January 23rd, 2013

Cameron’s Letter to Tory MPs Post-Speech


  1. 1
    FU EU says:

    The ANSWER in Full:

    “Squeek, SQUeek, SQueek.


    • 10
      Plato says:

      He says he wants to re-negotiate the settlement to achieve “flexibility and fairness for all” and “respect for national democracies”.

      Erm…isn’t it the pro-EU argument that we’ve got exactly that?


      • 15
        Rage Against the Political Elite says:

        When will people wake up,, Its Not the Euro thats the Problem,, its Not the market thats the problem its the Political Elite who have legislated to line their own pockets. Once we stop the Political elite and their families making millions from their WORK.. The sooner we will get the right things done.


        • 29

          I think you will find that the problem is politics. You could put the Buddha in the HoC, and within 5 years he would have to change his name to Denis MacShame.

          Power corrupts, etc…


          • Anonymous says:

            Which is why we need proper checks and restraints on just what the political class can and can’t do, enforced with the barrel of the gun if need be.

            At the moment we might as well be living under foreign occupation for all the f-all say the native peoples actually have in the running of our country.


          • Who Want's Some! says:

            We need more democracy that is the only way to control politicians. That is why they love the EU it is obscure, based on networking and designed to remove power to a central elite. As I’ve already said the only chance to remove the current political elite is the ensure the two main parties are defeated in turn. Firstly Dave and his shower by using UKIP to prevent him winning in 2015. This means a big price to pay in that you’ll have a short term imploding Millbean government that will in turn be defeated for good by a new Conservative party based on small government, small tax, small state and putting this nation first some point in 2015 -20. It’s a big price but short of taking to the streets armed to get rid of the current political class I can’t see another option!


        • 38
          Anonymous says:

          Even today Cameron is a PM. So why cannot he do all these things now and have a vote before 2015?


          • Plato says:

            Kick. Can. Road. Down.

            BTW – it won’t be until 2018, if at all.


          • Grump says:

            He is trying to book Downing Street as his home for the next Parliament.
            Politicians can indeed be sneaky and trecherous.


          • EU? In out shake it all about says:

            Desperate move by a desperate PM. More see through than the glasshouse in my back garden. He must be willying himself with the UKIP danger to his vote.


        • 44
          Arkwright says:

          WORK that is the crux of it all. The use of energy to provide the means of living.
          Until this is understood by every member of the human race we will ciontinue to be infested by politicians and layabout scroungers.

          This site has opened my eyes:-


          It has a WOT warning, but I an assured it is safe.


      • 22
        Anonymous says:

        Can you trust Con Cam after next general election?


      • 36
        Obviously says:

        “around 50% of our trade is with the EU.”

        Good start, an outright lie.

        “We need to be in the single market,”

        We would be still in the single market if we left the EU. We would also be free to trade with whoever we wanted outside the single market, without EU interference.

        “not just to sell goods to Europe, but having a seat around the table and having a say in what the rules are.”

        If we are outside the EU we can decide what rules we want to opt into or not, depending on our national interest. Instead of being co-opted into damaging rules under QMV and Commision diktat.


        • 65
          Anonymous says:

          Even if we are not in the single market we are still in WTO. EU biggest trading partners are China, Japan and US, none of them are in EU they are all in WTO.


        • 139
          Who Want's Some! says:

          Exactly right pro EUers just see the world in terms of the EU. We invented the modern global economy so why the f_ck should we limit ourselves to a part of the world that will never see double digit growth again?


    • 21
      Keitho says:

      Hello, I am genuinely curious as to who you would rather hear from and what the message should be.



  2. 2
    Plato says:


    This is a promise of nothing.


  3. 2
    uncle whuppity says:

    very amusing to have ukip advert beneath


  4. 4
    Fact Hunt says:

    Dear Dave, we don’t believe a word you say.

    Piss off,

    The British People.


  5. 5
    BBC C'unts says:

    And now, for an independent response, we go over to Lord Mandelson.


    • 79
      pissed off voter says:

      Quite. A glance at those who support the EU says much about it – McShane is another who comes to mind.


    • 108
      Fishy says:

      Beeboid: ‘No Mr Shapps you are not allowed to speak about labour’s position, they will have to do that for themselves’.

