January 24th, 2013

REVEALED: Sunday Express Maddie McCann Photo Blunder

Last weekend’s Sunday Express went big on a story that detectives had got hold of a new photo apparently showing Maddie McCann in Brazil. James Murray’s splash did not run the picture, but reported that:

“Officers were happy for us to describe the potentially key evidence which shows a healthy fair-haired girl aged three or four in pink trousers, a green top and a blue hat. The child is walking along a road, possibly near a port or airport as there are many people with suitcases in the area. It is sunny with a palm tree in the background.  The photograph was allegedly taken in Brazil in June 2007, a month after Madeleine, three, was snatched from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz on Portugal’s Algarve coast. The girl is holding the hand of a swarthy foreign-looking man aged about 50 with long dark hair and a beard. He is wearing cut-off jeans and a green T-shirt. Nearby, another man in checked shorts and a black T-shirt is pulling a red suitcase. There is no sign of a woman and the child looks out of place with the older men. 

Could this be the photo that the Sunday Express story was talking about?

It shows a young, fair-haired girl in pink trousers, a green top and a blue hat, walking along a busy road with dozens of people carrying suitcases. The sun is shining and there is a palm tree in the background. She is holding the hand of an bearded, middle-aged man with cut-off jeans and a black t-shirt, with a man in checked shorts pulling a red suitcase behind. The problem? This is an Associated Press photo taken at Ibiza airport in 2007 after a bomb scare. It was even used in a BBC report at the time.


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    Get a proper cartoonist says:


    • 3
      Rotherham Cow pat says:

      At least this young girls is being well looked after. I doubt the bearded man would go out on the piss every night locking her up in a strange room.

      • 9
        Anonymous says:

        They also seem to forget in the time she has been missing she would have grown somewhat. Still wondering just why exactly her parent haven’t been convicted of child abandonment like any other parent would have been if they had even pissed off down the local pub, let alone then had their kid go missing.. Could it be that because they went to the trouble of getting the god squad onside straight after the kid “disapeered” they are seen as untouchable?

        • 11
          D Macaroon PM says:

          I left my kids in a pub never did them any harm!

          • Norfolk's Finest says:

            Having the ‘God Squad’ (in particular as the McCanns are Catholics, I believe) would tend to invite more abuse accusations, not less these days I would have said, given the way the media just can’t resist tying any abuse scandal to Catholicism’s door…

          • Lord Wayne of Trombone says:

            The Prime Minister said he is a “low-tax Conservative but not a companies-should-pay-no-tax Conservative” as he warned businesses not to dodge paying their fair share.

            DAVE can FUCK right off. Has he ever run a business? No.

            Stick to what you know, Dave you Hunt. (nothing)

          • Vote UKIP says:

            It is the job of people in efficient private companies to minimise the amount they pay in taxes. It is the job of an efficient state to maximise the tax it takes in such a way that it does not damage future tax receipts (including income tax and N.I. from workers). The left and apparently Dave are far too thick to understand this.

          • Vote UKIP says:

            How come nobody is persecuting the parents of that girl who was snatched in Wales a few months ago? Why are the McCanns so special?

          • Interesting Point says:

            Likely because the police have enough evidence to arrest someone in the Jones case. Also, the parents haven’t perverted the course of the investigation and there is absolutely no evidence which in anyway implies they were involved.

          • In truth, it generally doesn’t need tying to Catholicism’s door, because, like a homing pigeon, child abuse knows it’s own way home.

        • 12
          Plato says:

          Plus they were helped by their family friend, The Prime Mentalist.

        • 30
          Horatio McSherry says:

          Think it was more to do with her parents having a connection to the soon-to-be Prime Mentalist. Can you imagine him coming to office a few months later with the possibility he could be connected to suspected child-killers? Why do you think the news managemet heavies with connections to Labour were sent over paid for by an unknown person?

        • 75
          Anonymous says:

          If she is ever found alive then no doubt God will get all the credit. Funny how he never gets the blame for allowing kids to be snatched in the first place…

          • Britain the ruined country says:

            Talking of the treatment of children which the Labouristas did all they could to conceal:-http://www.ipswichstar.co.uk/news/ipswich_teen_girl_was_plied_with_drugs_and_forced_to_become_sex_slave_court_told_1_1795528

          • Anonymous says:

            the cycle is destruction, construction.
            destruction, construction.
            many gods out there.

