February 12th, 2013

Naked Sun Intern Reaps Rewards of Harry Stunt

One the day we learn Cait Reilly’s experience of working in Poundland helped her to get a job at Morrisons, readers will remember the Sun’s mocked-up naked Prince Harry pics, starring intern Sophie Henderson.

At the time self-appointed left-wing moral arbiters accused the paper of exploiting Sophie, but judging by her tweet this afternoon the internship was well worth it:

Yesterday almost 4,000 voted in Guido’s poll, with 55% choosing to save Page 3. The readers have spoken…


  1. 1
    Anonymous says:

    55% is no victory, especially when you consider the site’s readership profile


    • 2

      Still using tits to hide the disgusting stench surrounding Murdoch’s organisation but hey what can you do when you work for him except join him in the shit.
      Let’s hope that the FCPA kicks in soon now that police officers and others are being charged with conspiracy and Murdoch can end his days fighting never-ending lawsuits in the US.


      • 36
        Anonymous says:

        prounce the word tit softly and the resting place for the tongue (in a relaxed state) is the top if the mouth. this is good.

        see the chinese(tai chi?)

        it controls the distractive “tiptop” the tip of the tongue and the sensitive top of the mouth. civilised behaviour puts us away from using the word tit softly…as if we are calling ourseves a tit. furthermore connect tit with naked wimmin and we have a charged emotive area.

        so anything which takes us to the truth about ourselves get emotionally charged and smeared. hitlers abuse of vedic symbolic technology being an attempt to smear reality. as so.vile showed all truth in distorted vision but getting to. visionexpress not spec savers…experience where these sounds travel within…then judge what’s going on.

        worth noting that the number 3 represents creativity…our imaginative side that opens our eye…but when tainted by base emotion…. just dissemble anything that is deep in the western psyche…


      • 103
        lojolondon says:

        Oh, yes, the Biased-BBC and Guardian trolls hate Murdoch with a passion. Firstly, he pays British Taxes, secondly he makes a profit, thirdly he doesn’t care for the politically-correct anti-Tory, anti-Israel, anti-Republican, global warming scaremongering communist gaff that they all spout.
        And that hate is fuelled by fear, because they know he will be around long after the Guardian has gone bust and the BBC has been broken up.


        • 255
          Anonymous says:

          Except he’s another Hasbara shill for the chosen landers.
          Being anti-Israel is nothing to do with lefty-rightyism, it means you understand ethics.


      • 109
        Alex says:

        Oh do fuck off you self righteous little prick.


    • 5
      The Tap says:

      A socialist by chance, ignoring democracy?


    • 7
      Casual Observer says:

      Adding a don’t care option would have reduced the No share of the vote, making the 55% keep mandate much stronger.

      If the poll was a referendum this is a clear win.

      Was expecting to see 65% or higher though. 4000 voters is bigger than most YouGov efforts.


    • 82
      The Pope's Pacemaker says:

      This job’s a doddle. He runs so slowly!


    • 203
      Diddley says:

      TBF that intern looks fairly rough around the jowls. Glad it worked out for her…

      …but I wouldn’t.


    • 237
      BBC Groomers says:


  2. 3
    Lord Firtyducker says:

    I bet Guido would like Sophie to feature on his pole.


    • 106
      T'Old Fella says:

      Geedo old lad it just proves that Sun readers are just perves that take the rag to the toilet at break times, but of course there is some “broadsheet” on the outside. How’s the prospect of having your own political show on sky or getting involved in one of those photoshoots, has Murdoch given you the go ahead yet?


  3. 4
    Matt says:

    So she is looked up more on LinkedIn. Is that it?


  4. 6
    Mong Watch says:

    Meanwhile, the left tries to spin on Cait’s work experience, and the plate somehow falls off of their shtick:


    Good retort from OH: OJ – You are pathetic.


    • 15
      Owin Jokes says:

      I didn’t think I’d achieved the dizzy heights of pathetic. Thought I was still working my way through abysmal.


      • 50
        Tony Blair says:

        He sounds like some sort of spoiled lefty.

        Boy, did I have to meet a lot of those gibbering tools.

        You know what the worst thing about being the Labour party’s leader was?
        Not the unions. Not Prescott’s curry farts. Not the insane neighbour blowing his bagpipes all night. Not even having to meet poor people.

        The worst thing was the sanctimonious, shouty, muddle headed members of the Labour party.

        Go to Party conference?

        I’d rather go naked in Kandahar with a “shoot me” sign taped to my chest.


        • 61
          Tone for Pope says:

          Your tickets to Kandahar will be delivered within the hour by courier Tone.



        • 64
          Labourunionsbbc we are one under the EU says:

          Lol, I’ll bet that’s not far from the truth.


          • Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler says:

            If getting paid job seekers allowance is ‘free’ then I suggest Owen ‘mathematically challenged’ Jones pays all the unemployed the JSA. I mean it is ‘free’ so it won’t cost him a penny, will it?


          • Rose's are red - what colour are yours? says:

            It is time somebody shoved Jones off the edge of the (fiscal) cliff.


        • 73
          Wet Ed Miliband's Diary says:

          You’re not kidding Tony! None of them have any money either, tho we’re utterly thkint. We got fifty quid when we thold Margaret Beckett to the glue factory, but thpent motht of that making a party political broadcatht for the latht election.

          Andy Burnham will have to get a paper round. He’th the only one who can ride a bike.


    • 67
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      OJ Simpleton and Old Hobo, in a handbag fight.
      I’ve lived long enough to see two irreverent irrelevant self-aggrandising legends-in-their-own-mind square off against each other in Celebrity Deathmatch.
      I can die a happy man now.


  5. 8
    Ruthless truth says:

    Don’t push it?



  6. 10
    Frank's son says:

    No, Gudo. Cait Reilly probably got her job at Morrisons despite her experience at Pounland. At least Morrisons are willing to pay her the going rate for her labour. Something you get hot under the collar about when political interns are expected to work for less than the going rate.