      Beeboid to Labourite: What do you think of Cameron’s position


  6. 6
    David Scamoron says:

    Go back to your constituencies and prepare to sign on.


    • 26
      T'old Fella says:

      I’ve retired moonbeam


    • 31
      Dave's beloved tide of Romanian/Bulgarian ímmígrant spongers says:

      Go back to your constituencies and pack your bags, Ingerlish peoples..

      Soon, your land belongs to us.


    • 46
      Dave Cam the Wind Farm Man says:

      ………..I think that I have got us all a sliver of a chance of re-election but I’m going to look for alternative employment from 2015 and I suggest that you do the same.

      After dinner speaking looks to be a nice little earner for people with my expertise.


  7. 7
    SP4BS says:

    Laurent Fabius thinks its dangerous.

    I wonder if he means more or less dangerous than giving blood transfusions containing HIV.


  8. 8
    Stephanie Flanders says:

    PM writes a letter.
    Well fuck me.


  9. 9
    FU EU says:

    He’s not going to be in power after the next election. He knows it, the EUSSR knows it and all the blood suckers and leeches know it.

    There will be NO referendum.


    • 12
      Plato says:

      You are absolutely right. There will NOT be a referendum.


    • 63
      Dishonest Dave says:

      By 2017 I will have allowed another 40 million Eastern European’s into the country, part of their conditions for claiming benefits will be a pledge to vote to keep the UK in the EU.


    • 116
      lola says:

      In which case they’ll have to be a revolution. This is not going to end well. Either we get sclerotic EU money and power grasping totalitarian incompetence or we get blood on the streets.


      • 137
        Anonymous says:

        I’m all for letting in these fit Eastern Euro birds much better than these Fat English Sacks walking about eating Greggs pies and drinking pints of strongbow.

        Revolution ha ha ha only if the football or CBB get’s banned or little timmy doesn’t get his new Ipad.

        oh wait a few hundred washed up and pished up ex hooligans will save us, what a laugh.


  10. 11
    Dave Camera on says:

    I mimed the whole speech.


  11. 13
    Anonymous says:

    The other states in Europe are difinitively on a defined course to a destination of a United States of Europe, no question. It’s not going to stop just because of Cameron.

    We have to decide, the real question is therefore, do we want to be a state within a United States of Europe?


    • 52
      Archer Karcher says:



    • 125
      Anonymous says:

      And the safest world situation is to have the maritime country at the EU’s heart, out side the EU and with close ties with the world. That will put a check on the EU fright train.

      (I know it should be freight train, but it seemed right to leave the Freudian typing mistake of a ghost train tearing through our daily lives. Anyway “freight train” is more a US phrase of the unstoppable huge trains that trundle through towns during the night. The EU is more of a fear and frightening intrusion in our lives.)


  12. 16

    Here in France, I clicked on to R5 to hear Pinnaer and (someone esle) show total ignorance about the position of le Front National here. Here we are, on a day when (1) europe is going to be the main BBC topic (2) France is one of the three big economies in the EU, and this BBC bloke on some huge salary doesn’t know the position of the 3rd biggest political party in France. for your info, BBC – it wants out of the EU and wants out of the Euro. I pay a BBC poll tax: can I have some of my money back? As for “the weakness” ( acc to BBC) of the UK position,
    just have a look at the number of VW and Audi cars parked in streets with houses full of Bosch and Meile kitchenware. Who needs who…..?


    • 27
      SP4BS says:

      I never listen to R5. what did they say?
      Did they say something about the FN, or just ignore them?

      The french president can only really be from the big two parties, and small parties don’t really get much influence. The parties from the far left also want to leave the EU, and aren’t far behind FN.


    • 120
      lola says:

      Time for a telly tax strike too…


  13. 18

    “UK unemployment total fell by 37,000 between September and November ”

    UK suicide rate up by 37,000 between September and November”


  14. 18
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    “….around 50% of our trade is with the EU.” Actually, 80% of out trade is internal within the UK. Trade with the EU is just under 9% of the total, trade with the rest of the world just over 11% of the total. More total bollocks from Europhile Dave.