      • 46
        Innocent until proven guilty says:

        Not so – we left the doors unlocked….

      • 147
        su says:

        imagine both your parents as narcissists.

        • 154
          bandersnatch says:

          Spot on Su. Anyone who has followed this case closely from the begining knows there will never be justice for Madeleine, or the consideration of her likely accidental death after having been left unsupervised in a holiday appartment, unless the case is re-opened IN ORDER TO DO A RECONSTRUCTION of what happened on the night she disappeared. This reconstruction would be enough to re-open the case, which Madeleine’s parents have said that they want. Of course, this would need their co-operation (fat chance) and that of their friends. The Smith family would have to go to Portugal too, to see if they could further identify details of the person seen carrying a motionless child towards the beach. Telephone records, now considered outside the scope of the investigation, would have to be allowed in. The highly distinctive filmed evidence from the blood and cadaver dogs would need to be looked at again, although it is merely indicative and could, under the current law, never be conclusive. The facts of the DNA evidence which would be strong enough to be considered significant in some countries, but not in Portugal, could also be added to the pot. What a pity the Portuguese trusted all their forensic samples to the now defunct British forensic science service. Far better to have sent some to an independent service in Holland or Germany. Scotland Yard will have seen the police restricted files as well as the open published ones, which on their own are clear enough. If they just stuff this away under ‘abduction by persons unknown’ they will forever lose my respect, and that of anyone with even partial knowledge of the case. What evidence is there for abduction? Hardly any. Unless someone who knows what happened (and some certainly do) tells all, we may never know the details of events. Of spin, the vast amounts of money raised, and what happened to it, of bullying by authorities and paid employees, of the spinelessness of the press, who dare not publish anything much, running scare of being sued, and possibly even of pressure from governments for some odd reason… WHY?… I can say nothing.

          • su says:

            I have followed this case so closely for 6 years.
            What I have witnessed has made me lose all faith in those in power.
            It has made me realise what a force the net is.
            Brilliant discussion and energy spent by some many minds pointing out the insanity and deviousness of this case.
            There has been so much evil in this case.
            From Clarence Mitchell to Brian Kennedy to Rebekka Brooks to Rupurt Murdoch to Gordon Brown, to Socrates, to Theresa May to the editors that launched zenophobic lies and attacks against a sovereign nation who were trying to find out what happened to a British girl.
            The British on the other hand were just protecting the parents.


            There is so much information.
            How have heads not rolled by now.

    • 61
      Sir William says:

      At least it’s not a Moors Murderers story, the last resort of a desperate editor.

    • 65
      • 83
        Truthteller says:

        Are the 25% mentally retarded?

        • 89
          CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

          Think they’ve been mind-wiped by AlJaBeebya,’s “Who you going to believe? Me or your own lying eyes?”

      • 105
        Interesting Point says:

        ‘I don’t have to remind anyone what happens when an unfounded suspicion of one people can escalate into unspeakable horror.’

        Yes: We have plenty of evidence of that from !raq, Afghanistan, Mal!, !ndia, Pak!stan and Algeria, for instance.

        !slam is not compatible with anything other than !slam: That is not to say that !slam cannot coexist with other cultures, but integration will never happen.

        An attempt to spin the extremist issues in !slam as being manifested by those who simply mistrust it is rhetoric of the lowest order.

        Also ignored is the fact the collectivist multiculturalism that has been implemented and divisive nature of ‘hate crime’ legislation will serve to keep !slam and the mainstream British cultures forever divided.

    • 166
      Spamalam says:

      Ignore that mad bitch ‘I Pamalam’. She got an email from the same ijutt and sat on it for 10 days. Then she posted it up after the Express ‘broke’ the story. She made no attempt to deconstruct it, do a reverse image search, anything. It was instantly spotted and identified by a pro-McCann forum. They seem to be keener on the truth than she is.

  2. 2
    Nick 'The Quiff' Robinson says:

    If we are here, who is looking after Madeleine?

  3. 4
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    and the UK press are wondering why their circulations are plummeting!

    • 15
      Immer Wieder says:

      The Daily Mail is doing well to appeal to a new metropolitan generation hungry for inane chatter, infotainment and gossip with their news and to a large extent has already shed the “if you read this paper you must be Nick Griffin” image that every unfunny lefty comedian falls back on if they need a cheap laugh and a pat on the back from all of their right-on comrades.

