January 25th, 2013

All the Names That are Fit to Print


  1. 1
    Owen Jones says:

    Guido,too intimidated by your intellect I’m afraid! Hope you find something to do with your Friday night


    • 5
      Johann Hari says:

      I hope you’ll be coming round mine as usual so I can continue to teach you how to be me.


    • 162
      Anonymous says:

      I see wee Doogie drew the short straw re the referendum ! what a wally !


    • 175
      Gooey Blob says:

      Two-and-a-bit years away from the election, Labour are leaving it a little late if they want to change their leader. Surely they can’t intend to be led by a turkey going into a second successive election, can they? By my reckoning, Labour have a few months to get rid of him.

      As things stand – and don’t make the mistake of believing Labour’s small mid-term lead won’t be turned into a thumping Tory lead by the election – Labour are on course to do significantly worse than in 2010.

      Hello, Labour? Are you listening?


    • 177
      Same As It Ever Was says:

      Bet the REAL Owen Jones has won more awards than you.


  2. 2
    Welshracer says:

    at least they didn’t say it was Ed Balls.


  3. 3
    David Cameron says:

    I’m asleep at the wheel


  4. 4
    Billy the Badger says:

    Any news on Hoon?


  5. 7
    gramma says:

    Cathy Warwick as General Secretary of the Royal College of Midwives must be the leader of labour concerns, surely?


  6. 8
    Casual Observer says:

    Mark T going to survive the redacted Pollard revelations due out ?


  7. 9
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    What happens to edmilitwit for most of the week?

    They wheel him out at pmq’s on wednesday lunchtimes where he generally makes a bit of a silly of himself in that whiny voice of his – but he’s never seen at any other time.

    It’s not surprising that foreignors,like the yanks, mistake him for david, as david is far more visible .

    What is edmilitwit doing with his time? – surely he’s not just sitting at his desk staring at that blank sheet of paper like an author with writer’s block? Is he?


  8. 13
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    “It happens so often it is almost as if…” it’s deliberate, right?

    But the question is, who is supposed to be the butt of the sarcasm of the so-called “mistake”? Is it Ed, being unfavourably compared to his brother at every turn– or is it David, every such misnomer being another twist of the proverbial knife he was stabbed with? Or (c), all of the above? And who would want to keep needling the Miliband of Brothers that way, besides everybody? You’re treading mighty close to saying that certain biases are bound to emerge in reportage by the MSM, which, as we all know, never happens; I’m shocked– SHOCKED!– that Guido Fawkes would even insinuate such a thing!


  9. 14
    Cynical-old-bag says:

    It’s almost as if ………David really wants to come back.


  10. 15
    oddbod says:

    Never mind that bollocks. The good old GBP has plummeted 6.5 % during the past 3 weeks against the euro.
    Are we really glad we are out of the euro ?
    I wonder how much more the bill for our worthies in Davros will be than a few weeks ago ? Perhaps half a million quid plus 6.5%.
    Do they give a monkies ? Do they fu@k.
    Hope you are not holidaying in Euroland this summer.


    • 21
      CarryHole is a stupendous Hunt says:

      Oh no! Exports to boom in 3,2,1.


    • 23
      Sir William says:

      Oh yes yes yes yes, we are mightily glad we are not shackled to the euro.


    • 26
      Point of information says:

      Actually yes.

      CHF has weakened against GBP, so those Pizza’s are a bit cheaper.


      • 28
        Point of information says:

        Sorry – looked at chart wrong way round. GBP has only weakened against CHF by about 1.3%, so Pizza’s are still cheaper for us that if priced in Euro.

        EUR has strengthened quite a bit against Swissy as well. Good for Swiss exports that.


        • 93
          CarryHole is a stupendous Hunt says:

          Well the BoE need a push to actually bother raising interest rates to the correct level.


      • 144
        suissebob says:

        CHF has weakened against GBP

        You need reading glasses or the page is upside down.


      • 167
        the savant10.4 highway patrol says:

        Yeah but everybody accepts euros in William Tell Land these days, so point academic.


