February 20th, 2013

Ex-LibDem Eastleigh Mayor Backs UKIP: “Left in Disgust at Lies”

Meet Glynn Davies-Dear, the weirdy-beardy former LibDem mayor of Eastleigh who has jumped ship to UKIP ahead of next-week’s by-election.

“Why did I leave the LibDems? I left in disgust at the lies and the broken promises. The Liberal Democrats no longer care about the people, they only care about themselves.”

Former LibDem councillor Andy Moore has also crossed the divide this afternoon. Ouch.

UPDATE: Amusingly he appears on a leaflet for Maria Hutchings.


  1. 1
    Owin Jones,Crime Correspondent says:


    Jury have sent judge another note. Coming back into court

    • 3
      Owin Jones,Crime Correspondent says:

      Jury in Vicky Pryce trial are discharged

      • 34
        Gonk III says:

        Exemption from future service granted and insisted on.

        • 70
          Lord Stansted says:

          Could there be a link between the jury’s inability to understand the arguments and the fact that London is full of people whose English is not their first language?

    • 4
      Anonymous says:

      Election in Eastliegh

      Our homeland famed for hope and glory
      Will not be saved by voting Tory
      For Cameron has a different view
      He’ll sell us all to the EU

      And soon you’ll hear from the Libdem
      Vote for us, were not like them
      But I would say ignore them please
      Remember the tuition fees

      And what about the Labour lot
      Who’s secret immigration plot
      Has worked exactly as designed
      When they the Lisbon Treaty signed

      Your dreams alas will turn to dust
      If in these parties you put trust
      Now is the time to get a grip
      Get rid of this lot VOTE UKIP

      • 59
        UKVNT says:

        UKIP are irrelevant twats.
        Only disgruntled ex-lefties have anything to do with them now. It seems that when you’ve realised you have mis-spent your adult life being a traitor and supporting Parties and causes that seek to destroy Britain, that UKIP is some sort of acceptable way to claim that they are now patriotic lovers of the country that they helped so much to destroy.

        • 65
          CarryHole is a stupendous Hunt says:

          Good attempt to pretend not to be a lefty troll, but a big fail nonetheless.

        • 67
          ukip myth says:

          you got it in one ..cheap shot opportunists full of talentless people who without farage who does appeal would be ignored as a minor irritation

        • 77
          Con Artists says:

          First they ignore you.
          Then they attack you.

          Vote UKIP, get UKIP.

          • Hang The B@stards says:

            I’m voting UKIP

            The lefty lot just want to flood the country full of scrounging Romainians.

        • 112
          Anonymong says:

          “UKIP are irrelevant twats.”

          Ad hominem attack. The first advice given in the little RED book of losing an argument.

          Piss off back to the picket line, and come back when you’ve figured out how to avoid strawmen.

        • 151
          DC says:

          What a twat

      • 181
        Tom Tit says:

        UKIP will sell you out to Israel and nonce rabbi scum.

        • 193
          EU Watch says:

          Bit of a slur. But better than being sold out for what we know are EU Commission Nonce Scum.

    • 7
      Anonymous says:

      Hune Jury have been discharged

    • 27
      Gordon Brown says:

      I am thinking of joining the Labour Party

      • 43
        Mike Hunt says:

        They would be mad to accept you.

        Oh, they are mad.

      • 171
        Gordon Gecko says:

        Could be tricky. I thought nothing would stick to them.

      • 173
        The savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

        Nursey says:

        That can wait till tomorrow. Gordon.

        Now see this —- it’s called a. Bidet and it is being fitted next to your loo.

        It’s one of those brilliant. EU inventions which allows you to wash your. “feet” when you’ve finished on the potty .

        Night. Night Sleep. Well.

    • 47
      John O'Farrell, joke candidate says:

      I say, I say, I say…….

  2. 2
    Tooth fairy says:

    At last non liar politicians

    • 141
      Learn to Count with Ed Balls says:

      Today I’m going to teach you how to count to ten. Are we sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

      One, four, ninety, minus six, eleventeen, ten.

      • 163
        Al Bore says:

        Tuition fees will just about cover the extra £4 billion of foreign aid donations pushed through by the Con Dems.

        Nice one Nick!

        • 180
          The savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

          I see. Gideon got well short changed on the 4g. Auction……

          To his credit. Mc. Mental did get 20 billion for 3g .

          Gideon s. 2.4 bill. Pales into insignificance .

          Especially. Now Davy has nod/winked through the return of a couple of billion to India to gloss over the Italian. Bribery shenanigans over the. Augusta. Westland contract .

