January 23rd, 2013

The Reaction

Lots of early risers this morning:

France says its “dangerous”. Not a bad result there then.


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    Labour Websters Dictionary says:

    Early Risers

    Bed wetters


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      Hang The Bastards says:

      Well my mind is made up. UKIP it is !


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        What a plonker says:

        I was wavering about UKIP but now I will stay with the Conservatives
        at least until after the referendum.


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        Anonymous says:

        Given Cameron’s track record on promises I think it’s fair to say all he’s doing is trying buy himself another four years to find a reason why a referendum can’t be held.

        Was going to vote UKIP before this ‘momentous’ speech, nothing has changed. In fact, I’m more determined to vote UKIP now.


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      D'Jango says:

      I wonder if events will somehow overtake Cameron’s referendum promise and he’s forced to call it earlier? Germany has a general election due shortly and a closer Franco-German alliance would be a game changer with closer European integration accelerating. A week is a long time in politics, five years is an eternity.


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        Misternedderry says:

        Has he left a get out clause? What if we do not get the renegotiated settlement? does that mean we should withdraw from the EU or accept the current status quo or even be forced into tighter integration. Because one thing is for sure, the EU is going to integrate further with or without the UK. What is Cameron actually going to do in the scenario that other EU member states veto our renegotiation?

        We should have an honest choice between all the way in, or all the way out, because those are the only real options.


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          Anonymous says:

          What is the difference between this vote he wants to give and the cast iron guarantee he gave before the last general election?


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          Anonymous says:

          Cameron cannot be trusted we should have the vote now. If LD is stopping him call a general election now.


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        Anonymous says:

        Cameron is the PM now, why cannot we have a vote now?

        If LD is stopping him, how does he plans to have one in 2017 if he still heads a government with LD in it. Already Conservatives are planning a budget cuts with LD after 2015, it implies Cameron plans to have a government with LD.

        Other issue is, can Cameron be trusted on a vote after a general election? Cameron is the same con artist who gave the cast iron guarantee before the last general election.


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          Phil says:

          Cameron is the PM now, why cannot we have a vote now?

          The answer in one word is “Clegg”.


          • Anonymous says:

            Cameron is agreeing a plan with Clegg for the next five years, it means Cameron still plans to form a government with Clegg. So if Cameron cannot have a vote now how Cameron plans to have one after the next election?

            Another way of sorting out Clegg problem is to call a general election now.


          • Anonymous says:

            Although the cuts will not come into force until weeks before the next election 2015, both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats will be committed to decisions.

            Mr Osborne and Danny Alexander, the Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary to the Treasury, told Cabinet ministers to “step up” their work with the Treasury on “how further efficiency savings and measures can be under taken”.



          • Nick Clegg says:

            Well, I did actually promise you an “in/out” referendum, back in 2010.

            Slimy little tosser, ain’t I?


          • Nick Clegg says:

            Well, I did actually promise you an “in/out” referendum, back in 2010.

            Ah, I’m a slimy little tosser, ain’t I?


    • 68
      old git says:

      Any Cast Iron, Any Cast Iron Any Any Any Cast Iron
      You think somehow we believe you now
      Well we’ve not forgot your CAST IRON VOW
      Your referendum laws will have a get out clause
      They are really just a try on
      So we all will still vote UKIP
      Get it in your brain
      We’ll be voting UKIP
      We’ll be voting UKIP
      We’ll be voting UKIP

      All right


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      Sir William says:

      It’s a simple delaying/fudging tactic by Dave, in the hope that by 2016 the EU will have sorted itself out a bit and people will have lost interest.


      • 93
        Anonymous says:

        No, its all about Cameron continuing to be PM. By a miracle if Cameron is still a PM after 2015 he will find an excuse not to have a vote on EU.


      • 97
        Anonymous says:

        We are talking 5 years.

        The permanent residence status of immigrant workers is after 5 years.

        Any correlation?


