February 9th, 2013

Joke Candidate: John O’Farrell Tipped to Fight Eastleigh


Ed MIliband says he wants more working class people and people with an armed forces background to stand for parliament, so the Eastleigh by-election is the first opportunity for Labour to choose someone from that kind of background. Yet Labour heavyweights seem to be swinging behind John O’Farrell, who is about as much of a Labour luvvie as you can get. O’Farrell first appeared on the West End stage when he was 10 years old, writes novels and does comedy for the BBC. He wrote a book with the title Things Can Only Get Better: Eighteen Miserable Years in the Life of a Labour Supporter, 1979-1997.

The man who reputedly invented the grey John Major spitting image character also wrote the jokes for Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. He seems serious about standing, he has stood unsuccessfully for Labour before in 2001. The Labour glitterati are backing him and he has already started campaigning in the constituency. Polly Toynbee has publicly endorsed his candidature and says she will work for his election. “Up the workers!”


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    Kebab Time says:

    Whoever wins they will replace Huhne as a snout in trough.

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      Tom 'Bunter' Watsom says:

      O’Farrell is about as smug and pompous as them come. New Labour to the core. Tells porkies at a higher than average rate.

      Lets sign him up then!

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      Just sitting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting. TYPE AS QUICK AS YOU CAN... says:


      • 28
        Kebab Time says:

        Sticks and stones may break my bones but my record can not be beaten!

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          47 Leather-Clad "Village People" Extras, millingaround Soho Square, trousers unbuttoned says:

          Your arsehole is in dire need of, what is known in the trade as, a rebore.

        • 232
          Blowing Whistles says:

          Does your record actually mean anything in the ennals of history – I think not.

          Have read all as above at this time – some posters as HW”NLP”[? oddly] says – sockpuppets Rmanyof you.

        • 233
          Blowing Whistles says:

          BTW – NLP = Neuro Linguisthick Programmed.

          • Julia Middleton (CEO Common Purpose, EU Funded) says:

            Look in to my eyes, not around the eyes, only at the eyes, your under.

            Now, when I snap my fingers you will want to shag me.

            ** Snap **

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Go to bitch and take Leveson and his bunch of underling twat legals with you.

          • Julia Middleton (CEO Common Purpose, EU Funded) says:

            Didn’t think that would work.

            Come with me to Benghazi, young whistles, I shall make a man of you whilst we pluck flowers in the hills:


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Julia … Babe – there are others who have fallen by the wayside while they have tried to bag you, you ugly effing dupe – You are undone by your accounts (A bit like them EU UNaudited accounts) by all accounts, and the placeman atop the charity commiszion.

            You are the “Leadership of fools” and your commie, marxist, zioloon israeli links are all but found out – you pathetic excuse for a human being.

          • Julia Middleton (CEO Common Purpose, EU Funded) says:

            ** Crocodile Tears ** Bothered.


            The rest of this post has been removed as it is far to graphic to be posted here. No intoxicated aardvarks were harmed permanently.

            - Think Global, Act Local.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Think Al Gore – think millions of his deluded f-wits.

            Inverted logic Ms Meddlesome.

            Nice little bit of Mother Nature hitting North america at the moment don’t you think.

            She rules – and not some half-wit prissy false flag horrorcane like Julia Muddleton!

            Al Gore – False flag
            EU – False flag
            Kweer Marriage – False flag

            Still … these By-POLAR half wits do persist.

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      He who no longer posts says:

      Sad to say but, apart from the first three posts in this sub-thread and a few isolated others, all are the work of one person who makes Toxic Taffy look sane in comparison.

      Some of them attempt to sockpuppet known posters but fail to convince anyone except the most unwary.

      Bob. Get help! You are becoming a danger to yourself.

      • 91
        meatball says:

        i am reading your post whilst doing a dump or should itbe havinga dump?

        • 98
          He who no longer posts says:

          Take care you don’t flush the wrong part away.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Don’t quite like the “NLP” part of your moniker – but hey that’s my “Freedom of Expression” (unlike the mis-nomer of ‘Freedom of speech’ that the free press use … too often think about the subtle change of wordings ???) + see above.

            It is “FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION”
            (Artcile #19 Universal Declaration of Human Rights [1948])

            not SPEECH – that counts. EXPRESSION – re: boundaries and frontiers …

            Do not be fooled by those who no know better from the Press Corps of half-wits.

          • meatball says:

            Labour are horsecock sausage

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            BTW no know, know no no know KNOWNS – how long has cheney been dead from the neck up?

    • 259
      Sam Tram says:

      Nothing wrong with O’Farrell,confident and articulate.I will also go down to help in Eastleigh.

    • 343
      Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

      Looks like another by election soon. Oh woe is me. Boaz.


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      old git says:

      Election in Eastliegh

      Our homeland famed for hope and glory
      Will not be saved by voting Tory
      For Cameron has a different view
      He’ll sell us all to the EU

      And soon you’ll hear from the Libdem
      Vote for us, were not like them
      But I would say ignore them please
      Remember the tuition fees

      And what about the Labour lot
      Who’s secret immigration plot
      Has worked exactly as designed
      When they the Lisbon Treaty signed

      Your dreams alas will turn to dust
      If in these parties you put trust
      Now is the time to get a grip
      Get rid of this lot VOTE UKIP

    • 459
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    Terrible But True says:

    ‘does comedy for the BBC’

    Can’t fail then. Ask Eddie Izzard.

    • 57
      Sir William Waad says:

      “Writes comedy for the BBC”? Some mistake surely?

    • 390
      T'Old Fella says:

      Errr wasn’t Spitting Image an ITV production, the strange thing is when the series was running those that were not being impersonated wanted to know why and there was a scramble to to obtain the “puppets” by the politicians.

    • 403
      VERITAS says:

      Eddie Izzard the Beebs favorite transexual comic about as funny as a stroke

  3. 5
    • 10
      TB Associates says:

      Have you paid our interlectual property fee? You’ll be getting a letter from our lawyers soon.

      • 30
        Kebab Time says:

        I defend Peter’s right etc

        • 148
          Ahead of the game says:

          “But I ask again how will you pay for it, Mr Blair?” I ask the same question to Mr O’Farrell. Perhaps he will replace his hated Bedroom Tax with a proper tax, a nasty Stealth Tax, usually the way.

      • 244
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Belize is but a corrupt disingenuous state of banksters – a bit like Israel.

        • 257
          Not Blowing Whistles says:

          Not sure where the !srael comparison comes in:


          But you are broadly correct in that it is an off shore tax haven geographically close to major narcotic trafficking centers.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            And very, very VERY close to Blair’s income streams and evasions to boot.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Or should that have been “Invasions”?

          • Not Blowing Whistles says:

            That is a whole different story. Agreed.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            It ain’t – since like em or loath em … CH4 News outed the Rendition and more stuff about Straw n Blair et tout of the other documents that were shown. Docs from 2002 and beyond.

            They do use the word British – (it’s a bit of an all en compass ing word) but were the likes of Bliar and Strawman really acting in the real best interests of the British Public – while filling their personal boots with future promissory notes of enrichment?

            It hit the public domain – and it is going to have to be resolved ‘publicly’ – and chatham hous.e and the privy coun.cil can just go and do one to.

            They don’t like it up – but it is.

    • 392
      T'Old Fella says:

      One of the funniest satire series ever on TV. Boy they would have had a ball with the Biar/Brown period, and the present lot would run a close second, there could even be a Geedo puppet popping up occasionally. I did notice a strange thing though as S.I. continued, I don’t know whether ther puppets looked more like the politicos or the politicos looked more like the puppets.

  4. 6
    Chris S says:

    It’s over before he’s even selected, then.

    An endorsement from that witch Toynbee will be as good as the kiss of death to a candidate.

    • 33
      fruitcake says:

      She didn’t really say “Up the Workers” did she…was she being ironic?