          The. Eyeties have got even less. Money than we have so they. Can’t pay it back ……

    • 186
      T'Old Fella says:

      So we can expect these 2 fellas to resign their seats in time for the next council elections

  3. 5
    Jimmy says:

    A quick google reveals they left a couple of years ago.

    What was that about Private Eye being two weeks behind?

  4. 6
    Steve Miliband says:

    From EU lovers to EU haters?

    • 17
      Tooth fairy says:

      Doesn’t this actually show that UKIP can take votes across the political spectrum? I’d say so.

      • 29
        Steve (ex-Labour) says:

        Yes. Labour sold out the indigenous British people – their own people, turned them into welfare junkies and imported a new voter base to destroy the Tories.

        Labour have all but destroyed British working class culture, heritage and history – thats why I left Labour, that why I am now with Ukip.

        • 48
          Tooth fairy says:

          At least you thought what you wanted as opposed to ‘very funny’ who would think you a “loon” . There are more and more of us ‘loons’ and, of course, we are not going away.

          For what ever faults with a party so young at least it is starting to speak for all disenfranchised voters.

        • 82
          CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

          UKIP have a lot of ex-Labour it would appear. Which is why I hate and distrust them so much.

          They and their support shout and ball at us proper, always have been right-wingers and would rather poke my eyes out than vote Labour), about how patriotic they are and what horrible traitors the Conservative Party are.
          When the blood of what used to be Great Britain is all over their hands and the hands of the socialists they voted for for so long.

          UKIP’s “we’re disgruntled Conservatives” line is utterly phoney, Cameron’s promise of a referendum in 2017 has killed of any chance of UKRAP getting disgruntled tories.
          UKIP’s biggest concern is funding, it needs large donations from ex-Conservative donors, so it plays up to the “we used to be Tories too” line.

          • Tooth fairy says:

            This is so funny…. accused of ex tory’s ex labour and being racist lovers….. when are you all going to understand UKIP is made up of lovers of Britain who have seen through the traitorish handling of politics in this country.

            Whereever UKIP voters and members have come from is pretty irrelevant …. we all know where we are going.

        • 133
          Anonymous says:

          UKIP hates the working class as much as Tony B, or the Con-Dems – but they will never admit it.

          • Con Artists says:

            The unsubstantiated nonsense spouted against UKIP by a few lonely flacid trolls on here cheers me up immensely..

            It shows Ukip is really starting to bite and the futility of the LibLabCon desperation as they realise that were not going away because we really represent what the good people of the UK believe in their hearts.

            Good work fellas…

        • 154
          David Milliband says:

          Well done

      • 118
        Anonymous says:

        I think it’s more indicative of a fair number of carpetbaggers looking to jump on the UKIP bandwagon. Farage needs to have his wits about him to ensure that these entryist fucktards are weeded out at an early stage before they start to corrupt the UKIP message towards the Lib lab Con consensus.

    • 182
      The savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

      To all EU lovers wherever you may be .

      Go screw yourdelves with a crooked banana.

  5. 8
    very funny says:

    it’s one way of ensuring you end your career in politics, leaving one sinking ship for a one trick pony no one sane would actually vote for in a general election.

    • 11
      Tiny Tom says:

      You would have to be insane not to vote UKIP.
      The only sensible move is towards the Exit door fron EU
      Vote for UKIP

      • 13
        very funny says:

        yeah voting for a single issue party at the next general election is definitely the right option. IF YOU ARE A LOON.

        • 14
          Tiny Tom says:

          UKIP is not a single party issue but 95% of our problems come from our membership of the EU.
          Do you really want unlimited immigration from 2 of the poorest nations in Europe? If you do it’s you who are Insane.

        • 16
          Sandra in Accounts says:

          Caps lock…mmmm. Indicative of inner stress….

          Vote UKIP – all the most well adjusted loons are.

        • 21
          Tooth fairy says:

          5 pages of policies http://www.ukip.org/content/ukip-policies

          that should tell you UKIP are not a single issue party.

          • very funny says:

            thats 5 pages of some pages with bullet points on. the health ‘policy’ isn’t a policy. i’ve just read it in about a minute. if you think Mr Farage and his coterie could run a bath, let alone something as complex as the NHS based on a handful of bullet points then you are in for a horrible surprise if – god forbid – they ever one.

            but they won’t even win a seat, luckily

          • very funny says:

            ‘won’ that should say, apols.

          • Tooth fairy says:

            What and the LibLabCon have governed impeccably?

            Politics is for and by the people, and all we have for the last 50 years are politicians that have lied to us and ruled for their own personal benefit.

