January 24th, 2013

WATCH: Boris Woos Christine Lagarde


  1. 1
    Great British Public says:

    Go Boris !!

  2. 2
    Prescott's chipolata says:

    Bravo Boris

  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    What’s that idiot doing there?

  4. 4
    NE Frontiersman says:

    Not much risk of losing her in the snow, with that skin shade. Is every mayor in Europe at this beano?

  5. 5
    Susie says:

    “It’s high time after 40 years, we put this to the people of this country”

    So why do we have to wait another 4 years (by which time Cameron and Boz will have packed the country with YES-voting Romanian/Bulgarian/Turkish pikies)?

    Bad show Boz.

  6. 6
    SaltPetre says:

    Trying to get his end away with some foreign totty.

  7. 7

    He did keep it strapped up to be fair.

    But it would not have made much difference if he had not in that, though… :-(

  8. 8
    Bojo says:

    Hey — leave my Turkish relatives out of this.

  9. 9
    I says:

    Boris is a two-faced political whore.

  10. 10
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    It does seem that cameron and boris are on the front foot at the moment.

    Is militwit at Davos ? Has he taken bullyballs with him? What’s their message on the EU? Are they still saying they want us in the Euro?

  11. 11
    Propaganda Watch says:

    Hmm… So is this the good cop on Europe, or an attempt to cop off with Europe ?

  12. 12
    Angela Merkel says:

    Dieser Mann passt die Form der arischen Rasse.

  13. 13
    Casual Observer says:

    Better make sure your chastity belt is a good tight fit Christine if you’re anywhere near BoJo.

  14. 14

    A page that had been up for three days has been taken down in the last hour. I wonder why?


  15. 15

    The sheet of paper is still blank.

  16. 16
    █████ Watch says:

    Trial started ?

  17. 17
    Chris ████ says:

    ██ ████████ ███████ ███ ████ !!!!!!!!

  18. 18
    Joss Ayinglike says:

    Who, Christine Lagarde ? Dunno.

  19. 19
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Of course christinelagarde got that coveted job that gordon wanted.

    Boris should be grateful he was having to deal with her rather than gordon – an infinitely nicer experience I’d have thought.

  20. 20
  21. 21
    boris says:

    Get yer coat – you’ve pulled.

  22. 22

    That description PERVERSION in the link is really wonderful though!

    Suspect it was unintended – but it works on so many levels…

  23. 23
    Nice One Dave says:

    We now have a positive opportunity to debate our involvement in Europe. We never had that opportunity before. :)

    Labour and Miliband have made it clear that they are happy to be Merkel’s puppets regardless of whether it is in interest of the nation or not. Labour thinks we are a dumb nation as well as a one nation and with this collective mentality we are willing to accept anything that Europe throws at us without question. That is an unacceptable situation for this country and it must change.

    In order to remain in Europe we must cast off the ‘one size fits all’ policy suits and go for something more fitting for the country and tailored to our needs.

  24. 24
    Blanket says:

    There is sonething about Christine Lagarde’s teeth that reminds me othe something else

  25. 25
    London is an EU Region says:

    No, only the one’s who are ‘onside’ with the project.

  26. 26
    London is an EU Region says:

    + 3,000,000 New Arrivals

  27. 27
    Switzerland is not a full EU member says:

    O/T : The American’s are picking up on what is going on re: destruction of the family unit:


    Not sure where the gay marriage sh*t has got to, kind of obscured on the radar screen by the EU blob.

  28. 28
    The black hole known as the EU says:

    Since that video was released we have probably sent about 20 million quid to the EU, give or take a few hundered thousand.

  29. 29
    Vote UKIP says:

    Prescott is at Davos. Someone has to serve the drinks.

  30. 30
    Anonymous says:

    So why wait 5 years?

  31. 31
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    You have to remember militwit , cleggie and pals have a vested personal interest in keeping the EU gravy train going. It made the kinnochios into millionaires and there are many in labour and the lib/dems – not least cleggie, vince and bullyballs if he falls on his sword for his wife at next election, who want to follow in their footsteps.

    And then of course there is bliar who has a naked ambition to latch on to the lucrative position of EU President next time around. ++++Laugh++++ ‘President & Mrs Cherry Bliar’ -what a figure of fun they’ll cut!!

    Labour’s and the LibDem’s position isn’t about what’s best for the nation or one nation it’s all about what’s best for them!

  32. 32
    Two faces of Nell says:

    Why the change of name?

  33. 33
  34. 34
    Nice One Dave says:

    Yes. It is common knowledge that EU gravy train is for the interests of failed ex politicians of this country. Bliar is looking to Europe to fill his pocket now that economically shafted the M.E. for it is worth. It is either the EU or the HoL for these moneygrubbers.

  35. 35
  36. 36
    rumplestiltskin says:

    probably an underestimate. Surely this referendum’s purpose is to find the opinion of British people?

  37. 37
    Ooops says:

    Perhaps, Cameron has to persuade Brown to go back and un-sign the Lisbon treaty.
    After all, as Dave said, it’s been signed now, there’s nothing we can do about it.

    He wasn’t lying again was he?

  38. 38
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    +shrugs+ the modbot thingy on here , especially at weekends, decided it didn’t like nell which was the name of one of my Grandma’s so I added rebekah which was the name of my other Grandma and it seems to work for the moment.

  39. 39
    not a machine says:

    In terms of how much is owed to the IMF including the EU , a very big boil to advise on how to lance .

    Davos this year seemed to have a sort of roll the shirt sleeves up , sort of theme and yet nearly every person I have seen interviewed seems not to have any coherent theory on how the debts are to be tackled .

