February 20th, 2013


Explosive row on LBC earlier as IDS went head to head with their resident lefty James O’Brien over the workfare scheme.


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    8illy says:


    • 106
      I was wooed by a Nigerian Fraudster says:

      O’Brien is a dreadful boor.

    • 167
      PC Dixon says:

      I don’t think I have have ever heard such an ignorant prat as O’Brien – Certainly not worth even the minimum wage.

      • 168
        Anonymous says:

        Is that to say IDS is one of the “smart people”?

      • 180
        IDS is a LTB says:

        “The next time somebody goes in – those smart people who say there’s something wrong with this – they go into their supermarket, ask themselves this simple question, when they can’t find the food they want on the shelves, who is more important – them, the geologist, or the person who stacked the shelves?” (Ian Duncan Smith to the BBC)

        So IDS is Brains of Britain?

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    Unemployed and skint in Birtley Colliery says:

    You can tell Baldy I will take any job but I want at least the minimum fucking wage just like any other worker.

    • 4
      George says:

      what is the minimum wage for fucking?

      • 18
        Khoklovskairvlin says:

        How much would you pay to fuck Vicky Pryce ?

        • 91
          Admiral Ackbar says:

          £10 more than I would to fuck IDS’s slut of a wife!

          • “Au contraire” !!!

            Who does that clown think he is, an pseudo-intellectual Del Boy?

            “An’ I can tell you dis, Mr Duncan-Smiff – he who dares, my son, he who dares WINS”

            So, taking job seekers allowance – benefits – and doing Rockall is perfectly OK with our lefty trolls here. We are still dealing with 13 years of “Nanny knows best” politics, thanks a lot. Why don’t you hold your breath until we come begging at your door for financial advice – please.

          • Anonymous says:

            But you don’t mind giving hand-outs – in the form of the state paying the wage bill – to Poundland?

    • 37
      CarryHole is a stupendous Hunt says:

      That’s OK by me if we can also not pay you any benefits (extorted from me and other real workers & employers).

    • 58
      Had enough says:

      It’s OK you’re too thick and lefty for work experience, they need people who know how to mop a floor.

    • 143
      IDS says:

      Are you romanian?.

  3. 3
    George says:

    Good for IDS he is one cabinet minister with balls

    • 6
      Charlie Drake says:

      What we want is a Cabinet jam packed with Ministers who month in and month out produce 100,000 real new jobs.

      What he has in his trousers is of no consequence.

      • 12
        George says:

        Greartf do you wantg Labour back againj passign yoru tax ;money on to eastern european immigrants adn work shy mums with 11 kids?

        • 21
          Marine Le Pen says:

          What have eastern europeans got to do with creating 100,000 new jobs a month?

          Eastern europeans are a distraction . The real issue is that the people in Government are not up to the task.

          • Osric Testacles says:

            French far-right leader Marine Le Pen claimed to be in “regular contact” with UKIP, she told The Times after speaking at the Cambridge Union yesterday.

            Speaks volumes about a hefty chunk of UKIP hardcore.

          • SP4BS says:

            If they are available to do a job that other people don’t fancy, that helps, it might be a job that otherwise wouldnt get created.
            If when they get there they don’t spend 3 hours chatting and one hour eating per day that might help things too. have a “GoodYear” Marine. geddit?

          • JH4568564563523 says:

            Did you hear that everyone, the FAR RIGHT Marine Le Pen is in contact with UKIP.

            How lucky we are that we have resident lefties to remind us that parties like the BNP are FAR RIGHT.

          • Con Artists says:


            Indian students allowed to UK in unrestricted numbers

            One day visas for Indian business men.

            Refusal to publish forecasts of Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants.

            Unwillingness to deport terrorists whilst giving them legal aid and bigger houses

            Unlimited access to UK health service for the worlds ill who come here on holiday.

            Christians taken to court and banned from wearing a small cross to work.

            CaMoron stating unequivocally he is pro EU and wants to stay in.

