January 22nd, 2013

EU Wants to ‘Remove’ Journalists
European Commission Weighs into Leveson Debate

What a surprise that the EU has intervened  into the Leveson debate and wants to implement draconian press controls across the great project. New potential European Commission recommendations will apparently offer “respect, protection, support and promotion of media freedom and pluralism in Europe”, yet it doesn’t take very long before things get rather sinister:

“All EU countries should have independent media councils… Media councils should have real enforcement powers, such as the imposition of fines, orders for printed or broadcast apologies, or removal of journalistic status.”

First they came for the journalists…

UPDATE: Toby Young has found an even worse line:

“The national media councils should follow a set of European-wide standards and be monitored by the Commission to ensure that they comply with European values.”



  1. 1
    Can't use me old moniker says:

    What, I wonder, will be the ‘last straw’?

  2. 2
    Kebab Time says:

    But we won the Nobel Peace Prize……

  3. 3
    Robert Jay Unshaven QC says:

    And next, we’ll come for the blogs. Do not believe my words on the right hand side of the page. I’m a QC after all.

  4. 4
    inside- out says:

    Independent journalists not wanted,ask too many questions.

  5. 5
    genghiz the kahn says:

    F U, EU.

  6. 6
    Dino says:

    The agenda is always the same, centralisation of power.

    That’s why the US federal gov loves the EU, they are on the same side, that of taking away power from states. I wonder how long before the EU has its own kill list? You know, for democracy and safety. And the children.

  7. 7
    The Great Huhnedini says:

    Not before time!

  8. 8
    Baroness Thatcher of Gibraltar says:

    Governments must of course retain the power to close down broadcasters whose criticisms are against the national interest.

  9. 9
    Icarus says:

    Where do ? donate to shut Nigel Farage and his ilk up?

  10. 10
    Go get 'em Guidio says:

    The political elite are closing ranks. We need a revolution (bloody or otherwise) to get rid of these undemocratic gits

  11. 11
    Tooth fairy says:

    Depends on your personal breaking point. Mine was last year when Cameron showed himself to be the Traitor he is.

    Perhaps more journalists will start seeing the light and start giving the three main party politicians a harder time over their stance on the EU.

    Milliband taunted Cameron last week at PMQ’s that they had worked together walking through the tellers on the EU referendum debate and that Cameron couldn’t do so with his own rebels. Quite a state of affairs.

  12. 12
    Con Artists says:

    When are we marching on Parliament ? Poll tax style…

  13. 13
    Latimer Alder says:

    Bloody hell. To be a journalist is pretty much the lowest of the low already. Removing even that ‘status’ would leave the poor bastard with nothing

  14. 14

    FUCK The EU

  15. 15
    Kun Tea Bollox says:

    Probably the best way forward is to have a Central News Bureau situated in the European Capital of Brussels.
    Each day, they decide what the news is and distribute it to the papers, news channels and bloggers by email.
    These “news outlets” will then save a fortune on not having to employ any journalists or researchers.
    The great thing is that there will be no distortion of the trEUth, no opinion and best of all uniformity.
    Last thing we need going forward is opinion – it is so divisive.

  16. 16
    Owen Jones says:

    Oh ok, you don’t want a debate, so I’ll leave it there.

  17. 17
    You can Stick your Homage where the Sun don't shine Herman says:

  18. 18
    genghiz the kahn says:

    “v Pravde net izvestiy, v Izvestiyakh net pravdy”.

    In the Truth there is no news, and in the News there is no truth.

  19. 19
    Anonymous says:

    What is the problem of having such a system?

    Problem we had in UK was a system where political leaders go cap in hand in front of media owners. Who ever media owner decide to support get support in covering up the mistakes, etc done by that party while other parties get negative political coverage. Media group get political backing in exchange for political support.

    EU should also say all media should be politically neutral. Increase competition by braking up any group controlling more than 15% of the media market in any country.

