February 4th, 2013

+ + + Huhne Pleads Guilty + + +


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    Riggsy Brown says:

    You serious???


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      ROFL says:

      bbc page now


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      Snotsicle says:

      Yup, it’s on Sky News. Excellent – that has made my day.

      Perverting the Course of Justice should get him banged-up for a while. ‘orrible little man thoroughly deserves it.


      • 17
        The Sheikh Of Arabeeee says:

        Fucking get in!


      • 22
        Nick Clegg says:

        I have always thought Chris kind
        And of like and liberal mind
        Someone upstanding and clean
        Who could ne’er do anything mean.
        In short, as close as anyone could be
        To someone as terrific as me.

        So I would just like to say
        This has truly made my day.


        ((((Pause for breath))))



      • 184
        Gilbert Fiddler says:

        Well, the BBC have just said that he will stand down as an MP!

        Hampsire Constabulary have just confirmed that a UKIP bannered car was seen speeding down the M3…

        Mr Farage is excited!


    • 13
      Mike Litorus says:

      Chris who? Hope he shares a cell with someone of his own standing – can we dig up Fred West and fling him in the cell?

      OK, Guido top this one now.


      • 19
        Putr1d Labour ruined my Country says:

        And I thought this scumbag was going to wriggle out of it, there’s hope for UK justice after all.


      • 115
        Nick Clegg says:

        Having thought long and hard, I have decided to give my dear friend Chris a bar of soap for his forthcoming residential visit to Her Maj’s …


    • 57
      himindoors says:

      Quite ironic timing, best way to bury bad news is on the day when the good news is being unburied…


    • 130
      The man on the Clapham Omnibus says:

      Will we be told what he tried to argue last week? Presumably he lost some technical point, and that was his last chance.


    • 142
      CarryHole is a stupendous Hunt says:

      Office = 100,000 quid Shed MP next please.


    • 163
      annoyed user says:

      After all the delaying tactics and protestations the judge should throw the book at him and the CPS should go for costs.


    • 177
      WOT AN UTTER CUNT says:

      So Huhne wasted all this public time and money until he realised that he could not get away with it then pleaded Guilty to get a more lenient sentence.

      What a Hunt


      • 260
        inside- out says:

        You only get a light sentence if you plead guilty at the first possible moment.The judge will know all about the legal arguments and so should hammer him for wasting court time.We can only hope he does.Huhne is typical of the current ruling class,his attitude that laws only apply to little people,not powerful people like him.He now knows differently.The free press and bloggers got him!


    • 212
      JabbaTheCat says:


  2. 2
    Keitho says:

    Well that brought a lot of eyes here.


  3. 3
    eh..... says:

    then why the delay?


  4. 4
    Nick Clegg says:

    I have no further comment to make.


  5. 6
    Alan Douglas says:

    Wonder why it took him so long ?

    Alan Douglas


  6. 8
    Sres says:

    How did they enter the pleas? Separately? Who went first?


  7. 9
    Henry Brubaker says:

    So the contempible little shit was guilty all along hey?

    Who’da thunk it?

    By pleasding guilty now it will mean a reductionin his sentence. I still hope prison awaits.


    • 24
      Ha ha says:

      So he tries it on untill the last day then pleads guilty expecting to receive a reduced sentence? How much has this cost the tax payer/


      • 85
        Henry Brubaker says:

        That is how our criminal justice system works. Plead guilty before the start and your sentence is automatically reduced, even if this is mere minutes before.

        Cue hours of wasted lawyer, police, witness & court time and all the related expense.


    • 34
      Grand Master says:

      Sorry Chris – but by pleading guilty you have undone all our careful work behind the scenes. Still we expect to help with the sentence. Boaz.


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    CON GAIN says:


  9. 11
    JJB says:



  10. 12
    Legal landlord says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


  11. 14
    Nick Clegg says:

    Where is Owin Jones when you need him?

    I need him to put a spin on this for me.


  12. 15
    PK says:

    .. I feel like I’ve won the lottery – I am def. out celebrating at lunchtime today ! AWESOME.. fuck him.


  13. 16
    Ha ha says:

    Anyone know if an Mp has pleaded/been found guilty of this offence and what time they got?


    • 87
      Number 7 says:



      • 111
        with the simple sword of truth and the trusty shield of British fair play says:

        I think Aitken was convicted for Perjury AND Perverting the Course of Justice. He got 18 months custodial sentence(he served 7 months)


  14. 18
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    One day they’ll ALL stand trial.


  15. 20
    Observer says:

    Pryce ‘not guilty'; so the car drove itself? “a miracle on the the M11.”


