February 4th, 2013

Peter Huhne’s Texts to Lying Father

The court restrictions have been lifted. Rejecting Huhne’s application to have the case thrown out last week, Mr Justice Sweeney said the jury would “be free to draw adverse inference” from these texts between Chris Huhne and his son, Peter:

CH: Peter, just to say, I’m thinking of you and I love you very much. It would be great to talk to you, Dad.

PH: **** off

PH: So nice to see our entire relationship reduced to lies and pleasantries in that letter. Do you take me for an idiot? The fact you said your parents were happier as a result of their divorce was disgusting… when you were having affairs makes me sick. You are the most ghastly man I have ever known. Does it give you pleasure that you have lost most of your friends?

CH: I understand that I have really offended you but I hope that the passage of time will provide some perspective… I love you and I will be there to support you if you ever need it.

PH: You are right – the perspective involves me getting angrier with every day that goes by. You just don’t get it.

PH: We all know that you were driving and you put pressure on Mum. Accept it or face the consequences. You’ve told me that was the case. Or will this be another lie?

CH: I have no intention of sending Mum to Holloway Prison for three months. Dad

PH: Are you going to accept your responsibility or do I have to contact the police and tell them what you told me?

PH: I don’t want to speak to you, you disgust me, f**k off.

PH: You just don’t get it.

CH: Happy Christmas. I love you

PH: I hate you so f**k off.

CH: Well I’m proud and I love you, Dad.

PH: Leave me alone, you have no place in my life and no right to be proud. It’s irritating that you don’t seem to take the point. You are such an autistic piece of ****. Don’t contact me again you make me feel sick.

You don’t have to be a genius to work out how that would have gone down with a jury…


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    How long till this family appear on Jeremy Kyle?


  2. 2
    Private_Schultz says:

    Unsavory post – I can understand you gloating, and anything against Huhne directly is fine, but don’t drag his son into it.


    • 9
      The LibDemon party says:

      He’s a public figure who sought high office, was unfaithful to his wife and family and LIED, LIED and LIED again.


    • 45
      lola says:

      Some sympathy with your post, SS-Schutze Schultze, but the fact that the lying bastard has destroyed his family and the respect of his children is tragic.


      • 112
        you need to do much better than call me a little Englander says:

        a shadowy fuck for sure and no great sympathy for the guy but no-one has really been hurt by his perverting justice, compare his crime to that of Blair,Brown and now Cameron and their endless lies and ask yourself who is worse.
        Huhne was just dumb enough to get caught, makes you wonder how he ever got so involved with MI5


        • 165
          Sylvio says:

          MI5 ?? ——————do tell


        • 189
          cerberus says:

          Do you mean M25 !


        • 261
          slimy scumbag should hang says:

          The whole country ahs been hurt by this bastard rising to powerful office, and having the chance to wreak havoc in the energy and climate change department


        • 266
          golli says:

          Point is the unprincipled lying Hooooon epitomises so many of his kind- politicians utterly incapable of straight talking and devoid of any morals. Just look at his son’s reaction, sums up the feelings of many in the country me thinks.


          • PC Dixon says:

            Dont think he would have hesitated a moment if it was one of us plebs who got caught. lock him up and loose the key


    • 61
      Jeffrey Bernard says:

      A private tragedy played out for the entertainment of all of us. All because of one man’s vanity: Huhne’s, not Guido’s.


    • 75
      Airey Belvoir says:

      Agreed. There is something distasteful about airing his blameless son’s rage and grief at the destruction of his family. Think again about this post, Guido.


      • 260
        Isambard Kingdom Brunel says:

        Its all over the telegraph as well.

        This was read out n court. Its public domain.


      • 313
        inside- out says:

        This was evidence released by the court,the son was a prosecution witness against his father.As Huhne’s defence team had these documents its a wonder he didn’t plead guilty before.Can’t wait to read the legal argument after case is over.


    • 84
      Chevy Chase says:

      Blow me.


      • 225
        Frederick Gideon Threepwood says:

        As numerous members of the Monday Club said, according to the minutes of the Elm Guest House.


    • 100
      Jimmy says:

      Very nasty. It’s hardly the boy’s fault his father let the tories back in.


      • 213
        JH2982304872038 says:

        I thought he was going to get away with it though, right Jimmy?



        • 289
          Jimmy says:

          I did think that at the beginning and I suspect if his ex had kept her gob shut he probably would.


          • And you wouldn’t have a problem with that Jimmy?


          • Jimmy says:

            You clearly have me pegged as a supporter of the government.

            I thought my constant blairite smartarsery would have thrown you off the scent but clearly there’s no pulling the wool over the eyes of a guidophile. Minds like gin traps some of you.


    • 109
      rocknrolla says:

      It’s a tricky one. This does have a bad taste to it but really the problem lies with Huhne and it was him who dragged his family in to it, it’s hard for the press to avoid reporting on the story.

      I remember the Guardian gloating over the contents of David Cameron’s late father’s will right after he died. This is not that bad, to be honest no other rag sinks as low as the Guardian, but it is heading in that direction. I would say it’s up to Guido’s discretion and he chooses to have this as gossip and tittle-tattle; it’s his choice.


      • 232
        Frederick Gideon Threepwood says:

        Lets compare like with like. Peter Huhne is innocent of any wrongdoing and can even be seen as admirable in his support of his mother. David Cameron’s father was the architect of the UK tax avoidance industry and his son is saying (broadly) ‘nothing to do with me guv’.


    • 118
      Carina? Wot did she know? says:

      It’s Huhne you need to blame Schultz.

      It’s Huhne who had the affairs

      It’s Huhne who walked out on his wife and kids

      It’s Huhne who dragged his family through the courts to save his neck even though he was guilty.