    The pms reference to tax avoidence, hinted at where some revenue may yet come from , but isnt all this a bit too slow , I mean didnt we need this in 2009. It seems pretty pointless to me to be on about growth , when the effects of growth are determined by taxation . I like the idea of low tax economies , but how can that be achieved when you have centralised structures that drain ecnomic activity from where people live ? Are not the two basic ecnomic understandings high tax centralised redsitributive and low tax devolved economy . This high tax centralised redistributive has casued huge debts ie big failures , so are we asking the wrong question about tax to the wrong sort of economy and just making prol people patties of high debt ?

    I would think once tax has been resolved , then thought has to be given to tranisition to get a comfortable landing , although I appreciate the debts must raise questions beyond that even if nothing much seems to have coherent traction from junkett at davos. We seem to have had an era of theorists who prmoted unsustainable growth (yes I do blame them ) , we also seem to have banks that fell over themselves to lend based on the theories and governments that either willingly rubber stamped it all and let it all happen.

    I mean where do we start with answering the post buggered economy question ?? Still at least one country has a PM with an economics degree although not a biology one as regards building on land we need for agriculture , I would have thought including cheap food with respect for a sustainable enviroment , comes along with a low tax economy , if your on about what may emerge as growth .

  40. 40
    testing says:

  41. 41
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Exactly the voices of the middleeast are raising every higher and louder about how bliar has been utterly useless out there – not surprising since he was responsible for trashing much of the place to start with!

    bliar desperately needs another lucrative hole to trough from before this last one finally dries up!

  42. 42

    With All Votes Counted in Israel, Netanyahu Is Still Weakened


    Leftie pile of shit. They would have said that had he won every seat, no doubt.

  43. 43
    not a machine says:

    Fixed liabilities of cost , always get accountants in a sweat , but alas not the labour party they just pass it onto you . I rest my case ….

  44. 44
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Talking of degrees – We should never have let go of gordon . He was extensively educated in the history of the labour party – it should have stood him in good stead for something!

    Although I’m still wondering why after an education like that he was claiming to be an economics expert!!

  45. 45
    Boris isn't pretending to be a multi-culti Fabian, he is one says:

    The trouble with that article, is that it is the usual MSM lazy journalism and merely repeats the usual distorted lies regarding Powell, made by the left.

    For all his faults and there were a few, Powell was neither racist or dishonest and had far more courage than the entire ‘tory’ party of today.

  46. 46
    Bye Bye Bliar! says:

    Bliar jockeying for position in the EU gravy train. He filled his bank account up from his adventures in the M.E. Now he hopes to be a big player in the European stage using the British involvement in the EU for his owns ends. Game over Bliar.

    Time the drag this c-nt to the Hague for war crimes.

  47. 47
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Is prezza really at Davos? +++++Laughs+++++

    What the devil’s he doing there? – I hope we’re not paying his travel and accommodation costs!

  48. 48
    not a machine says:

    mmm surely your not equating gay marriage to destruction of the family unit , I mean that would be very anti labour and make politics orbit around the individual as per bundle of sticks theory …. :)

  49. 49
    Anonymous says:

    There could be more powers going to EU. If that is so, Cameron might say he cannot give a vote now as he plans to give you one in 2018.

    If could like deficit cuts, it might be always coming in the next 5 years but it never comes.

  50. 50

    Well..once they’re here they’ll be British.
    And it’s a well documented fact that immigrants who have settled for over 10 years are totally against another wave of immigrants coming over here and taking all there jobs..etc.

    So..if Cameron actually waits until 2017, or even better 2025, all those Poles and Estonians and Romanians and Hungarians will be ‘naturalised’ and bound to vote against letting in any damn Turks or Rusians or Libyans or whatever new country the Eu has decided to adopt.

  51. 51
    Brown out and pay me damages says:

    Ed painted his party into a corner with his no referendum malarky.

  52. 52

    At PMQs a labour mouth asked “which millionaire toff champagne guzzler will the PM be bumping into t Davos?”

    Dave replied at time he was there he bumped into Miliband.

    Quite a good line..lost amongst all the EU out hype.

  53. 53
    testing says:

  54. 54
    Switzerland is not a full EU member says:

    Introducing the abomination cases to destroy the symbolic and spiritual meaning of marriage ?

    Perhaps, and there is a school of thought which suggests such a technique.

    Was even discussed here some time back, extended the argument to marriage with a Pizza slice if one recalls correctly.

  55. 55
    testing says:

  56. 56

    Mod of seems to have settled own again.
    It seems to have been programmed like an outsourced government IT contract.

    Designed to run erratically, badly, slowly, expensively, wastefully, annoyingly, oddly, secretly and then jut shut down altogether until someone chucks another few million into the pot.

  57. 57
    not a machine says:

    it depends on what you believe his and the labour parties ecnomic destination was , i mean even if you analyse when he was praised from every global institution going , as creating sustainable growth , it was just plain and simple debt …. I mean you tell me extrapolate labours ecnomic policies and where were supposed end up in terms of wealth ???
    I saw one USA democrat intervied this week and he said he wasnt bothered by debts of 100% of GDP as they have low interest rates , failed to mention that the two things are realtional upto a point , I mean you can still have ruinous debt servicing at 0% interest .

    wheres the genius in that ?

  58. 58
    Switzerland is not reflective of the EU at all says:

    Keep Gordon on the basis of his education ?

    His knowledge of the Labour party would have been useful for wedging open a door or two, but there are many boxes full of dodgy Credit Derivative dockets from various failed financial institutions which are singularly more pleasant for that job.