  2. 2

    There once was a chap with aversion
    To p██nts incurred for a sp██dy excursion
    So he c██rc█d his w█fe
    To endure his strife
    But ended up tried for p█rv█rs██n


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    SP4BS says:

    France says its “dangerous”.

    I didn’t hear that. did it talk out of the bit that looks near a mouth in brittany?

    (or in fact, was it some bloody politician?)


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      SP4BS says:

      Of course “france” doesn’t like “a la carte”.
      It does however like to leave the things it doesn’t like at the side of the plate.

      Support for failing industries.
      Not letting other EU citizens live there.
      Killing all the hamsters.


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        Fishy says:

        +100 Mon ami.

        Like him or loath him, agree with him or not, that was a speech that Weird Ed would never have been able to make.

        But as Nicky Campbell, the EU funded BBC’s master of ceremonies, this morning says, we don’t want to bring Labour into this.


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          Anonymous says:

          Is campbell still on R5 ? i stopped listening to R5 last year as they are even more labour than R4 !


          • fitz fitz says:

            Not more Lab than wee Evan on Today, R4 … during the PM 0800 speech today, Evan tossed off a remark about Tantric Sex, again, and later was giggling breathlessly over Peter Pan ( sic ) … watch it Evan !


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        ciconia says:

        Just wait for big business to spend it’s millions on supporting the eu.
        They’re frightened to death of competition and have learned to love the big business protectionism of the eu.
        Still, it’s put Mili on the back foot.


      • 140
        Big Momma says:

        Prix fixe is what most of the French prefer.
        I heard Toenails at the end of the Toady Programme rubbishing the speech with his usual, IF, IF, IF statement. He should change from this LP.
        Not surprising Toenails Robinson is not Cameroons choice to accompany him on long haul trips. Toenails and Jim the Red Naughty had a field day on the last minutes of the programme, with Evan Davies trying to sing chorus.


        • 159
          ciconia says:

          It’s amazing that UKIP and the tory awkward squad have made so much progress when we consider the resources pitted against them.
          The BBC, erasmus, common purpose, big business, which let’s remember are not necessarily big employers. it’s small and medium businesses that drive our economy, not Virgin and the like.
          Govt spends nearly half of everything so lots of vested interests there to cling to the socialist dream of the ec.


        • 169
          Anonymous says:

          I’d like to know the listening figures for Toady.
          I know lots of people who’ve given up on it.
          You can only endure Evan Davis shouting people down so many times.


          • Anonymous says:

            In fairness Mandlebum got pretty well mauled, mind you he was talking inexcusable bollox – even fior a politiucian.


        • 185
          fitz fitz says:

          … see remarks above on wee Evan’s TANTRIC SEX and PETER PAN remarks on Today today … almost as if he were trying to say something … a good way to censor the PM’s live speech, lads !


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    Hang Them says:

    UKIP it is.


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      EdMiliband says:



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        Dave, You Lie says:

        Why did Cameron refuse UKIP’s offer to stand down before the last general election in return for a referendum and thus lose thirty seats he would have won had UKIP not been in the running?

        Yet now he says he wants a referendum, but only in five years time?
        Why not 2010 or now, the issue hasn’t changed?

        His excuse was and still is, that we couldn’t have a referendum then or now because Lisbon was a done deal under Labour, thus they had tied his hands.

        Lisbon will still be in force in five years time, so what’s the difference between then, now and 2017?


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    Shut it says:


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      T'old Fella says:

      So what about Eric Pickles


    • 12
      Jo swinney says:

      Except she didn’t blame anybody . Just pointed out a link, you dumb tw@t


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      • 129
        Anonymous says:

        The problems is the use of the word “poor”. I suggest she tries the word “idle” in future.

        The poor are generally thinner. That has not changed over any history. The confusion is the use of the word poor to classify a section of our society. Those I believe she is refering to are far from poor. All that time on their hands and huge hand-outs. One relative was earning the equivalent of 12k for simply living.