  16. 21
    David Laws says:

    Politicians should stick to the rules – just like the rest of us have to.


  17. 23
    Captain Swing says:

    So she’s going to pour a bucket of s**t over him? Sounds entertaining.


  18. 25
    Pierrepoint v3.0 says:

    Hang him !

    Wandsworth nick still has a functioning gallows. It’s only a few miles away, but it might take an hour or so through the London traffic.


  19. 26
    damned impertinent questions says:

    How sad to see such a glittering career end like this

    {Takes out onion}


  20. 27
    AngryEnglishJon says:

    The Huhnatic! You have no idea how pleased I am that this arrogant pillock is looking at a custodial sentence. Don’t be dropping the soap in the shower lad…


  21. 28
    Snotrocket says:

    He’s hoping the court will ignore all the delaying tactics he employed,and the time-wasting that went on, so that they will take account of him pleading guilty – to save the court time!
    That will be taken into consideration, as well as the time it has taken to get to court and he will get off with a derisory suspended sentence, at best.
    And then the little sh*t will walk away and claim it was all a storm in a teacup.


    • 43
      Anonymous says:

      Perverting the course of justice can carry a life sentence.


      • 101
        Prison is for the common people says:

        Only for the “common people” …it doesn’t apply to “important” people like HIM


    • 66
      Old Lag says:

      Nah, he’s going to jail. Oh happy day. He should get extra time for blowing billions of taxpayers’ cash on useless windmills.

      To the people who did the Clegg autotune thingy: Can you do something on Huhne please.


      • 86
        Labour Party criminal says:

        The sin bin is extremely comfortable for thieving and conniving MP’s like us. Just a short holiday to catch up on your reading, and then a safe party job found for you in the shadows.


  22. 29
    STuN says:

    The great huhnedini is no more!

    I wonder what kind of bisexual he’ll be meeting next.

    Made my day!!!


  23. 30
    Jimmy says:

    * deafening silence *


  24. 31
    I did not say `pleb` honest says:

    Imagine a cabinet minister in all his arrogance lying through his teeth and then trying to get someone else to take the rap.


  25. 32
    Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

    Oh Good.
    Ta-ta Huhne.

    The showers in D-Block await your arrival.


  26. 33
    IanS says:

    It begs the question, how much has all the legal manoeuvering cost us?
    I hope he is imprisoned for his deceipt.
    What a guy !!!!


  27. 35
    fella on the underground says:

    Vicky will change her plea once her trial is underway.

    12 months in shared cell with ex


  28. 36
    Oh for gawds sake... says:

    That’s a shame. I actually wanted him to suffer the humiliation of a long, drawn-out trial, only to be found guilty at the end of it.

    It’s a bit like someone telling you the ending to a great movie, so you know what happens, but don’t get to enjoy a couple of hours of solid entertainment.

    Oh well, as long as his political career is f*cked, I don’t suppose it matters…


    • 79
      Putr1d Labour ruined my Country says:

      His political career in the eu will take off once he gets out of prison.


      • 100
        Clegg, leader of the Limp Dim Party says:

        Chris Huhne is a wonderful asset to our party, and will now be my new frontrunner for our party in the EU, to help establish my eventual rise to eminance there.


    • 136
      CarryHole is a stupendous Hunt says:

      Now his political “career” is over, can we also end his legacy of rent-seeking wind-totems (they don’t create any electricity).


  29. 37
    Toby Helm says:

    Chris Huhne must resign from Parliament today unless of course his ex wishes to resign for him.


  30. 38
    Biff says:

    10.38am on a Monday morning….it’s time to get the Bolly from the fridge


  31. 39
    Old Lag says:

    oops, I seem to have dropped the soap Chris, can you pick it up for me?


  32. 40
    Nick Clegg says:

    Do you really think this dollop of lying thieving shite will go to prison, he has already made a deal with an early guilty plea and will get a fine of £250 and suspended sentence.


  33. 41
    Chris Huhne is a piece of shit says:

    So this is the man who said for over a year he would clear his name, and now he’s been forced into a corner by some behind closed doors plea bargaining to plead guilty?

    What a fucking c-unt.


  34. 45
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    When is sentencing?


  35. 46
    lying deceitful creeps says:

    Is there a single Lib Dem in the country worthy of event the slightest bit of trust?


  36. 47
    Richard III says:

    Will he get someone to serve his time for him?


  37. 48
    Ha ha says:

    I guess it would be too much to hope that Pryce confirms that she went along with the story due to Hune threatening to use his influence to ruin her career. Oh please do….


