February 7th, 2013

Lambeth Tell Scroungers “You May Have to Find Work”

If you thought Lambeth Council’s posters warning of coming cuts were bad enough, wait until you see the warning on their website:

“If you claim benefits, it is likely you will receive less and may have to find work”.

“By George, I think they’ve got it…”


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    A W_G says:

    Find work, Oh the humanity

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      Hargaret Modge, Labour MP and Hypocritical serial long term aggressive Tax Avoider + expenses thief says:

      Say it ain’t so Lambeth!

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        Anonymous says:

        Just look at the rent in these places, its took expensive for the middle class or the poor to live there. System need changing and the government is not changing enough.

        • 104
          Misternedderry says:

          Then the previous labour governments should have stuck to their manifesto commitment to ensure that property prices not go through the roof. However Labour (and tory) MPs were using tax-payer funded expenses to build property portfolios which exploded in value, due to the labour government’s triple track approach to the housing market of encouraging profligate lending and massive uncontrolled immigration which created massive shortages in homes and the utter idiocy of paying whatever rents the immigrant landlords were charging to squash as many immigrants into as small a space as possible. This made some immigrants rich, whilst pushing down wages and pricing millions off the property ladder for a few decades.

          Such a lunatic and catastrophic housing policy will take decades to remedy.

          • Scrounger Scumbags says:

            “Shamed former MP Chris Huhne has grabbed one last lump of taxpayers’ cash by buying a £600 iPad on his expenses just before he quit.Shortly before he pleaded guilty in court to asking his ex-wife to take his speeding points, the Lib Dem decided to treat himself to a top of the range Apple tablet.”

            “Huhne received £17,207 – three months of his salary – when he quit the cabinet claiming he was innocent and would clear his name.”

            “He is also able to take a £70,000 severance package on quitting as an MP, also from the public purse.”
            “The criminal politician does not have to give the iPad back as IPSA, the expenses watchdog, says pursuing him through the courts would be ‘disproportionate to the benefit.”


          • Fishy says:


            Despite the cost some things, like this, are worth pursuing. IPSA should get their fingers from up their arses and chase the bugger.

          • yeah, right... says:

            It need cost very little. Moneyclaim online, £90.00, then a bit more if he files a defence. I doubt even Huhne would try and defend this theft.

          • Cynical-old-bag says:

            Why would we have to pursue him through the courts? The iPad doesn’t belong to him and he should give it back.

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        LAB GAIN says:

        For some people it means they may need help in finding a different place to live. Or that they may need in some cases to take up a job. Lambeth are doing the right and kind thing. Unlike many lazy tory councils.

      • 64
        Anonymous says:

        What this government is implementing will end up cost government more not less. We cannot have a system where by we let in people from all over the world get them to work for few years and then keep them in benefits.

        Just stop paying benefits, cut tax to the poor and stop immigration.

        • 116
          LAB GAIN says:

          That’s not borne out by statistics, try living on benefits in London: mostly impossible. The vast majority of Lambeth’s housing benefit recipients are in some form of work and it will be hard for many of them to make ends meet in April.

          • Anonymous says:

            These people will be kicked out due to rent arrears. Then moved to bed and breakfast then to private housing as there aren’t enough small council houses. Councils / housing association will end up selling the vacant properties.

            In the end it will cost government more than now.

          • LAB GAIN says:

            Totally agree with the reply. Plus cause more Londoners to hate the tories. We’ll even win back Enfield Southgate as well as Battersea etc.

          • Anonymous says:

            By work do you mean “paid employment” or the fictional “self employment” that allows them to claim considerably more via tax credits. See Page 5 of ONS Social Trends 41, Income and Wealth to see the scale of the tax credits scam across immigrant communities, albeit the Pakistani and Bangladeshi “households” of Newham and the Northern labour fiefdoms are in a league of their own.

          • Cynical-old-bag says:

            Then, may I suggest they get an evening job.

            I had to work 4 jobs when mortgage rates were 15%. Nobody gave me any handouts or benefits.

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      Sidney says:

      Fine, I wish to become a Lambeth Councillor.

      How do I start?

      I am willing to work hard.

      • 42

        Now you see….you’ve gone wrong already.

      • 63
        LAB GAIN says:

        You’ll need to win the respect of the people and maintain that to become a leading councillor. I think recognising that what the government are doing is wrong is an important part of being a good councillor.

        • 137
          Old Tory Bigot says:

          Top class trolling.

          If you’re not actually trolling then you need to see a psychiatrist – urgently.

          • LAB GAIN says:

            Psychiatrist is ironic given that was the profession of my late father. I think you’re all the bigots that got Clapham into this mess. The word on the street is that you’re all going down just like in 1997 and this time for good.

          • Old Tory Bigot says:

            “The word on the street’

            Oooh how edgy!

            I suggest your late father didn’t do a very good job with you sunbeam.

          • Anonymous says:

            Yeah, but when your late father wasn’t messing with your head, he was messing with other bits of you.

            Long may the old pervert burn in hell.

        • 154
          Curly says:

          You will also have to master fluent Jamaican patois and learn all about drugs, guns and spliffs.

          • Catty Comment (Ms) says:

            .. not to mention the name of those round red fruit thingies with the spikes on which sell for 42p each in Brixton market.