      • 68
        A pretty straight kind of guy - bringing peace to the Middle East R us Inc says:

        It was actually “Up the wankers”.

      • 105
        Polly Toyntwat says:

        I sold my Tuscan villa so I am now truly working class and represent all the working class immigrants, not the horrible white english working class of course.

        • 123
          V1le Labour ruined my Country says:

          Yes Labour represent any organisation or person that is anti UK. Their roots with the working class and the unions are just an embarrasment for them now.

          • Vicar of Bray says:

            4 million Bulgarians and Romanians arrive soon. No wonder they want that bedroom tax!

            Move over Maude, We’ve got to fit 4 more EU citizens in the bed.

  5. 7
    Hang em High says:

    Politics, showbusiness for ugly people…

  6. 8
    David Camperon, the Prime Mincer says:

    I’ll be batting for the other side.

    • 150
      Zeitgeist today in Strawberry Hill says:

      They can’t all be batting for my homies, my “other side” can they?

    • 214
      Anonymous says:

      The feminised world of desire of the senses is the other side. Male homo,s are as feminine in the head as the human race can be. To get some inner strength worship the sun god on monday.sunday is for the wordship of moon god for he reprsents peace. All feminised hindu gods submit to their male partners and get their status ang high qualities from them). .But in the gay world the non totally feminised folks can only exist if they seek harmony. So worship on monday to the sun for natural health and hence inner strength.

  7. 9
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    FFS my lasagne has just ate all my fuckin carrots !

  8. 11
    bill says:

    rich labour lovies and journalists.you cant beat it.did they hatch this by the pool in the caribbean over xmas

    bring it on,it makes the whole labour movement look like the sham it is.

  9. 12
    Engineer says:

    He wrote jokes for Gordon Brown? Was he the author of the well known classic, “0% growth”?

    • 16
      Gordon Brown says:

      It’s a lie. I wrote all my own jokes. How about this one: “A man walks into a bar, but doesn’t order an alcoholic drink because he is teetotal, and it would therefore be more prudent to walk out of the bar and drink his own flask of tea sitting on a bench in the high street.” (copyright G. Brown)

    • 18
      Champagne Sociopath says:

      • 34
        fruitcake says:

        Yers he must’ve written that killer one-liner “Bigoted old woman”

        • 81
          John Bellingham says:

          When Gordon wanted to be Chancellor, people laughed. When he became Prime Minister, people laughed. He left the country with Gordon’s legacy–they ain’t laughing now!

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            I bet mandy’s got photos of him and a few others in a compromising position – ‘cos that’s what Criminally intent homosexuals do do; yeu know?

          • Vicar of Bray says:

            Where did Nelson put all our gold.

            That Carney ‘bloke hasn’t got it, has he?

            Is his wife a Bilderberger?

            I get so confused, sometimes.

    • 90
      He who no longer posts says:

      The good news is that he managed to triple that rate before he was thrown out, Engineer!

  10. 13
    Maybelline says:

    We would like to thank Andy Burnham for using our products. Even in the dark days in Mid Staffs when patients were dropping like flies, Andy’s eyeliner was always immaculate and may we say he looked absolutely gorgeous in the photo ops.

  11. 15
    C Hunge says:

    Polly took my points too. And aborted my love child.

  12. 17

    WOW! can this really be true ! oh dear ..oh dear, dear oh dear.

  13. 19
    The NHS under Labour says:

    Where’s Patricia Hewitt (health secretary 2005-07) these days?

    • 29
      Chris S says:

      Earning oodles of cash by the look of it : According to Wikipedia :

      In January 2008, Hewitt was appointed “special consultant” to the world’s largest chemists, Alliance Boots.

      Such an appointment was controversial given Hewitt’s former role as Health Minister, resulting in objections to her appointment by members of a Parliamentary committee.

      Hewitt will also become the “special adviser” to private equity company Cinven, which paid £1.4billion for Bupa’s UK hospitals.[40]

      In March 2008, Hewitt joined the BT Group board as a non-executive director.[41]
      She joined the group on 24 March 2008.[42]

      In July 2009, Patricia Hewitt joined the UK India Business Council as its Chair.

      The usual labour snout in the trough then.

      • 41
        Joyce Thacker says:

        Hewitt ‘angel of death’ was probably lining up her new jobs while her death squads were doing their work in staffs

      • 65
        Sir William Waad says:

        Just the tips of her hind trotters showing…..

        • 72
          A pretty straight kind of guy - bringing peace to the Middle East R us Inc says:

          Just tiny, tiny, tiny trotters.

      • 101
        Hewitt wants my lurve-shild says:

        Has Pwatrisha coined enough for a face transplant yet?

        Probably not, given the extent of the task.

      • 139
        An Ambulance Chaser says:

        No worries. She’s going to need a lot of money when she gets sued for every penny she has by the angry relatives

      • 151
        Casual Observer says:

        Other than overseeing state mandated murder, she probably also supplied her successor with eyeliner. The tax avoidance in Zug for Boots is surely one for the PAC ?

    • 419
      Vicar of Bray says:

      She’s on the game. Monopoly?

  14. 20
    Mid Staffs Ward Round says:

  15. 25
    We are not usually amused says:

    Good. This could be the very first time that John O’Farrell has made me laugh.

  16. 27
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Lost his Maidenhead in 2001 to Teresa May.

    • 152
      Zeitgeist today in Strawberry Hill says:

      So he is no Virgin. We will be watching with anticipation over our liberal Champagne and some of Margot’s ex-Labour staple drink, State Gin (it’s rationed you know).

  17. 37
    keredybretsa says:

    Roll out the barrel, mates ‘ere comes, Johnnie O’Farrell. if he gets in, a trained new trougher!

  18. 46
    Diddley says:

    Oh, him – he’s a tedious Hunt. Always on those ‘grumpy old men’ shows. Complete talent void.

    • 115
      Dribbling, vacant-eyed tellymong says:

      What are you talking about? Those shows are superb. Who wouldn’t want to spend an hour listen to a bunch of has-beens and never-weres (Paul Ross et al) talking about how much they hate liquorice allsorts. Fascinating.

  19. 48
    Owin Jones says:

    Right wing political blogger,Guido Fawkes made so much money, he spent $2,500 every month just on rubber bands to bundle up his stacks of cash.

    • 129
      Your Friendly Neighbourhood 4-X Service says:

      Or fifteen hundred seventy-five quid, roughly, for those dinosaurs amongst us who still go by sterling. Then again his blog IS US-based, he tells us, so he may actually do all his transactions in bucks. We suppose it all depends on which currency his offshore trustee prefers to do business in.

  20. 51
    Dave "Butch" Cameron says:

    Fact: a high proportion of what we buy as chicken from the supermarket these days is actually parrot

    • 62
      Mr Slater says:

      I’ve lost one

    • 82
      who's a pretty boy? says:

      I did wonder why my ‘chicken’ breast fillets were talking back to me.

    • 97
      Tachybaptus says:

      That’s OK, parrot is halal (yes, really).

      There were two parrot poachers in Kensington Gardens yesterday with a plastic dustbin and bikes for a quick getaway, trying to catch green parakeets. But word is that these are more valuable alive, and can be sold for £35 each. Like larger parrots they can be taught to talk.

  21. 53
    SayNoToLibLabCon says:


    Local Eastleigh newspaper online poll has UKIP on 43% for the by-election – fingers crossed it’s close to the mark. Come on Eastleigh – vote for a real change and tell LibLabCon where to go.

    • 103
      Ed M and Dave C and that other turd says:

      We are getting the postal votes duplicated even as I type this.

    • 156
      BBC USSR-style commissar (we'l'l get the fee put up don't worry boys) says:

      We don’t mention the war and we don’t mention UKIP.

    • 421
      Vicar of Bray says:

      UKIP on 43% ? That low?

      After looking at the 3, tired, failed, old parties, UKIP seems to be our only hope.

