February 20th, 2013

Seldon Tells Balls: “Fall On Your Sword”

Biographer and chronicler of the Brown years, Anthony Seldon, has a damning letter to Ed Balls in tomorrow’s New Statesman:

“The time has come for you to fall on your sword.

After 20 unbroken years at the heart of politics, quitting in the next few months until, say, 2017 would undoubtedly benefit your leader, your party, your wife and even yourself. Let me explain.

Ed Miliband would be a much stronger leader without you. Forgive me, but you stop Ed breathing fresh air.

With you close to him, his breath will always be stale and smell of a toxic brand. Without a prolonged period out of the public eye, neither you nor the party will ever rid yourselves of the opportunistic, negative and bullying image of the Gordon era.

Without you, Labour could present itself as a clean party, free of the factionalism and brutalism that so tarnished it when Brown was boss and you were his consigliere.

If Labour loses in 2015, you will be blamed and your career will be damaged beyond repair. If it wins, you would return to the front bench in 2017 a redeemed and respected figure. You might even one day become leader, your long-held ambition.”

Worth noting that Balls’ version of his 10p tax debate with Gordon differs markedly from what Seldon claimed in his book. A dangerously respected critic for Balls.

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  1. 1
    Gordo McMong says:


  2. 2
  3. 3
    A balls up or what says:

    Northern Ireland’s anti-fraud unit has 2 convictions since 2007
    Central Investigation Service convicts for frauds worth only £32,478 in past five years…Exaro news

  4. 4
    Enuchonomics says:

    Balls is a liability. Not only to his party but to this country. Get rid!

  5. 5
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! says:

  6. 6
    Private_Schultz says:

    Nope, won’t work, EdM is also tarred with Broon brush directly. Can’t wriggle out of it that easily.

  7. 7
    No Comment says:


  8. 8
    I don't want to share the same air as the Edinburgh socialist dogshite says:

    Balls is a c-unt.

  9. 9
    In all probability says:

    Monday’s jury will comprise of 12 Romanians

  10. 10
    Red Ed Dwarf says:

    Look..If Balls goes, I’ll be able to say I’ve cleaned up our own mess. And even better, he won’t be around to flick my ears every time he walks past my desk.

  11. 11
    Owin Jones says:

    At Guy News Room, 3 Workers, Zero Women on Board; ‘Blokey’ Culture.

  12. 12
    Nothing Better To Do says:

    “a redeemed and respected figure”
    Well if he ever becomes either it will be a testament to the stupidity and lack of memory and economic intelligence of the British electorate.

  13. 13
    Ed Miliwatt says:

    Quite wight (honk)!

  14. 14
    A ever so helpful U K I P .Org supporter says:

    Lets start a E-petition to prevent this happening ……..

    after all Ed Millie*twit the Minor needs all the help he can muster

    for his vision of a One Nation of ZanuLieLabor half*wits !!!!!!!

  15. 15
    Immigration and Border control says:

    12 is our predicted figure.
    But up to 12 million may be the truer figure.

  16. 16
    Ed Balls says:

    Oh alright then

  17. 17
    Owen jones says:

    I was fisting Balls last night. He welcomed the distraction from doing a terrible job in opposition

  18. 18
    Big Dick says:

    No he is not….if he was he would have a very use………

  19. 19
    Laurie Penny says:

    Photo: In which Owen Jones and me have solidarity-tea (solidaritea?). Because fighting the good fight can… http://tmblr.co/ZhERLveaopbj

    I want Owen Jones to be the father of my children,he’s so very good looking.

  20. 20
    No steps forward 100 steps back says:

    If you want the best you pick the best, if you want political correctness you pick rubbish like you.

  21. 21
    So many trolls today says:

    Lot of limp Dems infecting this site today.

    Hope guido gives it a good hose down overnight to get the cabbage fart and wet pants smell out.