      The Express, however, seems to be parodying itself with the endless front pages about Princess Diana, Maddy, whenever one or two immigrants are given too much benefits, and paedos.

    • 35
      MSM says:

      Only M4ddie, D1ana, and Kate’s tits keeping us alive.

    • 39
      M says:

      This is what happens at the express if they stray away from hysterical weather headlines
      Best to dig up Diana or write some shit about hitler
      Unless the daily mail have the copy write ?

  4. 5
    Tony Blair says:

    {UK Prime Minister David Cameron has said that countries must work together to clamp down on tax avoidance.

    “Individuals and businesses must pay their fair share,” he told leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos.}

    Catch me if you can.

    • 23
      Steve (ex-Labour) says:

      Davos is increasingly looking like a gloobal gathering of mafia dons, working out how they can further extort money from the little people in the real economy

      • 49
        CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

        Ding Ding. Someone has finally come to the correct conclusion. Government “evolved”* out of regional mafia, is it a surprise it still acts like one?

        * It didn’t it just got better PR.

      • 126
        T'old Fella says:

        If Call Me Dave votes against that cross border justice thing it leaves the way open for such crims to walk from country to another with no fear of extradition, terrorist groups, thieves, internet fraudsters will get any with it. It’s probably worth mentioning the US have a system like that but only works one way, their nationals are not extradited

  5. 6
    Just wondrin says:

    But when will the thin lady sing?

  6. 7
    Immer Wieder says:

    I hope they find Maddy and also help all those dying black kids in Africa that no-one hears about for some reason.

    • 16
      Chuggers says:

      Try watch the ads on Sky news pal they’re never off.

      • 19
        Concerned of Tunbridge Wells says:

        We’ve been giving £2.00 per month for eight years to little Umakwala and the daft f*ckers still drinking out of a bucket!

  7. 8
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Remember when we all used to make jokes about the Oi’rish not being very clever, which were banned for being waycist?

    Well, as if b’a’n’kru’pting their country was not enough to prove their lack of intelligence, they’re now putting up… “Bog Turbines”:

    Yes, having realised they’re putting windmills in an area with no wind, they’re going to solve the problem by, er, making them the taller.

    You. Couldn’t. Make. It. Up.

    • 22
      Irishman says:

      We’ve heard there’s some very fast wind called the jetstream about 20miles up. We’re aiming for that if we can find enough bricks.

    • 25
      Steve (ex-Labour) says:

      It does not matter if the technology does not work and is in danger of causing power outages – as long as non jobs are created, departments formed to issue subsidies, money and raw materials are taken away from the innovators & real investors and the elite are seen to be doing the right thing.

      One day I hope to see justice bought to Tim Yeo & Greenpeace for their lies and deceit.

    • 44
      Smig says:

      Wind doesn’t work.

      Less than 2% of power requirements were generated by wind in the last 24 hours.


      • 52
        CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

        2% is about average. Remember because the wind is fickle you need another proper power station for every bit of “wind power” capacity.

        So you not only pay for the wind totem you also need subsidies for proper power stations to be idle and thus less efficient.

        Win win for the rent-seeking classes, loss loss for the serfs.

        • 81
          Smig says:

          “Win win for the rent-seeking classes, loss loss for the serfs.”

          Here comes the new boss, same as the old boss.

          • No – you’ve got it wrong!! The unemployed Oirish are all going to stand with their backs to England, and on command, drop their pants, bend over and fart really hard in our direction – it’s then Tim Yeo’s responsibility to organise the turbines on this side to make maximum use of this selfless act.

            Training courses are being set up across Ireland as we speak, and the Taoiseach has used extraordinary powers to requisition 6 months production of Guinness at cost price to help facilitate this green (or possibly brown) energy resource.

    • 70
      Not an Engineer says:

      If the windmills are made taller, then they will be heavier. There will also be an increased turning moment at their base meaning you will have to make the foundations much deeper.

      On a soft mulchy soil like a bog, is this not an unwise location in any place to site such things ? Assuming they are going to be standing in the same position for about 20 years ?

      There is a reason why no one has built on the bogs in !reland previously, and it is not because the !rish are stupid.

      • 73
        Oirishman says:

        We know that, sillybilly. We’re making them taller so that when they sink they’ll be just as tall as they were.

      • 100
        SP4BS says:

        I’m sure there are engineers who can calculate how much foundations will cost.

