February 20th, 2013

Another Fall in Unemployment Despite Static Growth

Unemployment fell by 14,000 last month to 2.5 million, down 0.1% on the previous quarter to 7.8%. Number of people claiming jobseeker’s allowance fell by 12,500 to 1.54 million. Employment is up by half a million on the year. A nice distraction from the 4G shortfall that makes the Autumn Statement figures even more controversial.


  1. 1
    Grollace says:

    When budgies fall off the perch does the figure of unemployed budgies fall too?

  2. 2
    The Fifty Seventh Earl of Perineum says:

    How many of the employed have jobs though?

  3. 3
    1million spent on policy and counting says:

  4. 4
    WVM says:

    More British people kicked off JSA & IS – no real fall in unemployment just more public sector gestapo making it not worth claiming.

    And if employment is rising why is the tax take plummeting?

    Oh yes, because that fuckwit Osbourne has raised taxes so much that the inevitable & predictable has happened – & it always does – the private sector just gives up & hibernates until fiscal sanity returns.

  5. 5
    Prado says:

    Guardian and BBC are delighted that it didn’t raise as much as forecast and act like Gordon Brown didn’t use the cash in his budget?.
    If they had raised more money it would have been “consumers pay the price” all over again. Below link from 2000


  6. 6

    Good question. Being part time employed/self-employed earning little more (if any) than benefits (could easily be less by the time you take account of the loss of free prescriptions etc) does not mean that the government have done a good job.

    With our governments policies failing left right and centre I can only hope that one day real soon that doing the right thing becomes more important than being seen to do the right thing.

    I am not holding my breath.

    Heard the one in Metro yesterday where the governments housing benefit restrictions have actually cost a tory council £85000 as B&Bs charge council triple the going rate to house families in one room after they have lost their home. Again government polcies, hopefully made with the best of intentions, have proven themselves to be fatally flawed.

    The farce is never ending. Come on Cameron et all stop faffing about and inspire, rejuvinate, stop making tits of yourself.

  7. 7
    No steps forward 100 steps back says:

    Sky reporting 8 jobs available in a coffee shop in Nottingham and 1200 applying for them, good thing it’s not next year when the expected 4 million from Romania would be applying for the same, vote Liebour and watch your job go to immigrants.

  8. 8
    Anonymous says:

    Soon Cameron will claim full employment, even though benefits bill would have gone through the roof.

    It might be time to cut benefits further and get rid of minimum wage; economy cannot afford these now. Hundreds of thousands of jobs has been exported, these can be brought back to unemployment hot spots if benefits are reduced and minimum wage is abolished. Job seekers allowance is around £66 a week, even if UK can create full time employment at £3 an hour it will £105 a week. People could be better off than now.

  9. 9
    Anonymous says:

    Number of people claiming job seekers allowance has fallen because they are claiming some thing else. This is why the total benefits bill is going up.

  10. 10
    Phil says:

    They are obvs counting workfare people as employed..anyone know if they are included???

  11. 11
    Anonymous says:

    Or the total benefits paid going up?

  12. 12
    Helpful says:

    Give it a couple of days and it will all be about the scandal of 4G licenses sold cheaply.

    In a couple of years it will be about capitalists ripping off the Govt and windfall profits on unearned super profits.

    There is a cycle of whinges for the Left, it is similar to a product life cycle.

  13. 13
    One-term Dave, dragging the Tories to their grave, says:

    Well I’m bally upset that the 4G mobile interweb thingy didn’t raise £3.5bn. Dash it, I was so looking forward to blowing all that lolly on foreign aid. Ruddy Hell, how can I make up the shortfall? I know! I’ll chop a billion off the UK’s road budget, and blow that on foreign aid! Spiffing, eh, what what what?

  14. 14
    Anonymous says:

    Now could it just be that the fall in claimants for Job Seekers Allowance is because those who were actually working on a cash in hand basis whilst also claiming JSA are being flushed out?

  15. 15
    Man being tortured says:

    I thought I was in a state of perpetual agony that could not be increased. I listened to Ed – I was wrong!