    • 54
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      The Euro is recovering because enough wankers believe that Germany is going to support the Euro at all costs. It’s known as a dead cat bounce, and when French and Spanish banks default, the Euro will quickly continue it’s slide into obscurity.


  11. 16
    8illy the Badger says:

    Cameron once looked NHS workers in the eye and blatantly lied to them when he said: “I promise under a Conservative government, there will be no more top down re-organisation of the NHS” shortly before sanctioning the biggest reforms in the NHS 63 year history. Remembering The PM’s predisposition for u-turns (approximately 33 so far) and remembering his “cast iron guarantee” to give us all a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty before glibly reneging upon his promise, I would not be willing to bet and lose my money that he keeps this “promise” to hold this “in or out referendum” either!


    • 20
      CarryHole is a stupendous Hunt says:

      Top down re-org of the National Liverpool Pathway System should be to close it so we can afford some Care.


      • 55
        Grumpy Old Man says:



        • 156
          Carry On Doctor says:

          +Lots More!
          The NHS is f_cked all the cash has gone on armies of admin staff, managers and salaries for over paid medicos (the 3 local GPs round here run 2 farms, and 3 pharmacies as well as their practice, they just put a windmill up on the farms, guess who’s paid for that as well! Mean time the population has been allowed to let rip on unhealthy life styles that a proper public health policy put in place 25 years ago could have prevented. Our boys in the HOC as usual just took the food industry cash and left the ‘light touch’ in place.
          Care the the elderly is pretty much a case of how soon can we help them to die!


          • Anonymous says:

            “The population” have only themselves to blame, there is enough info out there on a healthy lifestyle FFS.Dont forget it was Tony who elevated GPs to their exalted salary level, God knows what he was thinking !


          • barrowboy says:

            Read lots about the Holocaust, nothing about the N.H. death camps yet.


    • 68
      Dave - balls of steel - Cameron says:

      No one fucks with Big Dave Cameron.


    • 157
      Anonymous says:

      I never read posts that are 7 lines long and total rubbish !


  12. 17
    old SHEP says:

    Nostril Damus


  13. 19
    Who? says:

    It is the Cain and Abel political saga that goes on and on.


  14. 22
    Birmingham Mail says:

    “The son of a former Birmingham MP has been sentenced for downloading child pornography.

    Nicholas Beaumont-Dark, son of the late Sir Anthony Beaumont-Dark, pleaded guilty in December to eight charges of making a total of 393 indecent images of children, by downloading them onto his computer.

    The 50-year-old married dad-of-three, of Vicarage Hill, Tanworth-in-Arden, also admitted eight charges of distributing 388 such images through a file-sharing network called Gigatribe.

    The judge in the case, Richard Griffith-Jones, sitting at the Warwickshire Justice Centre, sentenced Beaumont-Dark to 12 months imprisonment, suspended for two years, two years of supervision and £1,200 costs.”


  15. 24
    Sir William says:

    Who’s Ed David?


  16. 27
    Red Egg Millitit.... says:

    Hmmmmmmmm ……

    such a lightweight :)


  17. 29
    Curious says:

    If we leave the EU do we still have to enter the Eurovision Song Contest?


  18. 30
    David, call me Prime Minister if you like says:

    What’s in a name, chaps? I must state, for the record, how much I, and Sammy, enjoy winding-down, of a evening, to Guido Fawkes and his merry bunch of blog-heads.
    Being Prime Minister, after such a short Winter’s recess, is rather like being Mo Farah, in the changing facilities, before the five thousand meters final: The Andrex isn’t quite absorbent enough.
    My bumhole aside, I would like to dedicate this song to my dear friend….err…..my fellow human being…..ahem…..*checks notes*……oh, yes, my partner in something, Nick Something.
    God help us all:


  19. 33
    William Hogarth Esq. says:

    Fortunately PC mod bots didn’t exist in my time


    • 49
      HM George II, DG Rex, GB & I says:

      But penal transportation to South Carolina did; a little minor technicality called “seditious libel,” if I or my ministers wanted to be well-rid of someone who was just being too much, shall we say, vociferous and vituperative about things. There’s satire, and then there’s abusiveness. Know the difference– it will save your bacon, lad.