        • 107
          Mornington Crescent says:

          Why bother making calculations like that when the taxpayer is picking up the tab?

    • 132
      T'old Fella says:

      Don’t forget the owner of this blog is an “Iorishman”

  8. 10
    Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov says:

    It’s bloody cold in Siberia.

  9. 13
    Google Maps Never lie says:

    Indeed you are correct Guido. Ibiza airport it is.


  10. 14
    Piers Morgan says:

    This looks genuine to me

  11. 17
    The Stilton Eater says:

    A swarthy foreigner?

    You can’t make this up.

    • 18
      Immer Wieder says:

      Unfortunately it appears they did.

      • 156
        bandersnatch says:

        Who was either tall or short, either had a moustache or didn’t, who had a face like and egg, or who could have been a woman.

      • 177
        su says:

        Well they made it up 6 years ago.
        You remember Jane Tanners description went from the egg man to the swarthy abductor.
        6 years and they are still using the same word.
        Let me guess you don’t get swarthy englishman, only other nations can be that.

  12. 20
    David L says:

    The Express probably thinks the poor girl’s alive and well and living with Martin Bormann.

  13. 27
    SD says:

    I like the Express.

    I especially like their position on the EU.

    Thats why I buy it.

  14. 29
    Jimmy says:

    Do righties still use the word “swarthy”?

    • 45
      Guardian reader says:

      Oh yes, they’re so racist Jimmy.
      Only self righteous modern progressive types like you and me avoid such racist words.

      • 111
        Anonymous says:

        1pro race men cannot resist racy wimmin.
        2racism is the philosophy of the race.
        3females love males race.
        4nobility is a worthwhile race.
        5why be racist when you can just race.
        6race is the inner struggle between dark and light.
        7truth does not rely on a race.

    • 50
      The other Guardian reader says:


    • 55
      CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

      Good job lefties are well know for not picking on groups.

      Oh no, that’s the core of their belief system!

      100 Million dead and no apology from the left.

      • 63
        Nick Griffin says:

        Good point, we really need to open holocaust museums throughout Europe and North America so people don’t forget.

        • 93
          CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

          I was referencing the holocaust caused by international socialism rather than National Socialism.

    • 69
      Sir William says:

      Opposite of “pale”.

  15. 31
    The Portuguese police say says:

    After what the cadaver dogs found, you’d have to believe in reincarnation for this to be true

  16. 32
    Dirty Des says:

    As it’s the Express, the man is also the driver of the White Fiat Uno which Prince Philip ordered to be used to murder Princess Diana.

  17. 33
    ROFL says:

    ” Can’t you see where she is yet?”

  18. 36
    Cast Iron Dave says:

    Vote for me you know you want to :)

  19. 37
    Owen Jones says:

    Get England out of Europe !!

  20. 38
    keredybretsa says:

    This is a very sad continuing story.

  21. 40
    The Portuguese police say says:

    It there a trend here?
    1. Prime mentalist, Scottish and guilty of killed the economy
    2. McCanns, Scottish.

    • 57
      Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

      Mrs McCann is from our neck of the woods.

      • 85
        Donkey says:

        And is playing the poor, downtrodden, Scouser role with great aplomb.

      • 160
        bandersnatch says:

        Every few months The Express and other pop papers publish a Madeleine ‘sighting’. Would it be too awful of me to suggest that many of these are planted. I think not. A ‘sighting’ sells papers just the same. It keeps the case in the news, and doubtless the Fund is thereby swelled. ALL sightings are rubbish. About half of all small children look a bit like Madeleine. Anyway, if Madeleine were still alive she would be about nine, and might look nothing like her younger self or the semi-scientifically aged photos. Earlier writers are correct. Madeleine sightings are similar to Diana ‘news’, extreme weather forecasts, or reports of arrests in the ‘linked to Jimmy Saville’, case. They sell papers. In earlier decades it was ‘Pop star in car crash’, or ‘The Pope, the pill, new shocks’.

    • 99
      The Portuguese police says:

      Another correlation ?

      1) Prime Mentalist: Economy nearly broke before the tragic event of credit crunch, scapegoated Iceland as a terrorist organization, caused a lot of distraction and just about got away with it.

      2) The McCanns were just about broke before the tragic event.

      • 102
        Conspiracy Theorist says:

        3) A man in Dundee broke his leg on the exact same day.

