January 22nd, 2013

Cameron Speech: the Meat

“The next Conservative Manifesto in 2015 will ask for a mandate from the British people for a Conservative Government to negotiate a new settlement with our European partners in the next Parliament. And when we have negotiated that new settlement, we will give the British people a referendum with a very simple in or out choice to stay in the EU on these new terms; or come out altogether. It will be an in-out referendum.

Legislation will be drafted before the next election. And if a Conservative Government is elected we will introduce the enabling legislation immediately and pass it by the end of that year. And we will complete this negotiation and hold this referendum within the first half of the next parliament.

It is time for the British people to have their say. It is time to settle this European question in British politics.

With courage and conviction I believe we can deliver a more flexible, adaptable and open European Union in which the interests and ambitions of all its members can be met. With courage and conviction I believe we can achieve a new settlement in which Britain can be comfortable and all our countries can thrive.

I believe something very deeply. That Britain’s national interest is best served in a flexible, adaptable and open European Union. And that such a European Union is best with Britain in it.

Over the coming weeks, months and years, I will not rest until this debate is won. For the future of my country. For the success of the European Union. And for the prosperity of our peoples for generations to come.”

The time has come, in five years time.


  1. 1
    Jimmy says:

    Sounds more like the veg

  2. 2
    Kebab Time says:

    No parliament can bind another, this could be a great political move.

    No Referendum from Labour, UKIP muted and a majority.

    Well bowled.

  3. 3
    Dilligaff says:

    Draft legislation has never been binding on an incoming govt. of a differing hue. Smoke and mirrors.

  4. 4
    Little Willy Haig says:

    ‘ang ‘im ‘igh

  5. 5
    Sponge says:


  6. 6
    Anonymous says:

    Sorry mate, you passed the threshold a while ago. I simply do not believe anything you say

  7. 7
    Jimmy says:

    Early reaction from guidophiles

  8. 8
    Donker nebab says:

    Sorry mate, you passed the threshold a while ago. I simply do not believe anything you say

  9. 9
    Anonymous says:

    Oh for goodness sake – This just means he’s hoping for another coalition. Move on nothing to see there

  10. 10
    Geoffrey says:

    Are you talking to anyone in particular?

  11. 11
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

    More lies.

  12. 12
    JH3472384023234 says:

    With your desperation to be noticed and look clever on here, you seem more like this guy.

    With another little oh-so-snippy little post, Jimmy reigns supreme!

    Well done!

  13. 13
    Spacker Brown says:

    Why should we believe him this time?

  14. 14
    Diane Fartbott says:


    That’ll stink the French out

  15. 15
    Moby Dick says:

    Planet earth might not exist in 5 years never mind europe

  16. 16
    Jimmy the Dhimmi says:

    Someone taken your favourite doll ?

  17. 17
    Tooth fairy says:

    More cast iron guarantees.

    Smoke and mirrors.

    The LibDems should return to their 2010 General Election commitment for and in / out referendum THIS parliament. 5 years of fudge. It will never happen.

    The people will riot as soon as the hoards from Bulgaria and romania start filling the schools, hospitals and social housing, not to mention the rise in crime!

  18. 18
    The FibDemon party says:

    Yes, you’re right. Time to build some more wind farms to reduce our carbon emissions.

  19. 19
    Anonymous says:

    So this gets sorted ok .

    Then we get another referendum that asks the question “do we want our nation to be subsumed within a United States of Europe, so that we will never be a nationhood state again” Yes or No?

  20. 20
    Cameronsceptic says:

    “In five years time”. Does he give “a cast-iron guarantee” of this though?

  21. 21
    Anonymous says:

    So if they want a delay then let it be exactly that.

    Let all legislation changes and status changes be delayed until that point.

    Let the stay of action be an all party agreement.

    However, I think the delay will be used to make sure the country is ruined and there is no industry left. We will be completely lawless by then. Recently discovered the current lawless corruption first hand, and the undemocratic barriers that they hide behind to avoid dealing with any people.

  22. 22
    Harridan Harmanhater says:

    More immigrants = more benefits = more Libor voters.

  23. 23
    FrankFisher says:

    Cast iron Dave?

    How stupid does this prick think we are?

  24. 24
    Anonymous says:

    Flashman looking after his banker mates who are having a huff about new EU laws.

  25. 25
    Anonymous says:

    The laughing policeman springs to mind!!

    It won’t happen cos call me dave will never get re-elected. He had his chance and he blew it.

    Remember your previous cast iron guarantee referendum promise?

  26. 26
    Diane Fartbott says:

    Yes because carbon dioxide is evil and warming our planet. I was out in my garden in my bikini only yesterday taning up.

  27. 27
    Dead Duck says:

    Well as he ain’t going to win the election he can give a cast iron guarantee for anything his government will do in 2018.

  28. 28
    Diane Fartbott says:

    Did someone say fudge? Yum yum by tummy is rumbling

  29. 29
    Sam Auldstorey says:

    So we can have a referendum if we vote Tory at the next general election… that’s what he said before the last one!

  30. 30
    Fishy says:

    Why have I got that narcissist and leader of a one-man-band party, Sqd Ldr Farridge, staring down at me from these pages?

    Snake oil, who want’s to buy my snake oil?

  31. 31
    pissed off voter says:

    exactly. it’s the 2013 version of Cameron’s cast-iron guarantee, worth almost as much as a Jessop gift voucher.

  32. 32
    Diane Fartbott says:

    As thick as my arse

  33. 33
    Nick Griffin says:

    Exactly my case in point, fool me once and all that.

  34. 34
    Tony says:

    Maybe it’s a teflon guarantee!

  35. 35
    Fishy from Staffordshire says:

    Thanks. Wait for a northerly wind for god’s sake

  36. 36
    Joe says:

    Wow, what a moron.

  37. 37
    InOutplease says:

    Well done Cameron, you’ve got my vote back

  38. 38
    Anonymous says:

    ha ha the people will riot before or after x factor or match of the day
    dream on

    bread and circuses for the plebs

  39. 39
    Mayan calendar 21st December 2012 says:

    You can have your referendum tomorrow!

  40. 40
    Cast Iron Dave says:

    Where is Jessica Hyde?

  41. 41
    See above says:

    Another mong

  42. 42
    I Fist my own Arse by Using my Own Head says:

    The rest of the world watch, as our dictator. Sorry, PM acts like a total C,unt.

  43. 43
    Universal Hiss says:

    You are a fucking liar.

    I don’t believe you.

    I will not be voting for your party.

    I hope I have made my position clear.

  44. 44
    Lifelong tory voter says:


  45. 45
    Mark Oaten says:

    My thoughts too!