  20. 20
    Colonel Mustard says:

    They could profitably remove journalistic status from those fuckwits who post spelling howlers and grammatical crimes on the Torygraph website.

    And as for those people who post comments there – absolutely barking!

  21. 21
    Dave"The One Term Prime Minister" Cameron says:

    Samantha said, “I’ll know if you have gone to the fucking pub tonight I’ll follow your footprints in the snow”. So I walked down there backwards.

  22. 22
    Realist says:

    That applies to every newspaper on the planet.
    How often have you seen a newspaper report on something you know something about? You soon realise they’re littered with errors and downright lies.

  23. 23
    Anonymous says:

    Without EU, workers in UK will have much less rights.

  24. 24
    Misternedderry says:

    At what point will the journalists in this country finally turn, en masse, against the EU and DEMAND we leave?

    The EU is a dark sinister tyranny which we MUST escape from as soon as possible.

  25. 25
    El Pedanto says:

    It wasn’t a poll tax. Look it up.

  26. 26
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    If only the Daily Telegraph could get inside the EU finances and do an expose for Brussels as it did for Westminster.

    Bet we’d find out that the expense scandal in Brussels is £multi millions more than it even was in Westminster. It might even be a big enough scandal to bring the whole festering pile down around their ears.

    If only an insider would give the figures to Guido or the DT.

  27. 27
    Private_Schultz says:

    Slightly off topic, though freedom of the press-related, but good for Eastleigh News! http://www.eastleighnews.org.uk/news/2013/01/22/huhne-perversion-trial-starts-today/

  28. 28
    Foxy Sam says:

    I followed you backwards.

  29. 29
    Penfold says:

    And I suppose we will have one Pan-Euro newspaper, which will report sycophantically on the Brussels machine and offer only news of an accepted ilk.
    No doubt it will be called Pravda……………

    Typical polly’s, bent, corrupt, manipulative and hell bent on covering up their misdemeanours.

  30. 30
    Not a BBC spokesperson says:

    I think you find we already exist.
    Thank you for your license money comrade!

  31. 31
    Misternedderry says:

    Bullshit! Without the EU, we could choose what level of workers rights are appropriate for the UK. This could be more rights than now. depends entirely if we become free enough to vote in a party in the UK which will grant APPROPRIATE rights to UK workers.

    There is NOTHING to stop us from choosing whatever level of workers protections we like once we are free from EU tyranny.

  32. 32
    UK workers (yes there are still a few of us around) says:

    No doubt we’ll manage – including forcing the repeal of all the EU shyte we have had poured on our heads since the 1970s.

    As the Krauts say ‘ve haf vays’ ….

  33. 33
    UK workers (yes there are still a few of us around) says:

    Including the ****** BBC

  34. 34
    albacore says:

    Porky Fawkes had best start getting in trim
    Can’t be long now before they come for him
    Especially with his avowed intent
    Of blowing the crap out of Parliament

  35. 35
    Pickled Wizard says:

    I dont think much of that haiku

  36. 36
    Tax is theft says:

    Nobody forces you to buy a newspaper.

  37. 37
    Penfold says:

    Send in ze Panzers, Belgium is a non state, vorwarts kamaraden…

  38. 38
    UK workers (yes there are still a few of us around) says:

    When idiots stop buying their papers (and stop paying the tellytax)

  39. 39
    Jen The Blue says:

    What utter tosh anonymous. It is simply that the rights the workers would have in the UK would be decided by a democratically elected government here.

  40. 40
    Conservative says:

    The ‘poll’ tax was very sensible. No representation without taxation. It was lost because of the inbuilt civil service bias and the left wingers like Clarke and Co. The REAL bastards.

  41. 41
    UK workers (yes there are still a few of us around) says:

    You mean you presented it to yourselves – and you think nobody noticed?

    In case it had passed you by, peace was kept in Europe for 60+ years by/because of NATO – which had SFA to do with the EU.

