February 22nd, 2013

FLASHBACK: Randy Rennard’s Sex Pest History

Channel 4 have more on hands on LibDem wrong ‘un Lord Rennard:

Guido has been on his case for years. Back in April 2010 he hinted at the pervy peer’s “skeletons in the cupboard”, the following month discussing the “one female trainee” employed to “service the needs of Lord Rennard”. Rennard faced multiple complainants. He relied on trying it on with ambitious women who unsurprisingly did not want to be implicated in scandal. The LibDem party hierarchy knew what he was like, forced him out and covered it up. The cover-up will be costly.

For what it was worth, the News of the World were pursuing the story with some vigour, but Rennard’s lawyers got them. With sources then refusing to go on the record, this was about as close as we could go in May 2009:

“Paul Burstow, Chief Whip in the House of Commons, phoned a number of female LibDem PPCs personally to assure them that Chris Rennard would no longer be in charge of their careers. A number of Cowley Street staffers are rejoicing at the departure of of the Chief Executive.  Mostly female staff…”

The Sunday papers are going to have a field day…


  1. 1
    thedukeofhunslet says:

    Dipso druggy pervert party.

  2. 2
    Britain's Iron Chancellor Gideon says:

    €21 billion profit at Volkswagen and 0.3% SURPLUS on 2012 federal budget – I told you the Krauts were fucked!

  3. 3
    Bumboy Dave says:

    Thank fuck the spaz Brits still believe in that Global Warming shit.

    If they were like Bulgarians or Greeks our heads would be being fed to polar bears by now.

  4. 4

    Good work Guido. This should not be tolerated in any party.

  5. 5
    Casual Observer says:

    Will be interesting to see how serious the allegations go from people now willing to step forward. Should be enough to wake up the sleepy in Eastleigh.

  6. 6

    For you ze euro war iz over! Hände hoch Tommy Osborne!

  7. 7
    pissed off voter says:

    Just in time for Eastleigh …

  8. 8
    Eastleigh weirdo says:

    If you beieve in real ale, morris dancing, knitting socks and horse fondling, then vote Lib Dem!

  9. 9
    Weather Watch says:

    Plenty of snow flurries etc. today which help make the case for AGW.

    What are the odds of a snowy Easter ? That should help the public help feed the polar bears.

  10. 10
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Has anyone contacted Channel 4’s Jon Snow about bus pass abuse?

  11. 11
    Jean Renault says:

    Les bandes de connes, working more than 3 hours a day, they should show more solidarité.

  12. 12
    Eastleigh weirdo says:

    Hey! Wanna see my cock?

    Its over there by the tractor.

  13. 13
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Part of C4 News spite?

  14. 14
    Len Bretta says:

    They isa nota following rules and sleeping on the job likea normallo people.

  15. 15
    UKID DING says:

  16. 16
    BBC taking the piss out of the license fee payer says:

    From now on we will redact all of our programmes.

  17. 17
    Joss Taskin says:

    Can I redact the cheque for £ ███.██ then ?

  18. 18
    The new BBC Saturday Lineup says:

  19. 19
    Vote Diane James for Eastleigh! says:

    Noy to mention beards, corduroy trousers and sandals – worn with socks, of course :-)

  20. 20
    Vote Diane James for Eastleigh! says:

    NOT, not Noy. (Fat fingers!)

  21. 21
    BBC taking the piss out of the license fee payer says:

    Most certainly not. When our political wing labour are elected in 2015 the license fee will double immediately.

  22. 22
    Blowing Whistles says:

    “The Sunday papers are going to have a field day …”

    Yes … but are the public going to get an ounce of truth or just more of the same old same old spinning?

    It is possible that some of the hacks of old may have found their spines – but weaning themselves off of the “nanny states tits” is something that scares the 5hit out of the bastards.

    The public en masse outnumber the political circuses of westminster with its surrounding circus tent performers from the MSM. The lies have been going on for too long – Their “Living the lie” at the expense of the taxpayer is over.

  23. 23
    Mike Handycock LibDem teen fondler says:



  24. 24
    C4 hypocrital fuds says:

    Time for Channel 4 to clear out their own sex pests. Bunch of hypocritical FUDs.

  25. 25
    Lard Everard says:

    FLASHBACK ?? I was trying to flash my front, actually.

  26. 26
    Cicero says:

    That should be good for a few hundred more UKIP votes.

  27. 27

    We have had six inches of snow here in the last 24 hours. In just over 5 week’s time, the tourists will start to arrive and swim in the sea. It does not seem possible looking out now…

    As for the psephological aspects, one can only be wrong it seems in my experience.

  28. 28
    Not Blowing Whistles says:

    O/T: The report the other day advocating private prisons, any indication yet if UK judges have yet been corrupted as happened in the US ?


  29. 29
    Herman van Rumpboy says:

    We will have to put a stop to this….

  30. 30
    SP4BS says:

    one should look at the jetstream forecasts.
    (looks it up).
    Weather will be buggered up for the next 15 days at least.

  31. 31
    ████ 'changed my tune' Hoon says:

    Put them down as FibDems then.


  32. 32
    Residing in 96.99% white Merseyside says:

    Tourists? Are you sure they won’t be Roma casing the joint ready for next year.

  33. 33
    Oscar says:

    Surrender my Passport. Certainly, the South African border is 4800 km long,

    C Ya

  34. 34
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    +Sigh+ If it’s not sex scandals it’s dishonesty over public money – what is the matter with our political class these days?

    They really are not fit for purpose!!

  35. 35
    gramma says:

    !5.C and full sun.
    You are breaking my heart.

  36. 36

    Thanks for interesting tip:


    The tutorial is useful in interpreting this.

  37. 37
    Flapjack says:

    Great timing with Eastleigh coming up. A cynical person might think the timing was no coincidence. The polls dipped a whole 8 points last night after they aired their report. Mind you, they’ve recovered by 7 points today. Do people really care about some guy who was kicked out in 2009?

  38. 38

    Lessons have been learned…

  39. 39
    Will you please come on holiday with me says:

    Don’t forget your Treaty.

  40. 40
    Cicero says:

    They are fit for Common Purpose. Rather over-qualified, in fact.

  41. 41

    Is it true that the UK is going to tax expats like the Americans do. Hope not. I am happily tax exiled and have no wish to help you plebs out in the Uk.

  42. 42

    We give Mervyn a lot of kicks, deservedly so, but this is good news for the UK.

  43. 43
    Casual Observer says:

    Don’t forget about murdering people on the NHS, perverting the course of justice, being fitted up by the police for reasons as yet not made public etc.

  44. 44
    Archibald The Dog says:

    I reckon these Libdumb wimmin got off pretty lightly with Foxy Chris…..happy memories of the 1995 Tory Party Conference when shoving a wardrobe against the hotel bedroom door was the only way to keep the Tory Tomcats at bay. Happy days!

  45. 45
    The Far Right says:

    Agreed. Now lets just hope that fucking Canadian doesn’t screw things up.

  46. 46
  47. 47
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Neither forget our most famous murderer, namely one Tony Blair, liar to the masses. You don’t hear C4 News telling us about Blair.
    C4 News, the selective news channel.

  48. 48
    Abu Quatada says:

    Hey kaffirs. Don’t forget I’m still here. Still costing you money and giving your Home Secretary the runaround.

  49. 49
    fahrenheit 451 says:

    Only those with books, bookshelves and a fireplace.
    Got your winter fuel allowance yet?

  50. 50
    Vegetarianne says:

    Dead bird in a was found in a Tesco washed salad.

    What’s a girl to do? Tweet?

  51. 51
    Benny Hill says:

    But at least when I played like I was doing the same sorts of things in sketches on my show as Lord Muckamuck here is accused of, everyone knew what I was doing was MEANT to be comical, right?

