February 21st, 2013

WATCH: Galloway Storms Out of Debate With Israeli

Third year Oxford PPE student and Israeli citizen Eylon Aslan-Levy saw Galloway’s true colours last night. He stormed out of the debate at Christ Church College on the grounds that his opponent was an Israeli. “Respect…”


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    Anonymous says:

    Gotta keep that Muslim vote, eh George?

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      Time 2 CTRL, ALT & DEL says:

      by leaving, because the debater was an Israeli – a state he doesn’t recognise- he was infact recognising it by leaving because of it.

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        Anonymous says:

        Either way, he was right to walk out.

      • 60
        SP4BS says:

        Also the hallmark of all nationalist intolerance.

        I was going to try to compare it to the difference between “scottish”, “extreme scottish nationalist” and “a spaddy friend of Salmond”. But don’t have the spare time to expand that.

        • 71
          Rob Roy says:

          Have you never seen that film “Braveheart” with Mel Gibson ?

          The Imperialist English attitude towards the Scots was truly dreadful .

          Never once has David Cameron offered an apology to his eternal shame .

        • 155
          damned impertinent questions says:

          Errr…in the end wasn’t Braveheart shafted because his fellow Scots did a deal behind his back so perhaps the Scots might apologize to the Scots ….except that before taht time there wasn’t a real coherent Concepcion of Scotland as one unified nation rather than a collection of warring clans stealing each others sheep at almost every opportunity

          • Gwen Nowin Jones says:

            Succeeded by the one Bravebelly who has not been seen for some time. Haggis fuccer.

          • Hadrian (Emp.) says:

            Could the ex RBS employee Fatscot now at the Liberation Party not apologise?

          • Marc Carnage says:

            You Brits sure have some problems to resolve. Now the £ is down the pan proper, good job Mervyn (not). Fightin` and bickerin` as you do and that Parliament, gee, tossers. Now who do I see about another contract extension, will need to be with y`all for some time!

      • 221
        Beyond Cynicism says:

        Even better. If idiot George doesn’t recognise Israel as a State, then he cannot recognise the young man as being an Israeli so, therefore, by his own twisted logic, George knows that the young man is NOT an Israeli so he cannot walk out of the debate on the basis that his opponent IS an Israeli – but he did.

        Not very bright, is he? I wonder how much ‘respect’ he earned from his audience?

        • 247
          kasou says:

          Who is this George prat… would love to meet in my local AND GEORGE I AM NOT ISRAELI just and ordinary truck driver that would like talk gently with you

    • 35

      If I was to act that way with a ‘minority’ person I’d be arrested, tried and found guilty of a hate crime, and then sacked from my job and labeled forever as a racist.

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      Mason Dixon says:

      and i thought it was all about the infinite imperialism of israel to murder palestinians for fun

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      Anonymous says:

      An Oxford PPE student – grounds enough to walk out in my book. The training ground for treacherous, socialist scum who upon graduating use it as a springboard into politics to interfere in your everyday life. A geology student stacking shelves is of more worth than a PPE grad.

      Loved the camp shouts of “waycist” on his leaving.

      • 122
        Reconstruct says:

        Right, learning about logic, economics and history is so worthless. Ignorance is strength.

      • 219
        Anonymous says:

        ha ha.

      • 236
        Kinjongun says:

        Probably more damage has been done to the UK by Oxford PPE graduates than any other group of people. It is a degree with virtually n o factual content. The principal road to a first is to parrot your lecturers’ prejudices.

    • 145
      M says:

      He doesn’t “storm out” he “fucks off”
      I think everyone including most rational Muslims wish he would , if possible once & for all .

    • 184
      Anonymous says:

      There are more Muslims than Israel firsters in GB so yes, they should be represented!
      Unless of course you don’t believe in democracy but that some self-proclaimed master race has more rights than everyone else.

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    turbotubbs says:

    What was the reason? Can’t read the end of the top banner…

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      Henry Brubaker says:

      His reason is simple: He doesn’t debate with Israelis. Apparently he was ‘mislead’

      • 28
        SP4BS says:

        Its odd isn’t it. but Galloway started reacting funny when the bloke said “We”, as if he was talking on behalf of “the country in question”.

        That seems rather different than just having a student that happens to be a citizen of that country.

        • 40
          Andy D'eath-Penaltydown says:

          And, indeed, the young guy appeared to be advocating a peace treaty for “an enduring peace” – what’s wrong with that Georgy on that? No more pe.do profit (sic) worshiping despots’ indefatigability to salute?

          Another LieBore trained, traitorous Quisling.

      • 38
        When I was a lad I served a term as office boy to an attorney's firm... says:


      • 56
        Anonymous says:

        You can’t “debate” with ZIoLoons. Alll they ever do is whine “anti-semite” when they invariably lose the argument.
        Or they go on how “their” theocracy is somehow democratic and how having ancestors gives them (but no one else) the “right” to have anybody’s land.