      Nigel for King.

  22. 60
    Owin Jones says:

    Calling all industrialists and trade unionists – chance to tell shadow business minister yr ideas for GROWTH this Tues: http://pragmaticradicalism.co.uk/top-of-the-policies-on-policies-for-growth-chair-tbc-12-february-venue-westminster

    Let’s be honest about it,the Conservative led coalition haven’t a clue about economic growth,with a part-time Chancellor.

  23. 63
    Licensed to Kill says:

    The name’s Nicholson, David Nicholson.

  24. 66
    JH3242523452134 says:

    Just another BBC endorsed cleverer-than-you lefty arsehole.

  25. 67
    Grant Shapps aka Michael Green says:

    Someone’s left an empty Lambrini bottle outside CCHQ. Well, I suppose it’s better than a full bottle of Lambrini.

  26. 70
    Operation Crossbow says:

    A used Tampon would be a better candidate.

  27. 73

    John O’Farell is your local Libor candidate.

  28. 78
    Owin Jones says:

    More people have been to a foodbank in the last year than the entire 13 years of a Labour Government .

    • 83
      Owin Jokes says:

      More immigrants entered into this Country during the last Libor ‘government’ than during the previous 2,000 years.

      • 424
        Vicar of Bray says:

        I can’t wait for the Bulgarians and Romanians to settle here, with their families, of course.

        Let’s build more Affordable Homes – we will need them soon!

        More hospitals and schools, and roads, and Benefits. Whoa! Shangri-La has arrived.

        • 451
          New veggie taxpayer says:

          With lots more PFI to rip off the future generations of the UK drones who were too foolish to invest in buy to let, eh?

    • 164
      BBC USSR-style commissar (we'l'l get the fee put up don't worry boys) says:

      We will mobile the rest of the party membership on Wednesday.

  29. 84
    Stat Tractor says:

    “This week 149,455 visitors visited 420,115 times viewing 707,274 pages.
    These figures are unbelievable, Guido!
    How many of those were disoriented silver-surfers trying to buy something online?

  30. 85
    David Cameron Is A Cunt says:

    Sounds like the ideal candidate, for those of us who want to see Labour truly flattened at Eastleigh. And the endorsement from that hypocritical and incredibly dumb twat Toynbee is the icing on the cake, he’s doomed for sure now.

  31. 87
    Mid SStaff Commandant says:

    Evry zing ees going to plan.

  32. 92
    Chris S says:

    I see Labour’s Carwyn Jones, First Minister of Wales is whinging that the European budget deal will cost Wales up to £400m and he’s looking for the rest of the UK, which effectively means England, to make up the difference.

    Isn’t it about time Wales and other parts of the UK stood on their own two feet and stopped demanding that those of us in the South of England bale them out continuously ?

    I read recently that London and the South East are the only areas of the UK where tax receipts exceed public spending. This is a Transfer Union that has to stop sooner or later. We have to subsidise the rest of the UK but not another country where large areas even resent the use of the English Language.

    I’m all for Scottish Independence so as well as cutting subsidies to the EU, let’s float off Wales and save us all a lot of money.

    Would Eire like to take over the North ?

    Given the huge amount we have to spend to keep that little part of the UK afloat, I very much doubt it.

    • 137
      lets repaint the yellow submarine blue says:

      Time to use all the money they give to charity from the cheap plastic bags your forced to buy when you forget to get a free plastic bag in England to take shopping in Wales.

    • 224
      and thats a fact, so fuck up says:

      Where would the SE be without the talent from the rest of the UK?
      You’d be left with a load of efniks and cockney wankahs knifing each other

    • 425
      Vicar of Bray says:

      I think that giving the European Union only £150 Billion a year is a Bargain.

      Look what we get back ?

  33. 93
    The Prematurely Triumphant Tosser in No 10 - as Pretentious and Treacherous as ever . . . says:

    I always come early – especially when I’m deep in the €USSR!

    • 172
      Full debater says:

      I’m back in the €USSR, you don’t know how lucky you are? True, no full stats and revelations of say global businesses choosing France over Norway have been given, for their orders. financial investment (AKA expensive loans) or operations: why? We have no prospect of a referendum in reality and believe the politicians who are in the main party groups of the EU get rather a lot of party jobs with perks. People who deny that Labour are suckers for the EU need to read the history of the last 15 years.

  34. 102
    (I've been renamed) DA-Notice says:

    IIRC he did cartoons for Viz so he’s not 100% bad.

  35. 109
    Jimmy says:

    I hate to break it to you but “Things Can Only Get Better” isn’t a novel. You really did lose in 1997.

    • 110
      Jimmy the Dhimmi says:

      Oh ! There was me thinking it was 2013.

    • 111
      He who no longer posts says:

      In 1997 Public Sector Net Debt stood at £352 billion.

      It reached £1.4 trillion under the 2009 Budget.

      All of us lost under Labour.

      • 116
        Jimmy says:

        What is it now?

        • 122
          He who no longer posts says:

          …said Jimmy avoiding the question and adding one of his own. (Don’t worry, nobody else will notice that, I’m sure.)

          It is now largely a product of the inheritance from Labour coupled with an inability to reduce the vast army of non-jobs put onto the payroll to fudge the figures. The inability arises because of the coalition.

          It is unclear what the situation might otherwise have been but the current one is untenable too, which is what you were driving at.

          • Jimmy says:

            What question?

          • He who no longer posts says:

            The response of a frightened man!

            Just because it did not have an interrogation mark does not mean that the four-fold increase in borrowing which occurred between 1997 and 2010 raises questions. The more particularly since we have no improvement and even a lowering in standards in schools, hospitals and governance.

            Can you explain that Jimmy? Where is your exculpation for your party? Here you go – here are a few spare question marks – ?????

            You will not have any answers that stand up, I bet. You will flippantly dodge the issue, just as you have done above.

          • Jimmy says:

            I’d say there were two main factors in play, one was the need to compensate for chronic underinvestment in infrastructure in the 80s and 90s, and the exceptional expenditure required by the 2008 financial crisis. The increase since then on the other hand is simply the consequence of a stagnant economy.

          • JH3242523452134 says:

            Good god, what a shameless partisan twat.

            It’s minds like yours they put in charge of opening the gas taps at the death camps – anything for the good of the party.

          • Jimmy says:

            No, it took righties to do that.

          • National Socialism is Socialism says:

            No, it was the left.

          • In much the same way that North Korea Is Democratic says:

            Here comes the Brains Trust

            Ah Bless!

          • Anonymous says:

            Actually it was National SOCIALISTS who turned on the taps Jimmy.

          • National Socialism is Socialism says:

            We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions.
            - May 1, 1927, QED.

          • He who no longer posts says:

            No. Jimmy has answered my question in a coherent way, which I had requested after his previous response. So far so good but…

            The under-investment in infrastructure in the 80s and 90s is arguable, though its causes were understandable in the early 80s due to the desperate state of industrial relations which would have put any sane investor off. Then it improved until the disastrous shadowing of the Deutschmark and then from an undermining of the principles of regulation which came about, not only in the banking sector, from 1997.

            The exceptional expenditure required by the 2008 financial crisis was as a direct result of this lack of regulatory control and it all happened under Labour’s watch – no question.

            The much vaunted abolition of boom and bust was a myth as we all know but inherent in that was the fact that the boom side was in fact just a bubble.

            Not explained is why all this huge wall of extra money did not produce improvements in the areas highlighted. This again indicates the bubble mentality. If you want a contemporary example look at the horse meat masquerading as beef. It is a sneaky, cheating form of inflation. You pay beef prices and get cheaper horse.

            Jimmy is actually a reasonable man if you engage him in the right way. He is mistaken in my belief just as I am in his.