  52. 52
    old SHEP says:

    Chief whip?, Lol!

  53. 53
    Drone says:

    Isn’t rennard the stuff they use in cheese?

  54. 54
    old SHEP says:

    Sometimes comedy is a poor interpretation of political life.

  55. 55
    Anonymous says:

    They are already way beyond just taking money. They have progressed to much higher forms of corruption.

  56. 56
    Is Schrödinger's cat a tax avoider says:

    He has a point (if it is not you trolling yourself).

    You constantly tell us about your life outside of the UK – I guess that means that you are avoiding paying any UK tax despite the source of your enormous wealth.

    Does that mean that you are a hypocrite, or do you approve of tax evasion?

    Why do you constantly boast about your life outside England – see comment 26 below by way of example. It seems to be rather bad taste.

    Maybe this blog should boycott/block your comments in solidarity with the hard working British tax payers!

  57. 57
    Foxy Loxy says:

    Mister Raven, perched on a tree,
    Held a cheese in his beak.
    Mr Renard, enticed by the smell,
    Addressed him in language like this:
    Oh! Good morning, Mr. Raven.
    How pretty you are! How beautiful you seem to me!
    In truth, if your song
    is like your plumage,
    You are the phoenix of the hosts of this wood.
    At these words the raven becomes overjoyed;
    And, to show off his beautiful voice,
    He opens his beak wide and lets his prey fall.
    Mr. Renard grabs it and says: My dear man,
    Learn that every flatterer
    Lives at the expense of the one who listens to him.
    No doubt, that lesson is easily worth a cheese.
    The raven, ashamed and confused,
    Swore, though somewhat belatedly, that he would never be taken again.

  58. 58
    Foxy Loxy says:

    No’ see above

  59. 59
    Psephological - comment 26 says:

    Did you buy yourself a Roget or do you look up the fancy words you use so often online

    Pseudo-intellectual Twat Recorder – I think we have another one for you!

  60. 60
    Please can I come on holiday with you says:


  61. 61
    old SHEP says:

    No that’s dobbin.

  62. 62
    Anonymous says:

    I suspect he may have had to dash into town to see some friends :)

  63. 63
    Bird Watch says:

    Not the first time either:


    That was a European Black Capped Warbler.

  64. 64
    Dobbin says:

    Neigh, whey

  65. 65
    Casual Observer says:

    Sorry: Yes. War Crimes on a massive scale, also must remember gagging children in care homes from reporting abuse as well, assassination of government whistle blowers, signing EU treaties on the quiet etc., generally destroying the country.

  66. 66
    Learn to Count with Ed Balls says:

    Nine, three, twelvety, two, eleventeen.

  67. 67
    Learn to Count with Ed Balls says:

    2 X 145 = 863.

  68. 68
    Duff Jury Watch says:

    You can’t have a sensible discussion with someone who mixes up tax avoidance (legal) with tax evasion (illegal).

  69. 69
    Dianne Abbott says:

    Its a pity the newspapers have become spineless, any subject they view as “differcult” they avoid. Even the Telegraph has disabled comments on the Birmingham muslim bombers incase someone says something that is true and offends the bastards.

  70. 70
    George Galloway says:

    Just wait it wont be long.

  71. 71
    Thicko alert says:

    You really are a sad fucker. Who cares how much tax intelligent people evade paying to Gordon brown’s army of one-armed lesbians and jihad merchants? The problem (although you’re incapable of understanding it) is lefty tossers who evade tax and then complain about others doing it. Got that now?

  72. 72
    Dag n Ham says:

    Everybady arrrghhht

  73. 73
    The Cat is not a Tax Exile says:

    Yes. Hodge Bodge and her not so tiny tiny tiny amount of tax avoidance is what really hurts the public purse. Especially as she and her ilk screwed up the public finances with the above mentioned armies of disabled lesbians etc.

    ATOS will fix the one armed dyke issue, MI5 the Jihadi’s, now who will deal with the root of the problem. Time to revise the noose knot.

  74. 74
    Smart Woman says:

    Cheese grater to the c*ck n Balls. All perrvs should be given a class in this form of cookery.

  75. 75
    Bon Scrote says:

    This almost fits the topic, dear. Nothing a crowbar won’t fix.

  76. 76
    The unwashed mass of public says:

    Well, the victims might.

  77. 77
    Dobbin says:

    “Horsemeat: Caterers Pull Beef Products”

    Big deal. But does anybody think of the poor horse?

  78. 78
    stun says:

    Tall sheep down there then….

  79. 79
    Putr1d, spiteful Labour ruined my Country says:

    Everyone should avoid as much tax as possible. It only gets wasted on benefit spongers buying horses and flying lessons!

  80. 80
    Casual Observer says:

    Funny that one of the tainted suppliers was supplying Aintree.

    Karma ?

  81. 81
  82. 82
    Declan MacManus says:

    Those old TOTP gigs were basically a night school for developing your miming skills. I seem to remember Bon falling into a bucketful of his own vomit.
    I, too, supped at the rim of his cauldron but, mercifully, and in spite of that, mastered the art of lip-synching.

  83. 83
    UKID DING says:

    Tall stories too.

  84. 84

    @Putr1d, spiteful Labour ruined my Country


  85. 85
    Why the Lib Dems like public transport...? says:

  86. 86
    Simon Hughes says:

    Are all Lib Dems pervy or is it just me?

  87. 87
    kNickerless Clegg says:

    I despair. The Liberal Democratic Party is to be relaunched as the party for perrverts and beardy weirdies. All nudists are actively ecouraged to join and their membership is free.

  88. 88
    EU Watch says:

    Anti-EU protests in Portugal get creative:


    (In Spain the farmers are demanding increased subsidy)

  89. 89

    @Is Schrödinger’s cat a tax avoider

    You dull c’unt!

    My post was to take the piss out of myself. You are too thick to realise that. I thought that it would cheer some people in the UK to know that it might be marginally worse down by the Adriatic.

    It was ironic. Way beyond your ability to understand.

    If I have any wealth at all, and I have never claimed as much, then it cannot be measured in any currency or precious metal which you could possibly name.

    Enjoy your misery because you really, really deserve it!

  90. 90
    Joss Taskin says:

    Doesn’t Libor’s John O’Farseole claim to have been a comedian once ?

  91. 91

    @Psephological – comment 26

    Even the BBC uses the term psephological. It has now entered mong language.

    Are you from Southwark by any chance?

  92. 92
    ████ 'changed my tune ' Hoon says:

    They’re ALL PERVY.

  93. 93
  94. 94

    Ill gotten, ill spent.

  95. 95
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    And sometimes the politicians excel the comedians at comedy. Not meaning to, of course, and that’s the trouble, innit? Yeah, I’m talking to you, Ed & Ed, Cameltoe, and all you other Front Benchers who think you’re ever-so-clever, till the lines fall with a thud, and you look even more foolish! But then again, you’re all fairly risible even if you would keep your mouths shut. (Not that the Back Benchers are any great bargain either, come to that.)

  96. 96
    Anonymous says:

    an ounce of truth….
    b4 the virtues of natural justice comes our duty to it. we can see this in our relationship with mother earth.
    so no effort no gain.
    to love another’s helplessness is the depth of unkindness to oneself and hence to another and vice.versa. …to avoid a feeling of helplessness engineered by others… stay away from traps. There are always older more experienced players out there.
    Using a telescope over the history of mankind, has any system ever really improved? Our masters are who they are as they run the world, and they have access to knowledge not available to common man…the whole fabric of the world engineered over the past 7000 years…is to make us helpless…despite superficial victores, it is foolish to fight the system. co.exist. or get sabotaged. newsnight…itv….blahblah.
    time for the justice campaigner to be cautious as the royal handover to the new generation is now approaching fast….next month? don,t be a hero. discover who nbw is first. it seems everyone knows…

  97. 97
    Hercules Steptoe says:

    Canterers, shurely ?