    Last one in is a rotten egg :)

  46. 46
    Preserved Labour says:

    Oh yes? What place do you come from?

    What about: Labour’s windmill targets, Labour’s child so called poverty, Labour’s foreign aid, Labour’s PFI, Labour’s war in Afghanistan, Labour’s Olympics, Labour’s DNA database, Labour’s signing of the Lisbon Treaty, Labour giving away all our EU opt outs and refunds, Labour’s banning hunting with hounds, Labour’s monitoring of all emails, Labour’s NHS database that you must opt out and not in, Labour’s uncontrolled immigration, Labour’s hatred for the white working class, Labour’s love of money, filthy rich people and celebs and rewarding them with honours and gongs?

    So what has DAVE ABOLISHED ? fUCK ALL, The only one on Dave’s team to dissolve bad things that Labour have done is Eric Pickles.

  47. 47
    All talk says:

    Indeed, another Bliar!

  48. 48
    Fishy says:

    Not quite.

    He guaranteed a referendum lock which is now law.

    A referendum on Lisbon was irrelevant because Brown and Bananaband had signed the treaty and Labour had ratified it before the election, despite being asked not to.

  49. 49
    Fish Soup says:

    I like a little snake oil on top.

  50. 50
    Anti Libertarian says:

    This is a simple declaration that arse-bandit Dave has absolutely no intention of winning the 2015 GE.

    A total and utter fucking Quisling.

    Vote UKIP now.

  51. 51
    Joe says:

    Well said.

  52. 52
    Owen Jones' Mummy says:

    You’ve always made your position clear Owen, but you’ve forgotten that you will not be old enough to vote until 2020.

    Now get back to bed.

  53. 53
    grumpyofyork says:

    Four years away. He won’t be in power and it is another meaningless promise waiting to be broken.

  54. 54
    Lifelong tory voter now voting UKIP says:

    Where are the statesmen? Politics is dead. Revolution is the way forward…

  55. 55
    paulw says:

    Meaningless drivel.

    Referendum now. Vote now. Out now.

    Vote UKIP.

  56. 56
    jonhall says:

    Its like this Cameron

    1) I don’t trust you at all.

    2) If you think we can’t see what you’re up to you really are more stupid than I already think you are. You are hoping we’ll fall for this, vote you in and then you’ll either not give us a vote or if you do it won’t be in/out.

    3) The only way I would vote for you is if you give us an in / out vote BEFORE the next election.

    4) I’m 60 and a lifelong Tory voter but will never vote Tory again until we are out of the EU and we rule ourselves again.

  57. 57
    Andy Wallace says:

    Why wait four years, this needs sorting before the next general election

  58. 58
    Trev Jankins says:

    2015? Too late, dave.

    You are a puppet and a henchman.


  59. 59
    Pinocchio says:

    But even if he dose he will NOT give us a simple IN OUT referendum, that’s for sure.

  60. 60
    Universal Hiss says:

    Sorry Mum. I’m not a fucking labour bedwetter either.

    SNP voter.

    Do your worst…………………..

  61. 61
    mrs_miggins says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it and I certainly won’t be voting conservative in 2015 on the back of a ‘Cameron promise’. Heard it all before. UKIP have my vote from here on in. The conservatives have blown it in every way.

  62. 62
    Wooden nickel meets real life says:

    Oh we believe everything you tell us, I will give you some money after I’ve sorted out my bank account and the nice guy from Nigeria puts some money in.

  63. 63
    cornholio says:

    What a scumbag. He promised us a referendum if he got into power, he hasn’t provided us with that, and now he wants us to vote him in to power again, so he can screw us over again?

    Mr Prime Minister, please go to hell.

    fool me once and all that.

  64. 64
    Adam Smith says:

    I don’t trust Cameron as far as I can throw him, he has made these promises before and 2017, 2017 he expects us to wait four years, vote ukip

    Sign this petition to allow UKIP to take part in the 2015 TV election debates:


    Sign this petition to restrict Bulgarian and Romanians from entering the UK:


  65. 65
    Fishy Smelling Fingers says:

    Are you 100% on this. As we require a 100% guarantee.

  66. 66
    The Public says:

    We shouldn’t trust him. The man is a fucking weasel. There is no reason to wait five years. This country is quite capapble fo organising a referendum in five weeks.

  67. 67
    Dave's worthless paper. says:

    I’d rather have a Jessops’ gift voucher than one of Dave’s cast iron guarantees. With the Jessops’s voucher there is always the chance that the administrators will pay out something or if a buyer is found they will show good will and honour the vouchers. With Dave’s warranty the small print is all and carefully crafted never to pay out.

  68. 68
    The Public says:

    The only thing that Pickles has dissolved is the sugar in his tea. He has talked about reform but actually done nothing.

  69. 69
  70. 70
    The Public says:

    This needs sorting out by the end of Spring 2013

  71. 71
    CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

    It would be the only snake oil that ever worked.

    The EUSSR is the cause of many of this countries problems, and leaving it would solve many of them

  72. 72
    Operation Crossbow says:

    The next election will be a fucking hoot. No one will get a majority, Liebore will be the biggest party but they will need the Libs and the nats to prop them up.

    We will be in an even bigger shit hole than we are now. Red Ed will dump the chance of any sort of vote “Now is not the time” crap.

    What will be funny is if the jocks (unlikely I know) decide to fuck off but Red Ed needs the SNP to prop him up at Westminster.

    Our political system is totally broken.

  73. 73
    The Public says:

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, except old-Etonian con-men, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of an EU in-out referendum within this Parliament and not after the next general election.

  74. 74
    CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

    Jimmy’s reaction to hearing that over 100 million were murdered by Marxists…

  75. 75
    Universal Hiss says:

    Perhaps the 2 million Romanians coming to a London near you in about a years time will give a little jolt to all parties.

    I think we will see a short ,quick rearrangement of some seats.

  76. 76
    Lunatics, asylums, etc says:

    Presumably the winner gets to not occupy the glowing remains.

  77. 77
    CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

    > start filling the schools, hospitals and social housing,

    Then stop the NHS, failing state crèche system and subsidised housing for EVERYONE.

  78. 78
    CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

    + googolplex

  79. 79
    Investor's Cholick says:

    Luckily the pound is tanking, which is great for exports. If only we had anyone exporting anything for sale.

  80. 80
    Wooden nickel meets real life says:

    You know what will happen Rumpy Pumpy and his mates will force the UK further into the EUSSR soon after the 2015 election and Camoron will do what he always does, cowardly gives in, that way 2017 will come and go and Britain will be deliberately destroyed by doing what they have already planned with Kent and the south going into the French Zone and the rest of Britain split.