          • Casual Observer says:

            The deregulation which occurred in 1997, blamed in the UK on Brown, was not really a Labour policy. The notion that total deregulation was a good idea came over from the US: This was born of an odd interpretation of how a repeat of the S+L crisis of the 80s could be avoided.

            What influenced the political decision that were taken to intervene overtly in the economy was born of a direct corporate interference in the think tanks which were providing advice. In hindsight of course this was disaster.

            What is very much worth questioning is what this subversion of regulation was based on. Was it simply a mistake, an opportunist strike to increase profits, or part of a strategy to embed corporatism into otherwise corporate agnostic political systems ?

            One thing which is clear, the motivation was most certainly political rather than economic in nature.

            That is what led to the 2008 crisis, but a starvation of infrastructure investment was not responsible for the decisions taken in 1997. Those decisions though did create a climate where capital could be horribly mis-allocated: Part of that mis-allocation allowed the investment gap of the 80s and 90s to be filled, but perhaps not as responsibly as it should have been.

          • He who no longer posts says:


            This is where we differ. There was a marked change in regulatory approach in 1997 across the entire board. That was entirely at the behest of the incoming Labour government. It was part of what got them elected, an unholy alliance between the corporate and political classes. That it happened in the USA first cannot be presented as an exculpation of Labour’s role in this. They were a sovereign government.

            During these first three years, I was critically affected by the sea change in attitudes which came about and consequently I feel most emphatic about it from direct experience.

            You may be arguing that because America did it, then we had to in a competitive world. I’m I afraid that I would not buy this one either. Not every nation followed suit.

            Paras 2 to 4 agreed.

            I also agree with the fifth para and had not intended to link starvation of infrastructure investment with deregulation which are clearly two different subjects. But it occurs to me that you could be referring here to what Jimmy had claimed and not to what I had suggested.

          • Jimmy says:

            Obviously regulation went wrong, but the extent to which it caused a which was primarily centred on the US is arguable. It’s worth remembering the position of the opposition at the time, which was that deregulation should go further and we should look to Ireland as our model. It attracted a great deal of business at the time too. I don’t recall anyone complaining at the time.

            Abolition of boom and bust was of course a triumph of hubris over evidence. I’ll give you that one. A laudable goal nevertheless.

            As for improvements, I’m not sure what areas you mean. We can quote statistics at each other till the cows come home but in most areas the numbers are good although in some areas excessive tinkering led to overspends. Governments need to resist the temptation to introduce new reforms before waiting to see if the last ones worked.

          • Red Dave says:

            I’m with Jimmy on this. The Nazis weren’t proper socialists, er……as wasn’t the USSR, and of course Maoist China or indeed the whole of the Eastern Bloc, or the various African and South American fuck ups. It is indeed hard to see where true socialism has ever been tried.

          • Casual Observer says:


            The light touch was about the first thing Brown did, and with no real opposition. Labour are not bright enough to come up with that sort of lunacy, and traditional socialist thinking would demand a transfer of regulatory powers to the state. This was something new, not grown within the party but seemingly adopted by all parties.

            This is worth looking at:


            A complete inversion of sorts of an earlier paper on S+L : The savings and loan insurance mess, by Kane (1992 / Society) which argued that even though regulation had hampered recovery in S+L regulation should be made less expensive and strengthened to avoid a repeat.

            The policy would not have been crafted off of one paper, one hopes, but that does give an insight into what was going on. An error of judgement was made in that the politicians felt they control this force once released whilst profiting in the process.

            I do not exculpate Labour’s role, but rather look for explanation for their decision making and source of ideas. They are fully responsible for the decisions taken, and their consequencies.

            Correct on infrastructure. Keynes tells us that massive public expenditures are good for the economy, socialists like those types of projects as well, and the left will always try to conflate the two issues. They are distinct, just needs to be stated.

            @J: Regulation did not go wrong, it was switched off to all intents and purposes. The regulatory rules are the best in the world, but without enforcement are worth zero. The FSA note is funded not by the public but by the Financial Services themselves which makes the political decision of light touch even more intriguing.

            Abolition of Boom / Bust was simply a lie: Propaganda. The bust did not happen due to continued capital mis-allocation, and a high degree of fraud which flourished in the absence of enforced regulation.

            The only improvement now is going to be a full reset of the economy. The stats speak for themselves.

            The bond market is soon to collapse and currency / trade wars are on the horizon. Without a significant devaluation of GBP and some controlled defaults (on the non foreign held gilt stocks) and actually enforcing regulation there will be no change other than continued increase of national debt.

            Adjusting the tax structure and setting up a new domestic bank catering for domestic will help, but this will involve a regress back to a level similar to the early 1960′s.

            The primary concern of this government and the next will be managing the changes in social contract, and the peoples acceptance of a reduced living standard, as this process takes place.

            Unfortunately this is the real legacy of the decisions taken in 1997 onwards by the Labour government of that time.

          • He who no longer posts says:


            If Congress had set out in 1980 to create an environment that would lure all the crooks and frauds in the country into one industry, few industries would have been more suitable than the savings and loan industry.

            All that happened is that one set of minor crooks and frauds were replaced by another set of major crooks and frauds.

            If you take what was then our big five banks, they were much more scrupulous (I am not saying perfect) than the big four that existed as at 2007.

            Regulation did not go wrong, it was switched off to all intents and purposes is so on the mark, it could not be expressed any better. The only thing I might add is that the various very well paid regulators must have also been giving a very large wink to their supposed charges.

          • Casual Observer says:

            @HWNLP: To your point on the major banks here, fully agreed. This is what is swept under the label: ‘moral hazard’.

            Deregulation in the US ahead of the UK created a strange dynamic. The UK was forced onto the back foot as a lot of business headed towards that environment, the only choice was to follow suit. This further explains how the politicians got sucked in against better judgement.

            When business returned though, it was slightly more corrupt, and as London went several steps ahead of the US in it’s dereg of ’97, it slowly transformed into a second tier business hub with the more dubious business.

            The ‘turf war’ thesis between London and NY has been discussed.

            As for corporate corruption of politics: In America this had been ongoing for a while back to the 70s at least, but in the UK I would put my finger on John Majors shift to Carlyle upon leaving office. Blair followed a similar pattern. However, the problem right now is that the politicians have direct significant private interests whilst in office.

            For a good example of this, look deeply into pleb gate, Armajora, DFiD and Rw@nda / Ug@nda. This phenomena is a real problem which does need to be fixed, and harks back to the problems caused by the East !ndia company and its influence over Parliament / UK Sovereign assets.

          • even the dogs dropped off... says:

            what a long stream of unoriginal postings

          • He who no longer posts says:


            The term moral hazard has been bandied about in such a way it has almost ceased to have meaning.

            I am not sure that the majority of prominent people from whose lips it has fallen actually have any conception of morality at all.

      • 426
        Vicar of Bray says:

        Straight from the Horses’ mouth!

        Our National Debt (truthfully) exceeds TWO BILLION POUNDS. i.e. £2 BILLION !!

        Ask Boy George.

    • 120
      Tachybaptus says:

      By God, we lost in 1997. We lost our prosperity, our freedom and our national identity. All thanks to the evil idiots for whom you mindlessly quack out your support.

  36. 114
    Raptor says:

    A BBC comedian is also a leftist and wants to stand for Labour, the party of the parasitic end of the public sector ?

    That is what might be called a “punch line”.

    • 117
      Jimmy says:

      Still fair play to the tories for selecting a mentally handicapped canididate

      • 124
        He who no longer posts says:

        Unworthy of you.

        • 126
          Jimmy says:

          Quite right. I apologise.

          Still, is that really the best they could find?

          • Monolith says:

            Diane Abbott was not available.

          • Jimmy says:

            Worthy of you

          • Monolith says:

            Quite right, I apologise for suggesting Abbott would be an improvement to Hutchings.

            Being someone relatively normal and not one of the average publicity experts may tip the balance.