  16. 16
    That's Ed's PMQs fucked then says:

    Labour will be devastated. They want high unemployment so they can score points.

  17. 17
    Anonymous says:

    “hopefully made with the best of intentions”, few of us always said its a stupid policy. People have moved thousands of miles to come to UK but then its wrong to move the same people few hundred miles to cheaper area.

    Housing the poor should be done by national government, not councils. Show them 3 properties (where ever) if they don’t accept stop taking responsibility for their housing needs.

  18. 18
    Bob Fleming says:

    What’s probably happening is that thousands of low paying jobs are being created whilst high paying skilled and professional jobs are being lost. Britain is gradually becoming a low wage third world economy

  19. 19
    One-term Dave, dragging the Tories to their grave, says:

    Immigrants are lovely, aren’t they? That’s why I’ve just told 1.2 billion Indians that there’s no limit to how many of them can come and work here. When that lot arrive, I’ll wager a lot more than 1,200 will be applying for 8 jobs! Super duper! And of course, anyone without a job will be forced by me to work as an unpaid slave for my mega-rich chummies, like the multimillionaires who own Poundland! Spiffing!

    My victory in 2015 is assured, eh, what what what?

    Tally ho!

  20. 20
    Anonymous says:

    I guess all these jobs being created without growth are created by companies not paying taxes.

  21. 21
    One Term Dave says:

    I’m getting so much flak for giving so much in foreign aid that I’ve decided to try a different approach. The easiest thing is to let immigrants into the country to claim benefits and then just send the money back home. Is that clever or what?

  22. 22
    watson says:

    they’ve sacked the real number crunchers and taken on semi numerate interns

  23. 23

    Every job Dave creates is a useless non job which ends up costing the taxpayer thousands
    By the time he has paid the employment agent their bonus and the shortfall of these part time follies in benefits , it costs us thousands

    Dave is so proud of his non jobs that he has got rid of our professional military and aims to replace it with part time gun nuts

  24. 24
    John O'Farrell M.P. says:

    Osborne’s missing billions are emboldening the tory right and increasing the pressure for cuts: http://www.leftfootforward.org/2013/02/george-osborne-4g-sale-less-than-

  25. 25
    Owin Jones says:

    Totally agree, comrade. Let’s do that :)

  26. 26
    T'Old Fella says:

    I am going to tell you a little story, about 9 year ago when I was on sickness benefit, I looked into the JobCentre and there was a young woman in an electric wheelchair with all sorts of attachments afixed to it, pulleys, wires etc she had probably been declared fit for work and had to sign on to JSA pending an appeal. Stupidity excisted in under Liebore as well as the present Cons.

  27. 27
    Did Gordon wish them well? says:

  28. 28

    The walking dead.

  29. 29
    Anonymous says:

    Piss off!

  30. 30

    Don’t worry.
    Unemployment will be back soon.

    you can lead protest marches in the streets, Madrid style.
    Got any nice combat pants for the demo Ed?

  31. 31
    National Socialist says:

    Oh! Dear, has your chancellor of simple sums let you down again? Never mind come 2015 you won’t have this embarrassment any more

  32. 32
    Owin Jones says:

    Train zipping into the City… standing mashed by the door, it’s like approaching London in a super speedy phone box… let the day begin…

  33. 33

    The pound has just dropped a cent against the dollar as Merv King votes for yet more quantitatve easing

    this country is totally fucked

  34. 34
    Mark Ferguson says:

    So Owen Jones has revealed his three year struggle to have a child.

    Someone should probably tell him to try having sex with a woman rather than a man.

  35. 35
    Butch arsebandit Dave says:

    Percentage of nonces running UK up 7.1% in last quarter!

  36. 36
    delroy says:

    Is dat why dey be callin’ it da black economy?

  37. 37
    #paedoBritain says:


  38. 38
    Lord Stansted says:

    As anyone who’s ever been to a job centre knows, its purpose is not to get you or even encourage you into employment. All the staff and their managers care about is to be able to tick the TAN (Treat as normal) box on the back of your file. Once you realise this then the experience is not unpleasant: just go along as usual and get your gyro; but if you actually want a job, make sure you get it yourself.

