January 28th, 2013

Media Guido to Make Huhne Reporting Restrictions Application


  1. 1
    █████ Watch says:



  2. 2
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    About feffing time – there can be no justification for not allowing the public to gloat at & endlessly enjoy Huhnes misfortune.


  3. 3
    Owen Jones says:

    Count me in please,Guido.


    • 12
      Dave"The One Term Prime Minister" Cameron says:

      How could you hate this boy? Just look at him, he’s funny and adorable :)


    • 49
      Morgan's Organ says:

      A spokesman for Mr Morgan said ” Mr Morgan sends his best wishes to Chris whose appearance in Court next week is something he is still working hard to avoid himself but he does want to make it clear he has not had sex with Miss Trimmingham!”


  4. 5
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    For justice to be done it must be seen to be done as someone has just said on a previous thread.


  5. 6
    ed martin says:

    its showbizz!


  6. 7
    Terrible But True says:

    Is one to presume that it was felt this case was not suitable to enjoy the same levels of treatment as others.

    If it fails, can’t wait to see the hoops such as the BBC will go through to report (not) this?

    ‘A man, Mr. H, accused of…’


  7. 8
    PK says:

    why on earth are there reporting restrictions on this ?

    one of them is lying and either one or both was attempting to pervert the course of justice.


  8. 11
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Chris Huhne didn’t want a trainset for Christmas, cos he knew that it would have 3 points.


  9. 13
    R v Sussex Justices, ex parte McCarthy says:

    Not only must Justice be done; it must also be seen to be done.


  10. 17
    BBC opening the curtains at lunch says:



    • 26
      BBC keeping Plebs in the dark says:

      yeah but they refer only to alledged speeding offenses which is not what he’s up for

      same old BBC. Had this been a Tory well..mmmmm


      • 46
        Les Incroyables says:

        A bit off an off day for the Beeb as they were mostly pre-occupied with the demo in Paris for gay marriage.


  11. 18
    Sir William says:

    But Guido, if you do this, it will increase the possibility of said person wriggling free on a technicality.


    • 33
      Hamish Macbeth (@PCMacbeth) says:

      Would we get reporting restrictions if we were in Huhnes shoes ???

      I think not …


  12. 20
    pissed off voter says:

    Just asking … specifically in this case, but also generally what is the justification for a court sitting in secret?


  13. 29
    MB. says:

    I wonder if all the press could make a point of asking any Liberal party leader at every opportunity whether any of their MPs are in court that week and whether there are reporting restrictions in force so they should not ask any more questions about them.

    Make it follow them everywhere they appear.


  14. 30
    Hacked Off and the Labour Party. says:

    We don’t agree with press freedom.
    The public will only have access to information written by accredited journalists and passed by our “independent” panel.


  15. 31
    Badger. Killer from Ford open prison says:

    In this country one gets the justice one can afford, that’s why I’m stuck in here. God bless the Jury and let’s all be very careful not to balls this up. C U soon C H.


  16. 32
    Oh for gawds sake... says:

    In a case where the expectation is that the accused will wriggle free on some technicality or back-room deal, this case MUST be open and transparent to all.
    If it was any of us plebs, it would have all been done and dusted years ago, regardless of what effect being found guilty would have had on our careers or family life.
    The fact that the accused led a high profile political life should be of no concern.


    • 39
      Justice will not be served says:

      They are supposed to set the standards (being honourable etc etc) so the authorities should come down on them even more severely. But that’s not how it works, is it?


    • 48
      Chef Field-Votermug says:

      You are dead right pal, his political life is of completely no concern to over 60 million of us.


  17. 35
    ReefKnot says:

    If his ex-wife is found guilty then Hu**ne should by definition also be found guilty. Unless he can successfully argue that at the time he had been abducted by aliens and replaced by a cyborg – which is an argument that’s always on the cards really.
    So, there you have it – Hu**ne not guilty, Vicky Whatsit guilty – and the British Justice system shining like a beacon to the world.


  18. 36
    Jack Ketch says:

    What is the point of becoming an MP if you cannot use the position to break the law, get more sex, pervert anything from teenagers to the course of justice, fiddle expenses and pile up favours that will result in shedloads of cash at some stage? Let’s face it, one can make more money selling the Big Issue or being a corrupt police constable than the derisory salary of Westminster Wallies.
    Huhne’s biggest failing is that his horizons are so narrow and his standards so low.


  19. 37
    The Anglo Saxon says:

    With our wonderful Justice system letting off robbers, rapists, thieves etc, In today’s light sentencing, I’m sure said person will be granted all costs and £15000 compensation for his trouble, then he will most likely sue the Authorities for deformation of character.

    Guilty as charged your Honor.


  20. 40
  21. 43
    lojolondon says:

    Perhaps he wants to lie in court and doesn’t want a member of the public to out him…


  22. 50
    Jen The Blue says:

    I feel my left testicle is safe.


  23. 51

    Nick Clegg was on the same flight from bruxelles as Huhne. did Huhne give him lift ?


  24. 52
    StevieBC says:

    I have been reliably informed that the reporting restrictions are in place to protect the reputations of the Huhne legal defence team – who will be launching the ‘Chewbacca’ defence of last resort. Maybe.


  25. 53
    Chuka Urmunneyaround says:

    Unions are the wealth creators.

    They certainly create wealth for the Libor party.


  26. 55
    Legal Landlord says:

    I thought former Mrs Huhne was pleading marital coercion which implies she admits the offence occurred but she did it because her husband made her do it ?


    Just saying

    **innocent face***


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