          • He who no longer posts says:

            I do not see how you can draw conclusions from such an interview, Jimmy. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. There have been plenty of unpromising MPs on both sides of the house who have had a spectacularly good effect on politics and others who look good to begin with who are dreadful.

            I was going to say that the house reflects life but I have checked myself as I no longer think it is true. If it is we are all doomed.

          • Jimmy says:

            Her 15 minutes of fame came on a TV show when she lunged at the PM with a picture of her offspring complaining that his school was about to be closed, although the (tory) council denied this. Naturally as she was now famous Cameron put her on the A list. Some cynics have suggested that he was giving Huhne an easy ride as an olive branch to the Lib Dems.

          • He who no longer posts says:

            Your first five words (digits) are the way of all life now.

            Woman standing up for her kid? Natural? Yes.

            News? Against all the odds, yes.

            Genuine or put up? I don’t know. I doubt you do either.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Mr NLP – try … is she being manipulated, managed and controlled without actually realising it?

          • He who no longer posts says:

            *The brain in the vat*

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Did you attempt to smear me recently by insuating that I am on substances – if so go to and die a slow and painful death.

          • He who no longer posts says:

            The short answer to your questions is 1.) yes and 2.) no.

            You had posted ten consecutive posts which appeared to be somewhat on the excessive side. Now there are some here (on this page too) who sockpuppet. If these were not you, but only if so, I would naturally withdraw.

            Your call.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            I do not HAVE TO use any sockpuppets; I don’t need to – and the website man knows only to well.

            How many trolls have I batted off and ‘battered’ for the past 8 or so months …

            I can stand up on my own – unlike so many on here buster.

          • He who no longer posts says:


            I am referring to trolling sockpuppets. Were those ten consecutive posts all yours? If so the website man does not approve of those.

  37. 119
    david miliband says:

    ed miliband is a wonky nosed goofy toothed bug eyed sweaty clunge nugget.

  38. 121
    England says:

    “Fuck me” Wales won,,Should make Taffy feel proud,leeks and St David and all that..(nice 1)

  39. 127
    anon. says:

    Here’s the limp dim candidate for Eastleigh.

  40. 135
    ***** says:

    O@Farrel a usless left wing twat that thinks he is funny, (the only one that thinks he is funny)

  41. 138
    Channel 4 News says:

    Here is this evenings news.
    The tories are responsible for everything that is wrong or will go wrong.
    We have no facts to back up our claims, but you must believe everything we say.
    Yes we know we have no experience of running a country, finance, foreign affairs etc., but you still have to believe everything we say.
    Our trustworthy presenters include Jon Snow and Krishnan Guru-Murthy.
    We even back tracked slightly on our Andrew Mitchell story because our leftie bosses told us to.
    Channel 4 News – Facts don’t stand in our way.

    • 187
      BBC News (no not on radio that's journalism, which we don't cover) says:

      You may use our Victoria Derbyshire exclusive on the Bedroom Tax which she disses in her mid-week Blitz around the country.

  42. 141
    Owin Jones says:

    Just bought a cucumber from Tesco.

    Turns out it’s a horse’s cock.

  43. 142
    Andy Burnham says:

    Stafford hospital was not anything to do with me. How can I be to blame.

  44. 147
    Judge Dreadful says:

    Given the scale of the fraud and deception, Findus should be fined £1,000,000,000.

    The entire board of directors should also be sentenced to two years in prison each.

    • 181
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      But where did the minced meat come from? France and Romania!!

      Thank you EU!!

      • 185
        Point of information says:

        ‘Thank’ is not the right word. Not even with heavy sarcasm and irony.

      • 431
        Vicar of Bray says:

        The Romanians will bring their horses over with them, when they all arrive soon.

        Save a lot on transport costs.

        Bulgarian beef is delicious. So they tell me. The Bulgarians, that is.
        Bulgarian Beef! And Romanian Rump!

        Can’t wait.

    • 353
      Yup, me the bad Penny, again says:

      eating EU beef burghers?

  45. 160
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Fucks sake !v i just bought some wood flooring from BandQ i thought it was Oak but it said on the box it had lambinit

  46. 175
    Owin Jones says:

    I am small. But so was the man who triggered a revolution in the Arab world. Who knows the power of social media?

  47. 176
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    The miserable years in the life of Labour!! OMG!!

    I think the most miserable years were spent during labour’s 13 years in No10!

    The nhs is those years was a nightmare for paediatric and geriatric care!!!!

    • 180
      Casual Observer says:

      To be fair, if you were not actually weak and socially dependent, or taking out a mortgage and expecting to raise a family as well, the Labour years were pretty good.

      • 190
        He who no longer posts says:

        Life is nearly always good if no tab is being picked up.

        It’s when you are confronted with the bill for over 10 years of oversight by the accounts department that one wonders if one was living under a false sense of prosperity.

        • 201
          Anonymous says:

          indeed it is 8illy

        • 207
          Casual Observer says:

          Well, the Labour years were false prosperity. The debts were building, but people were not looking at that.

          The pain is that those debts, not contributed to by everyone, were socialized. The transfer of private sector debt to the public purse is the clearest indication that capitalism has been abandoned in the west.

          It is also the primary cause of the decay of living standards.

          The root can be traced to the handling of the 1998 bailout of LTCM. In the UK of course, Northern Rock nationalization in 2007 was where things started to go wrong here.

          NB Matt Ridley / libertarian economics cannot be blamed for that. The lack of direct central bank oversight and regulation can be though.

          • He who no longer posts says:

            Agree entirely here.

            The transfer of private sector debt to the public purse is the clearest indication that capitalism has been abandoned in the west is so true and is what I just cannot understand. The communist block crumbled after a long cold war. Instead of responding to that nearly all nations have swung to the left.

            Presumably if the communists had prevailed we would be in an extreme state of laissez faire by now?

          • Casual Observer says:

            This offers some explanation:


            Note: The most recent example of free market and capitalism subversion is the de-clawing of the bond vigilantes via QE. Central banks and government now have full control over interest rates, but cannot raise without collapsing the system.

            Good if you want to make and keep your currency by definition worthless. Not completely sure if that gets you of the real hook with foreign creditors though.

          • He who no longer posts says:

            In the western world, we are like an Australian roadtrain which has driven into a cul-de-sac. It can neither go backwards nor forwards. The driver did not bring any tools to decouple the wagons. There are no other vehicles for 1000 miles. The buildings are too solid just to drive through them. There is no phone or other means of communication.

            I felt this way in 2000 way before the writing appeared on the wall. Even with 2007 come and gone, nothing has changed.

          • He who no longer posts says:

            Іn thе wеѕtеrn world, wе аrе lіkе аn Аuѕtrаlіаn roаdtrаіn whісh hаѕ drіvеn іnto а сul-dе-ѕас. Іt саn nеіthеr go bасkwаrdѕ nor forwаrdѕ. Thе drіvеr dіd not brіng аny toolѕ to dесouplе thе wаgonѕ. Thеrе аrе no othеr vеhісlеѕ for 1000 mіlеѕ. Thе buіldіngѕ аrе too ѕolіd juѕt to drіvе through thеm. Thеrе іѕ no phonе or othеr mеаnѕ of сommunісаtіon.

            І fеlt thіѕ wаy іn 2000 wаy bеforе thе wrіtіng аppеаrеd on thе wаll. Еvеn wіth 2007 сomе аnd gonе, nothіng hаѕ сhаngеd.

      • 194
        Ahead of the game says:

        Not actually weak and socially dependent? Those were the people at the heart of Labour’s 101 initiatives to make them feel better. They are just about learning more now that there is such a thing as all good things must come to an end. It’s not nice, but we’re all having to get more jobs now because of the dreadful overspend. And we have no doubt give Labour more than 5 years and they’d have to do the same. Unless that is you like a stupid banking boom and bust Lab-Con switch which is moronic and serves no-one but the biggest banks who always win. If you learn to budget properly you counteract this by having lots of spare cash eg in 2009 to invest in business, tax cuts and grand infrastructure, while we are gradually trying to piece this together. The economy is basicallly overspent always under Labour and leaves us owing the Chinese every time.

