February 5th, 2013

Today In Court: Huhne/Pryce Phone Calls Played to Jury

Some great top lines from the opening day of Vicky Pryce’s trial, not least her description of her husband’s former bisexual lover as “that man of yours”. The jury of eight women and four men today heard the not so jaw-dropping admission that Vicky’s main motivation was revenge. Guido’s favourite Greek economist told Isabel Oakeshott: “I have no doubt that I definitely want to nail him, more than ever actually”.

The court heard how Pryce tried to trick Huhne into confessing all during a taped phone call, but he saw through it and told her: “This is absolute cobblers…you are the only person batty enough to go to the press with this”. As Pryce became more exasperated she told him: “there are people outside my door and it’s all to do with your f***ing points and your f***ing man and it’s nothing to do with me”. The fourth recorded phone call in which Huhne tells Pryce there is “no upside” to talking to the papers is one to note. The trial continues…


  1. 1
    Evil Landlord says:

    Now that Huhne is going down I think they CPS should drop the case against Mrs Pryce. He was the target not her.


  2. 2
    Peter Grimes says:

    It took time, but you sure helped get the bastard!


  3. 3
    lojolondon says:

    Guido, thanks for the great coverage – this is better than Christmas!!


  4. 4
    yeah, right... says:

    Well, as long as everyone involved retains their dignity, that’s the main thing.


  5. 6
    lojolondon says:

    PS – I can’t find a suitable place to put this – off topic

    My PC keeps getting hung up on your site for several minutes and then telling me shockwave flash has crashed…. could you run the site without it??

    Thanks -


  6. 8
    simon says:

    Pryce reminds me of Weed out of The Flowerpot Men.


  7. 11
    splotchy says:

    Given that Pryce was clearly trying to entrap him into a confession, and given that she had access to her son’s phone (the mail reports she released texts from it to them, which triggered the police later seizing it for evidence), I wonder if it was she who made the relevent texts of 11th May? They are couched in a more adult tone than the other ranty ones. Whatever, two parents treating each other hideously and destroying their family in the process. That’s far worse than the speeding, the points etc.


    • 32
      Reality says:

      What maybe more relevant is that she did not tell him the calls were being recorded.

      It is fine to record calls for your own use from home.

      Calls recorded at home for third parties though, note the journalists in this case, is illegal.



    • 40
      Huhne Apologist Alert says:

      Speeding points?

      Are you unable to read?

      The charge is, Perverting the course of Justice, Huhne has admitted his guilt to that crime. Maximum sentence, life imprisonment.

      Do you need a need a map to find your own front door?


    • 72
      Laughing hangman says:

      Do you think Huhne cared about his family, NO just himself and his now ex career.


  8. 13
    Polly Toynbee says:

    I’ve lost my marbles and I’m throwing them too.


    • 27
      Anonymous says:

      But the villa’s got all those marble walls and floor by the pool. You could easily get one of the servants to make some with a chisel and file.


  9. 14
    cripple452 says:

    Least Hunhe isnt a phedo. Or Is He? Hmmm


  10. 15

    Gorgeous Galloway’s raving Twitter attacks on Isabel Oakshott are a tad over the top. What kicked that off? Has Isabel turned him over in the past or does he just hate female journalists?


  11. 16
    Sir William says:

    Al Gore? The Future? The dolt can’t even forecast the past.


  12. 18
    Sir William 17th says:

    Al Gore? The Future? The dolt can’t even forecast the past.


  13. 19
    Huhne is scum says:


    • 30
      Pricky Vyce says:

      LibDems: accomplished liars who have absolutely no problem repeating lies to all and sundry. They can keep on lying and lying for ten years or more.


    • 51

      For how long will the velvet voice and full head of grey hair be seen in itself as Casting Director’s ideal of a politician? The intervention and primary escapade of this absolute Huhne may change all that.



  14. 21
    What every girl wants to hear says:

    Any chance of a blow job?


  15. 23
    joker says:

    Pryce knew all about her husband’s guilt, and whilst furthering her career, kept quiet.
    Punish her too.
    It’ll keep her off tv for a while at least.


    • 47
      Inconvenient Truth says:

      Err, you do not seem to understand, even at a very basic level, how our legal system of this country. Here’s a clue, Huhne has peaded guilty and is now awaiting punishment. Pryce has peaded not guily and until the jury decides yay or nay, innocent of any charge.


    • 62
      Where are Tony Blair's expenses says:

      + 100 She was quite happy to go along with the deception while she was part of a Political Power” couple and is now just out for revenge because her old man ran off with a bisexual.

      Get her behind bars aswell


  16. 24
    Chris Huhne's cellmate says:


  17. 25
    Batty says:

    In fairness to Huhne, she does seem batty, and I wait, with fascination and a touch of scepticism, for the evidence which proves that she was “coerced”.

    It is disgraceful however that our legal system allows her counsel to make challenges to the jury at the selection stage so as to produce one with eight women on it. I struggle to see how this will produce justice.


    • 68
      Jim says:

      Men look for sex, and do not understand the difference between a mother and a bisexual. He could not have insulted her more as a woman than he has done by the interpretation of overriding her boundaries to get it both ways.
      Unless she can prove she was acting in the best interest of the children in 2003 the defence is likely to fail.