  20. 35
    Clueless on Gaza says:

    Good article going over some of the realities facing P@lastinians right now:


    Despite the distorted images projected to the UK, those in Gaza are quite serious on running a responsible and successful state, and other than the E-1 issue, !srael is in no way committing genocide or anything like it.


  21. 36
    Tom Pride says:

    The chancellor George Osborne has blamed the large amounts of ‘snow’ and chilled champagne which blanketed his brain for much of his early life for pushing the UK economy into an unprecedented triple-dip recession.

    With the icy blast of government policy showing no immediate signs of letting up, and some ministers not expected to see common sense again until well after the next election, the amount of devil’s dandruff which has reportedly gone up the Chancellor’s nose has fuelled concerns by economists that official figures out this week will show that Mr Osborne’s ability to tell his arse from his elbow will have fallen to its lowest level since the coalition came to power

    Now analysts fear the Chancellor’s preference for reportedly spending some of his student days snorting lines of gutter dust off the thighs of prostitutes could lead to another quarter of contraction, plunging the UK into its third recession in four years.

    However, some experts disagree with the analysis, saying the UK’s descent into a triple-dip recession is entirely due to the chancellor not really giving a f**k.


    • 42
      Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

      Can we buy “Devil’s Dandruff” on the internet, dear?


    • 60
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      If you’d bothered to look at the figures rather than listen to your puppet masters, you’d have realised that construction was seriously down in the wettest Autumn since Pontius was a pilot. George really can’t be blamed for that.


    • 70
      Dave - balls of steel - Cameron says:

      George is a proper little black and white minstrel.


      • 168
        the savant10.4 highway patrol says:

        To correct you on yer Cockney rhyming Dave mate

        Dontcha mean ” … a proper little litter’s runt ” ??


  22. 38
    Brown out and pay me damages says:

    The media deliberately play this trick. Stirring it up with shoddy journalism.


  23. 43
    NYT Watch says:

    Be aware that the NYT is suffering similar issues to our ‘beloved’ Grauniad:


    Total chaos with ex-Beeb at the wheel. Shame as it was a good publication.


  24. 47
    RetardEd says:

    Having a great time at the alternative Trekkie conference in Davos.


    • 53
      Tachybaptus says:

      Heghlu’meH QaQ jajvam.


      • 69
        Rabbi "Boss" Hipsterman, of B'nai Booze 'n' Broads Temple and Casino, Las Vegas, back in the 60's says:

        And a Baruch atoh adonoi eloheynu melech ha-olam a-ram a-ding-dong right back atcha, baby!


  25. 58
    Barry says:

    Thanks for the reminder folks — I always thought that Mr. Prime Minister Camoron guy was Leader of that Liebour Party in little ‘ole England. That’s what Dubya told me.


    • 61
      Dave, call me Scaredy Cat if you're der Spiegel says:

      Hi Peeps,

      Nigel recommended this little petition thingy:


      Worth signing if you want your fuel bills kept down until we get round to the referendum thingy. Another benefit of our continued EU membership what ?

      Chin up and all that,



  26. 63
    Mastermind says:

    Your name? David Cameron

    Your occupation? Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

    And your chosen subject? Gay marriage


  27. 66
    rumpleforeskin says:

    I see the birth rate has gone up, anybody know who is having all the babies ?


  28. 73
    The EU really should frack off says:

    EU gas prices are twice what they are in US, which is totally screwing up EU carbon b/s and leading to dumping of coal on the EU market…


    Referendum ?


  29. 74
    Gog says:

    I see YouTubeTaffy’s been on the Brains again.


  30. 77
    One for Mr Ward... says:


  31. 78
    Keen nose says:

    Interesting piece over at uk column on the Sun’s recent article on the Lithuanian benefits-sponging bint.


