January 24th, 2013

The Eternal Shame of Gordon Brown

Like Guido, the loveable Icelandic President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson holds a grudge with our former Prime Mentalist. Speaking to Sky last night he went on the attack:

“The Gordon Brown government decided, to its eternal shame, to put the Icelandic government on a list of terrorist states and terrorist phenomena. We were there together with al Qaeda and the Taliban on that list. We have not forgotten that in Iceland. Gordon Brown will be long remembered in my country for centuries to come, long after he has been completely forgotten in Britain.”

Not sure Gordon will ever be “completely forgotten”…


  1. 1
    D'Jango says:

    To be fair Brown was seemingly suffering from “mental anxiety” at the time.


    • 14
      Popeye says:

      Not just content to upset the Brits I see, very magnanimous (can I say that about a baubee watcher?) of him.


      • 29
        Lord Mandelbum of Fondleboys says:

        Though I will forever despise and loathe Gordon Brown for what he and Bliar and the rest of the ZaNuLab wreckers did to the UK, I have little sympathy for this particular bleating Icelander – they weren’t branded as a terrorist state – they’re just saying that to big things up because the legislation that was used to seize assets etc. also dealt with terrorism – and the reason this had to be done was that the Icelanders were busy looking after their Icelandic customers whilst leaving everyone else to twist in the wind – not the behaviour of honourable people.


        • 59
          Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

          I can remember a time when they used to terrorise our fishing boats.


        • 160
          Rick Graham says:

          Wish England had the balls to do the same.Politicians are not honourable anyway….Iceland doing ok thank you


        • 161
          Badpad says:

          They, like us, were not responsible for the deposits in publicly listed banks. We, like them, should have been brave enough to let them fail. It eould have been cheaper to guarantee UK citizens private deposits than, “save the World”. We have signed our grandchildren up to future debt, they have not. We are dishonoured, not them.


      • 91
        Anonymous says:

        Has Iceland paid back the billions yet?


        • 147
          Gordon's brown eye says:

          It is all the American’s fault


        • 163
          Daniel says:

          What billions? Iceland doesn’t owe you a penny. The liquidated Landsbanki bank is currently using its assets to compensate the U.K. government for the money they decided to pay out to those who had savings in the IceSave scheme.

          Thanks to the emergency legislation passed the the Icelandic Senate during the turmoil there assets will go first to savers who had any money on Landsbanki accounts. The U.K. government will thanks to this legislation be fully compensated for the costs it incurred by payments made to savers i.e. your claims are given priority (to the assets of this PRIVATE bank).


    • 20

      And Gordon’s long serving and mosy Ardent defenders at the time were the privileged PPE rich boys Ed Millionaireband and Ed Balls.

      Even Gordon wasn’t mad enough to make Ed Balls Chancellor


    • 22
      A British saver/council tax payer says:

      Dear Olafur

      Gordon froze the UK assets of Icelandic banks because they were insolvent. The Icelandic Government discriminated against UK and other foreign savers by guaranteeing the deposits only of Icelandic savers. It was one of the few prudent things Gordon ever did.

      When are you going to repay all our money?

      Yours not very expectantly


      • 27
        Anonymous says:

        You’re thick


        • 34
          Lord Mandelbum of Fondleboys says:

          No, a British saver/council taxpayer is absolutely correct – when push came to shove the Icelanders said a big FU to non-Icelanders – the only apology that is needed s from them to the rest of the world. Until at happens they can Baugur off.


          • Peter Grimes says:

            So when will the idiot Brown pay back all of the money he borrowed and wasted? The idiot Brown will be remembered, with derision, for as long as the debt remains, so many generations.


        • 159
          David Cameron Is A Cunt says:

          No, He or She is absolutely correct, not thick.

          Doesn’t mean that Brown isn’t a loony who ruined our country though.


      • 31
        spanows says:

        hmmm, why did UK councils have billions of pound in Icelandic banks anyway?…whilst putting up council taxes…


        • 83
          Wooden nickel meets real life says:

          Because the pie eater, two jags ordered them, because they were offering high interest rates, but did he wonder why did he fck


          • Jan says:

            Anybody with half a brain would have realised that the interest rates offered by Iceland were questionable.At one time they were offerng about 7% when the likes of HSBC only offered 3%.Didn’t the idiots at these council wonder why?? I’m no financial wizard but I thought their rates were dodgy. Only greedy stoopid people fell for this con.If something looks too-good to be true it certainly is.