  42. 42
    Penfold says:

    Will? being elected and starting yet another Labour family dynasty

  43. 43
    Universal Hiss says:

    It’s alright. The BBC have no journalists.

    I’m not sure any newspapers have either.

  44. 44
    Jen The Blue says:

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes Anonymous?

    What is politically neutral? Certainly not the BBC which is neutral only in its charter but not in its left wing output.

  45. 45
    Joss Ayinglike says:

    Hopefully Jack will be the last Straw in the House of Commons.

  46. 46
    Anonymous says:

    It is never going to happen. Even Cameron will never give an in / out vote, he might say it until he gets your vote in a general election, that is all.

    This is the same Cameron who gave a cast iron guarantee before the last general election.

  47. 47
    UK workers (yes there are still a few of us around) says:

    Gewgel Michael Shrimpton for a view on the likelihood of this happening. Or , alternatively, scroll back a day or two and read the interview (if it is still up of course)

  48. 48
    Anonymous says:

    Sometimes it seems like the last war didn’t really end….

  49. 49
    UK workers (yes there are still a few of us around) says:

    Ask Rumpypumpy fpr directions.

  50. 50
    Jen The Blue says:

    Indeed,just change the name of the BBC to PRAVDA and your there.

  51. 51
    Never Reinforce Failure says:

    Was a riot though! And next time we’ll have some very good Chinese riot gear (it’s amazing what comes in those containers) to take on the Naughty Police as they support the very elite that despises them! One good push should do it I know over two dozen squaddies facing the P45 who’ll be up for it (over 100 tours of middle east shit holes between them). People have just had enough of the whole Ponzi system.

  52. 52
    Herman van Rumboy says:

    Pay homage to the Marshall Plan, NATO, the British Army on the Rhine and the American troops stationed in West Germany for keeping the Jerries and the Frogs from repeating the same old mistakes time and time again.

  53. 53
    Anonymous says:

    It will be always less right than now. UK opted out of parts of the social chapter to give works less rights.

    EU only sets minimum rights not maximum rights for workers. If UK government wants to give more rights to workers it can still do.

  54. 54
    Peking Duck says:

    Quite so. Ask your “office” in Peking to drop by the ministry for a copy of the ‘guidelines’.

  55. 55
    Anonymous says:

    Marching won’t make a scrap of difference, apart from providing target practice for several thousand baton rounds.

    Insurrection is the way forward.

  56. 56
    Mr Griffin says:

    n the latest video, a man is approached in Whitechapel and asked: “Don’t you know this is a Muslim area? What’s wrong with your face?

    “Why are you dressed like that for? You’re walking through a Muslim area dressed like a fag, mate.

    “You need to get out of here quicker. You’re dirty mate. Look at your shoes.

    “Get out of here you fag… Don’t stay around here any more.”

    Stonewall said: “YouGov polling for Stonewall shows that every year one in eight lesbian and gay people are the victim of crimes or harassment simply because they are gay.

    “We urge victims of all homophobic crimes and incidents to report them to the police and for the police to take action to protect gay people from these disturbing crimes.”

    Scotland Yard responded to the original footage posted saying: “We are aware of incidents over the weekend of 12/13 January where a small group of people had harassed members of the public, and of YouTube videos showing this.

    “We do not condone this action and fortunately this is not something that has regularly occurred in London.

    “However in response to this incident officers on duty are being briefed as to what has occurred and what to be on the look out for.”

  57. 57
    Anonymous says:

    Yes, BBC as well.

  58. 58
    Curly says:

    Your spelling is atrocious! You must change hai to fu – that will get you a pass mark.

  59. 59
    Curly says:

    or tune in to the BBC

  60. 60
    stun says:

    Committee for the
    Coordination of the

  61. 61
    Colonel Mustard says:

    Colonel Mustard never swears. Impostor!

  62. 62
    Piano wire says:


    It was utterly fair but it was opposed by millions of scroungers and layabouts who were terrified of having to pay their fair whack.