      It’s Huhne who tried to get his ex wife sent to prison for a crime she did not commit.

      It’s Huhne who is the cause and the effect and affectred his family so badly.

      Now wise up and smell the coffee. IT IS HUHNE!!!!


      • 167
        Anonymous says:

        Maybe we should all chip in and buy his son a T shirt with the slogan – ” I wish my dad was Fred West!”


      • 238
        Frederick Gideon Threepwood says:

        It is rather interesting. Huhne commits an offence and will get sent to prison, and has only himself to blame. Certain Tory cabinet ministers commit far worse offences and are ushered off to Brussels with no penalty and loads a money. And Guido avoids the topic like the plague.


      • 333
        Anonymous says:

        get your facts straight. it was she who went to the police. this is family business that has no place in public.

        she is to blame for this.


        • 335
          A Bad Un Banged to Rights. says:

          Perverting the course of Justice is not private.

          It is one of the most serious offences that can go before a court.

          This is about a man who has no regard for the law, parliament, his constituents. colleagues, friends, wife, children and extended family.

          Now get your facts straight.


        • 358
          Alex says:

          You ghastly piece of shit – she did what any wife would do when put in an impossible position by her husband and backed him. Then when he shat all over he, she thought “why the hell should I?”

          When your wife decides she’s had enough of the beatings you no doubt give her, be very afraid.


    • 198
      God's Holy Trousers says:

      Fuck Huhne he deserves all he gets.


    • 286
      Damned Impertinent Questions says:

      “don’t drag his son into it”

      I assume you were aiming that at Huhne?


    • 319
      pigdog says:

      Have to say, while I have no time for his Father, to bring his son into it is unwarranted, the lad has clearly been through alot with his dad running off with another woman, being let down etc. Comon on Guido, let’s not lower yourselves to the spite of the left. Don’t bring the mans kid into this, whether the texts were read out in court or not.


  3. 3
    pete Taylor says:

    How the hell did Sky get his texts?


    • 6
      Lol says:

      Just got in from work and saw this :) Nice one!


    • 24
      Lock,stock and two smoking arseholes says:

      It’s the News International way.


    • 50
      Lord Stansted says:

      They were read out in Court.


      • 65
        TWatson says:

        That’s another outrageous invasion of privacy by News International. The fact that these documents were read out in Court does not justify quoting them, reporting them or doing any of those other grubby things that the media exists to do.


        • 96
          starfish says:

          “The fact that these documents were read out in Court does not justify quoting them”


          Presumably they should confine themselves to speculation or reporting mistruths (such as nearly every one of Huhne’s public statements on the issue)?

          A very strange attitude


        • 158
          Anonymous says:

          Read out in Court = public record.

          Typical greenhorn who doesn’t know the meaning of “transparency”.

          Fuck Huhne and the horse he rode in on!


        • 169
          The Sheikh Of Arabeeee says:

          In the Conan Doyle stories, Watson always was a bit fucking thick and slow on the uptake.


          • Yellow door? Lemon entry my dear Watson says:

            Hence the name ‘Wat’s on?’


          • Murdoch's Nemesis says:

            I give up. How bl*ody slow on the uptake can you all be today?


          • Tom watson's Smarter Brother says:



          • Your Friendly Neighbourhood Irregular Baker Street Service says:

            No, that was Nigel Bruce, in the films. The Watson of the stories is the narrator, who was hardly so stupid that he would portray himself as being that stupid. However, the modern-day Watson IS so stupid, that he fails to see that he is that stupid.


        • 242
          Frederick Gideon Threepwood says:

          Never mind TWatson. Irony is lost on those more used to the humour of Freddie Starr and Bernard Manning.


        • 314
          inside- out says:

          What is read out in court is a matter of public record,and can be published.Thats what we have a free press for.If you had attended court you would have heard the substance of the texts.All the press does is report, so all the people unable to get into court,or attend can be equally informed if they want to.


        • 345
          Anonymous says:

          LOL Mr Watson!


  4. 4
    Popeye says:

    An extremely erudite young man.


  5. 7
    A Hacking Cough says:



  6. 8
    Mike Litorus says:

    “You don’t have to be a genius to work out how that would have gone down with a jury…”

    Could have explained that away with a picture of the boiler he left Vicky for…


  7. 10
    Will H says:

    Don’t do this Guido, very unedifying.


    • 29
      Private_Schultz says:

      Hear, hear!


    • 31
      Anonymous says:

      Greedo is a Murdoch mouthpiece from now on, anything goes.


    • 43
      James says:

      I agree. PH has nothing to do with this. My conclusion is that he was trying to get CH to do the right thing which must have been terribly difficult. It’s rather sad actually. VP might well regret ever starting this.


      • 67
        Anonymous says:

        Read out in Court – therefore a matter of public record. Stop whining dickweed!


        • 140
          south7eventh says:

          The news that phone was in the hands of the Police/CPS and its contents were examined, is one of the few hard facts that was made public in the last year.

          Now we know the importance of the phone and it is clearly in the public interest that the texts be published. It is obvious that this is hard evidence and is unambiguous.

          Well done Guido!


          • Casual Observer says:

            And if the son changes his story on who sent the texts from his phone ? ;-)


          • Jack's best mate says:

            Up until I read your comment I was had sympathy toward PH. Now, Like you say, they are probably in the publics interest. Will be interesting to read what Guido publishes on the blog when the Brooks trial comes along. Should be some very interesting texts there I should think.


          • Frederick Gideon Threepwood says:

            You think Guido will stick his head over the News International parapet?


          • Anonymous says:

            It was also Huhne’s lawyer (presumably under direction of Huhne) who read out the texts that weren’t directly related to the case, knowing there was a good chance they would become public knowledge. I feel sorry for Peter Hunt in having such a complete shit for a father.


