January 30th, 2013

UCAS Figures Expose Labour Scaremongering

ucasFigures out this lunchtime show that the UCAS application rate from disadvantaged backgrounds has also risen to the highest ever on record at 19.5%. Students were smart enough to understand that no up front fees for university education was a great deal.

All that NUS and Labour scaremongering has turned out to be just that…


  1. 1
    Jimmy says:

    11% = 30 seat headstart for us at the next GE. #ultimatesuccess

    Rejoice – no Tory majority ever again.


  2. 3
    Anonymous says:

    “a great deal”

    Come on Guido.


    • 4
      Angry of London says:

      +100 – sacrifice of the young to maintain the cosy lifestyle of the old grey f*ckers who have all the property, all the savings and most of the benefits.

      The fact that admissions haven’t gone through the floor simply reflects how badly our education system has failed the mathematical abilities of those applying.

      Only one option for the young these days. Emigrate. Get your Uni education much cheaper in another European country and then stay there.

      Anyone descending into a lifetime of debt for the sake of a sociology degree from Derby’s old poly needs their head examining.


      • 5

        Then don’t go to Uni – get an apprenticeship, join one of the armed forces, learn a trade – you know do a f.ucking job, not History of Ideas/ Art/ Meeja Studies for three years of baked beans and no daylight before 1:00 p.m. and then complain about mountainous debt, no job that matches your plastic degree and no ability, skills or experience to do anything other than take McShit up on one of their “do you want fries with that” catering opportunities.


        • 8
          Angry of London says:

          Absolutely. The only folk who need to go to Uni are those with vocational aspirations where the level of specialist knowledge is challenging to communicate alongside daily work. Scientists, doctors etc.

          These degrees should be free. After all, the country needs these folks and most will pay back more in tax than their education ever cost. The rest should be priced at a level that reflects the cost-burden on each University to provide them.

          Within 5-10 years most of the new universities would be colleges again (teaching practical, useful skills) and we’d be churning out mostly valuable graduates.

          Instead we have an utter rip-off of a system where a future doctor pays as much as a political science student. On that basis, go abroad. You’re life will be much better anyway – affordable property, many fewer chavs and some prospect of community.


          • No, they shouldn’t be free. However, companies who benefit from employing graduates should contribute more to their debt reduction as part of their remuneration package – but let’s not forget, the debt is interest free and graduates are statistically better paid than non graduates, so to enjoy these financial lifetime advantages without paying for it would seem to be wrong, don’t you think?


          • Curly says:

            No – see the point above about mathematical inabilities which clearly applies to you.

            See also the point above about proper graduates paying more tax than meeja studies “graduates” who are unlikely to ever progress beyond burger flipping.

            You must be a student of some sort. Ah well, there goes the neighbourhood.


          • Students - don't make me laugh! says:

            Sorry Curly, but you actually reinforce my point – why should we all pay for someone else to become a top rate tax payer – you really are proof that there are three types of people when it comes to mathematical ability – those that can count and those that can’t.

            Still, I’m sure your degree is really useful.


        • 17
          Alan from Sheffield Uni says:

          I’m an 18 year old hoping to join the armed forces. I’m currently at university doing a degree in mechanical engineering which involves quite a lot of work. Not all students do ‘plastic degree’s and I think I’ve got a right to complain about being stuck with £27000 debt (minimum) before I’ve even left education.


  3. 6
    A DJ from the 70s says:

    Fortunately, whatever background they’re from, the students are still 100% photogenic girls.


  4. 7
    YorkshireLad says:

    Forgive my ignorance, but what is, and who determines who is from a “disadvantaged” background?


    • 9
      A DJ from the 70s says:

      Anyone who doesn’t know what a disadvantaged background is comes from a disadvantaged background.


      • 18
        YorkshireLad says:

        That must include me then. I didn’t do bad out of it, paid for my own University education and got a Masters in the process…and not in Advanced Nail Care


    • 19
      Chardonnay says:

      If you qualify for free school meals then you are disadvantaged.

      It also helps if your parents:

      – attended state school and are illiterate
      – sport a selection of tatoos and body piercings
      – are alcoholic and drug addicted
      – are welfare dependent


      • 21
        YorkshireLad says:

        Then maybe I’m not disadvantaged at all. I was blessed with parents who espoused a work ethic, an unassailable logic in that you can only spend money once, everything you own is worked for and that food in your belly comes before the trinkets of life. Old fashioned? Probably but it’s worked for me.


  5. 11
    Frederick Gideon Threepwood says:

    Is Guido an idiot? I despise the Labour Party as much as anyone but this story is just crap. Overall student number applications fell sharply. A significant reason for this was affluent students in 2011 going straight to university rather than taking a gap year. Less affluent students have always been less likely to take gap years after school. Consequently the gap year effect impacts less on poorer students and the % of total applicants they represent increases. Simple really.


  6. 14
    Bruno says:

    Gap year?
    I went from School to Work/Tech.Collage (at nights) with only a week off in between. I still finished up as Technical Services manager for a MultinationaL


    • 16
      Curly says:

      Congratulations! In my day the gap year did not exist. Still, these days I suppose the poor lambs have to have a break after all that study at what is now laughingly described as “A” level before re-entering the system to do Advanced Nail Filing Procedures at Oxford.


  7. 25
    Anonymous says:

    If the numbers applying were anywhere near what they were in 2011, or even 2010, before the fees hike then there probably would be cause for celebration/sticking it to the naysayers. But they’re not.


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