        As for obesity it has no relation to health in terms of cause. It is a symptom. Any long term gradual illnesses are always associated with obesity as the person has slowly had their energy or ability to function taken from them. The NHS always arrives on the scene after the illness has reduced the persons activity. Hence the correlation.

        However I am clinically obese. Not been to a doctor since 1998. Perfectly healthy with low blood pressure, walk every weekend. Yet I am not a statistic, as I do not associate with the wealth based genocide system called the NHS.


    • 13

      Really Diane?

      To be fat is to be a victim, is it?

      Look up the word cause in the dictionary and learn how it differs to effect.


    • 18
      Sandra in Accounts says:

      Yes Diane – I mean look at you – very wealthy, son in a private school & you are as big as a MAC truck on steroids.

      Put the fork down women – just because the poorest taxpayers subsidise your food does not mean you have to be a glutton.


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      The Truth hurts, Labour. says:

      Shock horror. Government minister tells the truth. This is so Alien to Labour and the Guardianistas, that little wonder they are foaming at the mouth.


      • 54
        Harriet Harman says:

        Did someone mention PIE?


        • 171
          Lol says:

          Poor people tend to buy cheap cr@p food with loads of salt/sugar from places like Iceland which is why they are fat rather than cooking fresh food. You only have to look through the window of Iceland to see that fat c’unts waddling around in their shell suits.


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    Gordon Brown says:

    I am having a day off


  7. 8
    Chriselee says:

    Someone please tell me,who the f*ck is Owen Jones?
    Is he any relation to Corporal Jones?


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    Hang Them says:

    Hate to state the obvious flaw in this big-CON

    When the so called £re negotiations” start, they will just drag on, nothing will happen and then there will be a new party in power and away goes your referendum.

    If in doubt ….kick it into the long grass. It’s their classic trick to deny the plebs any democracy.


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      Misternedderry says:

      Correct. Vote UKIP!


    • 39
      Vote UKIP says:

      I doubt it. The electorate are not so stupid to accept that. Even the Liblabcon tribalists. But his ploy to get back voters from UKIP, in order to have a hope in hell of winning the next election, is being forced on him by UKIP. Every eurosceptic should be eternally grateful to UKIP for that. If UKIP did not exist there would be no talk of any referendum any time.


    • 51
      T'old Fella says:

      Democracy you say, how can this country be a democracy when only a 1/5 of constituencies actually decide who governs the UK, my present consituency is a Liebore stronghold in other parts of the country (predominantly the shires and south) it is Toryland and we get the parachuted candidate decided by party HQ often contrary to the local polical parties, the system stinks.


  9. 11
    Anonymous says:

    Cameron has now shown complete naivety in saying that the EU is in an unstable time and that he wishes to negotiate only when it is stable. Or is he assuming the voters are stupid?

    First he has made a massive assumption that it will become stable. Also he assumes that there will be anything left of the UK by 2017. He can not predict the next disaster or corruption.

    This is the tactics of a person at the level of someone that thinks lottery tickets are a good gamble. “It will all be OK soon” mentality.

    It is like being attacked in the street by a drunk thug and then telling them you will wait until they are sober before fighting back.


    • 77
      T'old Fella says:

      Do you think Dave Boy is somehow trying to divert attention from what is going on in the UK, watch out from some other disaster happening just around the corner. Of course Dave assumes the populace are stupid (sometimes not without reason) but he is trying to fend off a perceived threat from UKip, the general election about 21/4 years away, and still keep on side the pro EU cons, he is sending the message to Farage that is frightened of him and his crew.


    • 115
      FU EU says:

      That last paragraph should be quote of the day.


  10. 14
    Popeye says:

    Cameron has only mouthed this in response to the UKIP rise.
    It means nothing, because he knows Brussels will re-negotiate nothing and he will not be PM after the next election.
    He knows it, we know it but that wont stop him trying as he thinks we are all morons, even plebs?