          • very funny says:

            here is the UKIP education ‘policy’


            written in July 2007. nearly 6 years ago. nice and up to date, just the kind of thing to be fighting an election with.


          • Tiny Tom says:

            Have you tried to run a bath in the NHS.?
            It’s not a easy as you seem to think.
            The current and past bunch of politicians have made a right mess of the NHS so far.

            Time for some new thinking
            Vote UKIP

          • very funny says:

            and i never said that LibLabCon have governed impeccably, of course they haven’t. politics and politicians are corrupt. at least they make an attempt though at not just being obsessed by one thing.

            UKIP are a bunch of marginal loons supported by libertarian morons, that’s all.

          • Steve Miliband says:

            Didn’t see the one about smoking in pubs

          • Vote UK!P says:

            The smoking in pubs policy, in addition to the other fine items in their manifesto, gets my vote.

          • CarryHole is a stupendous Hunt says:

            Publicans allowed to decide what goes on in their property!??!?

            LibLabCon: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

          • Con Artists says:

            Very Funny

            How is Weird Eds blank piece of paper ?

            Has he cut and pasted any Conservative socialist policies yet or is he going to chillax with CaMoron and do it at the weekend in Islington ?

        • 56
          Four-eyed English Genius says:

          If you think UKIP is a single issue party, then I am afraid that YOU ARE THE LOON!

          • very funny says:

            of course it is. i’ve just read its ‘policies’ on things other than Europe and they have the feel of Farage having cobbled them together with a couple of A Level students over an agreeable lunch at his Mums house. They aren’t proper grown up policies, its the scribblings of one man. its smoke and mirrors to try and convince a few waverers he and UKIP are a serious party. they aren’t. they’d be an unmitigated disaster, they’d make Gordon Brown look competent.

          • CarryHole is a stupendous Hunt says:

            Ed’s focus groups have made some wonderful blanks sheets of paper
            Dave’s managed to do GAY marriage (which wasn’t in the manifesto) oh and I’m sure Yeo’s had plenty of “business lunches” to decide how to fleece us with wind totems.

            Since Labour and Dave’s lot made it law to ignore their own manifesto I think we can treat those “policies” with contempt.

        • 74
          CarryHole is a stupendous Hunt says:

          Dave’s Party seems to be 2 issues…

          1/ Copy Gordonmics and be blue labour.
          2/ Gay marriage.

          I don’t remember seeing either in the manifesto.

        • 114
          Anonymong says:

          Single Issue?

          Read, comprehend, vote UKIP


        • 140
          Disgusted of Antarctica says:

          ‘…single issue party’

          Any semblance of an argument already lost.

          • very funny says:

            what rubbish. you are all being wilfully stupid. you know full well the rest is just window dressing. why would a serious political party have education policies 6 years old on their website? or policy for the NHS which is just 5 bullet points essentially.

            you people aren’t stupid, stop pretending to be.

            its about

            1. Europe
            2. Europe
            3. Europe

            and thats it.


        • 166
          DC says:

          Are you on day release?.

      • 185
        Tom Tit says:

        Vote UKIP and bow down to the Mossad.

        • 207
          Con Artists says:

          Or vote LibLabCon and bend over so Mohammed can take you up the ar€se good and proper

    • 33
      very funny says:

      Vote UKIP – ruin Britain for a generation

      • 38
        Gonk III says:

        Things are going so well, aren’t they ?

      • 40
        Tooth fairy says:

        “very funny says:
        February 20, 2013 at 2:44 pm
        and i never said that LibLabCon have governed impeccably, of course they haven’t. politics and politicians are corrupt. at least they make an attempt though at not just being obsessed by one thing.”

        I take it then you must support some other party other than UKIP Lib Lab or Con???

      • 62
        Four-eyed English Genius says:

        Too late. It was already done by 2010.

      • 88
        Frog in a pan of water says:

        Jumping out of this hot water would be ruinous.

      • 210
        Rip van Wrinkle says:

        That has to be the quote of the year let alone the day!!

        If UKIP ruined the UK for a generation, they would still be more successful than either the last or the current Government.

        Christ on a bike.

    • 75
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Reading all the above – it appears that the LIBLABCON’s are only “scared of one party” – the one that wants out of the EU and is not bought into the climate change farrago …

      Interesting times afoot

      • 89
        CarryHole is a stupendous Hunt says:

        think you mean scam.

      • 101
        Not Blowing Whistles says:

        A very succinct and accurate analysis.

        In all the policy talk above, one still has to question where gay marriage featured in the Tory manifesto which they ran at 2010 GE.

