January 25th, 2013

How Dave Promised “The Good News Will Keep Coming”

Back in October Dave gloated that “the good news will keep coming”, today GDP is down 0.3%. Ed Balls won’t let him forget that complacency when he tours the television studios later this morning. Yesterday’s headlines seem pretty far away now…


  1. 1
    Weybridgeman says:

    Oh no they’ve just killed Kenny…..sorry….Cable! (Sterling vs US$… not Vince, well this time at least.)


    • 3
      Gay Dave says:

      Excellent News! Pound down, price of oil up, 4p on a litre of petrol next week for the common people! As Gideon promised, we shall squeeze till the plebs squeak!


    • 13
      The Elite says:

      Now that the thickest spastic English c’unt doesn’t believe our ‘Recovery’ shite and falling unemployment lies, at least we can still fall back on Global Warming, and the doubling again of elctricity and gas prices to pay for it!


    • 28
      Anonymous says:

      The good news is that due to the massive influx of Roumanians and Bulgarians who will no doubt jump on the benefits wagon UKIP will gain huge numbers of supporters and Cameron will be out


      • 30
        Mr Qelch says:

        Yes, this is the good news that we ( or at least I) are all waiting for. I hasten to add that I am not a Lieboreyte nor ever have been ,but I consider DC to be more out of touch with the”common people” (e.g. me) that even Grouse Moor MacMillan and the sooner he (Cameron) is slotted onto the ejection seat and replaced by someone who actually inhabits this planet of ours, the better. This also applies to goofy Millionband (both of them).
        If they ever dare ‘fess up about the true economic position ,Gawd help us all.


  2. 2
    JabbaTheCat says:

    Balls will be talking balls again, who’d have guessed?


    • 8
      Optomist says:

      It may be bad news now, but just think in five or six (possably longer) there may be a referendum on the some ascpect or other of the EUSSR. That will be a good news day, wont it?


    • 24
      Gideon Wallpaper MP says:

      Guido is right. We should keep the focus on Ed Balls and point out how much worse the economy has performed since he took over from me as Shadow Chancellor.


  3. 4
    EU commissioner-in-waiting Osborne says:

    Flanders, how dare you call the recovery “feeble”


    And up yours Blanchard too…

    Whew! I was tough on the economy there wasn’t I?


  4. 5
    Deep in the jungle says:

    The golden elephant awakes. He will seek vicious revenge.


  5. 6
    Baldy Dave says:

    Gosh! I had so much hair way back then!


  6. 10
    Sarah says:

    Small state.

    Low taxes.

    Governments do not create jobs and growth.

    Vote Ukip.


  7. 15
    Owen Jones says:


    U.K economy flatlines. In more positive news: Ragamuffin and street urchin numbers skyrocket.

    That’s done it,I’m joining UKIP.


  8. 18
    Where are Tony Blair's expenses says:

    Clegg continues to redefine political disloyalty with his interview today, why is Cameron frightened of Clegg as the guy is political history.

    When are the political classes going to stop lying to us about the level of public spending – it is still going up.

    There will be no growth until the public sector is brought under control and the cost of running a business is reduced. This governement has done nothing to reduce the dead hand of legislation from running a business. A few examples to get rid off would be

    * Green energy tarriffs
    * Excessive Health and Safety rules
    * No win no fee rules
    * Excessive Business rates
    * Equalities legislation
    * Complex taxation rules

    The list is endless and as our politcal classes have never run a business and had to make tax and NI payments aswell as pay supplier and make the payroll they just do not have a clue.

    Cable in charge of business and he has never had a job – you couldn’t make it up


    • 20
      EU Watch says:

      Surprising how the majority of the dead hand aspects you mentioned are imposed from Brussels…


    • 21
      Anonymous says:

      Correct about the public sector
      It seems like every female in my hometown is now a nurse on state pay, where do they all work?
      Most of the time they don’t seem to be doing anything but are employed by someone.

      Other con is teaching assistants why do we need these? until they lay off half the public sector the pain is just going to be worse in the end.

      Good luck with you public pension when there is nobody left to pay it.


  9. 19
    Dave the Lying Moron says:

    We are cutting the debt.


  10. 22
    P l e b says:

    Cameron and Osborne.
    The Chuckle Brothers of politics.


  11. 23
    History man says:

    Crap. The figures are always revised upwards a couple of months after they’re first released.


  12. 25
    Jimbo says:

    The ” Dynamic Duo ” have messed up again, lies upon lies and failure upon failure. Why the hell does’nt the rest Of thw Conservative Party have a vote of Confidence and get this fool out and replace with someone more able to Lead ?
    Every Day that goes by is a day closer to most Conservative MP’s losing their seat
    and another nail in the coffin of this once great Country. Cameron tells lies so easily and is obviously an expert con Man, particularly over Europe. Get out of this Con Club called the EU, get rid of Cameron and Gideon then and only then will the people of this Country start to work out of this mess left by all of the present political parties.At this moment in time the majority of people of Gt Britain feel that the Politicians are against them (which they are) and feel at war with them and this applies to a great deal of Europe as well, the People are also aware that the Political elite are trying to integrate Britain into a “No Nation” population. England does not exist on maps within the EU and it is now well known that they wish wipe it off completely,another reason why the English have no rights anymore. I welcome Nigel Farage and UKIP, they are the only true Party of the People of Britain, Well done Nigel and Co, keep advancing my Boy.


  13. 27
    VERITAS says:

    This news about the economy was no surprise and the next quarter will be the same.The fact is that the Western economies are in decline with the possible exception of GermanyThere is no easy solution we will get poorer and borrowing more money is a short term doomed strategy.Labour and McMental/Balls have a lot to answer for,if the UK voted in Labour then we are well and truly finished.


  14. 31
    geoff says:

    What a disaster, the leaders are not for turning…We will see.


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