  39. 39
    East Coast says:

    Yes but all trains to Canterbury are on time.

  40. 40
    Iain Bumboy Smith says:

    Let the fuckers eat Tesco’s Value range!

  41. 41
    T'Old Fella says:

    Stewart, this sort of thing was happening under B’Liar /Brown nothing seems to have altered under Cams. it makes you wonder if the “elite” know the answer to the problem

  42. 42
    Where are Tony Blair's expenses says:

    Do we really give a flying f*** what this woman thinks. How self important do you have to be to tweet something that is all over the news. Who the F*** does she think she is.

  43. 43
    Gordon the medicated says:

    Ahhh..I don’t believe it.
    And I was just about to change out of these PJs, pop on a suit and slip down to Westminster to deliver a devastating attack on the government that would have split the coalition and caused an election!

    But the trains aren’t running. So I’ll have a little snooze until Loose Women comes on.

  44. 44
    #p***oBritian says:

    Fuck off bumboy. Ain’t there some Jingly’s cock you should be sucking.

  45. 45
    Doctor Doctor says:

    He’ll find it much easier once puberty kicks in.

  46. 46
    Where are Tony Blair's expenses says:

    Unemployment down
    Employment up
    Printing Money
    Taxes up

    And still we dn’t have enough money to pay our bills – something doesn’t add up here

    Unless we make a serious attempt to cut public spending nothing will change.

  47. 47
    himindoors says:

    John Redwood on R4 this morning let the veil drop by referring to it as the “phone tax”. How very apt.

  48. 48
    Raving Loon says:

    …and after he stops being such a lefty sanctimonious little berk.

  49. 49
  50. 50
    T'Old Fella says:

    Gideon is not a trained economist, he has a 2-1 Modern History degree (ring a bell), he is reliant on advisers he is just front man, Liebore did have qualified economists advising Brown but commonsense was not in evidence

  51. 51
    Butch blackmailed bumboy Dave says:

    Don’t be a stupid fucking pleb, getting 10 million jingly chappies in on visas means UK IS a fucking turd world fucking shithole, worse than fucking India!

  52. 52
    Hilary Mantel says:

    That Kate is a slag.

  53. 53
    SP4BS says:

    shouldn’t it be “watching cats on youtube more quickly tax”

  54. 54
    Dave --same sex marriage is the way forward in our PC society says:

    No need nowadays. He will soon be able to marry his boyfriend, then they can adopt some poor little kid as a trophy toddler. Just like a certain well known gay com-poser and his “wife”

  55. 55
    Steve Miliband says:

    Stick to flying

  56. 56
    Raving Loon says:

    Pop quiz: what does Sarah Brown do for a living? Answers cannot include her “husband” or “charity work”.

  57. 57
    Factoid says:

    You are an envious ugly bitch.

  58. 58
    No steps forward 100 steps back says:

    Politician’s are scared to death to upset their meal tickets, even if the hurt could be short lived in relation to the 50 years of hurt some people will get if they carry on, hopefully the good people of Eastlieigh will see sense and not vote for the LibLBCon triangle, as that’s the only thing we have atm that will scare these politicians into real action.

  59. 59
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:


  60. 60
    Common Sense Solution says:

    If people arrive in this country and are unable to house and support themselves without state assistance, they should be put on the next plane from where they came from, with no right of return.

  61. 61
    SP4BS says:

    however, along with the training came with hubris and wishful thinking.

    Even if you’ve got a first in aeronautical engineering, you’re not going to be making a new concorde single handed.

  62. 62
    Common Sense Solution says:

    The ‘elite’ actually encourage mass unrestricted immigration. They see it as a way of destroying national identity and national cohesion. The two biggest stumbling blocks to the elites global agenda.

