January 21st, 2013

Exclusive: Disgraced Moat MP Front-runner for Lords Comeback

Our quasi-feudal upper chamber is holding an election until Wednesday morning after the death of Earl Ferrers, one of the 92 hereditary peers. The House of Lords will choose a new member, and despite the limited pool of landed candidates, they must be able to find someone a little less controversial than the 3rd Viscount Hailsham, who Guido understands has emerged as the front-runner over the weekend. Regular readers will remember the Viscount as Douglas Hogg, the disgraced Tory MP who charged us to clean his moat…

Hogg was forced out of politics at the height of the expenses scandal, and is showing some serious brass-neck with this comeback bid. It’s more than the moat at  Kettlethorpe Hall that needs cleaning out. What sort of message would it send out if the House of Lords welcomes him back to the trough as expected?


  1. 1

    Another example of just how rotten and corrupt the political class are,they dont give a f..k.Isnt his wife already a member his hereditary peerage is questionable,didnt his father relinquish it to get chosen as PM when McMillan resigned?

    • 11
      Free the Shrewsbury 24 says:

      duck soup.

      • 20

        Words like Wall. Up. Against. and First spring to mind.

        • 53
          Uncle Joe says:

          Do you want me to deal with this capitalist parasite?

        • 91
          Anonymous says:

          What question Cameron going to put on the EU vote?

          Its not in / out. Its might be on some thing Cameron might negotiate. No could come from both sides, once who want to leave as the once who want more integration.

          If UK votes no to Cameron’s negotiated outcome; what is next? UK leave EU, further integration or Cameron negotiate again?

    • 23
      Why did the kids smoke in the first place? says:
      • 34
        Fumar mata says:

        Passive smoking. Trailer trash parents buying fags with their fiddled benefits.

        • 40
          Moussa Koussa Mark 5 says:

          Isn’t Dave a smoker

          I think you will find that he is

          Purports to have given up, but it’s a well know fact around Westminster that he is still puffing away on his 20 Marly Lights each day

          • Free the Shrewsbury 24 says:

            shares a tab(ciggy – it’s geordie speak) with Clegg in the backgarden of number ten, I have heard, discussing and sharing their crap of the day.

      • 51
        Raving Loon says:

        Correlation does not equal causation.

      • 99
        Don trending from Huntingdon says:

        But the smoking ban was in pubs n Clubs, so how would this affect children?

      • 100
        (I don't need no doctor) says:

        Abbott so loves to divide and rule smokers and non-smokers.

    • 36
      Sir William says:

      Whence do they dredge these peope up?

    • 56
      Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond says:

      Labour MPs useless? Perish the thought. Seriously though, why would any ordinary working person trust anything Labour say any more or put their faith in them again? Has the working class not been royally screwed over enough by them already? Do they not obfuscate and lie endlessly while preparing to hand Britain over lock, stock and barrel into the single European state? Listen to Douglas Alexander dodge the question endlessly:
      EU Referendum: ‘not right choice for UK’ (BBC Daily Politics & Sunday Politics today) – Offering a referendum on the UK’s position over the EU was “not the not right choice for Britain now” said the shadow foreign secretary. <<< For which read 'Labour will never offer a Referendum on EU membership because we are at one with the plan to integrate Europe into a single nation state':

      Disregard the following title and read this article by former Blairite No.10 policy wonk Andrew Neather to learn about Labour's deliberate but secret policy of mass immigration and how it lied to the British people, but most of all its own supporters. The greatest case of gerrymandering ever?

      Who believes Census figures anyway? After years of mass immigration and dodgy so-called educational establishments allowing hundreds of thousands in through the back door, plus a 20 year absence of exit border controls (which oddly the Coalition have still failed to re-implement!) a more accurate figure for the UK population is likely to be millions more than the current 61 million quoted. Possibly very much more! Read this article and shudder at the ability of our services to cope now, let alone when hundreds of thousands of Bulgarians and Romanians begin to make their unfetterred way into the UK from January, 2014:
      'Facts on a plate: our population is at least 77 million'
      Independent, Martin Baker, Sunday, 28 October 2007

      Labour has lost my vote forever. I trust them not. Cameron offered a 'cast iron guarantee' on an EU Referendum in 2010. Where is it. And for that matter where is his promised and much-vaunted UK Bill of Rights? If Labour (looking likely), Conservative or Liberal parties individually or collectively win the 2015 election therefore the great British stitch-up will continue and that will signal the end of British independence.