        • 107
          Maqboul says:

          Because they were paying high rates. Although “billions” is a ridiculous exaggeration.


      • 32
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        I know my council, who had money with the Icelandic banks on Gordon’s say-so. (Yes indeedy, the Treasury under Gordon recommended the icelandic banks to councils as safe depositories) has now been repaid. Why don’t you confirm your council’s status and report back?


      • 164
        Daniel says:

        What money? The savers have been 90% refunded thanks to the Icelandic Senate’s emergency legislation (Brown’s actions delayed the process). They will be fully refunded from the assets of the liquidated Landsbanki estate (thanks to same law)

        The Icelandic Government didn’t discriminate against foreign savers according to the EFTA ruling of 28.01.13


    • 30
      Anonymous says:

      from this picture he seems manic


    • 117
      Anonymous says:

      To be fair why wasnt he removed from office if he was that far gone ? i hope the nuclear option “button” was out of his reach, you really couldnt make the Labour party up !


    • 142
      All MPs are scum says:

      He wasnt suffering from mental anxiety. Hes just mental.


    • 150
      The savant10.4 highway patrol says:

      His brain may be decaying at an alarming rate. But gordo. Has still got bloody good teeth for his age ,

      Are they his ??


      • 158
        Mr Quelch says:

        No they are mine I tell you and a pretty penny they cost too. I lent them to him so he would look good @ one of his Mansion House speeches. And the blighter has never returned them. And he turned up in his tatty blue suit instead of the appropriate formal attire. The man is an absolute cad & bounder . And the worst Chancellor ever. And the worst Prime Minister since Lord North. God save us from anymore jockish oafs like him.


  2. 2
    John Adlington says:

    You have to love the Icelanders. Even I can’t be arsed to despise Gordon the Moron for ever.


    • 4
      Vote UKIP says:

      Can we not extradite Brown to Iceland?


      • 8
        Little Willy Haig says:

        Only if they agree to ‘ang ‘im.


        • 24
          T'old Fella says:

          Little Willy, that is not very nice of you, still I don’t know why he doesn’t take his earldom and disappear from the limelight and take some his business friends and advisors with him, he had better hurry up, if the Scots get independence, that will pass him by.


      • 18
        Kerry Katona says:

        Wouldn’t put him on the tills or in the stockroom. He can’t add up and would sell all the stock at a knockdown price. He likes broom cupboards so maybe he could be a cleaner.


      • 25
        albacore says:

        Is the ghost of Gordon not still to be seen
        At times near those infamous benches of green?
        Might an exorcism be more in order
        To send it packing back over the border?


      • 144
        Fact Hunt says:

        I’d be happy if he was extradited to Scotland, permanently.


  3. 3
    Swansea ball boy says:

    Anybody got the injurylawyers4u phone number?


  4. 5
    PK says:

    I would love it of Cameron officially apologised on the UK’s behalf. There’s a petition that’d get signed.


    • 10
      John Adlington says:

      That would be so fucking brilliant!


      • 43
        Lord Mandelbum of Fondleboys says:

        On this one issue (oh, and the small matter of stopping Bliar from signing us up to the Euro debacle), Brown was absolutely right. The Icelanders froze out foreign customers and looked after their own – Brown was right to seize their assets in the UK – assets bought with deposits from UK savers and taxpayers that were being told to get stuffed by the government of Iceland whilst they guaranteed the deposits of their own people.


        • 108
          PK says:

          Caveat emptor. Anyone with money in the Icelandics was taking foreign risk and getting an above market rate for it. Using laws designed for terrorists was and is wrong. In my opinion.


          • Lord Mandelbum of Fondleboys says:

            Granted about foreign risk/reward – what was wrong was that the Icelandic government guaranteed deposits from their own people and stuffed the other depositors – not what civilised, aw abiding people do. Also, the laws used were to deal with all sorts of financial shenanigans – the terrorism aspect is nothing to do with Iceland, and even if it were, it’s appropriate in their case given their own behaviour.


        • 153
          Anonymous says:

          since when did gordon brown look after his own people


  5. 6
    marc says:

    The BBC have forgotten him already.