    It seems all is not as it seems.

    The Sun ‘journalist’ has a history of faking articles it seems.


  32. 79
    EU Watch says:

    More bad news buried on Dave’s speech day:

    EU Financial Transaction tax introduced in 11 European countries on Bond (0.1%) and Derivative (0.01%) transactions:


    So how does this square with the EU is good for business patter ?


    • 81
      Ann Robinson says:

      Why is this welsh loonie being allowed to post his brains bitter charged rantings on this site? Fuck off Taffy


      • 105
        Ann Robinson says:

        Oh I have!

        Temp here in middle earth is 30c just got the meats and prawns for this evenings BBQ and just off for a round of golf followed by an early evening Swim in the sea.

        In many ways I should be thankful to the Taffs for voting in Labour and that loonie Gordon Brown and forcing me into exile.

        Not to many Taffs here either!


  33. 82
    C. Olson says:

    Drunk minor poet – of not much interest now but no doubt the intellectually challenged (BBC espec) will make something out of his anniversary. Unpleasant Welsh piss artist basically but had a few good lines… Old Bob actually a much better writer/musician and expander of forms… Thomas is for saps who are too lazy to get to grips with the real radical poets…


    • 86
      Baron Kinnockio says:

      He was a wonderful boyo. He had sponging down to a fine art look you.You could say he was an insiration to me and the missus.


  34. 84
    Hollerho'ax all w/e....lap it up why don't you says:



  35. 89
    Saffron says:

    Completely OTT.
    What is the snow like in you area?.
    In my part of the world Wigan it now looks like an artic scene,seen one gritter in hours despite the weather warnings.
    The main road outside my house am seeing traffic crawling,suppose the council overpaid assholes have now retired and left us to it as usual.
    I also suppose that the much talked about 0.3% gdp deficit given that we have snow will become worse.
    However I do have a suggestion,seeing that we are giving 0.7% of gdp to other countries would it not be wise to deduct the 0.3% from the 0.7% and say that charity always should begin at home.
    The charity money taken from taxpayers in this country is largely unaccountable as it ends up in the hands of despots/wars,time to end this useless spending of our money.
    Wake up government and realise we the public are onto you big time.


    • 94
      Universal Hiss says:

      I’ve just had a three hour power cut in freezing N.E.Scotland.

      Windmills not fucking working then?I’m surrounded by the fucking things. Ah,that would be because there is no fucking wind at the moment.

      Never mind,I’ll just sit around a candle & eat a bowl of raw lentils.That must be green.


    • 115
      Anonymous says:

      we are going thru night.
      darkness reigns.
      truth hides.
      life force remains unhampered.
      sweet dreams still happen.
      the genius is to slow the clock to hell.
      liars want eyes wide shut but 2% will be forced to have their eyes wide open.
      join the 2% club.


  36. 90
    FU EU says:

    Ain’t it funny how the Brussels Broadcasting Company and little C4 news, like to go on about Cameron and Osbourne in Davos with millionairs and bankers, but never mention the little union man Red Ed The Muddlehead in the same context.

    No doubt if the little twerp were ever to get to be a PM they would put a whole different spin on his visits there, with no mention of millionairs and bankers.


    • 160
      Anonymous says:

      I get the feeling that most of the public ignore the hysterical,” PM eats posh pizza “type comments, er ok, did you want him to take sandwiches ? you get some weirdos commenting in the Mail etc but most people arent so nieve .


  37. 95
  38. 96
    Universal Hiss says:

    Ha,the Guardian have just got around to a shush,quiet,don’t read it,it will soon drop off the front piece about Ward.

    It’s not open for comments.

    Spineless little shits.


  39. 99
    Saffron says:

    Hi from Wigan.
    An absolute white out outside my house on a main road,the traffic is crawling and am I seeing a response from our glorious council, absolutely not.
    These no marks from the council need taking to task big time,despite the warnings they have recieved their respponse has been to say sort it out amonst yourselves.
    Time I thiink to rid ourselves of these useless councillors and to move to a more democratic system of government.


