Does it really matter what they do, just so long as they don’t do it in the streets and frighten the horses?

  214. 214
    Casual Observer says:

    Or perhaps a bit dyslexic when it comes to cut’n’paste ?

  215. 215
    Anonymous says:

    sell con.
    buy balanced more.

  216. 216
    Napoleon XIV says:

    Fine, just so long as they don’t try to tell the rest of us what to do.

  217. 217
    Anonymous says:

    the desire of the left is responsibility free.
    but the right has gone left.
    so they no rolemodel.
    in dark times it pays to be dutiful.

  218. 218
    Tony Hancock says:

    Have you tried using the Maidenhead Locator System ?

  219. 219
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Well it’s a bit of a shame that she did this for the left and damaged her own image in the process.

  220. 220
    Mark Oaten's Coffee Table says:

    Looks like it’s chocolate log for dinner, again.

  221. 221
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    I think the problem for the libdems , who are a small party, is that they’ve had too many of their members mired in sex and money scandals – thorpe, kennedy, laws, huhne, rennard and on………

    And they’ve performd very badly in coalition – vincecable , the bumbling man,has become their icon.

    No way are they going to make 46 seats , which was their best, at the next election.

  222. 222
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    You watch too much biased beeb. Wouldnlt give them a minute of my time anymore. There are loads of things elsewhere to watch far more interesting!

  223. 223
    Rene Descarte says:

    I’m my own man and spell how I fucking well like, unlike y’all fucking conformist arsewipes.

  224. 224
    Bob Woodward says:

    ‘The fact of the Watergate cover-up is not nearly as interesting as the step into making the cover-up. And when you understand the step, you understand that R!chard N!xon lied. That he was a criminal.’

  225. 225
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    I think cleggie needs to come back from his luxury spanish holiday home and take control of this crisis.

    Tell me again why mp and ministers are on holiday whilst the rest of us are at work!?!!

  226. 226
    Trotsky's big red shiny bell end says:

    Right on brother ! Smash the conformist factist pigs, innit !?

  227. 227
    The truth says:

    Because that is what they want you to think they are doing in order to generate tension, and also because they can.

  228. 228
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Sadly that ‘step’ you talk about has been taken in the last 15 years by nearly every UK politician, bliar, brown, balls and of course their assistants like alicampbell and damian mcbride.

    One can only conclude that there is no honour or integrity in today’s politics!

  229. 229
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:


  230. 230
    Anon says:


  231. 231
    Bad reference says:

    Politics is a strange occupation. In most other professions, a reference such as the following when leaving a job would pretty much guarantee some JSA time:

    ‘Following the resignation by South East M.EP Mart@ Andre@sen from UKIP and her defection to the Conservative Party, UKIP Leader N!gel F@rage said:

    “Having left the OECD, the European Commission and UKIP in unpleasant circumstances the Conservative Party deserve what is coming to them. The woman is impossible.”‘


    To be fair, UKIP are much better off without this individual in the party.

    FYI: She is the M.EP for SE England.

  232. 232
    to the fuckwit above says:

    Are you really that thick that you think a leftie would have heard of Rene Descartes ffs?

  233. 233
    Anonymous says:

    I’ve read that Nick Clegg,Deputy Prime Minister and Norman Lamb,Health Minister were told over three years ago about the sex scandals surounding the noble Lord
    Rennard.They like calling for public enquiries so how about an enquiry to find out when they knew what was going on. Their silence reeks of a coverup. They are the so called establishment so I bet we never hear another word about their part in all of this.

  234. 234
    Anonymous says:

    you thick cow…

  235. 235
    Owin Jones says:

    What’s your Saturday night essential – Bright Lips or Flirty Lashes?

  236. 236
    Anonymous says:

    It’s a French production you stupid fucking bitch.

  237. 237
    John O'Farrell M.P. says:

    Opinium/Observer latest poll: Labour 41%(+2) Conservative 29%(nc) UKIP 13%(-1) Liberal Democrat 8%(nc)

  238. 238
    Liebour for Fools says:

    Temper, temper.

  239. 239
    Liam Byrne says:

    There’s no money left.

  240. 240
    Thick as a Labour Prick says:

    Oh dear.

  241. 241
    The truth says:

    Answering your question: ‘Tell me again why mp and ministers are on holiday whilst the rest of us are at work!?!!’

    They are projecting an image of relaxing as they want to either annoy people or have people figure that all is cool as they are relaxing. With the mood the country is in it will likely antagonize more than relax, and certainly will stem panic.

    We know they lie outside the house, so unless you are eyewitness to one of them being on holiday you can not be sure exactly what they are actually doing.

    From the tone of your question you sounded a little indignant. Quite rightly so. Statistically many other people will be in that state as well which is known and understood, and also asking exactly the same question. Others may be more relaxed, perhaps concluding that there is not much to worry about. The rest is just noise which cancels out.

    It is known in advance roughly what the reaction will be as that behavior has been partially determined. The message is designed to elicit certain responses, particularly emotional states.

    Just pointing out that the news is delivered for a reason, what that reason is and how your expressed reaction could be known in advance.

    It could be the case that where Clegg is they are not collecting garbage (strikes are going on in Spa!n) which may help you feel better if you consider the mess and smell and are still feeling irritated at his temerity to vacation whilst Rome burns.

    Positive emotions are proven to be much more healthy to experience than negative emotions. Stress does kill.

  242. 242
    No steps forward 100 steps back says:

    From the OECD to UKIP to the Uconned us, could be thought of as opportunistic or bad judgement.

  243. 243
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Bless! I think it is not me who is thick!

  244. 244
    R. Youshore says:

    Agreed. Don’t waste time voting ukip though. They’re all the same.

  245. 245
    Anonymous says:

    Me too.They don’t like it up ‘em.

  246. 246
    Bob Woodward (Perhaps tongue in cheek ?) says:

    We’re not going to have another Watergate in our lifetime. I’m sure.

  247. 247
    Lard Everard says:

    Where ??

  248. 248
    Anonymous says:


  249. 249
    Hillary Haystacks says:

    Mirror mirror on the wall,
    Am I not the fairest one of all.

  250. 250
    Anonymous says:

    And the Observer is renowned for being accurate isn’t it?!

  251. 251
    The Libor party says:

    One of your better jokes, Mr. O’Farseole.

  252. 252
    Joss Taskin says:

    Is the Observer still breaching the Trade Descriptions Act ?

  253. 253
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Well ThankYou for that. Sounds a very weak LiibDem response but won’t win them any votes!

  254. 254
    and Badger says:

    Mashed potato.

  255. 255
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Opinion polls like these reflect their readers. Tell me again who reads the observor?

