February 21st, 2013

Hutchings Hustings No Show

5Live are empty-chairing Maria Hutchings after she bottled this morning’s hustings. Quite how that works on radio we will find out. Unsurprisingly the LibDems are jumping on her no show, Tim Farron is crowing that the Tory machine have kept her away and party HQ has come up with a mildly amusing missing poster.

Meanwhile their own candidate Mike “Perhaps I’m a bit dull” Thornton has admitted he won’t give up his council seat if he becomes MP. Hardly brimming with confidence then. If only the Tory candidate was there to ask him about it…

UPDATE: George Hollingbery is stepping in for Hutchings.


  1. 1
    Maria Hustings says:

    We’re all in this together.


    • 4
      Hang The B@stards says:

      VOTE UKIP !


      • 14
        Music to my ears says:

        That magical combination of ‘Tory’ and ‘no show’


        • 28
          Frederick Gideon Threepwood says:

          Wrong. UKIP is that magical combination of Nazi and no-brain.


          • Con Artists says:



          • Harman van Rompuy (Britain's unelected president) says:

            That’s right, my useful idiot. Excellent..


          • Frederick Gideon Threepwood says:

            Idiots. Why assume anyone who points out the UKIP tendencies is a supporter of their opponents? In the case of UKIP you just have to look at the back catalogue (Brons, Mote…..) and the views of Marta Andreason (the only UKIP member who has achieved anything) on Parker Farage.


          • Anonymous says:

            Under Cameron conservative party is turning into monster loony party. Sooner they get rid of Cameron and his side kick Osborne the stupid idiot the better it will be for the conservative party.

            Maria represent real Conservative values but Cameron doesn’t. No one with real conservative values can defend Cameron.


        • 62
          Anonymous says:

          or that magical combination of vodka and coke (the drink product).


      • 33
        UKID DING says:

        I’m sorry, and I don’t wish to be rude, but, but whenever I think of UKIP I think of Neil & Christine Hamilton….he’s got the charisma of a damp rag and the appearance of a low grade bank clerk…..


        • 44
          Was Tory, now UKIP. says:

          I’m sorry, but when I think of the LibLabCon, I think of the toffee-nosed tit in Number 10, his imbecile communist europhile partner Clegg, and the mutant cretin Miliband.

          I also think of the £19.2billion they p!ss-away every year on our EU membership (“there’s no money left”), and the loss of sovereignty these europhile traitors are happy to accept.


        • 48
          Anonymous says:

          Neil & Christine Hamilton, I can still remember them from John Major years.


        • 58
          Point of Information says:

          These two were set up by Clifford et al. to get Bell in as an independent and ultimately Blair to office whilst indelibly branding the Tories the nasty party for a generation.

          Grauniad helped a lot, as did the BBC.

          The successful libel suits which Hamilton won testify to that, particularly the set up over the false r@pe allegations. That was a Clifford fiction.


          • Con Artists says:

            Not defending the Hamiltons, but how ironic that its Clifford who is now under arrest.


          • Point of Information says:

            You can defend them if you want, they were completely innocent.

            Clifford was singled out by the judge in the sex assault false allegation case. He should have been arrested ages ago for his involvement in coercing the accuser to go forward with false allegations. She got 3 years for her trouble.

            It does show how the guy really operates, utter scum and overtly supportive of Labour.


          • Curly wonders says:

            En passant, just what is Clifford’s present situation? It all went very quiet ofter that high profile arrest.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            I do believe that I have covered much more of this subject matter recently M Bell / A Campbell / Stooges / Political puppets etc.

            I am Flattered mind.


    • 20
      Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler says:

      Maybe it’s that time of the election cycle?


    • 26
      Omar O'Farell says:

      There should be an investigation into this…


      a BBC analysis of white flight from London, spinning it as a ‘success’.

      Not a single comment supports this view in the top 20 pages of highest recommends.