  63. 63
    T'Old Fella says:

    In some ways it is a bit like those job creation companies/charities that started under Thatcher in the early 80’s at first anyone who was unemployed could go on it, it payed £80 pw then that was knocked down to £40 pw and half the hours, then only those recieving JSA or Benefits were allowed to do it, and then it just fizzled out after a few years. Those that went on these jobs did gardening, decorating old folks houses etc were not classed as unempoloyed, its a case of who is kidding who.

  64. 64
    Ex-Tory says:

    Well spotted. Average income down, productivity down, real wages down, employment up, immigration up, emigration of professionals and skilled residents up. Vote LibLabCon for more of the same.

  65. 65
    Mr Slater's Parrot says:

    (flapflapflap) SKWAARKK!!! GIZZAJOB!!

  66. 66
    Anonymous says:

    Under Cameron it has improved, even people on death beds are fit to work.

    Also if we look at the number of disable as a % of total population, UK will be number one or at least near the top.

  67. 67
    The man at the back with the awful jumper - yes you sir says:

    In a recent poll, 67% said you can prove anything with statistics, 28% said you couldn’t, and 9% didn’t know you could but were willing to have a go.
    The clue is in the number of people ‘claiming Job Seeker’s Allowance’. That’s nothing to do with the number of people out of work. And if you add in scroungers, cheats and single mothers with massive families who have houses built for them, the numbers look very differnt.

    In other news – Oscar’s not doing very well, is he. ‘I blasted away at the bathroom door, thinking it was a burglar’ (so that’s alright then), and ‘The drugs the police found hidden away are actually harmless herbs.’ As Jonathan Ross (whom I loathe) said of Heather Mills (ditto): He’s such a liar he probably hasn’t got false legs.

  68. 68
    Anonymous says:

    If you look at the BBC one about the homeless living in 4*, they seems to have come here from thousands of miles but claim their kids will be affected if they are moved with in few hundred miles.

    There might be reasons why they cannot go back but I don’t see any problem in sending them to Hull.

  69. 69
    T'Old Fella says:

    If you have more than a certain amount of assets (easily realiseable assets) do NOT get JSA, they have have to live on their assets until such time as they run out of cash. Those on JSA are the government prefered numbers of unemployed. When the next dip comes will the confines of the M25 be hit as never before.

  70. 70
    Nice but dim says:

    On R4 this morning,humphries said,”45% of the London population is white,” so,
    55% is non-white,or whatever the pc term is..Can anyone work out if this is benefitting the country,or,is it costing the country,i think we need to know????
    Calculate without including the financial sector….

  71. 71
    Con Artists says:

    That is the stated aim of the EU, there is no debate about that.

    CaMoron is only doing his job like a good boy until this awful experience that is being PM is over,and he can get on with his real job somewhere in the EU on £400,000 pa plus expenses and all tax free….

  72. 72
    T'Old Fella says:

    Seee post 66 Bill, it will come back as you say. I live in a fairly high unemployment area but the amount of traffic and the number of 4 x 4′ and upper end cars is something I cannot quite understand. It is OK if you have a job but once that job goes it is more difficult get a new one, the big question is why have you have not got a job.

  73. 73
    A Westland helicopter says:

    There is something not quite right about the reporting of these unemployment figures.

  74. 74
    Who am I to ask anyway? says:

    Bill, What I want to know is who funds these demos? Everyone on them seems to get a few quid in their pocket, plus free t-shirt and sarnies. My domestic help went on one on her day off a while back and came home well pleased with the rewards – even though she had no idea what the protest was about.

  75. 75
    Who am I to ask anyway? says:

    PS: Bill, don’t tell him you you are employed as the proof reader over at Capitalists; he’ll report you for double taxation!

  76. 76
    Loopy Lou says:

    The unemployment figures are all very interesting but first of all I would like an answer to last weeks question: exactly how did 29% horse meat get into my 100% Tesco beegburger?