        • 196
          As More Correctly says:

          NuLabour, Con-Dems, UKIP or BNP, to become a Councillor you MUST first learn to toe the Party Line. Free-thinkers not welcome!

        • 213
          Cynical-old-bag says:


          What does any UK political party know about respect?

          Very little.

      • 143
        Postal Votes are Labour Loo Paper says:

        You’re barred. No workers wanted here only scrounging liebor chimps

    • 8

      Has it really come to this? The benefits class are being advised to find work?

      I nearly choked on my socialist champagne.

    • 13
      The Penny finally Drops says:

      “If you claim benefits, it is likely you will receive less and may have to find work”.

    • 23
      Anonymous says:

      Find work? Those heartless Tory bastards!

      • 47
        Anonymous says:

        There aren’t any jobs. Jobs are being given to cheap labour from other countries.

        • 52
          Paniagua says:

          Ideal spare bedroom material

          • LAB GAIN says:

            Serious point you have there, the council are actually having to help people who should not really have subtenant(s) to find a tighter space which can be tough. At least Lambeth help people with reality of London life.

          • Here is an idea says:

            Well for a start they could house Sunnis in the spare bedrooms of Shites. Then in no time at all there would be spare houses.


        • 136
          Misternedderry says:

          It’s funny how all the people I know who are lazy feckless bastards claim that there are no jobs, yet the people I know who are self-reliant and hard working and hate living off the immoral scrounging of other people’s taxes, all manage to find paid lawful employment.

          There must be something in the attitude of the individual. It cannot be because of qualifications, because I know a young, single mother who refuses to claim more than she absolutely needs to. Her two kids went from packed lunches onto School meals last month. She works part time and this means that her children are not entitled to get free school meals.

          The cost for the school meals for her two children is 100 pounds per month. What did she do? Quit her job and claim more benefits?

          No she took a second part time job to pay the school meals.

          It is important for her to show her kids that if you want something, you should work for it and EARN it.

          They should rename benefits and stop calling that money “benefits”. Call the money they get something like scroungers money and see how many people willingly claim it. No longer will they be “on Benefits”, but they will be “on the scrounge” or “on the immoral scrounged money”

          They should do the same to MP’s expenses too. Call them “the proceeds of theft from the taxpayer” Though MPs being the savage careless heartless bastards they are would still claim that money anyway.

          “may have to find work”?????

          Their should be a legal obligation to to all you can to find work while you are living of the scrounged money of other hardworking tax-payers.

          I have NO PROBLEM with my taxes going to assist people in genuine NEED. People who through no fault of their own, find themselves in dire NEED. Tax money should indeed be used to help them get going and become self reliant again.

          Bur I resent even one penny being wasted on those who have chosen a life on scrounged money and who have no intention of working at all.

          Cut off their money and LET THEM STARVE Then it will be a case of get a job or starve. If they were faced with that choice, I am sure that they would find a fucking job then. They would not say, “There are no jobs”, they would fucking create one, or starve. And if they are so fucking lazy and passive that they would allow themselves to starve, rather than do a days work, then frankly they would deserve to starve.

          The economist Laffer stated that “in an economy where we tax those who work, and pay those who do not, to not work….” Well, you only have to look at the enormous and growing welfare bill to know what the result is.

          Many years ago, we paid no state benefits, and there was no such thing as income tax. The UK was also the most powerful economy in the world back then.

          • excellent says:

            I’d like an MP to stand up and say that in Parliament. He’d be cheered through the doors of number 10 in no time at all

          • Catty Comment (Ms) says:

            ..or, just possibly, expelled from his party for being a completely deluded loon; especially if he was a Liebore member.

          • Cynical-old-bag says:

            Well said, Misternderry.

          • False Flag Spotter says:

            “Misternedderry”, as a savage, careless, heartless, bastard, you clearly are, you seem best placed to kick people when they are down. As for your (honest?) hard-working friends, are you saying that they would never try to cheat on their tax returns? Or that they would pay the full rate for any work done? Can hardly wait for you next Blog: Why the Workhouse is Good for the Under-Classes.

        • 145
          Postal Votes are Labour Loo Paper says:

          Crap. Jobs are earned not given. How come so many Poles etc can get jobs but not out home grown workshy deadbeats?

      • 203
        As More Correctly says:

        Or LTBs – Lying Tory Bastards

      • 215
        Cynical-old-bag says:

        I was offered a job in a Job Centre once.

        I sat in the waiting room behind a man who had just been offered a paid full time job. He made several excuses, the main one being that he would have to take a bus to work and he wasn’t prepared to do that.

        The girl behind the counter just said “OK, then” and started to look for something else.

        I then decided that this job wasn’t for me. I’d probably have ended up in Court myself for ABH.

    • 29
      Metalbasher says:


      Taxpayer picks up £100,000 bill for a ‘dead tree’ garden at Chelsea Flower Show in bizarre bid to educate public about diseases

      Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2274982/Taxpayer-picks-100-000-dead-tree-garden-Chelsea-Flower-Show-bizarre-bid-educate-public-diseases.html#ixzz2KDoJ3HSN
      Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    • 61
      T'Old Fella says:

      How on earth can somone be unemployed in greater London even if it means cycling to the next borough, everywhere else folks have to travel at lest 1 hour on poor public transport. If the unemployment rate in London as a whole was 15/20% I could understand being unemployed.