    • 120
      Anonymous says:

      Cut the guy some slack. He may have just been told that the imams in his constituency mosques have learnt that he voted in favour of gay marriage. Naturally, he’d be in a rush to get back and make preparations for the celebration party.

      If that isn’t the case, then maybe someone can drop them a line to let them know. I’d hate to think that such a momentous vote would pass without at least one toast (non-alcoholic) being made in his name. Inshallah.

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    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    There is no money for galloway in supporting Is rael. He’d much rather recognise folks like assad who kill off their own people.

    • 46
      Anonymous says:

      Funnily enough Politics is full of slime from all sides who sell out to the ZIoLoons and their unethical despot racist colony. They have been undermining western democracy for over a century now. Galloway was right to walk out.

      • 74
        rebekah aka nellnewman says:

        anyone know what happened to mariam , the charity and all that money ?

      • 82
        rebekah aka nellnewman says:

        And no galloway was not right. The man is an opportunist only interested in flirting with repressive regimes like I ran, I raq and S yria. Anyone who can support such regimes who have killed thousands of their own people is not a decent human being.

        • 152
          Pundit Too says:

          Galloway is the supreme hyporcritical opportunist, only threatened by Bliar.
          Political opponents are wary of him due to his excellent rhetoric, as they were of Alex Salmond, who appears to have lost these skills.

        • 156
          Blowing Whistles says:

          Don’t forget who supported I ran I raq and S yria – the US the UK

          and who done the dirty deals in the desert with Ghadaffi / who doesn’t do rendition etc

          All done by bliar as ‘we’ the British. Bliar is declared openly as a lover of zioloonism.

      • 189
        Catch phrase flop says:

        There is no such word as ZioLoon, so stop hoping it will catch on and make you thrilled to be you.

        Still, when the likes of those who plan to destroy Israel succeed (after all, just one little country, surely Iran and all their pals can manage that?) then the middle east will have peace, right? No squabbling tribes ever again, just wall-to-wall islam. I bet you can’t wait.

        • 196
          Anonymous says:

          I am anti-land-robbing-religious-nutters and anti-racist, which is what they Israel ueber alles nutters are.

          • Sarah Teat Her says:

            Yes. Is rael totally run by intolerant religious nutters. And gays of all races and religions are flocking to Gaza to be fitted for their wedding dresses.

        • 204
          Marc Carnage says:

          in shall la!

        • 217
          Blowing Whistles says:

          CpF – why don’t you get the Israelis to sort out their crime concealing rabbis [Child abuse having been concealed] and the massive religious infighting in Israel before coming on here or are you a frontman troll?

      • 222
        Beyond Cynicism says:

        The Arab nations, of course, have been beacons of democracy all this time? Oh yes, and they show great respect to women, homosexuals, apostates and all others who deviate from their narrow, bigoted and intolerant ways, don’t they?

        I can’t think why Galloway should choose to support such a barbaric, medieval and superstitious lot … unless, of course, there’s both money and votes in it for him. Clever exploitation of a niche clientele on his part – but that doesn’t make him, or you, a principled defender of human rights or human values.

        • 227
          Mum Knows Best says:

          George just wants what everyone wants a cushy life paid for by someone else, its every politicians birth eight so there .

  4. 5
    cjcjc says:

    Galloway is utterly repellent.

  5. 6
    MrQblank says:

    spirit of Nazi Germany alive and well

    • 24
      jolly hockeysticks says:

      Oh come on this is order-order.. You cannot compare a gaggle of rugger club toffs as Nazi’s. Oh George? I thought Nazi’s liked to produce personality cults. I see the cult, but where is the personality?

      • 52

        I think it can be argued that he has a well developed personality, albeit not to most peoples taste, however he is an even bigger cult.

        I do hope I spelt that last bit correctly, as my mother tongue is Latin, rather than Norse.

        • 81
          jolly hockeysticks says:

          If it his appeal to those who dislike Israel that make him a cult, then yes he is a massive cult. Was walking out of a debate cultish? Yes. Was invite George to a debate he would have to walk out of based on his own culty beliefs a little cultish too? Oh yes. What a lot of cults.

        • 206
          Marc Carnage says:

          Beware the Ides of March then.

    • 173
      Anonymous says:

      You must mean appropriating land at gunpoint for people who claim to be god’s chosen race.

      • 176
        Dat Susara says:

        I believe that all religions think that, except Buddhists.

        The 1st, 2nd and third Caliphate expansions to land that was not theirs, the Crusades.

        I could go on, but that’s boring. So is the “he hit me first” argument about who should take the blame in the Middle East.

        Fix the problem, not the blame.

  6. 7
    Saddam Hussein (deceased) says:

    That wasn’t very indefatigable.

    • 240
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Did you ever get Rumsfeld on the stand giving testimony on oath – No – thought not – rather convenient and timely that.