    • 30
      Keitho says:

      Too difficult for you to understand what he meant when he talks of trade. That is external trade in much the same way as the rest of us mean it, which he got largely correct according to even your numbers.

      Haters gonna hate hey.


      • 50
        The Brussels Broadcasting Corporation says:

        The EU counts for 50% of Britain’s trade. Experts therefore unanimously agree that if Britain left the EU, we will lose half of our trade, our economy will collapse overnight, and you and your loved ones will contract bowel cancer.


      • 72
        JH3472384023234 says:

        So, about 50% of 9%, i.e 4.5% of our total trade is with the EU.


        Thanks for reminding me how utterly ludicrous the EU’s grip on our sovereignty is.


        • 127
          Just Starting to get the picture.... says:

          Just asking seriously……….. does that 4.5% include or exclude the ‘rotterdam effect’ ?

          Enquiring minds need to know………… to ensure that the REAL FACTS get out there………….


      • 140
        TobyG says:

        They can’t work out who they despise more The EU or David Cameron…
        You cannot keep or lose both..Vote Conservative have a vote.
        Vote Labour and Lib Dem have No Vote..
        Vote UKIP, Conservatives lose seats..Help the NO Vote-


    • 74
      Archer Karcher says:

      9% doesn’t sound dramatic does it?

      Best big it up as far as possible to frighten the horses.

      Of course Cameron does not mention the fact that we buy far more from EU countries, than we sell to them.

      So any potential loss of trade would be offset by an even bigger loss to EU member states, in the extremely unlikely event, of them deciding on the hari kari, trade war option.


      • 151
        JH3472384023234 says:

        The Verhofstadts of this world have an emotional need to punish this island for its tendency to stand in contrast to the European disasters that occur every couple of generations.

        This will pale into comparison with the possibility of losing the ability to sell overpriced exports to ‘The Golden Isle.’ Money talks.


  15. 33
    Kun Tea Bollox says:

    If you take the words out of the speech that don’t mean anything the speech reads: if, if, if, if, if, if, if, if, if.


  16. 34
    Border Boy says:

    Focussed? Or focused?


  17. 37
    Silent Bob says:


  18. 41
    STuN says:

    I promise to give everyone free money if we win the next election.

    Yeah Yeah Yeah Dave, Fuck off!


  19. 45
    WVM says:

    A good day to hide the news that another 5,000 soldiers are being made redundant to fund the British commitment to the EU Rapid Reaction Force.


    • 53
      Sandra in Accounts says:

      There is nothing Conservative about these bastards.

      Another 5000 soldiers chucked on the scrapheap.

      Dwindling and belittling UK Forces is a dereliction of duty.

      Vote UKIP – the ONLY party that will increase defence spending.


      • 56
        Ex-Tory says:



        • 60
          Steve (ex-Labour) says:



          • EU? In out shake it all about says:

            He’s relying on TA soldiers/weekend warriors to fill the gap, not on a salary but hourly paid, to save coin.


          • Just Starting to get the picture.... says:

            He might be………. but being as how front line troops are what are needed in a battle situation…………. is he going to be sending TA female soldiers into front line fighting roles ? Because that is the choice he will have to make……….. The TA takes it PC equality role extremely seriously !


    • 73
      Steve (ex-Labour) says:

      Billions for the EU

      Billions for DFID

      Billions for the banksters

      ….but nothing in the national kitty for our Soldiers and defence. More working class dole fodder.

      Hanging is too good for Cameron and Miliband.

      Ukip are more than a right wing protest group – it is time to put our house in order and we cannot do that with professional lightweights and quislings at the helm in Labour and Conservative


      • 86
        Archer Karcher says:


        Don’t forget the Quisling yellow Lib-Dim liars or the establishment favoured ‘protest party’ the Greens.


      • 152
        Anonymous says:

        Western countries are being deliberately run into the ground as part of the post democratic, post nation state future so beloved by the globalist interests.