            Speaks volumes about a hefty chunk of the traitorous and spineless social democrat Conservative party

          • lastofthesummervintage says:

            Con Artist, don’t go round telling the truth mate, the fucking lefties don’t like that. The truth to them is like trying to bath a cat, they simply don’t go together.

          • Jim says:

            Gordon created six million jobs on welfare and then ran out of money.
            What good is that?
            It is the private sector with their own resources that create proper jobs.

      • 27
        Spanghero Lampshade says:

        Vote Miliband and his “one Bulgarian nation” policies will find loads of jobs for immigrants whilst shirkers get to sponge on the dole with free housing.

      • 105
        lola says:

        No politician ever produced any jobs, at all, ever. They may take money from one set of producers, hence stopping them from creating real jobs, and give it to another load of their mates to spend on other jobs, but ‘create’ actual real jobs, no. For example as Brown Balls did to create their client state. So in fact what politicians do is destroy jobs.

    • 85
      Spartacus says:

      a cabinet misister with balls?

      more like licking b-liar’s arse and rubber stamping the confiscation of iraq’s oil.
      and after it all, did not even get a single ‘reconstruction’ contract.

      some balls eh?

    • 87
      Rumpole says:

      a cabinet misister with balls?

      more like licking b-liar’s arse and rubber stamping the confiscation of iraq’s oil.
      and after it all, did not even get a single ‘reconstruction’ contract.

      some balls eh?

    • 138
      q says:

      no he’s a nazi

    • 144
      Nick Clegg says:

      Well he must have grown them today not!.

    • 169
      Anonymous says:

      … pity he lacks a brain.

  4. 5
    Hannibal from Carthage says:

    I never trusted that Duncan Smith character and thought the party was absolutely right to get shot of the little shifter.

    What I cannot understand is what would possess the existing leader to bring him back as a Cabinet Minister.

    This is a really ludicrous situation to be in .

    • 8
      George says:

      So it’s ok to have cabinet ministers like Cable and Clark then? WHo want to give us away totally to the EU?

      • 26
        Lost in Clacton says:

        So that is three for the chop then .

        Anyone else for the list ?

        • 57
          Mr G Osbourne says:

          I’m pretty useless, I’m surprised honest Dave hasn’t fired me already, i wish i had gone to Eton.

        • 66
          The Exit Gift Voucher, The Gift That Really Does Last Forever says:

          Why stop at three? None of the current lot really excel with ability or ideas. The awful truth is that we are at one of the those moments in history when our entire elite is not up to the job, it’s going to take longer and be more painful than we think to get a new generation who are up to the task if we ever do. The best we can hope for is damage limitation with the current lot, but god knows they one thing they do excel at is f_cking up whilst trousering large amounts of public dosh.

    • 29
      SP4BS says:

      My worst IDS moment was when he either was briefed by PR-GURU-t*rds (*) to gigle like a child on radio4′s today program.

      • 31
        SP4BS says:

        that spare “either” in there was because originally I was going to make unwise allegations about space cakes for breakfast, but I didn’t so thats fine.

    • 100
      JabbaTheCat says:

      It is my understanding that IDS had the welfare brief for quite a few years in opposition, and he and his team were supposed to hit the ground running after the election to sort out the whole DHSS welfare mess. Correct me if I’m wrong, but almost three years into this administration, it looks life swfa has actually been achieved in this ‘reform’ area? This then beggars the question, is IDS fit for purpose?

      • 124
        Catty Comment (Ms) says:

        You forget he did not have useless libdem baggage to carry around in those days. Without them now continually dragging on his coat tails he would doubtless have been miles ahead from where has managed to reach so far.

        • 140
          q says:

          you also ignore the fact that 10,300 disabled people have died since welfare changes – that makes him a criminal

          • He can stand in the dock alongside the doe-eyed dildo, whio killed 1200 NHS patients that we know of and more to come as details emerge from all the mini -death camps run by the NHS.

    • 145
      Nick Clegg says:

      because hes a shit as well

  5. 7
    John O'Farrell M.P. says:

    Tell me Guido Fawkes how negative growth, a rising deficit, spiralling debt shows an economy “going in the right direction”?