  59. 59
    Switzerland is not reflective of the EU at all says:

    Chilcot first. No reason for him to be shy on this now.

  60. 60
    Owen Jones says:

    I’m more interested in the mindset of the privileged,such as Guido Fawkes casually supporting making the poor poorer.

  61. 61
    not a machine says:

    I have concluded its about your first sentence. cuckoo belief system project …

  62. 62
    Davros says:

    We’re all in this together, yeah, Boris, you fornicating bimbo?

  63. 63
    testing says:

    ok I give up, what is the escaped character for the bigger censored black box ?

  64. 64
    Switzerland is not reflective of the EU at all says:

    That theory can be tested. HR Geiger has a studio / cafe in Gruyere. Pain to get to from Davos, but well worth the trip. Super fondue as well.

    Benefits of keeping riff raff immigrants out.

  65. 65
    not a machine says:

    cant we make him head of Fiscal penetence and verb fraud or somthing

    motto “always knowingly over hyped “

  66. 66
    Lard-Watch says:

    Don’t worry, Owen. Guido’s, loaded, arteries will do for him before he’s 55. I’m rarely wrong in these matters.

  67. 67

    Shut it, chocolate honeycomb!

  68. 68


    You could have copied and pasted as well…

  69. 69

    Political nouns

    Jack Straws
    David Blanket
    Anna Strawberry
    Peter Mantlepiece
    David Lillts
    Theresa Mayo
    David Cumerbund
    Chris Railing
    George Oxbridge
    Rachel Sleeves
    Hilary Pen

    And so on.

  70. 70
    Media-Madam says:

    Austerity is all well and good, if you can some occasionally.

  71. 71
    rumplestiltskin says:

    how old is Guido?, likely in not so many years we will be living in artificial bodies and existing for ever.

  72. 72
    Peter Hain says:

    I think She’s rather fetching…

  73. 73
    David Minibanana says:

    Also with the Welfare Bill. Red Ed is a plonker.

  74. 74
    VERITAS says:

    Prescott isnt there but Bliar is looking for more mugs to pay his overinflated speech prices and advice.THhere is money in murder.

  75. 75
    Someones wife somewhere in the progesterone zone says:

    And he’s got a small willy!

  76. 76
    Lard Pressclott of Beams, Bellies, Banjos, Bulimia, two bog seats, two Jags & Shags. says:

    John Pisspot.

  77. 77
    Ed Balls(Chancellor Of The Exchequer Designate) says:

    Owen Jones on Jeff Randall Live now saying tomorrow’s Q4 GDP data will show UK has “relapsed into triple-dip recession”.

    And Owen Jones ought to know !!!!!!!

  78. 78
    testing says:


  79. 79
    VERITAS says:

    and Gordon cnut

  80. 80
    VERITAS says:

    The only triple dip Jones knows is with his gay friends.

  81. 81
    testing says:


  82. 82
    Media-Madam says:

    Well, he gave up on this blog years ago so, in a way, we’re already contributing to an artificial organ. Let’s hope Mrs. S_t_a_i_n_e_s still sees something worth gobbling.

  83. 83
    testing says:

  84. 84
    Fishy says:

    I thought that the earliest we could be in a triple-dip would be April?

    or is he talking about debt or the deficit and does he know?

  85. 85
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    I feel sure that the labour folks – owenjones, bullyballs, militwit and gordon must have some strengths – but what we can be absolutely scientifically certain about, because labour proved it beyond doubt in 13 years of government, is that economic competence and financial probity are not among them!

  86. 86
    BotMod says:

    Steve is your m*d*r*t*r tonight. I’m relaxing with a can of WD40. *Poots*

  87. 87
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    militwit says labour oppose benefit cuts, oppose an eu referendum, oppose nhs reforms, oppose cutting the size of local and regional government, oppose changes to mp’s pensions…..andon and on…

    What do they want to achieve other than spending us into perfidy with money we don’t have because they threw it all away when last in government?

  88. 88
    testing says:

    are there not security issues allowing random input ? I thought it best to restrict user input to a-z; 0-9 ?

  89. 89
    Oh! Sud de Nîmes says:

    Ill ate ooon tosseur. Returnay, sill vooo play, Mussyour Bot de la Mod.

  90. 90
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Hmmm = gordon’ always knowingly over hyped’ brown

    rolls off the tongue rather nicely doesn’t it? and sounds a fair assessment of the man!!

  91. 91
    stun says:

    Hoping for a bit of 3-in-1 later?

  92. 92
    Switzerland is not reflective of the EU at all says:

    Department for Fiscal Purgatory perhaps, with special responsibility for cleaning Peter Mandelbum’s shoes. Cannot think of anything more degrading yet suitable for the public domain at present.

  93. 93
    Tachybaptus says:

    The input system is quite clearly defined. It’s you who are random.

  94. 94
    Casual Observer says:

    If on windows, charmap can be your friend.

  95. 95
    Tachybaptus says:

    Groom of the Stool?

  96. 96
    Georgios Kyriacos Theodolliplops says:

    HEY! They’ve ripped off my Davros video, the cheapskates!

    P.S. Not NOW, Andrew. You chose to bail out. Remember, darling?

  97. 97
    Hang The B@stards says:

    Boris, your just a gravy-train licking traitor like the rest of them.

    5 years to have our say … what a joke. The whole of WW2 was only 6 years FFS.

