January 29th, 2013

How Ed and Yvette Helped Out Ellie With Taxpayer Cash
Balls Leaves Cooper Stranded in the Snow

Spare a thought for poor old Yvette Cooper. As Guido reported in his Daily Star Sunday column, the Shadow Home Secretary was left stranded in the snow by her husband this weekend:

“YVETTE Cooper, the MP and wife of Ed Balls, tweeted early yesterday about the “beautiful, sun rising over a snowy Castleford” and said she would not be deterred by several inches of snow from setting out for Pontefract in her West Yorks constituency to go knocking on doors with “walking boots, ski gloves and a bacon sandwich”. A few minutes later she tweeted a pic of a snow-covered car and commented: “Hmm. Seems car has other ideas. V embarrassing. Am going to have to get @EdBallsMP to help push.” At least the sun was shining and if anyone is experienced at pushing someone out, it is Ed Balls. Just ask Tony Blair.”

She never made the journey…

Meanwhile Guido has uncovered some intriguing details over Cooper’s expenses claims. At the end of 2011 Yvette charged the taxpayer over £600 for the “specialist internet support” of an undisclosed computer ‘expert’. Guido has learned that the money was paid to one Ellie Gellard, the very same famous-for-twitter Ellie Gellard who worked as Balls’ speech-writer and bag carrier.

The claim was made in the very month that Balls unsuccessfully tried to convince his Shadow Cabinet colleagues to take Gellard on as a Political Adviser. Labour have always seen taxpayers’ cash as a way to help out their friends…


  1. 1
    Chris Huhne Is Silent Today says:



    • 7
      bergen says:

      When I saw Huhne on the TV news last night he looked as if he’d aged ten years since he resigned.


      • 39
        Qui Bono says:

        I understand that driving a car with that much snow on it maybe illegal ~ surely not?


        • 90
          Damned Impertinent Questions says:

          depends how fast you go I think


          • Lord Mandelbum of Fondleboys says:

            The car in the photo looks like an ancient Ford Sierra – if so, presumably Mr. & Mrs. Testicles keep it on hand to hypocritically demonstrate their credentials as everyday (millionaire) people. Utter scum anyway.


      • 52
        Anonymous says:

        In a jab at German finance minister Wolfgang Schauble – a lawyer – Mr Draghi said banking experts rather than lawyers should make the judgment on contagion risks from Cyprus. His comments came after Mr Schauble suggested that Cyprus is too small to matter.

        A chorus of voices in the Bundestag insists on tough terms for the island,
        citing a leaked report from Germany’s intelligence services that Nicosia is a money-laundering hub for the Russian mafia. German Social Democrats say they will not back funds for “organised crime”, leaving Chancellor Angela Merkel scrambling for votes to push through a rescue.



  2. 2
    PK says:

    ……….or is/was Ed Balls poking her?


  3. 3
    Mrs. Ball-Scooper, TRIPLE FLIPPER says:

    It’s the first time I’ve had several inches.#Balls


  4. 4
    Hac says:

    leftists in action


  5. 6
    Gay Fucks says:

    Labour have always seen taxpayers’ cash as a way to help out their friends…

    And the Tories haven’t? Except, in the case of the Tories it wouldn’t be £600 it would be £600m.


    • 19
      Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

      We gave our banker friends £ 6,000 million to help them out.


      • 20
        Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

        Sorry, I meant £ 600 BILLION. I was never any good with numbers.


        • 45
          The Taxpayers says:

          You didn’t give anyone anything, you actually stole that £600 billion from us and our children Gordon.


          • Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

            It was an ‘investment’. We socialists call it investing; for some obscure reason you capitalists call it wealth destruction. I’m right. I’m always right.


          • Gordon says:

            Hello everyone.

            Did you see me on ‘Labour Newsnight’ last night?

            They played a clip of me being interviewed on a train to Birmingham…about the dastardly Icelanders’ bank crash and how, as the greatest leader this country has known. I seized all of their assets. I bravely enacted anti terror legislation, deported Magnus Magnusson and banned Bjork from these shores. What they didn’t know was that I had put a nuclear submarine on standby to vaporise Oslo if they tried to retaliate.

            My God. I was magnificent, authoritative, bold, every bit the great leader. The deep booming resonance in my voice let everyone know I was someone not to be messed with. I WAS, no, am THE GREAT CLUNKING FIST.

            The clip was one from my ‘greatest hits’ compilation that I am bringing out for next Xmas. HMV have said that they will stock it for me.