  7. 8
    Casual Observer says:

    No fan of Gall0way, however: This was a uni debate and people accusing him of rac!sm for walking out ?

    What sort of mongs are the Uni’s producing these days ?

    • 11
      V1le, spiteful Labour ruined my Country says:

      It was a racist gesture, it’s different when the boot is on the other foot?

      • 25
        SP4BS says:

        ha. another daft sod crying “racist”.

        Are you like that lib dem chap, and don’t know the basic differences between just two or three different terms?

        • 140
          Grrr says:

          When Marxists start walking out of debates featuring N Koreans and other repressive regimes we’ll stop calling Gallaway a racist.

          Don’t worry – it’ll never happen.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Plenty of mos(t) sad professional trolls on here today [far too many - but they're noted] preaching their inverted duplicitous bile.

    • 49

      From the times of the medieval churchmen, the universities have regarded all people as equal. It is something that has transcended nationality, racial and, even in modern times, religious divides itself.

      Even in WWII there was a tacit agreement that the Germans would not bomb Oxford or Cambridge and that the Allies would not bomb Heidelberg or Göttingen. Although popularly disputed, the evidence points towards this having been the case.

      To the point here, for Galloway to walk out was completely within his rights, but to cite Israel as the reason in so doing was clearly out of order IMHO.

      • 69

        Saladin, the reluctant resistance leader during the Crusades, treated the defeated European Crusader army with respect and mercy, to the point of granting amnesty and safe passage. He is rightly remembered as a great leader.

        An Israeli who tries to suggest that cutting the gordian knot would be a good thing is met with the equivalent of a petulant childish tantrum. All it needed was (the cherry on the cake) Georgy slamming the door shut as hard as possible and screaming as he flounced away down the hall “And I don’t fu.cking love you any more!!!!”

        But then turncoat apostates like جورج Galloway are only interested in bandwagons – must be his LieBore training.

        • 89

          The posturing was not so much in his first remark I don’t debate with Isrаelis. It was his subsequent grandstanding at the doorway which was meant for broadcasting to his flock. Despicable in my view but I must read what CO has added below which just caught my eye.

          • WoRaft ChiHUAHua says:

            I wonder if he really meant to debate at all but was just being George and creating a photo opportunity? If he always meant to flounce out it was just a question of finding the best timing for his home voters. Perhaps he got lucky and found one in the first 20 seconds.

        • 171
          Not Right says:

          I think you will find that Saladin broke his word and took the Latins of Jerusalem off as slaves.

          • But let the rest go, which by Muslim standards, now as then, constitutes keeping his word. Slavery was then common practice. In some states under Muslim control, it still is in all but name.

            You cannot expect a Mozzie to keep his word to you – you are infidel and therefore apostate and beneath his contempt – almost, but not quite less worth than his wife.

          • O B Laden says:


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Slaves – The slave trade – now just remind me who made the most money out of the slave trading and who owned most of the ships that ‘transported’ the slaves around the world – I am of course talking of pre-1939 … come on … there are those who do not ‘want’ the majority of people on the planet to see or recognise any history before 1939 … I wonder why?

      • 70
        SP4BS says:

        hmm. you’ve had a post deleted.

        • 80

          Yes. Noticed that. But some consolidation was done at the top and it may have just fallen on the cutting room floor.

          You have kindly given me the opportunity to repeat the operative part and slightly tighten it: He also failed to differentiate between a person and a nationality. This is becoming the hallmark of fundamentalist Islаmіc intolerance.

          • SP4BS says:

            In the post graveyard. “failing to differentiate” like that is a basic weakness of the human mind.

          • I could say that when you have to deal with 72 bickering virgins, all pressing simultaneously for your services, then that may be understandable…

            What yesterday’s trial abandonment demonstrates is that we have the most severe problems pre-graveyard.

      • 79
        Casual Observer says:

        He did state that he doesn’t debate with !sraeli’s and does not recognize the state. Nothing rac!st or out of order there, perhaps a bit frank.

        No fan of Gall0way, but he is a politician and made a very clear political statement, yet the audience reacted by branding him rac!st with ridicule. That was ill informed and wrong, somewhat Soviet in overtone.

        This was at ChristChurch Oxford, so one would expect a more enlightened reaction from the students. Standards have obviously slipped quite a bit, unless this was a complete setup.

        If he had asked the question first before attending the debate, letting them know he would not debate with !sraeli’s, that would confirm if this was a setup.

        Shouldn’t be too quick to prejudge him. Politics, and particularly politics involving the middle east, is very murky these days. The 3rd year PPE student is very likely in the !sraeli security services which for Gall0way would be good reason to bail.

        Replied to you on pension point yesterday:


        There are many issues there which the state is very clearly making a real mess of. The real problems will not affect people in your generation so much, but for the younger generation in the UK in particular with women who are no longer forming families or having children much later in life, the implications for +20-40 years from now are awful.