    • 11

      Meanwhile in a country whose economy hasn’t been sacrificed to whoever pays the highest kitchen supper fees:

      “The court said that it’s not enough to have food, clothes, and a roof – people also have to be able to participate in society, otherwise they become outcasts,”

      “Germany is not just an economic place. It is a place to live. The message of the ruling is that it should stay that way.”



      • 22
        Engineer says:

        If the economy is bust, how can it afford to pay for people not contributing (for whatever reason, not necessarily their own fault) to have as much as those who are contributing?

        Welfare should be the alleviating of want, not the providing of luxury at the expense of others.


        • 80

          Government just announced 30million to help foster parents who keep a spare room to pay the bedroom tax. Fat Eric just spent 250 million on bins!


          • Engineer says:

            ‘Bedroom tax’.

            A tax is a levy made by government on private earnings or wealth. A welfare payment is a payment made from government funds. Thus, the phrase ‘bedroom tax’ in this context is a complete and utter misrepesentation of the facts, i.e. it is a lie told for political purposes, the purpose being to attempt to deceive the public.


          • Bud Abbott says:

            See, the people who think that a “reduction in benefit” is tantamount to a “tax” figure they’ve got more coming to them than they actually do have, assuming for the sake of the argument they have anything coming to them to begin with. You take some of it away, it’s like having to pay a tax, that’s how they’ve doped it out. They think the Government is pulling the same kind of fast one that I’m pulling on Costello in this scene:

            When, in fact, the fast one is being pulled by them, and it’s pretty much the same one as where I ask Costello to lend me fifty cents, he gives me all he has, which is forty, and I tell him HE owes ME the difference:


        • 99
          Economist says:

          Sovereigns can never go ‘bust’.

          They can default on external debt obligations but can always print more money and issue further debt.

          When this becomes untenable, you get hyper-inflation. Then, default and issuance of a new currency.

          To your point, the German court ruling is strange. They appear to have ruled that social inclusion is something that should be supported through the benefits system: In particular for children.

          I am no socialist, but such an idea does have merit in theory, but in practice no.

          The problem is that this has been tried many times in the past and the good intentions always work out bad. The UK had a lot of this back in the 60s and 70s for example.


    • 13
      Engineer says:

      I have a grain of sympathy with Miss Reilly. Voluntary work should count as experience, especially if she was doing nine-to-five hours, and not just a morning now and then. However, it is ironic that the work she has now found is in retail, after government funded work experience in retail.


      • 58
        Universal Hiss says:

        Something about all this puzzles me. The woman has a geology degree ,not the normal pathway into museums.However the energy industries are crying out for geologists.

        The government & DWP are full of fuckwits & forcing this woman into Poundland paid or not is very,very stupid.

        She should have had an adviser at DWP to tell her she should have done an arts degree & then pointed her in the direction of BP et.al.


        • 120
          Casual Observer says:

          No one has really mentioned what class of degree she got, or which institution she got it from.

          GBP 18k of debt for a job in Morrison’s after freeloading off the state and doing a 2 week slave labor stint at pound-stretcher suggests perhaps not the most academically able or the best investment.

          But then, she may also have been paid for the news story and got a settlement out of the court over the freebie work.

          She may also be hoping that this path of advertising herself via the national press is a way to get her CV to the top of the pile.

          One wonders if she has any political affiliations.

          Maybe worth her while reading up on our favorite pretty polly. She didn’t even bother finishing her degree and somehow ended up with a tuscan villa for a spell, and a column in something which is printed on paper.


    • 20
      Reality says:

      Cait should smarten herself up a bit, find a man and start a family.

      Life will not get any better for her any other way. Suicide at 30 in poverty is on the cards unless she gets lucky with a better paid job. (Unlikey)

      Oh: And vote UKIP.


  7. 12
    Tacky says:

    She is a publicity seeking scrounging fudd. What’s new? As for page 3, I never voted for it. It is sad and tacky and somewhat out of date. For women to succeed in the modern world they have to be half naked to do so? I don’t think so.


  8. 14
    Plato says:

    I voted ‘No’ by mistake. My hand was moving too fast.


  9. 16
    Engineer says:

    If the left really wanted equality, they’d be campaigning for the right of men to appear half-naked on page whatever. Thankfully, however, the left don’t really want equality.


    • 19
      Cwispy pants Bwyant says:

      I want equality.


      • 24
        Argument Against Equality says:

        Andy Burnham.


      • 25
        Engineer says:

        My point proved, I think.


        • 37
          Anonymong says:

          Funnily enough, the Sun story above is about a naked man.


        • 62
          Cyber Surfer says:

          I think you are correct.

          Easy way to test: How many p0rn sites would stay in business if they gave equal 33% thumbnails and clips of man on man, female on female and straight on their search pages by default ?

          And if they had to guarantee 50% female visitors ?

          This is why the left do not want complete equality.

          There is a fundamental biological asymmetry between men and women alone which prevents this from being realized. That is before you get to the specifics of differences between people.

          The equality argument is a flawed one for disarming a whole raft of arguments against policies designed to make society less equal.


    • 49
      Sir William Wade says:

      ….and the defence of marital coercion would be available to men.


      • 56
        Point of information says:

        It should be. But seriously, ‘she made me do it’ sounds weak as a defense, even if being uttered by a woman.

        What happens to this if it is two married gay men in this situation ?


        • 84
          Tay King-dePisse says:

          “… ‘[S]he made me do it’ sounds weak as a defense…”

          Never heard the expression “pussy-whipped,” then?
          Some lads’ll do ANYTHING for a steady shag. That’s how Hollywood came up with the idea of film-noir.


          • Point of information says:

            Do not disagree, but as a defense it is still poor.

            Mind you, feminism is helping to level the playing field.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            PoI – be careful about your perception of feminism – because there are some extremely nasty ‘extremist feminists’ out there – they hide themselves behind the vast majority of decent women who deserve all equal rights. The extremist ones are the dangerous ones – just like the extremist militant political homosexuals. They are not your normal average kindly people.