  38. 49
    They don't like it up 'em says:

    Gotcha! :)


  39. 50
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    hahahahahahah hahahahahahaha hahahahahaha hahahahahahaha

    and another one bites the dust………. bye bye Lib Dems…… :)


  40. 51
    restore the monasteries says:

    Richard III,is Richard III…..


  41. 52
    fella on the underground says:

    He pleaded guilty to ensure his ex will go down as well. Hopefully she will lose her job and end up as a bag lady sitting next to Huhne under the arches sipping Carlsberg xxx


  42. 53
    6 months at least says:

    Asked my wife if she’d answer for me
    I said, Vicky, can’t you see
    I wanna be famous, and run energy
    But please, please do something to help me

    Vicky you can drive my car
    Even though it’s from afar
    Vicky, you can drive my car
    And Vicky I love you

    I told them all that my marriage was good
    Pure apple pie and motherhood
    You got three points and a fifity quid fine
    Your kept your licence and I kept mine

    Vicky you can drive my car
    Even though it’s from afar
    Vicky, you can drive my car
    And maybe I love you

    Cheat cheat’n cheat cheat yeah

    Vicky you can drive my car
    Even though it’s from afar
    Vicky, you can drive my car
    And maybe I love you

    Then it was time for me to go my own way
    So I said listen Vick I got something to say
    I’m leaving you cause I’m a real sh..
    But you were my driver and took the hit

    Vicky you can drive my car
    Even though it’s from afar
    Vicky, you can drive my car
    And maybe I loved you


  43. 54
    German - English Dictionary says:

    Huhne = Chicken


  44. 55
    Frank's son says:

    He’s pleaded guilty in the hope the judge will take into consideration his guilty plea. Not withstanding the fact he has used delaying and stalling tactics for many months.

    What’s the odds he gets a suspended sentence? Could he still continue as an MP if that’s the case?


    • 83
      Remittance Man says:

      Obviously an honourable man would resign immediately whatever the length of sentence but MPs get to keep their jobs if the sentence is less than 12 months.

      How many people think Chris is honourable?


    • 119
      John Bellingham says:

      It has been long established. An MP may serve their constituents from chooky, although if an MP is absent from Parliament for a year a bye-election may be called, but the incumbent can still stand (from inside). But then they used to also get hanged as well.


      • 194
        truth will out says:

        “delaying and stalling for many months”- it was around TEN fu**ing years.

        He could have paid his fine, accepted his driving ban and saved the country a fortune.

        But he’ll have to live with the fact that if he’d been honest in the first place, he’d probably have a big government department by now and be on the first rung of a seat in the Lords.


        • 255
          Grimy Miner says:

          truth WO said
          “But he’ll have to live with the fact that if he’d been honest in the first place, he’d probably have a big government department by now and be on the first rung of a seat in the Lords.”

          ^^ This x1,000


  45. 56
    Jo Moores says:

    Good day to bury bad news.


  46. 59
    Nation shall speak Socialism Unto Nation says:

    Here in the BBC news room we are really struggling to spin this, we have already changed the headline on the front page to read “speeding points lie” rather than “perverting the course of justice” –

    I guess we will just use the normal route of shoving inconvenient stories into the regional news pages as quick as possible.

    Helen B has asked us to find some nice positive stories about wind turbines to go on the front page instead – or even better some “Tory cuts” stories


    • 117
      Helen B, rising star of the BBC. says:

      I will hide the Huhne news by talking about the homosexual and lesbian marriage debacle in the Conservative Party, and how it affects me and my BBC fellow presenter lover.


    • 159
      BBC News Manager says:

      FOUND ONE! Wind farms in Spain generate record amount of power. Replace Huhne story with this EUrGENTLY


      • 200
        Doh! says:

        Norman Smith has already managed to conjure up a huge war between the Coalition partners in Huhne’s ex-constituency.


    • 258
      Devil's Dumplings says:

      Got it! He’s a Limp Dem – they’re in Coalition with the nasty Tories, aren’t they? Therefore, “David Cameron’s former Minister found guilty (therefore call-me Dave is also guilty by association) etc etc; poor judgement in appointing Huhne etc etc, Coalition in disarray, General Election to get our team Labour re-elected, Tory Cutz etc etc,”

      And don’t forget “Labour says…..” and “here’s Ed Millitwat on speed dial”



  47. 61
    The Poet Laureate says:

    Subject: Just Desserts

    With perversion of justice he was charged
    With a car he so wished he’d garaged
    His career was so tricky
    His doom Vasiliki
    His anus will soon be enlarged.


  48. 62
    Anonymous says:

    Should be a hell of a by election.