      • 292
        Anonymous says:

        Did she start it though ? what was that about Vicky Price and that lady judge being in court ? could the Judge have started it all.


  8. 12
    Gazza says:

    I am no fan of Huhne (on the contrary), but no father deserves this kind of abuse from his children.
    Whatever other failings he may have, he is still their father and I’m sure he did his best to bring them up properly and before he went off with the dyke.


    • 15
      Shocking says:

      Fancy a beer, Gazza?


    • 106
      Anonymous says:

      Oh I don’t know. I think his son’s got him down pretty much to a tee – what part of “autistic piece of **** ” doesn’t accurately describe him?

      Every time I’ve seen him interview on TV with his complete lack of empathy and self awareness made me strongly suspect that he was pretty much out there on the assburgers/autism spectrum.


    • 135
      Fog says:


      If your father was a libdem, for starters; into scamming wind farms big time; very publicly leaves your mother for another woman, someone who was in a le sb ian civil partnership, and then lies for ten years about making your mother take his speeding points – I think a bit of abuse is justified. Doesn’t have to be on twitter though, face to face better with a punch on the nose maybe.


      • 344
        Biffo says:

        Followed up by a hard knee to the groin to ensure that no other child will ever have to go through what Huhne has put his current batch of kids through?


    • 265
      Vicky Pryce says:

      On the contrary, I think he deserves every inch of it.


    • 295
      Malcolm McDowell says:

      Irony right?


  9. 14
    Shocking says:

    “don’t text me you fat piece of s**t.”

    Come on. Chris is not fat!


  10. 17
    Universal Hiss says:

    As far as I’m concerned anything to show him up for what he is is fair game.

    He was a cabinet minister who lied constantly.

    I’d feel the same if he was my father(shudder).


  11. 19
    JimmyRushmore says:

    I really dislike Huhne but this just makes me feel sorry for him.


    • 28
      maggie the dog says:

      Don’t show weakness to the bastard


    • 101
      Anonymous says:

      Not really. He managed to bring up a son with some integrity. Senior can be comforted by the thought that he has left something better than himself behind.

      The son will not repeat this mistake.

      When a parent compromises everything that they have drilled into their children for their own immediate gain, then the child has to walk away. To stay is to support his the parents delusion of being above the law. The son needs to distance himself from this otherwise more will be hurt. So Guido is right to show us that the problem is an isolated delusional MP. Do not tar the innocent by association.


      • 197
        Lord Stansted says:

        The son will not repeat this mistake

        HTF do you know?


        • 257
          Anonymous says:

          Imagine the press if there was a hint of a similar issue. He would have to be nearly brain dead to imagine anything near this issue would be ignored.

          He is condemned by both the “nature” and the “nurture” brigade. So making the rash assumption of some intelligence he will not make the same “mistake” as his father.


      • 315
        inside- out says:

        His mother probably brought him up,hence son springing to her defence when she was facing porridge.


  12. 20
    VERITAS says:

    Result now for Mc Shame then Pryce can visit them both.


    • 196
      O` Winjones says:

      Looks like the “other woman(?)” is down to bringing in the cake and file, clearly a high libido unlikely to find sole satisfaction for the 6 months.
      PS If you drop the soap Huhne, just leave it OK.


  13. 21
    grotblik says:

    Seems like a good day to bury bad news – anything else happened today?


  14. 21
    Hmmm says:

    @Gazza He had just walked out on them for a bit on the side.

    All his family knew he was lying on TV blatantly and couldn’t believe it.


  15. 24
    LOL says:

    “You are the most ghastly man I’ve ever known.”

    He clearly hasn’t met Denis Macshane.


  16. 27
    Jonathan says:

    Indeed. Huhne and those like him are the kind of individuals who have ruined this country. He has lied and lied again over this matter and no doubt over other matters as well. Nick Clegg was appalled – why? For realising what so many others have been, saying for so long. But of course he cannot condemn his colleague out of hand. No, Chris Huhne has done the right (?) thing by resigning. And Clegg and Huhne are the individuals we have representing us in Parliament – cheats, liars and hypocrites all of them.

    Even now, Huhne comes out with a load of tripe that he has pleaded guilty to a matter which took place some ten years ago – as if that makes the slightest difference. He should have accepted the speeding points then not now. His ex wife is no better – she is pleading marital coercion. Whether her defence succeeds is for the court.


    • 105
      Ironside says:

      Did you hear Huhne when he was asked if he still supported us joining the Euro ?

      Appalling, astronomical conceit. And he assumed he would get away with it !!!


      • 132
        Anonymous says:

        Everyone who reads Guido has known for years that Huhne was as guilty as a puppy next to a pile of pooh.
        And yet Clegg is shocked and surprised.
        I find that worrying, considering the power he wields.


  17. 30
    Jones the III says:

    Cook enough shit pie, and before long you start eating it.


    • 35
      Chris Huhne says:

      Deep, man. Really deep…


    • 163
      A B-Liar says:

      I have a great recipe called the ‘prudent-no-more-boom-and-bust-middle-esat-wars-national-bankruptcy Brown poo-pie’, and I and my ‘moral and prudent’ colleagues whipped up a huge batch between ’97 and ’10. The BBC loved it and I guess it will takeat least another 120 years for the ‘british’ to get through it all

      I know poo-pie is a famous Belgian dish and served all over Europe. Perhaps my recipe would go down well as Bruxelles pate or as a Strasbourg Poo Pie.

      All the best



  18. 36
    W.W. says:

    “Does it give you pleasure that you have lost almost all of your friends?”

    To be fair it wasn’t a long list to start with.



  19. 37
    CarryHole is a stupendous Hunt says:

    Let’s hope the apple has landed far enough from the tree.