        • 104

          Will pick up one the first issue later where, whilst I understand what you are saying, I have a fundamental disagreement over the way in which Galloway handled the situation (see above). If we must not prejudge the man, neither must we do so to the students. There was a valid basis for their objections but racism was not one. Unfortunately, it has become the first word in our enormous lexicon that people turn to and is now almost just a meme.

          In your comment on the previous thread, I do not understand how you have used the term amoral which is a quality of negation. Could you please clarify and I can then give you some prime examples from my experience why it just cannot and does not work in the way you appear to argue.

          • Casual Observer says:

            The audience can be prejudged from their reaction. They did not pick up on Gall0ways subtle point.

            !srael has a history of refusing to enter talks with Palest!ne on the basis that they do not recognize it as a state. Even since the UN has it has been sketchy.

            Gall0way gave an unexpected demonstration for this and was attacked as rac!st, which it is not. The audience can be prejudged, as they did not react (as many of the comments here also reflect) with a critical understanding of what had just happened.

            Instead they went on the attack, using ‘rac!st’ label, and immediately aligning with Eyl0ns position, the position of !srael, without any thought.

            Now, the audience here should have been a bit smarter.

            Stepping up a level, the above footage demonstrates either a setup, or a Pavlovian response in the audience. If you know how to manipulate that then you are in control of winning debates irrespective of whether you are right or wrong.

            On the amoral question: I used to indicate a complete absence of morality which is a feature of the modern Marxist society in which we live. I did not state immoral as that implies that the societal context has morality to counter. It is only moral if there is a moral reason as indicated with the abuse history aspect.

            Not expressed well overall, my position is that it is a moral responsibility to look after family members. The raft of excuses which exist to justify not doing so are false and immoral, much of modern society these days is essentially amoral.

          • Thank you. I had already made the point that racist was the wrong retort so do not take issue over that in itself.

            You had mentioned that the speaker may have been from the Israeli security services. If he was then he should have declared an interest, I would agree. But you are presuming this. It may not be so. I know plenty of Israelis who are not members of the security services who could give a similar paper. Of course, all of them will serve with the forces at some point but I feel sure you are not arguing from that standpoint.

            Finally with the proviso made above, even a member of the security services is also a citizen of the country and a human being.

            I shall leave my anecdotal experience for another time as I am pressed currently but thanks for your clarification, which is as I would have expected save for what I felt was an oddity in your phrasing.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Reading all CO and SC’s comments with interest.

            CO – making the more level headed points re: see behind galloways points don’t immediately grab the blinkers and get all huffy like all smearing I.sraelis do on command.

        • 106

          Small point of order here – Israel is a recognised country in the same way as Saudi Arabia, Australia, the USA, The “United” Kingdom, all of which enclosed and absorbed other sovereign nations and aboriginal peoples to become what they are today.

          To “Not” recognise them is a personal, dogmatic and deliberately provocative stance, meant to foster political support and sympathy from certain quarters.

          The UK, for 600 years, did not “recognise” the aboriginal (and I DO use that in it’s truest sense, and not pejoratively) Irish, and again when forming of the 6 counties, who than formed a paramilitary resistance army and political wing – but when the UK did “officially” do so, the process of peace started in earnest.

          George Galloway – a lesson from history for you that needs repeating elsewhere.

          Pax vobiscum.

          • Sorry about the garbled grammar in the 3rd paragraph – I think I’m still a bit heady from the fumes!

            Omnes una manet nox.

          • Casual Observer says:

            !srael is a nation state. !srael is resisting the recognition of another state: Palest!ne.

            Gall0way’s politics are sided more with Palest!ne than either the UK or !srael.

            He is using eye for an eye rhetoric here, not nice, but that is what it is.

            Your point is making Gall0way’s perfectly.

            What he did was precisely what !srael does when refusing to negotiate with the state of Palest!ne. The students who shouted rac!st at him, even thought they are wrong, may want to think a bit more about what they said.

            Two wrongs do not make a right is the real takeaway. Still interesting that the audience jumped immediately to ‘rac!sm’.

            Personally, I do not agree at all with Gall0way’s politics.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            The extreme left exist to batter the extreme right and vice versa. They both rely upon one anothers existence.

            In the fog of all their extremist rhetoric – the general masses / honest people get drawn into the left/right wing blathering.

            The extreme left Communist / socilaist types are forever grabbing for power and control of the people and the money

            The extreme right Capitalist / corporate types are forever grabbing for power and control of the people and the money

            There is one particular family/clique of the old ‘moneylenders’ type who control “BOTH” the left and the right …

            Wake up FFS.

          • And thus the ovens were built. O tempora! o mores!

            A fallacy is a fallacy, regardless of how loud you shout it – it is not the fault of the people to be clever, insular and good with money.