    • 121

      Saffron! I never realised. Wigan, the home of the pier.

      I feel almost guilty in anything I have said, or even thought before.

      Have you ever thought of moving away? There is Padiham, Clitheroe or even Ormskirk if you do not want to move too far.

      But Wigan? ;-)


      • 134
        Someone Had To Do The Obvious Joke Here says:

        If the muzzies become the dominant population in that region, do you suppose they’ll want to cut off Clitheroe?


  40. 102
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Note to Labour.

    Osborne is an incompetent twat, but you keep putting Ed Balls on TV who is a total cuunt and it means Labour never look credible on the economy.


    • 145
      CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

      Mostly because people just think that the arsonist is telling the fire brigade how to put out the fire.


    • 161
      Anonymous says:

      Im shocked that Labour are so stupid as to continue with the shower of no hopers on the front bench, every time any of them speak everybody switches off !


      • 163
        Not Long Now says:

        It’s all they’ve got, just as Dave and his crew is all the Tories have got. The gene pool of politics is well and truly exhausted. Had to happen we fought two world wars, lost the largest empire ever seen, lost the skill to do business in the global market we invented and then decided to shack up with a bunch of nations that basically see us as either being their army when then want to play global policeman or the easiest place to drop a kid and claim for a free house. The entire HOC should be shot.


  41. 103
    Universal Hiss says:

    I’m afraid I can’t reply as I’m outside setting fire to windmills to try to keep warm.

    Well it is Burns night.


  42. 104
    Universal Hiss says:

    Note to Guido.

    Can we have a zap button so we can ignore or partake for youtube please?

    I’m sick of scrolling.


    • 106
      Not Blowing Whistles says:



      • 107
        Not Blowing Whistles says:

        Sorry – that’s seconded specifically to UH.


        • 112
          Blowing Whistles says:

          Methinks the nutter is being put up to it by his stringpullers at arms length in order to distract from the attention that order-order is gaining day by day. Someone or some group in the background must be very worried.



    • 108
      Universal Hiss says:

      You are probably right. I collect cliches & you have kindly given one.

      Sorry.I’ve got several of those.

      Good to see you responding.


  43. 109
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Let’s have a look – who are funding all three major political parties’ individuals [i.e. who are they by majority beholden to?]? [There’s a logical answer to that] Who as it happens in history has funded all sides in the major wars over the past 150 years – with war loan debts being the big pay off?


    • 111
      Not Blowing Whistles says:

      Are you thinking of a group of people, or perhaps a specific family ?


      • 113
        Blowing Whistles says:

        You have answered the proposition – if you think about it. Family and its followers – its ‘fellow travellers’.


        • 116
          Not Blowing Whistles says:

          Thinking of something linked to bakri and a reason to want gas priced high in Europe ? Right path, or are these fellow travellers, or off ?


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Try the Red Shield and its Commie fellow travellers all hook nosed up to the fat cattery.


          • Not Blowing Whistles says:

            Think we are on the same wavelength. Check the Bakri Bumi, but apology in advance if am being dumb with this.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            The Bumi – deal that went sour – and young pratt is in trouble and throwing loadsa dosh around at trying to exculpate himself …

            Where is fatty Soames these days – is he a gambling debtor who is beholden to his debtors and will do anything / write anything [as to suit the agenda of those who he owes money to]

            Like father like son – perhaps?


          • Not Blowing Whistles says:

            The deal is currently trying to be saved. But one suspects they may be outmatched by a rather large dragon which is waking up to gas, fast. The broader terms of trade have changed quite significantly recently. You don’t often see these guys get their a$$’ handed to them do you, and there is more yet to be served. :-)


  44. 110
    Owen Jones says:

    I get so upset when people call me “a marmite driller”.

    They are so cruel.


  45. 114
    Liberal Zombie says:

    Perfect day for the Lib Dems. Denial of genocide, and Stringf3llow saying that he would like to stand for election against your leader come 2015:


    Seems like government has entered the twilight zone.