  98. 98
    EU Watch says:

    The Portuguese Parliament was interrupted last week when demonstrators in the galleries started singing a song made popular in the 1974 revolution as Prime Minister Coelho was speaking on the economy:

    In the Carnation revolution of 1974, the army overthrew a fascist regime of Caetano:


    That revolution did allow left wing activists to return to Portugal, and also enabled Barroso to become Prime Minister of Portugal and thence get to where he is now.

    The song which was sung is “Grândola Vila Morena” by Zeca Afonso. It was played on radio in 1974 as the signal to start the revolution. It was previously banned under Caetano as it was considered Communist.

  99. 99
    Jesus H. Christ, Almighty says:

    Yakety Sax makes anything funny!

  100. 100

    Even the fucking Independent thinks the BBC have lost its way.

    Jesus! The head is no longer connected to the body.

    How does it still live?

  101. 101
    Cyril Thorpe says:

    A pervert in the Lib Dem party? Surely not.

  102. 102
    Casual Observer says:

    @SC: I think he may be from an inner city somewhere.

    This being a political blog related to the collective of owls, psephological is one of those words which you would expect to see being used when a by-election is imminent.

  103. 103
    Jimmy's Sneak-this-out-on-Friday-no one-will-notice announcement of the week says:


  104. 104
    Jimmy's Sneak-this-out-on-Friday-no one-will-notice announcement of the week says:

    In other news police have foiled a further attempt to import horsemeat


  105. 105
    kip says:

    why is pork the only recognised breakfast meat?

  106. 106

    Picking up from a previous thread, this from you:

    It is unbelievably amoral, unless there are good reasons such as a history of abuse, for children not to wish having their parents living with them, and wholly self destructive for the parents in the opposite case.

    It is not possible for me to understand how you are meaning me to interpret those words in bold. You have explained how you used the term amoral which accords with my understanding. How does the modifier unbelievably enter into things? That was where my understanding of your argument failed.

    Notwithstanding the above, I said I would give you my anecdotal evidence:

    My family come from a long service tradition on both sides. They have been used to being posted all over the world. My father suffered from respiratory complaints before he reached my age. He moved to the south of France and survived for another four decades in the kinder climate. No reasonable person could surely blame him for that?

    He did not impose upon me or my sisters for assistance, financial or otherwise.

    The traditional idea of extended family involves one location. Now that the world is a village, families can become flung across continents as they pursue their best chances. Indeed, you have spent some time in the USA.

    I would not wish to constrain my parents as I would neither wish to constrain my children.

    If you are claiming that morality plays no part in this, what were you asserting please because I am immensely puzzled?

  107. 107
    Mark Oaten says:

    He’s in deep shit.

  108. 108
  109. 109
    UK Watch says:

    They do need to get that policy sorted out as what happened was inexcusable.

    The easy solution would be to have a disposable wheelchair which those who are being deported can be restrained in if they present a problem. That chair should be easy to get up and down stairs, and be compatible with the fittings of the transport equipment. (Plane, truck etc.)

  110. 110
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    I say again! The biased beeb must be parcelled up and auctioned in bits. It is no longer fit for purpose. Winston Churchill thought that during his time as PM .

  111. 111
    Mong Watch says:

    Sausages, bacon, black pudding ?

    Any other meat is just wrong at breakfast.

  112. 112
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    I have no problem with horsemeat as long as I know what I’m eating and it’s safe.

  113. 113

    I bet Kate’s tits are bigger now.

    Just sayin’. :-)

  114. 114

    Really? Lord Reith was still about in those times. He was a difficult man to assess but I would have preferred him over almost all his successors.

  115. 115
    Juror says:

    What does a judge do?

  116. 116
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Until I joined Guido’s Blog I thought we lived in a good and healthy democracy. I don’t think it anymore! It is corrupt to it’s core!!!

  117. 117
    Spokeshave says:

    Or sock abuse?

    He has been declared persona non grata by the Worshipful Company of Hosiers.

  118. 118

    Discharge almost unbelievably stupid jurors from their duties.

    A lot of Vicky Pryce’s jurors appear to be posting here tonight.

  119. 119
    Spokeshave says:


    Write out 50 times:

    “Newspapers exist to sell advertising space”.

  120. 120

    One has to admire Zep for never appearing despite TOTP choosing Whole Lotta Love as the theme music.

  121. 121
    Rennard le Fox says:

    I only touched up the slutty ones

  122. 122
    Rennard le Fox says:

    Nah that was you when you took a stroll up Youngbottom Ride

  123. 123
    Fat Pang says:

    ███ ████████ ███████ ██████████ ████ ████?

    or even

    ████████████ ██ ████!

    That is all.

  124. 124
    Rennard le Fox says:

    Yeah and she has a good excuse to spew after every meal

  125. 125
    Jeremy Smith says:


  126. 126
    Jeramy, bite this pillow, Thorpe says:

    This smug self important Rennard has never had a proper job having worked for the limp dems since the age of 18.

    He is probably well used to getting his leg over with the, keen to progress, liberal staffers but he forgets that he is now a fat sweaty old man. Put a few drinks into the old boy and he probably thinks he can resume the antics of his youth.

    ” There is no fool like an old fool”

  127. 127
    Jeremy 'TaxPlan' Paxman says:

  128. 128
    Gordon Brown says:

    I am thinking of having a Slinky fitted

  129. 129
    Hop-a-long Cassidy says:

    And give certifiable muderers bail.

  130. 130
    You are both as twatish as each other says:

    Clearly you are correct Casual Observer (after you quickly looked it up in your dictionary) – I suspect they speak of little else in Chris Huhne’s old stamping ground.

  131. 131
    Commom Baz says:

    I bet Rennard turns up the TV when he goes for a shit

  132. 132
    Casual Observer says:

    Hah – different person. :-)

    Just read back through where we left that.

    First: On the !sraeli issue: If he was security services he would not have declared the interest. Would kind of defeat the purpose and is usually not allowed to be revealed. My part speculation, but from my experience this is likely the case. Not arguing from conscription service, rather getting to that College requires $ and the right strings pulled. They do not send just anyone.

    Second: That was a silly tautology which slipped through. (Unbelievably amoral) I did mention very bad phrasing my side.

    Was not saying that parents should live with their children, was pointing out that children who do not wish to have their parents live with them need to think a bit harder, and vice versa.

    That is in the situation where parents are unable to look after themselves and face the ravages of expensive care, forced home sales and mansion tax.

    What people actually do is up to them, but in nearly all cases there should be responsibility between generations to look after each other if required, rather than stay stoically or selfishly independent.

    If a pyramid scheme such as pensions is going to fail and the state resorts to tyranny to maintain face, it would be preferable for the state not to do that and for families to look after their own.

    My badly phrased point is that the changes in society which preclude families from doing this will force tyranny.

    Winding up the stack: What could be regarded as amoral changes put in to break up the family unit when scaled up lead to this larger scale amoral action of the state.

    That is not to judge any particular individual, family etc., but does state in one way how I perceive society to be at present. It also reflects part of my view on the pensions problem, and attempts to identify a few key points which could be addressed through policy to prevent greater harm from being perpetrated.

    I do not advocate forcing elderly parents to live with children and vice versa, but do advocate modifying policy such that society can move in that direction. If it does not then ‘shortage’ will become a real problem.

  133. 133
    fruitcake says:

    Hang on, “Chris” and “foxy” in the same sentence?

    How does “optician” sound?

  134. 134
    Casual Observer says:

    The question is: Will Paxo spill the beans early, or has another juicy chapter in his autobiography just been written ?