  256. 256
    I sound old says:

    A greed is good mantra, the idea that an average job equals failure, showbiz celebs as national heroes, ‘cruelty’ TV (Big Brother, the Apprentice etc), bullying comedians, sociopathic politicians and bankers, the idea that as long as you’re not caught on camera you’ve got away with it, no guilt, no honour, no quiet satisfaction from doing the right thing. Something’s gone very wrong.

  257. 257
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Hmmm. Definitely Tongue In Cheek!

  258. 258
    the stench of hypocrisy says:

    Interesting to hear Evan Davis on R4 Today defending Bradley Mannings ‘ right to be a “whistleblower” this morning and declaring that the US had too many state secrets.

    The very same Evan Davis that yesterday defended the BBC’s decision to redact huge amounts of the Pollard inquiry.

  259. 259
    Anonymous says:

    You could easily tell when Blair,Brown and Campbell were lying- their lips moved.

  260. 260
    Trotsky's big red shiny bell end says:

    Yeah, but, no, but, its like factual conformism is evil bourgeoisie oppression which should be smashed, innit ?! Duckart would agree, yeah ?

  261. 261
    Redacted = CENSORED... Axe the telly tax says:

    Now we have told you before Mr Brown it doesn’t matter how many alias you have you bust the country now go away.

  262. 262
    Anonymous says:

    I don’t give a flying fuck what you think nellie no knickers.

  263. 263
    Man at the back wearing beige cardigan with greasy hair says:

    I do.

  264. 264
    The BBC are cunts says:

    We love it !!! xxxx

  265. 265
    my amazing life as a space monkey says:


  266. 266
    Ed Miliband says:

    Despite it all, I’m still a complete twat.

  267. 267
    SatNav says:

    Sorry still Under development

  268. 268
    I sound old says:

    The Observer used to have some top-notch investigative journalism. Their reporters weren’t afraid to take risks either. One of their correspondents was executed by Saddam Hussein in the late 80s. Haven’t read it for years, I must admit.

  269. 269
    Vichy Vichy lined up against the execution wall says:

    Don’t mention the war

  270. 270
    Joss Taskin says:

    Dear Mr. O’Farseole M.P. ( failed ). Could you tell us those other two hilarious jokes of yours about the Falkland Isles conflict and the deadly IRA bombing ?

  271. 271
    David Minibanana says:

    That’s official.

  272. 272
    John Smith's Ghost Is Weeping says:

    Is that a manifesto promise?

  273. 273
    The truth says:

    Better to observe Henry Fords maxim right now:

    ‘Don’t complain, don’t explain.’

    Lib Dems will be losing votes in Eastleigh, how many will be interesting to see.

    This by-election is not so much about who wins, but rather who loses the least credibility overall.

  274. 274
    Piers Moron says:

    No. I am.

  275. 275
    Liberal pervs says:

    Did someone mention tits?

  276. 276
    Fools gold says:

    those that can spell it

  277. 277
    Anonymous says:

    Big congrats to our lads for beating the French and keeping their cool.

  278. 278
    anon. says:


  279. 279
    anon. says:

  280. 280
    What they read says:

    Interesting trivia about Parliament: MPs apparent reading habits according to the books borrowed from HoC Library, in case you missed it:


    Top 3 in 2012:

    1. How to be an MP, by P@ul Flynn
    2. How Parliament Works, by R0bert R0gers
    3. The new few, or a very British Oligarchy, by Ferd!nand M0unt

    In at #9 was: Chavs, by 0wen J0nes

    Note: Interest in economics was apparently significantly down last year compared to previous years.

  281. 281
    No steps forward 100 steps back says:

    None on “How to trough, the next step the European Parliament” or ” Be a British MP for £65,000 +expenses and do nothing for it because the country is owned by the EU” or ” How to lie you fkin head off to your braindead voters as most don’t understand the language anyway”

  282. 282
    anon. says:

  283. 283
    Typical Product Of The Ejemakayshunnal System says:

    Maynard Keynes– iss a town onna M1 norf o’ London, innit?

  284. 284
    Owin Jones says:

    Unemployed mum-of-11 isn’t taking us for a ride, George Osborne is the true villain – Owen Jones column http://sundaypeo.pl/YOIYRL

  285. 285
    Troughing MP says:

    I never returned my copy of “How to steal books from the HOC library and avoid the fine”. Mwahahahaha!

  286. 286
    Paniagua says:

    @The truth

    Exactly why the political ‘elite’ are hated so fucking much.

  287. 287
    ICU says:

    Yep, the Lib Dems are over. Who were they, anyway? A bunch of also-rans who fluked their way into power and proceeded to use Animal Farm as their official strategy guide. The cnuts.

  288. 288
    No steps forward 100 steps back says:

    Owey, going around with those nasty Liebour people will get you into trouble, remember back to school on Monday.

  289. 289

    Who cares, ffs?

  290. 290

    Owen Jones is just another media-whore with his anus winking, seductively, at anyone thick enough to take a closer look.

    Does that ring any bells, Guido?

  291. 291
    Anonymous says:

    Can’t say it bothered me much. its what you assume the libdems do.
    What did bother me was what happened to their rather splendid library.
    Someone , almost certainly a libdem, made off with the lot;the usual cover up and the party couldn’t care less.

  292. 292
    Right R0yal Pickle says:

    This probably slipped under the radar of most last year:


    Cam!lla in rehab in Bangalore !ndia, under pseudonym @udrey P@rker.

    This was back in October / November 2012. An anonymous source leaked the story.

    The Jac!ntha nurse was found dead 7th Dec 2012, with a very heavy government interest. Mang@lore where the nurse trained is a long way from Bang@lore, but the medical profession can be a small world, as the candlelit vigils of students in Bang@lore testified.

    Let us not forget about the cabinet ‘spy’ either…

    Just sayin’

  293. 293
    jadedjean says:

    This story just adds grist to BW’s mill…

    The judiciary ARE the mafia.

    Theresa May’s tough immigration rules defied by top judge


  294. 294
    Not a feminst says:

    Am I missing something here?
    All that’s been alledged so far is a bit of groping or sex for political career advancement? Did none of these women have a hand to slap with of a knee to groin?
    Women are equally as able as men to fight their ground. In the political arena, any that don’t are either more interested in their political careers or too patheitic to stand up to the cut and thrust of either politics or real life and speak out at the time are simply not fit for the cut and thrust of modern day politics. Rennard is nothing more than than a sweaty, old dirty old man opportunist, prevelant in all walks of life. I would expect that aspirant female politicians could at least deal with his type or at least fight back, otherwise what use are they to us as a political force?
    This is not a feminist issue. That died years ago. Women don’t need leglislation to tell them they are equal, they are equal in actuality. Female politicians should be sending out this message, not that they they were only able to achieve by putting up with drunken groping or similar in order to maintain or enhance their position in the world of politics or even the real world but they competed on equal terms and dismissed ridiculous sexual inducements as trivial nonesense promoted by the Abrahamic faiths and subsequent establishments that established a male hierarchy.
    To all the blokes out there, don’t let yourselves be open to ridiculous accusations for being led by any normal instiincts. To women out there, if you don’t like the groping use your fist or your knee…just don’t whine about it years later.
    If nothing else is to be learned by this, is that women can fight back immediately, whether physically or by immediate and vocal complaint. Rennard is NOT Jiimy Saville or Gary Glitter. Not a saint nor really a sinner.
    Am not a Lib Dem Dem nor have any other party affiliations other than maybe a libertarian. What I am is a a pagan woman who bleieves that we are what we are and mutual understanding will stop much of this bolllox.
    To sum up: Blokes..keep it in our pants
    Women: Use your voice, you fist or your knee
    Blessed be

  295. 295
  296. 296
    Calamity Clegg says:

    See, I told you I’d shagged more than 30 birds !