  63. 63
    Curly says:

    Ask Assange if he has a copy.

  64. 64
    Professor Logical says:

    That’s a Straw man argument.

  65. 65
    Smig says:

    Pravda means truth…

    Oh, I see what you did there.

    TACC Телеграфное агентство связи и сообщения may be more appropriate.

  66. 66
    Realist says:

    I don’t buy a newspaper. I read free ones on the web, bearing in mind that most of their contents are inaccurate or downright lies.

  67. 67
    Senor Curly von Luton says:

    But how many languages will it have to be printed in now there are nearly 30 members?

    And I can tell you for a fact that the Brits have no intention of making any effort to learn any other foreign language!

  68. 68
    Bluto says:

    “We do not condone this action” sounds remarkably weak. What about “this action is illegal and we will exercise zero tolerance in prosecuting it”?

    Can we have Queen Victoria’s Metropolitan Police back please? I’m sure that even without radios, cars, anti-stab vests, diversity training and tasers they would do a much better job of policing London.

  69. 69
    Archer Karcher says:

    A democratically elected government here, accountable to the electorate here.
    Not some lap dog appointee, who may well hate this country and who has never stood for election in their lives and has no fear of ever being removed by the British, or any other electorate.

  70. 70
    Calamity Clegg says:

    Very interesting, thanks. Unusually, Hoon’s local rag doesn’t seem to be slavishly supporting FibDem agitprop.

  71. 71
    Anonymous says:

    Even first past the post isn’t democratic, as most of the voters voted for other parties than the governing party. House of Lords has never been elected as well.

    EU has its faults. It is not perfect but without it life in UK will be much harder for most people.

    EU didn’t tell UK to let eastern European in immanently. Almost no other EU states did it but Blair let them in. Even UK could have blocked eastern European countries joining EU but Mrs T, Major or Blair didn’t use veto to block it.

  72. 72
    Mme Tricoteuse says:

    Then we’ll rally round to see
    Guido hanging from a tree.
    My needles are sharp, the wool is in
    I just have to fill the popcorn tin.

  73. 73
    Anonymous says:

    Have you seen Andrew Marr giving easy time to Osborne?

  74. 74
    Fishy says:

    I thought that this was ‘for mention’, i.e. to consider legal argument before the trial proper.

    If it is the case that this has gone to full trial and it is being held under a gagging order, this is unacceptable. What possible justification can there be?

    One rule for Huhne and one for the rest of us it seems. Fleet street’s finest need to get their finger out and get the order over-turned. We have a right to know what is going on.

  75. 75
    Ornery Lundanner says:


  76. 76
    Will Straw says:

    If I only had a brain.

  77. 77
    Anonymous says:

    If so, why Tory lead government didn’t do any thing about it?

  78. 78
    Tom Bombadil says:

    Fuck the EU and Camoron, fuck them in their stupid asses

  79. 79
    Archer Karcher says:

    Cameron’s was totally dishonest leading up to his cast iron guarantee.

    He knew that the Lisbon deal would be done and ratified, long before he ever made it to Downing Strasse.
    He was just posturing for the gullible.
    The likes of lying Cameron and Hague are part of the problem, they will never be part of any solution.

  80. 80
    FU EU says:

    Whereas had it been sombody not paying their telly tax, or parking their car on one of those lines we made up out of thin air, they would have been ‘prossesed’ (except uhunne) and fined before you could say ala is a knob.

  81. 81
    Kun Tea Bollox says:

    In future the news will be published in EUnglish.
    For those that don’t understand it there will be a translation service via GEUGLE translations.

  82. 82
    Londonistan visitor says:

    I was in Whitechapel last year and while there were uindoubtedly Muslims to be seen, the population appeared to be incredibly diverse. There were even, believe it or not, some white people to be seen.

    And I had one of the best and most authentic Indian meals I’ve ever had, in the Bombay Grill.