  49. 63
    Airey Belvoir says:

    Whether justice will be done is all down to the sentence now. I am not hopeful.


    • 76
      once a huhne always a c'unt says:

      him six months…hers suspended


    • 84
      Despatch from the Rear Cubicle of Pomeroy's Wine Bar says:

      Custodial Sentence is usual. “Perverting the Course of Justice” is viewed as extremely serious by the Courts.


      • 127
        Judge Placeman. says:

        Oh I don’t know. These days we should attempt to not overcrowd our prisons with people who are more of hypocrites than criminals.
        This guidance applies to all our politicians you see.


  50. 65

    This news puts the icing on the cake of a wonderful weekend for England.


  51. 66
    Gloria says:

    Hello Chris. I’m Gloria and I’m going to be your cellmate for the next three years.

    And I hate f…..g windmills!


    • 75
      Energy Watch says:


      Gloria in Excelsis Yeo?


      • 156
        Gloria says:

        I dunno. I didn’t do Latin at school. I was too busy breaking people’s arms. But that was before I discovered I was transsexual…….and that my emotional needs weren’t being satisfied.

        But I still hate f…g windmills and all those associated with them. They drive me mental!


      • 168
        When I was a lad I served a term as office boy to an attorney's firm... says:

        If G4S still use fords it might be a case of sic transit gloria.


  52. 68

    Dearly Beloved,

    We got the fucker! Hang him! The lying little weasel! The smug little сunt has got his comeuppance! Hallelujah!

    In the name of The Father, and of The Son, and of The Holy Spirit.


    The Reverend Clink is going to get royally pissed.


  53. 69
    BBC to commission re-make of "Porridge" ?? says:

    North Sea Camp is a “bit parky” this time of year


  54. 71
    German - English Dictionary says:

    By delaying his guilty plea by at least a year, will he benefit from significantly extra MP’s pension and does he get any form of MP’s ‘golden parachute’.


  55. 74
    tube_thumper says:

    no doubt he will miss carina’s cock but no doubt he will soon find another in jail


  56. 77
    Remittance Man says:

    By his own admission he is guilty of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

    In the normal course of events, whatever sentence he’s given, there is no way an honourable man could continue to represent his constituents in parliament after that.

    What’s the betting Huhne, however, is hoping for a sentence of less than 12 months which would allow him to continue as an MP?


  57. 81
    TheBigYinJames says:

    Remember back in February:


    In a short statement outside his London flat Mr Huhne said the CPS decision was “deeply regrettable. I am innocent of these charges and I intend to fight this in the courts and I am confident that a jury will agree.”



  58. 82
    Terrible But True says:

    After all that has gone before, one can only wonder at what the less than perfect messages that will be sent by the wheeling and dealing merchants now.

    Mistakes made. Lessons learned, etc.

    Will he be on a BBC-level payoff too?

    Cock-ups of epic proportion get 2 x what’s needed.

    On this basis breaking the law and taking the system to the limit to try and get away with it… what… a knighthood and enough in the bank to heat a 1,000 eco-levied pensioners’ homes?


  59. 88
    anon says:

    Time to re-open he case of Harriet Harridan failing to exchange details at an RTC????????????????


  60. 89
    Old geezer says:

    Did he ask for any other offences to be taken into account, lying, cheating, thieving, there must be others.

    When you have locked him up, don’t forget to throw the key away.


  61. 90
    Centre Parting says:

    Awkward walking with the ‘Sword of Truth’ stuck firmly up his arse.


  62. 92
  63. 93
    Boudicca says:

    Well done Guido. That’s one more bastard whose going to get what he deserves.


  64. 94

    Do you want him back in cabinet, Nick?

    Do you, Nick? Do you, Nick? Do you, Nick? Do you, Nick? Do you, Nick? Do you, Nick? Do you, Nick? Do you, Nick?



  65. 97
    An equivocating weaselly shifty legal cnut says:

    If she gets off the charge of conspiracy, then so must he because in the
    meaning of the word, conspiracy must involve more than one person and so the case against him collapses, in spite of his plea, having had no-one to conspire with.
    The facker must hang anyway, purely for having a face like that.


  66. 98
    Gay Fucks says:

    Oh Huhne. You could have been leader. Now you’ll be the taker, in prison.

    Best get the bi-sexual lover to send you some lube. You never know, you might enjoy it.


  67. 99
    Toxic Taffy's next-door neighbour says:

    He’ll get the driving ban too…


    • 251
      alexsandr says:

      i think he may have difficulty getting insurance. They dont like liars and stuff (If he lies about a traffic offence what else is he lying about on the proposal). So many underwriters will decline or whack a massive bit on his premium. For 6 years.