          • Point of information says:

            @BW: I meant more that the ‘she made me do it’ defense and being ‘pussy-whipped’ only work while women have their feminine charm and status as being weak.

            Feminism helps destroy that myth, and the feminist sociopaths help speed that process.

            Average person does not realize that women pose a greater risk to children (right to abortion is a right to murder, they’re also just as likely to abuse others), more indirect risk to men (females more likely to get a third party to kill someone in a dispute), and as history shows they do have a habit of sparking catastrophe.

            Feminism and sexual equality is about forcing women to give up their biological and sociological advantages wholesale. Liberal feminism also debases women in the eyes of men by undermining their sense of moral responsibility. This renders many a very unattractive mate, hence biological failure.

            The smart ones don’t buy into this. Those that are selling the idea do so only for profit, or to cover some other nefarious activity.

            Say any of this though in polite conversation and at present you are branded misogynist, if a man, traitor if a woman. As a mechanism for building a better society, probably some gains back in the 60s, but since then it has been retrograde.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            PoI – don’t agree there. I am not of the ‘old school’ of men who were reared / indoctrinated into being (as their father and father before them handed down ‘their’ misguided perceptions) a male chauvinist pig bully.

            Being a MCPB – is the saddo school of men who are ‘bloody scared of women’ when it actually comes down to it. Scared – if you dare to think about it.

            There are evil men and there are evil women – at present evil men across the whole religious spectrum – ‘only seek to oppress women. They have a problem, they are the problem. And take a look at the two other than the Christian churche – they DO oppress women – now why is that?


          • Point of information says:

            @BW: Re-read again carefully. Am not advocating anything of that nature. In the ‘old school’ such matters were dealt with differently by other men of more honorable persuasion. Or the woman would poison the man.

            Equality and feminism does not change any of those dynamics though. If anything it makes things worst as relationships are pushed into more unstable positions by those involved believing that they need to work to a different standard which goes against their nature.

            Would argue many marriages and relationships end because when they do reach a stable point, the actors decide to end things as it does not meet what they are told is meant to be the case.

            Women always had the upper hand previously. The genius of feminism is that it undoes that through empowerment. Think carefully about this and you will see what I mean.

            The MCPB term was a label invented to effect a change through peer pressure division, in a similar way the ‘racist’, ‘homophobe’, ‘!slamophobe’ etc. labels are also used.

            It kind of misses the point that the submissive in a relationship usually likes that role, and in the majority of cases that will be the female, who should be rightly protected by her male.


          • twat watch says:

            get a fuckin room


  10. 18
    SP4BS says:

    Democracy. its all about printing tits.


  11. 21
    Dave"The One Term Prime Minister" Cameron says:

    Burn the EU flag. Take a picture and send it to http://www.burn-the-eu-flag.com


    • 27
      EU Watch says:

      And only p!ss on it when the flames have gone out, or if you are out of matches.


    • 29
      UKID says:

      Vandalism. The next step is to burn books you dislike.


      • 35
        EU Watch says:

        Not at all.

        Destroying the symbols of problem regimes is the first step to removing those institutions. It is an important statement which should be made.

        Burning books is totally different, unless those books are the propaganda of a regime which the people choose to destroy.


        • 39
          UKID says:

          One can judge a man by the company he keeps…


          • EU Watch says:

            Well, when one understands what those guys think they are fighting against, perceived US Imperialism, then their actions become much clearer.

            This is why they are attacking the symbol of what they see as their oppression whilst waving the black flags of what they see as being salvation.

            Unless it is one of the flags of the UK union, or the Union Jack itself which is being burned it doesn’t really matter.

            However, burning the EU flag is a healthy option as it is symbol of oppression in Europe.

            If democracy is deemed to have failed in the peoples eyes regarding its existence, it is good practice for what needs to happen next.

            It would have been more pertinent for you to add a clip of the UK union flag burning in Northern Ireland to try and make your point. That is much closer analogy to the burning of the EU flag across Europe.


          • left wing, right wing, it's all the same bird! says:

            IT IS THE SOLDIER

            It is the Soldier, not the minister
            Who has given us freedom of religion.

            It is the Soldier, not the reporter
            Who has given us freedom of the press.

            It is the Soldier, not the poet
            Who has given us freedom of speech.

            It is the Soldier, not the campus organizer
            Who has given us freedom to protest.

            It is the Soldier, not the lawyer
            Who has given us the right to a fair trial.

            It is the Soldier, not the politician
            Who has given us the right to vote.

            It is the Soldier who salutes the flag,
            Who serves beneath the flag,
            And whose coffin is draped by the flag,
            Who allows the protester to burn the flag.

            ©Copyright 1970, 2005 by Charles M. Province

            I think it is also worth noting that whilst MP’s Police and pretty much everyone has the option of joining a union….. Soldiers (Airmen-Sailors) CAN NOT!


    • 161
      Blowing Whistles says:

      All comments Noted. My 2013 burning of another EU flag will be soon …


      • 205
        Pyro Watch says:

        I think that mixing the lighter fluid with vaseline and smearing that on may help get a more controlled burn, particularly in windy conditions.

        Spray on cooking oil, PAM, should work nicely as well.

        Just be careful to clean hands well if handling the ignition source.


        • 210
          Blowing Whistles says:

          And don’t forget to announce all PC style … about health ‘n safety / be careful etc matters which of course stops the fucking plod from interrupting …

          Civil Disobendience – fucking rules ok UK in my book.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            sp error there disobedience.


          • Pyro Watch says:

            Yes: Best to put warning signs up and have a fire extinguisher to hand + keep an eye on where the wind is blowing and tidy up.

            Also, it is not illegal to dissolve polystyrene in petrol. FYI.


          • Rose's are red - what colour are yours? says:

            One supposes you all saw that splendiferous statue of Assad’s dad going up in flames at the dam in Syria yesterday. THAT’S the way to do it.