          • Geordieboy says:

            Since when did Oslo end up in Iceland?


    • 66
      D'Jango says:

      I seem to remember that it was Gordon who came up with the bright idea of “bailing out” the banks as they were to big to fail.


      • 69
        D'Jango says:

        Oh yes and Labour also sold huge piles of gold at rock bottom prices to our Chinese friends!


        • 74
          T'Old Fella says:

          Yes Gordy sold the gold, but what happened to all the money in foreign exchange he recieved for the gold?


        • 79
          Catty Comment (Ms) says:

          I have been given to understand that it was sold to Goldysocks to bail them out of a serious pile of ordure they had dug for themselves. Was I misinformed?


      • 81
        Spot the connection says:

        A slight amendment required…”SCOTTISH banks”…….Royal Bank of SCOTLAND ; Halifax Bank of SCOTLAND..)


  6. 8
    Local shop says:

    So the common purpose broadcasting company said on the news this morning that the Tories were going to try to get the boundary change bill through today, they explained the bill thus: “the bill would give the Tories twenty more seats”.
    They could have said it would redress the imbalance or that it would make things fairer, but they chose to make the Conservatives look bad.

    What is interesting is, it would seem that there is no directive from Barosso on this as the Bbbc, the yellow bellies and lieboore are all going their own way.


    • 71
      T'Old Fella says:

      Why don’t you just listen to Sky news where you will find the complete opposite statements, you just want to hear the news you want to hear, which is Murdoch news.


  7. 9
    Turkish bath says:

    Specialist internet support? They’re having a laugh.

    Labour just can’t help doling out tax funds to their mates.

    If I paid a mate to “fix” my computer at work I’d get fired.


  8. 10
    Tuscan Tony says:

    I seriously doubt that old banger in the pic is hers, more likely a photostunt to please her monging consituents.


    • 15
      Lol says:

      A f’ucking Sierra or is it a Rover 214? Lefties have no taste.


      • 17
        Steve Miliband says:

        The Volvo XC 90 is kept hidden from the voters


      • 21
        genghiz the kahn says:

        Some one has nicked her hub caps.


      • 22
        Anonymous says:

        Sierra, ‘LX’ trim (or above) going on the red inserts on the door bump strips.

        Looks like it has also been driven without the rear window being properly cleared.

        Presumably not on cold-weather tyres either.

        Total numpty.


      • 37
        Mornington Crescent says:

        It is indeed an old Sierra – must be at least 20 years old. It’s all part of the act of these Islington types, trying to fool ‘The People’ that they’re one of them, they feel your pain etc. etc.

        Trouble is, ‘The People’ fall for it every time.


        • 80

          Look where they are in the country though MC. It tells you all you need to know.


        • 101
          Fishy says:

          Yes, ‘Our other car’s a Range Rover’

          I had a company Sierra Sapphire once. It was absolutely crap in the snow, when I could get it to start, that is.

          Mind you my earlier car, the much derided Allegro, would go anywhere; up the steep hills where I lived with no problem at all, while everything else was slithering around at the bottom (bit like Balls really).


        • 112
          NO EUROGOV says:

          Buy Ford. Get Euro swindle!


    • 32

      I would not yet have called Ellie old.


    • 59
      Gonk says:

      Her natural supporters can’t wait to get rid of old wrecks for shiny Fords,
      but she keeps one for the photo ops. Says a lot.


  9. 11
    gramma says:

    Pretty lady. Specialist internet support eh?
    Would that be in the missionary position.
    Help with WiFi or as wifey?


  10. 12
    The Stilton Eater says:

    I’m surprised Balls didn’t get his credit card out and pay for a tow truck. After all he keeps telling us to take on more debt in order to get the economy moving.

    As for “specialist internet support”, is this code for “internet banking” and “bung”?


  11. 13
    BEN E FIT says:

    A Minge de trois ?


  12. 14
    Steve Miliband says:

    Can we see the Invoice? Would make interesting reading.


  13. 18
    Chris Huhne Is Silent Today says:



  14. 23
    Graham Swift says:

    Yvette ‘ snout-in-the-trough ‘ Cooper. Nothing changes. In fact the Westminster scum continues as before.


  15. 24
    Steve Miliband says:

    Will Gordon be on a day release to vote against boundary changes?


  16. 25
    Todays Running Gag Is says:

    Chris Huhne Is Silent Today.