  135. 135

    Alice Philipson, formerly of China Daily, making an interesting report without any comment overlay here.

    The fact that there is no comment actually suggests there could be a load of comment she could make.

    Reporters do not report stuff unless there is something remarkable. It goes way beyond what Paxo said.

  136. 136
    fruitcake says:

    And if labour win in 2015 chaps?

  137. 137
    Schrodinger's cat can dish it but can't take it says:

    So you do troll as yourself – what a Hunt you are.

    Why is it acceptable in your mind for you to post whatever you like on here, be as critical as you like about anybody you care to criticise and making funny (at least I suspect you think you are funny) comments about other people … but you get so worked up about somebody taking the piss out of you.

    Don’t you, by virtue of your freqeunt posts on this blog, open yourself up to other comments. Even 8illy defended the right of others to criticise and mock his posts.

    You are demonstrating many of the tendancies of a socialist – your way is apparently the only way and anybody who does not agree is ignorant and should be silenced.

    Go fuck yourself, and good on those that mock you.

  138. 138
    Herman van Rumpboy says:

  139. 139
    Rennet de Sheepdip says:

    You young minx

  140. 140
    Ah! Monika 2013 +1 says:

    The sky is falling down

    UK loses AAA rating.

  141. 141
  142. 142

    One of the advantages of me living as a UK tax exile, apart from the better weather and avoiding tax in the UK, is that I do not have to be near to the plebs that I might come across if I was still in the UK.
    The standard of posting on here tonight has been very poor. It disappoints me. Where are all the bright people that can entertain me with intellectual banter and sophisticated humour.

  143. 143
    Calamity Clegg says:

  144. 144
    UKID DING says:

  145. 145

    I do apologise for mixing up the different people! Unbelievably remiss. :-)

    Thank you for clearing that up; to an extent though, outstanding issues remain. I prefer to close them down one at a time as there exists a danger of entanglement, something very close to my existence…

    What policy are you advocating modifying? What shortage is it to which you specifically refer?

    After tidying that up, we can examine the Israeli issue which is much more complex but very worth examining.

  146. 146
    The British Budgie Breeders Association says:

    Their utility in lining budgie cages cannot be so summarily ignored!

  147. 147

    Not you for a start, you pathetic, trolling, sub-human mong.

  148. 148

    Here was a ratings agency which granted AAA status to junk bond securities.

    I do not quarrel with their rating. I do quarrel with their credibility. They are charlatans.

  149. 149
    Tessa Tickles says:

    Go on, tell him what you really think. :-)

  150. 150
    Redacted = CENSORED... Axe the telly tax says:

    The Sunday papers are going to have a field day…

    Nah, now if he was a junior assistant to the postal Clerk in the sorting department of a Tory led Parish council then they and the. BBC would be all over it.

  151. 151
    Hop-a-long Cassidy says:

    Oh dear… the UK has just lost its AAA credit rating!

    Plan “B” Gideon?

  152. 152

    If you are an exemplar of clever, I am so glad that I’m twatish.

  153. 153
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:

    Put me back in the Treasury. We’d be FFF- by now.

  154. 154

    Let us see who is getting worked up? You play the man and not the ball.

  155. 155
    Casual Observer says:

    They are still reading through. She only reported on some of Paxman’s testimony, and draws attention to the ‘Can’t’ as have other news outlets.

    The question is, what is the redaction hiding ?

    The papers already know most of what happened, so will be using this to confirm their sources, and will be examining the redaction to figure out what has been hidden, or the value of otherwise innocuous material. They need to be cautious of the landmines which are contained within this publication. Redaction works to conceal and to change the context of surrounding material.

    Reader comments seem to indicate many out there think this is all Common Purpose. That may be partly true, but not in the way they think.

    Running the Savile obituary rather than the Newsnight piece was obviously directed from the top, and it was done so in order to keep public mood positive. The impact to the Olympics, Leveson and other events involving the UK in 2012 would have been massive, as seen post the Exposure transmission.

    Looking at the implications of that last paragraph is where the real story is.

    The BBC are using the low staff morale this episode has taken the corporation as a backdrop for shedding staff. A task made much easier when morale is low.

    It is worth keeping an eye on that process as this would be a very subtle way for an operation like Common Purpose to consolidate and secure their hold on the corporation and ensure that their people are in all key positions. No one has yet been fired over this.

  156. 156
    Casual Observer says:

    In an ordinary world this should have big political implications.

    Betcha Dave will laugh it off.

  157. 157
    George Gideon Oliver Osborne says:

    I’m Sorry

    The pound has depreciated 5.6 percent this year, the second-worst performer after the yen among 10 developed-market currencies tracked by Bloomberg Correlation-Weighted Indexes.
    Britain’s debt as a percentage of gross domestic product will climb to 98 percent next year from 90 percent last year and 95.4 percent in 2013, the European Commission said in its winter forecast today.
    Osborne’s austerity policies will squeeze the budget deficit to 6 percent next year from 10.2 percent in 2010, when his Conservatives took over in an unprecendented coalition with the Liberal Democrats, according to the predictions by the commission.
    ‘Shock Absorption’
    “Because of the combination of weak growth outlook, substantial fiscal challenges, high and rising debt burden, and the deterioration in shock absorption capacity, we see that the credit worthiness of the U.K. has deteriorated to a level that is more commensurate with Aa1 rating,” Sarah Carlson, a senior credit officer at Moody’s in London, said in a telephone interview.
    Osborne said in his autumn statement on Dec. 5 that he’s no longer likely to meet his target to begin cutting the burden of government debt in 2015-16 after his fiscal watchdog cut its growth forecasts. Standard & Poor’s put the U.K.’s rating on a negative outlook a week later.
    Fitch Ratings said on the day of the budget that missing the debt target “weakens the credibility of the U.K.’s fiscal framework.” It will conduct a further formal review of the rating in 2013 incorporating the budget, due March 20. Fitch lowered its outlook on the U.K. to negative from outlook in March 2012. Moody’s lowered its outlook the previous month.

  158. 158
    Casual Observer says:


    She shouldn’t be in her position in any case. She is Argentinian.

  159. 159
    old SHEP says:

    Whom and who?,

  160. 160
    Hop-a-long Cassidy says:

    You knob…you honestly believe there is any difference between libertarian party blue vs libertarian party red?

    Please explain what Red Dave would have done that is completely different to what Red Ed would have done differently.

    You complete and utter total fuckwit?

  161. 161

    If you are the real Tessa Tickles, if you really, really are, then I am so delighted that you still come back her at times.

    You will know that I normally refrain from offering the ad hominem. On occasions like this, it is not only a pleasure, it is a duty.

    This pathetic, snivelling, sub-moronic, swivel-eyed, rat-faced, monocular-brained, bat-eared, slab-sided son of a seacook needs his bumps felt.

    Sorry, forgot the crowning glory. He is the most gargantuan сunt who ever walked the face of this planet.

  162. 162
    Tessa Tickles says:

    Hopefully ‘Plan B’ will involve making some fucking cuts.

    Let’s see: We’ve got 6 million public sector parasites doing basically sweet fuck all.. I can see at least 5.5 million cost savings there.. We have an annual £11billon foreign aid budget.. I see an annual £11billion cost-saving there.. we pay £19billion every year to be a member of the EU (why, nobody fucking knows).. I can see a £19billion annual cost saving there

    And so on and so forth, etcetera etcetera.

    Oh, and stop paying benefits to subhuman chav vermin. And shoot them if they whine.

    Ain’t fucking difficult, is it?

  163. 163
    Just winnin says:

    Schrodinger’s cat is George Galloway and I claim my five pounds

  164. 164
    BBC taking the piss out of the license fee payer says:

    It’s a good time to bury our bad news. Thanks Moody’s.

