February 8th, 2013

Dave’s Budget Triumph Success?

The noises from Brussels are positive this morning, the overnight negotiations have almost finished, the briefings and spinning has begun. In November the Commission’s demand for €973 billion was revised down to €942 billion. Final figure said to be as little as €908 billion – which would be a real terms cut. It should be borne in mind that in 2011 Britain was targeting a budget settlement of €886 billion, so €908 billion is not quite the unalloyed success that will be claimed by Downing Street. In fact it may turn out to be all smoke and mirrors. The only real test is will the British financial payment to the EU go up…


  1. 1
    Tuscan Tony says:

    The only budget triumph Dave will ever have is if he buys an old motorbike.


    • 27
      Liarpoliticians says:

      Never mind, Mark Carney will sort things out….. won’t he? LOL.


      • 79
        Anonymous says:

        Hope its not the way Cameron is cutting UK debt. Not over yet as MEPs have to vote / sign it, if they veto it, it will go up.


    • 35

      That remark is rather Superior in a Brough sort of way. ;-)


    • 51
      Nothing Better To Do says:

      Dave, on a motorcycle? Rebel without a chin perhaps? Somehow I can’t see it. A chauffeur driven EU limo for services rendered to the commission more like.


    • 114
      Anonymous says:

      This was too easy.

      The EU has sworn not to cut the budget, but UK/Germany said ‘we have to show our voters how tough we are’. So here is the real deal :

      Cameron/Merkel come back announcing how they cut the budget. Within weeks the EU will introduce the financial services tax or some other tax totally unopposed because it is part of the deal, and end up with more money not less.

      They are all, 100% dishonest, all of them. Vote UKIP, and let the EU lie and spin and steal and defraud itself into oblivion.


      • 117
        Speaking Clock says:



        • 128
          Hang The B@stards says:

          I wouldnt believe a word Camoron says on the EU.

          In short the payment will have gone up thats the only test. There are no cuts to see, move along please


          • There is a great similarity between Farage and Findus – the difference is that Farage is 100% horse shit.


          • Dave says:

            Don’t Give a Shit about LieBore, UKRAP or the Limp Dumbs…. says:
            February 8, 2013 at 10:21 am
            There is a great similarity between Farage and Findus – the difference is that Farage is 100% horse shit.

            Weak, very weak troll. Now crawl back under your bridge fucknugget


          • Don't Give a Shit about LieBore, UKRAP or the Limp Dumbs.... says:

            Have you finished pulling yourself off over a photoshopped Nige in an SS uniform, you pathetic wan.ker?

            No? Back to licking the windows then, until another synapse expires, leaving two.


      • 138
        Criss Huhne , "point are for plebs" says:

        I’m outraged
        You mean they say one thing & give us another , that’s horse meat


      • 141
        Hugh Janus says:

        It certainly was “too easy”. Might it be that the budget figure was inflated (or more inflated!) in advance of these so-called negotiations, knowing that a few countries would seek to reduce it, and then any concessions would probably take them back to where they had intended to be. Our supermarkets play the same tricks all day, every day.

        Strangely, I don’t trust any of the parasitic bastards, least of all the Heir to Blair.


  2. 2
    Shergar says:

    Why are we paying these chancers a penny for the privilege of eating their knackered old horses?


    • 12
      The Tower of London says:

      The entire boards of directors of these companies who have been selling us horse meat should be in the dock for selling it. These are deceptive practices. That means the directors of Tescos, Aldi, Findus, Co-op, the whole lot of them. All one gigantic food chain made up of people seeking to make a pecuniary advantage by deception.

      Why have there been no arrests?


      • 22
        Ctesibius says:

        They are certainly worried.

        Word is that the Chairman of Findus was so scared before his Press Conference this morning that his team had to blindfold him, turn him round three times and push him into the Press Conference backwards.


      • 26
        Horses are for riding says:

        How come our British farmers and slaughterhouses have to jump through hoops to meet EU regulations, but horses fit for the knackers yard mysteriously find their way into the food chain in Poland and France?
        If testing has broken down so spectacularly that Findus lasagnes contain 100% horsemeat, it begs the question what else has infected our food chain?

