February 8th, 2013

Polly’s Ill-Fated NHS Omen

Back in the summer of 2008 everything was so rosy for Polly Toynbee. Eleven years of Labour dominance, the Prime Mentalist was in power and, according to her, the NHS was going from strength to strength:

“This anniversary week the NHS has never been in better health. Never good enough, but now is the golden age on just about every available measure. No deficit but a surplus, no winter ward closures, no annual crises. Best of all, mortality amenable to healthcare figures – the avoidable death rates – now show a 21% improvement, far more than any other EU country. As those figures cover only 1998 to 2003 before the big spend, they are expected to have improved sharply.”

As Polly penned that piece from the confines of whichever million-pound house or Tuscan villa she was staying in that week, just what was happening back in the real world? This week’s Francis Report found that hundreds of patients had died needlessly at the mid-Staffordshire trust in the years between 2005 and 2008.

“Fundamental rights were denied,” Francis says, slamming the “appalling and unnecessary suffering”. Polly saw a golden age, Francis found a “lack of care, compassion, humanity and leadership”. For Polly it was a story of the NHS never being in better health, for Francis: “this is a story of appalling and unnecessary suffering of hundreds of patients. There was lack of humanity”.

Truly the envy of the world…


  1. 1
  2. 2
    Polly says:

    Never let the facts get in the way of a story.

  3. 3
    Alyingstare Campbell says:

    Perhaps there was another ‘Dodgy Dossier’.

  4. 4
    Alan Rusbridger says:

    Tell me about it. You should try working with her

  5. 5
  6. 6
     Envies of the world aka delusion says:

    The Above is the BBC’s coverage of the NHS Scandal

  7. 7
    Rupert Murdoch says:

    Is Polly Toynbee related to Joseph Goebbels? I think we should be told.

  8. 8
    damned impertinent questions says:

    Clearly her eyesight and other faculties are failing. Time for the old mare to be introduced to some Italian dishes – of the microwavable variety

  9. 9
    CarryHole is a stupendous Hunt says:

    Not sure Polly “moonglampers” Toynbee has even used the UK’s treatment rationing system, think her and the rest of her gated community will buy care when they need it.

  10. 10
    VERITAS says:

    Polly Toynbee dosnt know her arse from her head,it would not surprise me if she has private medical insurance.

  11. 11
    Tony Blair's Cat says:

    Those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad. Rich, and mad. Actually, really really rich and mad.

  12. 12
    spiv says:

    I love these Toynbee hypocrisy articles, it just reminds us of the old socialist maxim “do as a I say not as I do”

    (Chukka, Abbot, Hodge, Mr and Mrs Harperson, Blier, Broon, the 2 Balls, the 2 Millis and their parents, Straw, Medi, the boy done bad Owen Jones, 2 jags……

    I will continue this list when I have a spare day or two)

  13. 13
    damned impertinent questions says:

    Still …..she makes a number of other Gruinard Journos look good so Rubbisher will probably keep her on

  14. 14
    CarryHole is a stupendous Hunt says:


    I’ve always thought she’d shine in the role of Diana Moon Glampers.

  15. 15
    V1le Labour ruined my Country says:

    There are none so blind as committed socialists.

  16. 16
    Elm Guest House Visitors List says:


  17. 17
    Anonymous says:

    5% tax cut Cameron gave to himself, his family and friends could have been used to improves services. In this hard times super rich like Cameron cannot afford to pay his bit to this country.

  18. 18
    Owen Wilson's bell-end says:

    Leave Polly alone – she is my dad!

  19. 19
    Big Pharma says:

    Look plebs, the quacks and nurses are only there to peddle our drugs, not care for you.

  20. 20
    Red Egg Millitit.....oh nooooo says:

    Her hero would be Kim Jong-un ?

  21. 21
    bergen says:

    I always wondered whether she had modelled her career on the character of Squealer the pig in “Animal Farm.”

  22. 22
    Four-eyed English Genius says:

    Numbers, please, or stop talking garbage.

  23. 23
    Tory Fat Cat says:

    Problems in one hospital versus the success of a huge, internationally respected institution.