      Is it dec 25th? Or my birthday?


  68. 102
    Weybridgeman says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    Has made what was a dire day at work so much better.


  69. 103
    Carina Trimingham is Bernard Bresslaw in a wig says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    How the mighty are fallen, you greasy, dirty, filthy, lying scumbag.


  70. 104

    This is worth coming out of retirement for to wish the ex-minister a pleasant and prolonged holiday.

    Don’t come back too soon, Mr Huhne!


  71. 105
    s.s. says:

    Get the Vaseline for Huhne, Extra Large jar.


  72. 107
    In front of Guido says:

    Case against Vicky Price, I call the first witness for the prosecution Mr Christopher Huhne !


  73. 108
    Unfortunate timing says:

    “Windfarms break energy record in Spain

    Past three months saw windfarms produce more electricity than any other source for first time, trade body says”


  74. 109
    Must get a pseudonym one day says:

    Yabba Dabba Dooooo !

    Or Yabba Bubba Do too.


  75. 110
    Admiral Ackbar says:

    But all along he said he wasn’t guilty? The lying bastard!



  76. 113
    UKIPForme says:

    I suspect the deal done is that he’s going to get a custodial sentence, but for less than 12 months. This allows him to hang on (unless we the public demand he goes) to his seat in Eastleigh – and prevent UKIP from being able to mount a challenge to win the seat.

    He needs to be forced to step down from his seat by public anger – otherwise he’s going to wangle his way back into parliament.


  77. 116
    Fat Bloke in Cell 42 says:

    Can’t wait to meet my new cell bitch!


  78. 118
    Uphill all the way says:

    Share in Vaseline are up this morning.


    • 137
      Justice Secretary Chris Grayling says:

      No more Sky, no more TVs in cells, no more XBoxes…it’s sex without vaseline from now on.


  79. 121
    Tom says:

    Huhne has coldly calculated that by stringing this out, lying about his innocence, that anything might happen to save him over two years; Vicky Pryce gets run over by a bus, becomes ill, etc. If he had pleaded guilty from the off, that chance, no matter how slim, would never have existed. It was a long-odds gamble with no downside. Now time has been called and because he is guilty as sin, he has pleaded it. We can confidently expect Vicky Pryce who has brilliantly gone Not Guilty despite being bound to be found guilty (Marital Coercion simply won’t work for someone as sophisticated and Worldly as her – you really don’t get to be Chief Economist for KMPG if you are a wallflower) to now revel in her opportunity and take Huhne’s filthy pants out of the wash basket and wave his skid marks in the Nations face. Hhahahahhahahhahhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! The man is a lying, cynical, sub-human disgrace and his real crime is Windmills, for which he should be hung from one.


  80. 122
    Who says:

    Presumably he’s free until the verdict on Vicky?


  81. 123
    Court Scribbler says:

    Mr Justice Sweeney, the judge, asked Huhne to stand up and told him: “I’m going to grant you unconditional bail again. I will deal with your sentence on a date to be notified.

    “It is essential that you attend on that date and as Mr Kelsey-Fry has foreshadowed you should have no illusions whatsoever as to the sort of sentence that you are likely to receive. Understood?”

    Huhne nodded in reply.

    He told Miss Pryce: “I’m going to adjourn for the moment. Your bail will continue within the precincts of the court until further order later today.”


  82. 124
    Sunny Jim says:



  83. 125
    Richard the Third , these bastards are stealing my thunder says:

    Looks like a classic bit of News Management going on with Osborne announcing his plans for Banking reform the same day as Huhne pleads guilty. im not sure what story they want buried most though ?


  84. 129
    Anonymous says:

    Surprise, surprise!

    Lying politician finally admits the truth after loudly maintaining his “innocence” for months on end!

    He’ll be forced to quit as an MP. Who was the last politician to resign from parliament “on principle” after doing wrong?


  85. 130
    Synic says:

    Presumably the shit did not have the decency to tell his ex. that he was going to change his plea, so that she could do the same.

    Typical LibLabCon louse. Send him down for the maximum Your Honour.


  86. 132
  87. 135
    YorkshireLad says:

    Where’s Albert Pierrepoint when you need him?


  88. 139
    Richard the Third , these bastards are stealing my thunder says:

    Osborne says we must use our anger against the Bankers and channel it into positive change. I agree, once we get the hangings out of the way we can move on.


  89. 141
    Hang The B@stards says:

    What a great day.


  90. 144
    Richard the Third , these bastards are stealing my thunder says:

    Huhne resigns!