    • 26
      Sick of the greed and lies(still) says:

      They must have as Sky reported on this yesterday but the BBC haven’t bothered to do so. It must be because they don’t know who Gordon is.


    • 28
      spanows says:

      Indeed, since may 2010 he has hardly been mentioned and even when he is mentioned it is nothing to do with the shite-fest he presided over….since 1997.


      • 66
        Llareggub says:

        I’m still convinced Gordon was put in charge to lose Labour the election so they wouldn’t be blamed for the cuts. Can you imagine the infighting if they did? Conservatives at least can knuckle down and face reality once in a while.

        Blair was electable
        Brown was unelectable
        Camera is electable
        Ed Milliband is…. not.

        With the current shower of crap, the only PR darling that the city approves of seems to be Chuka Umuna, I’m waiting for him to announce some sort of Blairesque plan to give craploads of public money to City financial companies in debt repayments to fund pointless social spending.


  6. 7
    Kebab Time's F5 Key says:

    Piked from Old Holborn’s Twatter feed. BOAZ


  7. 9
    Steve Miliband says:

    Gordon’s in Davos. Is this what it’s come to?

    Send him to Kavos for a ‘fishbowl’ of cheap booze


  8. 11
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:


    the labour opposition are desperately trying to forget he ever existed and keep hoping we’ll forget too.

    Not going to happen. It’s only once in a lifetime , maybe several lifetimes, you get a leader who is as disastrous, economically incompetent, socially inept and unlikeable as gordon was.

    And that’s without mentioning damianmcbride and gordon’s other organised bullies that were tasked with terrorising even his own people.

    So it’s good to know that our view of gordon is shared by others internationally and hence a memory of his time with us is kept alive.


    • 33
      B.Obama says:

      Gordon who?


    • 48
      T'old Fella says:

      Gordy listened too much to his banker buddies telling him that they want no restrictions on what they could do as regards lending, he did what they wanted, creating the biggest financial meltdown for years and because of the global reaches of the banking system it went world wide. What he did after convening all the big wigs in finance negated some of the harm done, but the banking and trading (some of it becoming so complicated that the operators did not know how it worked) was so big it was like a fisherman trying to land a blue whale with a line and fishing rod, no doubt even more to eventually to come out of the woodwork.


  9. 13
    SP4BS says:

    I don’t think its fair to put the blame entirely on Brown.

    He won’t have made the decision entirely on his own, there would have been other people involved, such as spads, advisers, other MPs. So to be fair they should save a little of their grudge for Balls and Milli.


  10. 15

    Another 16,000 immigration back log cases found by inspectors at UK border agency
    i bet all the managers still got their bonuses though
    an extra 700 cases a week are still being added to the list
    The borders should be closed until all this shite is cleared up


    • 42
      ECHR says:

      Unfortunately, although it’s called the UKBA, it’s controlled by the EU and the Home Office manage it on their behalf. Yet another ‘brilliant’ idea from our political elite.


      • 68
        albacore says:

        All’s right with the world and it’s just fine and dandy
        It only looks like it’s run by Andy Pandy
        The E U relies on massive immigration
        To destroy the very concept of the nation


    • 61
      T'old Fella says:

      It is like a lot of government departments they put applications and filled in forms in a pile and when anyone rings them up, inquiring about form or application submitted, they say they have not recieved them, if the applicant says, “That’s funny, I sent it by registered/recorded delivery” the form in question is suddenly found as if by magic.


    • 151
      fartinatrance says:

      Nearly right Davos, instead of closing the borders the UKBA are now not stopping any more undesirables from entry and thereby allowing the backlog to clear before shoveling some more shite. And another thing 16000 is a paltry number, probably smaller than the number of files down the lift shafts at Lunar House…….


  11. 16
    Raving Loon says:

    One thing I have never forgotten was when Paul Krugman called Brown the most impressive politician he has ever met, despite Brown clearly being a lunatic.

    Makes you wonder…


    • 37
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      Krugman is also a devotee of the Magic Money Tree economic theory. ‘Nuff said.


    • 63
      Ah! Monika 2013 +1 says:

      He was the ONLY politician he had ever met.


    • 76
      I Remember You Hoo says:

      All the snivelling ‘progressive’ cheerleaders regularly pat each other on the back and mutter such tosh, regarding each other.