    • 137
      Anonymous says:

      A one trick pony has a real advantage over a pony that keeps wandering into the middle of the road and is likely to get the rider killed. Especially when it does not think twice about throwing a rider under the wheels of a bus. I’ll keep trying to train the one trick pony. Far more productive and enjoyable than fighting for ones life against a trust.

    • 156
      David Milliband says:

      No not funny

    • 174
      Blodwen says:

      Not strictly true. Winston Churchill did a bit of jumping around,and it didn’t seem to do him any harm in the long run. (Thank the Lord or we’d all be speaking kraut.)

      • 191
        Tom Tit says:

        Yeah that fat old bastard, left the east end lit up like a fecking crimbo tree while him and old evil grotbags fish bones sat down to dinner in Knightsbridge.

        Instead of speaking kraut we are ruled by the scum.

      • 202
        CarryHole is a stupendous Hunt says:

        It’s safe to say he was anti-Socialist, anti-Islam and against forced European integration projects…

        He was also a bit of a Georgist.

  6. 9
    very funny says:

    this loon left in 2011. its taken him 2 years to decide to join those other loons, UKIP. hardly a conviction politician who UKIP should be crowing about? anyone would think they were desperate for credibility.

    • 32
      Steve (ex-Labour) says:

      First they ignore you, then they insult you.

      We must be doing something right to upset you Tory boy.

      • 37
        very funny says:

        i’m not a Tory.

        this site is a useful vehicle for the Tories though as it gathers all the UKIP morons in one place and the rest of the country can see what a bunch of nutters you are and will never vote for them.

        its almost like it happens on purpose.

        • 53
          Tooth fairy says:

          please enlighten us then. or are you just a troll and have nothing positive to say about anyone?

          • very funny says:

            i just can’t stand UKIP or the ‘me me me’ viewpoint of many Libertarians.

          • SomeoneElse says:

            so how many kippers voted against the discards that they promised to do something about???

            ermm.. 9 abstained, Farage didn’t even bother to turn up as he was troughing elsewhere!

            the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly for CFP reform that should see the end, at last, to the practice of discarding dead fish in the sea. This is an issue that unites eurosceptics and europhiles alike. It is a disgraceful practice.

            But I note that UKIP failed to vote in favour of this much needed reform.

            I have read much criticism by UKIP members of the discards policy. So why did they not vote in favour?

            Because if discards are banned, then they will have nothing to complain about, and complaining about anything and everything is their stock in trade. There is a lot more to CFP reform than eliminating discards, of course. These reforms will benefit the fishermen and the communities they support. They will benefit the consumer, and relieve the pressure on fish stocks and the environment. It was interesting to note attempts to block the reform by the Spanish, who are responsible for much of the problem. They will have been pleased to see UKIP helping them out by failing to back the reform.

            If UKIP is not going to stand up for the interests of British fishermen, what is the point of them?

          • Ferret sez says:

            Just another troll waving it’s tongue about.

          • Troll Watch says:

            @SE: The only way the interests of British Fisherman can be served is by regaining sovereign control over UK waters.

            That is only going to happen by withdrawal from EU.

            The discards policy does not come in for a few years, by which time UKIP have accurately pointed out that there may not be any fish left.

          • ukip myth says:

            truth hurts

          • Mong Watch says:

            @vf: You are not confusing libertarians with liberals are you ?

            If so, you are arguing for liberal policies with that statement. Perhaps a touch of the Lib Dem to your trolling ?

            NB: One of the key differences is that the libertarians believe in moral responsibility wrt actions. So you would be arguing against that which gets you to liberalism as preached in the UK.

          • very funny says:

            i’m an anarchist. an actual one, not the smashy smashy type.

            so i’m even more doomed than UKIP.

          • Tooth fairy says:

            anarchist = definitely a troll then.

            Seriously, I understand why you may feel like that, you definitely should get involved with UKIP because we are about changing the face of the LibLabCon. So why not open your mind to the possibility that UKIP may have a message you can attach to?

            Perhaps we don’t have the answer, but the rest certainly don’t, so something has to change. You obviously have passion and that is all it takes.

        • 80
          Tooth fairy says:

          I note you failed to answer the question

          Tell us who you do believe in then. Not Tory’s not UKIP.

          or is it you are a troll?

