February 1st, 2013

Dave Backed From Poland to India, Just Not Backbenches

daveSome pretty unpleasant reading for Dave this morning: the plotters are hard at work and Lord Ashcroft says his big Europe speech has done little to boost his poll ratings. All is not lost though. The PM’s renegotiation, then referendum pledge has won the support of governments across the world. Poland’s ambassador sees no problem with Britain changing its relationship with the continent telling Ned Simons:

“We see a lot of room for manoeuvre. We all want a better functioning EU, respecting subsidiarity, and reducing its bureaucratic burden…I believe we can accommodate some British proposals.”

While the Indian finance minister goes further telling the FT:

“We have had historical relationships with the UK and I don’t think that will be affected whether you are in the European Union or not in the European Union…our relationship with the UK will only get stronger whether you are in the European Union or not.”

If only Dave’s own MPs were as friendly as foreigners…


  1. 1
    Moussa Koussa Mark 5 says:

    Dave has started his farewell tour very early. Makes sense I suppose

  2. 2
    The British Public says:

    Cameron out-polls his party, the backbenchers who complain and whinge are digging their own electoral graves.

  3. 3
    Al Qaeda, regd. in Companies House says:

    Vote Dave for Gays, Global Warming, millions of Gypos and phony Global Terror for Israel!

  4. 4
    Webwrights says:

    I have increasingly found that the Reverse Ashcroft is almost as reliable a predictive intellectual tool as the, in its time, Reverse Rees-Mogg was. Whatever is the antithesis of the Ashcroft position tends to be the right (or, at least, the better) one.

  5. 5
    Miranda says:

    just two more years, Dave. then $10m/yr from JP Morgan!

  6. 6
    1922 says:

    A good time for Dave to take a jolly.

  7. 7
    Sam 'the beard' from Witney says:


  8. 8
    himindoors says:

    Too many ifs, does not a promise make.

  9. 9
    Dave had SO much promise in 2005 but that Husky Moment should have tipped us off says:

    Dave can recover his position with his supporters:-

    1. He needs to cut back on Overseas Aid Budget and divert funds to MoD
    2. He needs to drop the Gay Marriage Legislation
    3. He needs to hold THAT referendum ahead of 2015 and dare Labour and LibDems to vote down enabling legislation
    4. He needs to stop his junketting abroad trying to sort out security problems of the World and get a grip of the economy from Osborne
    5. He needs to tell Clegg to “Feck Off”

    Will he do these things ??? What do you think ?

  10. 10
    E Pickles says:

    I command you to eat more pies.
    Only the consumption of pies can save our economy now,

  11. 11
    SP4BS says:

    the more EU countries supporting EU-lite, the more likely that referendum ends up with a YES.

  12. 12
    Adam Afriyie Future PM says:

    You are looking very old David.

  13. 13
    You can't expect ANY sense out of the Tory Party says:

    The Tory Party has ALWAYS had a mutually assured destruction pact in its constitution….it’s like that scene where the Sherrif faces down the Bad Guys by pointing a pistol at his own head and shouting …One more step and I fire !!

  14. 14
    British Gas says:

    Don’t worry thicko plebs, more of that ‘Global Warming’ on the way next week! Bonuses all round!

  15. 15
    EU De Pong says:

    There you go.

    You see Europe is only important to Europhiles. The rest of the world could not give a shit.

    If being the EU is so important to exporting companies, why is Hyundai setting up manufacturing and infrastructure in Turkey as its local staging post into the European Empire?

  16. 16
    Dave tells Blair says:

    I think you missed out the phrase..”YOU were the future once !”

  17. 17
    Con Artists says:

    Oh god thanks for that, it really cheered me up thus morning, even after I stepped in a massive stinking dog turd and it went all over my shoes, your comments still manage to make me laugh.

    Irony combined with a sharp mind such as yours should not be wasted… Have you ever thought of talking utter bullsh#t professionally and becoming a politician ?