  91. 146
    Malcolm Redfellow says:

    Gosh! I’ve been censored!

    What was that about being either in front of Guido or behind? Dearie me! They’ll have to go looking at Malcolm Redfellow’s Home Service, won’t they?


  92. 149
    Fees Office Clerk says:

    Typical BBC. They tell the public that he’s a former Cabinet Minister. What they chose to overlook is that he’s a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT former Cabinet Minister.


  93. 150
    tube_thumper says:

    Perverting is the norm for this little twat. I mean his “girlfriend” and he must have a few interesting little “perversions”


    • 188
      Carina Trimbush says:

      Excuse me. I am not a “girlfriend”. I am a bi-sex trannie chatterati meterosexual with full rights in Dave’s paradise.


  94. 154
    turbotubbs says:

    Apparently he has resigned his seat now.


  95. 155

    The c*nt is stepping down as an MP!


  96. 161
    Hang The B@stards says:

    Now will he be deselected as an MP now that the lying bastard is a CRIMINAL ?

    Or is he stil a Right Honourable Gentleman ?


    • 176
      Black Rod - A Great Porn Title says:

      No. he will be probably be made a life peer and join the convicted criminals in the upper house.


    • 191
      He's still Right Honourable for the moment says:

      As a Privy Councillor he retains the “Right Honourable” That is unaffected by his resignation as MP

      Membership of the Privy Council is generally for life BUT

      “The Sovereign may however remove an individual from the Council. On 8 June 2011 Elliot Morley was expelled following his conviction on charges of false accounting in connection with an expenses scandal Before this, the last individual to be expelled from the Council against his will was Sir Edgar Speyer, 1st Baronet, who was removed on 13 December 1921 for pro-German activities during the First World War. Individuals may choose to resign to avoid expulsion. The last individual to leave the Privy Council voluntarily was Jonathan Aitken, who left on 25 June 1997 following allegations of perjury.”


  97. 162

    Allegra Stratton hopes forecasts that LibDumps will hold Eastleigh.


    • 175
      Hopeful says:

      UKIP win
      Liebour second
      Conners third
      Libcnuts fourth.


      • 253
        Payback's coming says:

        UKIP win
        Liblabcon second

        Eastleigh could be the place where native Britons finally give the sh1tty british establishment a long deserved punch in the face. The first of many I hope.


  98. 164
    Murdoch should be in jail not those he dangles on the puppet strings says:

    Just a shame that now GF has taken the wrinkly prune shilling, Murdoch will never be in the sights.

    Now, if ever there should be a man in court!!


  99. 166
  100. 167
    Criminal Peers Watch says:

    Guaranteed a peerage when he gets out, so that he can join the other three members of the JPP (Jailed Peers Party) currently taking expenses in the House of Lords.


    • 201
      Unlikely scenario says:

      They were Peers BEFORE their conviction. It requires a motion of both Houses to remove a peerage from an invidual unless he/she resigns it of their own volition.It only requires the Honours Committe to advise against the award of a peerage(a criminal conviction would disbar an individual)to the Prime Minister of the day(presumably under Coalition also Deputy Prime Minister) to stop the awrd. The Sovereign can of course refuse to create such as a peer depsite recommendation of her/his Prime Minister. However you will never know as the recommendations or otherwise of the Honours Committee remain secret


  101. 169
    Anonymous says:

    and blogging will be light this afternoon too…. as Guido & team are getting rat arsed in the pub.


  102. 170
    Jonathan says:

    Excellent news, but if it had been any one else, then he would have been in prison months ago.


  103. 171
    Kind Richard III of Leicester says:

    He’s going down. I feel it in my bones.


  104. 172
    anon. says:

    That lying Liberal scumbag has pocketed plenty of taxpayers money since March 2003. His assets should be seized and auctioned so the taxpayer can be reimbursed. 10 years prison minimum, anything less would be a travesty.


  105. 174
    I don't share the same thick as shit, meddling, labour voting gene with no one in Edinburgh. Thank god. says:

    What a pair of useless hoons.


  106. 178
    Going down? says:

    Four months is the minimum in cases where there is no aggravating ‘persistence’. In this case…? Official sentencing guidelines here


  107. 182

    *dons black wig and practices in front of the mirror*

    Christopher Pаul-Huhne. You shall be taken to the place from whence you came, and thence to a place of lawful execution, and there you shall be hanged by the neck until you be dead.


  108. 183
    Kevin T says:

    Is there anything we can do to help ensure he gets bummed inside? Are wardens known to take bribes to assign certain cell mates? Are there prisoners who would take money to bugger him in the showers? Should we start a fund?