    • 148
      very funny says:

      and people really don’t get trolling on here. trolling is trying to actively disrupt a message board, having a completely fake identity or posting up rude or offensive comments.

      i have done none of those things, just posted things some of you might not agree with. this is called discussion. we used to do that kind of thing over pints and a cigarette in a pub (bring back smoking in pubs)

      unfortunately many on the internet are incredibly thin skinned, particularly when the media and politics collide – people like harry cole, nero, laurie penny, sunny handal, james delingpole etc and they shout ‘troll’ when normally they actually mean ‘someone doesn’t agree with me and they didn’t go to public school, i can’t cope’

      • 161
        SP4BS says:

        you miss the original definition of troll. Mild ribbing, and provoking people into doing little more than making themselves look stupid.

      • 169
        SP4BS says:

        and having said that what you’ve done could be “original trolling” if it was designed to cause a particular reaction from UKIPpers just for fun, esp if it was blatant enough to make other readers think, or at least suspect, that you were just taking the piss.

        I must say it does sound rather fun.

      • 188
        Anonymous says:

        I can not stand any of them. If however one group promises to upset the apple cart then I will help them all I can. Only when the apples are all bruised will a real leader emerge to create something from the mess. I look forward to those days.

        Tolling used to be just the need in some to always be on the opposite side of the main group. Just to wind up people and make them think. Done properly is shows up the difference between believers and those that have experience.

        Now as you said, it is just one of those lashing out defences used by the weak when discussion fails them, or they are just not on the same planet as the others.

        Everyone’s view, however distorted to the listener, is a product of our society. Ignoring some views, is to ignore parts of the broad spectrum of individuals for which this country is know. We do not produce clones here. Unfortunately that is changing.

        • 224
          PC 83 says:

          “We do not produce clones here”

          But the process is well under way. I mean just look at Bliar and Cameroon. What more evidence do you need?

  7. 10
    The Profit half a mo' says:

    Why does that Cleggito not have a beard?

    • 12
      Tiny Tom says:

      He hasn’t got the balls to grow one.

      • 35
        V1le, spiteful Labour ruined my Country says:

        He probably has strange sexual proclivities and sandals. These are 2 other requirements for membership of the LimpDumbs?

  8. 15
    Anonymous says:

    Tenner on UKIP to win…

  9. 18
    The Right Honourable George Osborne says:

    Anybody know how this 4G phone thing works ? I need to send IDS a video I made of possible layabouts in Poundland that could be forced to work there for nothing.

  10. 20
    Owin Jones Q.C. says:

    As a new hearing has been speedily fixed by the court, contempt of court rules still apply in Pryce trial. ……..CarefulNow

  11. 23
    Anonymous says:

    Rather like the Soviet Union all initiative is punishable in the EU

  12. 36
    Alan Rusbridger, prominent pianist says:

    Today I am mostly trying Paper Cuts by Nirvana.

    • 99
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      Oi Rustbucket! Do your best Kurt Cobain imitation whilst you’re at it! You know what I’m talking about. And it ain’t shagging Courtney Love (though who’d want to, anyway?).

  13. 39
    Exiled Brit in Low Tax Switzerland says:

    I’ve just signed up to UKIP today.

    The whole wretched British establishment needs to be brought to it’s knees, and this is my little contribution.

    With the money I save from low (3.6% income tax) in Switzerland, I am more than happy to redistribute some of it to UKIP and their cause.

    • 52
      Kevin T says:

      Damn right. My dream is every Tory, Labour and LibDem MP, every public service manager and every lawyer in a queue outside Cash Converters with their kids’ game console under their arm and a look of utter desolation on their face.

    • 90
      CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

      Why not just join Labour.
      It amounts to the same thing!

  14. 41
    Gordon Brown says:

    GOLD 1,589.80 -14.40 -0.90%

    He ! He ! He ! He ! He !

    Told you,Told you,Told you,Told you.

  15. 42
    The Pryce is Wrong! says:

    Come on clown!

  16. 49
    rectitudanalbeast says:

    Just how many parties did that paragon of principle Winston Churchil belong to ?
    At least he didn’ have a beard
    Unlike most Lib bumboys
    His beer (Special brew) is good but his insurance company is rubbish

  17. 50
    Steve Miliband says:

    Good to see so many UKIP MP’s on the doorsteps of Eastleigh. Oh wait…..

  18. 58
    Eastleigh Boy!! says:

    That makes 4 parties in 2 years, but of course if they want the facts about their leaving the libdems to come out!!!! and not their nonsense………………….sighs

  19. 60
    Popeye says:

    Just discovered the perfidity of the Lib/Dems?
    Nothing to do with the Lib/Dems going down the drain and UKIP being in ascendancy then?

  20. 66
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP.

  21. 69
    Gordon Brown says:

    Gold is now officially tanking.

