February 12th, 2013

Exclusive: Indy to Go to Seven Day Operation
Standard and Indy to Merge Newsrooms


A memo has just gone out to Indy and Standard staff:

  • The Indy and Sunday editorial will be completely merged.
  • The Sindy editor John Mullin is a goner.
  • The Standard and Independent to move to the same floor.
  • A TV studio will be built in the shared newsroom.
  • Chris Blackhurst in charge of 7-day operation.
  • Redundancies expected. The Standard is making money, the Indy isn’t.



Standard staff are jittery. One source tells Guido:

“The Standard’s staff – editorial, commercial and management – have turned things around against all expectations in the last few years and don’t want to lose their jobs to save the hugely loss-making Indy. There’s excitement about the TV stuff, but no one really knows what it will mean.”


  1. 1
    SpAd says:

    Wow! There’ll be a tremendous fuss when The Indy’s 137 readers find this out.


  2. 2
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    Is it still going?


  3. 3
    BBC says:

    Never heard of them


  4. 4
    A Firm Pair Of Breasts says:

    The media reporting on the media again…………


  5. 5
    OK for wrapping fish guts says:

    Are they going to invoke the heretofore-unused “readability” option?


  6. 6
    Peter Duncan says:


    Ooooh, paper no one reads anymore changes a bit.

    Edge of the seat stuff here.


  7. 7
    MajorFrustration says:

    Slight change of topic – is the BBC pro Labour and pro Catholic. So the Pope has resigned fine. We are supposedly a protestant country yet it seems the BBC still witters on about the resignation


  8. 8
    EU Watch says:

    The EU is a risk to the national security and economic interests of the UK.


    • 17
      Anonymous says:

      Just like the Conservative party, or the LibLabCon Party to give it it’s proper name.


      • 40
        EU Watch says:

        Yes: But you have to cut the root if you wish to kill the weed.

        LibLabCon only responding to poison promises from Brussels.

        Otherwise their decisions are irrational, yet they are rational actors.


  9. 9
    @jakepitt_ says:

    Seems fine in my humble opinion. Its a newspaper; the industry is dying and I would prefer this to completely shutting thew newspaper down. I’ll keep reading the Indy.


  10. 12
    Point of information says:

    All well and good, but are not the EU trying to ban independence ?


  11. 13
    bergen says:

    Not surprised. The Sindy seems simply to be a hotel freesheet these days. I suspect that genuine sales are catastrophically low.


  12. 21
    Anonymous says:

    and both offer views rather than news


  13. 22
    n says:

    well! about fucking time this nazi government werebrought to book!!!

    they can no longer treat unemployed people as if they were slaves – judgement that government action against unemployed is ILLEGAL – get that you fuckers??

    Government action against unemployed people is ILLEGAL

    now fuck off cameron and the rest of the nazis


    • 23
      • 28
        Sir William Wade says:

        Nobody should be forced to work, but nobody of working age should receive any benefits unless they are willing to take whatever job is available that they could do.

        What else woukd be fair?


        • 34
          CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

          It seems working people should be forced to support scroungers = Not slavery
          Scroungers being offered benefits in return for work = Slavery!

          Who knew!?!


          • yeah, right... says:

            I wonder if William Wilberforce would have got out of bed to stand up for the rights of this speccy bint to get free money.


          • ?..? says:

            .. and did you see the gloating, smug, self-satisfied look on the face of her lawyer? Is she another Hattie in the making?


        • 41
          Casual Observer says:

          Voluntary work is one thing, but being forced into work like this is very counter productive.

          Real workers who are wanting to stack shelves are priced out of the market, and pushing people like this into unsuitable roles is an example of capital mis-allocation.

          Ch!na gets away with slave labour, but does so by channeling the right people into the right sort of labour, and then not paying them.

          This ‘back to work’ solution is not a right wing solution at all. This is very much a misguided socialist solution and such practices were largely responsible for the collapse of the Soviet economy.


        • 43
          Anonymous says:

          .what is the working age….given that the prospect of living for (well upto 400,000 years) is here and now.
          what is to say that the average for humans was less than 400 years pre 7000 years ago.


  14. 26
    George wants to be 'Troy Tempest' Osborne says:

    My daddy’s rich, so fuck you lot!


  15. 29
    Pissed up Tory researcher says:

    I’m YOLOing with Sally Bercow.


  16. 32
    Owin Jones says:

    I’m safe !!



  17. 33
    fat rong-un says:

    I see the depopulation scheme is working nicely what with the loony NHS trying to kill us, the loony EU trying to poison us, the loony Islamics trying to bomb us, now we have to deal with the loony N. Koreans


    • 49
      Old England says:

      Have to deal with “Treasonous”woman soliciter,and a smug,immature graduate, with
      the type of attitude that has destroyed the NHS,(you know what i mean)..She should
      go far….no idea…


  18. 35
    So they'll have to declare their visits to Champneys? says:

    Police officers will be required to declare gifts, hospitality and second jobs on public register for first time, says home secretary


  19. 48
    lojolondon says:

    I am not really surprised – the ES has become so left wing I presumed either they were owned by a communist or their desk had merged with the Independent!!


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