        Thank fu*k I buy my meat from the local butcher.


        • 38
          T'Old Fella says:

          It all started in Ireland, Giddo when are you going to start tackling the Iorish problem, we live in the UK most of us are not citizens of the Iorish, there are plenty of scandles afoot in the Iorish Republic, oh silly me, I forgot there is no money in it.


        • 43
          Labourunionsbbc we are one under the EU says:

          Isn’t the EU wonderful, it favours all those big corporations that give us such wonderful products, and safe, because we have all those wonderful rules to keep us safe.

          The BBC has been saying for years in their historical programs how bad things were in the bad old days before EU regulations, when scurrilous small food shops would do all sorts of bad things with our food.

          Praise the BBC, Praise the EU.


        • 44
          Live Like the Poor, But With Money says:

          Only way, always buy local you might have to go a bit further to find a proper butcher, but not only do you know where it comes from (my village butcher can take you to every farm that the meat has come from) it’s actually cheaper than super markets. This whole horse meat thing just shows that it’s only us that keep to EU rules the rest of them just scam the whole system for money. Sooner we’re out the better, I’ve no problem not being at the top table of international affairs especially as it seems we’ve no idea what’s on the plate!


          • Tesco's fake offers, high prices and poor service are NOT 'progress' says:

            “it’s actually cheaper than super markets.”


            I completely concur – meat from the local butchers is cheaper and better than the meat from supermarkets. Given that supermarkets seem to source their meat from the knackers yard and/or roadkill, it’s no wonder it’s better.


          • Catty Comment (Ms) says:

            That’s simply because most local butchers do not have to send their monthly subs to Tel Aviv.


        • 45

          So do I. His donkey is first class.


        • 45
          Pawn Sandwich says:

          This could have been going on for donkeys years.


        • 95
          dont foget us, the Provo gangsters says:

          …and the Republic of Ireland


    • 14
      Anyone for a starter? says:


    • 63
  3. 3
    Liarpoliticians says:

    This is a massive FAILURE.

    The 2013 EU budget is €864bn (£735bn). The so called deal last night makes 2014 €943bn (£803bn)… how is this a cut David Cameron?



    • 6
      JR says:

      He has indeed failed but like all the Westminster fools he deludes himself and actually thinks we believe him. Don’t forget it will be a Cast Iron Deal for Dave.


      • 50
        T'Old Fella says:

        The trouble with the ordinary cast iron that Dave uses it shatters too easily, he should use malleable cast iron.


        • 144
          Catty Comment (Ms) says:

          He has already shown countless times that he is completely malleable – worse than warm putty. We do not require any further examples.


  4. 4
    Marie-Antoinette Honeybollox says:

    I shall still be eating as much cake as you let me.


  5. 5
    The Tower of London says:

    Where’s the beef?


  6. 7
    Herman van Rumboy says:

    The good news is that M. Holeland was very upset.


    • 31
      Anonymous says:

      a hole is a zero until the infinite arrives
      then the hole produces the infinite.
      chicken or egg?
      a hole is a zero until the infinite arrives
      then the hole stays zero.
      why crush the zero,
      for infinite is the infinite and the zero is zero.
      use the zero.

      infinite brings happiness for he is good.
      when all said and done, zero just wants to be.
      internally and externally.
      let him help


  7. 8
    Steve Miliband says:

    Even the Priemershit clubs have decided they are living beyond their means and the age of austerity is set to be unleashed on the overpaid tossers. How about a one off Footballer Tax


    • 23
      The Ministry says:

      We have decided that in compliance with EU standards, next season teams in the Premiership will be enlarged to 12 players, and there will be a Bulgarian or a Romanian sweeper in every squad


  8. 9
    Gawd Help Us says:

    Perhaps they should get the accounts signed off for the last eighteen odd years before we give them anymore money to dip their sticky little fingers into.