  22. 22
    Tom Tit says:

    Can’t stand this walking abortion of a man but I fucking detest that dyke faced sourHunted wife of his even more. We are truly fucked if these two are allowed to breed. I only pray the rumors about him are true and he does her up the Marmite motorway but just to be sure I suggest someone gets to work on Ms Balls’ chuff with a sharpened rusty coat hanger ASAP. Perforate that fuckers womb until it resembles a string vest.

  23. 23
    Tosspot says:

    The Horse Meat of the Labour Party..?

  24. 24
    CarryHole is an sequined Hunt says:

    I wear stockings and suspenders, that’s not ‘blokey’, and is my secret.

  25. 25
    Ed Balls Appreciation Society says:

    Ed Balls must stay in his good. He’s almost as good as Gordon Brown.

    We need him to stay with Labour. In fact Ed, hire Damien McBride to get your spin back on track and crush Seldon.

  26. 26
    Tom Tit says:

    Fuck off you dozy bint, what a sad sack of lumpy jism that arse hole beside you is. I hope the first child splits you from chin to ring.

  27. 27
    Real Laurie Penny says:

    I just want him to pay for the fricking tea. Then, my sisters and I will cure him.

  28. 28
    Another Headshrinker says:

    I loathe this man Balls! I would shoot him, he is a heavyweight front bench incompetent!

  29. 29
    Good Labour Strategy says:

    Keep balls in, and bring back Gordon as shadow Health.

  30. 30
    Observer says:

    So, Seldon is advising Labour to mislead the electorate about Balls until after the public have cast their votes. Classy.

  31. 31
    The savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

    Bit harsh. Titty.

    Anyway you’re too late .

    The pair have already sired. .

    At least twice I believe.

    Do not know if more are on the way and via which orifice .

  32. 32
    Raj Gupta says:

    Ed Balls would miss if he tried to fall on his sword

  33. 33
    Edward. says:

    With him, or without him, Labour, are still the party of shitheads, who are spendthrift lunatics, green headless chickens, social engineering ideologues and international Socialist – Briton and Britain haters.

    Ed Balls – is just another Left wing fanatic in a party of serial troughers living it large, with the other [Labour party] misanthropic hypocrites who guzzle deep at the public money fount and one who proudly exhibits his twisted morality but like most sociopaths, is incapable of discerning.

  34. 34
    Red Penny I love porn :-) if I had a big enough hole I'd have you ALL. says:

    I’ve teabagged Balls.

  35. 35
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP.

  36. 36
    Lambic Method says:

    Ah, looks like Seldon is an outrider for Milband and this smells of a putsch against the Balls clan.

    Time to get the New Labour New Ferret image out again Guido!

  37. 37
    The savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

    What really baffles is

    How can (t)Eddie. Boy. Play football without self inflicting a hernia or other serious damage. ??

  38. 38
    The savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

    “. Does her up the. Marmite motorway” ?

    Would that be accepted in a court of law as admissible marital coercion ?

  39. 39
    Jen The Blue says:

    “”Worth noting that Balls’ version of his 10p tax debate with Gordon differs markedly from what Seldon claimed in his book. “”

    Balls wouldn’t recognise the truth if it stripped naked, sat on his face and wiggled.

  40. 40
    Dream Team says:

    Frank Dobson as Foreign Sec, John Prescott as Education Sec and give Dennis MacShane whatever job he wants.

  41. 41
    Universal Hiss says:

    Although I have sympathy with your sentiment your use of language is revoltingly violent.

    Please tone it down a little?

  42. 42
    Red Egg Millitit.....National Socialist. says:

    Keep you dirty piggy paws off Herr Ed Balls…….. he is one of the mainstays of our National Socialists :)

  43. 43
    Aaron D Highside says:

    Is that where Gordon’s been?

  44. 44
    Nicky G says:

    Is that per month or per year?

  45. 45
    Cleopartick Thistle says:

    Seldon is close to the Blair-Mandelson axis

  46. 46
    WVM says:

    Then she would truly be Red Penny.