      • 69
        Scouse says:


      • 74
        LAB GAIN says:

        Unfortunately some people take a look at CVs from Vauxhall or Brixton and hold that against them, so most people either hope they can move into Clapham or Kennington or just can’t get a full-time job.

        • 138
          Old Tory Bigot says:

          And why might that be?

        • 142
          Misternedderry says:

          Bollocks. More like the feckless fucks who will not deign do a lower paid job, or work unsocial hours, use their background, or colour, or location or any other reason they can invent as an excuse to excuse themselves from their own failure to get a job.

          There a loads of people from Brixton or Vauxhall who are working, so it MUST be possible to live there and get a job.

    • 81
      CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

      Tower Hamlets had “Claim to the MAX!” in multiple languages.
      I thought that poster was bad enough.

      “You may have to find work!”

  2. 2
    Jesus H. Christ says:

    Coming next…’Fat people – you may have to eat less”…..

    • 16

      Smokers. You may get cancer. You might want to stop.

      Criminals. You might go to jail. Perhaps you should stab people less often.

      Politicians. You will become a scumbag. Think about changing careers.

      • 25
        The savant10.4 highway patrol says:

        Gideons. Biblical. Intonement intones:

        I will be taxing the bodily function of breathing .

        You may wish to stop……

      • 39
        Anonymous says:

        Nurses – you may have to try caring.

        • 149
          RCN Rep says:

          That’s an outrageous suggestion!

          Nurses should be playing cards, surfing the net and gossiping about X Factor.

          They are far too busy to be ‘caring’.

    • 68
      T'Old Fella says:

      Pickles is trying his best, he is eating for 3 people instead of 4 but seems to be losing the battle

  3. 3
    damned impertinent questions says:

    The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’ Ronald Regan

    • 80
      LAB GAIN says:

      Or: This government intends to make radical reforms in healthcare.

      • 86
        CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

        I’m from the NHS and I’m here to help you (along the liverpool Pathway).

      • 150
        Misternedderry says:

        Funny how labour voters are blaming the tories for the thousands of needless deaths that happened in hospitals under the system that was in place when LABOUR was in power.

        Just like hacking and the police selling evidence to tabloids etc… all corruption and incompetence of the labour government, that happened when labour were in power. All things which this coalition have put an end to and have cleaned up.

        All things which labour supporters are still trying to blame this coalition for.

        Mid Staffs deaths and the other 5 hospitals deaths all happened…. WHEN LABOUR WAS IN POWER!

        This was LABOUR’S RECORD ON THE NHS!!! Thousands of deaths through negligence, arrogance and incompetence.

      • 185
        The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

        Particularly in Stafford and Romford……

    • 115
      Jumbo says:

      Ah, Reagan, that old tax and spend socialist.

  4. 4
    Fucklambeth says:

    Ha ha ha sad bastards

    • 83
      LAB GAIN says:

      Envious aren’t you of our little thing called community

      • 88
        CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

        Community is a word used to describe areas where most people spend their days in the pub on benefits, claiming that cuts to the money they extort from workers is being selfish…

        • 118
          LAB GAIN says:

          Tory is word used to describe areas where people play “Come Dine with Me” rather than going into pubs, claiming that they pay too much tax as they can’t afford the latest model of car/woman.

          • himindoors says:

            Latest model of woman? Where do i get one?

          • CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

            If Tax is making life unaffordable then yes it is too much.

            Money = Work.

            Benefits should be non-cash.
            House in cheapest area of country.
            Food, chosen for benefits delivered.
            Travel bus passes.
            Heating lose control of thermostat

          • LAB GAIN says:

            Sounds like a gulag that most people are currently in. Isn’t it time for some growth led by Ball’s plan B to kickstart our flailing economy?

        • 187
          The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

          Pillock, Labour shoved the cost of beer up and steamrollered a no-smoking bill through parliament which killed off lots of pubs in this country. Thank you Harriet and Patsy!! They don’t like working men having a bit of R&R, sexist innit?

        • 208
          Same As It Ever Was says:

          It’s that Dismal Hunt again.

      • 146
        Old Tory Bigot says:

        If oyu’re talking about Lambeth then your ‘community’ is fucking stab city – or hadn’t you noticed?

        • 164
          Sigh says:

          Ah yes. I remember them 1990s Brixton riots like they was last week. Them was the days. Don’t get good riots like that any more. Don’t make ‘em like they used to.

  5. 7
    Steve Miliband says:

    ….Or rent out the other spare bedroom

  6. 9
    Liar Liar Pants on Fire says:

    So when Ed Miliband told Parliament that Alison Huggan mother of twins who had joined the army had written to him he was actually lying.

    Just 5 minutes on Google revealed the truth.

    Wendy Wilson House of Commons Social Policy Section Writes:
    One of the many people to contact me is Alison Huggan from Coulby Newham in Middlesbrough.


    • 90
      LAB GAIN says:

      t’aint nececirily so, miliband might have had another letter she wrote to him

    • 107
      Edgar says:

      So maybe she wrote to her local MP as well as to Miliband and anyone else she thought might be sympathetic. Doesn’t make Miliband a liar (on this issue at least).