  81. 81
    Who will rid us of this stupid PM? says:

    A 100% guarantee from a liar like Cameron is no guarantee at all.

  82. 82
    Anonymous says:

    A referendum vote, either way is not binding any way on any government.

    If a no vote was obtained, they will ignore it like france of holland did or have as many other referendums they need to, to get a yes vote as per Ireland and as they keep doing in Switzerland and Norway until the vote is a yes.

    I still say that there is no way you will ever get a referendum on Europe. There are great powers at work here, greater than Cameron, the tory party or indeed any UK political party. It just will not, can not happen!!
    Go on have a bet??

  83. 83
    Anonymous says:

    Heseltine, Howe, Brittain et al,are going to remove him now, just like they did thatcher.

  84. 84
    V. Meldrew says:

    I don’t belieeeve it!

  85. 85
    Cornbeef Sandwich says:

  86. 86
    Weybridgeman says:

    Just keep voting until the Europhiles get the result they require – cf the Irish, the Irish, (again) the Danes etc. etc.etc.

  87. 87
    Cameron is a cock says:

    Another cast iron promise that’s just as worthless as all his other promises.

  88. 88
    Universal Hiss says:

    I think you are right.It’s unlikely that the jocks will vote for independence.

    That’s another nasty resentment boiling over for the next election.

    I’d not like to call it. I really think there will be civil unrest before then.

  89. 89
    A Romanian says:

    I am learning some useful English phrases like” could you show me the way to the nearest benefits office”, “honestly constable, I was not trying to skim this ATM”, and”I have just parked my horse and caravan in your front garden so sod off”.

  90. 90
    I'm Still voting UKIP Dave says:

    Bollox, empty words.

  91. 91
    Anonymous says:

    If you want to see Cameron’s ideas about “centralisation” of decisions (his little version to mimic the EU), look at the Growth and Infrastructure bill.

    Loss of footpaths, village green space, employment rights, local planning. All planning decisions to be taken over by government on their whim. If they don’t like the local democracy just allow it to be bypassed.

    The forced loss of employment rights for £2000 of shares that could be compulsory bought back is madness. The share price during bad news and redundancy times will be zilch. All new jobs will have no rights. Eventually for a token offering there will be no employment, so we will all become “yes certainly” employees and the country will stagnate. How else are they to employ the new cheap labour coming next year.

    This country has ended.

  92. 92
    Jimbo says:

    What did we expect from a “nothing ” man, nothing ! another five years will mean another million immigrants from Europe, another million to vote for the EU.
    No, get this idiot out and let us vote NOW. Cameron is a traitor to this County and should be noted as such. The People of this Country are finding all of the Politicians out and I do not think they will get away with rushing us down towards a communist state. UKIP are going to have a field day at the next election as long as Nigel does not sell out to the Globalist and I do not think that he will, he has more balls than Cameron, he will get my vote, amother vote from Conservative gone.

  93. 93

    I have known Chris Huhne for 165 years and believe him to be one of the most honest men to have ever drawn breath. He has worked selflessly for the community and Britain, nay the World, would be a much poorer place for his absence.

    He has on occasions drіven me and he never so much went at even half the speed limit. The idea that he should pervert the course of justice is so far from probability that it is a futile waste of the court’s time even to remotely consider the foolish prospect. The charge must have been brought by people with so little to do that they can only be playing a prank to alleviate their terminal boredom.

  94. 94
    It's A Cockout! says:

    Stuart Hall has been charged with ràpe and several counts of indecent assault on girls. I bet he regrets not dying a year ago. The bbc would’ve broadcast a special tribute show to him.

  95. 95
    Ernest Rutherfords politics 101 says:

    The EUSSR is the single most important issue we face. Everything else is Stamp collecting.

  96. 96
    Stuart's headed for a different kind of Hall says:

    Cameron has made u-turns on everything. Only those with the intellect of a bag of dust would still take any of his promises seriously.

  97. 97
    Anonymous says:

    Free healthcare,schooling,housing benefit, free GP and hospital care, and you don’t have to pay a penny in to get it. No wonder everyone wants to come here.

    No wonder the debt is still going up. No wonder you can’t get an appointment to see your GP.

    Roll on 2014 so the Bulgarians and Romanians invade and turn your hight street into even more of a foreign country.

    But don’t worry if you happen to be one of the rich elite political classes, then you won’t see any difference. You already have enough money to be insulated from what is happening to the ordinary plebs on the ground. After all when was the last time you used the NHS and no doubt you live in a well nice affluent part of the country any way, with your mortgage interest paid for by the ordinary plebs taxes.

  98. 98
    Anonymous says:

    The greatest power in this world is the idea that people do as they are expected.

    It does not take much to set the expectation.

    The rest just happens. It is so easy to manipulate people to believe they are in with the group that will own the future, that they will do anything to belong.

    It is a belief based system and like all cults is impossible to stop. Until a real leader steps out after the inevitable failure. The EU has always been based on change and growth. But that can never be sustainable. The world is finite. The resources finite. So its life is finite.

  99. 99
    Tachybaptus says:

    Sounds more like jam tomorrow, but never jam today — and it is always today.

  100. 100
    Tachybaptus says:

    Dream on, Anon, and on and on.

  101. 101
    Anonymous says:

    You do know that there is only one reason that Cameron is doing this don’t you?

    UKIP are nicking all daves votes.

    well done UKIP.

  102. 102
    Universal Hiss says:

    Thank you Mr.Cat.

    I now call the strange economist & player of the macshane oboe & olive oil female person,known to talk to labour voting types, a Ms.Pryce.(Bound to be a bounder.Furriner.Female.No old school credentials.Therefore liar.)

  103. 103
    albacore says:

    No time like the present. Why not this year?
    Is “in” or “out” not sufficiently clear?
    And if Dave himself loves the E U state
    Well, let him sod off there and immigrate

  104. 104
    The Big Whiff says:

  105. 105
    Universal Hiss says:

    & I will show you fear in a bag of dust.

    Just a minute. That doesn’t seem to work. Spad! Where’s the spads?

  106. 106
    The Big Whiff says:

    And there was I convinced that Dave was a moron

  107. 107
    Voting Floater says:

    I think this is the end for Cameron. I’d lay money on him being out by Easter, the tories simply don’t have the time to carry on like this for any longer. Of course, he’ll take his promise with him.

  108. 108
    Con Artists says:

    The public will need to march on Parliament for anything to happen.

    Who will organise this ?

    Remember the poll tax riots – The tories soon got rid of the poll tax and Maggie after the little demonstration in Central London…

    May bank holiday ??

  109. 109
    An Important Announcement says:

    David Cameron does not love this country or the people in it.