  165. 165
    Saffron says:

    Why are we even talking about reynard the foxes sexual desires.
    Paxman calling the Bullshit corp,for feck sake he works for this bunch of left wing assholes who frankly could’nt lie straight in bed.
    Moody have now downgraded the uk,tell em to feck off and concentrate on the eussr which are fast becoming a basket case.
    The eastleigh bye election which appears to be dominating the news is actually crap in that it does not matter what the result is.
    At the end of the day we will still be controlled by three parties of muppets who are in it for their own ends,and they could’nt give a feck about all of us who are up agaist it.
    This country is now a shithole of a country all caused by politico’s who frankly don’t know their ass from their elbow.
    Red Ed
    Are these 3 assholes the best of british I for one don’t think so.
    Cammoron a conservative,no he is letting his party and it’s values down big time.
    Cleggover an absolute half dutch traitor to the values of this country and to boot a europhile tosser.
    Red Ed a union payed for commie tosser him and all of his family.
    This country is in dire straits being brainwashed by donkeys like this.
    Wake up country and realise what is being done to you and stop it dead in it’s tracks.

  166. 166
    Anonymous says:

    I think that the problem is that some (perhaps not many) of his better comments are actually very close to the mark, and you are worried that if you do not reply then everybody might think it is really you.
    I am not always sure, although he tends not to use your web address when he is faking.
    Don’t you think you are actually your own worst enemy. If you did not post about living abroad, then he would not know.

  167. 167
    apocalips scouser says:

    i luv the smell of compo in the mornin

  168. 168
    Vote UKIP -- Get rid of the LIBLABCONNERS says:

    Dave and Gideon are weak ineffective incompetent bastards. Period.

  169. 169
    Tessa Tickles says:

    “If you are the real Tessa Tickles, if you really, really are, then I am so delighted that you still come back her at times.”

    Ooh, you always were a charmer!

    How sweet that you appreciate (and remember) me, Mr Cat! I’m afraid this is a fleeting visit, just to check out the old haunt, as it were. We moved to the sticks and we set up a company that now takes up most of my time. And this place did take up a lot of my time! ;-)

  170. 170


    You can delegate authority. You can never delegate responsibility. Despite lessons having been learned, this basic building block of existence is no longer even understood by most.

  171. 171
  172. 172
    sudo innterlektual says:

    “Even the BBC …”

    you lost the argument with that one

  173. 173
    The Dave and Georgy Show says:

    Downgrading is no big deal. We are still much safer bets than Zimbabwe and Somalia. As long as we have enough money for foreign aid and wind turbines we’ll be fine.

  174. 174
    troll says:

    Of course I am playing the man not the ball

  175. 175

    BBC must be sold off. It cannot continue like this. I see £25bn coming off the deficit. Why wait? Then if they want to support the Labour party, Common Purpose or Save the Shrimp, they can justify it to their shareholders.

  176. 176
    ringpull says:

    The downgrade is a direct result of that woman wilth 11 kids and a pony living in a 400 K gaff

  177. 177
    Wotak Hunt says:

    @ H-a-lC

    Write out two hundred times, ‘ Manners maketh man’.

  178. 178
    Paul Mason says:

    It’s definitely all kicking off down here now.

  179. 179
    no one wants a gay tory says:

    You are Cameron’s little tory bitch

  180. 180
    Ting says:

    Comment 160 below rather suggests that it is the cat that is worked up

  181. 181
    Tooth fairy says:

    She’ll be out of a job next year after the EU elections, because UKIP will sweep the board.

  182. 182
    Casual Observer says:

    Have checked, and it is you. That troll who is stealing your moniker is irritating.

    The shortage to which I refer is that of money raised through taxation used to pay out state pensions each month. The private schemes have a similar problem brewing.

    It would be a range of policies on the pension front.

    Very subtly, bolstering family values for a start.

    i) Rolling back all of the ‘progressive’ family law changes back to no-fault divorce, revoking that also.
    ii) Roll back changes on inheritance tax, scrap mansion tax idea
    iii) Properly secure the private pension pot from the state and perhaps have the state top up some of those schemes from which money was taken by Brown.
    iv) Introduce a straight tax credit as incentive for anyone who has their parents living with them. Credits should also be made available for home conversions and modifications if required for accommodating elderly members. eg. ‘Granny flat’ credit. (Simplify the tax system as well.)
    v) Modify employment law such that it is more family friendly.
    vi) Run a public information campaign on the benefits of families being together. This would include adjusting media programming to include material which demonstrates how such arrangements are compatible with regular life such as work, holidays, private married life etc.

    If families can pool their resources without the tax man carving a slice then buying suitable properties should work out. There is a benefit in terms of child care which parents living under the same roof provides. Under this arrangement state pensions can be reduced on a sensibly means tested basis: To balance, reductions in the amount paid out can be balanced by tax reductions. Net the pensioner should break even, their family should be net positive from being separate.

    It is not to force people together, but to provide a route.

    The rest of the state items required, such as district nursing etc. already exist to provide the additional that may be required.

  183. 183
    no one wants a gay tory says:

    feck off tory rent boy

  184. 184


    I saw your departing post. I discussed it with others here, some of whom I know directly. I have even gone away myself at times for a month or more. I am getting busy again myself so may be around less.

    Good luck to you. It is a brave person, or couple as I believe, who start up something in these godforsaken times. But there are always people who notice, even when you don’t realise. So I wish you well.


    I am what I am. I post in good faith. I like to cock a snoop at the establishment who are ruining the country which I love so much. What is wrong with that?

  185. 185
    I'm lovin it says:

    Schrodinger’s cat is not worked up and he just called the following me because he is ever so calm

    “this pathetic, trolling, sub-human mong”

    “pathetic, snivelling, sub-moronic, swivel-eyed, rat-faced, monocular-brained, bat-eared, slab-sided son of a seacook needs his bumps felt”

    “the most gargantuan сunt who ever walked the face of this planet”

  186. 186
    Anony says:

    Nothing, but I don’t think you should get so cross when somebody cocks a snoop at you.

  187. 187
    Libertarian says:

    If you are referring to Labour / Conservative, these are red / blue liberal parties.

    A section of the Conservatives are libertarian, but the party in governance at present is not.

    There is a difference between the red / blue liberal parties though. The red is more socialist oriented than the blue.

    If you wish a libertarian party then at present you will need UKIP.

  188. 188
    Anony says:

    I think the following is a tad over the top even if I did get to you a bit today.

    It is only fun, and I worry you take yourself a little bit too seriously.

    “this pathetic, trolling, sub-human mong”

    “pathetic, snivelling, sub-moronic, swivel-eyed, rat-faced, monocular-brained, bat-eared, slab-sided son of a seacook needs his bumps felt”

    “the most gargantuan сunt who ever walked the face of this planet”

  189. 189


    In-joke with TT. She was capable of being one of the foulest mouthed posters who ever posted here and I miss her wonderful invective which made me laugh until the tears rolled. That cannot be bad.

  190. 190
  191. 191

    George is just a pussy cat.

  192. 192
  193. 193
    Noose Watch says:

    So now the UK has lost is AAA – so what ?

    Well: The sovereign debt the UK has issued – the gilts – have just become more risky. That means that those we are borrowing from, those who have bought those bonds, are now going to demand more interest on the debt.

    This means yields will go up next week.

    That will undo most of the QE work which has been done by the Bo.E. over the past few years. The QE money has been used to purchase UK debt in order to depress the yield.

    As yield goes up, price goes down. This may mean that the next issue of gilts, which will be sold to cover government spending will be more expensive over time, and the amount of money raised will be less. See a problem there for financing government ?