    • 19
      Khoklovskairvlin says:

      Look on the plus side. The poor are being hammered by the coalition. A win for Guido.

      • 27
        Lol says:

        The poor have had it too good for too long under labia. I’ve worked in council houses doing repairs and seen the lazy c’unts playing with their iphones and watching sky

        • 44
          CarryHole is a stupendous Hunt says:

          Replace benefits with HEALTHY food deliveries, and move them every year to the cheapest place they can be housed.

          No cash. You go on benefits, you lose choices and bureaucrats run your life.

          • Gaddaffi's chauffeur says:

            The poor are always with us !

          • There is a great truth that I will impart to you, which has come with the wisdom of nearly 2000 years of quiet contemplation (admittedly, most of which was spent encased in pumice, but it IS a quiet place to think):

            If you squeeze the poor and the less advantaged too much and too far, you will discover that civilisation and all of it’s societal benefits disappear after they miss out on three meals.

            Anarchy IS such a persistent blight, and civilisation as a concept can be fleeting and fragile.

          • Margaret Thatcher stole my spare bedroom. says:

            Well it all depends on what you mean by “minority” my dear old too clever by half Plinny the Welder. How big does a minority have to be? As little as 1 or as big as 49% of the electorate. Got to go, IBM have lent me their supercomputer for half an hour to figure out how many benefit claimants can dance on the head of IDS.

        • 70
          The Exit Gift Voucher, The Gift That Really Does Last Forever says:

          I’ve seen similar when upgrading heating systems in council houses, many thought we’d come to fit a new plasma telly. Both main parties have created a dependency culture by not being able to set limits on the state. No only does having a small state mean less tax spending it means less state intervention in individual lives and this is something none of the current 3 main parties will accept. The concept of there being areas that the state should not concern itself with was given up during the 1914- 18 war. Every government since then has extended its reach. We essentially have a concept of the state and government that is based on more benign version of Lenin’s War Communism.

          • Anonymous says:

            Don’t you mean less intervention for the rich? Yet it is OK for the state to force the poor into working wage-free.

        • 75
          Residing in 96.99% white Merseyside says:

          What’s wrong with that. If MP’s can work the system to their full advantage, why can’t the man in the street.

          They don’t exactly set an example do they?

          • Lord Stansted says:

            You have a point there.

          • Indeed, a good point. If I may indulge a little c&p:

            John Stuart Mill defined “social liberty” as protection from “the tyranny of political rulers.”

            (But also) he introduced a number of different tyrannies, including social tyranny, and also the tyranny of the majority.

            That means balancing what the majority want against the harm caused to the minority in order to grant it. If I may be so bold as to suggest, at some time all of us will experience being in the minority, and if the consequence was to wreck our life and those whom we love and value, we may well believe that a more robust defence of our situation is called for. (I refer to my post above at 44 – 2:28 p.m.)

        • 117
          Con Artists says:

          Hold on a minute your being a tad unfair there.

          They also go to the mosque 4 times a day to pray, and their legal aid lawyers, and the doctors, and the dentist, and back to their real home for holidays.

          So their days are pretty busy and I doubt they’d have any time for ‘work’.

    • 92
      Old git with next to no income from his savings says:

      Ask Gordon Brown and Ned Testicle. They’re the experts at pissing the economy up the wall. It’s going to take years to reverse what those fucktards did.

  6. 9
    When I was a lad I served a term as office boy to an attorney's firm... says:

    Did I miss the explosive bit?

    • 24
      Grecian 2000 says:

      No you didn’t; John O’Farrell, see above, can lend you some semtex sourced from his Fenian friends!!

      • 94
        Admiral Ackbar says:

        At least the Fenians won.

        • 141
          ? says:

          no they didnt

          • Mr Quelch says:

            Who has got the good jobs in NI government and the seats in Parliament (which are never sat on but for which expenses are claimed) – why , it’s those non-members (ever) of IRA Messrs Adams & McGuiness. Who says we never give in to terrorism .