  47. 47
    Red Egg Millitit.....National Socialist. says:

    He is a good member of the Workers Party and his wife is very Aryan :)

  48. 48
    New Labour New Ferrets says:

    Wise words from about 7 years ago:


  49. 49
    Labourunionsbbc we are one says:

    Shouldn’t it be balls falls on his schwert?

    In full dress, of course.

  50. 50
    Anonymous says:

    (I was going to say that…)

  51. 51
    Red Egg Millitit.....National Socialist. says:

    Herr Balls….. he falls? Surely Shirley some mistake :)

  52. 52
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    But Ed Miliband was only too willing to support Brown. Miliband as well as Balls should fall on his sword.

  53. 53
    Anonymous says:

    Leader my fucking arse!

  54. 54
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Has Andy Burnham or Alan Johnson fallen on a sword yet. Life is cheap to labour.
    The cowardice both show is astounding.

  55. 55
    Hardon the Larger says:

    Does that mean he spins faster ?

  56. 56
    Pope Paedepus says:

    “Without you, Labour could present itself as a clean party”

    They could lie more effectively, in other words.

  57. 57
    Peter Grimes says:

    Sheldon writes as though Millionaireband Minor wasn’t equally complicit in fuckwit Brown’s total destruction of the UK economy!

  58. 58
    Fabians ARE EVIL says:

    Balls is a negative bully boy with a proven record of failure – why would anyone give the twat a second chance?

  59. 59
    Peter Grimes says:

    Horse shit more likely.

  60. 60
    Mr Yvette CooperBollox says:

    I’ve tried that and he still can’t get it up…..any orifice!

  61. 61
    Fishy says:

    Yes, one of them reportedly told a visitor to one of Testiclodes lasagne parties that, ‘Mummy was going to be the Prime Minister’

  62. 62
    fella on the underground says:

    smaller fingerprints

  63. 63
    fella on the underground says:

    Margaret Beckett Foreign(fuck) Secretary
    Estelle(no Alevels)Education

  64. 64
    Con Artists says:

    Balls, Weird Ed, CaMoron, Calamity Clegg… I really don’t care as I won’t be voting for any of them.

  65. 65
    Ethel Merman says:

    Fisting? I don’t understand.

    Do you mean punching in the ring?

  66. 66
    Riggsy Brown says:

    He was on a Radio 5 phone in and a caller nailed beautifully telling him, `Your presence makes Labour unelectable. You are toxic’.

  67. 67
    Ethel Merman says:

    Haven’t they made her a dame?

  68. 68
    Ethel Merman says:

    It is Margaret ‘caravan’ Beckett I refer to.

  69. 69
    Big Uggy says:

    With or without Balls the Labour Party and Miliband spell disaster for the UK.

  70. 70
    Socialism is a psychological disorder says:

    Edward – you are so right.

  71. 71
    Phil says:

    Do the whole country a favour hang him by his Bxxxx.
    My spellchecker just suggested the word Xbox.

  72. 72
    #twwitt says:

    #Labour no Balls

  73. 73
    Anonymous says:

    Only sorry he wasn’t killed in the Brighton bomb ….. joking OK!! just joking!!

  74. 74
    Labour...filth...just filth says:

    Ed Balls is too arrogant to remove himself from the main frame of focus in birdshit boy’s shadow cabinet…. now if the millitit could give him shadow NI then thats a different matter but not going to happen.

  75. 75
    the good burghers of strasbourg love the trough says:

    vat is zis fistink balls ?

  76. 76
    wallace arnold says:

    shut it gromit you’re not funny

  77. 77
    Trumpet says:

    And blame someone else for missing.

  78. 78
    c'untmeter says:

    sad slag bags smug git

  79. 79
    confused.... says:

    didn’t they find her in the food chain last week ?

  80. 80
    Eddie Balls is complete wanker says:

    its three yesses from us then

  81. 81
    Eddie Balls a complete wanker says:

    I said no to gordon… yes I did .. really I stood up to him and said no no thrice no

  82. 82

    Like Brown, Ed Balls is a sociopath – it is impossible for him to see that he could possibly be the problem as he is the ONLY solution – can’t you all see that!!!