    That is all.

  110. 110
    The Morals of a Peanut says:

    I would lay money on him not reaching his next birthday. Which is a terribly sad thing to say about a British Prime Minister.

  111. 111
    Universal Hiss says:

    I don’t think so. They are all jellyfish.

    Who would be the stalking horse? Who wants the crown?

    No one.

    Watch the bindweed grow.

  112. 112
    Universal Hiss says:

    Dear me. Old country.

    Is Michael Winner standing?

  113. 113

    Clean record in word or deed my Lord
    Is the immediate jеwel in their Rolls
    Who takes my points gets cash
    ‘Twas mine, ’tis hers
    And has been paid by thousands.
    But she who snitches on me ’bout my game
    Robs me of that which not enriches her
    And makes me sore indeed.

  114. 114
    Cynic says:

    Are you that gullible or just taking the piss?

  115. 115
    Universal Hiss says:

    My dear,that’s so then. It’s never worked.

    We have all we need at our typing fingertips.

    The “poll tax” didn’t vanish because of a few bolshy people on the streets. As usual the jellyfish right wing could not carry the policy.Badly implemented.Seen to be socially divisive. Exactly like the Universal Credit will become.

    This time it will be worse. Not marches. Burnings.Which will help to accelerate a police state.

    I’ll take off my tin foil hat now.

  116. 116
    Universal Hiss says:

    So what’s that then?

    Sounds like the prayer before the stock market bell.

  117. 117
    Tron says:

    Can all the smart-arse UKIP voters on here stop laughing at Dave, Ed and Nick for a moment and tell me when we can expect a UKIP Government?
    Not in your dreams but in the real world.

  118. 118
    Universal Hiss says:

    Well of course it will never happen like that. Who in the real world would have forseen the berdie-weirdies getting into bed with the tories?

    How was it possible that Gordon didn’t take the labour party with all hands on deck into the depths of a deep blue surge?

    It was not called by anyone.

    So look in your crystal ball & tell us…………….

  119. 119
    (I've been renamed) DA-Notice says:

    Fool me once, shame on you;
    Fool me twice, shame on me.

    Same as the cast iron guarantee: worthless.

    I sat in the Court in Brighton (with Nigel Farage and Gerard Batten amongst others) where Stuart Bower was taking Gordon Brown to task for not keeping his election promise of a referendum.

    The Treasury barrister for Brown actually argued that a manifesto promise does not give rise to a legitimate expectation.

    No difference between Brown and Cameron.


  120. 120
    not a machine says:

    Up early then ….. dont forget to put plenty of kitchen towel around where eating your toast and marmalade …. just in case , mouth agape moment occures .

    dear friend with tort
    Although not part of Justice laws intonation , I would have thought that the christian religion is not irrational , how can it be, its a win win scenario …:)

    The precepts of any one religion can sound louder in general law than the precepts of others , if the law isnt prevented , by the ignorant , from recoganising it as such….

  121. 121
    not a machine says:

    I understand perfectly that statement you speak for many , who are a bit tired of the politics ,over a clearly wonk construct .

    See what he says , even though I may not agree with him , he is Prime minister , I at least trust him to respect the office .

  122. 122
    Universal Hiss says:

    for cat & the welsh twat…..

  123. 123
    Sig Hansen says:

    Hahahaha and if you believe that you will believe anything

    Vote UKIP and a plague on all there Houses

  124. 124
    Universal Hiss says:

    & another. How fucking boring.Unless you like it. Maybe.

  125. 125
    True Blue says:

    Ukip deserve credit but not my vote.

  126. 126
    Chris says:

    Not exactly a scoop, is it? You’re either with Guido or you can read it on the Telegraph website first.

  127. 127
    Tachybaptus says:

    Perhaps we could have a stalking jellyfish, something like a Portuguese man o’ war. An alarming prospect.

  128. 128
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    Silly boy!

  129. 129
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    Suggest you go back to bed!

  130. 130
    The Downing Street Cuckoo says:

    Here, have this HMV voucher.


    That’s Hopeless Moral Vacuum.

  131. 131
    Michael Winner says:

    I’m feeling a little stiff.

  132. 132
    Archer Karcher says:

    That ‘new cheap labour’ you refer to, is coming, in their millions this year, not next.

    Our open door policy will ensure that NHS waiting and school availability lists lengthen, house rentals increase ( yummy say all those DWP property owners masquerading as MP’s ) strains on every fabric of society increase, but most importantly of all, corporations get lots and lots more, very cheap and easily sackable labour.

  133. 133
    David Cameron says:

    I am Hydra.

  134. 134
    Evelyn says:

    Fine. Let’s talk about the weather instead.

  135. 135
    Archer Karcher says:


    The sad fact is, the British political class have aquiesced and collaborated with the rotten, democracy hating institution and hidden it’s true malevolent nature from the British people, for over forty years.

    They have become as corrupt and biddable, as the vermin they protect.

  136. 136
    polythesis says:

    A cast iron promise from Cameron of a referendum in five years, maybe perhaps if circumstances are right in the fullness of time and at the appropriate juncture? Or perhaps Cameron is talking our his arse and taking us for dribbling retards yet again.

    Wow, IF Cameron is able to renegotiate a wonderful new deal with the EU that the EU already says is impossible, smell a great big rat? All 27 members would have to agree and how likely is that? A wonderful fantastic new deal with the EU, of course the Brussels kommissars says NO but what do they know?

    But we can have an IN/OUT referendum and its not one of Camerons cast iron promises either, at the next general election in 2015 we can have our IN/OUT referendum. Vote UKIP for OUT and liblabcon for IN, its simple and no need to wait for the 12th of never for a cast iron promise by Cameron that is worth something less than a dog turd.

  137. 137
    de Piffle says:

    What’s that dreadful waff ?


  138. 138
    Idiotic Green Tosser says:

    I don’t understand, just what are Maunder Minimum and Maunder Maximum?

  139. 139
    The voice of reason says:

    Damn right.

  140. 140
    Population Replacement says:

    It also equals millions more voters in this country with loyalty to their ultimate enablers to come and stay here, with millions of others on full benefits, the EU and the ECHR.

    Of course pro-EU Dave has not spotted that, they all have the right to vote in any referendum, years ahead of now.

  141. 141
    Gordon Brown says:

    There is nothing that you could say to me now that I could ever believe.

  142. 142
    Cameron, Clegg, Miliband says:

    I say, that’s not very caring, compassionate or progressive! There’s plenty of room and benefits here for everyone, you nasty racist.

    We’ll just have to tax and spend a lot more that’s all.