  77. 77
    Sick'n'fucking tired in Gosport says:

    I’m pleased to state that Gosport Borough Council (yes us of the Duck House Saga) have helped to reduce overall unemployment rate by taking the £110,00 high street regeneration grant we were given and using one 5th of it to hire the lovely Sam Hetherington to act as Gosports new ‘town and retail officer’. Her salary appears to be somewhere between £25,000 – £29,000, in salary and in kind costs, the balance, I assume, coming from the council tax payers of Gosport (who didn’t get a say in this). I wonder if they will spend another portion of the grant paying Councilior Mark Hook his £36k settlement fee after the council voted (behind closed doors) to lease office space from him for 15 years, which it turned out they didn’t actually need. I guess we are lucky that the grant came in after the tax payers of Gosport paid Councillor Mark Hook just under £7,500 to carpet the reception area of the town hall (nope we didn’t get a look in here, either) else, by the time Gosport Borough Council has finished feeding the gaping maw that is, in fact, Councillor Mark Hooks pocket there wouldn’t be a fucking penny left of that grant. We won’t mention the whole Mark Hook went to court to demand free parking, for himself and other council workers after the council introduced ‘pay for parking’ in all town car parks or how, amazingly, his is the only shop in the high street that doesn’t have to pay for a ‘market pitch’ to have goods displayed on the street outside his shop.

  78. 78
    Who am I to ask anyway? says:

    Something to do with the sea I believe, but not sure what muff diving is.

  79. 79
    Phil from the Wrekenton Seven Stars says:

    There are no good people living in Eastleigh.

    How can any right minded citizen inflict Chris Huhne as an MP on the UK population?

  80. 80

    I am sure that the “elite” do understand the effects of such policies, I am I guess just hoping that our government, of one of the most stable governments in our world, isnt run by people who dont have a clue about how society really works. Democracy is to be treasured but a byproduct is the ability to vote in people who perhaps get overtaken by human nature and assume that all sectors of society are similarly motivated and get it wrong.

    I actually want Cameron to inspire and rejuvinate, I just think that our government have made far too many schoolboy errors caused possibly by the negative effects of human nature and perhaps assuming that all secors of society are motivated in similar ways (if so a huge error). The end result is the penetration of darkness as we repeat the mistakes of history as one social group is set off against another. And that is tragic. Unforgivable really.

    I don’t know about you but I dont want Britain in 5 years time to be a place where our government (not necessarily this one, but if the public vote collapses even more through distrust and more extremist policicians gain influence) have moved onto an even darker path.

  81. 81
    Who am I to ask anyway? says:

    You can thank Libore’s rail policies for that state of affairs too.

  82. 82

    Well as the next EU President should be a man of the people, I put myself forwards as a lad from a Scots council estate who has experience in the global professions, and of running a small business, as well as caring for the disabled, to sort the EU out, through working to get the accounts signed off, and taking more account of the will of the people. (I hear the shudders in Brussels at the thought of it!!)

  83. 83
    The man at the back with the awful jumper - yes you sir says:

    Because they ran out of horses, otherwise there would be a lot more horse in it.

    Tesco apologises to all its customers who were expecting the usual low quality of unidentifiable muck in their ready meals, and are doing all they can to resume normal service by shooting anything that moves and putting it through the mangle.

  84. 84
    pay for your babies yourselves says:

    still, isnt it good to know that millions more will be wasted on giving old women and ‘lifestyle-choice’ lesbians IVF treatment on the NHS….

  85. 85
    bluffer says:

    John ‘I pretend to complain about Tory policies but I’ll stay in the fold no matter what they do because for me its party before country every time’ Redwood, you mean?

  86. 86
    EU says no says:

    protests in Madrid?
    But, there cant be, the BBC havent reported them…..

  87. 87
    shit jobs at a cost says:

    Last Autumn 900 manufacturing jobs went from Caterpillar in Northern Ireland, despite receiving £1million government grants. All off to China.

    Last week, Caterpillar announced 200 jobs in west Belfast. They receive £1.25 million from Stormont to do so. Manufacaturing jobs? I dont think…they are ‘shared services’ positions.
    A fucking call centre, in other words.