            Wonder if the lads had any marshmallows to chuck in?


  12. 26
    Tacky and tackier. says:

    Prince Harry should drop the ‘ I am one of the lads’ tag. He is not one of the lads he is royalty and should behave as such. If he wants to be one of the lads then he should renounce his rights to the throne and the riches that are paid to him by the tax payers; and then he is free to moon to the press whenever he wants. The whole thing is sad and extremely tacky. The tax payer will resent having to pay for this idiot and his foolishness.


  13. 31
    Tony Blair says:

    I’ll go topless on P3.

    £60k sound about right?


  14. 41
    Dave the Gay Marriage Champion says:

    In the interests of equality and political correctness, I am going to legislate so that on alternate days a picture of a pretty gay lad must be printed on Page 3 of the Sun.

    From then on every two tits must be counterbalanced by a tw ink


  15. 45
    The Third Way doesn't work either says:

    Susie not-so-Boniface?


  16. 46
    The International Court of the Vague says:

    Guido, your blog is getting less and less interesting the more you try to cosy up to the mainstream media.


  17. 47
    Tired old cliche says:

    I am staggered people like me continue to click on these stupid links from twitter and make you money. This is real barrel scraping stuff


    • 51
      The International Court of the Vague says:

      The ‘seen elsewhere’ column has a ‘come-on’ in the form of an article from Rifkind which is just a link to a paywall.


  18. 55
    Curious Confucius says:

    Never mind this nonsense. Allegedly Waitrose having been flogging beef meatballs with pork in them.

    Is a fatwa required?


    • 59
      Point of information says:

      Insurance companies would be wise to increase the premiums for coverage at Supermarkets against fire and other forms of vandalism.


    • 246
      Curly wonders.. says:

      ..if all the supermarkets resorted to this then 99% of the you-know-who will effoff back where they came from.

      What’s not to like?


  19. 65
    Locked-out says:

    linked-In was created by recruitment consultants so that their profession could contact possible recruiting managers and tout for business, by pretending to want a reference for somebody who looks like they used to work for them, then at the end of the conversation ask them if they were looking for anyone new themselves.

    If you are a contractor with many previous connections from years working for many different organisations, the damn recruitment agents are like pigs in shit!


    • 247
      Curly wonders.. says:

      In an unsought email, I was “invited” to join LinkedIn purportedly from/by a mate who, when I checked if the email was actually from him, told me he had never heard of them!


  20. 66
    where the blind lead says:

    Here is some breaking news about the Tory candidate for Eastleigh by election you wont see in the MSM, turns out Hutchings is about as genuine as a Chinese Rolex, this from Victor168 from the comments section of the telegraph responding to Hannan the europlastic urging people to vote for her. There might be a stroy in there somewhere and a lesson if lesson were needed, never trust a Tory.

    Three reasons why, if you vote for Maria Hutchings thinking you’ll get a conservative, you’d be mental ;

    1. A lifelong Labour supporter who suddenly became a “Tory” after being courted by Michael Howard. Claimed to be non-political but had canvassed for Labour since the age of 14!!

    2. An Essex girl, who out of nowhere is parachuted in to be the PPC for Eastleigh(Hants) in the last election. All part of Dave’s “A” lister strategy. See Louise Mensch for how successful that strategy has been.

    3. Doesn’t know her own mind on the EU.

    Vote for her and she’ll meekly fall into line with the rest of Dave’s sheep. If you want to send a message to Dave and the Tory wimps, then rub his pasty little face in the dirt by voting UKIP.


  21. 75
    Owin Jones says:

    Police raid on West Yorkshire abbatoir draws a blank. Suspects believed to have fled on horseback.


  22. 78
    The BBC causes serious mental illness says:

    Will not be any reporting on MSN poll:


    Asked which party will win the Eastleigh byelection:
    38% said Ukip
    35% said Labour
    19% said Tories
    4% said Liberal Democrats

    13000 Answered

    Of course 0.5% of those who answered the poll, if you are lucky, were likely from Eastleigh, and there would be other distortions from activist groups one would think.

    But interesting gauge of opinion none the less.

    The BBC will likely not be reporting on this.


    • 122
      BBC bias retard reporter says:

      We have already decided its going to be a terrible night for the Tories and despite Labour coming 4th with 256 votes most of them flogged this shows that David Milliband is well on his way to No 10.


      • 248
        Curly wonders.. says:

        … why David Millipede was allowed a 10 minute interview on Sky yesterday. Can’t remember what the subject was, some world wide organisation for something or other (to which we shall no doubt be asked to make a financal contribution fairly soon).


    • 193
      EU Election Oversight Committee says:

      Please report ballot results to us for approval before announcing results. Danke/Spasibo.


  23. 81
    Go get 'em Guidio says:

    Who are the 45% killjoys? I want to know so I can ignore them the plebs!


  24. 86
    local wind says:

    is owen patterson les’s brother ?

    he seems to have his tape stuck on ‘we’re determined to ….


    • 166
      Blowing Whistles says:

      There are things that he knew of when in opposition – that even now he remains silent about. His silence on the matters begets his guilt. Are you or your spads reading this blog Mr Whittingdale and Mr Cable, Mr A Johnson, Mr S Byers, ….?


  25. 89
    It's later than you think says:

    Why has this blog gone all sun-like ?


    • 92
      Anonymous says:

      Because Guido’s ass it owned by Murdoch now.

      Pro News International all the way!


      • 111
        Modbot v4 says:

        Don’t answer your own posts.
        It identifies a lack of conviction that others share your views.

        And its sad.


        • 116
          It's later than you think says:

          wrong again sherlock


          • Anonymous says:

            Its always been sun-like you twat.

            “Guido set out to be sensationalist, Matt Drudge was an inspiration, Kelvin Mackenzie’s Sun of the 80s was another. The camp, politically incorrect tone of the media/music/culture/whatever website, Popbitch, is deliberately echoed. When media pundit Roy Greenslade described Guido’s blog as “the bastard love-child of Popbitch and Kelvin Mackenzie”, Guido was proud of his parentage. Madame Popbitch herself contacted Guido to say she was proud of her offspring.”

