January 24th, 2013

Evan Harris Onto Another Loser

Sour-faced LibDem are standing firmly on the wrong side of history. Yesterday saw the launch of Justice Across Borders, a Europhile campaign aiming to fend off plans to opt-out of the 130-odd Justice and Home Affairs powers drafted up in Brussels.

First Lord Carlile expressed his wish to be bestowed with the Order of the OTT by claiming the opt-out could lead to another European war. Then lucky guests were treated to a video by that bastion of freedom Charles Clarke. And just who is Justice Across Borders’ big name trustee? Swivle-eyed press-hater Dr Evan Harris. Guido’s spy notes that guests were not told the name of the generous benefactor who forked out for the cost of hiring the Churchill Room and laying on booze and nibbles. It’s like another Hacked Off…


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    Hello !


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    • 24

      HAIL to thee, blithe thpirit! Bird thou never wert.
      I thtill need Juthtin to help me put on my tie and thirt!


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      Big Ted says:

      The chattering classes have no idea how fragile industrial global supply chains are


      • 75
        Anonymous says:

        By coalescing all the supply chain into a few major players and the loss of the localism in product manufacture/consumption, you are arguing that it is irreversible.

        So because we have been forced part way down a road and now you say we can not return.

        Yes they are fragile and yes it will cost. But in comparison to the current end game of a “single market” it is far better to opt out now.

        The “single market” idea has actually formed a “single market” in the true sense. Every product has a single standards board, inspection criterion, a single dealing market, a single tax system. All these are controlled by a single entity. The product does not matter any more. More money is made dealing, monitoring and excessive moving of the product, than actually making it.

        This is just a repeat of the historic licensing of market towns.

        Learn from history, and take a step back whenever a monopoly dictator is the ultimate goal. The only system that survives is one where balancing forces create an equilibrium.


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          SP4BS says:

          Its still possible to buy big bags of spuds from a farm.


          • Anonymous says:

            But only those licenses varieties.

            It is also possible to buy them outside the system. But even the local market has been attacked for using second hand glass jars for preserves.


          • Catty Comment (Ms) says:

            Did those ferocious harridans at the Women’s Institute ever get the EU ban on selling home made jam at the local fete rescinded?


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    Vote UKIP says:

    Wasn’t the restriction of the free press in Germany a factor that led to World War II?


    • 15
      Curt Ainsclosed says:

      Think it was more due to having a murdering bastard as leader.


      • 29

        Seems to work in Syria, Saudi, Bahrain, Venezuela etc….


      • 52
        Don't mention the war says:

        I thought it was the invasion of Poland.


        • 119
          The savant10.4 highway patrol says:

          I thought it was the assasination of. King. Zog. On. Planet. Zog

          Oh. Sorry….. Wron. War ..


      • 58
        SP4BS says:

        Someone should take the opportunity to blame the french.


        • 86
          Someone says:

          I blame the French.


        • 95
          Anonymous says:

          I can blame the french!

          When German invaded Poland the French had an army waiting on the German border so while Adolf and Co. were busy raping and drinking piwo in Poland the French invaded.

          6 miles into Germany they met nobody except some kids and old men in army uniforms who ran away, The cowardly French seeing the way open to anywhere in Germany they would like to go suddenly bottled it (as is their way) and ran back over the border to sit and wait for the Germans to finish their holiday in Poland.

          Of course we know how that turned it the Germans now getting a taste for beer and the local women decided their next holiday would be Belgium still the French sat on the Border sleeping and crying.

          Watch them in Mali once the locals skin a few of them alive they will be on the first RAF plane out of there.


        • 105
          Catty Comment (Ms) says:

          Let me assure you, having worked with a couple of them in a previous existence, that if any of those naughty trouble-making wily oriental gentlemen encounter folk from the French Foreign Legion they will be in for a big surprise.


          • The savant10.4 highway patrol says:

            Yes. I. Agree with you. The. Foreign. Legion are brutal. And courageous. .

            Why ??

            The clue is in the name

            Not one of them is French ….. And thus not prone to surrendering. , eating cheese or acting the. Monkey .


    • 39
      Voltaire says:

      Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.


    • 56
      SP4BS says:

      In the early 20th century I bet there wasn’t much in the line of free press anywhere.

      Apart from in America where they were busy hounding a fat celeb bloke to death with lies suggesting he was a child killer.


  3. 3
    Food Police says:

    Freeze, and step away from the fork.


    • 4

      You have certainly had your share , You fat Slug


    • 7
      CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

      There IS more than enough food for everyone. They just need to remove trade barriers…

      Best way to do that? Destroy the customs cartel called the EUSSR.


      • 74
        Wgo Want's Some! says:

        Exactly right the EU food subsidies are ponzi of epic proportions that costs the UK taxpayer (and the other net contributors to the EU budget) billions! It prevents more efficient suppliers in the developing world from free access to EU markets that would drive down food prices and support the further growth of these developing nations. If Dave really wanted to help developing nations then less tax payers cash that we can’t control where it goes and more freedom to buy food at the right price that then rewards its producers. It’s called free market capitalism but the EU is really not about that. And nor is Dave.