  48. 177
    Owen Jones says:

    All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.

    • 183
      Mong Watch says:

      Ok Owen, your favorite confuser question.

      What type of struggle is that where one class struggles against another ?

      (Hint: It does not involve Twister.)

  49. 179
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Oh and tell me again what does militwit’s blank sheet of paper have to say about making the NHS effective?

    • 186
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      Well that should have read : –

      “Oh and tell me again what does militwit’s blank sheet of paper have to say about making the NHS caring, compassionate and efficient”

      Anybody who has had relatives in the NHS during labour’s day and since knows – there is no care or compassion!!! Nurses are more scarce and harder than prison guards!

      13 years of Labour did that! andybuirnham must be proud!!


      • 273
        Retard-Ed says:

        Ed’s blank sheet should now have two entries, both created by Andy Burnham:

        i) Ban Frosties.
        ii) Make sure the state does not kill patients deliberately using the NHS and health policy.

        Should be easy to pad that out now the hard ones are done.

  50. 188

    Saw Chris Addison last night. Very good he was. Amongst all the anti-Cameron , hated Tories, doen with monarchy, jokes was a story about Ed Miliband.

    I was talking to a friend about ed Miliband.

    “Hes such a wooden puppet. but He tries so hard to be normal. I wonder what he’s like in real life….”
    And then my friend said.. Ed Miliband? .. But…you’ve met him!

    “I can’t recall him at all. That tells you all you need to know about Ed Miliband.”

  51. 189
    only if says:

    so the government areblaming the mafia for the horsemeat scandal – won’t be long before they claim it’s a terrorist attack – fuckwits the lot of them

    • 191
      lets repaint the yellow submarine blue says:

      Gotta blame somebody, how will they be able to get directors jobs if they bite the horse that feeds them.

      • 199
        Kerching says:

        No worries. The guilty parties, unusually, are mainly foreigners, so putting them all in fear of the slammer won’t upset ther apple cart amd might even be a vote winner. Also, massive fines against the Swedish firm Findus, the Irish meat industry , Lidl and ALDI can be a big windfall to the government. I reckon they could be hit for about a £Billion each. It’ll be as good for the government as the raid that Obama made on BP.

        • 236
          the apple cartup says:

          The Irish meat industry…you mean, all those close friends of Sinn Fein who couldnt give a flying fuck about sending poisoned meat into the British food chain?

    • 432
      Vicar of Bray says:

      Let’s bomb somebody, for Gawd’s sake

      Haven’t heard much about Canvey Island. Let’s sort them out first.

  52. 196
    Damned Impertinent Questions says:

    We owe it to the little people

  53. 196
    Mr Huhne says:

    Veteran Liberal Democrat MP sued for alleged sexual assault http://gu.com/p/3dkht/tw

  54. 205
    Owin Jones says:

    Eastleigh Lib Dem leaflet “Voting Labour will only help David Cameron here” Oh the irony …. http://bit.ly/V6VQor

    • 210
      Technomist says:

      Do take note of which firm the parties use to print their leaflets. Are they using local printers, helping the local economy? Or choosing tame printers miles away, where the arrangements for payment can be finessed well out of the vision of those supposed to keep an eye on expenses fiddles?

    • 231
      ████ ' changed my tune' Hoon says:

      They’re promoting me !! xxxxx

    • 282
      Cun't'paste says:

      1.Can’t tell the difference between millionaires (front benches) and people who earn >150K taxable (probably also both front benches)
      2. Imply Chris “Huhne” Huhne was a Tory (Don’t let the Conservatives win again)
      3. Use rigged bar-charts, not just the old raise baseline trick. Lib and Tory bars are in proportion to vote, but Lab bar is 2/3 the size it should be.
      4. “Everyone here knows someone who has been helped by Chris Huhne”
      Four lies. Have I missed any?

      BTW “It’s so close between the Libdems and Conservatives in Eastleigh”
      finish the sentence! … that … what?

  55. 208
    Owin Jones says:

    I’m SINGLE , therefore I can call , text , mention , DM , talk to , walk with , hug , & chill with whoever I want!

  56. 209
    Mike Handycock (teen fondler) says:

    Oh well…it looks like the game is up fo me too!

    Veteran Liberal Democrat MP sued for alleged sexual assault

  57. 211
    Anne.D.Bernam says:

    I just hope the families of those that died needlessly in mid staffs under a liebor government dont push for a police enquiry. The postman and me have got our fingers crossed.Hope the horsemeat scandal continues even though nobody has been hurt.

  58. 215
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    Jon O’Farrell is a genuine tw*t

    He hangs round my local area like a bad smell. If Eastleigh want a watered down version of Blair who speaks through both sides of his mouth and spouts Labour policy only as long as it suits him then good luck.

    A real fookin cnut

  59. 218
    The NHS under Labour says:

    It’s appropriate. Joke candidate for a joke party led by a joke for a leader.

    • 436
      Vicar of Bray says:

      Reagan got in!

      Gordo got in

      Grey Man got in.

      Red-Ed next – I can’t wait. Just as long as he does his brother’s flies up.

      • 453
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Sorry VoB – wrong wrong Gordo – didn’t get in “properly” – HE WAS NEVER VOTED INTO OFFICE BY THE ELECTORATE. HE GOT THERE BY DEFAULT. nd thus his signing of the Lisbo treaty is a nullity – BECAUSE he had NO LEGAL NOR LAWFUL MANDATE from the electorate.

  60. 220
    The late Desert Orchid says:

    Find us foods claiming horsemeat came from Romanian abbatoir. Lucky it wasn’t bearmeat.

  61. 225
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Labour’s Burnham and Johnson should listen to BBC News 24 NOW!
    Hang your heads in shame.

  62. 228
    David Icke says:

  63. 230
    Caroline Flint says:

    Patients who died on our watch are not important. Findus selling horse lasagne is an atrocity for which this coalition must be burnt alive.

  64. 237
    ee aw ee aw says:

    Seems the bigger reality politicians try to hide, the bigger the conspiracy they use to cloak it, hospitals and horse-meat now which conspiracy is getting the most news and which reality is kept in the background, seems they have a plan b if plan a fails.

    • 358
      Curly says:

      Are you insinuating that people who brought us horse burgers are also kiddy fiddlers?

      • 437
        Vicar of Bray says:

        Yes. Horse burgers affect your hormones, it’s a well-known fact around my local stables. I’ve stopped eating them once the choir boys started protesting.

  65. 238
    boo says:

    Isnt she the lead singer of The Cure?

  66. 239
    Saffron says:

    Eastleigh bye election,trust liebour to put in a joke.
    They must know that their chances of winning this one are zero.
    Methinks Farage is knocking on the door of this one big time.
    Who in their right mind could not agree with what Farage is saying re unfettered immigration into our already overcrowded benefit seekers land and the strain it puts on our already stretched services.
    I did vote for the Cons last time around for the first time in my life,but now I see wavy Davy and his economic marvel Osborne making a complete feck up of putting this country on the right track I despair.
    All of this troughing lot who are now in charge are despicable and they need to be given the clear signal that we who you are supposed to represent have had enough.
    I urge all the voters in eastleigh to smack this so called government right in the ass and to demonstrate that we the people will tell you what we want.
    Farage is quite right to go on a platform of immigration unchecked will be the most dangerous event that this country has seen.
    The EUSSR is the boil that this country needs to lance and pronto.
    This crowd of Commies is Liebour and common purpose under another guise and Farage is on the ball in always pointing out that we as a country are being taken to the cleaners by these unelected t–ts who make it up as they go along.
    How about you EUSSR lot getting auditors to sign off your accounts,not happened so far,what are you afraid of,being found out as to what you are.
    Any organisation doing this would be in front of a court,and this tells me lots about your corruption.