            History has taught them to be insular and not to rely on, but to fear the foreigner – the word pogrom has been used across the world to describe such events against the people of Moses for time immemorial.

            And no, I’m not one – I do have a pullover. And even after 2000 years, it’s just the same as the legendary John Holmes’s – not as big, just as dead.

          • Blowing Whistles says:


            To invoke the “And thus the ovens were built” phrase – kills your argument straight away. People like you always try to kill any argument or civil discussion by reverting to that godforsaken subject.

            To invoke that ‘mantra’ – to silence criticism – IS A WORN OUT OLD RECORD. And they love it even more when the likes of you does it for them at arms length. They’re having the last laugh at you you dupe.

  8. 9
    Did says:

    Disgusting man if he doesn’t recognise Israel why does he refuse to debate the Israeli ( a nationality that can’t exist in his mind)

    • 216
      Anonymous says:

      You hypocrite. Israelis won’t talk to various people who don’t elevate their despot racist colony to “country” standard.

  9. 10
    Quell surprise says:

    His electorate would demand nothing less.

    Welcome to multicultural Britain. Horribly divided and fractured on cultural lines.

    • 13
      V1le, spiteful Labour ruined my Country says:

      With the white flight from London the disgusting Labour MPs will soon see the cess-pit they have created.

      • 53
        Residing in 96.99% white Merseyside says:

        Sell your house in Londistan and buy one for a £1 in Liverpool. You’ll have more than enough money left over to completely refurb them.

        Be quick though before the Roma from Romania and Bulgaria snap ‘em up next year.

        Be quick – please, please, please!

        • 102
          Omar O'Farell says:

          Merseyside – another place in England that the English have been ethnically cleaned from

        • 210
          Marc Carnage says:

          Not worth even one pound. Don`t park a car there, go out, breathe or do anything not worthy of a true scouse ie all teetotal football fans. A paper bag would be more useful.

      • 230
        O B Laden says:

        Please to get the name right, it is more properly refered to as Londonistan, dont make further mistakes or you will be visited upon.

    • 157
      Cassandrina says:

      Good you mention multi-culturalism in view of the terminated trial of Vickie Pryce.
      BBC today were at pains to try to cover up the fact that at least one of the jury did not fully understand English, even though the system ensures the have to read and understand their contract and the written judge’s guidelines.
      The fact that 10 questions were asked and a few of them were so basic as to be unbelievable shows that our jury system is in danger from Blair’s multicultural immigration policies, most especially in London, where the exodus of British white middle class (horrible term but apt) has been going on for 10 years.

  10. 12
    Humphrey says:

    I came here for the water.
    Water? There’s no water here this is the desert.
    I was misinformed

  11. 14
    Galloway is appalling says:

    Absolutely shameful and barefaced racism. Criticising a country is fair. Refusing to debate with someone who happens to be a citizen of that country is an absolute disgrace.

    • 72
      Truth says:

      Just may be he is just carring out what he believes ! unlike so many that say what they are expected to say and think.

    • 209
      Vlad the Inhaler says:

      No, bombing refugee camps at night is a disgrace. Refusing to debate with an Israeli is making a point.

  12. 15
    Galloway is appalling says:

    He clearly feels his voter base would desert him if they found out he was in the same room as an Is*aeli. Awful man.

  13. 16
    Axe The Telly Tax says:

    Typical chippy, racist, bigoted little Scotlander. LOL

    • 20
      Fabians ARE EVIL says:

      That scottish racist should be ashamed of himself – He is Evil, he is a socialist, and he is typical of the left.

      My god he may even be a fabian!!!!

  14. 17
    No such thing as society says:

    I would have admired him if he walked out if he said it was because he couldn’t stand chinless wonders.

  15. 18
    SP4BS says:

    Someone in that room shouted “racist” when I would have thought its crystal clear that it isn’t.

    Everyone here normally whinges like hell when someone shouts “racist” for no good reason.

  16. 19
    luoto says:


    Storm out my hairy arse. He might have opinions you dislike, and I can’t say I follow what he says that much, but he articulated his opinion without hysteria or emotion and left. More politicians should stand by their convictions and not move about like a weather vane.

    Mind you, when you heard the gasps I thought it was a group of 11 year old girls.

    • 23
      Fabians ARE EVIL says:

      Oh come on! can you imagine the fuss if he was a Tory? But, as usual, the lefty press will give him a ‘pass’

      • 34
        The BBC are cunts says:

        Can you imagine the fuss we’d make if a Tory had said, ‘I don’t debate with P@kistanis/Chinese/Nigerians’ ?

        • 45
          luoto says:

          I was commenting more on the “storming out” bit. He can still be a tool for not wanting to debate. He didn’t have a temper tantrum and do one.

        • 51
          SP4BS says:

          one might be less likely to believe that George hadn’t already noticed what race they were earlier.