        The evidence is stacking up…

  22. 41
    Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

    Despite it’s anti EU stance I see this morning’s headline is as usual for The Express about the weather. It’s either that or Madeleine or Diana.

    I’ve given up buying it after an almost lifetime of reading it.

    • 143
      Dirty Des says:

      If you’ve been reading that rubbish for ‘almost all your life’, do you know that you are in line for the white Fiat Uno treatment? Or are you off to Indignitas? If you haven’t made a will yet, leave all your money to me, because I need more.

  23. 43
    UEA says:

    Sun on Sunday falls below 2m mark for first time.

    It’s Global warming.

  24. 51
  25. 56
    Owen Jones says:

    Honesty is better than sugar coated bullshit.

  26. 59
    The late Paul Foot says:

    In this country, we have freedom of the Press and no idea what to do with it.

  27. 62
    Mandelbum Saying Cafeteria says:

    By popular request, and further reason to get out of Europe:

  28. 64
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Rachel Reeves is carping-on on the daily politics show. What an annoying hypocritical woman.

  29. 66
    Sir William says:

    Ibiza? Isn’t that near Luton?

  30. 71
    Dante says:

    Anyone that believes the girl is alive are fools. The cadaver dogs went ballistic when they went into the hotel room and when they checked the hire car of the McCanns. There was video footage of the dogs checking the room on the Sun website.

    One can only imagine why D-notices were issued over the death of a little girl abroad. How exactly did the little girls tragic death impact on national security ? Why have the parents never faced court over child neglect ?

    Even the most optimistic person must understand that the girl is dead.

    At some point the truth will out.

    • 86
      Vote UKIP says:

      Why have the parents of the girl snatched in Wales a few months ago not faced the same dimwitted abuse? Didn’t they neglect their child just the same – like millions of others who were more fortunate.

      • 98
        SP4BS says:

        What did they do in wales? leave a girl to walk a few yards from school?

        Anyway the answer to your question probably depends on the way the story was spun to the general public.

        • 101
          Interesting Point says:

          Or there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that the parents in the Welsh case were in any way involved or attempting to pervert the course of the investigation.

      • 108
        Dante says:

        I would have liked to have provided you with 60 reasons why the family in Wales are different from the McCanns. Unfortunately, that is not possible as the McCanns lawyers have banned it. :)

        As I am sure you are well aware.

    • 162
      bandersnatch says:

      I wish I believed that at some point ‘the truth will out’, but if the Met really do close the whole thing down as an abduction… I wouldn’t be at all surprised… Sigh…

      • 165
        Anonymous says:

        Well, the Operation Grange remit does refer to an abduction, so if that’s what they were instructed to find…

    • 174
      Stripy Cat says:

      But cadaver dogs do not provide evidence of an individual’s death. In the case of these dogs taken to Portugal absolutely nothing tying in the alerts of the dogs to the missing child Madeleine McCann was positively found. The dogs do not prove the death of Madeleine McCann as those who do not understand the dog alerts, the DNA testing and the legal situation claim.

      The claim you make that D notices were issued is a typical conspiraloon fabrication.

      As for why the parents have not faced court over child neglect. The answer to that is simple. The Attorney General of Portugal having considered all the evidence (not just the part that was released to the public) was adamant that there was no cause to charge the McCanns with neglect because there was no evidence whatsoever that they had neglected their children.

      And you are wrong on that final point too. Optimistic people will remain hopeful that Madeleine (yes I can bring myself to use the child’s name) is alive because there is no evidence to prove that she is not. Only heard-hearted individuals retain no hope in those circumstances.

  31. 74
    Riggsy Brown says:

    Under Desmond, The Express has become the UK’s National Enquirer and is regarded as such by anyone old enough to take an interest in such things.

    I am usually highly suspicious of any professionally planned, sophisticated and well-funded PR strategy like that mounted by the McCanns. But, of course, I’m not!

  32. 76
    bergen says:

    Years ago the Duke of Edinburgh reportedly described the Sunday Express as a bloody awful newspaper. At least some things never change.

  33. 78
    The Great Huhnedini says:

    Just off for a spot of luncheon before I’m vindicated by the shield of truth and the sword of justice… :)

    Highly paid lawyers. You know it makes sense!

    Then I can get on with the serious business of leading the Liberals to success in the next general election!