    • 203
      anon. says:

      Don’t really think that’s going to be a problem.He’s going to love it in there. Home from home but the real thing.


    • 209
      Synic says:

      How about a large steel poker and a couple of blowlamps get “smuggled in” to do a proper Edward II job on the Libdum bastard?


    • 217
      D Category Prisoners don't go to "Chokey" says:

      It’ll be an “open prison” such as North Sea Camp……a mate of mine served a spell there and he reckoned it was just like “public school” with better food and televison


  109. 184
    Dykeward says:

    After all the beauties in his life, he will be sorry to have to wake up in a cell next to the uglies for the forseeable.


  110. 186
    Edinburgh can stick its pathetic auto suggestions up its tedious thick as shit delusional,meddling, scrounging arsehole. says:

    Edinburgh is a thick as pig shit socialist shithole!


  111. 187
    Private_Schultz says:

    I do hope he is made to pay ALL the costs of the case – particularly as he dragged it out as long as he possibly could, costing us all more money.


  112. 189
    Tom says:

    Aggravating & Mitigating Factors
    Nature and number of offences
    Whether premeditated or spontaneous
    Degree of persistence
    Arrest of innocent person
    Innocent person maliciously targeted
    Any impact upon prosecution

    Relevant Sentencing Guidelines

    R v Tunney [2007] 1 Cr. App. R. (S) 91
    The sentence appropriate for perverting the course of justice essentially depends on three matters:
    1.the seriousness of the substantive offence to which the perverting of the course of justice related;
    2.the degree of persistence; and
    3.the effect of the attempt to pervert the course of justice on the course of justice itself.

    So, aggravating: Premeditated, Persistent, Targetting the Innocent (VP)

    Degree of Seriousness: Persisted in maintaining his innocence, Example Set by Cabinet Minister.

    May be this Sub-Human lying disgrace is due a very large tub of Vaseline indeed, to tide him over. Happy days.


    • 221

      Exactly. I do not see any sign of a deal here. There is no need for the court to deal. His position was hopeless from the moment the Pryce evidence was passed from The Sunday Times to the CPS. :-)


    • 237
      Bardirect says:

      On the face of it it is a single offence.

      However implicit in that offence is a long course of dishonesty and deceit, intercepting the NIP addressed to VP, forging her signature, purloining her driving licence to submit it for endorsement, all of which could have been separately charged, then the 10 long year of lying about it, then spinning it out at huge expense

      The fact is, as his plea accepts, before a Jury he had no chance, a proven liar, putting himself before his family, he was bound to be convicted. A London jury wouldn’t take kindly to his smarmy sanctimonious attitude. As the prolonged legal evasiveness shows, his only chance was stopping it getting before a jury.


  113. 190
    Go Now says:


    Mr Justice Sweeney tells Huhne it is “essential” he turns up to his sentencing, the date for which has yet to be set.

    “You should be under no illusions whatsoever as to the sentence you are likely to receive,” he tells the former energy secretary, the man who twice made bids to become the Liberal Democrat leader.

    Huhne is currently in a court preparation room in discussions with his legal team.



  114. 195
    keeshond8 says:

    UKIP hasn’t a hope of winning Eastleigh under the present electoral system.

    The trouble with so many of Guido’s followers is that they can’t work things out for themselves and so are perpetually disappointed with the political reality.


    • 249
      Gonzales says:

      No but they can send a clear message to Dave that if he doesn’t get his arse in gear and change his mind on this five years till a referendum nonsense then the Tories will be history in 2015 as ironically first past the post will be the reason they get burnt by tories deserting them and voting ukip


  115. 196
    Who's head next for the pike? says:

    Huhne well and truly scalped by Guido’s persistence. Excellent job well done


  116. 197
    PK says:

    some time in the past

    “Oh Balls – seems I git nicked speeding again. Damned inconvenient obviously”

    “Why’s that darling”

    “Well, I’ve already got points and lets be honest, it doesn’t look good for a politician, especially as I have ambition”

    “I guess not – still can’t do much can we?”….

    “….How many points have you got Vicks?”

    “What ?.. oh don’t be silly – it’s not worth it..”

    “Oh come on darling, really – I mean who will ever know ?…… purleeeease..”


  117. 199
    Attilla the Geordie says:

    Wonderful!, hope someone shoves a windmill up his arse as part of the green deal.


  118. 203
    Vicky P says:

    I was checking out at Tesco yesterday when I noticed the man in front of me put one item on the conveyor belt… a box of condoms. Not only did he notice me staring, but decided to make super uncomfortable eye contact. So, to lighten the mood I put my bottle of ketchup on and said, “Looks like we’ve both bought something to put on our sausages!”