  17. 26

    Excellent work every little helps to shine on these two creatures.


  18. 27
    Where are Tony Blair's expenses says:

    They still haven’t explained how they managed to claim double rent allowance for both living in the same house and ~ £ 1000 per month for food during the intial expenses scandal.

    But more important things to deal with in Parliament at the moment, gay marriage and the Royal succession.

    All the while the national debt increases and we continue to borrow money fo pay the deficit ( minimum credit card payment to me and you)

    Another day in the madhouse that is the Mother of Parliaments.


    • 57
      EdButLookBalls says:

      Pensioner married couples don’t get double pensions when they ‘co-habit’, why should those thieving socialist Cooper-Balls married couple enjoy a ‘double header’ ! Surely with their liebour community leanings they should pass it up! The feckin’ hypocrites!!


    • 84
      Little Squeaker says:

      And I shall be really upset if all my leftie friends salaries don’t get a massive increase. I’ll stamp my little foot, I’m warning you.


  19. 28
    uncle frank says:

    i would


  20. 29
    Sir Mary Flappes says:

    Beavernight Ellie does have the finest arse in the Liebours mind you. Far too good for Blinky to be sniffing around.


  21. 31

    I hereby confirm that I do not presently have, nor have ever had, anything to say about Chris Huhne MP.

    I also hereby confirm that it is not my intention to overthrow the functionality or dignity of the court.

    I shall be making no further statements on this subject.


  22. 34
    Legal Beagle says:

    Hello Gwido

    It seems your chums in the Murdock Mob are having to apologise again…


    Or is it only Libdems you go after for this sort of thing?!


  23. 36
    Anonymous says:

    Someone’s naming names



  24. 41
    Dave Liar liar Pants on fire Camoron says:

    There will be No British ground troops in Mali
    Today i will announce up to 350 British ground troops to be sent to Mali
    in a training capacity
    Toodle Pip !


  25. 42
    Chris Huhne Is Silent Today says:



  26. 43
    I hate them all equally in Edinburgh says:

    Troughing scum. The lot of them.


  27. 46
    Chris Huhne says:

    “The Ashes”

    Ticket Ballot Latest: The ballot is still running and will be for a while yet. News will reach you in the next couple of days.


  28. 48
    Twitter Twerp says:

    What are the odds on this happening? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-21234216


  29. 49
    Frostie the Snowman says:

    Sound’s like Ed is throwing Snow Balls to me.


  30. 51
    Ed carries on where Gordoom left off. says:


  31. 53
    IT Twonk says:

    O/T But here we are again with the BBC talking shite – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-21058994

    According to this your MAC address is readily available to web servers !!!


    • 108
      White Hat Geek says:

      MAC Address is available in IE using JavaScript ActiveX or signed Java more generally.

      It is a security hole and not reliable: Only valid use would be to use MAC as salt for generating a key pair. (Should be sort of random: MAC includes elements which identify manufacturer / model of controller, so if a lot of people running eg. 3M nics, the MAC address space will not be that random)

      The guy changed his motherboard. WGA relies on hash generated from NIC (MAC), display adapter and Processor Id among other things. Hash is stored on HDD and verified against these when OS starts up. So, is possible would need to revalidate, but usually only with major hardware changes.

      If he had changed motherboard would have been better to install a linux OS, set up VM and dump windows into that. Can validate Win in the VM and the system becomes somewhat more reliable, secure and cheaper to run.


  32. 58
    With Briefs like that, why wear Briefs? says:


  33. 60
    Little Johnny says:

    Cameron has had over two and a half years to sort out this little taxpayer funded carousel .

    It does not really need rocket science to curb it but clearly it is beyond the abilities of the present administration .


  34. 61
    Silly Sally B13COW says:

    YES ! YES !! YEEEEEESS !!!


    • 72
      The Icelandic Fraud on the taxpayer says:

      Why not just hit Inland Revenue records and select at random 12 people who have actually paid tax : let them decide .


      • 78

        Agree. But also give them the power to reduce. I the MPs call for judgment on remuneration, then they can live by it too.


        • 96

          Oh I say, steady on.
          Chaps got to eat.