  7. 10
    goldylocks loman says:

    Thing is with so many of these jobs being part time and not being enough to make ends meet the rest of us have to pick up the tab via tax credit, housing benefit, council tax benefit etc so yet again we subsidise the multinational

    • 78
      Residing in 96.99% white Merseyside says:

      There’s multi-national and there’s not so multi-national. Presume you mean places like Londistan, Luton, Brum, Bradford and Bournemouth?

  8. 11
    Owin Jones says:

    Explosive row on LBC earlier as Guido Fawkes went ballistic with their resident lefty Owen Jones over the Eastleigh by election predictions (Labour to win).

  9. 13
    Mr G Osbourne says:

    Sorry Iain but you dont deserve £134,565 a year, i’m going to have a word with my mate honest Dave !

  10. 14
    Tony Eden from Eton says:

    This is really really impressive .

    A Cabinet Minister arguing with a trumped up lefty in public and a Government trying to argue that unemployment is falling when there are more people unemployed this month than last.

  11. 15
    P l e b says:

    James O’Brien = private sector worker
    IDS = public sector parasite

    • 41
      Tooth fairy says:

      James O’Brien is the one and only presenter on LBC is thinks he has the god given right to tell you what to think. I listen to his nauseating voice and switch of the radio.

      Of course he is loved by the BBC and appears on QT regularly and again I switch off, can’t bear him.

      • 81
        Residing in 96.99% white Merseyside says:

        Never heard of him. Still, I haven’t listened to the radio since the 1980′s.

        And then it was only to get a sporting result before I had Ceefax.

      • 97
        Rebbekah Red Bush says:

        Unlike that fascist c*nt, Ferrari.

        • 150
          Alex says:

          You clearly have no understanding of what fascism is, you ignorant little turd.

          Dislike Ferrari’s political beliefs by all means, but if you think the man is a fascist then you’re incredibly stupid.

      • 104
        DaveyC says:

        Pleb’s point still stands. O’Brien earns actual money, pays taxes. I have more credit for him than the thieiving political classes.

        • 113

          Hmmmm – reptile, politician….. politician, reptile?…..

          No… I think I’ll give them both a miss really and just have a nice cup of Assam, thanks.

          Granddad always said that if you have to choose between two pasty faced wankers, don’t bother with either, and DON’T shake their hands!

          Bless… I do miss his witty sayings.

      • 142
        ? says:

        Is he the one who used to be on that wonky faced fuckwit Matthew Wright Show on Channel 5?

    • 147
      Nick Clegg says:

      I see you know him well

  12. 20
    George Soros says:

    Oy vey.

    It was explosive alright and perhaps they should both have dosed themselves with Immodium to settle their stomachs.

  13. 22
    Anonymous says:

    what is “remuneratrion?”

  14. 23
    Owin Jones,Chief Economist says:

    Against the dollar, the pound was down 0.75% at $1.5310, while sterling dropped 0.8% against the euro to 1.1433 euros.

  15. 25
    P l e b says:

    IDS has never done a day’s work in the private sector in his life.
    Just another sucker at the teat.

  16. 30
    forgotten man says:

    Well, after I’ve had a lobotomy, I hope i’m not too overqualified for O’Brien’s job when I apply.

    • 128
      Catty Comment (Ms) says:

      You must remember that his audience is London – which now 55% foreigners – who probably don’t understand a word he is saying – or if they do, fall about laughing!

  17. 34
    Ranter says:

    Reminds me why I cannot listen to Radio Mental at all and that cnut especially, what a tiresome bore.

  18. 38
    A Westland Helicopter says:

    Everything is open and above board.

  19. 39
    Fire public sector shirkers NOW says:

    Messerschmidt Duncan loses his temper!

    • 121
    • 129
      Catty Comment (Ms) says:

      Anyone having to deal with somebody as thick and obtuse as that interviewer (however did he pass the job interview?) would also feel like tearing their hair out. IDS should have just put the phone down on him and stopped wasting his valuable time.