  11. 17
    Chriselee says:

    Diane Abbott tends to be FAT but she’s not poor.


  12. 19
    Athelstan says:

    all three parties promised a refereendum on the Lisbon Treaty and then renegaed on it. I have no faith in any of theircast iron guarantees. Promises of future referenda create uncertainty. Hold the thing nextmobth or stop talking about it.


    • 71
      restore the monasteries says:

      Tin cans,tarmac and broken lawnmowers,a good speech,but its UKIP for me as
      I have had it after 45yrs of voting having voted “NO” in ’75.


    • 112
      Hear-See-Say Nowt says:

      Is this new pledge related to the one which is used to make mirrors sparkle in the smoke, or the old unused one from the back of the cupboard ?


  13. 21
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    So Cameron says “wait”

    Wait until we have another 5 million pro EU immigrants in the country with voting rights before the “British” can have their say.

    Not good enough by an imperial mile.

    Vote UKIP.


  14. 22
    Nation Rejoices! says:

    ‘Man of Iron’ Dave promises before the next election to do after the next election to do what he promised before the last election to do after the last election.

    Tory Boys so happy they hope one day to get a stiffy.

    ha ha ha ha ha


  15. 23
    Quite says:


  16. 25
    Moussa Koussa Mark 5 says:

    LOL “FLUX”

    He did say it….has the Kaleidoscope been also shaken


  17. 28
    Jimbo says:

    DC has said nothing, We the public want a referendum now not later. We have had enough of being ruled by the EU, we vote in Politicians to do that, if we are to be controlled by Communist Europe then we need to disband the British Parliament. Just now wait for all of the few that actually benefit from the EU to frighten the Public, “you will lose jobs” “You will lose your prosperity ” well we have not got jobs now and neither prosperity but we do have to fund and lose more Countryside for more immigrants to live in (we cannot do anything about this). As for Trade, I trade with M & S and Ocado but do not let them tell me what to do.


  18. 32
    Jen The Blue says:

    In out referendum by 2017….or to put another way, “jam tomorrow”.

    Yes, UKIP it is.


  19. 34
    its all bollox says:

    y don’t these people get a job?


  20. 40
    Lou Scannon says:

    Cameron is toast and his speech is nothing but empty words.
    Cameron destroyed his credibility long ago and will never be given another chance.


  21. 42
    Dudley Zoo says:

    You can make your choice from the menu after dinner


  22. 43
    Moussa Koussa Mark 5 says:

    Did any of you listen…..

    He clearly stated he would be voting YES…in the Ref that will not happpen….LOL


    • 99
      T'old Fella says:

      Moose, it is quite possible the Dave Boy will not be PM, it is called kicking the can down the road, besides who knows what disasters are down the down the road, wars (very expensive) , financial disasters, both in the UK and the Euro zone


  23. 44
    Smoke and mirrors says:

    So he couldn’t offer a referendum ‘cos Brown signed the Lisbon Treaty…..but he can now. Has Brown just unsigned the treaty then?


    • 121
      David Cameron, part time PM, full time liar says:

      Shhhhh, stop paying attention, go back to sleep and just forget everything I have said for the last three years and will say for the next two. After then I will be gone and someone else will take my place as head prefect and EU messenger boy.


  24. 45
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Going to be very interesting to hear militwit argue against a democratic referendum and why the people shouldn’t be given a choice on the EU.

    Labour are on a bit of a sticky wicket here.


    • 168
      Jen The Blue says:

      Indeed, but then Labour are experts at arguing for the insanely inarguable.

      Deficit? The answer is more spending. Debt? More spending. More tax. Make industry efficient….more rules and time off for parents.

      It goes on and on..


  25. 47
    How does this impact on things? says:

    Nobody has mentioned the obvious elephant in the room ie the Scottish independence referendum in 2014 !