      To my surprise therefore I now believe there is only one hope for Britain if it genuinely wants to regain and retain our sovereign independent status as a nation of a thousand years standing…

      Vote for UKIP

      • 114
        I don't want to be fair to Dave....... says:

        ….but to be fair to Dave, he said there would be a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty IF it hadn’t already been signed. But by the time he got into office, it Had been signed – by Brown, who disgracefully scuttled in through the back door, signed the document and scuttled out again. In spite of a search on Google, no photographs of this treasonous act seem to exist.

        • 121
          Con Artists says:

          The man is a disgrace, a troughing greedy lieing politician, with his snout in the trough sucking at the EU teat.

          All whilst he destroys forever democracy in the UK.

          I admire a man willing to defend the underdog or the unpopular child at school that no one likes, but on this occasion your defence of CaMoron is futile and quite frankly offensive.

          The idiot CaMoron is a liar and simply cannot be trusted. The public have seen through his sorry tissue paper of lies and clearly want out of the EU.

          CaMorons position is indefensible and untenable. Some may even say traitorous.

          The only course of action that will save this country from the rotting corpse of the “Little EU” is for the UK to invoke article 50, leave the EU and trade with the rest of the big wide World.

          Vote UKIP and reclaim your country.

    • 125
      Charles says:

      Does it matter that he never specifically claimed for the moat? If I recall correctly the entire of the state subsidy was spent on his housekeeper and her husband (who worked in the garden)

      The moat was included on a schedule of costs of running his house, not a claim form

      But I suppose facts don’t matter when there is a story to be written

  2. 2
    a hog says:

    the message is ‘business as usual’

  3. 3
    the poor bloody tax-payer says:

    is this the character who had a MOTE in his STY?

  4. 4

    Michael Winner dead at 77

  5. 5
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Another pig in the trough.

    Sack Cameron now.

  6. 6
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    Yeah, “Hogg,” “trough,” we get it.
    So, too, does he, just like his namesake:

  7. 9

    Maybe we could be give a public Moat and Moat him out, But no doubt Dave will just Duck house of the issue

    • 17
      Free the Shrewsbury 24 says:

      Give him a chance – heard the poor buggers castle walls need re-pointing.

      Feel free builders about here to give him a generous quote, for yourselves.

  8. 12
    Fearless is not a good trait for a mountaineer says:

    Family pays tribute to ‘fearless’ Oxford University graduate, 29, killed in climbing accident on Scottish mountain.

    • 19
      Free the Shrewsbury 24 says:

      Cuts are to blame I have heard, to local councils. Heard in rumour control avalanche testing by that spade and slip test has not been going on there due to LA cuts.

      • 46
        Sir William says:

        I heard it was snow that was to blame.

        • 55
          Free the Shrewsbury 24 says:

          Yes Sir William, you genius, but it was the wrong type of snow to be climbing all over, non-tested. The silly sods should have not been trampling all over it in the first place. A simple test would have concluded that – that is what I am “bleating” about.

          • Sir William says:

            So, not LA cuts at all?

          • Sir William says:

            I mean, seriously, are we all supposed to fork out so that a few other people can climb up mountains in January? When we arrange a shoot at the Waad estate we have to fund the safety precautions ourselves.

    • 24
      Spartacus says:

      fearless in this case means downright stupid.

      if lundunshire has had a snow flurry, what did they think it would be like in scotchland?

      it is an arctic climate here in scotchland, not an alpine climate

      • 28
        SP4BS says:

        No it isn’t.

        Its a temperate, Oceanic climate.

        • 72
          Free the Shrewsbury 24 says:

          apples and the Wicker Man come to mind with the jocks, does it SP4BS?

          Visit my Wales, if you want to see some really freaky people I say, and we have got good footpaths. Yes, we love our footpaths we do. Well you have got to, when you can’t afford a car to get to one’s nearest pub,

  9. 15
    Michael Winner RIP says:

    • 21
      Free the Shrewsbury 24 says:

      Oh god, he hasn’t, has he? Oh yes, your right. RIP fella. Knew he shouldn’t have gone on that diet a few years back.