    Don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

    GOLD 1,585.10 -19.10 -1.19%

    • 91
      Anonymous says:

      There is a sell off going on, but more likely due to !ndia:


      It is coming to the end of wedding season.

      There were changes to !ndia’s gold import duty, the tax was increased, which has cut demand.

      The sell off will likely be short lived as the central banks are buying heavily on the dips. Particularly Russia.

      There may also be some deliveries forced when Feb COMEX matures next week. That may be interesting ;-)

    • 93
      Gold Watch says:

      There is a sell off going on, but more likely due to !ndia:


      It is coming to the end of wedding season.

      The gold import duty was recently increased, which has cut demand.

      The sell off will likely be short lived as the sovereigns are buying heavily on the dips. Particularly Russ!a.

      There may also be some deliveries forced when Feb C0MEX matures next week. That may be interesting ;-)

    • 94
      Christianmurphybeast ofthe BBC says:

      Not quite as tanked as when you sold it
      You one eyed mong
      Beast keeps buying watches
      Chinks love them
      Guns, precious metals,big cat skins (legal ones)
      Follow the money

      • 97
        Gold Watch says:

        He didn’t just sell it.

        The dishonorable arsewipe front ran the sell off to push the price even lower.

        And with it he bought Euro’s.

        That is the very definition of: C’UNT.

  22. 78
    ChrisHunein a beastly way says:

    This is my future

  23. 81
    Owin Jones says:

    Top Liberal behind illegal anonymous smear leaflets during Bermondsey by-election 1983? READ http://bit.ly/XMjLqc

  24. 87
    Laura Penny says:

    Photo: In which Owen Jones and me have solidarity-tea (solidaritea?). Because fighting the good fight can… http://tmblr.co/ZhERLveaopbj

    • 123
      Reality says:

      No, he was just scabbing some tea off you because he couldn’t be bothered to buy his own. Hope you went for a checkup after that. Cooties can be a bitch.

  25. 92
    Hang The B@stards says:

    ARMAGEDON 2014

    The UK will open its gates to 4 Million + of the poorest people in Europe. Some obvious flaws:

    (1) We dont have enough jobs !

    (2) We dont have enough houses !

    (3) We dont have enough money !

    (4) We dont have enough capacity in our services !

    (5) We dont have enough gas !

    So why the fuck are we just sleep walking into the destruction of the UK ?

    • 102

      3 across – three letters. First letter is m, last is g. How 3rd world countries refer to someone who is a ‘progressive’

      • 122
        Labour educated retard says:

        So, that’s ‘MEG’ : Like mystic meg on the telly innit. So they fink we’re like the lottery innit ? Well that’s good ’cause it will increase the jackpot, yeah ?

    • 146
      Anonymous says:

      But we do. They are all in Eastern Europe.

      The problem is that EU’s great plan was to inject money into those economies but they now realise that is a failed experiment. It has side effects.

      So now a planned policy will come into effect but the corresponding policy to mitigate its disruption has been abandoned.

      It is like planning to drive down the M1, but when the time comes to leave, the tires are flat. Never mind says the EU, just drive anyway. There is no one that matters on the M1 and we will pick up the debris later.

    • 187
      The savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

      The. UK was destroyed. Long. Ago .

      Now we are. Just waiting for the remnants to. Be burnt and the ashes scattered .

      And the. Rommies are just he ones to oblige .

  26. 98

    Meanwhile…….just across the channel in Amiens. Big news in France is a letter from Goodyear Titan CEO Maurice M. Taylor ( onetime Republican vice-pres. cand IIRC ) telling minister Arnaud “Pretty Boy” Montebourg what he thinks of french workers and their union. Have a look at Les Echos.fr

  27. 100
    Just askin says:

    Comment 100!

  28. 105

    My suspicions about the Pryce jury were broadly correct. They were Huhnes.

    • 108
      FFS says:

      Did you see my comment made 5 mins before your comment at the top of the page – below comment 70.
      You could not really make it up.

      • 111
        LoL says:

        That is quite a funny proposition.

        So next week we expect to see less tweeting from Old Hobo, OJ Simpleton and some of the other fauna which roams the twitter sphere ?

        • 138
          Duty Pedant says:

          ‘fauna’ is plural and therefore ‘roam’ does not require an s on the end.

          • LoL says:

            True, and typos do happen, particularly when editing context from singular to plural with no edit feature and one way submit. As long as the meaning is understandable doesn’t matter too much in this medium. See D.M, T’Graph, Grauniad, Indy, BBC and other poorly or un edited ‘net media for detail.

          • Duty Pedant says:

            My interest is confined to truth, not to motive.