      How can the BBC have a view that is so opposed to that of the public? Is it the personal view of Mark Easton or is it the BBC line to propagandise the English into accepting our new role as an ethnic minority in our own capital?


      • 38
        The BBC are cunts says:

        Celebrate the rich multicultural diversity !


      • 46
        albacore says:

        Dear me, you mentioned that archaic word “English”
        The sentimentalists won’t arf go all tinglish
        Recalling so nostalgic, long-lost an idea
        But it ain’t summat folks pay much mind to on here


      • 51
        Was Tory, now UKIP. says:

        “The movement of the white British is often characterised as white flight – the indigenous population forced out of their neighbourhoods by foreign migrants. That may be part of the story

        No. Not “may be”, it is. End of.

        And why is it, on BBC TV trailers, that every other person is a happy smiling effnic? They sure as hell ain’t where I live – 60 minutes’ drive from London. Apart from the bloke selling the Big Issue (who the f*ck let him in the country, and why?) everyone’s white.


        • 64
          Omar O'Farell says:

          all big issue sellers where I am are bongos. are we really allowing the ‘brightest and the best’ to come here?

          if you take a taxi via a petrol station to macdonalds you’ll see the reality. immigration to the UK has always been about shit people with no skills doing shit unskilled work. or claiming benefits. even the few in highly paid jobs like doctors seem to spend their time molesting patients and getting struck off


      • 60
        Orwell says:

        Public opinion is clearly wrong in our view.


  2. 2
    George Galloway says:

    My fellow muslims. I hope you were proud to see me walk out of a debate with that Is*aeli. You see, I speak out against bigotry and discrimination, but when it comes to your sworn enemies, I don’t want to lose your votes. Oops, I mean I don’t want to debate with an Is*aeli.

    I will, however, shake hands with Saddam, Assad, Ahmadinejad and assorted other dictators.

    Keep voting for me and I’ll keep not turning up to parliament and I’ll keep flying the flag for global Islamism. Allahu akbar.


  3. 3
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Was Hutchings re-selected to discredit Cameron’s critics on the Right?

    If you wanted to put Call Me Dave under pressure, would you:
    vote for her,
    vote for the UKIPPER,
    vote for the genuine joke candidate put up by Labour,
    vote for the Limp Dim,
    or just not bother?

    Odds on that the ‘debate’ would still be skewed to Ed M and the fiscal incontinence Party.


    • 5
      Lost in Clacton says:

      Vote Labour !


      • 70
        Big Momma says:

        It is obvious to me that Hutchings was being protected from an ambush by BBC radio 5 live, as the BBC are wont to do. Perhaps they are being over protective, but avoiding the totally biased left wing BBC is what I would do as well.


    • 27
      UKIPForMe says:

      “Was Hutchings re-selected to discredit Cameron’s critics on the Right?”

      Almost certainly Cameron cut a deal with Clegg to ensure that the LibDems keep the seat – allowing Cameron to attack his right wingers.

      If UKIP poll highly enough though, Cameron is going to look like the prize knob that he is.


      • 35
        Con Artists says:

        Was the Hulne Pryce juror foreman a stooge…..set up….

        Maybe that is what was being referred to in that famous deleted tweet about him getting off.

        Create confusion in the jurors so the case collapses….


        • 55
          A Labour-educated jurer says:

          kood u explayn the diifuruns bitween ‘onosunt’ n ‘giltee’?


        • 72
          Pundit Too says:

          A law lord had the best explanation this morning; in that the foreman tried his / her best to convince one to three retards (my word for them) to change their minds – failed – so wrote their stupid questions to the judge to show him that they could never agree.
          Time we did some basic masterclasses and tests on juries, especially in London.


      • 63
        Point of Information says:

        Surely you mean attack those in the party who are not Pro Europe ?


  4. 6
    Steve Miliband says:

    She’s the quite bat person. With a better candidate they may have come a bit closer but unfortunately an easy LD win.


    • 12
      SP4BS says:

      bat as in batty?