    The yields on 10Y to 30Y were creeping up again past couple of weeks in any case.

    Priced in will be reduced Treasury tax receipts, a result of collapsed consumer spending, tax avoidance by large corporations and general incompetence of HM Government.

    So what does that mean ?

    Your mortgage payments are now guaranteed to go up in a few months time, and if the government wants to manage down the gilt debt, the currency will correspondingly depreciate. Target perhaps 1.45 – 1.50 to USD by July 2013.

    Inflation will be felt, as energy in particular is going to get more expensive. Unleaded may look to settle at the GBP 1.60 / liter level at least by the end of the year.

    One should also prepare for possible civil disturbances over the summer.

  194. 194
    George Entwhistle says:

    I don’t have the time to do this.


  195. 195
    Noose Watch says:

    There are several throats which could be cut, but hanging is cleaner.

  196. 196
    anon. says:

    Clegg knew , turned a blind eye.

  197. 197
    Optomist says:

    We’re fucked then.

  198. 198
    Ah! Monika 2013 +1 says:

    …forced to sign a gagging order!!

    Dirty bastards.

  199. 199
    ████ 'changed my tune ' Hoon says:

    Plead insanity, Nick. Even a super-dumb jury will acquit you on that basis.

  200. 200
    Casual Observer says:

    I would say just kill the BBC.

    It has a monopoly on radio, but that is about it. The archive has some value, but most of what is worthwhile is on uTube already.

    With the changes that Leveson is going to bring in the Government will have a much cheaper alternative in the ‘free’ press.

    The commercial broadcasters in the UK are regulated so can be kept on message easily enough.

    Getting rid of this state broadcaster could allow government to downsize itself without media glare. A new one could be set up in a few years time when the finances and other ‘issues’ have been sorted out.

  201. 201
    Packing mark says:

    Why hasn’t the ubiquitous Mark Pack commented on the Rennard scandal?? He comments on every other dull occurrence in the LibDems. He worked at LibDem HQ – he must have known what was going on.

  202. 202
    Schrödinger's dog says:

    I too am off to bed pondering just how many cats Schrödinger has / had

  203. 203

    @CO Agree with your first comment. Somebody has a real problem and were even trying it on Caption Contest, unbelievably ignorant. I take it as an unwanted complement because I speak as I find.

    I agree with the majority of what you propose here. I had a conversation with Jimmy earlier (I can have a better exchange with him than some of these others!), and I put the following which addresses the thrust of your specifics from a basis of political philosophy:

    Taxation should be confined to the minimum necessary to conduct the state’s unavoidable affairs and not a penny more.

    Taxes should never be used in an attempt to change people’s behaviour.

    Any tax which does cause a general shift in behaviour is probably a bad one.

    Unsurprisingly he did not agree but we both understand that the other has a position from which we can base our differing opinions.

    So where you propose tax measures to change behaviour, I would have a problem with unless it is a case of withdrawing existing measures which are already distorting behaviour adversely.

    I appreciate that you may have some argument with that and suggest we get to a point of disagreement (or agreement) and then proceed to the other.

  204. 204
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Couldn’t give a toss who NBW is – he only tries to humour me with his shadowing. I clocked the plonker long ago. As per this blog – I noticed the comments V SC – yet who has held him in check recently?

    Anony don’t give me the urge to be “cautious” – one of the fucking masons’ little mantras being “I was taught to be cautious” … well I have taught myself to be fucking clinical when the fucking masons are about – and they don’t blood.y well like me – fcuk them and their illuminitigrity invoke mantras oy boy puppetstring-pullers.

    Do I have anything to hide – I’ve given so many clues out to the mongs on here – some of you “still don’t know you were born”.

  205. 205
    The Far Right says:

    Obviously the truck loads of immigrants which we have absorbed from eastern EU bloc countries and other places has obviously not been the wise investment they were touted to be.

    When people start to make that connection, things may get interesting.

    Probably best not to allow a load of poverty case Bulgarians and Romanians in.

  206. 206
    Noose Watch says:

    We’re not. The country will pull through. Remember, all this debt stuff is just an abstract fiction which we consent to believing and honoring.

    The idiots who got us into this mess, they are.

  207. 207
    Blowing Whistles says:

    You’re gonna have some proper ‘checks and balances’ brought in on you and your mob – “lawfully” – you can shuv ‘regulation & LEGal up yeur Rses.

  208. 208
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Polanski, Polanski, Polanski ………

  209. 209
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Money can’t buy you love … dirty money can sadly buy you a few justices of the peace and their friends. BUT for how much longer?

  210. 210
    Anonymous says:

    It is everyone’s duty to keep the trough as empty as possible so the fat scum gorge less.

  211. 211
    The Kosher Ed Miliband says:

    Ho ho ho

  212. 212
    Anonymous says:

    Super, all the shit from northern Italy comes down the aptly named Po and, picking up the industrial effluent from Monfalcone, plus more shit from Venice, ends up in Trieste. The oil slick from sun tan lotion at Barcola alone should have it’s own cleanup crew.

  213. 213
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Glad you’ve woken up rebekah – at last. C4 have been pushing the boundaries further than the BBC or SKY.

    I do not buy into the JEREMY PAXO CULT – he is too over-hyped – He failed to nail blair which makes me suspect that they ‘know things about one another’ which they and their cliques don’t wnat the public to know.

    PAXO’S ‘persona’ is “too over-hyped” – I suspect he too is a kidder …

  214. 214
    anonymouse says:

    Vote UKIP FFS!

  215. 215
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Are 80% of all the pervs in Parliament controlled by one bankster outfit?

  216. 216

    Why not sell instead of close? There is plenty of value in the thing including worldwide goodwill for the costume dramas and the archives only exist on YouTube to a minimal extent compared with the availability.

    Being a philosophy pervert, I would like the complete Brian Magee interviews which I have on VHS tape at lousy quality. I realise there would not be many takers but right now, no one can have them despite our licence fees having paid for their production. They are in the archives but they won’t show them and they won’t sell them. Outrageous!

  217. 217
    anonymouse says:

    “A section of the Conservatives are libertarian, but the party in governance at present is not.”

    You joust sir!…but i’m afraid you are a tad mixed up!

    Who taught you your politics? I was taught by the bes btw.

    UKIP are self-avowed libertarians.

    The only socialist party was pre Blair i.e. the Michael Foot era i.e. pre Clause IV abolishment.

    Today we have a choice of four libertarian parties…Con, LibDem, Lab and UKIP.

    Prove to me otherwise!

    Do you know what Clause IV was all about? I suspect not?

  218. 218
    Blowing Whistles says:

    hello – SC stated “Somebody has a real problem and were even trying it on Caption Contest”

    Come on SC be a bit more factual … name names don’t be foggy with your “inferences”…

    I do love reading the up yeur rses to an / fros between you and CO – Its like listening to that Magistrate winding on and on and on – with references into the dark arts of the legal labryinth in the Oscar P case today.

  219. 219

    To correct several points, the route from the Po valley would first take in Venice Laguna and later Monfalcone before arriving at Trieste.

    Any effect from Barcelona would have to come up the Adriatic but you appear to be speaking tongue in cheek.

    The effluent conditions you describe certainly did occur in the 1970s but things have changed considerably since then. Now the water is tested at regular points all round to the border with Albania, at a minimum, and passes the internationally agreed standards at least as well as the UK.

  220. 220
    Casual Observer says:

    My outlook, as I think yours is, is very much libertarian.

    Taxation is an abhorrent, but a necessary evil. Government should be small as it should only perform basic service for the people. etc.

    Where society is at present: Very socialist in outlook, very Marxist in style. Also, very large government, very heavy taxation.

    In order to get back to the place it should be on the issue above, the tax system is a tool that needs to be used.

