February 12th, 2013

Right Here, Right Now, In Parliament
Fat Boy Slim to DJ Westminster

Guido is preparing to relive his more youthful days as Fat Boy Slim is playing in Parliament on 6 March, thanks to the Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Foundation. Norman Cook is excited too: “I’ve played some exciting and unique places around the world from Bondi Beach to The Great Wall of China to an Igloo but playing in the House of Commons might be the most unique to date.” See you at the “House The House” event. Sorted.


  1. 1
    Owin Jones says:

    Graduate Cait Reilly wins Court of Appeal claim that working for free breached laws banning slavery and forced labour .

    What abaht the interns ??


  2. 3
    The Third Way doesn't work either says:

    You can’t have most unique, Mr Fatboy.


  3. 4
    So What? Another Terrorist Wins. says:


  4. 5
    Anonymous says:

    More pointless shit


  5. 6
    CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

    He was playing the rio carnival a few nights ago, so he can go somewhere where more people are shagging.

    Also bad news for Sally.


    Highest divorce rate – 26.8% – was in couples where the husband was a light-drinker and the wife binged


  6. 7
    Steve (ex- Labour) says:

    Well Westminster is a mere tourist attraction now anyway, its power given away to the EU unelected politburo.

    HOC might as well become a venue.


  7. 11


  8. 13
    George(ex towel folder) Osborne says:

    Dive Dive Dive!


  9. 14
    ROCK BOTTOM" LYNSEY DE P@UL (modbot version) says:


  10. 17
    Anonymous says:

    The people of Eastliegh should not be concerned about where their candidates come from. But should be worrying about the mass immigration due shortly. The immigration minister refused to say how many might be coming after being asked on no less than four occasions yesterday. His reasons for not saying was that he did not want to care the public. I think its time to get worried and vote UKIP don’t you. The goverment are pretending that they can deny benefits to all these new immigrants, well they cannot under EU and Human Rights law so don’t believe a word of this properganda. Your benefits have already been cut to help pay any benefits these immigrants claim


    • 19
      Cloud Cuckoo says:


    • 33
      SomeoneElse says:

      doesn’t matter, despite Southampton having the biggest Polish population in the UK outside of Lundan, you can’t tell them from the local chavs


      • 43
        I Remember You Hoo says:

        “doesn’t matter”

        On the contrary, it matters one hell of a lot.

        Just where do you imagine the ‘free’ housing, schooling, healthcare and benefits are going to come from? Your piggy bank of funny money? The magic money tree? Your local unicorn herd? George Osborne’s patented printing kit? Or shall we just borrow billions more and put it on our grandchildrens future debt?


  11. 20
    left wing, right wing, it's all the same bird. says:

    It’s like FBSlim is clairvoyant, bet he doesn’t play the track from his album “halfway between gutter and the stars”
    Track 2 “star 69″
    The lyrics in full below
    (to a banging beat)

    What the f@#k
    They know what is what
    But they don’t know what is what
    They just strut
    What the F@#k

    (repeat for 5 mins lol)


  12. 22
    Livin' it large says:


  13. 26
    The Public says:

    Guido, you really have become the most odious ‘insider’ of them all. None of your readers are invited to the taxpayer subsidised wank fest.


  14. 34
    Music is noise. Noise is pollution. says:

    Music should be banned. And people who go to antisocial ‘raves’ should be mowed-down with a Gattling gun.


  15. 36
    Fat Boy Slim has a shitty house in Portslade says:

    “I’ve played some exciting and unique places around the world from Bondi Beach to The Great Wall of China to an Igloo”

    Ah, yes.. the igloo. Whenever I try to think of an exciting and unique place, the igloo is the first thing that pops into my mind.


  16. 39
    Anonymous says:

    will gideon be there? hoovering up the gak


  17. 41
    Noel E says:

    He has some Cake there – a Visterbile Amphetamoid from Prague. It affects the part of your brain called Shatner’s Bassoon which deals with time perception.


    • 45
      multi coloured shit shop says:

      cosmic ordering is wonderful everyone should try… i got “deal or no deal”. it’s wonderful. world peace? end to famine? a cure for aids? nah dear universe give me a shitty superficial day time television game show.


      • 53
        left wing, right wing, it's all the same bird! says:

        If you are going to use a perfectly valid medium (music/you tube) to make a point, and use the most successful British band of the last 30 years to do so…. at least pick something with decent audio please.


  18. 42
    Anonymous says:

    It is a misuse of the English language to claim playing in Parliament is “most unique”.

    Something is either unique or it is not.


  19. 48
    Anonymous says:

    David Amess!


  20. 52
    La Fold says:

    i wonder how many of them will be dysoning up the percy in the toilets?

    Rememeber kids to drop quick and drop early.
    where you been? what you on? nice as trousers, safe as houses, reach for the lasers!


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