  98. 98
    BotMod says:

    Juice swee band, cherry. *Parp*

  99. 99
    Michael Foot says:

    Ed only needs a donkey jacket and he’ll be piling in the votes like I did

  100. 100
    john the straight guy with a deep manly voice says:

    As a rule, I don’t subscribe to the globalist/satanist lizard theory, but have you seen Lagarde’s kneck?

  101. 101
    Casual Observer says:

    What would be more interesting to find out is what the settled migrants here in the UK think about more of the same coming over.

    Good idea for Conservatives to straighten out this aspect of their branding problem, and kill a possible attack vector from Labour. However, is he really reaching out to the people who need that message ?

    Like the Warsi piece earlier, seems to be targetted at the wrong people. Either they are too afraid to approach their own communities (it is no secret that they are not really respected), or perhaps this is a roundabout way to project propaganda that further inward immigration of Eurotrash from out east is a good idea.

  102. 102
    Andrew says:

    It was filmed in Davos, you pot head.

  103. 103
    Casual Observer says:

    Adopt, co-opt, or colonize by inversion ?

  104. 104
    █████ Watch says:

    I don’t know: Perverting the course of justice is one of the charges, and that is a perversion. :-)

  105. 105
    London says:

    Agreed. Boris is a great disppointment to us all.

  106. 106
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    OMG Bill that sounds like millitwit’s and bullyball’s economic policy for the next 10 years!!

  107. 107
    EU Phile says:

    We could make him a jacket out of salami.

    In that we could celebrate the wonders of the EU and dress Ed as a donkey.

  108. 108
    Mrs. P. S_t_a_i_n_e_s says:

    The overhang makes it, almost, impossible to find the “chipolata”, I’m afraid.

    H a r _r y’s is, equally, indistinguishable and Steve Buckel’s is, positively, inverted.

  109. 109

    There appear to be two modes of activity here:

    1. Your comment will be… etc. and

    2. The nuclear option. Vapourised. Hiroshima style. Nagasaki negation. Black hole (Oh sorry Dianne!) FUBAR. Auschwitz Einsatzgruppen.

    It is really very, very clever. Very clever. Submit Comment and pray…

  110. 110
    Lagarde Watch says:

    She does look a little like an extra from the Dark Crystal.

  111. 111


    What is so difficult?

  112. 112
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Big question is tonight – is militwit and balls in Davos? Were they flown there in someone’s private jet? Like balls was one other year?

    Are they dining on caviar and champagne with the rest of them?

    And what are they going to contribute to the international economic debate other than bullyballs banging on about his neo classical endogenous growth theory which has about as much traction in economics as ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’

    Suspect militwit, balls, prezza et al are wandering around davos like so much flotsam and jetsam!

  113. 113
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    What you can be absolutely sure about – she is no better at economics than gordon was – and he was pretty awful!!

  114. 114
    CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

    If only!

  115. 115
    Chris ████ says:


  116. 116
    Wot happens if I knocks out ALL my teeth, Daddy? says:

    Daddy’s penis is now just a slight blob where his belly didn’t used to be.

    FEED ME and up my ALLOWANCE, Daddy, you pathetic wobble-bottom.

  117. 117
    CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

    But Greece is.

  118. 118
    EU Watch says:

    This makes future of the Euro at least a little less certain:


    Perhaps the EU would follow.

  119. 119
    D*ve Figgley says:

    Ha ha, mate. We all have to hit the panic button sometimes, sunshine.
    I hope you are feeling better now, geezer.

  120. 120
    Anonymous says:

  121. 121
    Boris Johnson l'animal says:

    Je voudrais l’entente cordiale avec Christine Lagarde.

  122. 122
    Is he a Quare ? says:

    You sound like a quare, you look like a quare, you dress like a quare and your political opinions are frightfully quare.

    Are you a quare ?

  123. 123
    old SHEP says:

    Don’t understand the Guido obsession with Boris on this sites main topic@ x many times. He is a classic example of what used to be called an upper class twit (left out the a for i).

  124. 124
    Ed Miliband says:

    Today I nearly had a policy.

  125. 125
    Dave Figgley says:

    Ha ha, son. If you’re still reading that bollocks, they’ve got you hooked.

    Take my advice, mate: Try staying away from the internet for a few days. It might put some hairs on your chest, petal.

    Must motor – Bon Jovi free on BBC Radio 2.

  126. 126
    old SHEP says:

    I’ve heard of a Knee but not a kneck.

  127. 127
    Hang The B@stards says:

    WW2 took 6 years to win

    Why the fuck does it take 5 years to renegotiate a few poxy clauses ???

    they don’t want you to spoil their gravy train …..

  128. 128

    Don’t anyone mention Doc Martens. I nearly did but I think I got away with it.

  129. 129
    Owen Jones says:

    I pulled up on ASDA car park when a lady approached me.

    “Please,” she pleaded, “Can you give me money? I’m from Romania and I’m desperate.”

    “I’m from Wolverhampton,” I replied.

    “I’m so sorry to hear that,” she responded. “I’ve collected a little bit of money if you want it?”

  130. 130
    My Tinfoil Hat is Chafing says:

    Funny, I just had a walk around Davos with my new sunglasses…

  131. 131
    Sir William says:

    Flaviis plus voluptatem!

    (Blonds have more fun)

  132. 132
    Martin Cluhnes says:

    Bovvered !

  133. 133
    The Downing Street Cuckoo says:

    Iam cras.

  134. 134
    Tachybaptus says:

    Cras venit nunquam.

  135. 135
    Chris █████ says:

    Today, I nearly had a motion.

  136. 136
    Alan Rumpstinger says:

    Today I will be playing Over the Hill and Far Away.