  297. 297
    Sandalista says:

    Breaking news. Liberal Democrats to adopt Yakety Sax as their official theme tune.

  298. 298

    The Gladstone Library which, at least, is still intact at Bristol.

    If you shake hands with any of them, you need to count your fingers afterwards.

  299. 299
    caps lock isn't working says:

    this kiddy-fiddler is a member of a governing party, though. does that not bother you?

  300. 300

    …and that leaves you where?

  301. 301
    Lard Everard says:

    If she had 11 kids, quite a few rides were involved.

    Is she a LibDem ?

  302. 302
    Conservative Libertarian says:

    Very good points made.

    So far there has been no suggestion that anything came out of the pants either.

    It seems the crime is, touching back / knee, asking to go up to a room for coffee and hanging around outside a ladies toilet.

    This isn’t really even harassment, but could potentially have been sexual assault. However, not sure if the prosecution would have happened.

    The overtone being set is that Rennard in some way prevented the women from advancing through the party. That is a serious issue, but as of yet has not really been proven either way.

    I do not think that any of the ‘victims’ have even claimed that this came up explicitly or implied.

    Likely more to it, this is the easy to digest bit.

    If not, it is just a smear the Lib Dems. If Huhne had been sentenced last week, this would have been cherry on the cake. Politics is very dirty right now.

  303. 303
    Incapable Vince says:

    Separately, lawyers demanded yesterday that the party open a new investigation into whether Mike Hancock, one of its MPs, sexually assaulted a woman who suffers from a mental illness, and that it hand over any files it has on Cyril Smith, the late MP accused of a catalogue of sexual abuse of boys.

  304. 304
    Nick, call me Deputy PM if you wish says:

    We were thinking of going with this:

  305. 305
    Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP, Climate Change Chieftain says:

    OH, FFS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  306. 306
    Calamity Clegg says:


  307. 307
    My Tinfoil Hat is Chafing says:

    Ironically, @udrey P@rker was in at exactly the same time, under the pseudonym Cam!lla. Seriously, though, what a crock of arse.

  308. 308
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Andrew Neil – was so far up his own jacksy in 2003 – and remains there to the present day that he remained silent about absolute facts that were put to him of Murdoch’s Criminal activities – makes him a party to the international Fraudster what with all that wire fraud – and thats just for starters Neil.

  309. 309
    Paddy Pantsdown says:

    I’ m shocked !

  310. 310
    Websters Dictionary. says:


  311. 311
    Charles Kennedy says:

    You fucking looking at my fucking bird?

  312. 312

    Men and women fuck. It’s natural. Whilst there is equivalence that is fine.

    Both like to. Their approaches differ. That makes it fun. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with this.

    Where someone has a position of trust or authority, then the situation immediately changes in this area of human behaviour. How can one tell whether favour is being granted or taken? Either no action is required or one of them has to leave. Then they can do as they wish.

    To carry on whilst one retains a position of advantage is morally wrong. Other people will want to add religious and other societal values but I have deliberately left those out to concentrate on the single issue where the interests of others, outside of such a couple, is compromised.

  313. 313
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Shows what a thicko you are then dunnit.

  314. 314
    The FibDemon party says:


  315. 315
    Blowing Whistles says:

    So how come the BBC remained ‘so silent’ about Alistaire Mental fuck-wit Campbells psycho drinking problems for so many years?

  316. 316
    EU Watch says:

    The jud!ciary have been fused into the Euro court system.

    Our supreme court is now subservient to the Court of Justice of the European Union.


    The jud!ciary in the UK have their hands tied, and also consider it too difficult now to separate this arrangement. This was demonstrated last year when the Bill of Rights commission failed to reach consensus on the basis that this would undermine the Human Rights Act. (Google it)

    Now: The jud!ciary should just be interpreting and following the law impartially. Their hands are tied by Lisbon etc..

    Human Rights legislation was a big legal trojan buried in the mass of treaty detail. It has essentially transferred most of the control of UK jud!ciary to Europe, as is becoming clear.

    Human Rights in the UK were adequately protected prior to Labours introduction of the 1998 Act, and that Act has changed radically since it was brought in. This is why many regard it as a trojan.

    The Bill of Rights commission decision last year was profound. This indicates that under the current arrangement the jud!ciary consider the adoption of EU based constitution by proxy, which is part of Lisbon, as done and irreversible.

    That is of course a fiction.

    BW will likely be able to comment further, but there does appear to be a pro EU stance being taken by the jud!ciary here which is a big no no. However, if they are following the law impartially as they should be then they would be coming to these conclusions as the legislation is crafted to steer the courts into a position of being dependent and subservient to the EU higher courts.

    This is a big reason why Brown was told not to sign Lisbon. It is going to take a party like UKIP to undo the damage, assuming that the moves can be made before laws are passed in Europe making that illegal.

  317. 317
    Incapable Vince says:

  318. 318
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Roger House and out.

  319. 319
    David Camperon says:

    Ooh, I say! All this news may make you raise your ogle riders, but for me it’s music to my hearing cheats. Now the Conservatives can mince butchly to victory in Eastleigh!

  320. 320
    Incapable Vince says:


  321. 321
  322. 322
    No steps forward 100 steps back says:

    Wouldn’t surprise me, what’s forgotten about especially the one’s in the sea is the high maintenance, what with work boats and divers, the fuel costs, check on shipais and see what’s about.

  323. 323
    I laughed 'til i weed says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha @ Cameron “standing up for Britain in Europe”, absolutely hilarious!

  324. 324
    bramhall says:

    When will you realise that the European Court of Human Rights is not the EU, is nothing to do with the EU and has never been anything to do with the EU?

    When will you also realise that the decisions of British Judges are nothing to do with the EU, never have been anything to do with the EU, and any problems in deporting foreign criminals are totally and solely due to British Governments, British legislation and the British Judiciary? Why do you think that other EU countries have no problems in removing foreign criminals from their lands?

