February 4th, 2013

How We Hunted Huhne

When newly appointed Minister Chris Huhne walked out on his family and went to the gym, having just told his wife he was leaving her for another person, Guido doubts he realised the untold consequences of his actions that day in 2010. It was the Sunday Times that first reported rumours “circulating” Westminster about Huhne’s speeding points in early May 2011. The mystery person who allegedly took the points and was briefing out the story was revealed exclusively by Guido to be none other than Vicky Pryce in the following days. The Huhnt was on!

Huhne said on the record that “these allegations are simply incorrect.” His SpAd Joel Kenrick served out the BS:These allegations have been made before and have been shown to be untrue”. As the story gained traction Guido exclusively revealed where the speed camera in question was, and where Huhne’s then wife was that fateful day. Our research shredded Huhne’s initial statements. Guido’s favourite revelation was that his old number plate was: H11HNE.

As the affair dragged on, Guido was keen to keep the pressure up, as were the Mail on Sunday who recreated the scenario. And it wasn’t just digging, our #HuhneTunes hashtag turned Huhne into a laughing stock. Guido’s favourite moment of the whole affair was putting a microphone and camera in the deluded former Secretary of State’s face. He denied knowing anything about the situation. That denial looks even more absurd today…

It was never really about the speeding points, it was the conspiracy to cover-up that was going to do for him. No amount of spin from allies would save him from charges in the end. We should be able to report later today the lengths to which Huhne went in order to attempt to keep the case from getting to trial, but needless to say he was not “innocent of the charges” nor “confident a jury will agree.”

His sentencing date is yet to be set…


  1. 1
    Wacko Huhno says:

    He’s a speed demon. Hee-hee!


    • 20
      Anonymous says:

      And well done to the Plod and the CPS!


      • 30
        Fuck the LibLabCon says:

        For once.


      • 53
        Anonymous says:

        I usually find a little sympathy in me when someone hits the rocks and they sink.. In Huhne’s case i find it impossible, he Is a charm free zone and the slow death of his career was all his own making. Surely even he can see that he should have held his hands up right at the start of this small saga. By putting it off he made it worse and he was a minister ffs. What a plonker!


      • 81
        John the Bastard says:

        No, no, a thousand times no. He pleaded Guilty-not even our wonderful Police and the CPS could change that fact.


      • 83
        John the Bastard says:

        No, no, a thousand times no. He pleaded Guilty- not even our wonderful Police and CPS could change that fact.


    • 34
      Bubba says:

      Hey Hoon, come ‘ere. We’re gonna play mommies and daddies. Which do you wanna be? Mommy or daddy?


      Ok Hoon come ‘ere and suck mommy’s cock.


  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    Bye Huhne, you utter hoon.


  3. 3
    Rodger & Doubt says:

    Better get your front teeth painlessly removed by a quality dentist quick Chris rather than have them punched out. Also a crack wax might minimise some forthcoming discomfort (I am told!)


  4. 4
    Malcolm Redfellow says:

    Mr Fawkes: you still haven’t explained that sudden legal hand-break turn last October.

    You know why that happened, don’t you?

    2+2= a certain lady lawyer.


  5. 5

    A terrible loss to the progressive gay, lesbian, transgender community.
    It’s a conspiracy!


  6. 6
    Huhne=Cunt says:

    A liar by his own admission. Well we all knew that already. He should now sink without trace from public life.

    I expect however to see him appointed to a top position within the EU.


  7. 7
    H11HNE says:

    woohoo – that is all


  8. 8
    STuN says:

    This is better than a Royal wedding hahahahahahahahaha


  9. 9
    oldasiahand39 says:

    Hang the bastard by his cojones and let the witch cut them off and have him fall into a steaming vat of oil.


  10. 10

    Brian Leveson says..

    “You see…this is exactly the sort of thing that can happen if you don’t keep the free press in check. “


  11. 11
    orkneylad says:

    Oh happy day!


    • 78
      T'Old Fella says:

      Guido don’t get caught over the limit and well over the speed limit after the theb hunt of the Huhne


  12. 14

    Guido. Undisguised admiration for your work on this.

    If ever a point was worth making, it is that tenacity for a correct objective pays. It doesn’t always come immediately, sometimes it takes much longer. Sometimes it seems interminable.

    But you have shown here that it works. Also your analysis of what is wrong is spot on. The speeding is nothing in relation to the perversion of justice. That it should come from a lawmaker is unacceptable.

    I hope the judge takes that into account when sentencing. I have this impression he is not a pushover.

    But for now the day is yours.


    • 23
      JabbaTheCat says:



    • 24
      STun says:



    • 71
      Devil's Dumplings says:

      Very good. Now:

      Shift Target: Left 200: Maggie Hodge – Hypocrite: Engage: Fire for effect


      • 84
        Euroslave says:

        +1 – Is it just me who wanted to be there shouting “You lying bast**rd!” and hurling a barrage of eggs when he was making that pathetic speech?