    • 69
      Throw her in gaol as well says:

      After hearing the phone tap am fighting feelings of sympathy for this Cnut


  18. 26
    not me guv says:

    Has anyone commited fraud against motor insurers


  19. 29
    He's gonna git medieval on Krishnan's ass! says:


  20. 34
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Huhne should not be sent to prison as he provides a service for the public good
    I mean who the hell else is going to shag all the munters if he’s inside ?


  21. 35
    Anonymous says:

    What we do not yet know is whether she was complicit in the original deception of “TAKING”


    • 39
      SP4BS says:

      I’d guess she must have.

      Otherwise that would be a deception, that she could use as a metaphorical rusty nail in a wall to hang him up by his testicles upon.


  22. 36
  23. 41
    puzzled says:

    The legal defence of coercion is available only to wives. If gay marriage has its way, will this defence be available only to the catamite? Who will decide?


    • 44

      Maybe the *coughs* versatile ones will be able to share the sentence, day on day off?


    • 46
      SP4BS says:

      More to the point, what about “common law wives” and indeed why wouldn’t coercian be something that can be done to family members, etc.etc.

      more to the point:

      “In 1977, the Law Commission recommended that the defence of marital coercion should be abolished altogether. They said that they did not consider it to be appropriate to modern conditions”


  24. 50
    Bardirect says:

    This is not a comment on this currently proceeding trial but a comment on the reporting about it

    It is unclear from what has been reported so far what conduct VP is actually supposed to have done which amounts to an offence as the actual charge embraces a range of possibilities. Is it alleged that she was actively involved in “TAKING” the points, or is it that Huhne “arranged it”, by intercepting the NIP addressed to her, faking her signature, purloining her licence to submit for endorsement, so that she discovered what had been done ONLY when she received her licence back with the points and then subsequently covered it up? His guilty plea to an offence doesnt involve an admission as to the specific facts.


    • 54
      puzzled says:

      I think the prosecution case is the former. Edis emphasized at the outset that it takes two folk working together to fiddle points. I assume Huhne will now be called as a witness for the prosecution…

      What a ghastly outcome. As Shakespear said, “hell hath no fury like an olde batte”.


    • 55

      Quite! Just the point I have been arguing!


  25. 56
    Quixote says:

    Now it has been established that the lady had not been driving and should not have taken the points, it means that Huhne was driving, and was guilty of the motoring offence of speeding. Should he not now be charged, sentenced to an appropriate fine, have his licence endorsed with the prescribed points, and, if appropriate, be barred from driving for whatever period the law provides ?


    • 73
      Rumpledforeskin says:

      hi Don,
      yes, but I read earlier that he already received a ban for another offense. How fucking stupid are these people ? TOM TOM hello for fucks’ sake


  26. 58
    Jo swinney says:

    Is publicly calling a bisexual woman a man a hatecrime ? I am offended and may make a complaint .

    Awful people – both of them .


  27. 59
    Anonymous says:

    She played her game and won. Too what costs? Her liberty perhaps?


    • 61
      Sunny Jim says:

      I think she feels that it’s a price (Pryce? ;) ) worth paying. She’s destroyed the Huhne.


    • 67
      There's a noose waiting... says:

      She is carrying on with McShame, so the poor woman has already suffered a fate worse than death.


      • 80
        Grimy Miner says:

        Jeez – she jumps from a mendacious, duplicitous adulterer called Huhne to a thieving, lying duplicitous sh1t called McShane. What a good judge of character this woman is. She is an upper level manager and former Joint Head of the United Kingdom’s Government Economic Service.

        No wonder we are deep in the clag with stupendous judges of character like her.


  28. 71
    Rumpledforeskin says:

    why was my perfectly reasonable request asking if Gordon had attended his place of work today deleted ?


  29. 78
    Anonymous says:

    He has Clinton’s Anaemia – not enough blood to power the brain and the dick simultaneously – and she . . . well, we must wait and see what the jury think of her, mustn’t we?

    Poor Peter.


  30. 82
    Moderated by the Guardian for saying what a bunch of Cunts. says:

    What a bunch of hunts!


    • 90
      Taxfodder says:

      The Telegraph is also very fond of pushing the comments off button especially when its hacks trumpet contentious bollocks..

      Best rule of thumb if you see comments off I don’t bother to read it, it will be cods wallop!


  31. 89
    8 women on the jury says:

    She’s a sister wronged by a man. Or possibly two.

    Not guilty.


  32. 91
    Mr Justice Moletrouser says:

    Were Ms Pryce in my court she would be exonerated forthwith and leave with a smile and a judicious and lingering pat on the arse.

    Has no-one found my glasses?


  33. 92
    But seriously.... says:

    But seriously. The law has been broken. Forget about speeding points and all. These people are law makers. They consider themselves above the law. The sentence they receive should reflect the time, resources any money that has been wasted on the investigation whilst they continued to lie and mislead police, lawyers and the Government. They have shown utter contempt for the law and all the decent, ordinary people living their lives honestly; throw the book at them.


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