  34. 84
    Renault says:

    We have launched a new car. Takes 2 in the front, 2 in the back, and 1 in the boot

    The Renault McCann

    • 163
      bandersnatch says:

      There are many worse jokes in the Urban Dictionary… but I admit I have never heard that one before… Oh my…

  35. 94
    SP4BS says:

    Theres a level of journalistic idiocy to call her “Maddie”.

    It isn’t what her parents ever called her.

  36. 95
    Ed in/out, out/in Miliband says:

    Yesterday when I said I didn’t want an in/out referendum, but I didn’t mean that.
    What I really mean will become clear when I have met with my union paymasters, I think.

  37. 97
    Delboy says:

    What a load of Wallies .

  38. 106
    Anonymous says:

    I’m of the opinion that this case was shelved after the portuguese police tried to force a confession by the parents after fitting up the cadaver dog findings. The parents have been protected ever since then. The SY review is not going to be made public as spilling the beans that the portuguese tried to fit up a british subject won’t do international relations much good. But it don’t change the fact that a small child disappeared without trace and the parents appear to know more than their telling.

    • 114
      Dante says:

      The dogs work off the death scent of humans and blood of humans. The dogs were British and the handler was British.

      Someone died in 5A of the Ocean Club. Previously noone had been reported missing, only Madeleine was missing so it was her scent they detected.

      The PJ certainly could have done a better job of securing the crime scene.

      • 164
        bandersnatch says:

        Correct in all respects. Anonymous above you is incorrect about the fitting up, but correct about the knowledge of what happened.

  39. 109
    AA says:

    You should give credit to those who did find the hoax http://www.gerrymccannsblogs.co.uk/m/BRAZIL_EMAILS.htm

  40. 112
  41. 113
    Johnny says says:

    I would guess the men with the child are related to the two women with similar red luggage and pushing a pram just a few steps ahead of them. Family holiday with children, parents and grandparents.

  42. 117
    Anonymous says:

    Anyone can tell that child is older than three. Who would parade the worlds most famous missing child in broad daylight in public like that?

  43. 129
    Anonymous says:

    It was a ‘bury bad news’ story, nothing more. The bad news being that the McCanns offered an out of court settlement to the Portuguese detective (Goncalo Amaral) who they claimed had libeled them. Their first legal action against Amaral failed – they had attempted to ban his book ‘The Truth of the Lie’ and succeeded in lower courts until the Portuguese higher court threw out the judgment and the book was returned to bookstore shelves.

    Bear in mind that they not only tried to censor The Truth of the Lie (a factual account of the first six months of the investigation), they have also sought to discredit the British EVRD dogs brought to Portugal upon the suggestion of the British cops liaising with the Portuguese police. The cadaver dog alerted to McCann items only – no other alerts in all the areas checked in Praia da Luz. The dogs used in the McCann investigation have never been wrong.

    One wonders where the McCanns have come up with the funds necessary to proceed in the numerous lawsuits they have filed over the last five-plus years. The Find Madeleine Fund is NOT a charity, it is a private company and is not required to provide more than basic company accounting details to the public.

    Why James Murray of the Express would allow himself to be used by the McCann media manipulators in this manner is truly a conundrum. Why he chose to completely ignore the two women in the photo, walking to the right of the ‘swarthy foreigner’, child and (likely) grandfather is also a conundrum. Why he chose to reintroduce a dead paedophile, completely eliminated by the investigation into this report is perhaps the greatest conundrum of all.

    • 176
      Stripy Cat says:

      Your assertion that Hewlett was “completely eliminated” by the investigation is laughable. You have absolutely no idea what the situation is over this man as Scotland Yard have never given any indication of their findings over him.

      However we do know that the PT police and authorities have found no evidence whatsoever of any crime committed by the McCanns including neglect. That fact was stated clearly in the archiving report of the case all the way back in 2008. It is a shame that so few people have bothered to read it.

      • 186
        Anonymous says:

        Raymond Hewlett provided a DNA swab and his fingerprints were taken by the Portuguese police. He was eliminated as a suspect. The deathbed letter James Murray refers to in the article was allegedly delivered by a ‘stranger’ (rather than appearing in the post) and was received by Hewlett’s estranged son, Wayne. Wayne then (quite conveniently) burned said letter. Scotland Yard will hopefully dig deeply into the matter. The Portuguese have no interest in further scapegoats for an abduction they found no evidence to believe occurred.