      Winner in Torbay, Devon, ’64,

    • 45

      Oh do try to keep up dear’s

      • 66
        Free the Shrewsbury 24 says:

        Sorry that I am an hour or two behind the rest of the world, but I have my own personal life as well dear. I may have been in the middle of a fine meal, being washed down by am excellent banks of the Gironde claret as far as you are concerned, me dear.

  10. 16
    anon. says:

    Nigel Farage and “Mr Happy”

  11. 22
    Hoggtied Hogg says:

    Absolute Hoggwash, he’s Hogging the limelight and his moat is dull of Hoggweed.

  12. 25
    Owen Jones says:

    The Electoral Calculus seat predictor gives Con 239 Lab 352 LibDem 34 UKIP 0 with the ICM poll numbers.

    Get in there !!!!!!

  13. 26
    Michael Winner takes on leftie windebag Ann Raeburn says:

    • 126
      Michael Winner and his bottle of chateaux plonko says:

      and then the yanks dropped nepalm on innocent vietnamese children.

      • 127
        Michael Winner and his bottle of chateaux plonko says:

        Doesn’t Ann Raeburn speak so Radio 4 graveyard shift, these days. Quite bubble living tennis and horsey living. Wimbledon tickets anyone?

  14. 31
    Moussa Koussa Mark 5 says:

    RIP Michael Winner

    Sad to announce death of Michael Winner, Due to this news David Cameron has cancelled his Wednesday, sorry Monday, sorry again Friday EU speech.

    • 35
      The Far Right says:

      Now this is news worth delaying that speech for.

      What bad news is going to buried on the back of it though ?

      • 44
        Moussa Koussa Mark 5 says:

        …too late, you may have noticed that every day is a day news day for Dave

        • 52
          Moussa Koussa Mark 5 says:


          too late, you may have noticed that every day is a BAD news day for Dave

  15. 33
    Why did we pay for his moat cleaning ? says:

    Why did we pay for his moat to be cleaned ?

    • 41
      Wikipee says:

      We didn’t (allegedly). The moat was included on a complete list of household expenses, not all of which were claimed on expenses. Or so he claimed.

    • 43
      Mrs Qatada says:

      Same reason you pay my Harrods account dearie.

    • 48
      Sir William says:

      That reminds me, I shall have to get my moat cleaned soon. Last time it was cleared out, petrol was 6/8d a gallon.

      Incidentally, what was the point of a moat, originally, when you could wait for winter and then stroll across it?

    • 81
      Free the Shrewsbury 24 says:

      It was full of weeds. QED.

  16. 47
    Moussa Koussa Mark 5 says:

    You are not getting away with that Guiido

    3rd Viscount Hailsham

    Surely you mean

    Viscount Hailsham The Turd

  17. 50
    Moussa Koussa Mark 5 says:

    now now

    You are not getting away with that Guiido

    3rd Viscount Hailsham

    Surely you mean

    Viscount Hailsham The T*urd

  18. 60
    Owen Jones says:

    Our neighbour’s dog shit in our garden so my mum told to me to get a shovel and throw it over the fence.

    I don’t see what that solved, now we’ve got dog shit in our garden and the neighbours have our shovel.

  19. 64
    Anonnymouse says:

    Never mind Hailsham and his moat, wer is Huhne?

  20. 70
    Wikipedia says:

    “Prime Minister David Cameron put Hogg’s name forward for a life barony to be included in the 2011 New Year Honours, but House of Lords Appointments Commission advised against the appointment”

  21. 77
    Blimey says:

    Can’t see what the fuss is about. We all have to maintain out moats, not to mention the stables and drawbridges.

    • 124
      Sir Boffton Toffton MP - what? says:

      quite right m’boy!

      one just can’t lay one’s hands on a peasant when one most needs one, and when one does they don’t know what to do with shit – they eat it, watch it, live in it and with it – no standards some of these fellers

  22. 79
    A Teacher says:

    Yay! Another week off school on full pay! (Thx guys!). I’ve spent the time building a David Cameron snowman but, alas, it’s already started to drip.

    Roll on half-term!!

  23. 80
    Doris Goldblatt says:


    Michael Winner fingered my ass as a child.

    • 82
      Free the Shrewsbury 24 says:

      Did he film it?