    Good one Guido – the selective use of evidence is outstanding!

    Toynbee is wealthy, so what. The Tories really are the Party of Envy

  24. 24

    On LBC the bleeding heart socialist are in full cry right now. “Why can’t a family of 8 live in Westminster? It’s unjust to move them..Its a disgrace ..those kids are at school..their friends live nearby..boo hoo..””


  25. 25
    Bill Poster says:

    If just increasing spending on services had the effect you suggest, we’d have had brilliant health and education systems at the end of Labour’s government. Also, spending on NHS is still going up.

  26. 26
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Potemkin Hospital NHS Trust.

    Some of Burnham’s tweets this week.

    Andy Burnham
    I will set out a more detailed response to the #Francis Report early next week

    We start on Thursday in the North West Any suggestions of where we should go & who we should shadow can be sent here: yournhs.com

    As part of our response to Francis. the Shadow Health Team next week starts 6-month programme of work shadowing across #NHS in all regions

    So Andy what were you doing as a Junior Health Minister and Secretary of State for Health up to 2010.

    Shuffling papers, signing Trust Status applications off, drawing a salary for not asking questions about Stafford Hospial?

  27. 27
    Joss Ayinglike says:

    Their friends are all in Somalia.

  28. 28
    Joyce Thacker says:

    1% of the population of Stafford was killed by the local NHS hospital over a period of a few years and nobody is brought to book . How many of a population do you have to kill before someone takes some blame ? 2%? 10%

  29. 29
    GMG Tax Advoidance Services says:

    It would surprise me if she didn’t.

  30. 30
    P.Mandevilson, the Eminence Greasy says:


  31. 31
    sniff pollys arse says:

    She says those figures related to “before the big spend” or what some might call Tory Spending plans.

  32. 32
    The Sheikh Of Arabeeee says:

    Fuck off you fucking lying Leftard fucking cheesedick.

  33. 33
    Bill Poster says:

    You seem to be equating the size of an institution with its success? The fact that huge amounts of money get spent are not a sign of efficiency. The opposite actually.

    What is your evidence for suggesting it is internationally respected? Healthcare outcomes are better in many other places with state-provided insurance and private provision.

    Wealthy, so what? So why not spend her own money helping people, rather than pushing legislation that spends other people’s money?

  34. 34
    T.B£iar - the People's Messiah says:


  35. 35
    Anonymous says:

    Papers say Cameron is worth £30 million. PM salary is around £135,000 he has rented his house. House like this are rented for around £8,000 a month. Even if he makes 3.5% on £30m he will make over £1 million a year. So calculate how much tax cut he gave himself?

  36. 36
    damned impertinent questions says:

    Doesnt everyone

  37. 37
    NickedCave says:

    Fair point re Toynbee’s champagne socialist nonsense Guido, but does that really mean that the wider NHS was/is a shambles? Several members of my family have received different kinds of care from the NHS over the last few years, both lifesaving and (sadly) pastoral/palliative, and the care from hardworking nurses and doctors has been top notch.

    Don’t turn your sniping on the grafters who make a valued institution work to benefit millions of ordinary people, who don’t have the advantages of your toff pals.

  38. 38
    damned impertinent questions says:

    I thought I was

  39. 39
    Anonymous says:

    It was much much better than how Major left it.

  40. 40
    Polly Fat Cat says:

    I think you’ll find that Mid Staffs is the tip of the iceberg.

  41. 41
    Alex Salmond's Fat Belly says:

    Serial killer Harold Shipman worked in the serial killer NHS.

    Just thought I would point that one out.

  42. 42
    Marmite says:

    Well bergen, she certainly modelled her looks on Squealer the pig. Hit by every branch of every tree in the ugly forest. Poor mare!

  43. 43
    until it happens to someone we love says:

    was Anne Clwyd on message about the wonderful NHS in 2008?

  44. 44
    Cicero says:

    Yes, but ‘one-D-at-A-level, got-a-place-at-Oxford, dropped-out-of-Oxford’ Polly is thick as p*gs**t, whereas Robert Francis is a highly-trained barrister and QC with a forensic grasp of detail and a mountain of evidence on his side.