  83. 83
    albacore says:

    Would that be the three monkeys ploy, perchance?
    See, hear and say nowt. It’s only a dance
    They call it the enriching sock’n’roll
    Cool and catchy and full of eastern soul

  84. 84
    archbishop of canterbury says:

    Curates are to stand on the steps of every Parish church haranguing any ladies not wearing twin set and pearls and encouraging forcible baptism for the heathen.
    English defence League to chase away any that refuse a bacon sandwich in “Christian areas” – damned few of those after the ethnic cleaninf of London

  85. 85
    Kun Tea Bollox says:

    It’s funny when one “sacred minority” picks on another “sacred minority”
    The BBC must be in absolute chaos trying to point out who the bad guys are.

    I expect they’ll find some way to blame UKIP/BNP/EDL/The TooFarTooFastCoalition.

  86. 86
    Hear-See-Say Nowt says:

    How sad that , apparently, we won’t be able to follow his/her/their proving his/her/their innocence, especially after all this time and, presumably money, spent , allegedly, seeking to avoid his/her/their rightful opportunity to do so in open court. I’m sorry not to be able to hear details of whatever evidence is put forward by the prosecution and witnesses, if any ,nor his/her/their defence arguments.We must,though,fully recognize that he/she/they must receive a spotlessly fair trial, if that is now what is actually taking place at last, for justice to prevail. If at the end of all this, guilt is proved, he/she/they will then be entitled to be sentenced appropriately according to the law of the land.

  87. 87
    Herman van Rumboy says:

    Not any more.

  88. 88
    Fishy says:

    But we may never know.

  89. 89
    Assange says:

    Possibly. But you’re not getting it. The EU is a socialist institution of which I thoroughly approve. It’s only the Western democracies that I seek to destroy.

  90. 90
    Damned Impertinent Questions says:

  91. 91
    Damned Impertinent Questions says:

  92. 92
    DWWolds says:

    Initial reaction? Cheeky s.ds!

  93. 93
    Vote UKIP says:

    You can’t trust the mainstream press any more than the EU itself.

  94. 94
    Jake says:

    And this is the group who have tried to pass laws making it illegal to critisize the EU………..

  95. 95
    EU Watch says:

    Obviously the flag and symbols of the EU should now be considered fair game for freedom of expression.

    The solution for the people should be simple:

  96. 96
    Vote UKIP says:

    What about the rights of the taxpayer who don’t want to be mugged by the state and the people who want a prosperous country with private companies making good profits ( thus encouraging the creation of proper jobs) which can be taxed and the proceeds used to pay for health, education, pensions,etc?

  97. 97
    Grimy Miner says:

    “Gibraltar? That’s like Filey with chimpanzees”
    Oz Osbourne – Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

  98. 98
    Stasi says:

    Guido, in theory, if this went through could you be shut down?

  99. 99
    Eeyore says:

    This is really, REALLY sinister.

    It MUST be stopped.

  100. 100
    ? says:

    careful, you’ll give him another one if he reads that

  101. 101
    Wee Willie says:

    ‘Fewer’ rights. If you’re crazy enough to support the EU, at least use correct grammar

  102. 102
    Oh for gawds sake... says:

    I don’t tune in to the BBC, but I’m still forced to pay for them.

  103. 103
    PC Dixon says:

    No surprise there then from that load money grabbing, unelected, Stalinist fascist thugs running the EC. Sooner we cut them adrift the better. Cameron wants to stay pals with them so cut him off with them.

    What am I – an ex Conservative voter of 40 years or more.

    am I not surprised – yet more reasons to get away completely from that load of

  104. 104
    who why what where when says:

    So now we know.
    The Hacked Off campaign was a precursor to a much wider ranging European project aimed at censoring the press and reducing our basic freedom.
    What sickens me is that it’s backed by the NUJ and those who claim to be concerned with our liberty.

  105. 105
    Jack the Ripper says:

    European values?! What on earth are those?