  143. 143
    This country will not exist in 2017 says:

    Correct, Kent and parts of Sussex are in the EU government region Trans-Manche, Administrative Headquarters, Dieppe France.

  144. 144
    I Promise You A Miracle....in a five years time...honest says:

    Cast iron, wrought iron, pig iron? They’re all the same mendacious shite.

  145. 145
    LAdy Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    No one believes him. He is hoping to gain political advantage by pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes. We all know Clegg and Miliband would bend over every time for the EU. Cameron hopes to save his political skin by offering us the possibility that he would not.

    Referendum will never happen.

  146. 146
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Typical Cameron – all sizzle, no sausage. The country needs Cameron to spend more time with his family – starting tomorrow.

  147. 147
    Harriet Harman - Stand up Comedienne says:

    Here’s a good one.

    What’s the difference between a f’anny and a fridge.

    Fridges don’t fart when you take the meat out.


  148. 148
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    + lots

  149. 149
    Bee Gees says:

    Its only words

  150. 150
    The Downing Street Cuckoo says:

    My maundering is now at a maximum.

  151. 151
    Strictly X Factor acives 99% of public's votes says:

    When 54% of the people asked on BBC’s “Pointless” can’t actually identify who the present Prime Minister is or some of the contestants tell us that John Prescott was a Minister in John Major’s 1992 Cabinet it’s not surprising is it that we got into the present mess ?

  152. 152
    Owen Jones says:

    Getting those pre-David Cameron Europe speech thrills. Gonna run on adrenalin today.

  153. 153
    Anonymous says:

    Exactly how much money has the BBC received from the EU or any EU institution, either in grants or loans and why has it received this money? Do other EU state broadcasting companies receive EU money too? What is it obliged to do for this money?

    During what period of time have these loans or grants been received or paid? Who decides them? Does the BBC apply for them or are they just given by the EU institutions? Have any other UK media, broadcast companies received EU money too?

  154. 154
    Fabians are evil says:

    Just a thought … if the europeans decide to save the Euro at all costs and to do this they have go for full federation; then surely, by definition, the UK will be forced outside their ‘tent’?

    Methinks I spot a cunning EU plan here!

  155. 155
    Louise Mensch says:

    Guido Fawkes urged Britain to remain part of EU in phone call to Cameron

  156. 156
    Westminster Gossip says:

    Let me get this straight!

    We are in a club of 27; the rules of the club are known and agreed by all when we joined up and we propose to say to the other 26 members, we dont like some of the rules and so we want to secure a unique dispensation from som of them. But if they say no, becauce it’s a club silly, I’m still going to recommend to the British people that we should stay in the club because to leave would in any event hurt us? And this sort double-dutch thinking counts as sound governance?

    You could’nt make this up unless you were trying to write the next Harry Potter…

  157. 157
    Anonymous says:

    Another cast iron guarantee then after another general election?

  158. 158

    Other-ello Act 3, scene 3, 155–161 :-)

  159. 159
    Moby Dick says:

    DAVE oots himself

  160. 160
    Bluto says:

    Well, Harriet Harmon’s Inequality Bill seems to have been binding on the Coalition.

  161. 161
    Owen Jones says:

    The first time uk foreign policy has been so shaped by a British party that has not got a single seat in parliament. Take a bow Ukip.

    Hat-Tip Patrick Wintour

  162. 162
    Moby Dick says:

    heres a great tweet

    John O’Shea ‏@politicalhackuk
    In a few minutes, Cameron will be miming a speech written by UKIP.

  163. 163
    Comrade Barrosso says:

    Dave you are my little puppet.

    That equivocation should give me enough time to pay the arse bandits at the BBC to brainwash everyone into voting yes.

    If the Euro succeedds you hacve no choice but to join it. you will be to the EUSSR what Lithuania was to the USSR. Small, flooded with hostile foreigners, coastal, and irrelevant.

    Made-in-Brussels Nick Clegg will be delighted to see you all cut down to size. No more talk of your heroic ancestors at Crecy, Agincourt, Malborough, Waterloo, The Somme or El Alamein, just the steady grind of mediocratratic misery as you are final brought to heel. No more talk of thinking foul scorn that Spain or Parm or any prince of Europe should boss you about. In vain the defeat of te Armada, in vain the defiance of Bony, the Kaiser, and Hitler. You are mine now.

    If jthe Euro continues to fail you will have no choice but to join it because the world will be a terrible place in which poor little Britain can’t possibly survive without the protection of the EUSSR. And we’ll make sure you are poor believe me.

  164. 164
    Anonymous says:

    Con’s and LD are already working on the assumption that they will form a collusion government. They are going to say together how they will cut budgets.

    How can Cameron promise a vote if Con’s win a majority while trying to have a collusion government after the next general election?

  165. 165
    JH3472384023234 says:

    Well, our domestic policy seems to be shaped to appease the dwindling 50’000 people still buying The Guardian, so why not.

  166. 166

    It’s at times like this that I wish i was scottish.

  167. 167
    Anonymous says:

    BBC 1 is not even showing Camerons speech live.

  168. 168
    Ethel. Purley. says:

    FUCK EU Cameron you lying bastard.

  169. 169
    BBC taking the piss out of the license fee payer says:

    We only do Obama.

  170. 170
    Moby Dick says:

    pound devalues as Cameron opens his gob

  171. 171
    The Downing Street Cuckoo says:

    So ya don’t believe I’ve got any meat in my sausage.
    Well, it’s no good going into fulminations about it – plebs like you can’t make the decisions that are right for my EU sinecure.

  172. 172
    BBC taking the piss out of the license fee payer says:

    ………..and we still might do.

  173. 173
    Moby Dick says:

    Speech—it’s a Euro Waffle

  174. 174
    ed martin says:

    fatuous claptrap

  175. 175
    Li D Tecta says:

    Hard to tell which is the more deceitful.

  176. 176
    FU EU says:

    Plus every man jack of us.

  177. 177
    Moby Dick says:


  178. 178
    Gawd Help US says:

    Democratic accountability, how do I get rid of Barroso and Van Rompuy?

  179. 179
    Fact Hunt says:

    I could have written his speech for him.

    ‘Good morning. There will be an in/out referendum in the autumn of this year. That is all’.

    Piss off Cameron, no one with half a brain cell believes a word you say anymore.

  180. 180
    ed martin says:

    I can’t get my euro-winkle OUT

    isn’t it a sin

    the more I try to pull it OUT

    the more it goes back IN

  181. 181
    Moby Dick says:

    speech=Euro Waffle Tantrum(EWT)

  182. 182
    Tax is theft says:

    “We can’t leave the EU until it is fixed”
    A bit like saying we a couple can’t divorce until they start getting on.