  88. 88
    try these instead says:

  89. 89
  90. 90
    Con Artists says:

    You best dream on lad if you think CaMoron is going to save you.

    He may sell your soul and country, this week Indian visas and students, last week Bulgarians and Romanians, the week before rehousing terrorists, etc etc, but as a liar he certainly won’t inspire or rejuvenate.

  91. 91
    Con Artists says:

    Redwood was looking weirder than ever.
    Like the older brother Weird Ed….

  92. 92
    Point of Information says:

    You have just described the Communist economic system.

    One aspect missing: You will require party membership in order to get one of those jobs and benefits also, otherwise you will not be counted.

  93. 93
    Andy Burnham says:

    ** blushes ** My contribution to reducing unemployment.

  94. 94
    spread the bumsex, feel the love says:

    Cameron is a slimy, lying cvnt.

  95. 95
    Con Artists says:

    But they still get housing benefit, and housing costs vastly outweigh JSA…

    Which is why total benefits bill keeps on rising…..

  96. 96
    spread the bumsex, feel the love says:

    Cameron is a slimy, lying cvnt.

  97. 97
    Con Artists says:

    Yaaaay welcome to the EUUK’istan.

    Brought to you by ‘LibLabCon’, the one world party.

  98. 98
    I Used 2B a Tory But I'm All Right Now says:

    14,000 = number of men who have finally found out that they can retire same age as women via Pension Guarantee Credit and not have to sign on or stack shelves in Tesco AND have enough left over each week to LEGALLY buy a packet of fags.

  99. 99
    Jimmy says:

    So let’s get this straight, Gideon has not only overestimated the 4G windfall by over 50% but has effectively already spent the missing billion.

    Can’t wait to see how they try and blame Labour for this one.

  100. 100
    I can't afford the bus fare to work says:

    It was the good old independent ONS who came up with the 4G estimates .

    A real improvement to Government.

  101. 101
    El Sid says:

    “Let’s use that money from the 4G sale and build over the next two years: 100,000 new homes – affordable homes to rent and to buy – creating hundreds of thousands of jobs and getting our construction industry moving again. Add to that a stamp duty holiday for first time buyers buying homes up to £250,000 and we can deliver real help for people aspiring to get on the property ladder.

    Conference, a clear and costed plan to kick-start the economy and get people back to work”
    Ed Balls, 2012 conference speech

  102. 102
    What Flavour Of Shit Sandwhich Do You Like says:

    ets draft in some people from the private sector who actually know what they are doing – pay them nothing (act of national altruism) -swallow some pride and get John Reid in to sort out the civil service. Declare a pogrom against axe grinders – especially feminist ones (experts at ensuring the sex war never ends whilst wasting vast amounts of taxpayers money). Live in the nearest thing to utopia we have ever seen but then get rudely awoken by the bloody alarm clock so I can go clock in as a 50 something ex IT consultant now shelf stacking at Tescos!

  103. 103
    The man at the back with the awful jumper - yes you sir says:

    Brains’ Faggots? Sums up those behind (oo-er missues!) the gay marriage debacle.

  104. 104
    keredybretsa says:

    Move ‘em from one list to the next, until they quietly disappear!

  105. 105
    T'Old Fella says:

    42 is not old is it? In my locale in the 80’s and 90’s 35 was too old to get a job “over 35s need not apply, this might be coming again.

  106. 106

    Yet according to our government said old unemployed might be seen as skivers. And as the press reinfoce this and public attitudes subsequently change, bullying and assaults could increasingly happen – all because you happen to be older and out of work. You might have worked all of your life until that point, but hey ho, tough as you get marginalised in society. And all because some brigt spark decided to socially leper those on welfare en mass.

    But not to worry for the police will somehow find the means to catch said assaulters with their reduced budgets, and the nhs will somehow manage to heal the physical wounds with their increasing workload and fewer staff. leaving older out of work person emotionally scarred, bitter, and living in fear.

    Ok perhaps a little dramatic but entirely conceivable given how public attitudes are already visibly changing due to government rethoric combined with press reporting thereon.

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