            In the ‘About’ section.


          • It's later than you think says:

            I meant sun-like as in focusing on girls’ tits. it seems like a new direction to me


          • The wizz says:

            Two replies that can only add up to one thing: TROLL. Now be a good citizen and stop throwing your toys out of the pram whenever you find your are bereft for cogent thought.


          • Anonymous says:

            Guido also used to run a hot totty watch, now sadly seldom seen on these pages. Perhaps Guido has found religion, I don’t know.


          • It's later than you think says:

            ooo flame war


          • Anonymous says:

            It’s clear that you don’t have a flaming clue how this blog works dweebo.


  26. 90
    Anonymous says:

    Hardly a shock result given the number of knuckle dragging morons who post here.


  27. 94
    Private Eye says:



  28. 110
    Ed Miliband & Ed Balls says:

    We would like to commend Guido on his campaign. It is reassuring to see a majority of the British public voting for a big pair of tits.


  29. 114
    Owin Jones says:

    PCC ‘concerned’ after Hitler tweet http://bbc.in/159HXdc

    What a Tory bitch !!


    • 118
      Ed Bolloxs says:

      I dress in German SS uniforms


    • 119
      The Loony Left says:


      • 136
        Point of information says:

        The red on the flag symbolizes the social idea of the movement.

        The white is the national idea.

        The black swastika is the victory of creative work, which according to the movement ‘always has been and always will be anti-Sem!tic’

        Fascism is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism.

        The regime in !taly under Mussol!ni was corporatist fasc!sm.

        That is Germany under the NSDAP was socialist fasc!sm.


        • 158
          It's later than you think says:

          I understood Hitler was visited by 3 Indian Guru Horoscope guys ( a bit like the 3 kings) and they advised him through the campaigns, hence the shape of the swastika, of course I may be misinformed.


          • The wizz says:

            Quite probably, the swastica pre-dates most histories from all the continents. In the west mostly seen where the Vikings visited. The north of Europe as we know believed it to by the cycle of tme. You may have read different histories but at the end of the day no one realy knows it’s origin.


          • Point of information says:

            The Swastika, which the NSDAP used, it was well established in German occultism as a symbol of the Aryan Race prior to WWI.

            It is a version of the Sun cross, right facing, on a 5×5 grid. The geometry is very important as if the cross does not meet this specification it is nothing to do with NSDAP.

            The sun cross itself goes way back and does not have any evil association: Quite the opposite. Its real roots are mainly in H!nduism and Budh!sm, but Swasticka’s have been found in Egypt and elsewhere.

            It’s first association with Aryan mythology was December 25, 1907, when the secret society: Order of the New Templars (Ordo Novi Templi, or ONT), founded by [Adolf Joseph] Lanz von Liebenfels, hoisted it in Upper Austria at Burg Werfenstein.

            Their flag was:


            (Red swasticka, red fleur de lis above / below, left / right, on a yellow background)

            ONT was concerned with Theozoology and Ar!osophy. The organizations aim was to harmonise science, art and religion on a basis of racial consciousness: To an Aryan ideal.

            After WWI it became a symbol of Aryan conquest and mastery in the völkisch movement. The völkisch movement was very influential on the NSDAP, Goebbels essentially seconded them during the 1927 Nuremburg rallies to the NSDAP cause.

            Curiously the Gestap0 suppressed the ONT from 1942 onwards.

            Hitler was influenced by !ndia primarily through the film: Lives of a Bengal Lancer. He was impressed at the tale of how only a handful of English soldiers had captured the continent.

            He did have at least one guru adviser: Savitri Devi, but that was independent of the choice of symbol.

            The mysticism associated with Aryan beliefs had developed long before NSDAP. T!bet / !ndia and !ran played a role in the formation of the legend. Zoroast!anism, directly and through N!etzsche Thus Spake Zarathustra also involved.

            Theosophy (Blavatsky + check link to Crowley, who we know is UK intelligence) was adapted to Ar!osophy, and then you find yourself back at the ONT / Thule societies.

            This mysticism being introduced to NSDAP thinking was mainly due to Thule influence, and Goebells correctly recognizing it as being a very powerful propaganda tool.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            PoI – Na.zi stands for National Zioloonism – who do you think now was controlling it all?


      • 138
        Blowing Whistles says:

        And Fascism & Communism – have always been funded ‘behind the scenes’ by guess which family of banksters?

        Don’t they just fund both sides silently and clean up in the can’t lose profiteering rackets that grow from the division upon division and of pitting one side against the other endlessly?

        Me thinks the Barstewards are finally being caught out – and all hell will be visited upon them.


        • 142
          Not Blowing Whistles says:

          I think the Ch!nese are certainly not behaving as expected, and are giving them a thorough kicking right now.

          The muzzies have been for a while now, and appear to be not doing too badly. Noticed how it has kicked off again Tunis!a through Egypt ? If you’re watching BBC no, of course ;-)


    • 239
      Casual Observer says:

      The PCC should be more concerned about David Wards’ statements which still appear to be ongoing.

      Some history on h0locaust denial:

      i) There was a far right press in Canada owned by Ernst Zundel. He was a German who migrated to avoid conscription in 1958 aged 19. He came into contact with: Adrien Arcand, a prominent Canadian Fascist who influenced him.

      ii) Zundel’s press published in 1974 an English translation of a short book by Thiers Christophersen: The Auschw!tz Lie. (Originally published in Germany 1973). This was the first serious attempt to cast doubt on the official historical record.

      iii) This caused some controversy in the 70s, but things went quiet until 1991 when American Bradley R. Smith started his ‘Committee for Open
      Debate on the Holocaust’ with ads run in US colleges. Student publications were immediately attacked for spreading hate.

      The ads caused concern as the arguments presented against the record were presented without code words or ethn!c epithets.