  119. 208
    Dave says:

    What a Gay Day week.


  120. 210
    Jen The Blue says:

    That’s one in the eye for Richard Dawkins………proof positive of the existence of God!

    Sauted testicle for dinner!

    Couldn’t have happened to I nicer lying. deceitful c**t! Or Lib Dem as they are known in parliament!

    Happy days are here again!


  121. 211
    Tom says:

    No, Chris, the additional proper courses of action are to pay me back the cost of your prosecution, apologise to your ex wife and the entire nation, and then to go and stick your head in one of your fucking useless windmills at 60 RPM.

    As a point of order, resigning as MP doesn’t even begin to cut it as a “the only proper course of action”. Clegg (why name yourself after a fly that lives on horseshit? It’s always been a puzzle to me.) must be laughing his equally useless cock off, incidentally.


  122. 215
    Margaret Moran, she of the two-year non-custodial sentence, says:

    Tell ‘em you’re too bonkers to go inside for any length of time, Chris, maybe they’ll buy it. Worked like a charm for me. Give it a go– what have you got to lose?


  123. 216
    i suggest says:

    Perhaps, as an appropriate sentence, he should be sliced, salami style, by a wind turbine blade


  124. 218
    UKIP - The way forward says:



  125. 219
    Anonymous says:

    Rejoice! Rejoice!


  126. 220
    Harry Redknapp. says:

    The best legal team in the land is no match for a woman scorned.


  127. 222
    EU Watch says:

    So it should now be on for UKIP in Eastleigh : Cool.

    GE 2010:

    Lib Dem: 46.5%
    Cons: 9.3%
    Labour: 9.6%
    UKIP: 3.6%

    Now: It will be interesting to see where the LibDem vote ends up, UKIP could be on for beating Labour this time round.

    The other plea though must be on basis of marital coercion. Her lies which essentially started all this in the first place, the motivation needs to be examined carefully.


  128. 223
    Twat watch says:

    Vicky Pryce, what a twat.


  129. 226
    Cicero says:

    Bring on the by-election!

    Come on voters of Eastleigh, this is your chance to show the rotten, lying, troughing corrupt LibLabCon what ordinary people really think of their antics!


  130. 228
    Toby Helm says:

    He was reportedly known as Christopher Paul-Huhne at Oxford, where he gained a first-class degree in politics, philosophy and economics.


  131. 231
    Phillip Bratby says:

    Well done Guido


  132. 234
    Curious Confucius says:

    Prime time TV comments are coming today are they Dave and Nick?


  133. 236
    Realist says:

    I still find it difficult to believe Huhne.


  134. 241
    Sesachili says:

    Well, that’s one of the fifty seven rotten apples in the barrel gone….fifty six to go


  135. 245
    Lord Manglebum says:

    I hear Huhne is very understanding about bisexual people. Which will come in handy in prison as he’ll be joining the orchestra as a pink oboeist.


  136. 246
    Gonk III says:

    A good number of the ‘Political classes’ consider it convenient to lie and cheat often quoting the greater good or other such nonsense. Another trick they often pull is ignoring inconvenient public opinions in pursuing their chosen direction. This case confirms the deceitful and lying nature of the whole nest of ‘em.


  137. 248
    Gonzales says:

    One tosser down 600 odd (very odd some of them) more to go


  138. 250
    It doesn't add up... says:

    May I remind you all of this recent case:


    12 months sentence for perverting the course of justice over a motoring offence that would have led to a suspended licence.


  139. 263
    John the Bastard says:

    Just saying like, there is no point in congratulating pleb gate plod and the CPS (as some have) because the guilty party pleaded Guilty and not even the Police and the CPS could mess this one up.


    • 267
      Serendipity says:

      People only plead guilty when the work’s been properly done and there’s no way to wriggle out, so credit is due to Essex CID & the CPS.


  140. 265
    The fortuitously named Sweeney says:

    Yer goin’ dahn, you slaaaag!


  141. 266
    keredybretsa says:

    Lock him away and throw the key down the loo!


  142. 268
    Billy NoMates says:

    As I understand it, marital coercion is a defence available to women in a marriage but not to men. After the Same Sex Marriage bill becomes law, will it apply to both parties to a lesbian marriage but neither of two married gay men?

    And as the Same Sex Marriage bill provides that either party to a heterosexual marriage will be able to change sex without dissolving the marriage, does this mean that the only way a straight married man will be able to plead marital coercion as a defence is to have a sex change.

    What was that about equality?


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