    He will never bow out gracefully

    As for Ed Miliband – he was also at the heart of Brown’s Treasury and is just as tainted as Balls

  83. 83
    Hargaret Modge, sleazy Labour MP and Stemcor Tax cheat. says:

    Balls was Brown’s Robert Duvall? Bastard I loved the Godfather now Blinky has to spoil it for us.

  84. 84
    Hargaret Modge, sleazy Labour MP and Stemcor Tax cheat. says:

    To be fair Balls is not the only Brown clown that reminds us of Labours utter evil crap. It needs about another twenty years till they all die off before they will be forgiven by any normal person.

  85. 85
    Mars Attacks says:

    Per household?

  86. 86
    What a plonker says:

    Please keep both Milliband and his bag carrier Balls on the opposition
    front bench ,They are the constant reminders of the mess that Labour
    made of the British economy when they were in power ,

  87. 87
    Mars Attacks says:

    Owin, you strident little prick, are you capering in the Meeja spotlight again in the forlorn hope that Milwank Tower will come begging you to be an MP. In your case that would mean Massive Prat.

    P.s. Your performance on Radio 4 this evening was woeful – like a spoilt ADHD child in need of his Ritalin. Just give it up and do the rest of us a favor.

  88. 88
    Mars Attacks says:

    Penny fuc.king dreadfull.

  89. 89
    Magaluf Engerlander says:

    It would all be the Tory’s fault, and specifically Fatchers!

  90. 90
    RetardEd Militwat, ,great white hope, queen of all the fairies and savior of the Universe says:

    I’ve twied it ath well, and he didn’t even thwart to get a thtiffy!

  91. 91
    Mr. Bond says:

    It means he is a subatomic particle then. That must be a quantum of solace.

  92. 92
    End the con says:

    …and they’ve raided hundreds of diesel laundering plants on IRA owned farms in the last decade. Can’t upset the peace process.

  93. 93
    English for Beginners says:

    “Worth noting that Balls’ version”


  94. 94
    Blodwen says:

    What a sad vision of British youth culture. They should be doing something useful with their lives like stacking horse burgers at Aldi

  95. 95
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    So, You mean to tell that they don’t believe the opinion polls then?

    What a surprise! Pollsters claim that Liebour are marching their way back to power, yet Balls has been under pressure form inside as well as outside the Party, for some time.
    Perhaps we can see the difference between London media narrative, backed-up by the polls they pay for, and real world opinions.

    Amongst normal people, Labour are widely despised and even their tribal vote, don’t trust or like them much.

  96. 96
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    How can you ever forgive the willful destruction of a country? People may forgive honest mistakes, but Labour’s failings were usually as a result of deliberately and often covertly, implementing destructive “progressive” policies, with the intention of using their massive media influence to blame everyone else, when the failures become apparent.

  97. 97
    PC 83 says:

    .. as represented by the questions from the jury room

  98. 98
    filipinomonkey says:

    Something in the Treasury would suit…

  99. 99
    filipinomonkey says:

    I like Seldon’s advice up to a point, the coming back point to be specific…

  100. 100
    Anonymous says:

    and get more corrupt fraudsters.

  101. 101
    Shooty* says:

    He won’t, though, coz in his head he’s still the superstar of the party and everyone loves him. This fellow saying he should go is clearly deluded, and not in touch with the person On The Street (who is, apparently, probably as thick as the average Pryce juror).

  102. 102
    keredybretsa says:

    Balls is full of core competences, and is constantly reviewing for impact effectiveness.
    Now he has had some inside track advice, which he will ignore.

  103. 103
    Anonymous says:

    What’s the point of voting UKIP? Unless they achieved an overall majority in the HoC implementation of their manifesto would be impossible even assuming that they had sufficient members with the requisite ability to handle the ministerial posts.
    If they don’t have an overall majority we are left with another GAFU of a government.

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