    • 97
      DC says:

      Cut number of MPs by 50 – impossible.
      Cut armed forces by 5000 – easy-peasy.

      trust me folks


  20. 47

    Lets face it Camermong could offer to pay off everybody’s mortgages
    and he still wouldn’t win in 2015

    Camermong “The Toff who cried wolf”


    • 56
      Wooden nickel meets real life says:

      Liebour has Toff’s as well so that doesn’t play anymore, ask mad Hattie Hatemen


      • 78

        Would that be Harriet Halfman and her husband Jackie Dromey female member for Birmingham ?


  21. 51
    Wooden nickel meets real life says:

    Bye Dave, can you please clean up number 10, so the cleaners can clean it properly for the next lie git to take charge. taxi for mr Camoron just follow that removal van driver.


  22. 55
    Make Cameron history says:
          LL     II   BBBBB   EEEEE  RRRRR      A    TTTTTTT EEEEE
          LL     II   B    B  E      R    R    A A      T    E
          LL     II   BBBBB   EEE    RRRRR    AAAAA     T    EEE
          LL     II   B    B  E      R   R   A     A    T    E
          LLLLL  II   BBBBB   EEEEE  R    R A       A   T    EEEEE
                 EEEEE  U    U  RRRR    OOOO   PPPP   EEEEE
                 E      U    U  R   R  O    O  P   P  E
                 EEE    U    U  RRRR   O    O  PPPP   EEE
                 E      U    U  R   R  O    O  P      E
                 EEEEE   UUUU   R    R  OOOO   P      EEEEE
    FFFFF U    U   CCCC  K   K     TTTTTTT H   H  EEEEE      EEEEE  U    U
    F     U    U  C      K  K         T    H   H  E          E      U    U
    FFF   U    U  C      KKK          T    HHHHH  EEE        EEE    U    U
    F     U    U  C      K  K         T    H   H  E          E      U    U
    F      UUUU    CCCC  K   K        T    H   H  EEEEE      EEEEE   UUUU
                      NN     N   OOOO   W           W
                      N N    N  O    O  W     W     W
                      N  N   N  O    O   W   W  W  W
                      N    N N  O    O    W W   W W
                      N     NN   OOOO      W     W


  23. 61
    • 109
      Old Dog No Tricks says:

      Remind me again about the link between the You Gov political propaganda polling machine and Cathy Ashton – empress of the EU ?

      Twisted question to provide skewed results……… not worth the pixels they are presented on……….

      UKIP all the way !


      • 155

        …to more political bollocks-speak. The Monster Raving Loony Party have had more proposals made law than crash bandicoot and his band of one trick ponies.

        What will be his next bandwagon – bring back capital punishment?


  24. 64

    Our promise of a referendum is as honourable as my commitment to sell our Sky shares to Rupert


  25. 66
    Stuart Hall says:

    Has anyone got Huhnes QC’s Phone number please.

    I could do with keeping my little difficulty out of court for a few years.


    • 75
      EU? In out shake it all about says:

      Get a doctor’s paper and claim stress. Try The Priory for a little holiday for a few weeks.


      • 104
        Margaret Moran says:

        Just say the thought of going to prison makes you sad. It worked for me.


        • 124
          A trick cyclist says:

          I thought your mouthpiece argued that the thought of going to court depressed you so much,Margaret, that you weren’t fit to go to court. Or was that some other sad, thieving scumbag?


  26. 67
    The Long Grass says:

    I’m glad people find me so useful.


  27. 69
    EU? In out shake it all about says:

    Cameron’s a feckless chancer.


  28. 82
    Donkey Dick says:

    Court 3 T20127076
    For Mention – Resume – 10:33



  29. 89
    Vote UKIP says:

    What we need is a public enquiry into the EU where all the past failures to deliver the promises made can be made transparent to the public, along with all the bullshit about millions of jobs relying on our membership.

    Also the truth must be brought out that Norway has a much bigger say on European legislation (and thus EU law) than we have. Norway is a sovereign individual nation in negotiations of EFTA, etc whereas we are just one of a group having no individual voice other than a collective one.


    • 160
      HenryV says:

      That only one commentator here actually mentions Norway shows that we are all doomed. You are right of course.

      I don’t think it is really worth even looking at the rest of the comments now.


  30. 92
    In a nutshell says:

    My suggestion for the wording of the referendum , it should be a simple

    “Do you wish to make The Kinnocks redundant , yes or No ? “


  31. 99

    The news jolts backwards and forwards between perversion and conversion.