    • 11
      Man at the back with the ghastly jumper - yes you sir says:

      Anyone know a bent accountant, Vodafone?


      • 73
        T'Old Fella says:

        Like all very large companies Vodafone tell governments what tax they want to pay in a country, they go through negotiations and the governments agree that what the companies said the would pay in the first place.


    • 170
      Archie says:

      Do you honestly think that those people in Italy with a fondness for horses’ heads in beds will allow the accounts to be audited……………..ever? Ever wondered what happened to the rest of the horse?


  9. 10
    Man at the back with the ghastly jumper - yes you sir says:

    The only real triumph will be (a) Dave giving us a binding vote about whether we stay in this monstrously beaucratic pigs-in-the-trough sty; and (b) getting out of the stupid thing. The Germans haven’t lost the war until we leave…


  10. 13
    BBC News says:

    We are not reporting this. Looks too positive for Britain. We are going to spend the day covering Findus lasagne which is the Tories fault.


    • 25
      The Irish 100% Beef Industry says:

      We blame the French, the Dutch, the Spanish and the Italians.


    • 29
      Man at the back with the ghastly jumper - yes you sir says:

      Hmmm – which nation eats horsemeat? This is the political equivalent of spitting in someone’s beer. M Ollond must be laughing in his boudoir: ‘Zut alors! Sacre bleu! We ‘av infected ze rosbifs wiz ze meat of ze orse! Now zey are not ze rosbifs – zey are ze rost orses! Alors everyone! Listen to my joke magnifique! Zey are not ze rosbifs – zey are ze rost orses! Laugh!!!!’


      • 39
        Delia says:

        This great classic butter sauce from France can be tricky if it gets too much horse so great care is in order here. However, since the advent of blenders and processors, the risk is not as large as it used to be with hand whispering over the English Channel. It has to be said that a blender is best, but a processor works well, too. My own problem has always been how to keep it warm, as I always like to make it in advance, and overhorsing will make it curdle. There are two possible answers for this: either use a wide-necked Thermos flask rinsed with boiling water, or to make a lighter, more EU friendly version, try Foaming Hollandaise. Either version of this supremely wonderful sauce can be used for serving with asparagus or artichokes, or with any kind of grilled or poached fish quota. And served with Eggs Merkel, it’s a positive star.


        • 148
          Gore Mand says:

          Can it be served with donkey ribs and chips? Plus can you also recommend a cheeky French wine to go with it?


    • 58
      BBC News 24 says:

      1997-2010 nothing to see here. Everything from May 2010 is all that matters. Mid Staffs hospital was not even built in 2004.


      • 130
        Man at the back with the ghastly jumper - yes you sir says:

        It might not have been built in 2004, but it was based on earlier models from 60 years before – in Germany and Poland…


  11. 15
    parisclaims says:

    Cut to Zero. Then ask for our money back.


  12. 16
    Angela Hilter says:

    Ha Ha Ha. Waving another piece of paper. What a naive cnut. Nothing changes.


  13. 17
    Shooty* says:

    Christ almighty. I echo: How about Zero?


  14. 18
    Captain Mainwaring says:

    Let’s put doors on the Channel Tunnel. Keep the Bulgars and Romas out! And the bastard French.


    • 21
      Dump Dave Now!!! says:

      We’re Doomed. Doomed I tell you, unless we get the ConLibLab fuckers out of government.


    • 24
      Spirit of Barnes Wallace says:

      Do you want me to design a mine that will blow a bloody great hole in the Chunnel and flood the thing permanently?


      • 32
        Man at the back with the ghastly jumper - yes you sir says:

        No – just tell the Americans their allies are in it and they’ll bomb it to smithereens.


  15. 19
    John de Melle says:

    Richard North has a different view.


    This ‘cut’ may be smoke and mirrors. Have Herr President Martin Schulz in mind when the budget discussions come to the EU parliament.


  16. 20
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Of course if we left the EU we wouldn’t pay anything. But that will never happen.