          • more likely that Galloway knew exactly what the debate arrangements were and staged everything to gain publicity and curry favour amongst the moslem morons who run his constituency. No tantrum, because his bad-mannered hypocrisy was worked out from start to finish.

          • SP4BS says:

            That sort of means that Guido is part of George’s publicity machine.

            Pretty much nobody would have heard about it otherwise.

          • @GOM: Agree that you have probably sussed the situation accurately here.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            SC you agree with GoM – who says ‘more likely’ [terms I used in another post today] you then state ‘probably sussed’ – so you are both moving along on nothing of any factual basis – save speculation.

            Now what is it in English law that was mentioned by a judge yesterday about ‘speculation’?

            Isn’t it dangerous to let oneself be carried along on opinions dressed up as if the were fact?

          • Read the masthead, BW. This is not a court of law. We indulge in tittle-tattle here.

        • 233
          BoJo says:

          What a great senario.

  17. 21
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    No wonder he gets invited on to BBC programmes such as Question Time.

  18. 22
    One Term Dave says:

    Everyone is telling me that my trip to India was a PR triumph. I got bollocked by the Indian PM. I dressed up like a pantomime extra. And I invited everyone to come and take advantage of our benefits system. Job done!

    • 33
      Jeremy Clarkson says:

      Dave mate, you tried your best, but let’s face it, me James and Hammond set the gold standard for trade missions to India some time ago and nothing is ever going to come close.

    • 58
      India says:

      Sorry Dave, the UK doesn’t actually own or make anything any more, how can we possibly trade with you?

      • 107
        Omar O'Farell says:

        I think we design ARM microchips – the most widely used chip in history. We don’t make them though – that’s just metal bashing

  19. 26
    Anonymous says:

    Treason is not confined to liblabcons.

    Come regime change and they’ll all be gone.

    • 30
      Axe The Telly Tax says:

      Another anon keyboard warrior typing from his bedroom.

      Don’t forget it’s back to school on Monday. LOL

      • 39
        jolly hockeysticks says:

        Mr Tax, I am glad you have the courage to use your real name. Axe is such a hunky name too. Makes me wet.

  20. 31
    Operation Crossbow says:

    I don’t debate with Galloway I don’t recognise Scotland.

  21. 32
    Time 2 CTRL, ALT & DEL says:

    in leaving by default he rcognised the country – silly man

  22. 36
    Owin Jones says:

    “Third year Oxford PPE student and Israeli citizen Eylon Aslan-Levy saw Galloway’s true colours last night. ”

    That scumbag,Galloway should have a yellow stripe painted on his back.

    Dirty cowardly bastard

  23. 37
    I rest my case m'lud says:

    Galloway is an anti-semitic Nazi.

    • 68
      John Bellingham says:


    • 182
      Blowing Whistles says:

      And Blair is an International war criminal – who fronts many of his funding friends’ agendas and accepts the backhanders from several banking corporations – No?

    • 212
      Vlad the Inhaler says:

      I think you’ll find he’s anti-Israel and actually supports the REAL semites, the Palestinians. As for ‘Nazi’, what does the Talmud say smiting Gentiles?

  24. 43
    Hava Nagila says:

    Le Happy Merchant

  25. 50
    q says:

    we hear endless stories of feckless working and unemployed people – generaly via our corrupt government , publically paid for spads – so imagine my joy at the activities of tory mp for tewkesbury who has not only his ex-wife but his new partner on his payroll, all at our expense and against the rules – and all over the tory shits fav paper, the dail heil



    hypocrisy and corruption the only things you need to be a tory scum

  26. 54
    Only moving on to get more callers in says:

    It would have been even better video if he had walked out through the wrong door and ended up in a cupboard.

  27. 55
    Madmood Ahmadinnerjacket says:

    He makes me proud!

  28. 57
    Kulgan of Crydee says:

    Love the way Galloway says “Are you an Israeli” thereby acknowledging the state of Israel then says “I don’t recognise Israel”. What a fool.

  29. 61
    Truth says:

    This used to be a Country where Freedom Of Speech mattered and whatever Galloway says he should not be showered with abuse just because a few disagree with his actions or what he says. These actions curtail Free Speech enormously and is one of the reason’s that we are losing it.
    As for some of the comments about Palestine, Galloway may be correct, most of the World are coming to the conclusion that what Israel is doing to the Palestinians is wrong and had it have been any other Country they would have had the might of the USA and Europe against them. For those who do not agree hten that is your right but research the subject and actually look at how the Palestinians are living (if you can call it that) and how badly (cruel) that Israel is treating them, history will eventually show how wrong Israel has been.

    • 73
      John Smith says:

      Yeah how dare Israel give the Pals billions in aid in return for groups bent on its destruction being elected.

