February 22nd, 2013

WATCH: Channel 4 News Rennard Investigation In Full

This one will run and run…


  1. 1
    Handycock says:



  2. 2
    News-shite says:

    Stark contrast to Newsnight’s total fuck-up. Add Channel 4 News’s investigation into the plebgate stitch-up and ITV’s Savile documentary, seems like they’re the two channels doing the best investigative journalism at the moment and neither paid for by taxpayers. So much for the constant mantra of “we’re very lucky to have the BBC”.


    • 5
      The BBC causes serious mental illness says:

      Since we started taking EU coin things have really gone down hill.


    • 8
      Putr1d, spiteful Labour ruined my Country says:

      The BBC should be privatised they would then understand the world doesn’t owe you a living.


      • 17
        Hannibal from Carthage says:

        I say just get rid .

        I can find everything I want on the internet and now I know how to plug this device inyto my television there is absolutely no need for BBC.


    • 28
      Fluffy Thoughts says:

      You are aware that Channel-Four is state-subsidised, aren’t you? [SC4 – a waste-of-space – would not exist without taxes on We-English (just like Wales itself).] Ergo: Your point is as accurate as an Al-Beeb journalist.


  3. 6
    Anonymous says:

    Fat twat


    • 29
      Quite so says:

      Couldn’t have happened to a better bloke. A nasty lib dem second only to huhne. Really glad there’s media attention on these guys now (thanks to being in gvt) previously they got away with murder


      • 30
        Distressed Constituent says:

        Second to Handycock more like. Years of similar allegations about the Portsmouth MP have never quite come home to roost. Perhaps Channel 4 should do a story on him – or better still a mini-series?


      • 33
        kakk says:

        Oh I dont know. That Lord Oakeshott is a particularly repulsive little turd


  4. 9
    Private Eye says:

    Exclusive: Guido blog reveals Channel 4 Lib Dem shenanigans here in the eye.


  5. 10
    EU Watch says:

    This is a pro-EU story. ‘Signed a deal with the EU to stamp out all forms of sexual harassment’… Bunga bunga ?


  6. 11
    Peter from Preston says:

    But who’s checking the checker?


  7. 13
    Rennard says:

    I don’t bite babies fingers off though.


  8. 15
    Anonymous says:

    So what did he do wrong?

    His only mistake was to ask whiny inadequate birds if they wanted to fuck.

    Most of them looked as if they had never been asked before and might never be again.

    This is what comes of letting useless crumpet think themselves equal to men.

    The LibDems are a party of defectives.

    These women have no place doing more than make the tea for their betters.


  9. 16
    Hank the Cat says:

    The LimpDems the gift that keeps on giving


  10. 18
    Anonymous says:

    God he looks soooooooo greasy, with extra grease. As I repeatedly tell my gormless, naive children, DO judge on appearances, if he looks like a fat slimy groper its because he is.


  11. 19
    EU Watch says:

    People in Spain evicted and made homeless as a result of EU imposed austerity commit suicide:


    That was 4, and the rules for eviction were tightened last year to make it harder.


  12. 20
    A reporter from the Daily Planet says:

    I hear that Hollande’s African campaign is not going exactly to plan .

    A little trouble north of Timbuktoo.


    • 27
      hand standing panda says:

      I do hope we are making lots of drones to sell to the frogs, or perhaps we could sell them to their enemies


  13. 21
    William Caxton says:

    Reynart, thou old Fox!


  14. 22
    Brookside says:


    It’s channel 4.


  15. 23
    A Westland Helicopter says:

    What I cannot understand is what that Scottish woman was thinking going back to that middle aged married man’s home late at night ?

    Was his wife there ?

    More to this story than meets the eye.


  16. 24
  17. 26
    Silent Majority says:

    You only have to look at his face to know he’s a nonce


  18. 32
    pissed off voter says:

    Seems to be a lot of lib dem shit surfacing at the moment. While it’s fully justified, that it has been covered up reflects very badly on the lib dems and that the tories have sat on it for so long reflets badly on them. Guess we get the government we vote for – good reason for not voting lib/lab/con.


  19. 35
    Chris The Leatherman says:

    Anonymous at 10.56 said everything I wanted to say but far more articulately. We chaps have fragile egos and don’t always read the signs properly.


  20. 36
    C4 hypocrites says:

    C4 can’t deal with their own pervert.


  21. 37
    Aparat says:

    Cathy Newman’s delivery is so slow, that, for a minute, I thought I’d taken the wrong pills. When did C4 News start targeting the kids?

    Is this how it’s been for a while? I haven’t been able to stomach C4’s version of public service journalism for almost a year, so am new to their new style of journalism. Wish I’d stayed away.


  22. 38
    SomoneElse says:

    test to see if this can be posted anon.


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