    What a complete arsehole – who has just lost the next election.
    Cue taunts of ‘lame duck’

  183. 183
    Stan Butler says:

    Firstly Dave you have to win the election.
    Then you gave to honour your manifesto pledge.
    You are a proven liar and all parties renege on their manifesto pledges.
    UKIP for me.

  184. 184
    Not a BBC spokesperson says:

    That would be us.
    Thank you for your money Comrade.

  185. 185
    lola says:

    Quite. Speech is 100% about marginalising UKIP in the hope of getting those votes. DC will back peddle the moment he has a majority. As if.

  186. 186
    Who Want's Some! says:

    Dave just trying to keep the spineless Euro Sceptics quiet and take some wind out of UKIP. We need to remove the entire current political elite this can only be done painfully. Dave needs to lose the next GE, this means letting Millibean and most likely the rump of the FibDems form a final administration for part of 2015 Parliament. This will bury both of them forever but not without cost, once the Tory Party becomes what it should be a Conservative Party based on small government, small state, small tax and looking after this country’s interests instead of others it will win an outright majority in 2020 or sooner. UKIP is the weapon to trigger this. In the end both the Tories and Labour will be purged of the current leadership and that is what needs to happen.

  187. 187
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Matthew Amroliwalla of BBC news reader fame interviewed Rachael Reeves yesterday. He asked her why labour were just carping on, and had no policies of their own that could be looked at in detail.
    Unbelievable from the lefty BBC.
    Thinking about his use of carping, I wonder if Reeves face reminded him of a Carp.

  188. 188
    Tax is theft says:

    If only.

  189. 189
    lola says:

    Or you could use it to write a poem on, or wipe your arse with.

  190. 190
    Tax is theft says:

    Cameron, you appear to have left your bottle at home.
    This means that you won’t be allowed a next time.

  191. 191
    Fact Hunt says:

    Yeah. A leather one.

  192. 192
    Dave - balls of steel - Cameron says:

    It’s what Dave does best.

  193. 193
    Tax is theft says:

    So we’re not strong enough to exist outside the EU but the EU wouldn’t want us to leave as we’re so strong.

    What an utter fμckwit.

  194. 194
    Mr J Peasmould Gruntfuttock says:

    Speaking to right wing political bloggers in Nevis, Guido Fawkes highlighted how the economic recovery in the UK has been “noticeably slower” than in many other countries.

    He said this was largely down to a “deep and protracted squeeze” on many people’s real incomes, as inflation outstrips pay rises and energy and food prices increase.

    He also highlighted the extent to which UK banks were forced to rein in lending after borrowing too much in the run-up to the financial crisis, and the impact on exports of the eurozone debt crisis.

    To combat all this, the Bank has cut interest rates to record lows and pumped £375bn into the economy to try and stimulate demand under the programme known as quantitative easing (QE).

    QE was “crucial in avoiding a depression,” he said.

  195. 195
    Fact Hunt says:

    Right, that’s the bollocks out of the way. Over to you Nigel, rip him a new one.

  196. 196
    Tax is theft says:


  197. 197
    One term Daves Mea Culpa says:

    I am not subject to legitimate expectation as I am a c.unt

  198. 198
    Screwed Taxpayer says:

    Exactly right. Painful but necessary to get rid of spendthrift PC Dave and his incompetent gang.

    There is no point in staying with these same sex marriage promoters who are increasing the deficit again.

    £1.4 TRILLION debt looms at the end of their Government. BASTARDS.

  199. 199
    Dave and Nick in perfect harmony says:

    What do we want? … ‘An In/Out referendum’

    When do we want it? … ‘2 Years ago at the latest in Nicks case, and 4 years time at the soonest in Daves’

  200. 200
    John from Hull says:

    Carping on ? I’m a dab hand at that sort of thing.


  201. 201
    Owen Jones says:

    What’s the difference between the tail of a horse and David Cameron’s tie?

    The horse tail is covering the whole arsehole.

  202. 202
    Frank's son says:

    So now is not the right time for an in/out referendum because we don’t know what the future holds. However, we CAN have a referenfum in 2017 even though we don’t know what the future holds!! Utter tosh! A load of bollocks!

  203. 203
    Obama's Poodle says:


  204. 204
    Fact says:

    QE is forgery and theft from ordinary savers and pensioners to pay for benefiteers and the public sector overpaid gold plated inflation proofed cnuts.

  205. 205
    Vote UKIP says:

    Why has there never been a public enquiry into the failings of the EU?

  206. 206
    alexsandr says:

    Chris evans asked on radio 2 -why not do it now? He was only joshing but the idea of referendum now is gaining traction

  207. 207

    Once a liar always a liar

    There will be NO Referendum

  208. 208
    alexsandr says:

    whale oil beef hooked

  209. 209
    Steve Miliband says:

    Good stuff. Vote UkIP to f*ck it all up

  210. 210
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Well sugar! – I do believe cameron has finally developed a backbone.

    I can respect his argument that he believes we should stay in the EU and that he’ll try and renegotiate better terms for us and then give us an in/out referendum.

    It’s that in/out referendum that gives us the final say that’s the important bit .

    Of course the EU and amazingly labour and the lib dems are opposed to the people having a vote on it because apparently they don’t believe in democracy.

    cleggie will have to be quick now getting that commissioner’s job miriam wants him to have otherwise he might not get it at all.

  211. 211
    The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

    It’s Pedal, petal…..

  212. 212
    alexsandr says:

    ferrous metals rust

  213. 213
    Moussa Koussa Mark 5 says:

    The time has come, in five years time….in 5 years time….LOL

  214. 214
    UK secret service mopping up after Bliar says:

    Play dead

  215. 215
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    I think there will be – the last time cameron promised a referendum he did so from opposition , on the basis that we’d be given a say on that last treaty – labour scuppered that promise by hurriedly signing the treaty just before the election without even bothering to negotiate the best terms for us.

    This time cameron is in office and he’s committing to the legislation to make it happen.

    It leaves labour and the libdems on the back foot, If they argue against a renegotiation and a referendum, and they will, then they will be seen to not be much interested in the best interests of the British people.

  216. 216
    Action This Day ! says:

    It’s tragic that not one of the supposedly eurosceptic anti same sex marriage conservative M.P.s has got the guts to resign from the Party and join UKIP.

    Come on ffs. The ship will sink in 2015. You’ve got nothing to lose. Just do it.

  217. 217
    NO EUROGOV says:

    I will not spend my money with Virgin, Honda nor Sainburys.

  218. 218
    Moussa Koussa Mark 5 says:

    I actually said, joked, about this last week


    Has the Kaleidoscope been shaken….LOL

  219. 219
    Owen Jones says:

    What was stark was how few questions David Cameron took post speech from TV&press journalists,That’s the key,He couldn’t answer.