  26. 49
    Political Sid. says:

    I’m going to buy a David Cameron at the next election. It comes with a cast iron guarantee, what could go wrong?


  27. 53

    It would be nice to think that Cameron has outfoxed Miliband and Clegg by manipulating them onto a completely wrong footing and, only then, revealing his hand which he had always intended to play.

    It would be nice… but I doubt it would be true.


  28. 55
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Owen Jones is a joke. He talks about contempt for democracy. Has he not seen the EU is action?


    • 69
      Hugo Chávez says:

      Ah Owen Jones. The bambino was an official neutral observer along with fat lady Abbott at my latest free election.


  29. 63
    Secret courts for the rich and powerful says:

    Referendum in 2017 you say. Do you think that court case that dare not speak its name will have concluded by then ?


  30. 65
    Earl of Croydon says:

    At no stage did the PM mention than imigration is a huge concern of your average Joe.
    I would have very much prefered that he said as part of his renegotiation
    that we do NOT have to allow half of Rumania and Bulgaria in to our country before this in/out election.


    • 86
      Gawd Help US says:

      We had better hope it’s only half.


      • 134
        Obviously says:

        Here’s the choice, live in Bulgaria or Rumania in abject hand to mouth poverty, or travel to the UK and get ‘free’ housing, education, health care, pensions and benefits, for you and your entire family once they have all settled here.

        Hmmmm, now which to choose……


    • 107
      albacore says:

      Our sodding cat’s laughing like a drain
      And I’ll bet he’s left a carpet stain
      He knows Dave can’t say “immigration”
      That’s his road to hell and damnation


    • 187
      Anonymous says:

      Fear of being seen as the nasty party, stopping the immigrants taking your money is nasty, letting them take it is nice. God we are screwed from all directions. I hate politicians.


  31. 67
    Making a rod for their own back says:

    Wee Doogie Alexander is on saying the PM hasnt answered the question will he vote Yes or no himself which leads to uncertainty. Oh really so I take it milliband will be providing his answer if asked then ? Could someone ask him asap thanks.


  32. 74
    FU EU says:

    I agree with those who say giving O Jones the oxygen of publicity is wrong.
    He’s just a fuckwit nobody, just as well give Joe Bloggs’ reaction.

    All this will do is give him more of a public profile and legitimise his bullshit.


  33. 75
    Angry of London says:

    Sorry to puncture the hubris but…

    Any referendum AFTER the next election will never take place. Why? Because the Tories won’t be in power.

    The next three years will be worse for the UK economy than the last three. That’s not pessimism, it’s the simply reality caused by the Tories inability to address the huge underlying issues in the economy (a bankrupt financial system and the related property crisis).

    DM’s move is simply a cynical ploy to limit the extent of the defeat in 2015. Anyone who thinks otherwise is an utter mug.


    • 166
      Ghost Micro Bear says:

      I don’t think that you’ll find many people dispute that. It’s clearly self-serving bullshit.


  34. 76
    ROFL says:

    Can you see what it is yet?


    Place your money on a horse.

    It has better odds of coming up with a painting on that evening


  35. 78

    We will get the same result as last time when he gave us a “Cast Iron Guarantee ”

    A bunch of waffle and Lies and No referendum
    we need a Man and a true Tory to step up to the plate !


  36. 79
    Liblabcon can shove their Post Democracy says:

    Let’s face it, the political class and all the hangers on in the Westminster bubble have no intention of giving us an honest in/out referendum. None whatsoever.

    It’s going to have to be people power of the sort that brought down the DDR. And the hundreds of thousands of Bulgarians and Romanians heading here next year WILL be the catalyst.


    • 101
      Alastair Campbell Murderer says:


      The influx of 400,000 (or more, Cameron’s too terrified to reveal the true figure) starting next year will definitely make the EU even more unpopular than it is today.