      • 90
        Anonymous says:

        Rubbish. Food is not something to be handled through global trade. Food is a local issue. The land can only provide so much. Due to the population increase the land now used for farming is just not viable.

        Yes, I have been there, and seen the stupidity of their ideas. I have seen the rotting food in the markets and no customers. I have seen how the interfering has led to the famine and how the aid has concentrated the population into small unviable areas were they can never obtain enough food to even think of leaving.

        I have seen the perversion of the farming techniques for cash crops and the dependence of the single export route that make them totally dependent.

        Go an exploit them all you like, it is just a war in the end. But please do not dress it up as aid.


        • 106
          Look it up says:

          There’s no way they can grow enough food in Ethiopia to feed all those people in the desert areas.


        • 107
          Catty Comment (Ms) says:

          Yes, one of the main problems of African farmers is the inability to actually get their stuff to the local market. Lack of viable roads (impassable in wet seasons) make their task impossible, which is why so much goes to waste.


    • 17
      Manic from the left says:

      Abbott on diets is like Balls on savings.


    • 19
      Going to the wall says:

      If Diane Abbott goes on a diet there will be enough food for everyone.


    • 30
      Eric Pickles says:

      Make it a wheely bin of chicken rice and pea for me :)


    • 46
      Thought Police says:

      This year there will be real food shortages.

      May be about enough, but getting it to where it needs to be will be the problem, and adds to the cost.

      Of course, if UK sells its food to balance trade (as it may need to this year) that will cause shortages and domestic price inflation here. Noticed the cost of your shop go up by about 5-10% past few weeks ?


    • 60
      Rice and Peas denial says:

      If Fat Bot was serious and I mean really serious, then she would go on hunger strike.

      It would be a long strike though, almost certainly worth an entry in the Guinness book of records.


  4. 4
    CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

    AlJaBeebya have yet another article about minor phone firm crApple. HTC sold 75% of handsets yet never get any attention….

    Just another datapoint showing how out of touch the extortion funded MSM is.


    • 54

      Not taking into account of course the fact that HTC is a Windows based smart phone manufacturer – you know, Microsoft Windows, the lovely anti competition mega corp that buys or destroys any competitor OTHER than Apple.

      Sent from an Apple, ‘cos Microsoft is mainly shit.


  5. 6
    Curt Ainsclosed says:

    Is it me or did Dr Evan Harris used to be Dr. Tiger Ninestein in Terrahawks?



  6. 8
    So wot happened to offshore status? says:


    • 12
      The one who Knew the Grey Man says:


    • 76

      Dearly Beloved,

      The Almighty is always covering the Huhne hearings. Day after Day, Week after Week, Year after Year, His reach extends beyond us all. The Adjournment granted. Luncheon is called. May the Summonsed who seek Deliverance from that which Greatly Concerns them, be satisfied that every angle has been considered, every loophole explored in furtherance of their seemingly Unending Quest, and their Arraignment will resolve in some wonderful way known only to the Good Lord. We pray to God to give these dear people His Comfort and His Strength to accept their Fate, whatever that might be, on an even further day to this, Saints Be Praised, and that they be Withdraw from the unrelenting Public Spotlight into a Remote and Inaccessible place, not to be seen or heard for a truly Lasting Time if Ever Again. We pray also for the incredible and continuing Strength and Guidance of the Long Suffering Judge and his Weary Assistants.

      In the name of The Father, and of The Son, and of The Holy Spirit.


      The Reverend Clink will now say Grace.


      • 83
        Grace says:

        Can I come out from under the bench yet?


      • 97
        Tay King-dePisse says:

        It was funnier the first time you posted it, Cat, but to get to the nub of it– your thesis is that, When will the former Minister finally be tried?, and, in the words of Brian Wilson, the answer is, God Only Knows?


        • 102
          The Reverend Clink says:

          God is subtle, but He is not malicious

          But his patience can be tried. You have to spot the slight differences to fully appreciate how the offer of prayers adapts to the circumstances.

          After all, we don’t want another flood now, do we? :-o


  7. 9
    Anonymous says:

    Another chosen person intent on destroying this country.


  8. 10

    Home office orders All British nationals out of Benghazi Libya !
    Less than a year after we made it a better and safer place

    Can’t be many countries left for us to fuck up !


  9. 11

    I’d be inclined to hat the press if they can’t find anyone who actually knows how to spell [do your own proof reading and copy editing you lazy bastards]


  10. 20
    The Great Huhnedini says:

    Halfway through my Lobster Croquette and that Bloody sweeny character has called us back in… What do I pay these lawyers for? They tell the Judge or whatever he’s called what goes on and when.

    I shall be having a word with the attorney general when I’m leader of the Liberals don’t you worry!


  11. 25
    Fool me once... says:

    I think it’s a worthless promise from Dave as no such referendum will ever take place in the UK, the LibLabCon politicians are too scared to run such a vote in case they get “the wrong answer”.