    • 252
      labouruionsbbc we are one under the EU says:

      I to voted for the Con’s last time, which also was my first time ever, though I have never voted for libore, I sussed them out in the 1070′s.

      And to be fair amongst my reasons for voting – apart from the massive reason to get rid of broon and 99% of the other vile lot – was to stop the identification ‘card’ scam.

      But apart from that and a few other minor things, they have dissapponted me big time.

      Probably won’t be voting for them again, UKIP for me,

    • 438
      Vicar of Bray says:

      Saffron has seen the Light. Nigel is our New Saviour.

      Put more in the plate, for his Campaign.

  67. 241
    ████ ' changed my tune' Hoon says:

    Joke candidate fast asleep hard at work in council meeting.

  68. 245
    labouruionsbbc we are one under the EU says:

    The thing with Farrel is, he is dressed up as a ‘bloke’, all the ways he is used by the Bbbc is in ‘bloke’ mode. Therefore he comes across as a regular player, fair play, but what the Bbbc will not do is let on how leftie he is, so that when he’s ‘blokeing’ it up and cracking wise old joke type truisms and insidiously propagandising for libore, many viewers will not realise he has an agenda.
    Yet when some body from the right is given a similar opportunity (which is not often) the ‘program’ will make sure that the audience will know that he/she is from the right, so their remarks a qualified.

  69. 250
    Living in 97% white Merseyside says:

    1979-1997 = The Holocaust Years here on Merseyside!

    • 256
      Mystic Meg says:

      I predict that ‘Living in 97% white Merseyside’ will say at some point tomorrow, when Guido does his Sun puff that,

      “we don’t read the Sun up here”
      “we don’t read the Sun up here”
      “we don’t read the Sun up here”
      “we don’t read the Sun up here”
      “we don’t read the Sun up here”
      “we don’t read the Sun up here”


    • 260
      Anonymous says:

      That is one of the most inane things I have seen posted here. You post some good stuff at times so that makes it even more surprising. You can have no idea about what the Holocaust was really about and if it had happened in Liverpool then their would have been mass exterminations. Never in your wildest dreams. Junk like this give Liverpool its reputation for widespread Munchausen Syndrome. And I speak as a lover of Liverpool.

      • 268
        The Public says:

        I really don’t like Liverpool. The Beatles left. I don’t blame them.

      • 270
        Yawn.... says:

        Thats rich coming from you our resident fruitcake anon…

      • 302
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Anon – you promote “Munchausen Syndrome” – do excuse me BUTThead BUT Roy Meadows’ ‘theory OF MSbP was “BLOWN OUT OF THE WATER” years ago. You have got some catching up to do mister.

      • 313
        Britain the ruined country says:

        There ………………..their……………..use the correct one anonymous.

      • 337
        Casual Observer says:

        It is worth reading up on Action T4 to get where this is coming from.

        That was part of the shoah, in fact where it started.

        Luckily this was stopped before we got to the death camp and trains bit, but be under no illusion as to where this was headed. Nurses referring to patients as ‘animals’ alone confirms the worst.

        This is a Crime Against Humanity as per Rome Statute Article 7(1):


        The ICC should indict.

    • 266
      Socialism is a severe mental illness says:


      Tsch. When the lazy parasitic Scouse filth had to work for a living, instead of sponging off workers.

      Ah, how 1997-2010 must have been a dream come true for the subhumans of Liverpool, eh?

      Lounging around, spending workers’ money on booze ‘n’ ciggies. Venturing out in the afternoon to nick something to sell. Ah, bless.

      Whining about that football match where some of you low-life Scouse cretins got squished..

      Bet you miss the good ol’ days, eh?

      • 311
        Mr Grumpy says:

        Am I right in assuming that a certain amount of animus is felt towards the inhabitants of Liverpool by some posters?

        • 320
          Just Sayin' says:

          Sounds like the bitter words of someone who has had the wheels stolen off their shopping trolley whilst queuing to pay at the checkout.

    • 279
      Sir William Wade says:

      There’s the Tate and the Walker Art Gallery…..otherwise Liverpool seems to be semi-defunct. Oh, and an architects’ play area whe the docks used to be.

      • 307
        He who no longer posts says:

        If I lived in Australia, I would travel to Liverpool just to see the Walker. As for the Tate, I don’t think I would travel from Anfield.

        Don’t forget, University of Liverpool Art Gallery (Burne-Jones cartoons and Joseph Wright of Derby), Liverpool Cathedral and Paddy’s Wigwam.

    • 315
      ee aw ee aw says:

      What a load of bollocks, it did well, but the braindead as usual voted Liebour and they did what they usually do, pay themselves lots of money and trod on the plebs, your the destroyers of your own city, look at the Lord Mayor vote , oh sorry their was none, he just decided he was the Lord Mayor.

      • 401
        VERITAS says:

        You shouldnt be too hard on these lovely people of Merseyside,the victim capital of Europe or else you will have One Trick Rotherham,Tiny Twigg Chukkas bird Luciano and all those other rofessional Merseysiders on yer back.

        • 440
          Vicar of Bray says:

          Is Chukka a Scouser? Well, I never!

          All are welcome in my parish, especially if they have money and influence.

  70. 255
    Blowing Whistles says:

    So Labour aren’t going to put up a patsy like that thicko journo John Simpson who was manipulated to do it by Campbell in Tatton some years ago … umm indeed M’lud.

  71. 258
    Blowing Whistles says:

    It appears as if the Coalition and Labour have agreed in the ‘horsetrading’ behind the scenes that a quick election would be the best result for them all in it togethers. Can’t be giving UKIP too much time to rally a “Get out of Europe vote” eh…

    • 276
      Socialism is a severe mental illness says:

      The Conservative candidate’s not too bad; according to Saturday’s Times she would vote to get us out of Europe (as any sane person would).

      Sensibly, she thinks it’s nuts to be spending £53million per day on our membership of a doomed undemocratic organisation, so we can only guess what she thinks of Camoron agreeing to increase our contribution by half a billion quid per year. Maybe UKIP will giver her a break.

      Unfortunately, she worships an invisible magic skyfairy, so she is slightly bonkers.

    • 277
      Socialism is a severe mental illness says:

      The Conservative candidate’s not too bad; according to Saturday’s Times she would vote to get us out of Europe (as any sane person would).

      Sensibly, she thinks it’s nuts to be spending £53million per day on our membership of a doomed undemocratic organisation, so we can only guess what she thinks of Cameron agreeing to increase our contribution by half a billion quid per year. Maybe UKIP will giver her a break.

      Unfortunately, she worships an invisible magic skyfáiry, so she is slightly bonkers.

    • 360
      Curly says:

      If UKIP win, presumably their MP will have to sit with the Liebore lot in the HoC since there are no ‘cross-benches’?

  72. 274
    John O'Farrell, funnyman says:

    I say I say I say, why is the Labour candidate for Eastleigh like a man who put his money into an Icelandic bank?

  73. 288
    it's later than you think says:

    if you are going to lie, tell a very big one.

  74. 289
    Lidl, Aldi, Tesco, Co-op, Sainsbury, ASDA says:

  75. 298
    Andy Burnham says:

    John O’Farrell is about as funny as genocide.

    • 301
      The Human Rights Act says:

      I suppose you know more about genocide than most people. Remind me, whose orders were you following?

  76. 300
    Noam Chomsky defends David Ward MP's comments on Israel's treatment of Palestinians says:

    Commenting, Dr Chomsky said:

    “I agree that there’s nothing remotely anti-Semitic in his remarks, which are in fact familiar in Israeli discussions.”

    Commenting, David Ward MP said:

    “I would like to thank Dr Chomsky for his comments. His comments are particularly important to me as he has been used by critics, without his knowledge or permission, to condemn my comments.”