    • 225
      Anonymous says:

      Did you notice how his voice went in to caring mode when he spoke of Alisons plight, why cant her 2 strapping lads pay the extra if they want a base ?

  7. 10
    Jezza Kyle says:

    I ain’t working for nuffink!

  8. 11
    Tory Fat Cat says:

    Coming next… rich people, you might have to start paying tax

    Not really – it’s the Tories in power

    • 14
      God says:

      Tax? hopefully not!

    • 24
      Moocher Alert says:

      Why should people need to pay tax?

      • 82
        T'Old Fella says:

        To pay for the armed services, police, NHS (unles of course you have health insurance payed for by you employer), educate your bratts (unless your bratts go to public schools), pay for inept politicos plus their expenses ………………………….

        • 147
          Postal Votes are Labour Loo Paper says:

          To pay for worthless sacks of liebor shit to do fuck all but scrounge and whine

    • 30
      yeah, right... says:

      They never stopped. Those with the top 1% of income pay around 30% of income tax.

      This is rather inconvenient for the left, who like to believe that if the highest earners start paying tax, they can carry on buying whole swathes of the electorate with that money.

      • 96
        CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

        That’s the main problem!

        Everyone in the country should pay the same fee for the state.

        Why should someone who’ll get nothing from the state pay a million, and someone who’ll do nothing for his fellow citizens get a million (lifetime on benefits)?

      • 101
        LAB GAIN says:

        You’re accusing councils of wasting money when it’s this government giving the handouts to mulit-millionaires in this country, while normal British working people need help and advice to cope with the changes to their welfare being inflicted on them by Osborne and the rest of his Eton Mess

        • 126
          yeah, right... says:

          Yes. We’d like to see an end to wasteful welfare and an end to state corporatism.

          Although, I expect when you refer to ‘handouts to millionaires’ you actually mean tax cuts. Stealing less of someone’s income isnt the same as giving them a handout, in the same way that giving someone less free money isn’t the same as taxing them.

          The left really are in a terrible muddle on this point.

        • 133
          Blodwen says:

          A mess cteated by the mismanagement of the two faced public school educated oxbridge millionaires currently sitting on the opposition front bench.

          • Postal Votes are Labour Loo Paper says:

            What planet are you on? Ever heard of the deficit you retard? Plainly from the Ed Bollocks school of economics.

        • 159
          Misternedderry says:

          The government are NOT giving millions in handouts to rich people. It is time you got your news from somewhere other than the labour party, lefty blogs or the BBC.

          Learn the difference between giving other people’s money away in benefits (handouts) and allowing people to keep more of what they have already earned themselves through their own labour. (tax cuts)

          Otherwise, if you do not learn this, you will look like a total fuckwit.

  9. 12
    God says:

    Find work? that would be against their religious beliefs for many of them! “Work is for Tories” is the basis of their belief. They seem to think that the State (meaning the rest of us who DO work) should provide for them throughout their miserable lives!

    • 36
      The savant10.4 highway patrol says:

      And you know what ??

      We are the moronic cretins who actually allow this guttersnipe friendly system to continue and therefore connive in its propagation and growth.

    • 102
      LAB GAIN says:

      Actually the majority of people in receipt of housing benefit are in work. Although under this government it is just as hard to find work as at the height of the financial collapse.

      • 163
        Misternedderry says:

        The figures show otherwise. Over a million extra jobs, whereas when labour were in power over a million private sector jobs were destroyed by the consequences of labour’s sucking up to greedy bankers and encouraging the profligate gambling of the worst banks.

        And even when it all collapsed, what did labour do? Attack the bankers? NO!!! They bailed the fuckers out at the same time as doubling the income tax of the poorest workers.

        Labour hate the poor, but love to entrap and enslave them forever in state dependency.

        The tories (that’s real tories, not Cameron) prefer people to be self-reliant.

        • 223
          Anonymous says:

          Lab gain has no concept of self reliance – just another sanctimonious cretin who thinks lazy oxygen thieves have a right to live a life of poncing.

  10. 15
    National Socialism is Socialism says:

    Ok: So where is the OJ Simpleton response ?

    - It is shameful that those workers who are on benefits should have to work, or some such tripe.

    • 19
      Maybe out of context, but will do nicely says:
      • 21
        Point of information says:

        Why is he always looking to the right ?

        • 37
          The savant10.4 highway patrol says:

          He’s really a closet …………. Capitalist.

          Red in tooth and claw.

          • Spread the bumsex, feel the love says:

            His boyfriend is an Old Etonian. And he takes his weight on his elbows.

      • 28
        Newsagent says:

        Owen Jones, I offered you a paper delivery boy’s job the other day, but you have not replied. Why is that?

        • 153
          Owen Jones's Agent says:

          Owen will only deliver the Guardian, the Observer and at a push the Independent.

          He will not let lesser titles contaminate his sack.

    • 216
      Same As It Ever Was says:

      Unless an OJ Simpleton, you would understand that National Socialism has NOTHING to do with Socialism – but the likes of you know that. Yet is not the truth that this site, your site, has far more in comment with National Socialism?