    I did state using it for issuing a tax credit, and also overall simplification.

    These are temporary measures which would lead to reduction of taxation, and shrinking that part of government. The tax system used in this way would also coerce a capital allocation in a certain direction, and obscure what would otherwise be regarded as benefit cuts.

    The tax credit can eventually be replaced with a tax cut as further simplification of the system is enacted. (End the credit, make the cut: Politically positive, fiscally neutral)

    The net result would be for a moral good, rather than what is being countenance by real government at present.

    Taking the immediate step would not work as it would entail too much change and the overall benefit of that change too easy to propagandize negatively.

    What is not good is when the tax system is used to coerce behavior in a direction which makes people more dependent on the state. It can be used to reverse that trend, and that needs to be done before it is removed.

    That is the only reason that aspect was suggested. Tax and state pensions are linked.

    What is desired is a real cut in pension cost, achieved by cost transfer to the younger generation, whilst not completely bankrupting the younger generation or impacting the pensioners adversely.

    The comparative cost savings of extended family structure are an efficient way of achieving that aim. That aim would only require a certain % of families to adjust this way, not all.

  221. 221
    Casual Observer says:

    @SC: Did reply, stuck in m0d queue. Hoping it pops out, not sure what was wrong. If doesn’t will repost later.

  222. 222
    Blowing Whistles says:

    It is an Israeli ‘Construct’. simples.

  223. 223


    If you know I was being trolled then you know both my name and that of my troll at the same time. It’s not hard and you are not stupid.

  224. 224
    Blowing Whistles says:

    They who control the pervs – across the political divides – with their “unlimited funds” to be able to do so control most if not all of this pathetic Government & Opposition.

    Are they found out in the new age of the net? – YES THEY EFFING ARE.

  225. 225
  226. 226
    Blowing Whistles says:

    The yanks had OJ, The UK had Hutton +2, the yanks then had MJ – come on its time to give the SA’s their chance at doing a stageCRAFTY piece of bull.

  227. 227
    Casual Observer says:

    @rebekah: Consider the following:

    There is a difference between thinking you are living in a democracy, and actually living in a democracy.

    To summarize @BW’s point on waking up: When you become aware of the propaganda, and start to get familiar with the nuances and how propaganda works, your perception changes. Your realization that things are not quite what you thought they were is at first revelation, then revulsion, but if you stick with it, will be your personal enlightenment.

    Suggesting that society, school and media is designed to program and coerce you into reacting in certain ways, live a certain way, and in part to think a certain way sounds insane.

    But, when you start to see things for what they really are, and figure why you were seeing things differently before, then it is not so insane.

    Your perception has not changed just because of this blog. The Savile affair in particular put a massive crack in the primary propaganda facade of what you thought was the UK. For many that will stick. If you think like our leaders, you will take that knowledge and use it to your profitable advantage.

    Incidentally, when people say that Savile has the capacity to take down the establishment, that is what they really are talking about.

    This is how the game really is. :-)

  228. 228

    Ah! Wonderful to hear unvarnished language telling a few home truths!

    All we need is concrete pump back as well and we can really motor.

    (6m public sector parasites sacked = £180bn saving though!)

  229. 229
    Blowing Whistles says:

    You two (SC / CO) – do blather on ..

    How come the D Mail and the Sun – only at the death ‘mentioned’ Common Purpose?

    How come the DM & S – have abjectly failed to mention the 1000’s of CP mongs infesting every local council and multiple of quangos up and down the land ripping off the PUBLIC?

    They DM & S ONLY – wanted to save THEMSELVES.

    Journos – across the msm largely write of ‘freedom of speech’ – but today the real issue has reared its head “FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION”.

    Here’s the KICK – “Freedom of expression” covers “everyone” EVERY MEMBER OF THE PUBLIC – the DM & S couldn’t give a to55 about the public’s right to freedom of expression. THEY & THEIR FRIENDS DON’T WANT the public SPEAKING OUT.

    Apologies for the “shouting”.

  230. 230
    Blowing Whistles says:

    See above SC – Freedom of Expression and the agenda of the D mail & Sun.

  231. 231
    Blowing Whistles says:

    I have been watching and reading and noting his antics.

  232. 232
    q says:

    and the economic situation in britain is still the fault of disabled and unemployed people hey?????


    what fucking c’unts this government are – austerity for the poor, embezzelment for the rich – what fucking bastards

  233. 233
    Casual Observer says:

    The programs I think are owned by BBC Worldwide now, a different entity to ‘BBC’ itself.

    The government itself must have its own archive as well, which would include all the stuff deleted from the main archive. If not it is likely on uTube.

    For your video’s definitely get a capture card and high capacity hard drive then transfer those suckers to digital ASAP. The software for remastering is available now so once digitized the quality will go up (a Mac is worth the investment for that).

    Videotape does have a finite life span and you tapes are likely coming to their end. If the material is not available to buy then you could be sitting on the last copies.

    Am not so sure selling BBC would work. The brand is very damaged, and seeing what Dave’s mob are like it would probably cost the UK more to sell the BBC rather than mothballing it for a few years and resurrecting as a new smaller broadcaster sometime in the future.

    I could see a chunk of it being absorbed into the Department for Culture to that end.

  234. 234
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Do you lodge with Heatherington?

  235. 235
    Diversity Officer says:

    Don’t be so homophobic

  236. 236


    There is no one here who wants to see Common Purpose go the way of the alleged works of Ozymandias more than I do.

    It is a ghastly and insidious affront to our nation that this form of subversion can endure and ranks alongside creationism which flourishes in the USA.

    Unfortunately we live in an age where this sort of thing can take root and you can lay that at the door of poor education and bad parenting. The biggest worry is that the greater majority of the population don’t even know it is happening.

  237. 237
    Casual Observer says:

    @SC: Replied and is stuck in m0d queue. Will repost if it does not appear.

    @BW: Reason for ‘Freedom of Expression’ is that is what is enshrined in UN / EU human rights legislation. It is really only the US which protects freedom of speech for US citizens there in its constitution.

    Whenever it is mentioned, UN Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights should be recalled:

    ‘Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.’

    In full that should cover everything.

    Constitutionally, freedom of speech is only guaranteed in the Parliament as per 1689 Bill of Rights. For commoners this is by unwritten consent of the establishment and the UN declaration above.

    Any EU treaty guaranteeing such rights imposed on the UK does not really count as imposition of foreign laws is unconstitutional.

  238. 238
    Blowing Whistles says:

    CO – the house of cards & Cads is falling and there ain’t nothing they can do to stop it.

    I am published in the public domain re: “CONTRITION” – THE NATIONAL MSM WOULDN’T TOUCH IT – THEY’RE SCARED WITLESS OF ME – but I sneaked it in locally 2 YEARS AGO.

    Fucking Private Eye – Heaslop! wanchor.

  239. 239
    Casual Observer says:

    @SC: I am with you on Common Purpose.

    But who is to say that there is not another as yet still clandestine replacement for CP starting to emerge ?

    These are strange times we live in.

  240. 240
    I Don't Get No Respect! says:

    And here was I, thinking it was Rennard we were supposed to be talking about, being a pussycat, or more to the point, a “cat” after “pussy.” That Galloway-as-cat-on-Big-Brother shite is so old, it’s got more grey hair on its balls than you have, FFS.

  241. 241
    Blowing Whistles says:

    SC – the jury is out at present.

  242. 242
    Oldest Country In The World To Lose AAA says:

    George and Dave have just blown it, lost the AAA.


    One term, done and dusted.

    No coming back from that.

  243. 243
    Oldest Country In The World To Lose AAA says:

    The Coalition was the rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic moment, the Tories knew the country was to far fucked to repair but needed to desperately get in at all costs so they could asset strip the UK for what was left.