    • 303
      Rip Van Winkle says:


    • 304
      Blowing Whistles says:

      When are the police going to arrest the haredi rabbis for concealing all manner of criminal corruption – or are they too scared, cowed and craven of being tagged as anti-semites?

      Who the F is running this country?

    • 305
      Let the left do their work for UKIP says:

      Noam is wrong on this.

      • 310
        He who no longer posts says:

        Agree completely. Having said that Chomsky is a very compelling speaker and it is worth listening to his arguments, if only to sharpen your own. There are some good videos out there.

        • 318
          Let the left do their work for UKIP says:

          Chomsky is good: Recommend reading his books. His work on linguistics much more important but only for specialized audiences.

          His politics are not quite as appear. He is a denier, and for me far left, but still good to study:


          Since the net has helped break the liberal left monopoly on media perception his revelations are not quite so eye opening now.

          I lost touch with him myself after gulf war 2, but along with Zinn on John G Taylors work on East Timor, should really be on every childs required reading list from at least age 10.

        • 319
          Let the left do their work for UKIP says:

          Chomsky is good: Recommend reading his books. His work on linguistics much more important but only for specialized audiences.

          His politics are not quite as appear. He is a denier, and for me far left, but still good to study:


          Since the net has helped break the liberal left monopoly on media propaganda his revelations are not quite so eye opening now.

          I lost touch with him myself after gulf war 2, but along with Zinn on J0hn G T@ylors work on East Timor, should really be on every kids required reading list from at least age 10.

          • He who no longer posts says:

            Did you have direct contact? I have met a lot of the present and recently departed greats but unfortunately not him.

            I have a number of his works on my shelves and a number of his videos in my collection. I agree with your evaluation of him. He comes from a very different school of politics to mine but there is plenty of his argument that you can take from a given stage and develop in a different direction knowing that the foundations are built upon bedrock. The 2004/5 Gifford at Edinburgh was such a model of his clarity and approach:

            Illegal but Legitimate: a Dubious Doctrine for the Times

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            To HW NLP – you said “He comes from a different school of politics to mine …”

            So you are a Political duper who cannot see beyond the politics of duping. Many thanks for that Rsole.

          • He who no longer posts says:

            How kind, Blowing Whistles. Thank you for bothering.

            Perhaps you would provide some grounds for your allegations..

            Have you listened to Chomsky BTW?

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            HW NLP have you read 911 Uncovered by Henshall & Morgan?

            and btw – Does the HW really stand for Half Wit?

          • He who no longer posts says:


            Have you listened to Chomsky?

  77. 317
    it's later than you think says:

    fox bites off baby’s finger. They are all over the place, wonder if they make decent lasagne

  78. 321
  79. 334
    He who no longer posts says:

    WARNING – Care when reading this page.

    Some parts contain 100% Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).

    • 452
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Clue here – “won’t comment on that “sunday blog”” – but noted comments by CO re ‘content’ of ones comment against attacking the author. Reminds me of the troll attacks upon me – which I batted off and battered the fuckers over – without having to use a sockpuppet.

      Kudos and hat tip to myself.

  80. 344
    albacore says:

    The LibLabCons are all joke candidates
    Pretend bitter foes, they’re the best of mates
    Colluding to kid you you’ve got a choice
    When you count as no more than background noise
    If you elect one, then you elect all
    In or out of power, they’ll have a ball
    Judge them by their deeds, not by their prattle
    How’s it feel to be N H S cattle?

  81. 355
    Anne.D.Bernam says:

    Police investigation into 1200 deaths at mid staffs may well put the killer horsemeat into second place in the news .Wishful thinking suppose.

  82. 362
    Le Poof says:

    Two-thirds of voters say Tories are divided party after war over gay marriage http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/politics/4787880/David-Cameron-loses-votes-over-gay-marriage-row.html

    • 365
      He who no longer posts says:

      A normal human hand has four fingers and a thumb shocker.

      The results of this survey were as plain as the hand in front of your face.

    • 368
      Shock-horror headline says:

      “Two thirds of voters say divided party is divided”.


    • 443
      Vicar of Bray says:

      That’s a very backward-looking view.

      I’m selling tickets for the Gay and Others, Grande Parade. Perverts and pornographers welcome. In fact, all sinners are welcome. I hope to convert a few.
      Best-dressed wins a large tub of petroleum jelly. Ideal for the lips in inclement weather.

  83. 369
    He who no longer posts says:

    Can anyone explain why the Pakistan government’s reaction was non-existent to the USA’s taking out of Osama bin Laden, who was living in plain sight within their territory?

  84. 370
    He who no longer posts says:

    Саn аnyone explаіn why the Pаkіѕtаn government’ѕ reасtіon wаѕ non-exіѕtent to the UЅА’ѕ tаkіng out of Oѕаmа bіn Lаden, who wаѕ lіvіng іn plаіn ѕіght wіthіn theіr terrіtory?

  85. 376
    Angela Merkel says:

    Do what you’re told and eat your greens !

  86. 377
    dan e boil says:

    These islands are overpopulated. The NHS is to be congratulated in its attempts to address this problem.

    • 383
      Al Queda NHS Branch says:

      Alluha Ackbar

    • 387
      Writing on behalf of the Labour Party, Jack Straw says:

      Actually, there is no practical limit to the number of immigrants we can accommodate.

      • 394
        Jack Straw says:

        The English, as a race, are not worth saving.

        Gradual ethnic replacement is the best policy. As long as there are islands of civility maintained for my kids to go to school in.

  87. 381
  88. 382
    Paniagua says:

    Is the real reason why the Labour party colour is red, is just like the Redcoats (British Army) of the 18th Century) so that you cannot see they are covered in blood?

  89. 391
    an impartial observer says:

    Labour fields comedy candidate in Eastleigh
    (And the other 649 constituencies are represented by?)

  90. 393
    John says:

    Having Polly Toynbee put to sea to support your campaign is hardly a ringing endorsement is it? That woman would support a turd as long as it wears a Labour rosette.

    She supported Tony Blair FFS…

  91. 400
    VERITAS says:

    Polly toyboy will work for his election? that should ensure a lost deposit.

  92. 407
    Athelston says:

    So Labour’s candidate in Eastleigh “wrote jokes for Gordon Brown”, Guido?

    Let’s hope he doesn’t try any rib ticklers at the hustings.

    Labour no longer has anything at all in common with working class Britain. This opens a wonderful opportunity for the Conservatives to follow the example of the US Republicans under Regan and position the modish metropolitan left as the party of vested interest for actors, academics and public sector employees.

    But two posh boys that don’t know the price of a pint of milk aren’t really sufficiently bright that.

  93. 410
    A Non says:

    “Like bubonic plague and stone cladding, no-one took Margaret Thatcher seriously until it was too late. Her first act as leader was to appear before the cameras and do a V for Victory sign the wrong way round. She was smiling and telling the British people to f*** off at the same time. It was something we would have to get used to.”

    Things Can Only Get Better is the personal account of a Labour supporter who survived eighteen miserable years of Conservative government.
    (Amazon Book Description)

    Were John O’Farrell a weak Candidate, why would Paul Staines need to put any effort into attacking him?

  94. 454
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Much preferred to read the published into the public domain 5hit on a former senior cabinet minister [Elm Guest house] photographed doing a jobby – in the previous Guido sunday. All apparently conveniently covered up sinc about 2004 … Notebly the story appeared not in the mainstream today – now why would that be….?

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A confused Nick Griffin says Nigel Farage is a shill for the City, forgetting that City banks want to stay in the EU:

“Farage is a snake oil salesman, but a very good one. His supposed anti-immigration stance is all smoke and mirrors, as is his carefully cultivated image as a ‘man of the people’. The truth is that UKIP is a pro-immigration party that exists to lobby for the interests of the City of London.”

Alexrod says:

It’s money innit.

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