  20. 39
    the savant10.4 highway patrol says:

    As the blousey barmaid would have said to the lucky punter after the pub lock in:

    ” It’s all comin’ out now innit !!”


  21. 41
    LostinLibya says:

    Don’t all cabinet ministers lie then?


  22. 44
    LostinLibya says:

    He should ALL he costs of this farce of a case from DAY ONE….he fcking LIED throughout


  23. 45
    Always been a liar says:


  24. 48
    Moussa Koussa Mark 5 says:

    LOL Guido sold out. In the pay of the Murdoch Mong….nothing to see here anymore


  25. 49
    Raving Loon says:

    “You are such an autistic piece of ****.”

    How very PC.


  26. 52
    The foreman says:

    Its a pity. I’d been looking forward to his evidence from the dock.


  27. 53
    The bounds of decency says:

    Agree with @Private_Schultz above.

    This did not come out in court, and it is clear how a jury would have read it.

    There is no benefit to gloating over a son being turned against his father, or for presenting this in the public domain in this way. This is no better than the Iain Dale arsewipe tweet from the other day.

    Fact is, Huhne is a father and will always stand by his son.

    I personally see above the hand of the mother and a divorce lawyer at play.

    PH does not yet understand the full ramifications of what has played out, and whilst that does not excuse Huhne’s wrongdoing, PH should not be dragged into this as he himself is innocent on all levels.

    Hopefully this post will not be a win for Leveson.


    • 73
      The bounds of decency says:

      And just read that this was read out in court (perhaps maybe make that a bit more obvious at top of post… :-) )

      Oh well, another loser to chuck on the failure pile of british family life.

      That will be killed off anyway if the gay marriage rubbish goes through tomorrow.

      See what happens tomorrow, hopefully will receive equal coverage.


    • 108
      Anonymous says:

      The son needs to be distanced from this, for his future.

      PH hopefully is doing all he can to drag himself out of the mess. Doing nothing will allow those that whisper to condemn him by association.

      It can never be wrong to stand up for the truth.


      • 121
        The bounds of decency says:

        Would agree, but it is looking fishy.

        My initial reaction to this post was revulsion, but have corrected that now.

        Son is 18, so fair game, all of this was in open court with no restrictions.

        Some of the language he has used above does not sound like what a young man would use. Think over that carefully.

        It is not over yet. Hopefully, no one has perjured themselves as well.


        • 184
          Anonymous says:

          Yes, it is exactly the language to use. He is talking to a qualified deception artist (politician) so no political nice words will work. The father is a politician that is trained to twist and see everything he wants in any message given to him. The least ambiguity, in language outside his normal, is the only way to get through.


          • The bounds of decency says:

            With respect: B0llocks.


          • Anonymous says:

            Well I tried it on our MP twice. Nice words get a 2 line letter with no content. The real truth with no ambiguity, although polite, actually got some basic action. They can not see anything beyond their own position.

            Direct from personal experience, and for an issue far worse than this.


        • 247
          Tarquin Romulus Needlethrush says:

          The son requires a damn good thrashing for acting like a spoiled commoner.
          Arthur, bring me my riding gear and a strong leather belt now!


    • 146
      Anonymous says:

      Yes, of course. He stood by his son whilst he tore his family apart cheating on the mother with a reformed lesbian!

      Shit sandwich for Huhne!


      • 157
        The bounds of decency says:

        For both of them.

        The mother is no where near blameless in this.

        One wonders what else is yet to come out, and why he went off to another woman as well.

        It does take two to tango.


  28. 54
    tony m says:

    PH is a good judge of character.


  29. 55
    Sheepinwolf's clothing says:

    I love that people think this shouldn’t be published… shows you where Leveson would take us. The court would have been “invading his privacy” if the dogmatic left had their way.


    • 62
      Plato says:

      There’s a difference between deciding not to publish, and not being able to publish.


      • 143
        Self Censorship, is still censorship says:

        Correct, both mean the whole story is never widely known. Something both control freaks and those with a lot to hide, would adore.


        • 263
          Frederick Gideon Threepwood says:

          Of course, the possible Leveson recommendations would only affect the trivial. Really important matters – the North Wales Inquiry Report, the original Elm House investigation, the News International email trail – already get suppressed.


  30. 57
    nightwatch says:

    Well done all. Huhne gets even nastier by the minute. An arrogant lying shit, brought to his knees. Oh happy day.


  31. 63
    Anonymous says:

    I was having a bad day, yet this cheered me up immensely.


  32. 64
    Toby Helm says:

    Our trustworthy Coalition: Huhne is branded a liar but he’s a rank amateur compared with Cameron on the NHS .


  33. 68
    Latimer Alder says:

    Did he say what he wanted for his birthday?


  34. 69
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    well those tests place huhne in an even worse light.

    so sad to see how his actions have destroyed his family and we should at least feel sorry for them


  35. 72
    DANGER says:

    This post shows the problem with Guido. He has no more of a moral compass than the people he reports on. No civilised person could publish those messages.


    • 80
      ██████ ' change my tune' Hoon says:

      Hear, hear !


    • 81
      We Live In Times of Avarice and Greed says:

      Cut him some slack, he is working for Murdoch now and that explains a lot about moral compass!


    • 83
      The bounds of decency says:

      I just don’t see how Huhne was hiding behind his family.

      He was looking to shield his family, even with the application the other week, particularly his son.

      That will become clearer over time.

      Will be interesting to see if the press go after the son though on basis of what came out in court.


      • 154
        Anonymous says:

        Shield his family? Huhne? A man who’s turned being an egotistical fucker into a fine art? More like using his family as a shield – happy enough to break up his family by cheating on the kid’s mum.

        Typical mendacious, libdem scumbag!