  137. 137
    Tachybaptus says:

    The twisting of a rope or cable, as it is running out.

  138. 138
    Not The Real Owen Jones says:

    “Bundle of sticks,” as in “faggot”? Do go on, explain, please.

  139. 139
    rumpleforeskin says:

    getting her to take it up the poop tube ?

  140. 140
    The Downing Street Cuckoo says:

    Never say die post cras.

  141. 141
    Money sucked out of the economy says:

    ‘Free’ as in the BBC only costs £3.2billion per year?

  142. 142
    EU Watch says:

    With regards the ‘UKIP is a cult’ article above:

    Farage definitely needs to get a recognizable executive working under him to dispel this myth and kill the propaganda. It is clearly not credible for him to be a cult figure as made out for a political party.

    Incidentally: Here is definition of a cult:


    Cross check that with the EU and you will see why some describe the EU as a cult.

  143. 143
    rumpleforeskin says:

    “Well..once they’re here they’ll be British.”

    err I don’t think so, so what is the mechanism ?
    I do feel that being a descendant of people who fought and died over the centuries to make it what it is that I should have more of a say than some other european fuckwit who just turned up.

  144. 144
    Tachybaptus says:

    O crassitudo!

  145. 145
    Saffron says:

    I suppose you will have Richard Sharpe then protecting you?.

  146. 146
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Well donlt know about thst but has that libdem judge decided yet to let him off ! I mean he told the press he would back in December 2012!!

    How these leaches live life!!

  147. 147

    On a visit to the HoC in late 1997, I remember someone saying look at that enormous cult there, sitting on the Treasury Bench.

  148. 148
    The Downing Street Cuckoo says:

    Sine cure qualitate, sentire crassitiem.

  149. 149
    Enron Hubbard says:

    The EU believes in propagating its lies by means of brainwashing.
    I’d say that qualifies the EU as a cult.

  150. 150
    rumpleforeskin says:

    I wore doc martins for a year or so but does anybody remember the “earth shoes” where the heel was lower than the front bit ? was really awkward when first worn but then became very comfortable so designed apparently from the way your foot imprints when walking on sand. was supposed to aid posture and I did feel the benefit but then I bought cowboy boots.

  151. 151
    Nice One Dave says:

    I totally agree with you. Mandy the slime ball wants to fill his pockets in Europe too. Labour are a bunch money grubbing chancers. It is always at our expense. The media never expose these chancers for what they are.

  152. 152
    fitz fitz says:

    … she’s a friend of that bolshie Argie bird who is in Vietnam this week …

  153. 153
    Owen Jones says:

    Update on Banking crisis… news from Japan

    Following the problems in the sub-prime lending market in America and the run on HBOS in the UK, uncertainty has now hit Japan.

    In the last 7 hours Origami Bank has folded, Sumo Bank has gone belly up and Bonsai Bank announced plans to cut some of its branches. Yesterday, it was announced that Karaoke Bank is up for sale and will likely go for a song, while today shares in Kamikaze Bank were suspended after they nose-dived.

    Samurai Bank is soldiering on following sharp cutbacks, Ninja Bank is reported to have taken a hit, but they remain in the black. Furthermore, 500 staff at Karate Bank got the chop and analysts report that there is something fishy going on at Sushi Bank where it is feared that staff may get a raw deal.

  154. 154
    Gordon Brown says:

    I am the wild man of the woods, I am Woden, I am green apples of Madrid.

  155. 155
    fitz fitz says:

    Its time for Boris to meet that Mary Beard bird — the immigration denier — and to give her the facts of life …

  156. 156
    Saffron says:

    What perplexes me is why oh why do an absolute majority not realise what this EUSSR bunch have been and are continuing to be the scourge of any kind of democracy.
    Many good people have lost their lives in defending democracy for the benefit of people being free.
    The Russian Revolution whilst it deposed the Czars,did not lead to improvements for the people,in that they were then subjected to the iron rule of the commisars,so it follows that they had exchanged royalty rule for another undemocratic rule.
    This EUSSR are IMHO the same gang under a different name,Barrosio is an ex admirer of MAO,Rumpy is what whoever thinks,Ashton is ex CND.
    This bunch of EUSSR assholes are allowed by our governments past and present to dictate how we live.
    Well for me when we are talking about a sovereign nation allowing itself to be subjected to this then this is beyond the pale.
    A federal states of europe will not happen,as history will show,this EUSSR project was always doomed to failure and sooner it is ended will not be too soon for me.
    Finally Bliar at Davos please tell me whats your next joke.

  157. 157
    fitz fitz says:

    She may have been Mary Beard’s live in scout …

  158. 158
    Better late than never says:

    Peeps r complaining the in/out referendum is not immediate. Well under a labour government u will be waiting for ever. It is a long wait but we have interesting debates ahead of us instead of waiting for next EU policy or regulation that is going to fuck the country up for good. Better late than never.
    In the mean time we have to tackle the next influx of immigrants who are going to stretch our resources and our tolerance to the limits. Interesting times ahead.

  159. 159
    Fredigar Shredwin says:

    Gordon McBollocknut was able to replecate a black hole in HBOS.

  160. 160
  161. 161
    fitz fitz says:

    Call in Mary Beard to comment on all things immigrant – including the spike on Cambridgeshire crime … she’s been on the BBC every day this week – not much teaching got done … Brasenose, is it ?

  162. 162
    Nancy & Jessica Knoton says:

    If Labour were in power you will have to wait forever for a say in Europe. Remember vote Miliband and get Merkel.Can you imagine the worst of both worlds? That is it. And Balls to the economy.