  46. 122
    Incapable Vince says:

    Peter Stringfellow tells LBC that he could stand against Nick Clegg at the next general election. Listen here: lbc.co.uk/clegg-v-string…— LBC 97.3 (@lbc973) January 25, 2013


  47. 123
    BOOOORING !!! says:



  48. 126
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Barry – its too late for therapy – you are beyond help. Please do the right and honourable thing – the Japanese have 2 words for it Hari Kiri.


    • 129
      Tachybaptus says:

      You aren’t addressing a real person. Toxic Taffy is a shift system of unpaid interns funded by some left-wing organisation to make Guido’s blog unreadable, and so reduce the number of readers and his influence.


  49. 127
    A Teacher says:

    Damn, it’s beginning to thaw. Will have to go back to school next week. Still, only another 2 weeks to half-term.


  50. 130
    T. Bunter-Watson (Fat) says:

    You’re an amusing little chap and obviously dumb and repetitive enough for politics. Want to join my party?


  51. 131
    Enough Already! says:

    When is Mr Mong-with-all-the-different-monikers-and-irrelevant-videos ever going to go gentle into that good night?


  52. 135
    Troll Watch says:

    Just placing some bait out to see if the nervous breakdown is still in progress…


    • 136
      Troll Watch says:


      Now I am standing on the opposite bank of a small stream and there are 3 hungry billy goats gruff behind you who wish to cross the bridge. The bridge is not strong enough for you, and the river is too deep for you to otherwise cross.

      Now, are you going to hassle them and get thrown in the river, or do you want to let the world and I know what your take is on Ward’s odd perspective of history is today, and what you make of Ed’s diss by the NYT ?

      Humour is fine, and what the goats do not know is that the grass here contains a trap which will turn them into a very tasty cooked Troll food which of course you would be free to dine on when it is brought across the bridge.


  53. 137
    Troll Watch says:


    Now I am standing on the opposite bank of a small stream and there are 3 hungry b!lly goats gruff behind you who wish to cross the bridge. The bridge is not strong enough for you, and the river is too deep for you to otherwise cross.

    Now, are you going to hassle them and end up in the river hungry, or do you want to let the world and I know what your take is on Ward’s odd perspective of history is today, and what you make of Ed’s diss by the NYT, and let them pass by ?

    Humor is fine, and what the goats do not know is that the grass here contains a trap which will turn them into a very tasty cooked Troll food which of course you would be free to dine on when it is brought across the bridge.


    • 138
      Troll Watch says:

      Agree with you on NYT piece, the Ward’s piece as well: Only problem is no balance at all in the reporting there across the board.


      • 139
        Troll Watch says:

        He was the Lib Dem for East Bradford who has annoyed nearly everyone on the planet who is not a total a$$hole today with poorly timed questioning of the truth of the Shoah.


  54. 140
    • 141
      Tachybaptus says:

      It showed great restraint on their part not to turn their AR-15s on the Moron. One nagging thought remains: don’t you need a very large handbag to carry one of these around?


      • 142
        Pi$$ Organ says:

        Am sure Moron would be looked after if he went down to the gun range with them.

        Good point you raise though: How would concealed carry work with an AR ?


        • 146
          Ann Robinson says:

          FFS I know you can’t shut the welsh up – but in my wildest nightmare I never ever thought one would invade this site – have you tube put the twat on commission?


  55. 147
    How much are the Labour Party paying this waste of humanity? says:

    Hope the Welsh psycho drowns!


  56. 153
    Ed Milliband says:

    I think what’s important here is that they actually eventually managed to get my name right and I think that’s what important here and that’s the real issue. Just imagine if David Cameron had been the subject of the article. They would probably have called him Danny Cameron because he’s a Tory and that’s what Tories do and he’d have probably have been quoted as saying the Magna Carta was signed in 1966 when in fact it was signed in 1915, during the Great War, which is why they call it Magna because it means ‘Great’ as in Great Tit which is a bird and also a nickname I had in school. That’s what’s important here.


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