        • 206
          The bounds of decency says:

          It will not be known for sure the exact details of the divorce etc. as those records are sealed and family courts are in camera.

          Huhne’s performance in public office is without question less than honorable.

          Some aspects of what have been revealed about Huhne’s private life are equally so.

          However, the private are not known.

          You say cheating on the kids mum. His children are both adults now.

          The mother entered into a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice herself some time back. Does this make her any better ?

          Huhne cheated on his wife, and for that she decided to press the nuclear button on them all. Likely in the knowledge that she was unlikely to be able to profit any further from him, and out of spite.

          The only thing one can conclude from the text exchanges above is that Huhne loves his son.

          Unless any evidence comes out contrary to that no other slur can be deduced.

          Given the nature of this case though, the probability of a change in the story as to who sent the PH texts is likely. They do not read like the words of an 18 year old guy unless all 18 year old men now write like women.


          • JH2982304872038 says:

            Thing is, they do. All part of 40 years of the gelding effect of feminism combined with being expected to take population replacement with a politically correct smile.


          • Anonymous says:

            Read his election literature where he placed his family and marriage at it’s plum centre – at the same time he was cheating on them ! There’s brass neck and then there’s Huhne. Treble schadenfreudes all round!

            Forgiveness rots the soul – say hello to Bubba, Chris.


          • The bounds of decency says:

            So, would this make Huhne a proud cut ?


          • Anonymous says:

            You seem to make some claims about entering into a conspiracy. Have you ever been threatened, directly, or indirectly, by a parent to keep a family secret and play along or else.

            You also assume that a few texted catch phases means love. Where to me they just looks like place fillers and coercion. The idea that time will allow a person to be freed from honesty and see the greater purpose is repulsive. The son is expected to move his views to those of the father.

            Then you insult the son.

            As with Huhne you will not understand these words. You will re-interpret them. If I was to say what I really feel in language that in unambiguous and at the street level you would get my point though.


    • 85
      Airey Belvoir says:

      Sadly that is right. Bad decision by Guido or his hairy sidekick.


    • 131
      HuMAN natURE says:

      You read all the way down to comment 73 before you decided that it was intrusive?


    • 274
      DrunkenHackInJacket says:

      Tell that to the Mail, the Telegraph, Sky…and all the other places this has been reported.


  36. 74
    DVLA Personalised Registrations says:

    For reasons unknown to us we have received an order from one, Chris Huhne for the following number plate:

    C11 NT

    May be something to do with where the number plate fixing bolt is going?


  37. 77
    matthew hopkins says:

    The lad should be applauded and cheered for sticking it to a sociopathic self serving piece of shit. It must have been hard for him to see his father for what he is.

    Well done lad, stick to your guns.


  38. 79
    Tom says:

    Hang on, PH refers to “Affairs”!. “…when you were having affairs makes me sick…” Plural. More than one. At least one more than CT. Or is that just me? Clearly much more to come here. There must be another apostate, pseudo-tranny, lesbian out there.

    Do you know what, these texts are unsavoury but PH comes out of it with credit; he was sticking by his mother and telling his “ghastly” father how it is. This is public info now, and GF is a reporter. So accusing GF of “selling out” on this basis may be a tad premature.


    • 350
      zzizz says:

      PH comes out with credit? Only to the sort of evil politico that writes on this site. You’ve got to forgive him (he’s a teen and must have suffered from this) but credit for slagging off your dad like that? Don’t think so.


  39. 82
    ████' change my tune' Hoon says:


  40. 86
    Speed Demon says:

    So what was Constance Brisket’s involvement in all this?


  41. 87
    Anonymous says:

    Whatever evil Huhn has done in relation to the speeding ticket etc. pales into insignificance besides the evil he has perpetrated in relationship to the global warming scam. Sadly others are continuing his bad work.


  42. 88
    Richard III says:

    I parked my car over 500 years ago. How much do I owe you?


  43. 89
    H.U. Bris says:

    I think sometimes in your rush to prove yourself right, you forget that you are dealing with human beings. And in the case of his son, innocent ones. I don’t care whether it was read out in court, whether Leveson would have liked it or anything else. You could have chosen to act like a fellow human being and not put this on your widely-read blog. You didn’t. You went for smug self-congratulation and vindictive personal destruction.

    I think people sometimes forget what life’s all about. Let’s hope your work has no unpleasant consequences. In the meantime, why not have a bit of a look at yourself. Like what you see? Happy with the standards you’re setting your children?

    I’m sure you’ll laugh this post off. If you don’t, others will. But I live in hope that you could continue exposing lies and hypocrisy without crushing everything in your path with the cruelty.


    • 99
      R.U.Shaw says:



    • 103
      The LibDemon party says:

      They’re in the public domain, Mr. Sanctimonious.


    • 104
      Point of information says:

      It is instructive to look up the original definition of hubris as well.


      In ancient Greek, hubris referred to actions that shamed and humiliated the victim for the pleasure or gratification of the abuser.

      Possibly apt in this case.

      ** However **

      Does that first text really read like it came from a son ?

      ‘most ghastly man’ ????

      What proof is there that the son actually sent those ?

      Maybe an affidavit has been signed, or perhaps there is much more than meets the eye !


    • 114
      Calamity Clegg says:


    • 279
      Bishop Brennan says:

      h u bris

      Give it a rest.

      When dealing with p s y c h o paths your morality is a weakness that allows them to prosper and hurt others.

      His son likely inherited some of his wonderful personality, but in any event it’s out in the open now. He has every right to be aggrieved and may well welcome the distance it puts between him and CH. If it were me I’d change my name.


    • 317
      inside- out says:

      The son knows the father is a lying shit,he lived with him for 15years.The father knows he is a lying shit,because he became a LibDem MP and Cabinet Minister.We the British public know he is a lying shit.Whats your problem?