          And £65,000 + £3,000 for each seat on a committee & £10k for each Quango chairmanship & a free house with full profits on the sale, free household items, travel to workplace from anywhere in UK, vehicles, own office building, free staff, telecoms, Internet, tv, food, overnight accommodation , computers, Sky subscription, subsidised meals and booze, exemption from smoking ban, best pension provision in the western world, golden goodbye in case of idiot voters, healthcare, insurance, private security, free legal, medical advice, guaranteed OBE or better, retirement job or safety net for cock ups in the House of Lords, own media team, free overseas luxury travel for all the family, unlimited opportunities for directorships, no need for tiresome receipts for expenditure, free concert,film,opera,ballet, football, olympic, tickets..

          Well that isn’t much for a job with no set hours, no actual remit, no possibility of workplace scrutiny, no boss, no recall for uselessness, no chance of deselection as long as you vote the way the PM wants…you could even go off and do a TV show in the jungle during the working week & no one would mind…oh yes, a paid holiday entitlement a teacher could only dream of..

          Well….Don’t we deserve another £10,000 on the basic?


          • Nonny Mouse says:

            Very good! Raise you £35000 though? Need at least 6 figures to make it worthwhile giving up my job as Social Services ‘Diversity and Inclusivity Officer’. I got paid £17000 p/a for that job and that proves, as I keep telling the public, I have sacrificed better pay and a professional career to selflessly follow the ‘vocation’ of being an MP and to serve my country.


      • 110
        Casual Observer says:

        Are you sure they could find 12 ?


  35. 62
    Chris Huhne Is Silent Today says:



  36. 67
    Owen Jones says:

    This is where the attacks on disabled people have come to in Cameron’s Britain: smeared as “Lying Thieving Bastards” http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/ltb–lying-thieving-bs-bbc-documentary-lifts-the-lid-on-offensive-code-used-to-describe-disabled-and-jobless-8469818.html


    • 73
      Roy 'Catchphrase" Walker says:

      Say what you see.


      • 83
        Owen's Mum says:

        Owen! OWEN!

        I am sick of you wasting time posting lefty crap up on Guido’s website.

        Now, I’ve spoken to Guido and he says he was going to ban you but won’t because everyone thinks your stupidity, inane contributions are hilarious.

        You see Owen? Everyone’s laughing at you. Now clear up your room, switch-off the computer and get back to school.


        • 86
          Owen's Teacher says:


          I just want to remind you that now you are in the Sixth Form we do expect you to manage your time more responsibly.

          Instead of wasting hours on the internet spouting trendy-lefty nonsense, you should be using these free study periods to read around your subjects and expand your knowledge, not to mention socialise with your peers.

          Just to also remind you that your essay on the reasons for Hitler’s liquidation of the S.A. is due in on Wednesday morning, 10 sharp, without fail!

          Your mother is also very concerned. Your parents pay good fees for you to attend this school, and frankly you should be grateful to have such chances in life instead of whinging about inequality and pretending to be working class.

          And if you must wear a flat cap to school, please take it off during lessons!


          • Owen Jones recent ebay purchases.

            . Das Kapital for dummies
            . Meerschaum pipe and pack of bubbles.
            . John Lennon spectacles.
            . Mr marvellous amazing magicians beard..as worn by Derren Brown.
            . Fake I.D. Make yourself older novelty driving licence.
            . Whippets, pigeon racing, brass bands and other working class hobbies, paperback.

            . DVDs
            . Battleship Potemkin
            . Lenin and the October revolution
            . State planning and the central economic model.
            . Weekend at Bernie’s.


          • Fishy says:

            And a John Bull Printing Set (so you can start you own newspaper)


      • 85
        Owen's mum says:

        Owen,you forgot your packed lunch this morning.


  37. 77
    Ed Miliband (Prime Minister designate) says:

    Glory be,the Nation has missed Chris Huhne.
    I cannot wait for tomorrows exciting instalment.
    Another sleepless night for me.


  38. 82
    Yvette Cooper says:

    Just to update you all, Ed wasn’t even strong enough to push the car and ran back indoors. He’s just a lefty namby-pamby wimpy girly-man. I’ve known this all along of course. I only married him for his money and connections so that I wouldn’t have to live out a boring life as a failed tap dancer.

    What I need is a real man, like Guido.


  39. 88
    The Court Will Rise says:



  40. 98
    Moussa Koussa Mark 5 says:

    At least he doesnt leave his kids behind in the Pub


  41. 107
    Brown out and pay me damages. He can take his lying Gaybo arsewipes with him. says:

    Pigs at the trough. oink oink.


  42. 111
    keredybretsa says:

    Hope she got the car moved on expenses of course. Bacon butties all round!


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