  32. 105
    Tony Eden from Eton says:

    And I thought Brown’s handwriting was bad.


  33. 107
    The Great Huhnedini says:

    Court 3 T20127076
    For Mention – No Event – 10:52



  34. 115
    Moussa Koussa Mark 5 says:

    2500 new jobs…At MacDonalds…. Oh joy

    I cant wait to order a burger from an Ex Squaddie. “”Do you fu8cking want f8ucking fries with that…In coming “”””


    • 122
      EU? In out shake it all about says:

      Know a few people over the years that have worked in McDees – can smell them coming a mile off, that certain smell of theirs, like when you pass one on the street. Bit like the whiff that farmers have got.


      • 128
        Ronald says:

        You mean that whiff of ‘eau de goat’?


      • 134
        Anonymous says:

        No problem workers at fast food outlets are temporary. It will be fully automated soon.

        Machines will be leased from the parent company, situated abroad, to the franchise, and no profits will be made in this country. The staff wage will be given through an eastern European country business and the lone supervisor will be on temporary secondment from their home country on a rotation basis.

        There will be no tax, at all, paid in this country. Even the delivery trucks will bring their fuel from abroad.


        • 156

          Christ, what a bunch of sniffy, middle class tossers you are! So what if it’s burger flipping – at least they’ve got the spark to get up, get out and do a job of work. It might not excite YOUR juices, but they have the courage and application to see it as an opportunity, however slim.

          I can’t wait for you to be served by an ex- squaddie either Moussa, because then you’ll come face to face with someone who has meaning and has contributed significantly. The exact opposite to what YOU see in your mirror every day.


      • 153
        Tony Eden from Eton says:

        Another 1,497,500 new jobs this side of Christmas and we have cracked it .


  35. 129
    Dave the Gays Luvver says:

    Right. That’s the EU business kicked into the long grass again.

    Now, to get back to the most important issue, so close to my core beliefs.


  36. 138
    .243 Win says:

    It’s littered with get-out clauses :

    So he’ll ‘ask for a mandate from the British people for a Conservative Government to negotiate a new settlement with our European partners in the next Parliament’. So no “Conservative Government” (i.e. another coagulation…), no negotiation.

    And if he does get his “Conservative Government”, we have to wait until he can ‘complete this negotiation’ (no time limit there…) and then ‘hold this referendum within the first half of the next Parliament.’ (after the negotiation finishes…)

    So there’s the potential to hang this one out over two parliaments. Anyone fancy a tenner on the chances of him being there for another two ?


    • 144
      Voter says:

      And no negotiation UNTIL the next parliament… Meanwhile immigration continues. Really, what do they take us for. The lefty New Spectator is full of articles about how wonderful this all is.


  37. 145
    Dump the Cnut says:

    Maximum of 834 days left with Dave as P.M.


  38. 146
    Van Rompuy says:

    Vote UKIP!!!!


  39. 147
    Penfold says:

    Cloud Cuckoo Land.
    The EU will not renegotiate our membership, nor will they allow us to recover yielded power.
    The only way is to serve a Section 50 notice.

    The EU is not some gentlemen’s club, bound by honour and with some vestige’s of ethics and morality. It is the spawn of a Neo-Stalinlite SSR.


  40. 149
    Go get 'em Guidio says:

    More bullshit

    He’ll pass off any EU concession, no matter how meager, as a reason for NOT having a referendum

    The politicians WILL NEVER risk losing their chance to get onto the gravy train that is the EU


  41. 154
    Tony Eden from Eton says:

    Dear Prime Minister

    Many thanks for your most helpful and detailed letter.

    With very great respect I would suggest a few adjustments to your strategy.

    Rather than having a timetable which will do nothing until 2015 and achieve nothing before 2020 might I suggest you engage with our 26 European colleagues now to see whether they will agree to Treaty change ( which I understand would in any event require electoral approval by all individual electorates).

    If you meet now with total rejection then you can negotiate changes which can be incorporated into our 2015 manifesto with a view to a referendum in the same year and possible withdrawal in 2016.

    I await your detailed observations in early course.

    Your obedient servant.



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