      As many have said, it’s also the case the the EU is leaving us as much as we’re leaving them. By 2015, europhiles such as Dave, Ed and Clegg – even with the 24/7 help of the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation – will have no chance of convincing us to vote “IN”.

      Which suggests to me, they’ll wriggle-out of holding the referendum.


  37. 80
    And in other news says:

    Never mind that what about Beyonces miming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  38. 82
    Moussa Koussa Mark 5 says:

    “””.’And while Norway is part of the single market – and pays for the principle – ithas no say at all in setting its rules: it just has to implement its directives”””

    errrr Not true !!!!!!!


  39. 85
    Weybridgeman says:

    The more the French and Germans moan about this the more we know that, maybe for the first time ever, Dave has actually done something useful – he’s got the Europhiles thinking about what actually is the point of all this? Yes, there will be a two speed Europe and yes closer integration but actually is this a bad thing. If the UK can go it alone perhaps the Irish may want out as well – after all their economic and political, as well as historical leanings are mostly via the UK. Perhaps they bring back currency union that existed until the 1970’s. If Ireland can get out of the centrist clutches why not Malta, Poland, Sweden, Denmark? Food for thought. Ed the Dead must be sweating socialist bricks at all of this – Gordo’s masterplan has been revealed as totally useless.

    Oh no Cartman, they’ve gone and killed Eddy’s [political future!!!]!


  40. 94
    Raving Loon says:

    I’m still not voting Tory, 2017 is too long to wait.


  41. 98

    Military down to a bare minimum
    Services down to a bare minimum
    One of the highest cost of living in europe
    fuel prices highest in europe
    Roads falling to pieces
    Rail system fucked
    no industry left
    massive unemployment
    uncontrolled imigration
    Volunteer Police
    Volunteer army
    volunteer navy
    volunteer airforce
    volunteer teachers
    massively taxed workforce
    A government with absolutely no idea how to get us out of triple dip recession
    Pound plummeting
    about to lose triple A rating
    still throwing billions at countries with space and neuclear programmes
    still throwing 55 million a day at the EU



    • 105
      Vote UKIP says:

      Who is keeping you here?


      • 143
        Anonymous says:

        Tried living in another country. One of the greatest parts of humanity is having a society. Alone in another country we could never felt we had any belonging or moral support.

        So we came back. Then we found out, that after 10 years away from the country, it had been destroyed. Many people were just hidding from the corruption.

        We tried to make a difference, and really found out how corrupt this country has got. The story is long and well recorded.

        So now we do not belong anywhere. We have no loyalty to anything. We have nothing to lose and are free. The feeling of being selfish is just liberating. No one else to care about and so many people as enemies.

        (Take with the pitch of salt, but that is the attitude that leads to real changes. When a person sees no future. Hence why the huge increase in official suicides. Those figures do not count the unofficial extreme risk-takers suicides.)


    • 131
      Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

      We increasingly live in an age of TRILLIONS!


    • 152
      Four-eyed English Genius says:

      ANd you forgot to mention that the alternative to this government is even worse!


    • 178
      fitzfitz says:

      … in other words : roll out the carpet for the islamic Empire’s hoards ..


  42. 102
    Vote UKIP says:

    The ball is now in the court of the EU. If they do not play ball Britain will leave the EU, providing the Tories win the next election. Cameron would then have to recommend we leave the EU in the referendum or he would have to resign. Most likely scenario is that the EU will play ball and grant some minor temporary concessions that sound ok but which will unravel quickly after the referendum. The same way the Blair/Brown red lines disappeared after their negotiations on Britain’s contributions rebate.


    • 149
    • 150
      Anonymous says:

      There is also no incentive for the EU to negotiate now.

      Any concessions now, will mean less concessions later. So the “after the next election negotiation” will be empty.

      It will actually mean that in the next 3 years the EU should become more extreme, and so the negotiations can remove these false extremes to seem like progress.

      If the EU is so great why not allow us to leave, and let them get their house in order. We would then agree to pay a penalty re-join fee. If it is worth it, we would pay.