      The Washington post sagely wrote:

      ‘But the idea that the way to combat these ads is to suppress them –
      automatically and in every case – is bad strategy. It plays into a key part of
      the offenders’ argument: that evidence of the H0locaust is somehow sparse
      or hard to come by and that the truth has anything to fear from scrutiny.’

      Bradley R. Smith can be safely described as a hater, he is not an academic authority or otherwise credible. He did though reopen a can of worms.

      Thereafter, the internet has allowed proliferation of all sorts of material. The most dangerous is that which is best disguised, as is the case with all propaganda.

      The press of Ernst Zundel was the source responsible for other salacious aspects of the German National Socialist Party activities. In particular, integrating the UFO fiction was down to him.

      This is where things started in English for any who are interested:


      For the record, my only interest is in the use of propaganda either way. The truth, as observed directly by eye witnesses at the time is now pretty much dead. The record is all that is left: Unless significant new credible evidence emerges there is really no point in questioning seriously. Any such debate in the absence of such evidence is ‘conspiracy chatter’.

      As Richard III has shown, whilst there is room for sensible debate of opinion over the historical record, revising that record and determining which events are closer to the truth of what happened is somewhat difficult and can take a long time.

      David Ward should resign.


  30. 117
    BBC bias favours Labour scumbags says:

    I see there is not a mention of 1200 dead paitients at Stafford on the BBC anywhere.
    What a shame that one of the so called nurses didn’t call a paitient a pleb then no doubt it would have been lead story for a month.

    Can you just imagine if this had occurred under the Tories and not under the ” 24 hours to save the NHS” fucking labour scumbags


    • 121
      The BBC are cunts says:


    • 129
      Axe The Telly Tax says:

      Why don’t the thousands of relatives of those murdered at Stafford concentration camp take out a private prosecution against the staff & management. A good solicitor and barrister would win an easy court case.

      As soon as the first relative steps into the witness box and says “it was like a scene from Auschwitz and Belsen, the judge will donning the black cap and the defence barrister (appointed by the unions) would turn round and tell his murdering clients to defend themselves.


      • 140
        Legal Eagle says:

        Civil group litigation would be an ideal vehicle once the criminal aspects are dealt with, or if the criminal aspects are not.

        In the UK, group litigation was rendered dead back in 1850, as Parliament enacted in favor of corporate and joint-stock interests, and jurisprudence lost interest.

        In the US, group litigation survived as what is known as ‘class action’.

        Collective redress is being introduced under EU law. It is not clear if that would work in the UK, or be possible against a state institution.

        Without such legal redress mechanisms being available there is no real legal way for people to seek redress collectively when wrongs like this are perpetrated.

        This perhaps makes the likelihood of such wrongs happening high, as we have seen recently.

        It will likely be too expensive for individual civil claims to be pursued, especially since CFA has been withdrawn and the NHS has a much larger budget to spend on it’s legal.


        • 151
          Axe The Telly Tax says:

          Surely a young barrister looking to make a name for themselves would take on the case pro bono.


          • Legal Eagle says:

            Could do, but you would need a few thousand barristers of that kind for full justice, and they would need to have very deep pockets.

            Those recently called to the Bar generally have law school debt to pay off, and would not be experienced enough in any case to go up against the counsel that the NHS Trusts employ.


        • 178
          Labourunionsbbc we are one under the EU says:

          Wasn’t there a young couple who took on m c donald s and won?

          I’m sure if they did it against that bemoth, there’s a chance for a body of folk to do it.


      • 141
        Blowing Whistles says:

        some people only want to look at the world from a 1939 – 1945 perspective – they do not want people (and children in this and the next few generations) looking into the background behind communism and who and for what purposes the so called Communist revolution was carried out. No one had the fast communications back in 1917 – that we do now – thus all that was done then was ‘controlled, managed and manipulated’ by a few of the then really rich and powerful ….


        • 145
          Not Blowing Whistles says:

          Just FYI: The UK Empire had electric telegraphy hooked up between London -> Vancouver and London -> Aukland by 1891:


          That is fast communication if you need to get a telegram sent quickly. Certainly fast compared with surface routes / messenger pigeon.

          (Not quite the same as internet today, granted…)

          Ever wondered why GBP/USD is known as cable, and why you wire money ? ;-)


          • Living in 96.99% white Merseyside says:

            I worked at Electric House which is almost next to Temple. We had the SAM Cable which connected London (as it was called back in the 1960’s) with the eastern coast of South America (including Rio, Montevideo and Baires).

            There were also cables to almost everywhere but the SAM Cable still used morse code.


        • 150
          subatlanticbeast says:

          Ithink that you mean the self chosen “fews”


        • 154
          I'm not being racist but... says:

          You real are an anti-Semitic loon.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            No I am not: anti-semitism is not actually a criminal offence in the UK …. yet. Not that some are not working to implement it and all manner of other shackles against ‘freedom of expression’ (which served them so damned bloody well since 1948) on those who wish to ‘question’ [note that] because new evidence has come to light Ref; Miscarriages of justice – the veracity of so called history. [Again new evidence – which many – for multitudenous reasons – do not dare to speak of]

            Fuck off you ignorant of any but one ‘codified version’ of history – you twat.


          • Not Blowing Whistles says:

            @INBRB: In @BW’s defense: If you look further in to what he is speaking about, it is not anti-sem!tic at all what he is getting at.

            There are a few large European banking houses, families if you will, and some who are followers of Z!onism.


          • Anonymous says:

            Watch your filthy, libelling mouth.


  31. 125
    Bazookas says:

    Following the vote on page 3 the official results are 32 against 24 don’t knows and 44 saying yes so…



  32. 132
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Has Andy Burnham resigned yet?
    Why is this labour scumbag allowed to get away with the deaths at Stafford Hospital.


  33. 134
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Labour’s no.1 points scorer this week is Mary Creagh.
    Advice for Creagh – Let the government, the FSA, and the police do their job, and stop your pathetic political posturing. As Andrew Neil told Creagh at the weekend – you are just trying to make a name for yourself.


