January 23rd, 2013

Ex-Young Tory Chairman Quits Barclays Over Shredding Scandal

A great tale of scandal, intimidation and cover-up in the papers this weekend. Senior Barclays bigwig Andrew Tinney has resigned in disgrace after it was revealed he shredded a damning report accusing bosses of bullying. He then told the bank’s chief executive the report never existed. But just who is Andrew Tinney? Back in the eighties he was a rabble-rousing right-wing activist who became Chairman of the Young Conservatives, much to the chagrin of one Nick Robinson. A culture of fear, untruths and incompetence – you can take the boy out of the Tory youth-wing…


  1. 1
    The Stilton Eater says:

    Resigned? Most would get fired on the spot.

    He’s probably got a job lined up with the Data Protection quango or the Labour Party.


    • 7
      EU? In out shake it all about says:

      Barclays has always been a shite bank.

      Remember them closing a local bramch, and that was in the early 1970’s, when they easily gave up on us, when caol digging was not about anymore.

      A right bunch of carpet bagger salesmen they are, to tell you the truth. Trust them as Cameron.


      • 30
        EU? In out shake it all about says:

        Midlands/HSBC and Lloyds/?other name stuck with us then. But my bank HSBC fucked off last March, the slanty eyed bollocks they are. Local branch eight miles away now, and they say use Lloyds and the Co-op supermarket’s cashpoint instead.

        But that is not the point, is it?


      • 32
        EU? In out shake it all about says:

        Midlands HSBC and Lloyds other name stuck with us then. But my bank HSBC buggered off last March, the bollocks they are. Local branch eight miles away now, and they say use Lloyds and the Co-op supermarket’s cashpoint instead.

        But that is not the point, is it?


        • 33
          EU? In out shake it all about says:

          But my bank shanghai bank local branch buggered off last March, the buggers they are. Local branch eight miles away now, and they say use Lloyds and the Co op supermarket’s cashpoint instead.

          But that is not the point, is it?


    • 14
      Down the rabbit hole says:

      A man who got caught shredding sensitive documents getting a job in data protection you say ? Yes, on reflection that makes sense in this fuckwitted society.


    • 19
      Anonymous says:

      Is he going to become one of Cameron’s especial advisers?


    • 20
      Anonymous says:

      Do you mean the Information Commissioner. The one that never really understood the basic concept of a password. Could not quite grasp the concept of privacy when a vulnerable person is hurt. The one that thought it was right to have every company, plane, and boat owners name and address fully available to all. The one that thinks that having exact times and usage of all fuels into a house recorded on a database is not a security risk. The one responsible for the destruction of this area as each night the stone and metal thieves gather their takings.

      The completely useless quango.


      • 57
        The Sheikh Of Arabee says:

        How the fuck do these useless fucking jizzrags get these fucking jobs in the first place?


        • 66
          EU? In out shake it all about says:

          Thet scraped their O levels/GCSEs. And their dad was the bank manager, of course, or a mate of someone in the funny handshake club.

          Been asked so many times to join them, but i am blue in the face telling them that I am a fence sitter and a fucking artist. But they argue and say we have artists in our club, and I ask who, and they say, cough! Prince Charles. And then muggings next to him says don’t forget Winnie, oh yes, the artist originally known as Winnie Churchill. Give me fucking strength!


        • 68
          EU? In out shake it all about says:

          Thet scraped their O levels/GCSEs. And their dad was the bank manager, of course, or a mate of someone in the funny handshake club.


        • 69
          EU? In out shake it all about says:


        • 91
          Superman says:

          Posh boys , Eton etc. Not funny nothing changes.


    • 80
      Time 2 CTRL, ALT & DEL says:

      its is only what mr blair would have done


  2. 2
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Blacklist Chukka Ummuna.


  3. 4
    I have nothing to say says:

    I have nothing to say.


  4. 5
    A non says:

    My experience of their management is that they’re useless plonkers. Shout very loudly, moan a lot but contribute sweet FA, plus the ones I worked with knew nothing about the relevant subject matter.

    I left after becoming sick of it.


  5. 8
    Moussa Koussa Mark 5 says:

    The Young Conseratives….LOL. dont you mean Conseravtive Future…. or as dave likes to call it….Ref in the distant Future


  6. 10
    Back in the EUSSR says:

    Mandleson on SKY News bleating that withdrawal from the EUSSR will be a disaster for the UK. Disaster for his bank balance more like. Follow the money #vestedinterests


    • 17
      Watcher says:

      Reuter, an outfit not noted for bias has this article:

      “EU mystified at how Cameron’s renegotiation will happen”



    • 26
      Will the Germans stop selling us their BMWs ??? says:

      He’s also touting the outright lie that leaving the EU will mean we cannot trade with any country that remains. FFS why doesnt some competent interviewer nail him on that !


    • 36
      Casual Observer says:

      Renegotiation is a red herring.

      What is being discussed in absolute sovereignty.

      The renegotiation line holds as much water as the equality line with respect to modifying marriage.

      Back to common market, and stuff the rest. Once UK does it, over half the rest of them will do the same. And Germany will still sell us BMW’s and buy most of whatever it is we sell them.


      • 56
        Back in the EUSSR says:

        Correct. The totalitarian project known as the EU was not what we voted for when they sold us the common market.


        • 93
          mr sensible says:

          They will not negotiate anything. There needs to be a referendum question “do you want to leave the EU as it is now ?” then if he gets a yes he can negotiate saying if you don’t change we are off. then put the new terms to the electorate in a referendum in or out.