  11. 17
    Anonymous says:

    Must be plenty of jobs in the “Lambeth Council Division of Stating the Bloody Obvious (Lesbian Handicapped Ethnic Minority Division)”

  12. 20
    Ah! Monika 2013 +1 says:

    {More than £3,000 was added to the value of homes in the three months to January which experts say is a sign the economy is recovering.}

    This expert says its because the ‘population’ is expanding faster than ever before!

    • 31
      yeah, right... says:

      Or the money supply.

    • 40
      JH234802349503249 says:

      This non-expert looking at their local market says that is bollocks.

      Transactions are at a historic low. Average prices will be all over the place on because the sample is tiny.

      In other news, Fuel and bread have become more expensive in the last three months. I presume these living costs going up are also signs of a healthy economy?

      • 50
        And I'm getting bigger every minute says:


      • 51
        Food Shopper says:

        Noticed price of cheapo chicken went up by 10% at local super market.

        Keep you eye for, same price less stuff deals: As the packaging becomes more expensive this may be even more obvious.

        Guessing 20-25% inflation, especially in wheat related products, by mid year.

      • 65
        Rational Consumer says:

        Buy on the dips, buy in bulk on those dips, care only about the unit cost prices.

        Good strategy may be to pick up stuff in supermarket only when on special, and use food bank for the big ticket items.

        Fruit and nut mix from GBP 1 shop is very tasty and half a bag a day has most of the nutrition required to sustain the average man. Cutting wheat will reduce your appetite as well.

      • 188
        The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

        Of Course! The bad weather and poor harvest last summer was all a dastardly Tory trick. The price of honey is due to rise as well, is that because the bees are right wing and want to boost profits? No you plonker, bad weather affects harvests but you being a lefty urbanite probably thinks that food comes from the Tesco factory in Swindon.

        Lefties hate farmers, I wonder why….

    • 100
      CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

      Unearned money from falls in house affordability acts like a harmful tax, sucking in income with nothing in return.

  13. 22
    Peter Expat says:

    Isn’t there a fundamental here, just as there is with raising the retirement age ? It assumes that there are jobs available. This is more to do with posturing than reality. Whilst there are undoubtedly plenty of lazy b#####ds around, most unemployed people would love to find a job. Frightening people who are already bumping along on the bottom solves nothing.
    This has more to do with people already in well paid jobs covering their own position and pretending to do something at the expense of the genuinely unemployed.

    • 27
      Benny Fitz-Clements says:

      Labour boosted welfare payments enough to trapped me on benefits. Why should I bovver to work ? Innit ?

    • 33
      Jimmy says:

      “It assumes that there are jobs available.”

      It also assumes that HB recipients are all unemployed, but let’s not spoil a good pov bash with facts

    • 35
      yeah, right... says:

      Those three million Poles seemed to find something to keep themselves busy.

    • 105
      CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

      Maybe lower the punishment for working (Income, NI and VAT) and employing (Corp, CGT and VAT) and lower the reward for not working (HB, Tax credits, Child Benefit, Unemployment Benefit).

      • 129
        yeah, right... says:

        Far too sensible. Not least because those extra million public sector workers Gordon took on to administer taxing people, then to administer giving them some of it back (if they played nicely, fill in the forms, vote Labour early and often) would have to get a proper job.

  14. 26
    Truth be told says:

    A MUGGER caught by his footprints in the snow was a migrant who had flown into Britain just two days earlier, a court has heard.

    He got away with one the day before.

  15. 32
    Labour benefit scrounger says:

    My work is collecting my benefits. Vote labour for an increase in benefits.

    • 73
      Pawn Sandwich says:

      Yes and your business plan is based on siring as many kids as possible then as they grow up then the plan changes – DLA and your other half gets carers allowance.

      • 89
        Labour benefit scrounger says:

        Just on my way to the benefits office, in a taxi paid by the taxi payer (get it). Going to get me and the wife and six kids holiday payment sorted. Should not cost the tax payer more than three grand.

        • 110
          LAB GAIN says:

          So childish. Most of this ad is targeted at people on below the living wage, or on part-time work, which they have been forced into under this government. Most people in receipt of housing benefit are in some form of work.

          • Pawn Sandwich says:

            So childish is it?

            ALL of the people who I know that are on benefits right now have NEVER worked since I first met them.

            So if you want to call people childish then you can fuck off with your leftie bollox.

          • Misternedderry says:

            Forced into it? You make it sound like work is a punishment imposed by a slave owner state.

            You are fucking deluded.

            Work is an OBLIGATION in society. Those who REFUSE to work have no place in civilised society and should rightly be shunned or left to starve to death. Those who CANNOT work (not merely see work as an inconvenience, but who actually are incapable) do deserve real help.

            I repeat, those who CAN work, but choose not to and make bollocks excuses to stay out of work, should not receive a penny!

            Those who defend such slovenliness and laziness also have no place in a civilised society.

            LAB GAIN, you are defending the same immorality as theft and slothfulness. You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself.

            But then, you are demonstrating the mentality of the typical delusional, complacent, corrupt and totally bloody thick labour voter. The kind of person who loves to spend other people’s money, but has no intention of earning any themselves, and then you wonder why the poor bastards whose money YOU have been trying to spend, finally gets pissed off with having their hard earned money stolen from them. you get all pissed off with them.

            Well FUCK YOU! go and get a fucking job and stop advocating stealing more and more from the rest of us.