  34. 137
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Labour policies

    Ignore the deaths at Stafford Hospital.
    Call for every Tory minister to resign.
    Benefits for claimants is a free gift with no work required.


  35. 143
    Blowing Whistles says:

    News Corp and News Sinternational are the embodiment of ruperts true EXTREMIST RIGHT WING VIEWS. He is a past master at selling himself to be all things to all men. He is one of the sickest, deluded, powercrazed, moneygrubbing, despicable low-lifes that every rose to political and media power. He has been controlled by his even sicker and demented controllers for at least 4 decades.


    • 147
      Point of information says:

      Do not agree with that, but will be interesting to see if your post is m0dded out.


    • 152
      Living in 96.99% white Merseyside says:

      And then the Internet came along. We don’t really need him anymore.


    • 155
      Anonymous says:

      Yeah let’s just let the BBC rule the media roost eh, you fucking crackpot?


      • 176
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Not what I stated you one eyed mongrel. Your perception and intelligence let you down. Fuck off to a childrens website and do some learning.


        • 194
          Anonymous says:

          Murdoch has been one of the only media moguls who regularly stood up to the BBC, you freakin nutter!


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Work out his game you fecking twat. He appeals to the lowest common mongrel intelligence every time. BTW – I am known to hate the bloody BBC as well. They are both telling porkies – its part of the simple ruse upon the sub-intelligent – you twat.


          • Anonymous says:

            His game has been to take on the full weight and inertia of the British establishment mate, and don’t you fucking forget it! As for mongrel intelligence, how many fucking readers does the Guardian attract ffs? To go bust is not that intelligent in my book, and at least Murdoch knows how to sell newspapers, something you clearly know nothing about, you ignorant cuпt.


          • Point of information says:

            I for one don’t believe that M has any agenda other than to make money. And that is not a bad thing.

            He has the right touch when it comes to media in pretty much any form. Internet may be exception, but he is catching up and may yet come out with a killer format / formula or some such. His Tw!tter feed is actually worth following.

            Never worked for the guy and rarely buy his products, but as an enduring business man he cannot be denied respect.

            To your point Anonymous: I cannot think of anyone off hand who has stood up to the British establishment in the way M has without having to vanish. Kudos to him for that.


    • 156
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      I think the sickest person in the UK was bliar followed closely by his henchman alycampbell all cemented by that dodgy dossier saying wmd at 45 mins and then d r d a v i d k e l l y dying in those strange circumstances after he had tried to expose their lies.

      If leveson has prevailed we would never have known any of that!!


      • 186
        old SHEP says:

        If you go down to the woods today:
        Eminent Pathologists and Doctors still trying to get the DK inquest re-opened as the first one was conveniently botched, don’t give a lot for their chances though, usual cover up by people in high places.


    • 163
      The wizz says:

      On the left what do we have, a bunch of commie followers that think only their views should be heard or just a herd of asses? I will not insult donkeys.


    • 202
      Uncle Guido says:

      I’s reeeeeeal sorry, Massa Murdoch, about dem peoples disrespecting you on my blog, suh!


  36. 146
    beast says:

    She is little more than a dwarf
    Now I have nothing against dwarves (seeing as how the old chap tends to rest on their heads) but this one should be in panto
    Naked Harry that is


  37. 157
    Saffron says:

    Somehow I get lost on this site as to what the blog is about.
    First we have page 3 and titty girls,how this is in the realms of political blogging I don’t know.
    This is then interspersed with some snotty nosed kids comments about jack shit as far as I can see,I believe he is called Owin.
    Then we get on to the Staff Hospitals killing fields,which IMHO should be investigated and the perpertraitors of this disgrace should face the law,from the highest and to others.
    Relative to the Eastleigh Bye Election,I think Hannan is correct in his thinking that UKIP if they play their cards right could demonstrate that they put country before party.
    To conclude I think that anyone who now votes for the Libdumbs needs a reallity check as that party and it’s so called leaders are a bunch of sandal wearing tree hugging idiots,and as for the socialists who have gone a long way in wrecking this country,well words fail me.


  38. 170
    Farms raided this evening says:

    Who wants a horse kebab?


  39. 181
    Newsinternationalwillkillthetories says:

    That intern looked a bit fat to be wearing hot pants. Sort of chubby with tits. Like David Cameron. But with more hair.


  40. 185
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Clinton had his Monica / Blair had his Carol / Gordon had his …. ughhh [insert answer] / Cameron might have had his rebekka …

    Clegg – Not on PM status but has had his chips.


  41. 188
    Saffron says:

    Re my one 154 blog,very sorry that I left out the two other tosser parties,namely the socialist party another name for communist tossers who have been shown that this does’nt work are still wedded to this ideal that we are commies and we will do our utmost to make this work.
    Now to the conservatives under Cammoron,is this pr suite actually in tune with what this country needs,NO HE IS FRIGGIN NOT THIS GUY IS NOT TUNED INTO WHAT THIS COUNTRY REALY NEEDS AND IT IS A GOVERNMENT THAT REALLY NEEDS TO REPRESENT THIS COUNTRY AND TELLS THE EUSSR CRAP BUILLSHITTERS TO FECK OFF in no uncertain terms.


    • 200
      albacore says:

      After Dave’s monumental triumph with gay wedding
      How can he be expected to care where we’re heading?
      He’s already earned his place in the history books
      Not quite Wellington or Nelson. Still, he’s got his looks


      • 260
        Catty Comment (Ms) says:

        Quite – except Wellington and Nelson are famed for SAVING the nation, not giving it away to every damned foreigner who fancies a bit of our now septic isle.


    • 216
      Casual Observer says:

      I think you have hit the nail on the head:

      ‘…still wedded to this ideal that we are commies and we will do our utmost to make this work’

      However, Camoron’s problem is that he is equally bought into that delusion.

      Sometimes governance can be regarded as an exercise in herding cats. I think that Camoron understands this, but more in the limited sense of management in a medium to large private enterprise.