      Imagine a couple where one, brings home new “lodgers” to live to take the place of the partner, and threatens the partners future if they leave. Would anyone consider that a healthy relation especially when the family, from hell, over the road join in the threats. The feeling of staying due to having learnt to cope with the abuse would override the fear of the unknown situation in running away.

      I believe Cameron is a acting as a stereotyped battered wife.


  43. 104
    Moussa Koussa Mark 5 says:

    The line is “”” this will start a debate”””

    errrrrr for 5 years !!!!!!!!!!


    • 118
      Alastair Campbell Murderer says:

      Well, at least it’ll stop him boring everyone to death with his ‘Big Society’.


  44. 111
    Wolseley says:

    So in summary Dave’s speech was not so much “cast iron”, but more “fudge with waffle”!


  45. 117
    a non says:

    ONS figures looking better, especially unemployment down.



    • 123
      The Brussels Broadcasting Corporation says:

      And more on the savage Tory cuts, later. In other news, the ONS reported today that Britain’s membership of the EU has brought about a dramatic fall in unemployment. This coincides with the FTSE rising past 6,200, which many leading economists also attribute to Britain’s membership of the EU.

      And now, back to Tory cuts..


    • 125
      The Brussels Broadcasting Corporation says:

      And more on the Tory cuts, later. In other news, the ONS reported today that Britain’s membership of the EU has brought about a dramatic fall in unemployment. This coincides with the FTSE rising past 6,200, which many leading economists also attribute to Britain’s membership of the EU.

      And now, more news on savage Tory cuts..


      • 163
        Catty Comment (Ms) says:

        Not according to Doogy Alexander, so-called Liebore foreign secretary, who solemnly assured us an hour or two ago that unemployment was rising.

        Who to believe?

        PS: Is it right that ALL Scots will be banned from holding ANY office in England once they get their Independence and fuck off?


  46. 120
    Fishy says:

    What is Labour’s position?

    – 2005: Bliar gives away our rebate
    – 2005: Promised a referendum on Lisbon
    – 2007: Crept in and signed the treaty without a referendum
    – 2009: Ratified the Lisbon Treaty despite an impending election and denying any new government the opportunity of a referendum
    – 2010: Opposed the Tories referendum lock which guaranteed a referendum if Brussels sought to transfer further powers to themselves
    – 2011: Opposed Cameron’s veto on Eurozone crisis measures that would damage the City of London
    – 2012: Milipede accuses Cameron of been isolated and needed to be in the inner core of Europe (the inner core requires us to be in the Euro)
    – 2012: Milipede suggests a referendum is needed
    – 2013: Milipede says ‘No’ to a referendum
    – 2013: Labour Policy Chief, Cruddas, suggests that a referendum is needed and Labour will decide before the election


    • 151
      Anonymous says:

      Don’t mention the Romanians.


    • 164
      Catty Comment (Ms) says:

      If Cameron had had any balls, his first action would have been to unratify that signature. Brown had no authority to sign having already been voted out. His signature was therefore void and meaningless.


  47. 124
    Nothing Better To Do says:

    Another cast iron guarantee from Dave? Yeah right. How is it possible for so many outwardly sensible people to go on believing politicians promises despite all the hundreds of years of evidence that shows they are liars and cheats? Dave has even made almost the same promise before and reneged on it. Why does anyone believe him now?


    • 127
      Fishy says:

      Please tell me, exactly, what was the ‘cast iron guarantee’?


    • 133
      Hitler & Cameron - two men with plans to destroy Britain says:

      It’s like Hitler’s statement that he had ‘no more territorial demands to make in Europe’, so long as he got the Sudetenland.

      After which he invaded Poland.

      People were fools to believe Hitler, and we’d be fools to believe Cameron.


  48. 126
    Fishy says:

    F.ck me.