  45. 45
    David Cameron Is A Cunt says:

    So how about Polly admitting she was, as usual, wrong and blinkered in her view of reality because of her borderline bonkers political views.

    Or, more likely, she’ll harp on about the evil Tories destroying the sainted NHS whilst ignoring the Francis Report and all of the other NHS disasters, many of them Labour’s responsibility, because she is and always will be a mad old Hunt.

  46. 46
    And so say all of us says:

    So, is this your so-called “final solution” for Polly?

  47. 47
    Sick of Scroungers says:

    What a stupid, ignorant bitch Polly Twaddle is. Who is mad enough to pay for these incoherent ramblings??

  48. 48
    PC Dixon says:

    Dim witted cow – classic Toynbe

  49. 49
    Anonymous says:

    Spending is going up on top to bottom reorganisation.

  50. 50
    Matilda says:

    Jane Pilgrim would be REALLY proud of you.

  51. 51
    Cicero says:

    Errr, five more hospitals (Blackpool, Tameside, Colchester, Basildon, Lancashire) under investigation – passed you by?

  52. 52
    Anonymous says:

    Tell me where I can get a return of 3.5% net of inflation after teh way Gordon Brown and Ed Balls wrecked the UK economy and banking system.

  53. 53
    Sparky the Dog says:

    The NHS is the envy of the socialist world, you have to remember Toynbee and her right-on lefty elite are not aware of the real world.

    To them it is wonderous in all its glory:

    1) Unionised
    2) Cess-pit for malingerers and the unemployable
    3) Huge and unwieldy like the BBC. No one answers to its incompetency
    4) Totally lefty in its staff and management
    5) Useful to use in a tribal political argument
    6) Un-reformable due to No.5
    7) Still nationalised
    8) Always use it for as justificaion for tax rises
    9) Captures the stupid publics sympathy
    10) Appeals to immigrants, single mothers, junkies and all other Labour core voters.
    11) Can be used to absorb unemployed when Labour are in power.

  54. 54
    The Sheikh Of Arabeeee says:

    They fucking killed 1% of the population of Stafford.

    If a private sector organisation did that, your lot would have been all over it like heroes on Polly’s pissflaps.

    I know mentioning the fucking NHS makes Lefties want to stick finger’s up each other’s shitholes and have a mass fucking wank before slurping down the jizz off each other’s vegan fucking digestives, but you’ve been rumbled. Your murderous Fabian fantasy world has been exposed as a sham.

    Fuck off, you Leftard fucking mong.

  55. 55
    Future Historian says:

    It is fair to say that the people of the UK were broadly unaware of the shift towards national socialism that had occurred following the 2001 re-election of the then dominant Labour party.

    The Francis report of 2013 into health policies exposed what is now regarded as a crude pastiche of Germany’s ‘Action T4′ which ran from 1939 through 1945.

    The UK Government’s propaganda throughout the 2001 to 2010 period as delivered through both state and popular media sources was only revealed when the facts were made apparent.

    This indicated, as international prosecutors later established, that all levels of Government and the state funded medical establishment known then as ‘NHS’ were thoroughly complicit in perpetuating what is now seen as an unprecedented crime against humanity perpetrated by a state against its own people during a time of peace.

  56. 56
    Matilda says:

    Fat, stupid, ignorant, blinkered Gurniada readers. Did I miss anybody?

  57. 57
    The Libor party says:

    Family of eight ?? Wow ! That’s at least 40 postal votes then.

  58. 58
    NickedCave says:

    There’s no point at all to make there you idiot. “Serial killer works at serial killer pub/tescos/a navy submarine.” “serial killer was unemployed.”

    You vacuous, reductive twunt.

  59. 59
    The Sheikh Of Arabeeee says:

    “Herpes”- that TFC turd got me pounding the fucking keys too hard.

  60. 60
    Terrible But True says:

    It was a different time, which in BBC World means it either never happened or needs moving on from pronto.

    And now, speaking of their fave spokeswoman of the masses (by ABC ratings. Not):

    “Truly the envy of the world…”

    Our Ms. Toynbee? Without a shadow of a doubt.