  163. 163
    Gordon Brown says:

    who wants to join my It’s a Knockout team?

  164. 164
    fitz fitz says:

    … & he was right about the rivers of blood …

  165. 165
    Anonymous says:

    brainwashing is the world of sat,an. it is thriving.

  166. 166
    FU EU says:

    Then there’s that Martin Schulz, he of the socialists, he definitely doesn’t like us or any criticisms of his glorious EUSSR. (wasn’t there a party who called themselves socialists in his motherland in the last century, who didn’t like us?)

  167. 167
    Fabians are evil says:

    On the basis that Gordon Brown clearly has mental health problems can we not have his signing of the Lisbon treaty set aside?

    He clearly had no understanding as to the true nature of the document signed!

  168. 168
    Enron Hubbard says:

    Fortasse vidistis crassitiem mea peram?

  169. 169
    EU Watch says:

    Seriously, a cult has to satisfy all of the following five conditions:

    1. It uses psychological coercion to recruit, indoctrinate and retain its members

    2. It forms an elitist totalitarian society.

    3. Its founder leader is self-appointed, dogmatic, messianic, not accountable and has charisma.

    4. It believes ‘the end justifies the means’ in order to solicit funds recruit people.

    5. Its wealth does not benefit its members or society.

    Now, looking at the administrative entity known as the EU…

    The cult label is bunk for a political party anyhow. (Cult of Blair ?)


    Which takes us back to the ‘Cameron project’.

    Bannerman appears to be a sore loser. Looks like some UKIP leadership sour grapes from times gone past floating to the surface.

  170. 170
    and Badger says:

    Mashed potato.

  171. 171
    ABC of Economics. says:

    Well done Dave. Now get the economy looking robust. The damage that Labour have done is far worse than any of us ever imagined.

  172. 172
    EU Watch says:

    No Joke:


    Remain calm.

  173. 173
  174. 174
    Libertarians are evil says:

    Fuck off you wanker!

  175. 175
    Tony Watch says:

  176. 176
    Fabians are evil says:

    a spotty 16th form vegan, save the planet, green troll ‘eh?

    Never mind lad you may well grow out of it.

  177. 177
    Blowing Whistles says:

    He’s joined the tax avoidance – CEo’s of the world. He has always been beholden to their buck. $hit faced Rse loving legal parasite that he is and always has been.

    Jon Bolton and the other signatories to the ‘Times’ letter – well, well – aren’t Y’all just living the Rupee lie – perpetraitored upon the British public …?

    I decline to ake any further comment tonight.

  178. 178
    rumpleforeskin says:

    if I could put that differently. no fucking way is some eastern european or polish fuckwit going to have a say on how my country is going to be

  179. 179

    We need a movement started to get that passed.

  180. 180
    The BBC are cunts says:

    We used to call it ‘ It’s a Knobout ‘.

  181. 181
    The Downing Street Cuckoo says:

    Ponam novum recordo per ens pingui porcus in Argentorati.

  182. 182
    Alex Salmond overseeing the dismaneling of the Scottish legal system at the behest of the EUSSR says:

    So have I got this right , Cameron leads a largely euro-sceptic party whos views on the EUSSR chime with the British public 53% of whom according to a poll in The Times, want to leave and he’s going to spent the next 2-7 years campaigning to keep us in !!!
    FFS !!!!!!

  183. 183
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Make – + It was reported in the press lats weekend that DSK – has paid out a million bucks to the woman he assaulted in NY.

    Point is – he’s miraculously avoided a criminal trial – which would have seen him in Klink. While of course he’s paid up in a civil suit.

    Why didn’t he fight the civil suit?

    And DSK is Lagarde’s predecessor – indeed?

  184. 184
    Labour Lies says:

    Ian Hislop talking sense on Europe and having a referendum.

  185. 185
    Pleb-G8 says:

    Has there been any further developments on this ?

  186. 186

    There are only two certainties in life: Death & Taxes.#Labour Stealth Death Taxes.

    Andy Burnham wants everyone to pay a 10% levy on the value of estates after death ow.ly/h6IHq > Labour’s death tax— Sam Sussex (@SamSussex) January 24, 2013

  187. 187
    Now there's a good idea says:

    That is a good point, and well worth investigating.

    Of course some may ask why the UK allowed an insane lunatic to assume office in the first place.

  188. 188
    What you learn when you have friends working in the department. says:

    Despite the immigration minister having ordered a complete block on making public the projected figures for Roma/Bulgarian immigrants after Jan 1st 2014 some of the lower orders in the department have leaked the forecasts which they see as truly frightening and the figures for the first year (2014) are for between one million and two million.

    Guido tells you that which the minister seeks to suppress.

  189. 189
    Libertarians are evil says:

    Libartarians are sad lonely fuckers…just like you.

  190. 190
    Christus o'Pher Puero Qui Saecla says:

    Ego eieci celerrimus. Veni coram exivi.

  191. 191
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Muslim vigilante patrols rooting out homow sexuals and slag white women. I love it, more of it pease lads.

    The BBC will be impressed with the great religion of piss, won’t they?

  192. 192
    Anonymous says:

    EU is definitely a belief. Only beliefs have an unlimited goal.

    But beliefs also must have a fear. The anti-belief. In the case of EU it is the fear of war.

    They also use the fear of their own turning on each other.

    They disrupt all stability and progress to make sure their leadership is the most important event.

    They do not tolerate criticism.

    They have secretive and arrogant leaders.

    They claim it is the only way, and doom if you leave?