      • 126

        No, but thanks for pointing it out. I saved my copy of the cache of the withdrawn page yesterday afternoon and went back through the comments, including my own, to check for problems.

        My comments had, as I know, been confined to the position on Huhne. It is reasonable to conclude, from the evidence offered and taken into account Huhne’s admission of guilt, that the events charged by the prosecution in respect of Huhne were in the main correct.

        That body of evidence has no bearing on the trial of Pryce, as has been repeatedly pointed out here and elsewhere by many.

        A number of the others’ remarks did spill over into the Pryce trail (and these were largely made before I even made my first comment) however and I think our host was perfectly right to take the page down.

        It is unfortunate that we have some elements posting here who understand the English language as poorly as did a number of the jury.

        • 152
          Anonymous says:

          I suspect that FFS was rather cheekily suggesting that you and the other twats who regularly post on here have the same intelligence as the jury and that perhaps the lack of posting that you have all demonstrated over the last week or so meant that you might have been actually on the jury. At least that is what I thought he was suggesting, and it was quite funny.

          However, the trurh is that you only slowed down your continuous stream of crap for a few days and not for the full length of the trial.

          In any event, you are and continue to be a twat.

          • Consistently have I always said here, and you may check back through the records, that the only thing I know for sure is that I know nothing.

            There is this nagging feeling that someone may have uttered similar sentiments before.

            How wonderful it must be to be as clever as you. Beyond the reach of all possible doubt. Every sentiment that falls from your metaphorical lips being a testament to your intellect, erudition and ready wit. A fantastic success in life, as you surely must be.

            Unfortunately, for we more dullard types, that can only remain a pipe dream.

    • 109
      Pryce Watch says:

      One could speculate as to whether they were drawn from a randomized pool of the electoral role, or the Lib Dem membership list. Not that such inappropriate practice could have affected this trial, given the complete lack of interest shown by certain members of the upper house…

      • 135

        You raise a very interesting point. My decision to emigrate was informed by a number of arguments, many of which were sufficient in their own right to justify my decision (the opportunity to enjoy a warmer weather pattern, whilst true, falls outside of current considerations.)

        The mental abilities of my fellow citizens, when considered as a whole, had led me to believe that I could no longer be happy living within their midst. Blair had just been elected for the third time, despite that war, and perhaps serves to illustrate best how I had reached that conclusion. It was as if one had been sentenced to a lifetime of watching QT.

        There were still a number of very bright people, indeed many actually post here, but collectively we had been outnumbered by a frightening strain of almost zombie like citizens, largely manufactured by the state, and I could not see how this could be redressed in a time that would be meaningful to me, if ever.

        • 143
          SP4BS says:

          I’m sure there are plenty of dicks and gits everywhere. whatever the country or the period of history.

        • 147
          Pryce Watch says:

          This trial also has the feel of a zombie groundhog day, at least it will do next week.

          There has been a reduction in the number of court drama programs lately. That is how average Joe picks up what this trial business is all about.

          That combined with high numbers of people in London now who come from countries which do not have jury trial systems could be an effect.

          eg: !ndia abolished trial by jury in 1960, Malas!a in 1995 and a Pakistan! Judge allegedly called a trial by jury “amateur justice”.

          Not that I consider any of those countries to have particularly justice systems worthy of adapting to.

          • Whilst criticising the jury, I feel that there must have been a few brighter ones there.

            It is the case that most of those questions should not have needed asking as the directions were not set in arcane language, as was suggested by a Mr Dickens earlier.

            The phrasing of the questions was somewhat better than I expected and I imagine some exasperated person pointing out judge’s directions to a number of deaf ears.

            That person probably formulated the questions and did so in such a way to deliberately illustrate the impossibility of the task given the background of the force. I see him/her as possibly speaking over their heads to the judge.

            Of course we may only speculate (quite permissible for us now!) but we shall never know any of the truth, that is until we read it on Facebook…

  29. 107
    Red Egg Millitit.....National Socialist. says:

    LibDems are the Thrush party, just irritating Hunts :)

  30. 121
    SP4BS says:

    He looks a bit old to be that naive.
    Does he believe in Father Christmas?
    In fact, Is he father christmas?

    • 125
      Santa lost his Reindeer over Romania says:

      No, he’s not Santa.

    • 131
      Cicero says:

      He does have a little look of Mike Handycock, Portsmouth’s favourite Communist groper.

      Is there a Lib Dem factory somewhere where they churn them out?

  31. 127
    q says:

    so cameron thinks that dressing up like an indian is the way to go eh?
    what a wanker

    • 134
      SP4BS says:

      Well, I’ve seen him dressed as a construction worker, so next week I guess its “motorcycle cop”.