  325. 325
    Casual Observer says:

    We can now answer Fabr!cants question:

    What is a suck job ? Writing OJ’s M!rror column.

    Best thing about this: David Cameron apparently left a comment suggesting Owen goes into politics.

    For myself, am wondering why he failed to mention that the comedian who is standing in !taly represents a political party which wants to take !taly out of the Euro and is likely to come in a very strong second.

  326. 326
    Jed! Politics says:

    Vader is Dutch for ‘father’.

  327. 327
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Thanks there JJ and EUW – but I have been commenting for months now – however in the past week it appears as if many of the former smear me with their vitriol and fulminating bile merchants – may have started to wake up and read the ‘content’ of my postings – and some may even have researched the subject matter (at Last!).

    The Government and the opposition and its co-conspirators throughout the courts, police and MSM have started to cease to function. They cannot seriously think that the rank and file Fraud and Corruption perpetrated against the public (Theft from the public purse – a criminal offence) by all of them can continue – but as I stated previously “It is always those at the top of a failing and thoroughly corrupted state (Democratic or Communist) who are always the last to put their hands up.

  328. 328
    Mark Carney and his counterfeit money says:

  329. 329
    Conservative Libertarian says:

    You are spot on there.

    Just read the article above.

    The guy is bad. Doesn’t look like anything criminal so far, but certainly ‘Do as I say not as I do’ case closed on sexual discrimination / harassment policies.

    That was something the party said it championed, wasn’t it ? ;-)

  330. 330
    Nick (they call me "Nickers" 'coz I'm pants) Clegg MP says:

    And this will be our official video, courtesy Lord Rennard:

  331. 331
    Blowing Whistles says:

    CL and SC Huhne ought to be in prison ‘on remand’ – why isn’t he?

    SC – do stop being a male chauvinist pig bully – we’re living in the 21st Century now and your caveman attitude sucks.

  332. 332
    Oldest Country In The World To Lose AAA says:

    Throwing Rennard and whatever other sex pests they have got the dirt on at the Commons won’t save them when even the thick as shit class see their mortgage payments rise after losing the AAA.

    This country is fucked, it will all kick off soon, the previous riots will look like a walk in the park, they will wish they didn’t make Army cutbacks in a few months.

  333. 333
    EU watch says:

    May be good new homes for shell fish though. But new EU regs mean that fishermen need to take a laptop with them to record the catch etc. Good idea on the high seas that.

    Guess people may be beginning to understand why Trump was so against these things being built within sight of his golf coure.

  334. 334
    Tessa Tickles says:

    “To sum up: Blokes..keep it in our pants”

    As Freudian slips go, that’s a good one.

  335. 335

    Are you trying to suggest that human beings in a state of mutual attraction don’t like to fuck, BW?

    If so, then you are denying nature.

    I have deliberately expressed it crudely because there is a strong ethical point at the bottom of this. That is this:

    Whatever else you do, don’t carry on with someone in a sexual relationship when you (or they) are in a position of power which means that consent cannot be freely determined.

    Are you disagreeing with that? I imagine not.

    Clearly, where there is no mutual consent, nothing should happen anyway.

    Are you disagreeing with that? I imagine not.

    If you want to talk about whether people should be married before they have sex or not then that is in another area of problem which I made it clear I am not seeking to address for the sake of this discussion.

    Agree completely on Huhne point.

  336. 336
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Shurely those ‘words’ and their inferences from the Cons are a fraud – as in they must be done by the Electoral Commission for fraud / false advertising etc… Oh I forgot the Electoral Commission is stuffed with Common Purpose types AS WELL! [THE D MAIL AND THE SUN DON’T WANT TO MENTION THAT THOUGH …]

  337. 337
    Socialists are cretins says:

    Iceland is the oldest country in the world source: Guinness Book of Records, and it’s never had an AAA credit rating.

    Sorry, what were you saying about “thick as shit”?

  338. 338
    EU watch says:

    Note: I mentioned Court of Justice of the European Union.

    Lisbon merged the General Court and European Court of Justice into this super entity which has jurisdiction over all courts in Europe.

    The European Court of Human Rights is different entity, but is subservient to the Court of Justice of the European Union.

    That entity is supposedly separate from the ‘EU’ but to be honest, the European institutions are thoroughly corrupt and that claim is no longer credible.

    Impartial jud!ciary of the UK will just be following the law. There is no suggestion otherwise.

    However, that they are now subservient to these European Court systems and have to follow law over which they have no impartiality wrt national laws, the problem becomes clear.

    Until the bindings which were introduced from Maastricht through Lisbon are cut the UK jud!ciary are part of a supranational courts system, not a national one. As a result, they will not be able to act on many issues in a manner fitting with the national interest and interpretation of national law, but are bound to act in accordance with law set abroad and interpreted as such.

  339. 339
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Anyone else noticed that the colder it gets the less the climate change mongs spout their shit? It’s fucking freezing at the moment, where were those warm wet winters we were promised?

  340. 340
    Mayan Calendar Expert says:

    Doomed ! Dooomed !! We’re all dooooooooooooooooooooooomed !!

  341. 341
    Operation Crossbow says:

    I don’t think anyone was putting their hands down the back of her knickers.

  342. 342

    Ah! Tessa!

    That Lord Rennard has fled and left me his paid-for bedroom suite which has no less than two minibars!

    Is your husband still sleeping it off? ;-)

  343. 343
    EU Watch says:

    Let’s just hope they do not bring in European security forces to quell the trouble.

  344. 344

    I read that and the situation stinks. It would do if it were in any other party too. Or any other situation at all.

    But it is now the LibDems who have been shown to play lip-service (if you will excuse the inappropriate expression.) They deserve to suffer for this as it is clearly institutional and not confined to the activities of one person.

  345. 345
    Trotsky's big red bell end says:

    But, wot if like, eez a Dom and into S and M and she forgets the safety word ? Is that sexual ‘arassing as well like ?

  346. 346
    Universal Hiss says:

    I was talking about useless windmills the other day.

    It just gets worse…..


  347. 347
    Calamity Clegg says:

    We may have lost Moody’s AAA rating but we LibDems are clinging on tight to our Lewdly XXX rating.

  348. 348
    Blowing Whistles says:

    SC – “I didn’t suggest” the don’t like to fuck piece – “you did” and tried in that first sentence to undermine me – nice try you failed.

    As for the rest of your “are you disagreeing …” inferences – nice attempt to take control there – using reverse psychology (perhaps to garner succour with soem of yer ‘old mates’) – you failed.