        Even then he added caveats “happened 10 years ago”, my great joy is only diminished by the fact that Vicky Pryce will get off and keep appearing on the BBC as their “Greek Economics Guru”

        Congrats Guido!


      • 101
        Devil's Dumplings says:

        Actually, thinking about it a bit more:

        New Target: Left 200, up 400: B£iar – complete lying bastard: Engage: Fire to destroy. No quarter


  13. 15
    Ex-Conservative voter says:

    As Huhne awaits a long-overdue and richly-deserved buggering in a prison cell, the LimpDums await a fully-deserved buggering in Eastleigh.

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of scum.


  14. 16
    Boris Johnson(Conservative Leader in Waiting) says:

    I have not decided whether to contest the forthcoming by election in Eastleigh ,but will email Guido in due course.


  15. 17
    Older Not Wiser says:

    What a hideous cretin. Wasted millions of government resources on green projects…. what lies did he tell to get these through?

    He deserves to be banged to rights for a long time for all the messing about…. time our politicians realised they are just ordinary people too


  16. 21
    D Cameroon Foreign Aider says:

    I always thought he was a C*nt but as he was a mate of Nicks… well you know how it is.


  17. 22
    Anonymous says:

    Will the hoon be paying back the 10 years salary and pension that he has obtained through being a lying, cheating arsehole?


  18. 28
    Rat trap says:

    What a nice guy – persuade your wife to take the rap, then hang her out to dry by pleading guilty when she’s followed the script and pled not guilty. Price-less!


  19. 31
    Patrick Power says:

    Hills make the Tories 1/2 FAV to wn Eastleigh with LDs 6/4. Ukip 33/1 & LAB 100/1. http://bit.ly/u6wr8r


    • 69
      Anonymous says:

      what odds for Farage standing in Eastleigh by-election?

      Big dissatisfaction around there with migrant population.


      • 95
        Frightened Inmate #2 says:

        Farage stood there in a bye-election in 1994 and polled fewer than 1000 votes. I’m sure he’d improve on that if he stood but he has no chance of winning.


  20. 32
    Lie Detector says:

    Ha ha ha


  21. 35
    Casual Observer says:

    He will be gutted that he won’t have a TV in jail.


    The other trial starts tomorrow at 10AM.


  22. 36
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    So what else has Huhne lied about?


  23. 38
    s.s. says:

    Will Huhne put Guido on his visitors list in the clink?


  24. 39
    Viv Dean says:

    It makes a change for ‘right’ to triumph…sterling work, Guido, The Mail, the police and (even) the CPS.

    Might the Guido comments pages be more effective in future ‘campaigns’ if the contributors moderated their language?


  25. 42
    Old Blue Eyes says:

    What now the by election. It ought to have been a shoe in for the Conservatives but Dave’s idiotic carryings on throws the whole result into the melting pot.


    • 49
      hank the cat says:

      If the Cons do not have at the very least a decent showing in the by- election, that could be the beginning of the end for call me Dave


      • 87
        T'Old Fella says:

        Bring on the general election, I wonder which party will get the biggest drubbing, who will be 3rd, will the current whining Torires jump ship to Ukip or will still still continue to whine about Dave afraid to jump ship, we are in for some exciting times ahead


  26. 44
    hank the cat says:

    I must protest where is the compassion on this blog, this poor,poor man has jsut seen his world fall apart, please,please have some compassion.


  27. 46
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    Which only goes to show that, if you’re going to get your wife to take the rap for you on something as minor (in the grand scheme of things) as a speeding violation, don’t, years later, become a Minister, especially of something as dodgy as windmills, and whatever you do, don’t dump the old bag for a Miranda-Hart’s-older-sister type. Things have a way of getting beyond your control when you do such terribly inadvisable things, don’t you know.
    Chris, in your case, crime did not pay, except for your brief.


    • 59
      hank the cat says:

      In reply to your Miranda Hart in your posting. What would you prefer watching Miranda Hart and Sara Millicam or getting phucked by the rouigh end of a rotating pinapple?


      • 65
        Tay King-dePisse says:

        Miranda and Sara, Jo Brand even, but only because I wouldn’t want to do something that inhumane to a pineapple.


  28. 48
    Anonymous says:

    When do you go after Blair?

    Weapons of mass destruction?
    45 minutes?
    Lisbon treat renege?
    etc etc


  29. 50
    Able Seaman Schettino says:

    How the mighty fall!