      Of course it helps to have a largely sycophantically ‘progressive’ MSM, who ignore these players many failings and trumpet any, no matter how obscurely linked ‘successes’ to a wide audience.


    • 130
      Casual Observer says:

      Despite the accolades, Krugman is a mong.

      One big tell on his economic credentials: The Beeb have him on regularly and no one in US takes him seriously.


  12. 19
    Swiss Bob says:

    Just further proof that Labour will do anything for power, including making the criminally insane PM.


  13. 21
    One day Gordon will exolode. says:

    He’s mad and he’s bad.


    • 85
      T'old Fella says:

      You would not like him when he gets angry, he grows to 10 feet tall grows huge bulging muscles and turns grenn and he destroys all that upset him, it most be those gamma rays or something.


  14. 23
    Eskimonell says:

    I think it was not the country Iceland that was the target. but rather the frozen food shop of the same name.


  15. 35
    Plebsareus says:

    Would someone please put up a sound clip from yesterday of Mandleson saying the word ‘cafeteria’, with an apology in advance to anyone who does or has worked in one.


  16. 39
    Gordon Brown says:



  17. 45
    Grant Shapps aka Michael Green says:

    PM says dealing with legalisation of same sex marriage and terrorism is at the top of his agenda for the G8 presidency


    • 51
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      Now he’s dealt sensibly with the EU I’m happy for him to dabble with those things.


      • 97
        albacore says:

        He’s played a blinder on behalf of the E U
        Another cast-iron vote, coming soon to you
        Well, that’s only if you manage to live that long
        With Cameron in charge, what on earth could go wrong?


        • 102
          Dilly Dreamboat (poet extraordinaire) says:

          He might lose the election
          so time for reflection.
          An in/out decision
          Greeted with derision.


  18. 46
    We won't ever forget says:

    That Gordon Brown was the most incompetent Prime Minister of all time.


  19. 47
    The Boy Plunger says:

    Have those Icelanders repaid all money outstanding to the UK ?

    Bagpipes ,when PM, said that no individual in the UK had lost any money as a result of the collapse of the Icelandic Banks .

    This is far from saying all the money has been repaid.

    If I was cynical I would suggest you could just print money through a Central Bank and pay it back to the punters and say everything is sorted .


    • 53
      stewartedwards says:

      That is pretty much what I understand Iceland have done. And the economy is now growing. It just shows that there are alternatives to current government policy that have proven to work in other nations.

      Money is a man made invention, yet we are now lettng it strangle us to keep some rich sods happy. It could all be repaid in full over a cup of tea and biccies, enabling every nation to balance its budget with comparative ease. Yes there are many potential spanners, but they are manageable. Ask Iceland their economy is growing, while austerity is still killing Europe as the politicians lack the backbone to think outside the box. Many a nation has been crippled by international organisations forcing specialisation on them, the medium terms devastation being truly sad, and even now the IMF admits that its matematics behind its policy was flawed.

      Someone turn on the effing lightswitch.


      • 133
        i can't think of a funny name says:

        That assumes that Iceland isn’t simply inflating another bubble. Apart from ‘financial services’ and fish, what does Iceland have to flog?


    • 57
      Have those Aussie DJ's been extradited yet says:

      I remember looking at some ridiculously high interest rates offered by those Icelanders and thinking to myself it was all too dodgy.

      I therefore exercised my judgment and passed it by.

      That I thought was the end of the matter until I found out that my Local Authority had deposited millions of pounds of my money with them for ‘safekeeping’ .

      A Local Authority exists to empty the bins and sweep the streets for Christ sake . It does not exist to invest on my behalf .

      To this day I understand that no one has been sacked for gross misconduct from the Authority.

      This sad story is all too true.

      Perhaps now thanks to Guido the matter has been raised our ConDem Government can give us all justice and our money back.



  20. 49
    Speedster says:

    Feker is alive (sort of), as the b****X walked past me in Birmingham Airport yesterday morning – sadly, he’d shuffled out of sight with his minders before I could find something suitably painful & heavy to throw at him


  21. 50
    FIFA says:

    Will somebody please kick that Balls boy.