  7. 11
    Moussa Koussa Mark 5 says:

    Here is a thought.

    Children in Year 8 secondary school will be eligible to vote in the referendum ( that won’t happen )


  8. 12
    GAGGED says:

    Court 3 T20127076
    For Mention – Case adjourned until 10:30 – 16:07



  9. 21
    Moussa Koussa Mark 5 says:

    errrrr Guido…Didnt you used to be in the Young Conservatives.

    I think you were


  10. 24
    EU? In out shake it all about says:

    What is going on with the weather, beeb ladies?

    It is pissing down with snow again in West Wales at the moment, nine inches at least since yesterday, when you ladies forecasted that it would be less than that, two or three inches, flaccid.

    They don’t know what is happening to the weather, do they? Even with their machines, supercomputer.


    • 39
      Anonymous says:

      I am glad to inform you that the weather is quite well and has never felt better.

      There are doubts however about the integrity of certain humans and the multiple reinterpretation of data through a long chain of people that leads to a hand waving person on TV.

      The snow falling on Wales was always arriving today and has not been dissuaded from falling in any way by these people.


    • 40
      Lava bread beast says:

      Fucking serves you right for living in a “province” that can’t even turn out a decent meal, a pint worth drinking
      People who live in caves and gave us Harry Secombe and a bunch of twats that couldnt defeat Chukka Ubummers mates despite being armed to the teeth aagainst spears
      We should frack Welshland and send it off into the Oirish sea
      Let the Bogtrotters have the Vicky Pryces


    • 50
      Wigner's Friend says:

      Your simple observation for the local weather conditions is infinitely more accurate than any computer model will be.

      With the supercomputer running a program for false climate change and propaganda, how do you expect it to produce an accurate forecast ?

      It will be right when nature is doing what it predicts.


  11. 27
    get your kilt off beast says:

    Why do all of these noncesces look so old ?
    Make love to my old high laced boots but they all look about 20 years older than they should do!
    It can only be Socialism


  12. 35
    Go get 'em Guidio says:

    Is Ollie Letwin still a director of Barclays?


    • 47
      desperate for an emptying yeast says:

      but you can always pop around to his gaff if you are large black man who needs to “releive” himself and empty ollies “wallet”


    • 59
      Shit excuses to cover up goodness knows what but I can imagine says:

      Yes if you are ever out and about in the middle of the night and need to use the bathroom, just knock up Ollie, he’s very obliging.


  13. 41
    Labour...filth...just filth says:

    bbc…vaz on manoeuvres again .. opposition leader rehearsal ..don’t laugh


  14. 42
    The Libor party says:

    ‘The evidence of culture is how people behave when no-one is watching’.

    Bob Diamond June 2012


  15. 44
    Fuck the right says:

    Tory boys are all nasty, crooked pieces of shit.


  16. 46
    Operation Crossbow says:

    as I predicated Radio 5 is already tearing into UKIP and EU ‘deniers’, UKIP bloke got short sharp shrift from Peter Allen just now.

    This will ramp up over the next couple of years.


  17. 52
    old SHEP says:


  18. 58
  19. 64

    It is because of people like this that the banking industry went off the rails. All they needed was a one-eyed hoon of the same persuasion on the political side, which arrived spot on time in early May 1997, for the Armageddon of banking to be set up. The nice thing here is that it did not upset the apple cart at first. Things carried on very well. Everyone was making money. No one had ever heard of John D. Rockefeller let alone his encounter with a share-tipping bellboy. The markets run on sentiment not fundamentals. It lasted for a whole decade until September 2007 when…


  20. 71
    Guido Fawkes says:

    With fake beard & stove-pipe hat in place I’m off to watch Lincoln at the right wing political bloggers cinema. Expect comments to become more epic and stirring after.


  21. 74
    EU? In out shake it all about says:

    Anyone planning anything special, Friday night, Burn’s Night?

    Got my haggis and single malt lined up, never mind the rest of you, and I am not even scottish, bollocks at all ounce in my blood.


  22. 75

    I am not sure if our news editor thinks this news is topical but Simon Watkins in the Telegraph wrote about it at 01:20 GMT on Sunday 20 January.


    Now what was that about You snooze, you lose?


  23. 76
    Anonymous says:

    Right wing, you say.

    No wonder he didn’t fit in the Tory Party.

    Dishonest – well maybe . .. ..


  24. 81
    Dave, UKIP if you want to, I'm busy kissing Judas says:

    So peeps, pretty good speech eh ? Europe now uncertain for some time, Labour struggling to keep their little sheet blank, not really committed to a referendum and hoping not to be around when that day of reckoning arrives. Off to Davos next, keep your peckers up and I may bring some toblerone back.

    Rum business at Barclays eh ?

    Toodle pip.


  25. 85
    bbc trivia says:

    what a joke…bbc debating whether beyonce mimed at the inaugural ceremony for obama … frankly who gives a flying f’uck


  26. 89
    Anonymous says:

    Those who know about such things tell me that there is much glee at Deutsche Bank, his former employer.

    Wonder why……


  27. 92
    Cantankerous old git says:

    Lets go back to our golf houses and prepare for victory.


  28. 95
    Benjamin Bradley says:

    We are in the hands of criminal lunatics.


  29. 96
    Anonymous says:

    Tories, bankers, liars.

    Difficult to tell them apart.


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