    They and the UK rich will be sailing off to sunnier climes and different countries with all the money that is left after 2015.

    Won’t be long before shit kicks off now.

  244. 244
    Blowing Whistles says:

    CO – the American people and I have FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION – stop mixing it up with freedom of “speech”. Get your Article 19 facts correct

    “FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION”. I have been citing it for months now – it is my LAWFUL & MORAL revenge on those who have abused it for decades for “their financial gain” – but it doesn’t suit them now – because so much info on their dirty deeds has leaked out.

  245. 245
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Answer me this – Did I give David Miliband or Gordon Brown my tacit and implicit vote for them to sign me and the British public up to the Lisbon Treaty – no I did not. That pair of mongrels HAD NO MANDATE TO DO SO.

  246. 246
    Blowing Whistles says:

    WHO THE FUCK ARE THE MONGRELS AT MOODYS (S&P and Fitch) – who deem such – are they the one family bankster placemens puppets?

  247. 247
    Casual Observer says:

    @BW: 1st Amendment Test for US:

    ‘Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.’

    The right to speech there is affirmed.

    In the UK the only thing you are guaranteed is freedom of Expression as per UN Article 19. I was not clear in the second paragraph. This is broadly understood to include speech as a medium of information exchange. But that can be challenged.

    This was interesting from last year:


    The Human Rights Act 1998 is a knock off of the Euro rights. They are speaking of setting up a British bill of rights on the back of that (note the lowercase b in bill), but the original Bill of Rights is still on statute. That renders all EU law that has been imposed.

    The Bill of Rights states:

    ‘That the freedom of speech and debates or proceedings in Parliament ought not to be impeached or questioned in any court or place out of Parliament;’

    That appears to only protect freedom of speech within Parliament only. Freedom of speech for the rest of us, absent Article 19, is by consent with the establishment. Recall a certain ex-member of Parliament who used that to protect herself after saying some fairly libelous stuff in the house ;-)

    Freedom of speech is also a ‘negative right’ in the UK.

    Serious constitutional reform is needed to fix this state of affairs.

  248. 248
    Sailor says:

    Major slip there? SC ignorant of the Adriatic coast?

  249. 249
    albacore says:

    John Bull’s been fattened and feather-bedded
    His will and integrity both shredded
    Those whom the deities wish to destroy
    They first regress from a man to a boy

  250. 250
    Casual Observer says:

    Looks like a minor one. Barcola is just north of Trieste.

  251. 251
    aussie rules says:

    Rennard,Huhne,Hughes what a party! sex pests liars thieves,fraudsters et al,The political class in this country is totally corrupt no wonnder this country is in the shit.The loss of triple AAA means that its almost certain Labour will win the next election then we will see higher taxation the enhancement of the welfare state more and more statism,If the Tories dont win Eastleigh then they have to rid themselves of Cameron and Osborne PDQ

  252. 252
    albacore says:

    My, oh my, but ain’t it a pity
    London’s now a vagabond city
    Whatever happened to London pride
    Submerged under dross from far and wide?

  253. 253

    The jury has been dismissed…

  254. 254

    My mistake for carelessly reading that as Barcelona and not Barclola, which is just to the north of Trieste and which we have discussed before here. Glad to demonstrate that I am not perfect…

  255. 255

    You are right on every point here.

  256. 256

    John Mann said the downgrade had left Mr Osborne fatally wounded.

    Is that the same John Mann MP, the notorious wanker?

  257. 257
    Rennet de Sheepdip says:

    Yerrs, Rennard as the Patio Potato Kit should swing it

  258. 258
    Guido ignoring ratings downgrade says:

    What about the losing of AAA rating?????? You dont want to talk about that!!!

  259. 259
    Andy Burnham says:

    Have you sampled the delights of my NHS ? They’d love to give you a hand.

  260. 260
    Lou Scannon says:

    Never done jury service but isn’t there some sort of filtering process ? I thought that both the Prosecution and the Defence were given the opportunity to reject potential jurors that they didn’t like the look of. Assuming that that is so then how on earth did they end up with this particular bunch of idiots ? Or is that what they set out to do ?

  261. 261
    Lou Scannon says:

    Might as well rename every government agency/authority the SFA.

  262. 262
    Anonymous says:

    On my last visit I discovered that there are no more mussles growing on the harbour walls and rocks. Why?

  263. 263
    Smoker says:

    He’s a trustee of ASH.
    Can I beat him up now?

  264. 264
    Wilkins Micawber says:

    Losing that stupid rating is useful. The government needs a kick up the backside to stop it continuing running up so much debt.

  265. 265
    Dick James says:

    Well, I’ll go to the foot of our stairs !

  266. 266
    Watcher in the shadows says:

    Don’t forget Handycock. Latest High Court case soon to hit the headlines.

  267. 267
    Legal Eagle says:

    The cross examination to determine suitability is a US thing:


    Only the judge has the right to discharge individual jury members once the trial has started, however cannot replace them without retrial.

    The minimum size of jury is between 9 and 7 where seven is permissible in county court. The trial must start with 12 or 8 in county court.

    For civil cases, jury size of 10 is required in cases where a jury is required: That is less than 1% of civil cases.

    Coroners court is different. There the procedure can start with between 7 and 11.

  268. 268
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    Careful there! The good people of Eastleigh will think you are talking about the local fire brigade.

  269. 269
    Terry Dactyl says:

    So he’s a hands on sorta guy. What’s the problem?

  270. 270
  271. 271
    Lou Scannon says:

    Thanks for the info.
    Can’t help thinking the US may have improved on our system for once.

  272. 272
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    A certain burger chain may beg to differ!

  273. 273
    Gladys says:

    If that fat slob tried to put his hand any where near my bottom he would end up rolling on the floor in agony.

    Why have none of these women taken such fast and effective action?

  274. 274
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    And there was I thinking that I was cock a snook…

    Live and learn!

  275. 275
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    *it (not I) sorry, new keyboard

  276. 276
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    But since these 3 organisations were triple A rating billions of dollars of crap paper, who now takes any notice of a word they say? Like the BBC they should be told to take a powder.

  277. 277
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    .. and Liverpool getting knocked out of that Toytown cup.

  278. 278
    Yvonne from The Colliers Arms Clydach says:

    There is nothing to talk about .

    Our rating has been downgraded because our medium term growth outlook is sluggish (whatever that means) ;

    It is not the fault of Mr Osborne but rather the fault of the global economy so there is nothing we can do about it see.

    They say something about deleveraging the public and private sectors but that is a load of old gobbdygook.

    Moody say that if things get better they will upgrade us and if things change and we get Labout agian they will downgrade us . They say they are confident the debts will start to fall after the Next election so long as we vote in a Conservative Government .

    If you read what moodys have actually said it is all there.

  279. 279
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:


  280. 280
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    See! I always said the Moodys were Blue!

  281. 281

    @Catty Comment (Ms)

    I think you are right. It is snook from the Dutch. Bloody Clegg! I have gone for a lifetime saying it incorrectly although it seems that snoop is very widely used. As you say: live and learn.

  282. 282
  283. 283
    GDS says:

    The mongs who call George Osborne Gideon because it’s his first name presumably do the same for John Gordon Brown. No? What fucking hypocritical bastards!

  284. 284
    Displaced Brummie says:

    But Lord Leave-out-the-scandal will soon put a stop to this. And any future sex pests at the top will now they can pursue their sexpestery without any fear of the press exposing them.

  285. 285
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Or, know, even. Dratted Fat Finger Syndrome!

  286. 286
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Because, Gladys, in his right had he held their breast, in his right hand, he held their political future.

    Bit of a dastard, I’d say!

  287. 287
    Archie says:

    What about they with hooks, jellabas and beards?

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