          • Moosie Brotherhood says:

            Of course this doesn’t apply to mooooslims it’s against our religion.
            Plus it isn’t a spare bedroom it’s a prayer room.
            Ps we hate you and your country but love your loverrrlry benefits, oh how we piss ourselves laughing at you infidel fools every single day.
            Just off to pick up some relatives from the airport who will simply stay here and not go home.
            Toodle pips..

    • 217
      Same As It Ever Was says:

      Starbucks admits, our business is avoiding UK tax.

  16. 38
    An MP says:

    I’m an MP and still get benefits whooopee for me. You lot can go and starve hehehe.

  17. 41
    Owin Jones says:

    I am 100% against gay marriage!

    Mainly because my boyfriend will want a wedding and I’m skint.

  18. 44
    Err says:

    Independent….”A solar ‘superstorm’ is coming and we’ll only get 30-minute warning.”

    Thanks for the warning then.

  19. 48
    I wouldn't employ one says:

    That assumes that they are employable. A tattooed oik covered with piercings is going to find getting a job all but impossible.

    • 57

      ….The growing demand for tattoos over the past few years has encouraged more artists to enter the business. With demand being so strong there is plenty of work available…

      One option.
      And bin collecting.Wheel clamping, bouncer, scaffolder, cement layer, merchant navy, and angry man in any bbc documentary about cuts.

      • 76
        beast says:

        You ommited the demand for prostitutes and drugs
        Its a growing market, shoulkd the MP game dry up have considered lap dancing or crack dealing?
        I have but I’m too old to get up the Pole

      • 189
        The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

        Merchant Navy? I thought John Prescott stabbed that through the heart and left it to die a lingering death. British flagged ships with British crews are very rare these days. Try Liberian flag and Philipino crews. Much more likely.

    • 75
      Oik tattooist and piercer says:

      I’ve got a good job.

    • 78
      Faq Defarno says:

      He/she could always get a job with Lambeth council, they like people in this situation.

    • 99
      D. Beckham says:

      Not necessarily, I just got a new job in Paris.

    • 174
      Misternedderry says:

      I have tattoos and piercings. I am also in full time employment.

    • 194
      Moosie Brotherhood says:

      Beards robes and hijabs are also great at ensuring we don’t have to work…
      The right to express our religious freedom you see.
      But oh how we pissed ourselves laughing at you infidel fools when your own government lawyers prosecuted some idiot Christians for wearing a small cross at work.
      Ohhhh haaaaa, ha ha haaaaa has ha haaaa, stop pls, I’m crying with laughter.

      We love the EU, pls don’t ever leave it or we will be fcuked.. But as LibLabCon all love the EU we feel pretty darn confident the idiot Brits will never summon the courage to leave, your all far too weak and stoopid to realise…

  20. 72
    Cockney with his curtains drawn says:

    Any time night or day, when your down Lambeth way, you’ll find us all, scrounging eh eh eh.

  21. 77
    Fact Hunt says:

    Doing the Lambeth work, oi!

  22. 92
    Sir Fatson Catson MP for Allwaze-on-the-Scrounge says:

    Thank heavens that people who can claim the benefits of several subsidised restaurants, unaudited expenses, second homes and Parliamentary privilege won’t have to work!

  23. 94
    Scrounger says:

    It’s the last time they get my votes

    Kate Hoey

    Tessa Jowell
    Dulwich and West Norwood

    Chuka Umunna

    • 112
      LAB GAIN says:

      Fortunately you can’t vote for more than one. And they are among the most successful labour MPs in London, with many more to come hopefully.

      • 120
        Kevin T says:

        Given that Lambeth is largely populated by unemployed blacks, it’s hardly a shocker Labour is popular there.

      • 121
        Resident sick of the lying, communist backhander scum says:

        Shouldn’t you be doing what you’re paid for and not using taxpaer’s funding to spout off on here? You should be not collecting all those sofas and old tyres in the front gardens or not sweeping up the broken glass from last night’s fighting.

        like you would normally be not doing?

      • 175
        Misternedderry says:

        Unless you are Asian utilising the postal vote system, in which case there seems to be almost no limit on the amount of times you can vote labour.

  24. 97
    Jayne says:

    The drunkard is calling everyone scroungers? Didn’t take him long to become another tit in the Sun did it?

  25. 109
    Sick of Scroungers says:

    Ha Ha Ha

    • 114
      LAB GAIN says:

      You epitomise the hateful politics of the tory right-wing press, what if Jayne actually had had mental problems. Sickos. She’s got a point: most people in receipt of housing benefit are in work.

      • 132
        Doing the Lambeth Work says:

        Off fuck. Rearrange into a well-known phrase or saying.

      • 177
        Misternedderry says:

        It is a symptom of a tyranical labour oppression that people in work are STILL enslaved into state dependency.

        People in work should not receive ANY benefits. People in work should live off what they earn.

        If housing is too expensive these days, it is because labour MPs used tax-payer funded expenses to build property portfolios, so it was in their interest that house prices exploded when labour where in power. So labour encouraged the profligate and unsustainable debt based growth in the economy and in the process priced all-but the richest people out of home ownership and into excessive and exorbitant rents, which the labour government were happy to pay in full to the greedy landlords (many of whom were immigrants, exploiting other poor immigrants). The labour government created a system whereby it became almost impossible for the poor to become self-reliant.