    Just, not this planet.

  61. 61
    The Sheikh Of Arabeeee says:


  62. 62
    Jane says:

    Please don’t forget the Pilgrims.

  63. 63
    The Sheikh Of Arabeeee says:


  64. 64
    Alex Salmond's Fat Belly says:

    From 1997 until they were ejected in 2010 the Labour Party almost doubled the spend on the NHS. This is after Thatcher put a 90% tax on north sea oil when she came in and spent it on the NHS.

    Somewhere just south of £2bn a week is spent on the NHS now. Has the service doubled in quality since 1997? Has it even moved at all?

    Spending is not the point. It is what you spend it on that is important.

  65. 65
    Engineer says:

    Eh? 1200 needless deaths over a five year period? I don’t remember anything like that under Major’s government.

    It’s not just mid Staffs, either, is it? Five more trusts fingered this week, Redditch recently, care of the elderly not so long ago. Non of that happened under Major.

    Face facts. For all the spending under Labour, the NHS has been getting something wrong. We need to find out what, and correct it, irrespective of whatever political parties hold power.

  66. 66
    Anonymous says:

    As long as fools like you are are there to support Cameron ….

  67. 67
    I don't read The Guardian and neither do many other people either says:

    C’mon now…..When as Polly ever been right about ANYTHING ?

  68. 68
    the stench of hypocrisy says:

    Love to know if Toynbee takes advantage of the Guardians’ private healthcare arrangements???

  69. 69
    Sparky the Dog says:

    Each point above totally has her in mind ;-)

  70. 70
    NickedCave says:

    Was that worth typing – feel good now troll?

  71. 71
    Dick Lionheart. says:

    So, like the economy, the NHS was in rude health prior to our Socialist friends fucking it all up ?

  72. 72
    Dick Lionheart. says:

    BBC staff ?

  73. 73
    BBC Producer says:

    Polly is a saint and her views must be broadcast unchallenged on BBC programmes.

  74. 74
    Anonymous says:

    If his dad had advised him it will be invested through out the world. Just check how super rich are investing. Super rich like Cameron are making much more than 3.5%.

  75. 75
    NickedCave says:

    Not a happy cretin there.

  76. 76
    get real says:

    What’s the fuss about benefit claimants having to share bedrooms?
    I had to share a room with three other siblings and my children have to share.

  77. 77

    Every time I see her face in the Guardian and the captions of her articles, I can’t help thinking of the old soothsayer in the Frankie Howard series “Up Pompei”.

    “Oh wow is me,wow, and thrice wow”

    She really does need to get a life!

  78. 78
    NickedCave says:

    you write like an idiot. Ockam’s razor really.

  79. 79
    adolf mandelson says:

    i think the solution to all this is to create some sort of hybrid human solely made out of of bank notes and coins, because money never needs medical treatment.

  80. 80
    Jimmy says:

    “This week’s Francis Report found that hundreds of patients had died needlessly”

    No it didn’t.

  81. 81
    Anonymous says:

    So where did all the money go? Front line staff are paid less them US, Australia, etc.

    If you go and use the free health service most other countries provide you will know the difference.

  82. 82
    herbie says:

    Where has Polly gone? With the Staffs report I would have thought she together with theunions would be regaling us with usual lefty tripe.

    Mebbe the kettle is taking a long time to boil

    The RCN person on Newsnight tried to blame it on the cuts – warped or what.

    As an aside I have been waiting for the PM to be blamed by BBC for Marr’s stroke to ensure he could not interview his mate Millibland- perhaps Flanders will slip into one of her epic reports

  83. 83
    Engineer says:


  84. 84
    Chris Hjunne says:

    Can’t we just people like her against a wall and have done?

  85. 85
    Alex Salmond's Fat Belly says:

    Prove it is Internationally Respected.

    I mean, not another country has copied our model. The “envy of the world” tag is a demented dream in the fevered mind of unreconstructed socialists.

    The reality-based population of the UK is beginning to rightly become very scared of getting sick.

  86. 86
    Anonymous says:

    Engineer, under Major people were dieing waiting 2 or 3 years for operations.