  18. 18
    Phone 4 Nicholai Cleggmeister says:

  19. 19
    Phone 4 Nicholai Cleggmeister says:

    De bomen buigen

  20. 20
    Hilary Spurling says:

    These backbenchers need to get a reality check. If they spend their time sniping at Cameron then Ed Miliband will be the next PM and they’ll lose their seats, undermined by UKIP who won’t win a single seat but will just let Labour in to waste money and sign up to every piece of European fudge going.

  21. 21
    Phone 4 Nicholai Cleggmeister says:

    Takken schuiven en ruisen

  22. 22
    a non says:

    Unfortunately it’s a case where should one MP choose coffee instead of tea in the PM’s presence this will be usually be reported as a backbench rebellion in sections of the media.
    Guido is not the only journalist that appreciates tittle tattle and rumour to promote their own position.

  23. 23
    Phone 4 Nicholai Cleggmeister says:

    De winter waait weg

  24. 24
    Phone 4 Nicholai Cleggmeister says:


  25. 25
    Phone 4 Nicholai Cleggmeister says:

    So if the individual bits were OK. Why was the entire embargoed by the bottmeister?

  26. 26
    David Brede says:

    Perhaps he should resign and seek a world wide role with people who appreciate him?

  27. 27
    David Brede says:

    Perhaps he should resign and seek a world wide role with people who appreciate him?

  28. 28
    Anonymous says:

    Adam, you are toast, love !

  29. 29
    Con Artists says:

    The writing really is on the wall for that fool, which one for his epitaph

    – one term Dave
    – cast iron Dave
    – call me Dave
    – CaMoron
    – traitorous troughing trougher Dave
    – utter spineless amobe wa#ker Dave
    – unelectable conservatives for decades Dave
    – social democrat Dave

    Such choices …

  30. 30

    We spend all our time designing wonderful napkins whilst there are 68 million coming to dinner and no food has been bought, still less cooked.

  31. 31
    His Lardship John Prescott says:

    Let me join the Minister in this worthwhile endeavour. Some things are more important than Party.

  32. 32
    undutchable says:

    What a diabolical attempt at translating “Eats, shoots and leaves” into Dutch.

  33. 33
    albacore says:

    Lordie, why don’t they own up and make it formal?
    Parliamentary collusion’s now just normal
    Voting don’t alter by one whit the position
    The E U owns the LibLabCon coalition

  34. 34
    Down the rabbitt hole says:

    Ha ha ha Keith Vaz, yes You heard right Keith Fucking Vaz has pronounced that the measure of the publics faith in the Police is reflected in the amount of complaints made about them. Very true but for Keith Vaz to say this oh my aching sides , fucking hell ha ha ha ha !!!!!!

  35. 35
    Former conservative voter says:

    Too little to late, its UKIP for me.

  36. 36
    Con Artists says:

    You’ve got 2 hopes and Bobs just left town.

    Your in cloud cuckoo land if you think CaMoron would do even 1 of those things. Its not in his blood.


    Read the ukip manifesto, I think you’ll find you agree with most of it.

    The plebs are realising it is pointless to vote for Conservatives because..

    1) Their policies are the same as Lib and Lab … No difference on any of the key issues

    2) They don’t represent what you believe

    3) Cast iron Dave CaMoron is a liar and cannot be trusted

  37. 37
    Popeye says:

    Support from leaders around the world eh?
    Obama and Biden give massive support to tell us to STAY IN the EU.
    Will Dave tell them to butt out? I won’t hold my breath.

  38. 38
    Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

    Give credit where credit is due as I think Call me Dave performs quite well on the international stage.

    Well, that’s why he wanted to be PM.

  39. 39
    Charles says:

    The only way the Conservatives will win the next election is if Cameron steps aside in favour of Boris. However, it needs to be done soon to give Boris time to establish his authority within the party and for the public to get used to the idea. He is the only Tory who has widespread report across the whole electorate.

  40. 40
    Disillusioned traditional Tory says:

    There is only one person who can stop Ed Miliband at the next election – BORIS JOHNSON.

    BORIS FOR PM !!!

  41. 41
    Con Artists says:

    By George I think he’s sussed it..