        Stop blaming the tories for the inevitable consequences of 13 years of catastrophic labour mismanagement of this country.

      • 186
        Obi Wanker Nobi says:

        I sense the Troll Force is weaking in this one…

  26. 117
    A Lefty says:

    Disgraceful. What about their human rights?

  27. 119

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    “If you claim benefits, it is likely you will receive less and may have to find work”.

    How terrible…

  28. 127
    Frank Scunner says:

    I am pleased that the notice is only written in English.

  29. 130
    Doing the Lambeth Work says:

    I’m extremely sorry to say soon you will not be able to lie in bed all day whilst collecting your benefit every week. Also you may have to reconsider claiming benefits whilst working. We realise that this is a great inconvenience to you but it has come about because of this shocking Tory government. For our part we would be perfectly happy for you to enjoy a lifestyle paid for by the state. Please accept our apologies and do not hesitate to get in touch if you feel we can help you.

  30. 134
    Iberian Pimple says:

    The current Lambeth poster campaign showing Adam Afriyie (*) as Prime Minister looks prescient. Great value for (tax payer’s) money.
    (*) it’s not supposed to be Chuka is it?

  31. 135
    Other Lambeth poster says:

    Battyboy Tories gwan take yo crack money, blud!

  32. 144
    stewartedwards says:

    Scroungers – can only hope that no one who thinks this ever gets ill, disabled, looses their job etc, when the bills arent getting paid as your body no longer works properly it would interesting to see how many think that things have gone to far.

    Marginalising minorities is the work of darkness, hstory has proven tme nd time again it is the work of bad people. Some even got hung for it once.

    Better to generate jobs so that people can more easily find work.

    If you simply devastate families in a short period of time, you are fracturing the social fabric of this nation. The results are likley to be suicide, increased ressure on both the nhs and the police (well people have to pay bills somehow and some will turn to crime) and those burgled, or mugged have an ongoing fear to deal with, which compounds societal de-evolution.

    The governments plans could have worked well if their economic policies had succeeded and decent paying jobs were plentiful so that people could more easily make the transition from welfare to work. But as it stands the total financial cost to this nation could be greater than doing nothing in the long term.

    Scroungers? Are MPs scroungers for their expense attitudes? What about directors and senior employees who used to rig nonuses (its all at teh expense of you and me) or those who evade tax? Being unemployed or disabled does not make you a scrounger.

    The societal harm caused by Marginalising minorities is a lesson that our government and press have failed to learn from history.

    If you want welfare to work:-

    1. Get plenty of decent paying jobs – plenty of people from a broad spectrum have stated that the government policies have failed in this regard. Plan B is required.

    2. Staff and train the dwp better so that things work better (believe me when I tell you that earnng small sums of money can really cause you major problems on benefit and I correctly reported).

    3. Realise that such a social change will take decades, doing it so quickly will continue to fracture this cautious nation. There were alternatives.

    That all said I do agree that things do need to change, and have a lot of sympathy for what our government are trying to achieve, but the negative fallout from how they are doing it is likley to scar many families for decades, including many in work, when relatives die or when they are burgled/mugged (with a smaller police force to sort – hence enabling the criminals), or when they have a nasty fall or a corporate restructing sends them to the jobcentre.

    I do hope that Cameron and his buddies are right and I am wrong, but I can see bad things coming out of current government policies, however well intentioned.

    History has taught us one very important lesson – bad things happen when you marginalise/belittle and socially exclude segments of the population. Why have we forgtten it?

    • 157

      Sorry for forgetting to spellcheck

    • 166
      yeah, right... says:

      A finely honed argument. It’s main flaw being that the sort of people who start the companies which create all these jobs you identify wont do so here because they are are having more and more of their money taken from them by politicians.

      In order to tax less, we need to spend less and borrow less. Benefit cuts are an inevitable part of this. Encouraging large swathes of society to be idle is just plain silly.

    • 167
      Dead Patients Society says:

      Not difficult to fix at all.

      1) Stop immigration by unskilled workers. Give those already here a reasonable time limit to leave. That removes the one genuine excuse.

      2) Make the unemployed take the jobs that are freed up, whether they involve shelf stacking, fruit picking or working a till. Stop benefits for those who refuse.

      A left winger will now explain why flooding the country with rich, vibrant cultural diversity is more important than cuitting unemployment.

    • 179
      Misternedderry says:

      stewartedwards says:
      February 7, 2013 at 3:34 pm

      Scroungers – can only hope that no one who thinks this ever gets ill, disabled, looses their job etc, when the bills arent getting paid as your body no longer works properly it would interesting to see how many think that things have gone to far.”

      People should make provision whilst in work, for any such eventuality. It is not the state’s job.

      I have private insurance against being unable to work. If I become ill, I will not be a burden on other hard working tax-payers. By the way, I only earn 22K per year, but I ensure that I live within my means and I pay my way and I have insurance. it is NOT a preserve solely of the rich, anyone can do it. It is called being SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE!

      “Better to generate jobs so that people can more easily find work.”

      Agreed. the best way to do this is to cut taxes and free business from red tape. Not what labour did, is it?