    Some times a younger man … NO – a younger man will always come along and prove an older man to be stupid – older men just don’t like it and get all huffy and hyper-ventilating when it happens. Give some credit wher credit is due SC – you have been misled for a lot of your life by others (the dirty richer ptb) – without the benefit in your younger years of the net. There are youngers who in their younger years have “leaped” [I do not mean any offence] beyond many of their elders – with the benefit of the net …

    ffs just acknowledge it. There are youngers out there trying to correct the 5hit as much as a minority of you olders – don’t fucking knock us be fucking thankful.

  349. 349

    The words in bold still apply.

    Forgetting the safety word is their problem if they want to play those sorts of freaky games. But don’t play the games at all if there is an undue influence situation.

  350. 350
    God, she's fugly says:

    Is she a PORG?

  351. 351
    Point of Information says:

    Switzerland (Founded in 1291) has the oldest politically stable system in the world. It was militarily occupied in 1802 by France and Russia, but otherwise has been very quiet.

    The United Kingdom was founded in 1707 under the Acts of Union.

    England was created in 927AD, but !celand has had a government since 163AD.

    San Marino is the oldest constitutional republic, founded in 301 AD.

  352. 352
    Conservative Libertarian says:

    Cyr!l Sm!th : Case Closed.

  353. 353
    One Nation Labour = One Party State says:

    Really, the bond market gives a shit about the LibDem Sex Pest Cover Up Allegations?


  354. 354
    Oh Canada says:

    Printing lots of money like this is known as a Marky Con Carney in the trade.

    Or at least it will be in a few months time.

  355. 355


    1.) You started this.
    2.) You made the assertion your caveman attitude sucks without clarifying what, suggesting you don’t like what I say without having the language to quantify it.
    3.) In that situation, I have no option but to go through the points logically to try to pin down the nature of your unclear complaint.
    4.) At least I have responded to you instead of ignoring you. I do not expect any credit though because you only see one perspective.
    5.) I find the rest of your statement incoherent.
    6.) FYI: I speak what I think and do not particularly care if the rest of the entire world disagrees. But what I say is always what I truly believe (except when using ironic form or similar.) You are free to disagree but don’t ever accuse me of currying favour with others because a) it is not true and b) I could say exactly the same about you and that would get both of us nowhere. I have proved that I am not prejudiced against you by agreeing to your second point.

  356. 356
    Call me Dave says:

    As I was saying the Gideon this morning, fuck all this triple A talk we need bumsex marriage and we need it now!

  357. 357
    Trotsky's big red bell end says:

    Smash the state !! Yeah ! Innit ?

  358. 358
    Spot the difference says:

  359. 359

    What could she do to make herself look better?

    No forget it!

  360. 360
    Gideon, I am a Chancellor, honest says:

    Yes, and as I mentioned Dave, I am very happily married and not curious. But thank you for the AAA distraction.

  361. 361
    Questions of our time which could get you banned from this blog says:

    How is Guido’s Sun column going to compare to OJ Simpleton’s M!rror effort today ?

  362. 362
    Not a feminst says:

    LOL as a freudien slip that has got to be one of the the best I’ve made…in all senses!!!!!

    I balme being taught to write with a pen, an unwillingness to admit to neddding reading specs and Armagnanac. ( or a bit pissed)

  363. 363
    Circle Jerk says:

  364. 364
    Not a feminst says:

    Morality is relative. Is a person thinks it’s ok to grant sexual favours for career advancement then I am OK with that. What moral code says differently? If someone is threatened with harm unless they grant sexual favours, then I would stand against it.
    What is acceptable to the individual at the time is the issue, not what society deems to be morally unacceptable

  365. 365
    Paedophile Protection Corporation says:

    Why so hard on the LibDems? They only covered it up. They weren’t delivering little girls to dressing rooms to keep the talent happy.

    Remember pay your license fee.

  366. 366
    Lord Heseltine says:

    I have personally been standing up for Bwitain’s intewests in the EU ever since I knifed in the back the only British prime minister who ever said no to them.

  367. 367
    Dave says:

    I genuinely believe the sight of two men kissing at the altar once gay marriage is passed will be enough to convince Conservative voters to overlook the economic death spiral, the hordes of Bulgarians heading for the nearest benefits office and the EU flag being flown over all government buildings.

    Tory 2015.

  368. 368
    EU Watch says:

    It should not be forgotten that a lot of the debt which is causing the UK’s problem at present is currently owed to us by EU nations who are skint.

    The EU is a primary reason why the AAA rating was lost.

  369. 369
    Britain in Decline says:

  370. 370
    The Talentless La-di-dah Tosser in No 10, Treacherous, Thick as a Plank says:

    You can’t polish a turd – but you can roll it in glitter – and that my dear old chums is exactly what I’ve done with the Wind Farm Scam.

    And Common People say I’m thick as shit ….. what?

  371. 371
    The Talentless La-di-dah Tosser in No 10, Treacherous, Thick as a Plank says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    February 24, 2013 at 1:11 am

  372. 372
    Just Psassing By says:


  373. 373
    Finger in the eye by your own side says:

    Er, this is all very well in theory, but in practice, the guy had the keys to the kingdom, as the LibDems were nominating people into the House of Lords on Lord R’s say so. He also had huge influence on party lists in a number of elections and candidate selection and training.

  374. 374
    bumsex marriage says:

    it’s the only way – honest darrrhhhlings! – ask the Biased Bumsex Broadcasting Oh-No-we-can’t-fuck-a Hunt-Corporation!

  375. 375
    The Tudor Dynasty says:

    Debasement of the currency is a capital offence

  376. 376
    Upshot says:

    If you vote libdem in Eastleigh you’re a deviant.

  377. 377
    Dutch Clegg says:

    Ik weet niets

  378. 378
    Not a feminst says:

    If you are prepared to trade sexual favours for a place in ther house of Lords or otherwise then that is a personal choice. As long as it harms none other, then what is the difference between that or buying your way in or having mummy or daddy putting in a good word. This works both ways, male anmd female. Its only consensual sex, not murder.
    Until entry into politics becomes entirely about competenace then sex is as good a way in as any

  379. 379

    Which ever way you cut this up, it is bad the way you propose. Whether you are talking about a political party, a company or civic employment, it is exactly the same.

    I am a boss. I see a female I like and suggest that she has sex with me for advancement. How does anyone know that she was the best person for the job? The shareholders/stakeholders, the other staff, the customers/voters/general public?

    Anyone in any of those positions may be being cheated to pay for my narrow interest of obtaining sex. Of course, it goes on all the time. I have seen it but never done it myself, despite the temptation.

    The worse example I saw was of a teacher sleeping with his student. She was of age. If he had gone to teach at another school or she had gone elsewhere for tuition, then I could not criticise.

    I was a school governor at the time and voted for his dismissal. In the end, there was not the unanimous vote to get rid of the teacher and he stayed and the affair continued. What sort of a sign does that send to other teachers, particularly those thinking about the same thing?