    • 114
      Catty Comment (Ms) says:

      Plus he will simply not have the time to do the renegotiations, get them written up, passed, agreed and ratified by nearly 30 countries etc all in under 30 months.

      Wake up people, that stuff in front of your eyes is called wool.


  12. 33
    Ah! Monika 2013 +1 says:

    Instead of an IN / OUT referendum.

    Send every business / household a list of all the Commissions edicts / rules / laws and let us tick off the ones we want to get rid of.

    Top 100 to go each 5 years until we’re happy. Simps.


  13. 36
    Ah! Monika 2013 +1 says:

    Greek government forces end to Athens subway strike by workers protesting against pay cuts – @AP

    Learning the hard way.


  14. 45
    Kevin T says:

    Nothing more than a Trojan horse for creating a European police force, one of the crucial steps towards turning the EU into a United States of Europe. Putting the EU in charge of the press is another vital step – which is what Leveson was intended to soften us up for – and now the EU has announced plans for that too. So it’s hardly surprising that the same people are pushing both things. Evan Harris is nothing more than an EU fifth columnist. Until not too long ago, he would have been shot for what he’s doing.


  15. 53
    Steve Miliband says:

    Will they go on a Booze Cruise whilst in Davos?


  16. 57
    Gordon Brown says:

    Sarah says I deserve this bust of me to be placed in a prominent position in the HOC.


  17. 62
    Gordon Brown says:

    AND she’s going to buy me a packet of iPads tomorrow.


  18. 64
    Ah! Monika 2013 +1 says:

    The rise in drug resistant infections is comparable to the threat of global warming, according to the chief medical officer for England.

    Order of OTT or UTT ?


    • 88
      Tim Yeo says:

      I smell a bandwagon. There is much money to be made out of multiple organisms


    • 100
      Anonymous says:

      I wish the infections all the success they deserve. I just wish they were a little bit more selective in their choice of targets.

      They are the only balancing force against humans.


    • 103
      Anonymous says:

      Assume we reach nirvana. Total removal of all causes of death.

      Will we just move the quality of life assessment level that determines the removal of water and food to the people. Just like the Liverpool care pathway.

      We obviously cannot afford to look after these people, so what will happen when we determine we can not afford to look after say those that need benefits?


  19. 65
    EU Watch says:

    The UK is more than capable of drafting it’s own justice legislation and running it’s own home affairs. The majority of EU legislation in this area is derived in large part from UK statutory and common law in the first place.

    The problem and objection to the system though is that law can now be dictated to the UK and similarly the direction of implementation in many cases comes now from the EU. This is a serious infringement of national sovereignty.

    Any argument put forward such as the above should be read as:

    If the UK reasserts its sovereignty and withdraws consent to the justice and home affairs powers assumed by Brussels, the EU is suggesting that this will be grounds for military conflict (??) and is stating that it would cease to cooperate with the UK in matters of international justice.

    This is a completely unreasonable response which goes to the root of why the EU as a political entity is not fit for purpose or continued funding.

    There are UN treaties and protocols set up to cover international cooperation on legal matters, and prior to the EU imposition of justice and home affairs powers on the UK, Interpol existed. Interpol continues to exist. This is separate (or at least it should be) to the ‘EU’.

    There is a net disadvantage to the UK and most of European countries who are signed up to these powers.

    They are useful for countries with poorly developed legal and domestic policing frameworks, but should only be used as a helpful stepping stone for national development, not as a trojan for stripping sovereignty.


  20. 71
    Ah! Monika 2013 +1 says:

    While Huhne is otherwise entertained. They are building hundreds of extra high windmills on the bogs of Ireland………because they have little wind lower down!!

    How high is the Jet Stream?


  21. 78
    Wally says:

    Where’s Guido?


  22. 78
    Owen Jones says:

    For the political anoraks amongst you, @CommonsHansard is now on Twitter.


    • 80
      One and the same says:

      Kerry McCarthy MP ‏@KerryMP
      For the political anoraks amongst you, @CommonsHansard is now on Twitter.
      Expand Reply Retweet Favorite More


  23. 81
    More Global Warming says:


  24. 108

    Sorry to bring this to a chavvy level but the man’s a twat.


  25. 110
    Matei says:

    ALthough I see this website has gone to considerable lengths to assemble a logo, some soundbites and slogans, and some respectable looking and sounding people in suits who have a connection to politics (and the Hacked off Campaign), it says basically bugger all about what these measures actually are. Are we expected to defer judgment to the nice people in suits who know better?


  26. 118
    spiv says:

    that evan harris really is a twat
    every time he is interviewed he talks utter crap
    patronising bastard


  27. 122
    Lord Carlile says:

    You plainly were not listening , or perhaps not there at all. My point was that the EU has given us 65 years without a European war involving Germany, the UK, France etc; and that this is in contrast to the previous 50 years; therefore the EU has been a force for peace, which should be continued, and is best continued with the UK within it. Also, I warned that the UK could become a safe have haven for Continental and international organised crime.


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