  220. 220
    Ed Millibland says:

    In 5 years time I may have a pwolicy

  221. 221
    albacore says:

    Ever wonder who won the Cold War?
    Why, the commies did and that’s for sure
    Call this democracy? What a farce
    Dave’s state dictates how you wipe your arse

  222. 222
    Where are Tony Blair's expenses says:

    Cameron can’t win the next election because

    * Boundary changes not implemented ( 20 seats)

    * Postal voting not resolved so he has no chance of winning marginal seats in the North West, the Midlands and the industrial towns in Yorkshire.

    * UKIP cost him 20 seats at the last election with 4% of the vote so how many seats will go when UKIP are trending at 10-14%

    * Gay marriage will cost him 3-5% of the traditional Tory vote

    * He will lose 5- 7 seats along the route of HS2

    * The arrival of half a milion Bulgarians and Rumanians before 2015

    * Public spending is still out of control

    * Human Rights Act not repealed and Abu Qatada is still here

    * An energy policy that means industry and households are paying 20% more than we should be for energy

    The list of broken promises is endless

    Whatever he says now is just bull to try and halt the rise of UKIP

  223. 223
    Moussa Koussa Mark 5 says:

    Most of the No voters…will be dead by 2018

  224. 224
    a non says:

    Just listened to the speech and Bill Cash, now on the box, quite complimentary.
    He does think however that the European body will now be forced to move the goalposts.

  225. 225
    Importing voters for the Liblabcon criminals says:

    Ah, but by 2017 there’ll have imported millions more immigrants into Britain and able to gerrymander a referendum result to the Liblabcon’s liking.

  226. 226
    Moussa Koussa Mark 5 says:

    Indeed…..stumbled when questioned

  227. 227
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    what question did you want to ask him that he didn’t answer?

  228. 228
    not so long ago says:

  229. 229
    Moussa Koussa Mark 5 says:

    oh dear….the fruitcakes back him now…go for it

  230. 230
    Frank's son says:

    I fully understand that. It’s the we don’t know what the future holds so best not have a referendum now…but you can have one in the FUTURE! WTF??

  231. 231
    Anonymous says:

    Two Faced Twat

  232. 232
    Fact Hunt says:

    That’s assuming UKIP want the likes of Dorries!!!

  233. 233
    Taxfodder says:

    Now Dave, I demand the in-out vote NOW! nothing else will do as everything else is not going to pass including you forming the next Government…..

    You are a known liar….the trend is your friend!

  234. 234
    Spineless Dave says:

    Feck it, I’ve been rumbled.

  235. 235
    Brit in total desperation says:

    Just a feeble and pitiful attempt to rally the troops. There is NO reason to wait for a referendum promise in some distant year. Our borders are about to be assaulted by millions more economic refugees and nothing whatsoever is done about it. Cameron continues his federast path.

  236. 236
    DWWolds says:

    The “cast iron guarantee” was made on the basis that the Lisbon Treaty would NOT be signed before the election. It was. And it was Brown who sneaked through the back door to sign it. That was despite the fact that he too had promised a referendum on the constitutional changes. He got around that by claiming that Lisbon was not a constitutional treaty. It was. So Brown was the one who reneged on a referendum promise.

  237. 237
    Border Terrier says:

    There will be a referendum, the British people will vote to stay in the EU by at least 60:40. Deal with it.

  238. 238
    Anonymous says:

    A great number will vote UKIP just for the hell of it – Deal with that!

  239. 239
    Taxfodder says:

    or that super sexy Romainian street vendor on the corner with the big boobies and a free healthcheck voucher at any EU clinic of your choice…

    …er maybe

  240. 240
    Old Grumpy says:

    CLEVER! It exposes the deficiences of UKIP, while offering the Pro-EU faction some hope of a win!

    It certainly put Liebore on the back foot!

    The problem, now, is to GET THE MANDATE!………… and that is norran easy task!……….. something dramatic has to happen to our economic recovery!

    As a cutting edge manifesto promise, it will certainly cause the rest problems, purely because Cambo got there first.

  241. 241
    Anonymous says:

    We don’t need them. They are the ancien regiem. Ditch all lingering loyalty or sentimentality towards the three state parties.

    We don’t need reject MPs from the Liblabcon to give us legitimacy. We need a completely fresh start in British politics, not a reshuffling of the thieves and criminals already in parliament.

  242. 242
    Anonymous says:

    You said that without laughing.

  243. 243
    Phil says:

    Cameron cannot ask for a referendum now Clog and the LibDums would not allow it.
    It’s not perfect but it’s a promise that I personally will bank.
    As stated above his last promise was predicated on the Lisbon Treaty not being ratified before the election and we all know the two traitors who signed that treaty and it wasn’t Cameron – step forward scumbag Brown and scumbag David Milliband.

  244. 244
    sarah says:

    And Gove.

  245. 245
    old git says:

    Any Cast Iron, Any Cast Iron Any Any Any Cast Iron
    You think somehow we believe you now
    Well we’ve not forgot your CAST IRON VOW
    Your referendum laws will have a get out clause
    They are really just a try on
    So we all will still vote UKIP
    Get it in your brain
    We’ll be voting UKIP
    We’ll be voting UKIP
    We’ll be voting UKIP

    All right

  246. 246

    He is a LIAR end of !
    He will never give us a referendum , on the 1% chance he scrapes in next time (which he wont) he would simply say “the time is not right”
    Liar plain and simple

  247. 247
    The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

    You are right but in the mean time we continue to get older and poorer. Brussels now has plenty of notice to pump out tons of propaganda over the next five years.

    Catchphrase Cameron has not given the British an opportunity to take control of their own affairs, he has given the EU a breathing space to stabilise the Euro, undermine Sterling and pass more laws to bind us more tightly in their clutches.

    Referendum NOW!

  248. 248
    Fooling me again... says:


  249. 249
    Still UKIP for me Dave says:

    + infinity, its just a stalling tactic.

  250. 250
    Terry Dactyl says:

    People want out 2:1. We don’t need a referendum we need a representative democracy.

  251. 251
    Casual Observer says:

    That looks like the kind of propaganda, sorry, public information which was being thrown at the American’s during the cold war.

    It of course doesn’t make sense as neither !slamabad nor Delhi would waste weapons on Kashmir, they would target each others capitals in the event.

    !ndia has just started a very large program to build underground munitions dumps and such along it’s borders with Pak!stand and Ch!na. Such propaganda will help clear people out of the way for this, and there is also the issue of oil / gas pipelines being built across northern Kashmir. If an area is determined to be of primary target quality, that will be where the pipes will run.