      I just had a quick google to remind myself (ah yes, its the woman with oddly bleached hair that Daniel Hannan tells us is financially incompetent).

      First thing that comes up is a foot-in-mouth thing about private education. Gaff prone and unlikely to win might seem harmless to the coalition, but opening up a major battle front on private eductaion could get rather messy for both the coalition and the Tories.


      • 77
        Asst Acting Deputy Headmistress says:

        It’s ok, we know that was just an accidental typo in your final line; and we’ll continue to overlook the spelling.


  5. 7
    . says:

    what with this and her views on state schools, it shows her and the Tories contempt for democracy and the common man.

    vote labour. vote UKIP. don’t vote Tory or Lib Dem.


    • 18
      Anonymous says:

      So, democracy mean having the same views as you. Typical lefty double thought…..


      • 22
        . says:

        i see lefties everywhere.

        must be tiring


        • 34

          To be fair , Someone that advocates “voting Labour” could reasonably be supposed to be a lefty.

          If you have trouble with the terms left and right, please feel free to submit 10 questions for clarification to the mod-bot


          • albacore says:

            As if it mattered which LibLabCon clone
            Is the E U lap dog that gets the bone
            You’re European and that’s what you’ll stay
            So long as this Parliament has the say


          • SP4BS says:

            1) Is trying to boost the economy with private finance money, left, right, or just balls?


    • 57
      Labour's voters are subhuman scum says:

      “the Tories contempt for democracy and the common man”

      How’d that referendum on the Lisbon Treaty go again? You know, the one the democracy-loving Labour Party promised us in 2005.

      And that 100% tax rise that Labour (“we love the common man”) inflicted on, er, the common man. How’d that go? Remind me.


  6. 8
    Gordon Brown says:

    Vote for me!


  7. 9
    Anonymous says:

    She’s bloody rubbish, but that is what happens when you choose some hard nut right winger that bangs on about leaving the EU.


    • 47
      Glyn H says:

      Why do you trolls bother?


    • 59
      Con Artists says:

      She doesn’t want to leave the EU any more than those hard nut left wing marxist traitors CaMoron and Weird Ed.

      The ground is moving away from the single party they call “LibLabCon”, this terrifies them.

      They are happy all sharing a leftist platform in perpetual coalition, pretending to blame each other while sharing the jobs out and staying in power but not criticising the last lot too much.

      The reality is:

      Crazy Marxist Socialist left wing = staying in the EU

      UK ‘joe public’ Moderate Centralist view = leaving the EU.

      The fun and games are just beginning….


      • 69
        A Fat Cat says:

        I want to stay in the EU. Subsidies, market-rigging and a close relatonship with corrupt bureaucrats suit me fine.


        • 78
          Catty Comment (Ms) says:

          Hallo Peter, has that spot on your left buttock healed? Aluminium ointment really does work a treat if you apply long enough.


  8. 10
    Clap von Trapp says:

    Maria Hutchings! Is she local? Is she a mother? Why doesn’t Dave ever tell us the facts about Maria?

    What are we going to do about………..


  9. 11
    Another Engineer says:

    Is there some back room deal to let the LibDems win this one, by any change?


  10. 13
    That Pryce woman is no better than she ought to be says:

    I think the people of Eastleigh deserve a self-serving liar who doesn’t like to limit himself to the speed limit or monogamy. Bring back the Huhne!


  11. 16
    Old Grumpy says:

    Judging by the lack of coverage in the Local Press, this By Election is having all the impact of a lightly thrown feather down here!


  12. 19
    Homer says:


    Traces of horse found in ancient city


  13. 21
    You dumbass beavis says:

    We’ll doubtless endorse shit Government of the country


  14. 23
    Alan Rusbridger, elongated pianist says:

    Today I will be mostly playing How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria by Rodgers and Hammerstein.