  380. 380
    Ed Miliband says:

    I remain an utter twat of the highest order, waiting to take control of this nation. I think you’re just about ready for me and Ed Balls to deliver the knockout blow to this country.

    Vote UKIP or Labour, it’s the same thing.

  381. 381
    Contrary View says:

    If you are a boss, and your roll is a pimp ?

  382. 382
  383. 383
    Not a feminst says:

    If it harms none, do as you will.

    Cannot condone nepotiism in the face of incompetance but with regard to the House of Lords, what is the criteria. With regagard to appointing a SPAD, what is the criteria (because awareness of civil service policy certainly isn’t an issue, more likely political leaning in spite of guidelines otherwise.)

    One sexual act does not a summer make. If both parties know what is to be gained and it harms none other, then who can complain. If one person suceededs in securing a position for which they are not competenat, then harm has been done and they should be dismissed as such.

    I served over 20 years in public service, saw many an office cross grade affair come and go within a matter of days. The most insidious were those that developed into lasting relationships and where although protocol dictated that one should be moved to another location, they would circumvent the rule. It would render the junior grade in a position of power and able to influence management over anyone they didn’t like.. THAT IS HARM. Not accetable.

    I am talking about a one night stand which may or ,may not enhance a career that would not be enhanched by any other formalised benchmark other than knowing the right people or who have enough money or who just heppened to be a party activist or showed the most pro-governing party policies to be appointed?

    Or do we think that SPAD jobs, internships etc go to the person who filled in the best core comptentency job app?

    I don’t. Not saynig that SPADS etc all shagged a minister *shudders* rather than that their qualification for the job are in some cases no more than the basis of a good roll in the sack ( or a known party activist/arselick or nasty piece of work).

    Am not talking about all such appointments, but where we have a system where job skills are at the bottom of the job criteria, a decent shag is as good as a low cut blouse/matching shoes and belt at interview.

    I would watch our Minister at their question time and dedates and cringe at how uninformed they were. They employ advisors. What do they do to get the job?…have a bloody egg and spoon race? OR be a ‘career Civil Servant’ who knows nothing other than self promtio?. Would rather see somene who is a top shag doing the job than a vain tawt who makes their minister look like a moron.

  384. 384
    Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

    What about me? Boaz.

  385. 385
    Handycock (Financial Genius) says:

    I have an instant solution to our economic problems, George. Lower the age of consent. By doing this there will be an instant and permanent upsurge in consumer spending by DOMs (dirty old men) on their nubile young girlfriends, buying them teddy bears and trips to the cinema to watch films like Jungle Book etc. Only radical measures like this will get us out of the mess we are in. Boaz.

  386. 386
    Katya says:

    Your financial genius is impressing us all here at the FSB, my King Louie. Are you still wearing your uplift heels in your shoes to make you taller than your 5ft5in to impress the young girls? Olga Bonkalot and the girls send their love and kisses.

  387. 387
    albacore says:

    Well, now, here’s a pretty kettle of fish
    Quacks from the E U needn’t speak English
    If you’re fed up talking to yours in mime
    The government’s on the case. Give them time
    Still nowt doing on all those killings, though
    N H S death camps? Dave don’t want to know


  388. 388
    Handycock from his sickbed says:

    Like Lord Rennard, in all my years as a Liberal Democrat, no one has made a single personal complaint about me and I am adamant about that. Boaz.

  389. 389
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    So is this the place those fabulous jurors came from last week?

  390. 390
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    @anon: Once upon a time, when I grew up the word was one’s but in the interim it seems to have been changed to ‘once’ isn’t life confusing?

  391. 391
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    If Olive is off, may I suggest you go to Mount Etna – she’s really on fire at the moment!

  392. 392
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    … in A Flat presumably…

  393. 393
    Trial By Jury says:

    Not our fault guv, we forgot how to learn to read.

  394. 394
    Curly says:

    Just as well he stays silent most of the time then innit?

  395. 395
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    That’s what I have been saying all day, both here and elsewhere. I wonder if anyone is listening?

  396. 396
    The IMF Appointments Directorate says:

    Hi Eddie, just in case you are wondering, we still have one of your predecessor’s calling card in the drawer somewhere. Do you think we need to get it out and dust it off?

  397. 397
    The Illuminati says:

    Silly boy! Do you really need to ask?

  398. 398

    Did anyone else notice the way everyone in that segment appeared determined to keep Nick Clegg’s name out of the matter? Hell! Even the reporter only referred to him as Der Fuhrer The Great Helmsman The Leader.

    Which prompts another question: Would the reporter have behaved the same way if this was UKIP or the Tories?

  399. 399
    The Illuminati says:

    “Joey” (?) is an ignorant lefty berk who (for some unknown reason) thinks he knows all about economics. He should change his name to Jack Shyte.

  400. 400
    The Illuminati says:

    But on the bright side, while we are on holiday we are doing you no further harm (except of course filling in our expenses forms).

  401. 401
    The Illuminati says:

    She should not be here in the first place as she is an Argie.

  402. 402
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    Looking at current party leaders I would say the chances of a twat being PM after 2015 are very high indeed and the chances of there being a innumerate Chancellor equally likely

  403. 403
    The Illuminati says:

    Goldbergstinkysocks have spoke!

  404. 404
    The Illuminati says:

    They went that way >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  405. 405

    So here we have a problem. I have set the position out to BW regarding how I see his, to me, rather niaive judgement of how he treated my serious point.

    That he has not answered means one of two things:

    a.) He retired for the night (understandable but it leaves the reasonable questions unanswered) or

    b.) He is not capable of answering because he does not have a rational approach. (We hear much of his derring-do in which he smites judges in their courts like some latter day Dan Dare. In practice some of this may be based upon fantasy rather than fact, a pity if he really does have something to uncover.)

  406. 406
    Facts says:

    The Conservative are doubling the Debt to £1.5 TRILLION during this Parliament.

    The Conservatives are letting immigrants continue to flood into the Country.

    The Conservatives are introducing Same Sex Marriage.

    The Conservatives are just the same as Labour. The LibDums are caring morons.


  407. 407
    Joe Public says:


  408. 408


    We are talking about an ethical situation. Your question relates to activity which is itself currently illegal (the rights or wrongs of that we can leave aside for now) so the issue does not apply here.

    @Not a feminst

    Thank you for your well constructed response. I follow it completely. But I cannot agree with you in conclusion even though there is not a point of it that I disagree in detail.

    This is explained by Hume’s fork, the difference between is and ought. You are looking at the former, I am looking at the latter. Ethical theory can only be about the latter in my view. I accept you can come back to me and say what about pragmatism?

    My above point about the student, I take to be inexcusable. That we did not deal with it properly is even more so.