    • 144
      Student says:

      A university is only as good as its students. Fill it full of Indians and you can call it what you like, it will still be an Indian university. I would not pay British prices to go to an Indian university.

      • 162
        CarryHole is a stupendous Hunt says:

        A university is only as good as the wages it’s student earn after leaving.

  32. 132
    Just wondrin says:

    Is there a requirement that jurors can understand English?

    There is no such requirement for taxi drivers ( poss. excluding London )

  33. 145
    Learn to Count with Ed Balls says:

    Twelvety, umpteen, eleventy-twelve, a squillion.

  34. 157
  35. 158
    ████ ' changed my tune ' Hoon says:

    How many more LibDms will leave the stinking ship ??

  36. 160
    Moussa Koussa Mark 6 says:

    None of this matters

    We have had 3 days of Dave making an utter twat of himself and the UK while on his trip to India.

    Brace yourself Tax avoider Guido…. Not only is Dave coming to get you on that one, he is gonna dump 100000 Indian students on your door step, ie London …LOL

  37. 168
    Gordon Brown says:

    Today I turn 62. Because it’s the right thing to do.

  38. 170
    Mike Hancock says:

    I likes ‘em young
    I likes ‘em randy
    Don’t call me Mike
    Just call me Handy

  39. 176
    Expenses ghosts from the past says:

    Prior complaints against Huhne from Davies:


  40. 178
    QT says:

    The panel for tomorrow night’s Question Time is a bit of a corker. Should provide some popcorn worthy mirth.

    Michael Heseltine, Vince Cable, Diane Abbott and Amanda Platell.

    • 190
      The BBC causes serious mental illness says:

      A pro-EU line up.

      Instead of listing the panel it would be more interesting if the listed the Labour plants who are going to be in the audience.

      • 200
        QT says:

        That would be 90% of the audience.

        • 219
          Balls says:

          We’ve already jammed the hotline so that it was so chock a block with our supporters that most ordinary folk living locally would have needed to have been doing something silly like working from 8-5 to have a look in.

  41. 179
    Gordon Brown says:

    By turning 62, I am responsible for a 652% increase in tractor production.

  42. 198
    Eastleigh Watch says:

    Diane James is the best candidate IMHO.

  43. 201
    I am not answerable to the socialist dogcrap that Edinburgh shitty says:

    Good riddance to ugly pathetic Hunt.

  44. 211
    Vince says:

    what do you think of my strategy, working wonders… Get them to reduce x 2 the tory vote!!

  45. 212
    Vicarus says:

    ‘He didn’t threaten me directly, he said “It’s ridiculous you’re not signing it, just sign here”.

  46. 214
    Whoknows says:

    Can the defence and prosecution bring new evidence before the court in the second trial? Can the prosecution present Chris Huhne to give his side of the story?

    • 216
      Fresh evidence says:

      Not normally no, not without leave (permission), so you can forsake your idea of a more “robust” coercion allegation, or lack thereof.

      • 218
        Style though says:

        The prosecution can stress “ms praiice” as well as any other negative comments already made with added venom as they’ve already had practice (so to the defence) hopefully this may lead to her being convicted as she really is arguing a long shot.

        • 220
          Thepryceisright says:

          But: “The judge, Mr Justice Sweeney, said it was for the prosecution to prove Pryce’s guilt, not for the defence to prove her innocence”. How can a jury prove anything, when it hinges on an unobserved interaction between 2 people?

  47. 215
    Thepryceisright says:

    What will the legal fees be for this case? Who bears the cost?

    • 217
      Fresh evidence says:

      Mr Kelsey-Fry QC for Pryce and Huhne barristers normally are among the priciest and don’t do the free rates, for that they have to pay a substantial top up, given it’s over a year you are talking £1M approximately. Abnormal court costs in this case due to all of the ridiculously spurious evidential and media allegations, finally rejected probably have cost the taxpayer c. £500,000. Joy of joys.

  48. 222
    Fashionista says:

    Today VP was wearing a House of Parliament scarf and a Daily Telegraph bag. Very radical. What would Guy Fawkes think?

  49. 227
    Rennard le Fox says:

    Only thing this trial proved was something I already knew. 95% of the British public are thicker than distilled pigshit. How do you think we ended up with New Liebor and T Blair in power with a 179 seat majority? Its happened before – the yanks voted for Clinton and Kennedy – a heady mix of hope and helium filled promises. All other equals follow the equality of access to goo quality education. The powers that be have no interest in creating educated masses who see through them.

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