      Could be fair to say that the ‘majority’ in the country is the big cat. It has had a good time lapping at the saucer of milk the Labour mob laid before it. The cat didn’t really notice the parasites which were attacking it though.

      Now though, the saucer is empty, the cat has noticed its ar$e is very itchy, so the cat is moving away.

      Camoron is trying to coax the cat back, but holding back as he knows the cat will likely scratch him. It is heading off towards new milk.

      One hopes that the cat gets wormed soon, because a cat with an itchy ar$e can be quite irritable.

      As for the EUSSR: Our cat quite likes to do its own thing, and does not want to bed down with rats dressed as cats.


  42. 191
    Lord Flashman says:

    Page three be damned, bring back the regular ‘Tory Totty’ on this website! We don’t want some fake-tanned Essex Birds with her jugs out, we want Swiss finishing school Debs with jobs at central office, inheritances that includes half of Hampshire and sporting some very, very, expensive lingerie! Why wank over a poor man’s daughter when you can wank over a rich man’s daughter? Of course Mrs Fawkes may well have something to say about that!!!!


    • 219
      albacore says:

      You’re shirley not suggesting Tories are self-abusers
      Though, judging by their leaders, they enjoy being losers
      On second thought, they do appear a bunch of hand-crankers
      Just like the New Labour and LibDem consummate wankers


  43. 204
    q says:

    funny that there’s no in-depth, educational debate about the illegality of this government’s treatment of unemployed people. so this government acting illegally is okay with you guys then? what does that make you?


    • 206
      Casual Observer says:

      There was some mention of Cait giving up and starting a family above. Does that count ?

      This thread was more about tits though, wasn’t it ? ;-)

      To your point, totally unacceptable. If they do it again can go to court on the strength of that. Burning the flag stuff above maybe indication of where things are headed.

      Think many have given up on the ‘this government…’ aspect and just want UKIP or a real Conservative party in, and out of Europe.

      It is strange that EU law did not prevent the transgression against the unemployed happening. Perhaps this is further reason to stop paying and leave.


  44. 208
    NB says:

    Lamb is more expensive than beef. Wink Wink.


    • 220
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      You want real meat you have to pay for it. It won’t be bought in a Supermarket.

      Time to go to a real local butcher or a farm gate shop or farmer’s market or online local butcher folks like suffolk wildmeat.

      At the end of the day you get what you pay for.


      • 225
        Casual Observer says:

        Or. perhaps, rejoin the hunt and harvest direct.

        Fishing is the least offensive way of doing this, and is a great way to be social. Recipes for carp available online, just get your license and make sure your fishing area is safe and legal.

        Just take all your line with you when done.

        Urban people are so out of touch with nature: They don’t even realize that London is a nutritional desert. That is a strategic risk as it happens.


        • 230
          Tachybaptus says:

          Not too much of a desert if you are prepared to make an effort, and break umpteen laws. For example, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens have plenty of squirrels, far too many pigeons, and a few rabbits. Plus chestnuts and several kinds of edible mushroom in season, though you have to get up very early to beat the Italian and Russian gatherers. There is at least one tree with good edible cherries, one with wild plums, and several crabapples. Lots of nettles, which I have eaten but dislike (rather like curried lawn mowings with overtones of ant). Probably a lot more if you know where to look.


          • The Third Way doesn't work either says:

            Things must have deteriorated sadly in Britain if you feel obliged to eat substantial quantities of nettles, which you dislike, from the park.


          • Casual Observer says:

            I don’t think it could support the current population, for any real length of time, but point taken.

            Regents park is a bit better stocked, and I don’t mean the Zoo.

            Community gardens: Sounds a bit socialist, but I think would be one ‘green’ initiative worth encouraging. Cheap, teaches people some good skills and is community oriented. The only downfall in London is that maybe some would start cultivating contraband, but could be a good idea.

            Saying that, a few economic adjustments and the hidden hydroponic plantations in London could be re-purposed for tomato crops…

            Not sure about feral pigeon in London: They carry disease (not bird flu). I’d stick with the mushrooms.


          • The International Court of the Vague says:

            Try blanching then sauteing the nettles in garlic. Only take the tender tops.


          • Tachybaptus says:

            Why not the zoo? They ate the zoo in Paris during the siege of 1870, including the elephants Castor and Pollux.


          • We're a bit posh down 'ere you know says:

            “Community gardens” – Community bloody gardens??? Where I come from mate they are popularly known as “allotments”.


        • 266
          when the boat comes in.. says:

          fishing…great but most who do these days reguarly report nutters coming along and disrupting their efforts or vocalising ‘hunting’ like slurs.. and thus the days of sitting quietly by the cut enjoying a simple lifelong hobby are gone.


  45. 213
  46. 241
  47. 250
    bet fred says:

    hey guido
    tell us a story …..

    tell us about this appalling, unlawful government that treats unemployed people illegally and treats disabled people as if they were scum ….

    go on tell us a story ……. use all myour investigative and intellectual nous to tell us a story


  48. 251
    Cheerio says:

    I don’t know why I still read this blog. Guido, this ‘story’ is just absolute rubbish. In the blog entry where we voted on this you were pushing very hard for a yes vote, plus this blog is a pretty bloke-oriented one, and still only 55% voted to keep it. Failure.

    That’s ignoring the fact that it’s a non-story anyway. I have canceled my Guidogram subscription, I’m going back to Private Eye…


    • 259
      Diane Fatbutt says:

      I always enjoy the colour section !


    • 263
      We're a bit posh down 'ere you know says:

      You must be a bit “cheesed” off – have you not had your bag of Cheerios this morning?

      PS: Please close the door behind you. We are very environmentally friendly in here and don’t want to waste any of the hot air this forum engenders.



  49. 254
    The Third Way doesn't work either says:

    Fox: It tasted like chicken to me.


  50. 264
    A small brown bird says:

    Bloody hell, have you seen the price of accommodation these days ?



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