  20. 40
    sixupman says:

    O’Brien is a neurotic “Lefty” who bridles and has a ‘fizzy’ when challenged.

    • 47
      Tooth fairy says:

      Seemed to me to lose the argument when he couldn’t switch IDS off like he can with his ordinary listeners. Have you noticed he always has the last say in any debate where he is getting beat.

  21. 42
    jules says:

    so bored with interviewers who continually interrupt the answers to the questions they’ve asked. That performance was just rude and self indulgent on the part of JO’B

  22. 43
    Alan Douglas says:

    I found what IDS said very clear – what kind of moron is the interviewer ? Would have been easier if JOB had not kept interupting.

    Alan Douglas

    • 71
      Phil says:

      You’ve got it in one Obrien is a complete moron trying to use the naughtie interruption gambit in order to drown out anybody who is talking sense but whose utterances do not not allow the interviewer to jump in feet first with a “gotcha” moment.

      • 89
        EdButLookBalls says:

        Noticed that Naughtie was mute when interviewing John Redwood this morning about private sector unwilling invest in their businesses to fund the public sector. JR stated this in many ways to Naughtie’s questions. Naughtie couldn’t wait to ‘move on’, with no favourable comments or his stupid laughter.

        What a set of cnuts the Beeboids are FFS!

        • 130
          Catty Comment (Ms) says:

          As has been pointed out before, JR is one of the few MPs who actually understand what ‘economics’ is all about (which is more than can be said for Cameron and Ozzie) – which is why wavy Davy will never make his Chancellor.

  23. 49
    Had enough says:

    O’Brien so far-left he thinks the BNP are far-right rather than his socialist bed fellows.

    • 132
      Catty Comment (Ms) says:

      I don’t listen to LBC, but I was unaware that it was a hotbed of trots if O’Brien (Irish?) is anything to go by.

      Am I wrong?

  24. 53
    Ed Miliband=Bulgarian Welfare King says:

    Duncan Smith lays down the law. This radio interviewer seems to revel in people’s unemployment and idleness, presumably he needs million to be sat at home to listen to his broadcast.

  25. 54
    radio ga ga says:

    O’Brien copying R4 Today method of conducting interviews.
    Ask a question and constantly interrupt the answer in the hope the listener doesn’t realise that the question was poorly researched and the answer doesn’t fit the programme brief.

  26. 60
    Henry Brubaker says:

    Benefits should be paid in exchange for work. Im not sure what the problem is with that.

    • 99
      Tesco, Poundland etc etc says:

      We agree.

    • 149
      Abu Hanza says:

      You are a racist, my wives and I dont have time to go to work we need to make more children as quick as possible to spread the religion of piece. I am a leader, leaders dont work all people know that. So keep sending the money you halfwits and let me get on with my mission in this godless country.

    • 171
      Anonymous says:

      So you would willing do it?

  27. 63
    Pryce Watch says:

    Interested in the Questions: Documented here.

  28. 64
    Airey Belvoir says:

    Having listened to this exchange, it is quite clear to me that James O’Brien is a twenty-four carat, copper-bottomed, ocean-going Hunt.

  29. 65
    No such thing as society says:

    IDS got a deserved pasting, as one of the posters commented on the LBC site IDS is getting paid from taxes so why don’t the government get paid benefits instead while getting vital experience.

    • 68
      Tooth fairy says:

      It is the lefty Labour Government that introduced councillors to be paid, union reps being allowed to do union work on public funded jobs, oversaw a corrupt expenses scandal and failed to ensure that it was cleaned up properly.

      Definition of Lefty…. those that have their hand out for the public to pay for their life style.

      • 73
        Mensahib Dave says:

        And which spark decided on town hall mayors on £80k+ the usual add ons with a league of underling deputies (Sal.ford has 13 while New York has 3!!!, one for international affairs, what!). Oh `twas me.