    If the 3 parties don’t represent you, vote for someone else. Why wouldn’t you ?

    There has been an onslaught of pro EU propaganda from other EU countries, from the USA, from big businesses, from all 3 parties who have their fat snouts in the EU trough, from EVERY newspaper incl Daily Mail and Tory graph , from the BBC, and of course from the EU… All lies and absolutely disgusting.

    The complicit nature of 99.9% our media tv and press is staggering – they clearly haven’t paid off their Islington mortgages yet or saved enough for the Tuscan farmhouse and are beholden to the trough while moralizing to us, terrified their cheques will stop. Sickening and gutless.

    This is far worse in my opinion than hacking phones. The contempt they show is sickening, other countries shed blood for the press freedom we have, and these guys play the pipers tune… Remember our grandfathers died for this freedom.

    Quite simply this pro EU onslaught is because the elite EU troughers and their trainee LibLabCon snouts, are absolutely terrified the plebs have seen through the EU bull#hit and want OUT !…

    Plebs can smell blood and the EU know this…

    Hold firm and vote with your conscience.

  42. 42
    Con Artists says:

    Performing on a stage as the floor gives way and the rope tightens would be too good.

  43. 43
    True Blue says:

    UKIP? Can you image Archie Farage as PM? He would be a national joke and would be embarassing internationally.

  44. 44
    Con Artists says:

    Boris is a cheating fool. A liability, a pompous buffoon.

    Nothing, and I mean nothing, he has said on the EU is different to CaMoron.

    Boris is not the answer.

  45. 45
    Con Artists says:

    The public doesn’t agree with you.

    You are an outlier.

    It comes down to trust.

    Do you trust CaMoron – No he is a liar.

    Do you trust UKIP – yes

  46. 46
    Casual Observer says:

    Iron shod Dave ?

  47. 47
    Casual Observer says:

    Or: Iron Shoed Dave.

  48. 48
    Turkey Watch says:

    Lower tax, better access to Russian / Middle East markets as well and politically more stable with a better workforce.

  49. 49
    Con Artists says:

    Let him earn the minimum wage of 285 euros a month in Romania with Sam cooking the cabbage soup and see if they would prefer a free ticket and life on benefits in England.

    Does anyone remember the tv programme where Portillo lived up north on benefits for a week.

    What chance the BBC re-commission part 2 – “Portillo does Bulgaria for a week”…

    Have any of the media got the guts to make that show ?

  50. 50
    UKIPForme says:

    “UKIP? Can you image Archie Farage as PM? He would be a national joke and would be embarassing internationally.”

    So are you implying that Prime Minister Cameron isn’t – and Prime Minister Clegg or Miliband wouldn’t be? Given that pathetic choice, at least Farage would stand up for British people.

  51. 51
    UKIPForme says:

    Vote Dave/Clegg or Miliband for Gays, Global Warming, millions of Gypos and phony Global Terror for Israel!

  52. 52
    Con Artists says:

    Maybe the EU will apply to join Turkeys new OE (Ottoman Empire)

  53. 53
    EU Watch says:

    So Poland back the UKs position ?


    Germany are welcome to have Poland as a strategic partner. History shows how well that arrangement works.

    A fact is that they still have the ‘new europe’ / ‘old europe’ Bu$h rhetoric wedged up their a$$s and have no real understanding of reality.

    As a people they suffer from the dual blight of being consistently on the wrong side of history and having their perceptions distorted by full on communism more recently.

    As nation states they have zero resources of any real value.

    The ‘new europe’ as it is known is only interested in hand outs and what they can get for free. They do not contribute anything, and strategically are of very little value. This is the legacy of communism.

    They need to remember that Russian steel can still crush them, German steel can still crush them, and the American’s are increasing the probability of these outcomes by siting missile defense in their territories.

  54. 54
    Con Artists says:

    Vote Dave / Clegg or Milliband if you hate the UK and want to see it destroyed.