  87. 87
    Marmite says:


  88. 88
    Engineer says:

    Exaggeration. Secondly, they were not being killed off in hospitals by being denied food, water or painkillers.

  89. 89
    Spokeshave says:

    Occam, you twat.

  90. 90
    Chris Hjunne says:

    This is good! I always knew Labour were Orwellian fascist scumbags…

  91. 91
    Jimmy says:

    Panto season’s over. Read it.

  92. 92
    NickedCave says:


  93. 93
    melvin says:

    No luv, it’s happening in lots of Trusts, has been for years – and if you think the NHS is internationally respected, you need help.

  94. 94
    Anonymous says:

    Engineer, for those advice you should pay advisor in the city and ask them how to do it.

  95. 95
    NickedCave says:

    yeah, one spelling error does make a twat. Cheers for sorting me out.

  96. 96
    Engineer says:

    Jimmy, it found that there was a higher rate of mortality than should have been the case. There is also the evidence of relatives who saw their loved ones left without food, water or painkillers, and were unable to get nursing staff to do anything about it.

    Something went seriously wrong at mid Staffs, Jimmy. Playing games with words won’t identify or solve whatever the problems were, or prevent them reoccurring elsewhere.

  97. 97
    albacore says:

    Never mind daft Polly, there’s no legitimacy
    In the U K Parliament. It’s as damned as can be
    Thousands killed by the N H S. No prosecution
    Very curious, that. There’s a simple solution
    The first nurse or manager that’s dragged into the dock
    Will put umpteen Parliamentary heads on the block
    They knew just what went on, let it rip and called no halt
    We need new Nuremberg Trials to find those at fault

  98. 98
    Alex Salmond's Fat Belly says:

    Excellent question. One, that until publicly answered, will poison the debate.

    The money went on vested interests and middle management. The ones that, in response to any proposed change to the NHS, rush out attack PR that lambast the change as inconvenient to doctors/budgets/infrastructure and then tack on something at the end about patient care.

    From 1997 we watched the spending increase and yet did not ask Blair why (if it was “investment” and not feeding tax money into a nationalised industry via fire hose) there was no corresponding improvement in services.

  99. 99
    Anonymous says:

    Engineer, they were let to die without treatment under Major. Major was closing hospitals, Blair / Brown opened new hospitals and modernised existing once. Now Cameron is closing hospitals.

    When you or your love once ends up in hospital you will understand what Cameron is doing.

  100. 100
    Engineer says:

    In other words, you don’t know.

    In future, if you wish to be taken seriously, don’t make assertions you can’t support.

    For your information, not all investments succeed. Experienced investors accept that, and accept some losses. They aim for the gains to exceed the losses, but they don’t always get it right.

  101. 101
    Jimmy says:

    It doesn’t say that either. It repeatedly makes clear that you cannot extrapolate avoidable deaths from mortality statistics and attacks the tendency by some to do so. It does indeed make a number of trenchant criticisms but Guido’s is one which he made up.

  102. 102
    Alex Salmond's Fat Belly says:

    Name one pub that has killed 1% of it’s area population?

    Or one Tesco?

    Or even a submar…well, OK, I will grant you the Belgrano.

    Apart from that, please avoid being such a moron on the Interweb.

  103. 103
    Engineer says:

    The Mid Staffs debacle did not happen under Cameron (or Major). It happened under Bliar and Brown.

    By the way, hospitals did close on Labour’s watch.

  104. 104
    Anonymous says:

    Socialists should spend less time splitting hairs and more time showing decency and compassion to those in suffering.

  105. 105
    Engineer says:

    Are you saying nothing went wrong at Mid Staffs?

  106. 106
    Owen Jones' Mum says:

    I’d fed up cleaning my keyboard after you wanking all over my laptop when you are on those leftie websites.

    Can’t you buy your own laptop, or is that too capitalist for you?

  107. 107
    The Sheikh Of Arabeeee says:

    Fuck off, c un t.

  108. 108
    Jimmy says:

    I don’t see anything remotely compassionate in trying to score political points by persuading the grieving child of an octagenarian that their mother would have lived forever if it hadn’t been for the NHS. As if the right gave a flying fuck about them anyway.