    • 329
      Do not feel sorry for the female front bottom says:

      Dealing with human beings? Please do fuck right off. Ths man, practically single-handed, has cost this nation, and is still costing this nation, a fucking fortune in household bills due to him securing his first-class seat on the gravy train where nobody can criticise him without being accused of that heinous crime of not bowing to the money sucking green monster. The next time you hear of the elderly making a choice of heat or eat, do think of that honourable huhne Huhne. He’ll be out in a couple of weeks and back on the benches. Him and that g a y mate of his Laws are what our ruling classes compose of nowadays. Personally I don’t think, even with GF’s help, he’s had enough bad press. C u h u nt.


    • 351
      zzizz says:

      Hear hear…


  44. 90
    Owin Jones says:

    If you want an idea of how long Chris Huhne will get, read the sentencing guidelines and case law. http://j.mp/WLYZrb


    • 270
      Gooey Blob says:

      Reading that tells me he won’t avoid a custodial sentence.

      It gives me no pleasure in seeing this man’s downfall, but he really only has himself to blame.


  45. 93
    Joe Public (Mr & Mrs) says:

    Q. Has this soon 2B bugger*ed Ex-MP as a result of his failed criminal

    Huhne*gate cover up resigned from LibDimShits ? Or will he be expelled PDQ ??

    Something to fire @ Cleggy ASAP for a truthful answer !!!!

    And yes I know I’m asking for to much expecting a British Politician to

    give a thruthful answer as they are all tarred rightly with the same brush !!!


  46. 95
    Watch him do the Islamabad shuffle says:


  47. 98
    Tom says:

    And, lest we forget, Huhne appears to have attempted to outdo HRH Charles’s second marriage to a horse by chucking his wife for, and I quote: a “comedy lesbian from central casting”. Fabulous day.


  48. 113
    Frederick Gideon Threepwood says:

    On a more serioius political note. I see that Farage is to give up politics. ITV have commissioned a new series of Thunderbirds and he is to star as Parker. No make up needed.


    • 220
      where the blind lead says:

      Yeah, and you are Brad Pit are you? Have a look in the mirror before taking the piss out of the appearance of others, your sort went to bedlam to laugh at the patients, nothing nastier or more poisonous than a leftist is there?


  49. 120
    Winnie the Pooh says:

    Has he resigned yet? He’s still taking from the taxpayer. Clegg needs to sack him today. Huhne is still dragging this out to fill his own pockets. Clegg should have sacked him.


    • 127
      Piglet says:

      Yes, he has resigned.


      • 152
        Her Majesty has been pleased to appoint her right trusty servant......... says:

        Or more properly applied for The Stewardship of The Chiltern Hundreds or maybe The Manor of Northstead ? Although the phrase “I serve at the pleasure of Her Majesty ” perhaps hasn’t got the meaning he had hoped for ?


      • 229
        O` Gwenjones says:

        So he gets the payout as per that dumb bird MP who did the scream mask impression at Rupe`s committee when the pie came in.


  50. 123
    Huhne do you tink U R? says:

    Never mind at least the Lad’s new mum is, is…is….is…….

    OK I give up, what is his new mum like?


  51. 129
    Chonka says:

    Jeremy Thorpe, Mark Oaten, Simon Hughes, David Laws, Chris Huhne – what a bunch of immoral, self-serving, disgusting reprobates. Is this what the Lib Dems stand for?


  52. 138
  53. 139
    Octavius Tinsworth Ace says:

    I recall back in the eighties many of us in the Children’s Home were forced to take on penalty points and minor motoring offences on behalf of a sinister coterie of politicians and dubious northern club-circuit celebrities. I once had to cop a “driving without due care and attention” for a senior member of Thatcher’s cabinet, or at least that’s what he told me he was.


    • 148
      Frederick Gideon Threepwood says:

      Now, now. We all know that the names of Brittan, Irving etc appearing in the documents of the Elm Guest House are entirely coincidental and that Guido would never consider pursuing such innocent parties.


  54. 142
    Rat Catcher says:

    Vikki says this is Chris’s favourite song:


  55. 149
    Richard III says:

    I’ve just vacated the ideal spot for Mr Huhne to spend some time


  56. 150
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    I reckon that’s a PH of around 1.


  57. 151
    Family guy says:

    His son sounds like a right whining little shit.
    Huhne should smack him up a bit before he gets sentenced.


  58. 153
    Nivea face cream says:

    Downed by their own war and laws against the motorist. Imagine going to jail for doing 35mph – CH wont need to imagine it, he will soon be experiencing it.

    I do have a little sympathy for his son though. To know your father is the nations NO1 liar could keep you up at night.


  59. 155
    Toby Helm says:

    Parliament are voting tomorrow to decide if Richard III and Chris Huhne can have a gay marriage. That’s right isn’t it?


  60. 156
    Peter Beast says:

    My own father was a scumbag and I told him so as did all the family
    He died alone and penniless, let us hope that the same happens to Chris Huhne !

    We said by his son and I sincerely hope that this lads Mother doesnt end up in prison

    The Lesbian screwer should be made to serve her sentence consecutively to his own


    • 159
      Peter Beast says:

      “well said “


      • 208
        Anonymous says:

        Vey well said.

        Everyone should have the ability to walk away. It is essential to be allowed to be a different person to your parents and not to carry their tarnish throughout your life. The general phase “that’s X’s son” ruins peoples lives. The only way to counter it is to shout your reasons from the roof tops. (Or publish texts)


  61. 161

    My respect for the son is way higher than that which I hold for the father. It is always unsettling to see stuff like this come out but it was going to come out anyway.

    Those complaining above seem to be missing the point that any way you look at this, it comes down to Huhne.