  22. 52

    Camermong to launch a major offensive on hunger
    You knoiw what that means



  23. 55
    Ah! Monika 2013 +1 says:

    If teachers lost a day’s pay like parents do when schools are closed because of snow………( Letters Mail )


    • 79
      PC Dave says:

      That wouldn’t be caring and inclusive, would it now? Our Teachers are a national treasure — it just not true that many are semi literate innumerate self serving skiving bastards.


  24. 60
    DELETE BROWN says:

    All references and images of Brown should be obliterated in the traditional communist totalitarian method.

    He never existed. Apparent memories of him are mere nightmares.


  25. 67
    Dave the Weak Procrastinator says:

    I say — this Davos gravy is spot on, what.


  26. 69
    Anonymous says:

    I have no sympathy for this thieving Icelander at all. The fact is that his countrymen set up a bank in the UK, invested in by ordinary UK people. When it looked difficult, they transferred all the funds — 4bn — to Iceland, and then declared that they were bust, and, with smiles on their faces, told the UK taxpayer to pay off their debts if they felt like it.

    Gordon Brown did absolutely the right thing (not a sentence one would normally write!) in treating this as a terrorist act, and freezing their funds before they’d finished looting. They were scum. And the Icelandic government still, as I understand it, owes a lot of people a lot of money.

    We ought to repossess Iceland.


  27. 74
    Gordon Brown says:

    People say I’m mad.

    I don’t believe them.


  28. 77
    Crown Court says:

    The Crown Court

    at Southwark

    Daily List for Thursday 24 January 2013 at English Grounds, off Battlebridge Lane


    Court 3 – sitting at 10:00 AM


    For Mention
    T20127076 HUHNE Christopher

    PRYCE Vasiliki

    Order made under Contempt of Court Act 1981



    • 87
      New News of the World says:

      Shock horror! Tesco’s new value sausages factory is right next door to Mr.Todd’s Unisex Hair Salon in Southwark.


  29. 80
    G8 watch for a bit says:

    Stephanie Flanders,Davros,traitor trying to look clever,bitch….


  30. 90
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Why does the president of Iceland Foods have a grudge with Brown? Mind you who doesn’t.


  31. 95
    Andrew Efiong says:

    Gordon Brown is a “floater” as no matter how often you try to flush him away he floats back up, forever reminding us of the wretched stench of Labour waste.


  32. 100
    Tax is theft says:

    That vile creature has no shame.


  33. 101
    Double Tap says:

    This is the kind of thing lunatics do. It’s Blair who is the dangerous one.


  34. 110
    Noggin the Nog says:

    Mentally unbalanced he may have been, but thank God he had the ‘wee bit sense’ to make an enemy of a country, with a population the size of Fleetwood on a wet early closing day!


  35. 115
    keredybretsa says:

    Al Gordon and Talibrun of course!


  36. 116
    Tom Catesby says:

    We had the ‘cod war’ back in the day. listening to the news today we maybe due for a ‘mackeral war’ soon. With the state of our navy these days, both sides are likely to be more evenly matched this time and we didn’t ‘win’ last time as I recall.


  37. 118
    David B says:

    They would not let him “save the world” so they needed to be punished


  38. 122
    Tony Eden from Eton says:

    This whole sad affair with Iceland is simply being swept under the carpet.

    Now that we have a free Press led by Mr Fawkes the matter is back on the political agenda.

    I have just emailed my MP, Mr Cameron , and Mr Middleband asking me for a summary of all they have done in the last 28 days to recover all our money .

    I await replies with interest.


  39. 126
    Anonymous says:

    Nice try, but I don’t think the fat (and getting fatter) one-eyed sociopath has any shame.


  40. 128
    Jimmy says:

    I absolutely agree this is something which would never have happened under Butch.


  41. 134
    Tractor Gent says:

    I went to Iceland 4 years ago, and in a boutique window in Reykjavik there was a T-shirt with a pic of Brown and the legend ‘Brown is the color of poo’. I would have bought it but for the spelling!


  42. 138
    Tosspot says:

    No wonder the cost of Chips has gone up.


  43. 139
    dick dastardardly mp says:

    Sadly in the UK far too many pensioners, young people and the ‘squeezed middle’ have too many reasons to remember Mr Brown


  44. 143
    Geordieboy says:

    Where did Chucha Fucka get all his dosh.


  45. 154
    NOAH says:

    Brown’s economic policy was based on Hitler’s – only with community outreach workers instead of guns.


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