      “Scroungers? Are MPs scroungers for their expense attitudes? What about directors and senior employees who used to rig nonuses (its all at teh expense of you and me) or those who evade tax? Being unemployed or disabled does not make you a scrounger.”

      yes MPs are scroungers, some of the worst. as for bonuses in the private sector, that is entirely the business of the shareholders and the customers of that business, NOT the government or the tax-payer. If you do not like the bonuses, do not do business with that company.

      Tax evasion is a crime. Tax avoidance is a legal fiduciary duty of any corporation and is good business which lowers costs and allows a business to employ more people, often on the lower end of the pay scale, thus reducing a countries unemployment bill.

      As for “are unemployed people scroungers,” if they can work and refuse to, then YES they are, undoubtedly.

      “1. Get plenty of decent paying jobs – plenty of people from a broad spectrum have stated that the government policies have failed in this regard. Plan B is required.”


      “2. Staff and train the dwp better so that things work better (believe me when I tell you that earnng small sums of money can really cause you major problems on benefit and I correctly reported).”


      “3. Realise that such a social change will take decades, doing it so quickly will continue to fracture this cautious nation. There were alternatives.”

      Pinko, wooly liberal BOLLOCKS!!! immediately implement a system of “work or starve” people will create their own jobs overnight.

      It may sound harsh, but we are in a situation that is getting worse and worse. We need to get people back into work and mollycoddling them with “benefits” is NOT working.

      When we tax people who work, to pay people to not work, we screw our economy. It is insanity.

      • 181

        I was with you Misterneddery until you wrote:-

        “Pinko, wooly liberal BOLLOCKS!!! immediately implement a system of “work or starve” people will create their own jobs overnight.”

        Didnt realise that I was Pinko (I assume you mean communist – well I used to be a member of the Conservative Party and the Adam Smith Institute), “wooly liberal” – fair comment “Bollocks” is a matter of opinion. I am curious how starving people will create jobs overnight though – the only way for most would be crime. And all that thieving, burgling and mugging would by necessity be directed towards those with dosh. If those who can start businesses wont as you admit yourself how do you expect starving people with no relevant skills to do so?

        • 191
          The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

          Stewart, A good number of the poorest people in this country suffer from diseases that are brought about by bad diet, smoking, alcohol and “recreational” drugs. I know, I had to deal with many in a previous existence. The thing that needs to change is attitudinal not only from the people who blog here but the obese, tattoed and drunken specimens that turn up at the job centre plus giving foul mouthed diatribes to the staff because they cannot get an interview for a job that pays £50k pa for sitting on your arse.. My local Job Centre employs two bouncers. This is not the state or the evil baby eating Tories that made them like this. They did it themselves. We have allowed the working classes to lose their dignity by not keeping them in jobs and by giving them the chance to earn more doing nothing than doing something. It demoralises them and their work ethic perishes.

          Under the last government, huge numbers of highly motivated and skilled people flooded the jobs market. The locals were no longer required because employers could get better for less. Labour has allowed this to happen. They have sapped the spirit of the working classes. They have left us with a problem which they now blame others for.

          • stewart edwards says:

            You know you are right in this bottle fed. I myself have a lot of experience in such social groups. I myself come from a poor background made it into the global professions and then got crushed by life as my wife got ill. I think it fair comment to say however that I have positively contributed a lot to society in the UK and globally since then ,even in small ways having been peer recognised in several fields. Not easy things to make money out of unfortunately. I am obese btw but got myself half way around iron man UK complete marathons and adventure races. While this is an. arrogant comment children and adults have thanked me, quite a number of times, for inspiring them or helping them move forwards in life. If you know how I can make a living out of this I am listening. All I can think about is global politics, and that is not exactly the easiest thing to get a job in, but I am working on it.

          • Meant to say I have found my recent experience in the jobcentre to be an excellent place and their help and assistance has been gratefully received. They are more than happy with the various things that I am doing to get myself back into the workplace/earn a living. But at 47 with recently diagnosed spinal stenosis (which I dont get any benefits for and haven’t tried to) my employment opportunities are limited.

          • Oh and having been told by my doctor that I could at any time require an immediate rush to ER (if I loose control of my bodily functions or more worringly motor skills) I am not exactly comfy with how government changes could affect me at any point in the future should worst case scenario I become paralysed from the neck down. And with a disabled and ill wife it makes you think.

            Hence I will fight the corner of the disabled. Especially when our politicians and press are fogetting the lessons of history.

            The worst of it is that I am now barred from running.

  33. 171
    VERITAS says:

    Lambeth council represent the sheer bankruptcy of the Socialist credo but they have shot themselves in the foot over these ads,the vast majority of citezens are fed up with the benefit culture,this will be a major issue at the next election the message should be the cradle to grave welfare system is at an end no matter who gets elected.

  34. 182
    Carol Richards says:

    Shome mishtake,surely….

  35. 192
    TONY BENN'S WILL says:

    That is prima facia evidence that benefits are used to buy votes,it could not be clearer

  36. 221
    fitz fitz says:

    “” we can help “” : as in – we can help you to get a job ?

  37. 224
    Another Headshrinker says:

    Lambeth Council tax payers should be up in arms on this! The place is crawling with the lazy!

  38. 229
    False Flag Spotter says:



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