      They should do as the Arab governments and keep them in squalid camps while carrying out the occasional massacre

    • 77
      fabians ARE EVIL says:

      You, sir, are either stupid or a lefty or both. The ‘left’ have ensured that we have thought and hate crime and their PC agenda has ensured the end of free thinking debate. So please do not insult us with your ‘freedom of speech’ bollox!!!

      As to the rest of your post methinks you should do better ‘research’

    • 88
      Henry Brubaker says:

      Lol, love your mixed up thinking on this.

      You defend ‘free speech’ by denouncing those that exercise their free speech in showering the repellant Galloway with ‘abuse’ (much of it is criticism rather than simply abuse, are you not able to make that distinction?). Apparently they ‘should not’ do so. How is that an example of free speech? Actually these actions curtail free speech enormously and is one of the reasons you are losing it (recognise those words?)

      The people at that meeting or the public in general are not able to comment on Galloways thoughts on the debate given that he wanders off on the basis of the speakers nationality.

      You suggest that people should only comment on the Israel/palestinian issue once they done their’research’ and, it appears, come to the right conclusion.

      So here is how free speech works according to Truth here:

      Criticism = abuse.

      This ‘abuse’ should not be allowed as it apparently curtails free speech (not quite sure how TBH….. but thats lefty logic for you)

      People should only comment on a subject when the have done their research and come to the politically correct conclusion beforehand.

      You must be a left winger Truth. This is the left wing version of how ‘free speech’ operates.

    • 177
      Kevin T says:

      What has any of that got to do with walking out of a debate because of your opponent’s nationality? What a bunch of fucking hypocrites left wingers are. Imagine if Nigel Farage refusef to debate with a Romanian, we’d never hear the end of the “racist” and “xenophobe”taunts.

      • 190
        Why Aye says:

        We get the xenophobe taunts anyway, just because we don’t want our country to be run by un-elected EUreaucrats.

        We would prefer to elect our own leaders, and ignore Agenda 21.

  30. 62

    Good morrow to you sir , trust you are well ?

  31. 63
    Respect My Arse. says:

    We will have to consider taking the whip away from that toe rag,George Galloway.

  32. 66
    Hannibal from Carthage says:

    At least Galloway is not wanted for a breach of bail offence unlike that Julian Assange character.

    Let us post a political debate around Galloway because he is easy pickings .

    What has the British Government done since Christmas to bring the Arch Angel to justice ?

    The answer seems to be diddly squat

    • 97
      Henry Brubaker says:

      Well you can only play the opponent they put in front of you. Galloway presents himself squarely before us with his odious actions here.

      Assange? What can the government do whilst he hides in the Embassay. Violate centuries of tradition and diplomatic agreements for that snivelling little shit Assange?

      TBH I’d love to see him packed off on a plane to Sweden to answer his accusers. ANd if somehow he later finds himself in an American Supermax as Bubbas biatch then I wont weep for him.

      But whilst he cowers in the embassay there is little the government can do. Even one as useless, spinless and wishy washy as Camerons coalition of the mediocre.

      • 194
        Where's My Ikea Catalogue? says:

        No expert me on international law (which is really a set of agreements, after all, and not a law as such) but I believe Britain can strip the embassy in question of its status. It becomes then a building subject to British law, which is not so much a set of agreements in that it can be enforced.

        Maybe no point in falling out with the Ecuador government, but it is within a nation’s rights to terminate its diplomatic relations with another.

  33. 84
    Lost in Clacton says:

    There is no horsemeat in Aldi beef burgers .

    Rejoice at this good news!

  34. 90
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    He does not recognise the State of Israel? Can’t see anbody in Israel losing much sleep over that. Stupid little man!

  35. 90
    fabians ARE EVIL says:

    BTW I am fed up with the winging Jocks and Taffs and benefit scroungers and every fukker in the labour party! Furthermore I want Blair and Brown exposed for the evil bastards that they are.

  36. 93
    Owin Jones says:

    Ladies.. If u Smack yo Man on the Ass in Public & he says “Ooooh girl you betta Stop!” .. He got a Boyfriend too!

  37. 94
    keredybretsa says:

    Bet he put the cost for the visit on his expenses.

  38. 105
    Casual Observer says:

    The language which the first presenter was using in his speech gave the game away.

    Following whatever was said on al-Quds (Jerusalem):

    ‘We wanted peace, we got war…’, ‘us’ was also used according to the T!mes (who broke the story): This transforms expressing a position on the issue to a collective view, and an overtly political one given the nationality of the speaker.

    If this debate was advertised as including a party political from the state of !srael then Gall0way should not have questioned or left. If it was not advertised that way then he is out of order but not rac!st.

    His actions are about as political as you can get, and would expect from a politician.

    I really cannot stand Gall0way and do not support his politics. As a politician he can use those collective terms if expressing his parties views, but not his personal. The student using that language is apparently speaking on behalf of the state of !srael, which Gall0way does not recognize, hence Gall0way is quite right to leave.