  55. 55
    UKIPForme says:

    + 1000

  56. 56
    Con Artists says:

    UK – £10 billion paid to EU
    Poland – £10 billion received from EU

    Why would you bite the hand that feeds…

    Follow the moneeeeeeeeeee

  57. 57
    Con Artists says:

    Get back to work Boris

    You need to build a million new homes for the Bulgarian and Romanians, they won’t all fit in the underpass at Marble Arch…

  58. 58
    Jimmy says:

    JP Morgan won’t touch him. I predict after 2015 Butch will be Gary Barlow’s replacement on the X Factor.

  59. 59
    Ho hum says:

    Nor is he actually an MP either.

  60. 60
    Ho hum says:

    Dave is currently in Lieboria spouting his usual spend lots of our aid money on removing extreme poverty bollox.

    Lieboria is an American colony founded by freed slaves. Let the Yanks have this one Dave.

    (I think he has been in the sun too long).

  61. 61
    Ho hum says:

    Does all that double Dutch mean he wants another pay rise?

  62. 62
    Ho hum says:

    and one

  63. 63
    Ho hum says:

    You mean get an unseaworthy boat and go into the people smuggling business?

  64. 64
    Ho hum says:

    My thoughts entirely; you could not have put it better. His tv interview was such stupendous hypocracy it quite put me off my sandwiches.

  65. 65
    Ho hum says:

    *hypocrisy !!

  66. 66
    Ho hum says:

    Dave should invite them to join if they are so keen. Then they can do their own dirty business.

  67. 67
    Ho hum says:

    Our Tone probably gets his 5% somewhere along the way.

  68. 68
    Algy says:

    Boris not an MP? No problem. Many Tory backbenchers would offer to hand their seat over to Boris in order to see the back of Cameron.

  69. 69
    True Blue says:

    I don’t think that Cameron is embarassing or a joke. He is simply pompous, unimaginative, boring, lacking in understanding of economics and a vote loser.

    The problem is that Clegg or Miliband wouldn’t be much better.

    Archie Farage as PM would be a national disaster.

  70. 70
    yorkshire lass says:

    Lord Ashcroft does not seem to question anyone north of Watford. I live in Yorkshire and I dont know ANYONE who wants to stay in Europe

  71. 71
    Anonymous says:

    I knew he reminded me of somebody. its Archie Andrews !

  72. 72
    Anonymous says:

    Why ? i cant think why Boris would do any better, he wont be able to fix the mess labour left in 2 years, any more than David Cameron can.

  73. 73
    Anonymous says:

    Surely Ed Milliband will be replaced before the election ? you cant seriously think he would be able to cope as PM !

  74. 74
    Anonymous says:

    Have you researched whether we could cope outside the EU ? its all very well making dramatic statements about leaving, but i have never seen the benefits of leaving spelled out.

  75. 75
    Anonymous says:

    As opposed to Labour who appoint mentally unbalanced people “because its his turn” they have done the same with Milliband, not mentally strong.

  76. 76
    True Blue says:

    The resemblance is uncanny. Can someone embed a picture of Archie Andrews. I don’t know how to.

  77. 77
    Charles says:

    Labour left the economy in a mess but Cameron and Osborne have made it even worse.

  78. 78
    yorkshire lass says:

    What are the benefits of staying in ?

  79. 79
    Conrad says:

    Dave lost it as far as I was concerned when he tried to promote his green credentials by making out he cycled to parliament to save the world without mentioning (1) that he really did it just for the exercise and (2) that he was followed by his official limousine thereby negating any alleged environmental benefit. Clearly a shallow chancer without integrity or conviction.
    Probably the only promise he’s lived up to is to head the greenest govt in this country’s history-green in the sense of being raw,undeveloped ,immature and callow that is.

  80. 80
    Swollen Glands says:

    Completely agree, given the lines Dave presents superbly well, BUT how many successful actors on any stage today are saying their own lines. No, they regurgitate the scriptwriters ideas. Problem is Dave is like, an albeit, good actor, writing his own script.

  81. 81
    Swollen Glands says:

    More easily than Silvio Berlusconi …….

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