    • 85
      Free the Shrewsbury 24 says:

      and yes Doris, did hear the rumours.

      Call it a – jeezuz, forgottem the phrase… ummm, umm

      A trail of passage or something? Help me out here.

      GOT IT – a young person’s rights of passage.

      still sounds dirty though.

    • 92
      Free the Shrewsbury 24 says:

      Yes Doris, “certains” are ones that didn’t play doctors and nurses when they were six, so not have buillt that inner memory disgusting self-control in their sub-conscious how they carried on then, making themselves guilty on what actually lies within us, throughout rest of life.

      You COULD say.

  24. 84
    Jessica Not On. says:

    Another trougher boarding the gravy train.

  25. 87
    Hogg Bodge says:

    Just a tiny tiny tiny moat….

  26. 88

    Dave praises Algerian military ,
    looking at the remains of the vehicles they shot the fuck out of anything and everything that moved

  27. 95
    Deja Vu.... says:

    Don’t worry, Gazza will talk him out of it with a some chicken drumsticks and a fishing trip. Or maybe he’ll just do the decent thing and top himself.

    • 110
      old SHEP says:

      Talk him out of it?, didn’t work the last time, not even when he threw in the prospect of a couple cans of lager as well.

  28. 96
    C.unts In Wigs says:

    “What sort of message would it send out if the House of Lords welcomes him back to the trough as expected?”

    They have no problem whatsoever in welcoming back convicted criminals, so a porker like Hoggy will be welcome new meat!

    • 106

      Baroneess Uddin was never convicted says her Bengali spokesperson in Tower Hamlets.

  29. 97
    The m u s l i m problem is much nearer to home Mr Cameron says:

    “hooded thugs in East London were videoing themselves bullying local residents, enforcing their own law in what they believe is a “Muslim area”.”

    • 115
      The Capital of England should move north to where the English live says:


    • 120
      JH32435645634 says:

      I’ll say it again. I used to worry I would see a civil war in this country.

      Now I worry I won’t.

      It’s the only way for the bedwetters to find out how many people actually support their grand ideas for the rest of us.

  30. 102
    Bryant's Skid Marks. says:

    I’d rather his moat be cleaned on expenses than Chris Bryant’s Y fronts.

  31. 103

    Just watched the statement in the HOC on Algeria,when you look at the front benches Dave,Wee Willy,Clegg,Millicnut and Wee Doogie you cant help but think what a bunch of lightweights who will pay any attention,the only person missing was Baroness,call me Cathy,Ashton then we would have full deck of wankers.

  32. 104
    Wastingourmoney says:

    SORRY OF TOPIC but, the parasites living off the public purse are thriving at your expense.


  33. 105
    Fact Hunt says:

    And they wonder why folks are disconnected from politics.

    Hang on, is that the reason they do stuff like this? Make sure the peasants couldn’t give a fuck leaving them to carry on troughing without interference.

  34. 107
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    David Miliband may have made over a million, but he is still a boring fart, just like his brother Ed.
    It’s unusual for both family siblings to be so boring.

  35. 113
    s.s. says:

    Douglase’s Hurd & Hogg one of the most usless pair ever in government.
    Turd & Dogg.
    They were the start of the ruin of the firearms industry in Britain.

  36. 116
    sixupman says:

    Let us be fair: Hogg did not claim for dredging his moat, what he did was to submit his total costs and requested that the HofC people decided on the level of recompense he should receive. [The moat included in the overall total.]

    Of course ‘moats’ and ‘duck houses’were great media fodder, but in the former respect misplaced.

  37. 117
    Anonymous says:

    Douglas Hogg was the only safe source of meat during BSE because he lacked a brain and a backbone.

  38. 118
    Quintin Tarantino Hogg says:

    Once a Hogg, always a trougher.

  39. 119
    Fair minded says:

    It would send the message that we prosecute those who defrauded the taxpayer but realise our errors in pursuing those who followed the rules, did not claim for cleaning the moat but simply handed over the full costs of the residence he had been FORCED to make his second home (by a change in the rules based on the relative number of nights spent at each home) and asked the fees office to refund whatever was permitted towards the costs of his home, up to the maximum allowed.

    This really pisses me off. Scattergun attacks actually lessen the impact of the criticism of those who were fabricating invoices, creating mystery entities or claiming to live in a garage.

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