  109. 109
    The Sheikh Of Arabeeee says:


  110. 110
    Jimmy says:


    Are you saying that the NHS murdered millions of old ladies?

    Do you see what I did there?

  111. 111
    Christ on a Bike says:

    You’ll find it’s all the people making millions out of Gordon’s botched NHS PFI deals who are the real Fat Cats.

    And the people in the supply chain charging the NHS £5 for a bottle of paracetemol and £200 to replace a light bulb.

  112. 112
    Engineer says:

    Jimmy, I don’t usually resort to ad hominem remarks, but in this case I’m going to make an exception. Your remarks on this matter show you to be a blinkered, partisan shit.

  113. 113
    Fishy says:

    He was blaming the patients and their families for not speaking up

    He was refusing to meet the Stafford Families (unlike their Hillsborough counterparts)

    He was signing off Stafford’s Foundation Status application without question

    He was ignoring the statistics coming out of Stafford

  114. 114
    Office Dibble says:

    With responsibility for health devolved, what does the “N” stand for in “NHS” these days?

  115. 115
    Alex Salmond's Fat Belly says:

    The NHS is a shambles. And has been for (certainly) all of my life. My uncle was badly treated as he died, my grandad died as a result of a botched decision and recently my newly qualified nurse of a sister-in-law had an operation that was carried out incorrectly and had to have it redone. My self-employed mate became addicted to some seriously strong pain killers as a result of a botched (simple) op. And don’t get me started on the treatment my wife and kids have had.

    And every time someone like you comes along and starts to bleat about “hard working” doctors and nurses you should be called out. You are attempting to shut down debate on an organisation that needs abolishing and reconstructing from the ground up. Bet if it was not the last nationalised industry in this country you would be the first to the barricades.

  116. 116
    RedLorry says:

    How was she to know?

    The tractor stats were all up.

  117. 117
    Jimmy says:

    I suspect that’s probably true of one of us.

  118. 118

    £2bn a week – don’t you know there’s a baby boom?

    Maternity wards in London, Bradford, Leicester and many other cities are bursting at the seams.

  119. 119
    Engineer says:

    Draw your own conclusions, folks.

  120. 120
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    More labour lies peddled by the likes of Toynbee.
    So labour still have,
    Ed Balls liar.
    Andy Burnham liar.
    Ed Miliband liar.
    Gordon Brown liar.
    Labour the partys of liars, hypocrites and murder.

  121. 121
    Fishy says:

    And Labour’s response to this? Barely any. Burnham has been in hiding what did emerge was shallow and patronising.

    This week, Labour said they praised the Stafford whistle blower Julie Bailey, but last year the evil Fabian’s were targeting her, just as they did Pam Warren, who survived the Ladbroke Grove train crash and spoke out, embarrassing John Prescott.

    As always, Labour show themselves not only to be the real nasty party, but the sinister one too. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll shut up is their approach.


  122. 122
    Fishy says:

    GPs saw their income increase 30% in one year

  123. 123
    Randy Oldman says:

    We’re red scum, red scum
    And we don’t know our ass from a hole in the ground
    We’re red scum, we’re red scum
    And we’re keeping the people down

  124. 124
    Jimmy says:

    Why start now?

  125. 125
    NickedCave says:

    The entirety of your comment pertained to Harold Shipman, so you remain a twunt.

  126. 126
    NickedCave says:

    Also, your poor grasp of grammar renders your “moron” jibe quite amusing, cheers.

  127. 127
    The BBC says:

    As you know, if you’d have watched QT last night, the Tories are responsible for Stafford.

    It was all down to Tory cuts. Our audience know it, why can’t you accept it?

  128. 128
    NickedCave says:

    This loser likes to anonymously swear at folk, great stuff.

  129. 129
    NickedCave says:

    Not trying to shut down debate at all – NHS problems are there for all to see. Seems to me that you don’t want to ackowledge a single good thing about it though. Every doctor, nurse and hospital shambolic to you?

  130. 130
    Dr Lecter says:

    Has Polly T ever been a member of the reality-based community or has she simply become one of the confused elderly?