    Just consider though the following thought. You differentiate between a one night stand and an on-going affair where you admit there are circumstances which are wrong. But nearly all affairs of this type start as one night stands. (e)Mission creep.

  409. 409
    the PBT says:

    thats about it

  410. 410
    Owin Jones says:

    RE: AAA

    The mess was originally made by Thatcher selling off all our public services, probably to people like Guido Fawkes, who made a quick few quid then sold them to the huge private corporations that bankroll the Tories.
    Casino bankers, who were made immortal by the Thatcher regime, have caused the financial crisis, and they are the same people who bankroll the Tories today.
    Growth is the only solution to our financial problems. Learn the lesson of the 1930s. Austerity measures simply lead to depression. That is what we are in already; it’s just that our media will not actually admit it.
    It is no coincidence that the biggest gap between poor and rich is in the UK. It is that disparity which causes all of our social and financial problems.
    We do not need pseudo middle class dogmatists slagging off their peers like cheap ten bob millionaires who because they have some crappy job in an office.

  411. 411
    Labourunionsbbc we are one under the EU says:


    Want to make your eyes look as fresh as ever even when carrying a burden of guilt?

    Want to keep those come-to-bed eyes even after the signing off the murder of hundreds?

    Want to have those eyes that any girl would die for, even if she were in the care of a Mid Staffordshire hospital?

    Want to have those eyes that can hide the guilt but remain, shamefacedly, looking unconcerned?

    Then try Burnham. The new range of eyewash make-up from Max Factor.

    Proven to work under the lightest of questions from your friends in privileged places.

  412. 412
    Labourunionsbbc we are one under the EU says:

    The lesson of the 1930s is:
    As the National SOCIALISTS started world war two, SOCIALISTS, national or international, should never have power again.

  413. 413
    Harry McGurk says:

    The same goes for most of them today.

  414. 414

    You want to carry water in a bucket.
    You have a bucket but it has a hole in the bottom.
    My way is you mend the hole and then fill the bucket.
    Your way is you fill the bucket and, when it all runs out of the hole, you fill it again, and again, and again.
    One day your tap runs dry.

  415. 415
    Anonymous says:

    Twat. Fuck off.

  416. 416
    Schrödinger's dog says:

    Tories have choked off growth for nearly three years. Osborne promised 5.3 pc but we’ve only had 0.4 pc – 13 times less!

  417. 417
    Ed Balls(Chancellor Of The Exchequer Designate) says:

    You can get 3/1 with PaddyPower that Osborne will not be Chancellor by end of year.

    I’m on at that price,are you?

  418. 418
    Bert says:

    What’s the betting this Rennard stuff has only come out now courtesy of a certain disgruntled ex-MP, former incumbent of the seat in question?

    Dysfunctional? Politicians?

  419. 419
    Bert says:

    @D’jango, here’s your magic button:

  420. 420
    fabians ARE EVIL says:

    ‘er I both understood and agree with the cat – that, I think, makes you the twat!

  421. 421
    fabians ARE EVIL says:

    Are you a complete cretin???? Labour did such a good fuck up, once again, that it will take years to lance their latest ‘boil’.

  422. 422
    Nick the Horsefly says:

    Ik weet niets. Nadat ik heb verloren Eastleigh Ik zal gelden voor de positie van het volgende directeur-generaal van de BBC.

  423. 423
    fabians ARE EVIL says:

    I will give you 100 pounds if you can name any labour government, in the history of labour governments, that left the economy stronger on leaving office than when they took over.

    In terms of fucking up the economy they have a 100% record of failure!!

    Why would you trust the cretins????

  424. 424
    The banana boatman says:

  425. 425
    The BBC sinks to new Lows says:

    The Bloke doing Marr is more biased than Marr and Harriet Harman.

  426. 426
    Economist says:

    A depression is a decline in real GDP exceeding 10%, or a recession which lasts more than 2 years.

    If the GDP figures are to be believed, since 2007 when the crisis struck the UK has only had 2 recessions (2 continuous quarters of -ve growth) thus far: 2008 Q2 –> 2009 Q4, 2011 Q4 –> 2012 Q2.

    Since the GDP expansions and contractions have been less that 1% in absolute terms since 2009 Q2, it could be argued that there has been 0 GDP movement since then. The figures suggest for sure that 2012 Q4 GDP is essentially the same as 2011 Q4, so 2012 can be regarded as a 0 growth year.

    The National Institute of Economic and Social research consider an economy to be in depression when the GDP is below the previous peak.

    Peak GDP for UK occurred 2008 Q1.

    In 2012 Q4, GDP was 3.27% below 2008 Q1.

    Selling off of publicly owned assets is not the cause of the current economic problems. These are 100% attributable to the Labour government 1997 through 2010 and its irresponsible management of the economy.

    In particular the running up of the national debt, and transfer of private financial sector debt to the tax payer.

    It could be the case that the UK has hit a limit for GDP output in the current global economic environment in 2008 Q1, and has since been adjusting in line with that.

    Since the Eurozone is such a large trading partner and as such represents a significant risk for the UK economy, it is no surprise that the UK economic problems correlate with those ongoing in Europe.

  427. 427
    Logic 101 says:

    Non sequitor

  428. 428
    q says:

    is this why they’re called the fucking rich????

    or maybe this
    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2027708/Samantha-Camerons-father-nets-350-000-year-subsidised-wind-farm.html – talk about benefit scroungers

    they’re all the same – fucking shits

  429. 429
    The Public says:

    How else do you think people get jobs at the BBC? Sleep with Lord Rennard?

  430. 430
    Labourunionsbbc we are one under the EU says:

    Do not mention to Harmman that Margaret Thatcher was the first ever British Prime Minister, and a leader of the party who was the opposite of the party who say they stood for women’s rights and equality.

    If you do her eyes swivel at a rapid pace her tongue pops in and out turning this way and that, she then begins to foam at the mouth and electrical sparks issue from her ears and nose, after which she starts to rant incoherently and finally collapses in a undignified and repulsive heap with an awful part of her anatomy in full view.

    On second thoughts, mention it.

  431. 431
    Cartman says:

    Liebor’s plan is to destroy the education system to the point where those who pass through it are incapable of reading or understanding the form-book, thereby concealing the futility of voting the bastards back into office.

  432. 432
    One Term Dave says:

    What ho! We’ve got to make some dosh to see us by when I get the boot in 2015.

  433. 433
    Purringnell says:

    It’s easy to get a £300,000 job at the BBC if you’re a Labour stooge. Just turn up.

  434. 434
    Casual Observer says:

    Actually that sounds like a very good question to ask her on Twitter, what her take on Thatcher’s advancement of the rights of women are.

    People should start tweeting her for a response.

  435. 435
    Anonymous says:

    That betrays a fairly basic failure to comprehend how the electoral system works in this country.