    Yes, it is a cult. All cults destroy themselves from within.

  193. 193
    Operation Crossbow says:

    And her sister Anne Moustache

  194. 194
    rumpleforeskin says:

    I’ll just give you my opinion as you didn’t ask
    growth is unsustainable unless the septics make bases on moon and mars etc.
    all countries should embrace the American way because it just makes sense.
    all Islamics are retards, Christianity is the only sensible philosophy because of the openness and understanding that it might just be a social department.
    scientific research and biological research needs to be unfettered
    all welsh ball boys need a good kicking

  195. 195
    Fabians are evil says:

    ‘We’ did not do it the Labour party did – and it is the same in every single socialist/commie state that there has ever been – the nasty ruthless creatures always rise to the very top forming alliances and pacts as they go.

    That alone is the reason why we should fear big government – and don’t even get me started on the EU!

  196. 196

    Veni cito, Non vidi, Ego sum imagi.

  197. 197
  198. 198
    Edmund Burke says:

    All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

  199. 199
    You may ask: WTF ? says:

    Interesting little story about a visa application in Ch!na:


    No problem myself with the guy coming over, but lunch over dodgy paperwork ? And Ch!na is explicitly signing deals with Germany over the UK as well. It is the EU which runs UKBA these days, isn’t it ?

  200. 200
    Scot Watch says:

    One wonders if this election result in Lower Saxony may help change the tone for Scottish independence into the EU:


    Worth a read and a think… :-)

  201. 201
  202. 202
    Who's a good little boy then? says:

    Still don’t believe the Scots will vote yes to go their own way next year, I don’t think it will matter what happens to Merkel.

  203. 203
    Scot Watch says:

    Not Merkel who was important. Methinks it was McAllister who may have been a major missing link in their independence gambit.

  204. 204
    Bad Boris says:

    Has she seen my turkey neck?

  205. 205
    Amazed says:

    He’s having a break from being a beeboid cnut.

  206. 206
    albacore says:

    It’s jam tomorrow with Cameron
    In other words, another big con
    Procrastination’s the thief of time
    And if the E U were that sublime
    He wouldn’t be ducking and diving about
    He’d brook no delay in a vote in or out
    If the Tories wanted to give him the sack
    In five minutes he’d have a knife in his back

  207. 207
    Russia Watch says:

    Seems like Russia is out of step on the gay issue. Perhaps they value family over there:


    This helps break down some of the anti-Russian propaganda over the Magnitsky case, blocking US adoptions of Russian children. Perhaps there is some credibility to the claims of Russia after all…

  208. 208
    Tachybaptus says:

    Sо Рutіn’s Russіа іs rасіng Іslаm tо sее whо саn bе mоst іntоlеrаnt. Τhіs mаkеs mе аshаmеd tо bе humаn, but аt lеаst glаd nоt tо bе Russіаn, аnd blооdу glаd nоt tо bе а Russіаn hоmоsеxuаl. І gеt thе іmрrеssіоn frоm уоur соmmеnt thаt уоu suрроrt thіs mоνе. І hоре І’m wrоng, аs І wоuld nоt wаnt tо hаνе tо соnsіdеr уоu а роіsоnоus іdіоt.

  209. 209
    Russia Watch says:

    I only support if it is being done along a conservative vein.

    To this point, if the move is being made to preserve a certain moral value system then it is fine. The only point of concern is that knowing what Russia can be like, if it is enforced with the same tact and delicacy that their tax rules are it could become an issue.

    There is nothing poisonous or idiotic about considering certain aspects of liberalism to be what they are: corrosive to society.

  210. 210
    Christus o'Pher Puero Qui Saecla says:

    Oportet convenire: Non apparebis in conspectu tuo.

  211. 211
    This is too easy says:

    Dear Nancy & Jessica,

    May I humbly point you in the direction of another thread here called ‘Dave Denies Debt Truth’ in which it was pointed out that under the coalition led by the notorious liar David Cameron, debt is up and rising at levels even the lunatic Brown could not match.

  212. 212
    Lou Scannon says:

    Why are people so damned gullible ?
    Cameron has no intention whatsoever of holding a referendum.
    All his speech told us was that he has umpteen ways of wriggling out of it.


    As for ‘negotiating’ (which isn’t even possible) with the bunch of crooks that calls itself the EU, would you really want someone who supports them to argue your case against them ? That’s sheer madness.

  213. 213
    Sir Y Poffigs says:

    I’m still trying to work that one out.

  214. 214
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    She’s the one who waves the green flag at the back of the (gravy) train.

  215. 215
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    Yes, but firmly squashed poncy loudmouth Skinner who through he was being so bloody clever. Time he retired to spend more time with his slippers.

  216. 216
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    *thought (not through)

  217. 217
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    Nell, I seem to recall reading somewhere that the IMF Chair/President [whatever] was always given to the Frogs, while that other pile of sleaze known as the World Bank was the preserve of the yanks.

  218. 218
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    In Gruyere? That must be a cheese fondue then rather than a beefy one.

  219. 219
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    The, as every schoolboy (and girl) knows, use a pencil and paper.

  220. 220
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    Do what all beginners do – type up your comment in Word, highlight in black the words you want to appear as blacked out/deleted, then cut and paste your opus to the comment box here.

  221. 221
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    Your comment would be hugely improved if you could find your way to deleting “jacket out of” from your first line. I’ll get the HP sauce out ready.

  222. 222
    Leera Vin says:

    Oil b c in u

  223. 223
    Extremely ancient seafarer says:

    … at a rate of knots?