    Perhaps we should consign her to the tender mercies of the Mid-Staffs NHS Trust?

  131. 131
    genghiz the kahn says:

    BBC reporter said on live TV to Julie Bailey – some may say your campaign discredits Stafford Hospital – it wasn’t her campaign that did it, it was the inaction by staff and the prevailing institutional culture which led to the deaths.

  132. 132
    john in cheshire says:

    And the stupid bloody nurses appear to think that having a degree makes them better at their job. On the contrary, it makes them think they are too good to actually do the job that they supposedly wanted to do when they initially entered the nursing job market. You don’t need a degree to be a good nurse, you need to be able to attend to all the shitty jobs that are concomitant with caring for ill and infirm PEOPLE.

  133. 133
    John says:

    The thing is Guido all this does is just prove what so many people already know; that La Toynbee is little more than a little rich girl who plies a living doing nothing more than stoking up left wing fury by writing whatever troll-piece will get them going the most.

    The Indie has that moron Owen Jones, who babbles on about Thatcher and the miner’s strike when he wasn’t even born until ten years later. The Guardian has Polly – a woman whose every word is so utterly blinkered by pseudo class hatred that David Cameron could save a kitten from drowning and she would be able to find fault with it.

    Many people have exposed her for the pathological Labour shill that she is. Frankly I stopped reading her articles in any depth a few years ago, because she just writes bollocks for the Primrose Hill Labour Party to feel good about.

  134. 134
    Viv says:

    No: that was Alistair Campbell. Napoleon=Brown; Snowball=Blair; the taxpayer = Boxer & Clover. Not even Orwell foresaw the benefit scroungers. The whole *** political class have snouts in trough. Milk & apples, comrades!

  135. 135
    Anonymous says:

    I wonder what the public reaction would have been if the opening ceremony of the Olympics had been broadcast last night?

  136. 136
    Sunny Jim says:

    He’s probably paid a hell of a lot more than you, pal…

  137. 137
    Stu says:

    What a useless waste of oxygen Toynbee is.

  138. 138
    Conrad says:

    I worked for the NHS in East Anglia 20 years ago and it was profoundly troubled then. Badly managed with poorly trained and poorly educated staff,a dreadful unionised not my job not my problem attitude prevailed and I can honestly say that the general quality of the people employed was very low both intellectually and morally.I include the doctors in this too.

  139. 139
    The truth says:

    So if those 8 kids all have another 8 kids each that’s 64 new second generation straight down the benefits office.

  140. 140
    Mr Quelch says:

    Plus Hull & East Riding and North Lincolnshire are to have the stone rolled away. Their death rates are out of synch . I have to have a minor operation and should have this done at a North Lincs Trust “hospital” (Not saying which one but it’s acronym is DWPOW.) No way – going Private : costing thick end of £2,500 – worth every penny not to catch some ghastly infection and be buried in a sealed body bag like some other poor sod.

    Nos morituri !!

  141. 141
    Mr Quelch says:

    Errr…. Nasty : Nauseating : Noxious . The District Nurse who visits me says she would no way go into our local except in extremis. I know a Porter who has worked there – he says the same. I had 5 days in there a few years ago (and lived) but the constant smell of s@@t lives with me to this day – bogs were blocked a nobody came to fix them. And it was mid- summer !! Envy of the world – MY A&&E !!!

  142. 142
    Big D says:

    Polly has always been barking mad time she was sectioned

  143. 143
  144. 144
    TONY BENN'S WILL says:

    Are they really expecting people to believe that no constituent of Stafford with a relative in that hospital who was badly treated or died did not approach the local MP,by the way who is he or she,with all those deaths they should have been shouting from the rooftops and be a household name by now.NT only that it is certain they would have spoken to someone higher up in the Labour Party,a journalistic beginner could work that out.
    I would be surprised if one of the relatives had not approached the BBC,in fact Panorama did an expose so they must have done,may we know when and whether the story was rejected at first and if so who by whom ?