  436. 436
    Casual Observer says:

    So the penny is beginning to drop on why so many onshore wind farms were being put in ?

    Could be worth checking who owns those beauty spots which have been blighted.

    In terms of cost of increase of electricity bills, it should be easy to see where the rent seeking wealth transfer from the majority to minority has happened.

    Still funny though that the rents are not dependent on amount of electricity produced. So legally there may be a 20 year commitment to pay the rent even if someone cuts the windmill down, or they don’t produce any power.

  437. 437
    anon. says:

  438. 438
    fabians ARE EVIL says:

    I like the way you think

  439. 439
    the original Schrödinger's dog says:

    Stop sniffing round my monika

  440. 440
    R.U.C. Nyle says:

    Daylight come– you gotta go home. Seriously.
    H*a*r*r*y, nobody gives a shit what you think anymore. You’re a boring old Leftie, emphasis on the “old” part. Stop embarrassing yourself:


  441. 441
    Where are Tony Blair's expenses says:

    Have another drink Charles

  442. 442
    One Term Dave says:

    My advice is to sell sterling and buy euros. Me and Georgy are doing a great job of destroying a currency.

  443. 443
    EU Watch says:

    The Spanish are very unhappy about austerity:


    There were clashes with the police, and this protest ‘coincided’ with the anniversary failed Civil Guard coup attempt in 1981:

  444. 444
    Frank's son says:

    Jointly produced with BBC4.

  445. 445
    Anonymous says:

    Too bad they can’t make upfront British dramas that tackle the issues of terrorism instead of doing it through the back door of French TV and BBC4.

  446. 446
    Covering all the bases says:

    You are experiencing negative warming at the moment due to climate change.

  447. 447
    Anonymous says:

    Schrödinger’s cat says:
    February 24, 2013 at 12:03 am

    Fisking went out with the internet dinosaurs baby. Get with the new Guido vib.

    “The British blogosphere was at that time full of wannabee Telegraph and Guardian leader writers and a lot of “Fisking” – the tedious line-by-line critique of long boring articles in the form of an even longer, even more boring article.” Guido Fawkes.

    Now do one.

  448. 448
    Four-eyed English Genius says:

    Except Labour!

  449. 449
    Four-eyed English Genius says:

    Senior male LibDem politician interfering with WOMEN?

    That does not ring true to me!

  450. 450
    EU Plunderbund says:

    We only recruit from long-established institutions …..
    such as Broadmoor.

  451. 451
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    She was on Murnahan an hour ago talking complete and utter tripe.

    Oh, and she thinks that writer woman who slagged off Kate is some sort of intellectual – whatever that means.

    Once again, Mr M accidentally forgot to ask her about her connections to a certain peedough ring a few years back. Strange that.

    Also had a handbags session with Ali Darling telling everyone how wonderful he is and that he left a booming and vibrant economy, and Ken Clarke telling us that Ali is, er, … well off his rocker basically if thinks like that.

    Sky is going leftwards by the day.

  452. 452
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    “Cut a windmill down”??? Now who on earth would ever think of doing that? Especially the ones that are miles from anywhere in the middle of nowhere.

  453. 453
  454. 454
    hange The B@stards says:

    No smoke without fire !!!

    Clegg is a completed unprincipled sleaze bag in public office, so I would marine the same goes for his private life.

  455. 455
    Southern Softy says:

    And a spot on any Radio 4 quiz show Jeremy Hardy, Marcus Brigstocke etc.

  456. 456
    Anonymous says:

    Teather !!!!!!!!!!!!

  457. 457
    Loosehead says:

    I thought if you made a pass at a woman on a business trip, and it was turned down, you chalked it up to experience and forgot about it (and went to a different bar to try again). Rum old business when the totty brings it up years later.

  458. 458
    Not a feminst says:

    @ SC You are a great debater and I a give you the highest respect. We have a different moral compass and I cannot refute your views objectively. I have my own opinion, led by my my own expereince, gender, moral precepts and faith. Giiven that there is always room for difference I would say that we are sining from the same hymn sheet but with different faiths/moral concepts/ different life experiencences. . Diversity defines us a a nation. You give a good agument with which I may not wholly agree but have the greatest respect for none the less.

    I would like to shake hands in an online sort of way.

    And blessed be.

    PS Get out of the box and let us know that you are alive.Very unnerving talking to a potentailly dead cat

  459. 459
    Anonymous says:

    … another candidate to throw in the sack with Diane Abbott, Mary Beard, Cleggie, Hilly Mantle, Keith Vaz, Chukka, Jerry Irons & other grotesques …

  460. 460
    golli says:

    Billy Bunter bites the dust.

  461. 461
    Blowing Whistles says:

    SC – yes I went to be. I do not intend to conduct a long winded response save you stated:

    “b.) He is not capable of answering because he does not have a rational approach. (We hear much of his derring-do in which he smites judges in their courts like some latter day Dan Dare. In practice some of this may be based upon fantasy rather than fact, a pity if he really does have something to uncover.)”

    I have bigger fish to try than your ego SC. I note how atop ‘b’ you posit “he does not have a rational approach” so you line up your response with a ‘subtle little smear / presumption’ … then near the foot of your piece you insert the “may be based upon fantasy” tag line.

    So thats 2 subtle and surreptitious smears – with no foundation. However have I not given you and others more clues than you need? I do have a healthy disregard for the judges and you can bet your bottoming Euro that I do possess more than enough evidence to that effect – BUT HERE is not the place for it.

    Who do you think I am taking de pi55 out of here SC – you? No – you are just a little sprat.

  462. 462
    Bloke says:

    Official: Cleggie has a boner for Rennard.

  463. 463
    Bloke says:

    R.A.P.E. – good points mate.

  464. 464
    Person from Porlock says:

    I hope sining from the same hymn sheet is just a Freudian error!

    The metaphorical handshake is most welcome. I do admire when people put their clearly held views powerfully as you have done. It is not necessary to agree with everyone.

    Thankfully I am alive and still very sinful! That is why I am so attuned to the morality aspect.

    If only we could get rid of some of the dross here.

  465. 465
    George Formby's Window Cleaner says:

    I thinnk we ought to be told which lib dem MP’s and candidates both male female did join Lord Fat Slob in his hotel room or have him join them in their hotel room. All in the interets of transparency of course or I’ll have to leak it to the tabloids.

  466. 466
    George Formby's Window Cleaner says:

    You mean this happened when Asquith was leading them?

  467. 467
    George Formby's Window Cleaner says:

    Or Calamity lets Chris Rennard-On try to get in toucvh with the Limp dumb feminine side.

  468. 468
    George Formby's Window Cleaner says:

    Yep. First find out who controls the postal votes and burn down their headquarters after the postal votes have gone out then you might have a chance of winning.

    Oh if you could see what I can see, When I’m cleaning windows!

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