  224. 224
    Extremely ancient seafarer says:

    Bojo pal, Chrissie babe does not drink – especially lemon cordiale.

  225. 225
    Extremely ancient seafarer says:

    Thank god for that.


    All may now rise.

  226. 226
    Archie says:

    Beard? Ghastly lefty slag…………..and that accent, ugh!

  227. 227
    Catty Comment (ms) says:

    Glad you only bought single ticket…

  228. 228
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    … and then they go and award themselves the Nobel Peace prize.

  229. 229
    Archie says:

    Just think, their spawn will all have British passports!

  230. 230
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    Brown had been voted out of office a day or so BEFORE he snuck off to sign it. He therefore had no mandate or authority from the people to perform such an action. The UK’s signature should be regarded as void and any implication that Treaty has on this country should be totally ignored.

  231. 231
    polythesis says:

    We can either have the EU political union or economic growth and increasing prosperity, we cannot have both, the rise of the EU political union mirrors the economic decline of Europe and as the EU gets more powerful and Brussels becomes more powerful its subject regions become poorer and weaker. As the EU employs more apparatchiks and grows fatter we see unemployment rise, and the only conclusion normal people could reach is that politics does not solve our problems it makes them much worse and the more politicians interfere in the economy the worse our economy gets.

    Until politicians work out that less control and less regulation and less interference and less tax means a thriving industrial high growth economy then the EU will continue its decline and there is no sign of that road to Damascus conversion. In fact the only similarity with that city will be the civil war, the Brussels freak show is setting the stage for a future blood-letting that will make Syria look like a WI convention.

  232. 232
    Archie says:

    Who the fuck wants to remain in Europe? OUT! NOW!!

  233. 233
    Archie says:

    “My dog’s got no nose!”

    “How does he smell?”

  234. 234
    not a machine says:

    It says gay tatoo being sifted for , bit unfortunate then if on a squaddie night out in smolensk your mates get you drunk and tattoed with one . An aqauintence of mine had half his hair shaved off on a night out so clearly Uk has missed out on gay tatoo fad .
    Anyhow its GI Jane , and not being GI Joes office assistant and firng off a few rounds on the front line . It just brings a whole new level of danger to cheap male chat up lines , knowing that there are going to be some trained to kill who in civis you unthinkingly assume are atheletes or swim wear models :)

    If it wasnt for casual mysoginyst behaviour , women would think us men were really clever , then we would have equality at last :)

  235. 235
    Jacques Delors says:

    The EU exists for the benefit of politicians and employees. It is supported/promoted by an axis of evil – Press(BBC)/Gravy Train beneficiaries and aspirant gravy train passengers.

    Democracy is an illusion

  236. 236
    Archie says:

    After following the comments here and elsewhere for longer than I care to remember, it strikes me that for every proposal that comes down from our “betters” there will be a hundred comments saying; “Bravo! This is exactly what’s needed!” and at least a hundred others dismissing said proposal out of hand, which leads me to conclude that we really are in uncharted waters and nobody has a fucking clue! Secondly; what are the Arguments against a flat tax of, say, 15% on everyone earning over, say, £20,000? No exceptions. No exemptions. No deductions. No evasion.

  237. 237
    not a machine says:

    pleased it made you smile , if Kay Burleigh laughs , Ive pulled :)

  238. 238
    Archie says:

    Fuck off and have a wank, Jones!

  239. 239
    Does it count if you signed in black felt marker pen ?? says:

    “Non est factum”..an interesting concept for a nation regarding its treaty obligations. Brown was merely the instrument(no pun intended).The Bill relating to The Lisbon Treaty had been ratified by both Houses of Parliament and received “Royal Assent”.

    However any sovereign nation state is perfectly legally entitled to disown ANY treaty that it has signed notwithstanding EU regulations although the repercussions for its future dealings with any other nation would be seriously compromised

  240. 240
    not a machine says:

    you have to say it in the style of Eric Morcambe , and giggle yer glasses :)
    WHEY HEY !

    mmm Long night , need some rest . good morning I think ……

  241. 241
    Archie says:

    Quantum ille canis est in fenestra?

  242. 242
    not a machine says:

    still catchey one eh
    Bring me sunshine , in your smile
    Bring me laughter , all the while
    in the sky up above there can be no other love
    bring me laughter bring me sunshine . bring mee love (dinner suites waving top hat exit stage right)

    Always makes me smile

  243. 243
    The Downing Street Cuckoo says:

    Unum cum crispus, cauda?

  244. 244
  245. 245
    FU EU says:

    These, sir, are facts.

  246. 246

    Speaking as a direct entry man, it all d█p█nds on how neurotic you are prepared to realise you are… :-)

  247. 247
    Chris Huhne says:

    Me too!

  248. 248
    Archie says:

    But why did we allow it?

  249. 249
    Pundit Too says:

    Her smile on facing away from Boris speaks volumes – like “what a comedian, how on earth did he get to be mayor of London” Now back to work.

  250. 250
    Pundit Too says:

    He also had the intellectual capacity to verbally destroy most if not all his enemies, which was why they were so virulent when he died.

  251. 251
    Pundit Too says:

    They seem to have taken their whole site down.

  252. 252
    Pundit too too says:

    Interesting that the BBC state the left made gains in the election. True, but far less than they expected. Never expect the BBC to give the whole truth only the holed truth.

  253. 253
    Ed Balls Up says:

    Today I nearly had an original thought

  254. 254
    BBC comptroller says:

    £3.5 billion and counting.

  255. 255
    Punchbag Dennis says:

    Give him one for me.

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