  17. 28
    Paniagua says:

    My 2 prophecies …

    1. EU ‘Off Budget’ will take total to higher than its ever been

    2. The UK Contribution will go up


  18. 33
    Those that suffered at Stafford Hospital due to labour targets. Burnham hang your head in shame. says:

    Where is Andy Burnham’s apology. Where is the lying creep hiding. When will Miliband sack Burnham.
    The silence from labour is guilt ridden. Even labour cannot spin away from the truth.


    • 37
      The Man from Findus says:

      We have now created the Andy Burnham Lasagne, 60 – 100% hot air with that tasty topping that vanishes when it gets too hot.


      • 52
        Andy "Maybelline" Burnham says:

        I have decided that this would be a good time to disappear for my skiing holiday. Please don’t try to contact me.


    • 48
      Red Egg Millitit.....oh nooooo says:

      Apology? Are you mad?

      Chasing the Labour Government targets only killed 1200 or so !!


    • 49
      HuMAN NatURE says:

      Burnham would do well to leave the country. There are thousands of people in the country with a powerful motive to do him a mischief.


      • 91
        Live Like the Poor, But With Money says:

        Let me know where he lives. We have taken up our own policing locally now since Past it Plod retreated to the bunkers round here. Some local lads with special forces training and access to the kit (all made redundant by Cameron) have been training some of the locals up and helping out. Been effective in removing a couple of drug dealers and some Eastern EU scum on the nick. Local cops had done f_ck all for months, but when these scum did over a couple in their 90s we decided to sort it. Believe me its was sorted and forget all that PC bullshit with what these lads know Plod has no way coming back to us.


    • 62
      Labourunionsbbc we are one under the EU says:

      “Even labour cannot spin away from the truth.”

      No but the tossers at the Bbbc can, and will, that’s if they talk about it at all.


    • 64
      BBC News says:

      The Rot at this hospital happened 1979 to 1991.


    • 67
      bergen says:

      A golden example why the Tories are on course to lose the next election. Burnham seems to have been let off the hook. If the position had been reversed a Tory Health minister would have been hounded out of public life and every poster would refer to it.


    • 76
      Friendly Moniker suggestion service says:

      Can I suggest a change to …

      Those that suffered at Stafford Hospital due to labour targets. Burnham remove your head in shame.


    • 147
      Welsh activist. says:

      I said as much to Jeremy Hunt when i responded to an email from CCHQ today. The Tories, specifically Cameron, no longer represent me, and they can fuck off.


  19. 34
    Living in 97% white Merseyside says:

    I’m looking to a drastic rise in my standard of living.



    • 40
      Scouse Watch says:

      You need to sell more fake dvd’s and perfume.


      • 84
        Duty Pedant says:

        Is a fake DVD made from paper or something?

        Maybe you mean an illegally copied DVD perchance?

        If you do the actual carrier (to wit the DVD) is real


  20. 47
    dan e boy says:

    Ooops! I forgot to include the Liverpool Pathway and the Mid Staff trust in the Olympics opening ceremony.


  21. 55
    100% Beef says:

    Plod has relaunched an old scheme to catch the horsemeat as beef traders – it will be known as ‘Dobbin a Dealer’.


  22. 66
    Labour BBC Guardian tripe says:

    Dave’s Euro budget. It’s just another thing for us to be negative about.


    • 70
      Labourunionsbbc we are one under the EU says:

      When shyster dealers set a price, don’t they set it higher than they want so that when, or if, they get bid down they invariably end up with what they wanted all along.

      For shyster, read EU.


  23. 72
    100% Chicken says:

    All this focus on horsemeat as beef is all very well, but what about ‘chicken’ and ‘turkey’ dishes which are actually cat or dog (very popular in Bradford) or indeed various South Vietnamese fish varieties mascarading as cod in fish & chip shops and ready meals. When will the FSA start testing these products?


  24. 74
    Andy Burnham says:

    I have big plans for the NHS, when we get back in power.