    This is mainly cover though for what is going on along the Ch!nese border at present. Pak!stan will likely be absorbed to !ndia within next 5 to 10 years, possibly sooner depending on how the elections go.

  252. 252
    Casual Observer says:

    Cameron’s cast iron guarantees are obviously false. He was talking more to the markets, who are going to shaft him anyway, than the people. He may have taken the wind from UKIPs sails, but has likely only created a brief lull in the storm.

    There is no reason why a referendum cannot be held next week, or indeed tomorrow.

    Huhne will likely be let off in order to prevent his resignation and by-election which may well become UKIPs first seat.

  253. 253
    The Poet Laureate says:

    Subject: Trustworthy Dave Cameron

    Manifestos and iron don’t mix
    So false promises are part of the tricks
    If Dave say’s he’ll do it
    You know that you’ll rue it
    If you vote for him and his pricks

  254. 254
    UKIP - the way forward says:

    …and in the meantime the EU and international big business will pour millions of pounds in to pro-EU propaganda.
    It will prey on unsubstantiated fears for jobs and will be couched in doomsday language.
    Cameron’s speech is deeply flawed for many reasons but the two most obvious are (a) he thinks he will win the next election – unlikely and (b) that the cosy cabal in the EU will accept any renegotiation of the UK’s membership terms.

  255. 255
    Spartacus says:

    I have listened to both Cameroon and the bbc batter on incessantly. Not about and in-out referendum but instead ”renegotiate our relationship” with the COMMON MARKET; or European ECONOMIC Community; or european (POLITICAL) union.

    And there is a huge catalogue of failed manifesto promises, swatted with lines such as – you didn’t really think we were not going to introduce tuition fees did you?

    To paraphrase ”Bald Boy Haig” in opposition:
    – What do we want?
    – An in – out referendum!
    – When do we want it?
    – After a considered reflection period of five years and many, many caveats

    Actual response from the public is:
    – Now.

  256. 256
    Spartacus says:

    which club was that exactly ?

    the COMMON MARKET; or European ECONOMIC Community; or european (POLITICAL) union.

  257. 257
    Hargaret Modge, Labour MP and Hypocritical serial long term aggressive Tax Avoider + expenses thief says:

    Laugable rubbish from the Rusty Iron PM.
    1/ The EU rules forbid any watering down of membership. Like the IRA once your in..your in end of.
    2/ Germany / France et all have repeatedly stated ‘no a la carte EU’.
    3/ DC has zero trust with the electorate having lied, U turned ,fudged and evaded the EU issue for years.
    4/ He arguably is the worst negotiator ever (well up to the Gordon Gold seller standards) by announcing in advance that he does not want to leave the EU.
    5/ 100% guaranteed he won’t be in power in 2017. Millibanana will and he’s pro EU as well.. Some choice.

    He has shown he is only motivated by Power and politics and NOT the welfare of the people or the nation. A true heir to Blair if ever there was one – or even any NEED for one.

    This charade of a speech was only intended to curb the rise of UKIP. IMO I think he has done UKIP a great favour as anyone who still nursed a faint hope that underneath his socialist exterior there remained the vestige of an actual Conservative has had their illusions shattered. He gets on so well with the left lib dums because under the powder blue lavender exterior is a yellow streak a mile wide.

    You can now dump his ass and vote UKIP with a clear conscience.

  258. 258
    Hargaret Modge, Labour MP and Hypocritical serial long term aggressive Tax Avoider + expenses thief says:


  259. 259
    Hargaret Modge, Labour MP and Hypocritical serial long term aggressive Tax Avoider + expenses thief says:


  260. 260
    Mark Wouters says:

    It Looks Like David Cameron is the New Neville Chamberlin !!!!!!!!!!,The good old tories will kill themselves off while Im Laughing !!!!!,Dummies the tories are and will yet again prove,Tory Ted Heath did only one good thing in his life ,He Joined the European union GREAT,now the Little englanders want to get out Like Spoilt Little Brats they are,Well theyre not goig to get it all their own way in fact theyre not going to get anything at all!!!!!!!!!

  261. 261
    Demetrius Skortou says:

    Dear Nigel,

    Thank you for your e-mail (17 Jan 2013).

    I heard the speech, David Cameron gave on the EU, promising the British people an in/out referendum on Europe, after the next election.

    However, all this depends on, his party winning the next election and if the EU wants to concede powers back to the UK.

    Personally, I cannot see EU member states handing back any powers, when the European Union has spent 40 years taking away all these powers, from the British people without their consent.

    What does the EU mean by further integration into the EU?

    Not once in 40 years, has the EU ever spelt out in specific terms to the British people, exactly what they want us to accept, 5,10 years down the line?

    Does the EU want; a European armed force, police force, tax control & harmonisation, control over the business activities of London’s square mile, increases in our yearly budget to the EU, control over immigration, more money the EU wants to keep trying to bail out the likes of Greece, Italy, Spain, etc?

    What do the bureaucrats in Brussels actually want from us? Why don’t they write out, a list of EU type policies, so the British people can have a much clearer idea, exactly what we would be voting for, if the Conservatives win the next election in 2015 and give us that in/out referendum?

    It seems clear to me, that those within the EU want the British people to sign a blank cheque and walk blind into the unknown of further integration into the EU!

    Why can’t the British people have this in/out referendum, the same time as the local council elections this summer?

    How are we going to cope with up to 29 more million migrants from Bulgaria/Rumania in 2014? Where are they going to live and how much more costs, is this going to put on our benefit bill, which currently stands at £200 billion a year?

    No wonder a significant number of British people are angry & confused over this EU, they don’t know exactly what more policies, Brussels Bureaucrat’s are going to impose over the next five years?

    We know that, in 5 years time, we would of paid another 70 billion pounds into this EU & more immigrants, into this country, the British people didn’t vote for in the first place!

    The reality is; I have as much chance as finding the Holy Grail, on the planet Mars, than David Cameron has of winning the next election & giving the British people an in/out referendum on the EU!!!!

    What exactly, would we be voting for or against in an in/out referendum on the EU in the first place ??? Why can’t we be told?

    I believe I speak for the vast majority of British people, who are sick to death of these British/EU politicians treating us all like little children, of witch, certain facts of life, have to be kept!

    Yours Sincerely,

    Demetrius Skortou

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George Galloway says of his former Respect candidate the UKIP MEP turned Tory, Amjad Bashir…

“Clearly Bashir does not have any real political principles or commitment, only naked opportunism and self-interest. He represents the revolving door principle in politics. The Tories are welcome to him because he will cause them embarrassment. Fortunately Respect was able to act before he did it to us.”

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