  106. 106
    Dorothy's Friend says:


  107. 107
    Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

    Let’s not go back to the days of the Nasty Party in the 1990’s when there was no protection. I remember at the Tory Party Conference at Blackpool when a member got a standing ovation when he stated he paid youngsters a £1 an hour when they worked at his travel agency.

    Left me muttering where’s the Prov.os when you need them!

  108. 108
    Anonymous says:

    So is the NUJ going to start standing up for the right of it’s members to do their jobs properly?

  109. 109
    Jimbo says:

    Let us hope that the Newspapers now want to remove the EU, get some bottle tell the truth and support the British People who want to see the end of this corrupt organisation.

  110. 110
    Wycked Hors says:

    Perhaps they could have a Ministry of Truth, and journalists could learn to write Newspeak?

  111. 111
    Private_Schultz says:

    But then the people would arise,
    With Guido masks before their eyes,
    And kneel on Neelie, tell her straight,
    ‘Don’t meddle with our 4th Estate!’

  112. 112
    Kun Tea Bollox says:

    The EU must be revered above all else.
    The EU and especially the EUrozone is a fantastic success.
    The EURO is the strongest most prized and wonderful currency ever.
    The EU guarantees peace in Europe and has done since WWII (NATO didn’t even help and the threat of Mutual Assured Destruction is American propaganda)
    The EU has given the citizens of Europe prosperity, full employment but most of all a great flag and a very moving anthem (OK it was an existing piece that was hijacked but it belongs to the fatherland now – sorry EU)

  113. 113
    Anonymous says:

    Hardly surprising the NUJ are lurking in the background. They already pressure journalists from reporting unfavourable stories on ‘diversity’.

  114. 114
    Talk is cheap - people are judged by deeds. says:

    It is better to live one day as a tiger than a thousand years as a sheep.

  115. 115
    Countdown to revolution says:

    Those spouting drivel about ‘European values’ are the very same people hell bent on the ethnic replacement of native Europeans in their own countries.

  116. 116
    keredybretsa says:

    Comply with European values. Who will be able to work that one out? All these different countries, cultures and languages. Each one will have their own values and presumably fight to preserve that which they value most.

  117. 117
    komrade says:

    Make that ‘komittee’.

  118. 118
    European values says:

    Claiming massive expenses. Covering up huge levels of fraud and corruption. Unelected morally bankrupt marxist officials. Now threatening to ‘ remove’ any journalist who dares to report it. Those kind of values.

  119. 119
    fitzfitz says:

    Laughable E Empire news : Removal ? … will the names of the Removed be published ? by journalists ? … our Continental colleagues have not got a clue.

  120. 120
    fitzfitz says:

    They are the values of the E Empire . the values of the Continentals who have trampled over each other for millennia and now have barely got a Press worthy of the name …

  121. 121
    fitzfitz says:

    … is anybody shouting Stop ? … buck up, locals .

  122. 122
    fitzfitz says:

    Good thinking ! Flood Guido with documents, lads …

  123. 123
    fitzfitz says:

    So, according this strategy, the E Empire could possibly even Remove the BBC … in the unlikely event the the BBC even disagreed wit the Empire …

  124. 124
    Briton says:

    What are they? That will not be disclosed in advance in the public interest. Transgressions will be notified to offenders by means of a dawn raid.

  125. 125
    EU Leveson diktat 1984 says:

    Press will not be allowed to report on the pay and perks of any EU official.
    Press will not be allowed to report on the costs of new EU buildings.
    Press will not be allowed to report on the awarding of EU contracts.
    Press will not be allowed to report on the replacement of elected national leaders with EU placemen.
    Press will not be allowed to report that the press are not allowed to report these stories.

  126. 126
    Trannie Basher says:

    Outwith the EU British workers would have a better chance of work.

  127. 127
    Archie says:

    Don’t think that it did!

  128. 128
    Archie says:

    aka Big Chief Crazy Glasses!

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