    Hoping that Eyl0n’s full address is made available as it would be good to get an insight into what !srael’s younger generation of politicians think about Palest!ne.

  39. 109
    Yudaf Ukah says:

    Err… what was the subject of the debate?

  40. 111
    Silly turd says:

    I hope an Israeli turns up at every public debate in future to ask a question. Galloway will have to walk out.

  41. 116
    Gordon Brown's abacus says:

    Hmmm, so he “doesn’t recognise” a state that has existed legally since 1948, is a member of the UN (and a democratic one at that) and existed as a sovereign state centuries ago…yet he presses for the recognition of a “state” that has never existed at any point in history (never had a currency, never had a capital city, never had passport-holding citizens, let alone a distinct identity) and prior to 1967 wasn’t even considered as “part of the solution”, all the while cosying up to dictators all over the Middke East and turning a blind eye and deaf ear to the genocide they might commit on their own people…yet calls his party “Respect”…? Go figure…

  42. 119
    DANGER says:

    That’s Christ Church, not Christ Church College. It’s a combination college and cathedral.

  43. 124
    Can't kneel cos of artritis says:

    Let’s get real. It’s coming up to Easter and Gorgeous George thinks he’s God!!!!! I too would take a runner before the Host got Cross

  44. 125
    anon. says:
    • 131
      Steve P says:

      Good question.

      But I think we all know what Galloway is.

      Though I see no harm in his pussy cat game – only in participating in a reality show aty all

    • 143
      Ma­qboul says:

      He would have effected his quasi Arabic accent and wrapped his coat around his head, rather than his arm.

      Maqboul of Wazakstan

    • 163
      Residing in 96.99% white Merseyside says:

      Or a Christian?

      I thought that.

  45. 133
    anon. says:
    • 142
      Casual Observer says:

      100% Correct: Now how many are going to call him rac!st for that statement ?

      • 146
        Ma­qboul says:

        What if they have dual British and Israeli nationality? Then I’d call him xenophobic.

        • 185
          Blowing Whistles says:

          The Israeli lobby – need to pipe down and start talking in a civil manner with those who want to openly discuss some rather questionable facts [dressed up as such via years of propaganda] of history …

          The public are not allowed to discuss the matters – 80% of politicians are ‘blinkered’ by their own ‘ignorance’.

        • 215
          Anonymous says:

          Israel firsters are Israelis above all else, by definition.

  46. 135
    S.B.S. says:

    Well we know how to get rid of Galloway now. When he is next talking his sh1t on Question Time, Any Questions, Hoi, I am a Yid from Israeeeelale.

  47. 138
    Failwatch says:

    Presumably that was his ‘plant’ in the audience walking out after him – the one who would ask Galloway loaded questions or heckle the speaker or perhaps even note down descriptions of anyone asking Galloway awkward questions.

  48. 139
    A fat, sweaty gobshite (plus his two well lubricated bumboys) says:

    Anyone seen any cutcock to suck?

  49. 144
    Me says:

    Well to cut a long story short…George is just a prime-grade tosser. End of.

  50. 154
    Parasite says:

    Galloway did the right thing

  51. 167
    King Henry the 8th says:

    It’s Christ Church not CC College – standards,dear boy

  52. 168
    Red Egg Millitit.....National Socialist. says:

    Very interesting…… :)

  53. 174
    Jimmy says:

    He should have just said he was expecting a visit from the PM.

  54. 175
    Anonymous says:

    GuidoFawkes would have humbly delivered him a pizza and licked his boots.

    He realises in the political media game it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

  55. 181
    Postal Votes are Labour Loo Paper says:

    Drone for Galloway. Total cnut.

  56. 186
  57. 191
    jacky Treehorn says:

    So what is the alternative? war?

  58. 208
    steve smith says:

    No surprise there then . Arsehole!!!

  59. 214
    Esther says:

    That is appalling. Not exactly balanced are the opinions of GG.

  60. 225
    GrimeyM says:

    Israel has made it clear that they will negotiate with “Palestine” as soon as they are recognised by them as a State with its right to exist. This won’t happen because Hammas who control Gaza, is an arm of Iran, as is Hezbollah, whose stated aim is to destroy Israel.

  61. 234
    Anonymous says:

    free speech no matter what

  62. 235
    Mr Kendal Mint Cake says:

    Galloway is simply vile. Why is his company still courted? An intellectual pygmy.

    • 246
      Nemesis says:

      He’s a brilliant debater but cannot tolerate debate with a racist and was right to walk away.

  63. 239
    Lord Lupin says:

    Galloway wouldn’t want to upset his Arab chums – though he’d best hurry if he wants any freebies from Assad.

  64. 243
    Simon says:

    Racism in its most naked sense

    • 245
      Nemesis says:

      You are correct it is racism in its most naked form. George was quite right not to debate with this jumped-up juvenile excuse for Israel. It is Israel that is racist towards the Arab states.

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