  44. 133
    Davo says:

    To Clarence Mitchell:
    Hoax photos, out of court settlement request from the McCanns (quite unusual for the devastated victims in a libel case)….come on, man, do your job for God’s sake! Spin something ludicrous, quickly.
    Oh, and lay off the hairspray, we’re trying to save our bloody planet from spontaneously combusting.

    • 181
      su says:

      maybe he will be scalped as part punishment in his involvement in the cover up of a missing child.

  45. 140
    Superman says:

    So the Express lied,hardly news especially with regard to McCanns. McCanns had friends at BBC (Kirsty Wark I think) and the whole thing went viral immediately. The McCanns don’t deserve the rubbishing they receive from the gutter.For Gods sake they lost a child.

    • 158
      Anonymous says:

      Their behaviour has lost them sympathy im afraid, the whole Maddie PLC thing is distasteful.

      • 173
        Stripy Cat says:

        So they should just have pocketed the cash that was rolling in and never published accounts or paid tax or dealt with it properly as they have done?

        Their behaviour over the fund has been absolutely correct and has not lost them any sympathy at all.

        Their child is missing and hundreds of thousands of people have shown their sympathetic concern and done so by buying the book, signing petitions and donating to the legally correct fund to help find the child.

        If you are too stone-hearted to see that, then I pity you.

        • 182
          Dante says:

          The general public, including pensioners donated money to the fund. In the McCanns eyes the investigation carried out by Police was not upto there own high standards. Most likely because the Police didn’t subscribe to the abduction theory.

          Im pretty sure when the public donated money it wasn’t with the intention of the money being used to support the McCanns mortgage, credit card payments or high powered team of lawyers to help them avoid returning to Portugal for a reconstruction. The reconstruction of the nights events, according to the T9 would look like something out of Benny Hill.

  46. 144
    Lord Trumpet Parp says:

    It honks

  47. 148
    Dirty Des says:

    Why has no-one asked where Savile was when Maddie disappeared? This has all the appearance of a cover-up at the highest level. Remember that the sick weirdo was a friend of both Mrs Thatch AND The Queen! Surely that’s enough evidence for anyone!

  48. 153
    Anonymous says:

    So many bitter people on here with such tiny, tiny lives.

  49. 159
    Anonymous says:

    Anonymous says:
    January 24, 2013 at 4:54 pm
    So many bitter people on here with such tiny, tiny lives.

    Better than being a liar hey?

  50. 171
    Stripy Cat says:

    Pamalam is lying on Twitter when she says she broke the story about this. She did not. She binned the emails sent to her about it because she thought they were spam and only after it was in the Express did she publish.

    And she didn’t discover the source of the photo either. That was done on McCann forums not by Pamalam. She is just a snipper of news and has never broken a story or discovered anything in her life.

    Her biggest claim to fame is that she has frequently been threatened with copyright abuses because her site is cluttered with articles stolen from other media.

  51. 187
    Anonymous says:

    Not the first time McCanns try to bury news http://cryptome.org/0001/henri-exton.htm

  52. 189
    Howling Dog says:

    The McCanns claim that until they got the Scotland Yard “review” commitment from Cameron, there was no police force looking for Madeleine.

    Can they please explain why they have never walked into a Police Station in the UK to report their child missing?

    It seems a rather fundamental oversight on their part.

    That is, if they genuinely want a proper police investigation to take place.

    If they have reported her missing, then their allegation that the police are not taking the missing child report seriously is such a damning indictment that I hope they can back it up.

    Also they need to explain why they presented themselves to the public as her full legal parents when in fact she had been made a ward of court soon after her disappearance and they had thus lost parental rights over their daughter. All the while money was pouring in their (non charity) fund they never explained this. It only came out when they tried to force Leics Police to divulge info on them.

  53. 192
    Howling Dog says:

    Great news from Portugal. The McCanns are running scared and are desperately trying to drop their action against the chief investigator Amaral. Tony Bennett (the guy who did more than most to expose what went on in that Barrymore case) has written to Carter Fuck pointing this out and suggesting that in their action against him (trying to get him imprisoned in a libel-related case brought by the Flying McCanns) they are indulging in abuse of process.

    Who knows what the truth is? But after all those Maxwell, Aitken, Archer, Saville and other actions we might have a fair stab at guessing where the truth lies – or am I wrong to say that?

  54. 193
    They fear the hare says:

    It’s time this charade ended. We might even get to see something approaching the truth once a few of the minor players are thrown to the wolves.

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