    It is difficult to envisage a more cynically, self-centred person who would use his own family as pawns in his own advancement at whatever the personal cost to them.

    One can forgive those who cover up to defend their family members when they are under attack. But one has to admire when they stand up to such gross abuse of family loyalty.

    So power corrupts.


  62. 162
    Jonathan Freedland says:

    A blogger spends a London afternoon seeing the sights with a man who was a hostage for five years http://www.oyvagoy.com/2013/02/03/an-afternoon-with-gilad-shalit/


  63. 176
    Anonymous says:

    That’s exactly how you achieve high office in our country and in Europe.

    Just fucking lie your way to the top then fiddle your expenses too!

    All the fucking same, every one of them.


  64. 180
    Incapable Vince says:

    I’ll give Chris a character reference.


  65. 182
    Chris Patten says:

    If Huhne had taken a leaf out of my book, and given his wife a good beating, none of this would have happened.


  66. 186
    Richard Nixon says:

    F*cking amateur


  67. 188
    tcorrigan12013 says:

    And, that’s the sort of mentality it takes to shove windmills down our throats


  68. 190
    Ray Babbitt says:

    As an autistic man myself, I do not wish to be compared with Chris Huhne, as this is an insult to autistic people everywhere, and I can only forgive it by chalking this insult up to the son’s lacking in vocabulary. Yeah, definitely, definitely, lacking vocabulary, definitely, yeah.


  69. 191
    Gatso Camera says:

    It was all over in a flash.


  70. 195
    Boudicca says:

    Sounds like the wrong Huhne was in Parliament.

    His son does at least have some morality and a sense of decency.


    • 322
      Swollen Glands says:

      Sadly, Parliament is the last place for him. He would be corrupted as soon as you could say spit – like the rest of the (continuing) troughing, lying bastards.


  71. 201
    Bluto says:

    What a cruel country we have become. All this bollocks about respect, equality and fairness but behind all that BS is the Roman arena. We were much nicer to each other when we didn’t have laws supposedly making us nicer.



  72. 205
    Raving Loon says:

    Based on my crude understanding, autistic people lack common social skills as part of their disability, whereas Mr Huhne lacks common social skills because he is an a**ehole.

    Please correct me if I am wrong though.


  73. 207
    Hoonwatch says:

    If the son knew he was lying, isn’t he guilty of perverting the course of justice?


  74. 209
    Hoonwatch says:

    Getting off on a technicality was Huhne’s only chance, and it would appear the judge wasn’t having it.But we get to hear the whole story anyway, as Pryce is sticking to her not guilty plea.


    • 356
      C Hoooooone says:

      It was a smokescreen. He actually wants a few years away from his new gay/bisexual/ugly whatever it is.


  75. 212
    Hawk In The Blades says:

    Indeed. And will Huhne now also admit that the man-made global warming scare is all lies ?

    And that the vast amount of money paid over to the carbon credits scam, the windmills fraud, and the extortionate “green-energy” tax on everyone’s heating bills, is based entirely on those lies, promulgated by himself and others — not to mention the BBC.

    Time to plead guilty, Chris. And it’s not just you who should be in the dock.


  76. 214
    Toby Helm says:

    Here’s an irony of our system – CHRIS HUHNE TO BE APPOINTED TO A ROYAL OFFICE OF PROFIT – a mechanism to resigning as an MP.


  77. 215
    Lord Mooncrater says:

    Rejoice, rejoice. I hope he gets 25 years in the slammer.


  78. 218
    Tarquin Romulus Needlethrush says:

    A sham of a mockery!

    Bootler, bring me riding gear immediately.


  79. 221
    Yvonne from the Colliers Arms Clydach says:

    He is a bigger bastard than I thought he was .

    And he is a fornicator as well .


  80. 223
    MarkRoper says:

    God there are some vile people out there. What sad unhappy and unfulfilled lives you all must have.


  81. 231
    Tories 1 Labour lying twat 0 says:

    Peter Cruddas, the former Conservative Party co-treasurer, has won
    £45,000 in libel damages plus costs from a former private secretary to
    Tony Blair who repeatedly alleged he was a criminal who flouted
    electoral law.



  82. 235
    MB. says:

    The way that Huhne talks of “taking responsibility for something that happened ten years ago” makes me think he is trying to give the impression that he is doing the honourable thing and is the victim.


  83. 237
    Operation Crossbow says:

    AND STILL the BBC are playing this down. Unlike Newsnight with their “SENIOR TORY IN THE THATCHER GOVERNMENT” bollocks about Lord McAlpine.

    Fuck off you BBC vermin scum dross.


  84. 244
    O` Gwenjones says:

    Mummy says to just leave the soap in the shower Christopher if you drop it.


  85. 245
    Wanda Ringhands says:

    I agree with the son.


  86. 249
    Anonymous says:

    I wonder who Iain Dale was talking about when he said

    “Watching Twitter, and one or two blogs, over the last few hours has been a very unedifying experience”



  87. 251
    Wanda Ringhands says:

    The real losers in this are the lawyers. Won’t someone pls think of the lawyers?


  88. 253
    Another Headshrinker says:

    The Daily Telegraph has closed its comments on any article relating to Huhne! So he will never realise what a total and utter waste of oxygen the rest of the world thinks he is!


  89. 255
    Anonymous says:

    Lead story on BBC news website – that kind of playing it down?


  90. 267
    Hoon of the Huhnery says:

    Looks like Vickies off the hook!

    Sounds like his family have been through hell with this idiot Huhne’s sordid affair, then the family break up, then the wronged wife gets her revenge,leading to Huhne resigning from the cabinet, then a court case, Huhne pleads guilty then the Hoon is forced to resign as an MP and now the ex Mrs may end up in prison. All for a speeding fine that evolved into a pack of lies and perverting course of the course of justice. Jeez. If this was in a soap opera it would be unbelievable. Life is stranger than fiction sometimes.