  30. 54
    fella on the underground says:

    Vicky Huhne is going to make an arse of herself with this ‘My husband made me do it’ defence

    Judge ‘Mrs Huhne what educational qualifications do you have”

    Mrs H “Law degree”

    Judge “Mrs Huhne descrive briefly your employment history”

    Mrs H ” Senior Economist, Adviser to Governments, Political activist, Governor of School,etc”

    Judge ” So your husband told you, a trained lawyer and economist to lie and what did he threaten you with”

    Mrs H ” He said if I didn’t help him out our income would fall from £250,000 a year to £200,000 pa.So I decided to lie since we both like ther good life.’

    Judge ” 18 months in the same cell. Now bugger off’


  31. 55
    Jimbo says:

    Great Work Guido, 10 years will be about right for the little creep, has to be a creep to be a LibDem. Will you now please start work on bringing a great number of our Political rabble to justice for TREASON, but first we need to get a petition on the Governments website to reinstate the Death Penalty for this most serious crime, I wonder who had this taken off ? not Mr Blair, I wonder why ?.


  32. 60
    Anonymous says:

    Give YOUR VOTE, the next time you visit the ballot box, to the LibLabCon monopoly for a truly United States of Europe, you know it makes sense.

    We use your vote to endorse and legitimise our policy for a truly United States of Europe.

    Thank you.


  33. 63
    pissed off voter says:

    Mr Clegg said he was shocked and saddened by Huhne’s admission, in exactly the same tone as when he promised an EU referendum and pledged not to raise tuition fees.


  34. 64
    Osballsy says:

    wasnt there some other person arrested? Or cant we talk about that?


  35. 66
    Huhne=Scum says:

    Excellent work Guido. In a world of crony lobby hacks and spineless BBC bias, you stand as a beacon of hope in the protection of democracy.


  36. 68
    Gatso Speed Camera says:

    The only good thing I have ever done.


  37. 70
    Bench-Backer says:

    Huhne has long form. When he was a hack at the Guardian and Indie prior to his city-slicker-tipster career – he was detested by his colleagues who knew him to take “short cuts” and fabricate facts. During the Lib-Dem leadership campaign against Clegg, his true colours were even more apparent. His private and very un-Lib-Dem share-holdings, his part in the break-up of Vicky Pryce’s first marriage and the feelings of her two daughters from that first marriage (who saw through Huhne and refused to take his name after he married their mother). Huhne even threatened legal action against one blogger who reported on these facts. (Google it!)


  38. 73
    I am a Lib Dem and my name is Tom Pepper. says:

    Blimey these nice Lib Dems really do appear to be a bunch of crooks and porkie pie story tellers.
    Every time Farage is on the telly they nearly always challenge him about some dodgy UKIP member(or even ex-member), but rarely do they ask slippery Nick about his ex-cabinet Lib Dem colleagues who should, or will be doing porridge.


  39. 74
    Good riddance! says:

    Huhne will speed towards humiliation now the Gatso flash is replaced by the glare of a thousand newspaper photographers.


  40. 75
    Anna says:

    The appearance of hounding people, in whatever walk of life, always leaves me feeling rather uncomfortable. I was conflicted: I loathe Chris Huhne, always have, but did that leave me open to believing accusations because I could believe the worst of him? I hate these conflicts!

    Anyway, it seems your accusations/revelations were entirely accurate. That brings me no pleasure. Yet another politician, a LEGISTLATOR assuming moral superiority over the rest of us, exposed as a fraud, lying cheat and hypocrite. And they wonder why the participation in elections keeps going down.


  41. 76
    member for Stockton North says:

    On food safety, can the deputy PM confirm that no traces of truth have been found in the Liberal democrat food chain


  42. 77
    Tiny Tom says:

    Another lying LibDum bites the dust. May they all go that way at the next election


  43. 79
    Harry Coles Hair says:

    something about Nigel Farage


  44. 82
    Old Blue Eyes says:

    So another Lib Dem politician is found to be a corrupt liar. Whats new.


  45. 92
    UpYours says:

    Send him down for a bit of the Norman Scott’s internal back support………..


  46. 94
    Jack says:

    I hope he is called as a witness at is ex’s case be fun to see the results of two twats fighting in court


  47. 97
    captain gatso says:

    you should have necklaced it chris


  48. 98
    tlillis4 says:

    There must be more to this story. This doesn’t make any sense. Why would Huhne throw his career away to cover up a traffic violation. Why not just take the ban with a sheepish smile and “I’m a bit of a lead-foot” non-apology. He could even had made a joke of it: “I can always justify my ministerial limo as a health and safety measure”. He would have gotten publicity and, ironically, a measure of sympathy from similarly banned drivers and all this would have been avoided. Is he that….stupid? Or was something else going on that night and by fighting and losing this he avoids further investigation?


  49. 99
    Got a new crayon says:

    He’s been perverting Justice for 10 years – he should be on remand.


  50. 100
    Anonymous says:

    tory lib- dem scum bag. he deserves prison but i take bets now he wont. how degrading this piece of shit will front it out. well wisher hope you get whats coming.


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