  25. 82
    Spineless Dave EU lacky says:

    The only things being cut are infrastructure projects , all the free money we have to give to the “poorer” nations remains the same and some countries want even more of Our hard earned
    France are still threatening to vito this deal and it has yet to get passed the unelected men in grey suits of the EU parliament , who won’t like it one bit and could reject it


  26. 83
    Edward. says:

    The big surprise will come when someone shouts “there’s prime beef in the lasagne”.

    Meanwhile in the UK, we eat shit and when we fall ill – the Liverpool pathway or lying in our own shit will see us all off.

    Union bosses, politicians, corporate fat cats – the statists gobble up more of your money and all you get is Xfactor and more shit food and oh yeah prices go up but quality is more shit, we love eating shit.

    Mid Staffs, anyone remember Mid Kent? This is sanctioned ‘depopulation’, what happened to the medical staff – I thought they were on our side, still I suppose Asian doctors are either suicide bombers [Glasgow airport] or NHS doctors.
    Police – ha ha ha, the courts – well it would all take far too long dear boy and so the can is kicked down the road.

    Guess what Britain will pay even more into the Brussels coffers – its what we do.

    ……………………Dave ponces around and the French will make him eat merde too.


  27. 85

    For the first time in the EU’s history there will be a real budget cut. Dalia Grybauskaite, Lithuanian President (and former EU budget commissioner.)

    But we will have to endure gay marriage and horseburgers. In the event the MEPs (the elected ones, ffs!) will probably vote it down.


  28. 87
    Labourunionsbbc we are one under the EU says:

    So what I don’t understand is for years we have had layer upon layer of bureaucracy and thousands upon thousands of people employed to supposedly keep our food safe, so what have they all been doing for all that time and money?


  29. 90
    Spineless Dave EU lacky says:

    Findus beef lasagne found to contain 100% horse meat
    see their full page apology on page 7 of The Racing Post


  30. 92
    100% Beef says:

    There is currently what is perceived to be a minor risk of Phenylbutazone ‘bute’ getting into the food chain via horsemeat. I suspect that the minor risk isn’t minor at all!

    Why do vets give ‘bute’?
    Normally to alleviate symptoms of arthritis either short-term or chronic.

    What happens when ‘bute’ starts to become ineffective even on high dose?
    The horse goes lame again

    What happens to the horse then? well, it is shot and disposed of, or processed into beefburgers.

    Healthy horses are rarely put down, most have bad joints and are effectively unsuitable for pleasure riding / racing.

    So do we all now think that the risk of ‘bute’ entering the food chain to be small?


  31. 94

    The very sad fact is, that, with unemployment raging across southern Europe, in particular that of youth unemployment at well over 50%, the ego’s of the rich elite politicians still deem it right to prefer to subsidise cows more than humans, especially our youth.

    Unemployment is a price well worth paying just to save the Euro and the politicians themselves.

    We have learned not one jot from the evils of the second world war.


  32. 97
    JOHN McRIRICK says:

    Mmmmmm Findus beef Lasagne , one of my Favourites

    Always eat only as part of a “stable” Diet


  33. 102
    The Public says:

    The only chance we have of seeing an improvement in the food supply and action to imprison the criminals in suits who have created this huge fraudulent edifice will be if the House of Commons restaurants are made to serve supermarket value meals AND NOTHING ELSE.


    • 109
      Fabians are Evil says:

      Well you can throw as many stones as you wish at Cameron & Co but……… Labour?? (with its 100% record of failure) the Liedems?? – NO! It may not be a true blue government but it has to be better than Labour.


      • 156
        Jockey straps says:

        If you ever did maths at school, you would know that the square root of fuck all is roughly the same.


  34. 103
    The Lizzud Returns says:

    The first time in history that there’s been an EU budget cut, and your reaction is to criticise it and photoshop Cameron’s head onto a picture of Neville Chamberlain?


    • 113
      Ex-Conservative voter says:

      The budget’s been cut, for sure, but – as our host says – that doesn’t mean our contributions will go down. As Dave has shown time and time again, he’s only too happy to blow our money on foreign causes – especially if they’re a complete and utter waste of money.