  145. 145
    DualCitizen says:

    It’s probably fair to say Canada’s provinces each copied the NHS model, and like the UK Canada spends fewer taxpayer dollars to loom after everyone than the US taxpayer spends to look after the aged, veterans and emergency cases. The OECD numbers are pretty easy to Google.

  146. 146
    DualCitizen says:

    Sparky, I’ve lived and paid tax in all 3 of Canada, US and UK and all I can say is that single payer nationalized health care is the worst of all possible systems, “except for all the others that have been tried.” The per capita tax spend on health care numbers are easy to Google. I want to pay less tax, not more and the reality is that as a payer the american system is more expensive — unless I suppose you compensate by investing heavily in private health care shares…

  147. 147
    Phew says:

    Phew! For second there I thought you were going to end with different words (like ‘something comfortable’).

  148. 148
    Gleen Glocer says:

    Like our apostrophe’s, verb’s are als’o in s’hort s’upply today.

  149. 149
    A betting man says:

    Fancy those odds. How about 650 to 1?

  150. 150
    Lumpen Proles says:

    Probably not much different.

  151. 151
    Tony Benn's wont says:

    The Common Purpose janitor on the front door took action above his pay grade and fed the letter into the shredder in the corner.

  152. 152
    U won't findus says:

    .. but what if they’d been told their burgers were not what they seemed? Then there may have been a touch of the riots beginning.

  153. 153
    As Same As It Ever Was says:

    Coming from a hard-right yes man – is not that a little rich?

  154. 154
    David B says:

    The one thing the left never get healt outcomes are not dependent on the total cash spent! You cannot trust labour on the NHS

  155. 155
    NHS - kick to kill says:

    Why not ask her – candour has always been one of her many strong points?

  156. 156
    NHS - kick to kill says:

    Probably its rating as 15th most effective (and falling)

  157. 157
    As Same As It Ever Was says:

    When your private hospital ducks-up during an operation, are they not thankful for the skill of the local A & E?

  158. 158
    NHS - kick to kill says:

    No – only the ones that I – and thousands of others – have experienced.

  159. 159
    NHS - kick to kill says:

    It’s Ed who does the slipping in – not sure it touches the sides though.

  160. 160
    NHS - kick to kill says:

    Reality is for the little people.

  161. 161
    Anonymous says:

    Don’t knock it Guido. Your class need the Job Center for a steady supply of cheap labour. The Free Market works – for the rich!

  162. 162
    A Non says:

    But I was under the impression that you, and your mates at Tory Central Office, would welcome National Socialism.

  163. 163
    A Non says:

    And who said that the NHS was: “SAFE IN OUR HANDS”?

  164. 164
    Jail them and observe how quickly lessons are really learned says:

    Oh thats alright then lets just ignore the 1200 killed by criminal negligence and concentrate on grammar and typos. What a prick you are.

  165. 165
    A Non says:

    Something this site knows all about.

  166. 166
    David Newsome says:

    This not the end. This is the beginning. Alan Johnson looked distinctly uncomfortable on This Week. The road leads to Downing St.

  167. 167
    Bri says:

    Anyone noticed the happenings at Rotherham General Hospital, very interesting.

  168. 168
    Googler says:

    She also failed her 11+ despite private school education, and works on the family conveyor-belt career.

  169. 169
    Danny Boyle's NHS promo says:

  170. 170
    Compassionate Labour ! says:

    “This anniversary week the NHS has never been in better health. Never good enough, but now is the golden age on just about every available measure – Toynbee.
    SO, the NHS IS SAFE in the hands of the coalition then Polly ? You can’t have it both ways !

  171. 171
    We Love OUR NHS says:

    National Health Service is now for sell.

    US firms to get their dirty hands on publicly funded services.

  172. 172
    As More Correctly says:

    TRULY, you are Stupendous Hunt.

  173. 173
    False Flag Spotter says:

    Tory Central Office certainly put a lot of work into this BS.

  174. 174
    Jim says:

    Is this true?

    Are the Cavalry really coming?

    Or is it just another joke?

  175. 175
    Farmer Giles says:

    The Liebour killing machine 14 years of killing Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Innocent civilians, NHS Patients, report writers and anything or one that got in the way. I understand why they sing the Red Flag now…

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