      • 179
        IDS is a LTB says:

        In the last 3 years this country turned into a selfish nasty place – where blind, disabled, cripples, mentally ill people are being used as cash cows for Tory ‘Job Providers’. Yet, as Panorama highlighted recently, some of these Work Programme funded companies tell their staff to think of Job Seekers as ‘Lying Thieving Bastards’. Then again, most Job Seekers consider that Iain Duncan Smith is a Lying Tory Bastard.

    • 79
      Anonymous says:

      Did you click the wrong link ?

    • 93
      Jimmy says:

      The difference of course is that the shelf stackers are expected to learn from their experience.

  30. 74
    Mensahib Dave says:

    The Quiet Man explodes Part 2. Last time was at conference about a decade ago.

  31. 76
    (I've been renamed) DA-Notice says:

    I love remooneration; feckin’ numpty.

  32. 83
    Astroreaper says:

    O’Brian was being a jumped up moron, who has a pathalogical condition to not understand anything what so ever about something that’s quite simple.

    The blokes a complete tosser.

  33. 110
    Didn't do me any harm says:

    O’Brien loves reminding his dwindling audience that his poor old Fleet St dad scrimped and saved to send him to Stonyhurst, the well known Catholic fee-paying boarding school that gave us Arthur Conan Doyle and Bill Cash, Paul Johnson and Bruce Kent but which wasn’t good enough for the young Mr O’B. The experience of not feeling quite as top drawer as the other boys has turned him into the bitter, twisted little gobshite presented to us today.

    Assuming he wasn’t dropped on his head as a baby.

    • 133
      Catty Comment (Ms) says:

      So he learned early on from his dad how to waste money? Clearly his “education” was not up to much. Poor pater, must have been very disappointed at how his son turned out.

  34. 112
    Anonymous says:

    You could hardly tell from James’ accent that he went to one of the best public schools in the country.

  35. 115
    keredybretsa says:

    Work experience will give them a kick-start into world of work. Enabling them to achieve a desire to tackle fresh challenges.

    • 176
      Anonymous says:

      Shorthand for: At last, we have found a good way to con job seekers into working and not getting a wage. Now if we can only do something about the high court.

  36. 116
    Albion says:

    All credit to LBC for letting a sulky sixteen year old on work experience interview a govenment minister.

  37. 123
    Gone fishin' says:

    If you do not get away from the ‘divide and rule’ cr*p that these puppets in westminster shove in your faces to distract you from the truth, that this left-right, red-blue, lab-conlib or what ever you want to call it paradigm continues to be agenda politics and party independent (just the spin is different), then you have failed to understand and continue to be maipulated!

    ‘Silent weapons for quiet wars’ – research it and pull the blinkers from your eyes!

    • 162
      bromie666 says:

      i agree with every word you say although i could of course suggest that whilst you people with blinkers aint got any jobs….. research at least while we have control with information on the web coz the establishment need the control of it to continue with there stupid dinner party mentality while at the same time selling us all out to euorope

  38. 125
    Tron says:

    James O’Brien is worth listening to for about 10 minutes in a “so public school lefty, wrong on everything, sort of way.” A cartoon Champagne Socialist.

    He likes to bully anyone who doesn’t think like Owen Jones by interrupting, then cutting them off. He then misrepresents what they were trying to say.

    He said this morning that his definition of “far right”, in which he includes Tory and UKIP voters, was “hates foreigners”.

  39. 137
    Anonymous says:

    That argument was the metaphorical equivalent of two bald men fighting over a comb.

  40. 157
    Spanno says:

    The DJ is such a fool, pathetic even. IDS makes some seriously good points. Mr DJ knows that really, which is why his arguments are so weak.

  41. 160
    bromie666 says:

    doesnt matter what politician i hear the more i feel we need to get rid of them how these people live with themselves is beyond me the whole system is rigged and needs a serious re-boot thats my opinion for what its worth

  42. 163
    Gonk says:

    Professional rude sod strategy solved by IDS never agreeing to appear again.

  43. 165
    IDS says:

    You’ll never catch me stacking shelves

    That’s for the surplus population

  44. 166
    Johnny Norfolk says:

    Well done Mr Smith, they cannot stand facts.

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