      • 132
        The Lizzud Returns says:

        Getting the budget cut deserves a little more credit than that. On the above figures, Cameron was targeting a reduction of EUR 87 Bn and got a reduction of EUR 65 BN. That’s pretty good going and, frankly, you don’t go into a negotiation expecting to get your stated figure unless you are in an overwhelmingly stronger position than the other side. Which we, sadly, are not.


        • 157
          Phi Nan Shial Genius says:

          Well as we are amongst the highest contributors to the budget, we should be able to throw out weight about a bit. Dave should stop buggering about and simply tell them that the UK contribution will be current cost minus 25% with effect from Monday. If they don’t like it – what are they going to do about it? Write a letter or something? Where have Dave’s guts gone?


  35. 105
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    This issue should make us all take note of what actually is in manufactured food.


  36. 110
    Jimbo says:

    Cameron and Osbourne could have done something about the Bankers and have not and now they are doing nothing about the EU con, what is it with our Politicians that they always go against this Country and its people. Does not the word “Treason” come to mind ? one day they will all be brought to justice in front of the British people, the sooner the better, it is closing in on them now.


  37. 112
    JOHN McRIRICK says:

    As all these horse meat discoveries have come from private testing , it begs the question
    “What the Fuck have the Food Standards Agency been doing for the last few decades ” ?


    • 116

      Enjoying their bonuses?


    • 118
      Ex-Conservative voter says:

      No doubt they learned, from endless Diversity Awareness courses they’ve been taking, that eating old mashed diseased horse is in the culture of the Polish and French suppliers, so it would be wrong (bigoted, racist) to impose a ban on their produce.


    • 119
      Food Standards Agency says:

      We were only created in 1998…..


      • 129
        retardEd Miliband says:

        One of Labour’th greatetht achievementth. Oh yeth, thoon we will return, and we thall add to our gloriouth legathy of unparalleled competenth.


    • 126
      11+ says:

      Maintaining a certain standard?

      Unhappily its extremely low.

      The whole organisation should be scrapped – another waste of space.

      Actually, the clue is in the acronym FSA …. now where have I seen those initials before in a crap organisation not fit for purpose.


    • 166
      The lad that put the broke in Ladbrokes says:

      I can only hope that some at least of the horsemeat concerned comes from some of the bastards I’ve been backing over the years.


  38. 121
    Cicero says:

    Don’t believe anything the EU promises you.

    A bit of background – transcript of a speech made at a public meeting at the House of Commons by Rodney Atkinson (economist, political adviser and brother of Rowan) :



  39. 125
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Neville Chamberlain had some principles unlike Vichy Dave.


  40. 136
    Westminster Gossip says:

    Go David Cameron…

    While I disagree with Cameron’s position on GAY marriage I continue to think he a winner for the Tories. Looking at the front bench he is the only politican with wid spread public appeal. Conservatives should give Cameron a break because if they start promoting any of the swivel-eyed alternatives they will certainly lose the next election.

    As for Labour the public have yet to forgive them for their mismanagement and the Lib Dems are too far behind to fully recover before 2015


  41. 139
  42. 165
    It will go up says:

    Cameroon is full of it, there is no way the contribution will not go up, never mind getting a reduction. Clearly Cameroon and the EU think we are stupid enough to fall for their bullshit. Referendum ASAP, vote UKIP and give those Brussels bastards something else to think about.


  43. 167
    Anonnymouse says:

    Why oh why do we not insist that UK meat is marked as such.

    That all meat products are marked with the country/ countries of origin and the country of processing. This would stop non UK foodstuffs being palmed off as home grown.

    We could then make a choice and avoid non UK products if we wished.

    I would not buy “packed in UK and made from meat from Romania, France and Ireland”. The EU would have fifty fits at this sort of labelling!


  44. 175

    Hi, I’ve been reading the weblog a couple of days and merely wanted to say that the way with words is top notch. All the best.


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