  15. 24
    Laurie Penny says:

    Open message to Owen Jones

    I would love to write your last name after mine one day. xx


  16. 25
    No steps forward 100 steps back says:

    Don’t blame her , 5Live, part of Liebours broadcasting services, as usual paid for out of the lower the paid taxes as well as out of everybody else’s, besides who listens to it except the idiots who are already brainwashed.


    • 30
      Steve Miliband says:

      This morning all BBC reports said ”centre right think tank, Reform…..”

      eg http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-21520068

      They never say ”left wing, centre left, socialist, common purpose …think tank”



    • 39
      Frederick Gideon Threepwood says:

      Don’t blame her? Only in the sense that you should not blame the retarded for their failings. Why do you think she is known to one and all in Eastleigh as Domestos. Here’s a clue; domestos is advertised as blue and incredibly thick…..


      • 73
        Pundit too too says:

        She can’t be worse that that “funny” Liebor fellow looking for a Labour safe seat after the bye election.
        Or the simplistic Limp Dim – even the Limp Dim councillor and ex Mayor of Eastleigh has given up on the Limp Dims.
        Sure they may still win, but as usual the country and Eastleigh will be the poorer.


  17. 29
    Grollace says:

    I think she ought to play Captain Mainwaring’s wife.


    • 41
      Frederick Gideon Threepwood says:

      I think she should play international rugby. I am fairly sure there is a close familial relationship to Gareth Chilcott.


  18. 32
    Owin Jones says:

    If you’re feeling hard done by, I don’t blame you…

    Vote John O’Farrell (Labour) in the Eastleigh by election and help give David Cameron a bloody nose.


    • 42
      Owin Jokes says:

      If you wanted this Country to lose the Falklands War and you want to see people blown to smithereens by terrorists, vote John O’Farseole (Libor).


  19. 43
    Homeopathy is a religion says:

    But does less harm than politicians.
    And makes more money. $13 million from one duck’s liver.
    At your cost via the NHS


  20. 50
    Anonymous says:

    It was Dave’s hat, and the bare feet, which did it for her.

    Yesterday’s ethnic blow-jobbing in India, straight out of the amdram script of Tony Blair, just makes him and the Conservative Party look ridiculous.

    Everyone’s wised up. He’d better think on Crosby’s advice to Boris: “No point in climbing up the arse of the fucking Mussies”.


    • 65
      Conservative election slogans currently under consideration says:

      “Vote Tory for unlimited immigration”

      “Don’t fret about high taxes, rejoice at the huge foreign aid budget!”

      “When immigrants undercut you and throw you out of your job, at least you can become an unpaid slave of a multimillionaire, or starve to death – your choice!” (a bit wordy – DC).


  21. 54
    Prince Philip says:

    Half the fucking world must be empty.
    They’re all over here on benefits.


  22. 67
    Terrible But True says:

    “We’re not quite sure how this fits with their code of integrity”

    Read the Pollard Report.

    The BBC has as many codes and definitions of integrity as it does standards.

    Oh, and guidelines that they make up as they go along, ignore, or can’t find:

    “Paragraph 3.4.24, which deals with the removal of online content
    requires that:
    ‘An appropriate mechanism, including a system of referrals, should be in
    place to remove or revoke BBC online content.. and published on a BBC
    site or syndicated elsewhere’.

    I have tried to find the guidance suggested by these words and it does
    not seem to exist –

    the online version of the Guidelines contains a link to
    a page which states that this is “coming soon” and further states:-
    ‘The Editorial Policy Guidance Note on Taking Down Online Material is
    in preparation. In the meantime, please read the Editorial Guidelines
    Section 3 Accuracy: Managing Online Content and Contact Editorial
    Policy for further advice’.

    Because… they can.


    • 74
      Beefeater says:

      Its like the BBC complaints system – almost non existant as they do not like criticism – listen to their Feedback programme on radio 4 and all you get is propaganda and churlish editors’ and managers’ refuting all argument in an arrogant manner.


  23. 83
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Do we need some third world country’s to send their representatives to oversee the open, transparent and democratic election process at Eastleigh next week?


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