    BBC News say that majority of Texts support Cameron’s speech. Then read out 7/8, everyone single one of them critical of Cameron. You’d think that the BBC was EU funded!

    Ross Hawkins on now, spinning in for Labour (close your eyes and he actually does sound like Miliband).


    • 138
      The Brussels Broadcasting Corporation says:

      BBC investigations have revealed that the texts expressing support for Cameron’s speech were sent by fruitcakes, loons and closet racists, so we have deleted them.

      Coming up, we interview several leading health experts who agree that leaving the EU will cause mass outbreaks of cholera and rabies throughout England. But first, more news about savage evil Tory cuts..


    • 141
      The Brussels Broadcasting Corporation says:

      BBC investigations have revealed that the texts expressing support for Cameron’s speech were sent by fruitcakes, loons and closet rac!sts, so we have deleted them.

      Coming up, we interview several leading health experts who agree that leaving the EU will cause mass outbreaks of cholera and rabies throughout England. But first, more news about savage Tory cuts..


  49. 132
    Four-eyed English Genius says:

    Hang on a minute. This is Wavy Davy making these cast iron promises. Do we believe him? Answers on a postcard, please.


    • 136
      Alastair Campbell Murderer says:

      A postcard? I can write “no” on the back of a postage stamp.


    • 146
      Arse says:



      • 156
        Four-eyed English Genius says:

        And are there little green men in flying saucers who abduct human beans too?

        Actually there probably are. little green men at least, somewhere in the universe, but it is unlikely they have been anywhere near us!


  50. 135
    MB. says:

    “Cam speech coherent and well-argued but rests on a fundamental flaw: rest of EU not interested in the renegotiation he seeks—
    Jonathan Freedland (@j_freedland) January 23, 2013″

    I suspect that might be true of the rest of the EU leadership. Debatable whether it is actually true of the electorate and perhaps even national politicians of the rest of the EU but of course they never get any say.


  51. 137
    pissed off voter says:

    So Dave cannot give an EU referendum now because he does not know what the EU will look like in 2017 but hehas no problem asserting that he will vote yes in this referendum despite not knowing what he will be voting on? Yep, that’s DC.


    • 153
      Anonymous says:

      His stance is like the age old joke.

      When asked by a car driver how to get to the town the local answers “I would not start from here”

      That is exactly what he has done. He has said we need to get to a new way of working with the EU but he want to start the negotiation from an unknown point in 3 years time, after the EU has moved the deck chairs around.


  52. 142
    chris1943 says:

    Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone on O2


  53. 158
    JessTheDog says:

    Does anyone believe him?!? Fools! No mainstream party will ever take Britain out of Europe.


  54. 160
    your average citizen says:

    Definitely UKIP; left with no choice. And what happened to Chilcott Report?


    • 165
      Catty Comment (Ms) says:

      It is currently gathering dust on a shelf – and is likely to remain so for the next 70 years.


  55. 162
    Viv Dean says:

    How ‘cast iron’ is the promise this time?


  56. 174
    Jess The Dog says:

    So why not start a bill right now? It’s a ruse, panicked by UKIP. He backed out of Lisbon and will duck out of this one.


  57. 175
    169995 says:

    This is all very well but what about the situation of our Scottish chums ? If they vote for independence surely they do not get a referendum . So all those Scots who want out of the EU will have to vote to stay in UK to get a vote . Unless of course that nice Mr Salmond gives them a choice after they have negotiated their own entrance fees to Europe. Either way the situation over the border become quite interesting.


  58. 177
    fitzfitz says:

    That Milliband sounds increasingly Fishwife-like is a measure of his angst and insecurity …


  59. 188
    Mike Power says:

    “Cam speech coherent and well-argued but rests on a fundamental flaw: rest of EU not interested in the renegotiation he seeks”
    So says the sage, Jonathan Freedland. Really?…

    “Chancellor Angela Merkel responded to Mr Cameron’s speech by opening the door to a renegotiation of Britain’s membership terms,”



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