  91. 278
    Gooey Blob says:

    Come now, Guido has written for The Star and The Sun. His journalistic standards are somewhat higher than those of The Grauniad.


  92. 281
    Dunlaggin says:

    Peter Huhne should stand for the Eastleigh seat.
    For the Conservatives


  93. 287
    Damned Impertinent Questions says:

    Its a terrible shock learning that your father is a lying dickhead who has set your mother up the lied lied lied and lied again and again ….and then, when it couldn’t get much worse ……you realise that he is a liberal Democrat


  94. 291
    Dobbin says:

    Fuck politics, check out his great taste – 1st Tracey Emin’s ugly sister then the Tesco Economy Trimingham …….his kingdom for a horse!


  95. 293
    john c says:

    well reading this depressed me, i need a drink


  96. 294
    Hoonwatch says:

    It’s all going well. First, tomorrow’s vote on homosexual marriage. Then the revelations still to come out regarding The Elm and Tory cabinet ministers, and then the Eastleigh by-election. Later in the year, the Coulson and Brooks trials.
    No Boundary changes at the next election. Yes it’s all going swimmingly for Cameron.
    All witness the destruction of the Conservative Party.


  97. 302
    trying to be objective says:

    Who was looking after the 8yr old boy when the pair of them were driving down the M11? Sounds like 2 disfunctional parents in that family.
    The fact that the texts came out in court doesn’t mean the press have to splash it all over the place; that young man wrote those texts in private and was entitled to believe that they were between him and his wretched father alone.
    Editorial standards in this country are absolute s**t. Leveson or not, no excuse for complete disregard for PH.


  98. 307
    Keith Peat says:

    Whilst I have no mandate for Chris Hune, I find these exchanges very tragic. This was a confidence like many that all parents expect to and often share with their children. Clearly at the time, Hune and his wife were close enough for her to take these points and like all families, the problem was discussed in confidence with Peter. Peter has no right to use this or mention this now. Had it not been for his mother’s actions in disclosing this matter, neither would now be on trial. CH hasn’t put her in that position, she has.

    Peter should be ashamed of what he has writtten to his dad. When in trouble, parents stand by their kids. Why do they not think the reverse applies? He must be his mother’s son.


  99. 308
    adolf mandelson says:

    who knows perhaps the texts were a swerve to try and get the case kicked out of court. it takes a special kind of spastic not to realize that you can’t tempest a text.


  100. 309
    Frankie says:

    Wow!! Tell him like it is Pete! With a Dad like that no wonder young PH was trying to give him the old ‘brush off’ but, true to form, Chris Huhne was too arrogant to see that his lies would ultimately, drop him very deeply in the poo. What really annoyed me was his insouicant manner manner when he emerged from the court and told the press he had pleaded guilty – as if this was some noble thing on his part. He didn’t even have the courtesy to apologise! I hope The Beak throws the whole bookshelf at him. I have been saving the below just for this moment!

    Huhnatic – The Green Windbag by Frankie

    Chris Huhne was a Liberal mug
    Who caught the ‘Green Wind Power’ bug
    The Plod caught him speeding
    His wife did some bleating
    Now he’ll ‘Play the Pink Oboe’ in ‘Jug’…

    Chris Huhne was a Liberal dope
    Green Power… Big Windmills… No hope!
    As his wife’s legal tricks
    He’s unable to fix
    Huhne’s been forced to buy soap on a rope!

    Chris Huhne’s been convicted at court
    His glittering career set at nought
    No more ministerial Jags
    He’ll take tea with ‘old lags’
    And his bum may be buggered for sport.

    Chris Huhne will do ‘bird’ in ‘The Clink’
    Still looks like his shit doesn’t stink…
    An arrogant oaf
    If he’d just used his loaf…
    His career’s gone right over the brink!


  101. 311
    Anonymous says:

    It sounds to me like Chris will be punished harshly, he’ll have to resign in disgrace and probably go to jail for a bit – his punishment is harsh for the crime he committed but public figures and those with a lot to lose often seem to fall harder than the rest of us. Unless they are at the very, very top of the tree that is, in which case they get a parachute.

    As for his ex-wife I hope she doesn’t do any time or anything.


    • 321
      inside- out says:

      Perverting the course of justice is a very serious crime.It undermines the rule of law of the country.Anybody doing that deserves the most harsh of punishments.Huhne chose that course of action,he gambled and lost.We should have no sympathy for him at all.We are all responsible for our own actions.He deserves all he gets!


  102. 312
    Anonymous says:

    How old was Peter Huhne when these texts were exchanged?

    How old is he now?

    He may be seeing both parents go to jail; a jury might or might not buy her story about marital coercion and if they don’t, she won’t even get the minimal discount he will get for a last-minute plea.


  103. 318
  104. 320
    Dave says:

    Sickening that some warped individuals get pleasure from these texts. Their lives must be devoid of comfort.


  105. 330
    Vicarus says:

    I wonder who made the police aware of the texts between the son and his father?


  106. 338
    Rightallalong says:

    They only had to vote for Boundary Changes and Dave would have got him off.


  107. 346
    They're all the same says:

    This hoon , signed up this country to ridiculous
    Green energy targets, massively inflating energy bills for homes and business! So green is another massive lie promoted by this liar! So he’ll refund us all for levies made by deceit? In my dreams! He’s another damn watermelon, you know, green on the outside red on the inside!
    Fucking hypocritical bastard , why was Mr green grow the rushes oh , driving so fast if he cared about Co2s? Because he doesnt believe that crsp anymore than I do!


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