January 20th, 2013

WATCH: CBeebies Character Impersonates Jimmy Savile

The BBC has had to apologise after airing a Tweenies repeat this morning in which a character dressed up as Jimmy Savile and used his catchphrase “now then, guys and gals”. Beeb own goal of the year so far…


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    Kebab Time says:
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      Anonymous says:

      A single mother from Lithuania who lives a life of luxury at the expense of Britain’s taxpayers takes home more than £1,000 a month in handouts which funds her love of designer clothes and holidays.

      Natalija Belova, 33, said she was shocked at how much she would be entitled to from the State after she moved here four years ago and fell pregnant.
      Her handouts total £279 a week which includes housing benefit, child tax credit and child benefit.

      She also is allowed to earn £125 a week from a job on the side but she is mindful not to work more than 16 hours a week so her benefits continue to roll in boosting her weekly income to £400.

      Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2265341/Theres-chance-leaving-British-benefits-daughter-good-life-Migrant-enjoys-lavish-lifestyle-raking-1-000-month-benefits.html#ixzz2IWSW2F79
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        Can't use me old moniker says:

        That pails into insignifigance when you consider the 50 million a day we give to EU socialists to live an even better life of Riley.

      • 32
        Ex-Conservative voter says:

        Great. And, thanks to Cameron/Miliband/Clegg’s beloved EU, another 400,000 East European scroungers start arriving in less than a year.

      • 34
        Ex-Conservative voter says:

        Great. And, thanks to Cameron/Miliband/Clegg’s beloved EU, another 400,000 East European scroungers start arriving in less than a year.

        (5th attempt to post this highly controversial comment..)

        • 52
          Lol says:

          Next time IDS is banging on about getting people off benefits and into jobs, can someone point the bald headed c’unt in the direction of the next 400,000 scroungers and job takers?

          Also, will this be the last shitty eastern european country to dump its contents on us or are there more to come?

          • Jimmy Windrush says:

            At least they’re white and Christian.

          • Nitty Nora head explorer says:

            White, questionable! Christian even more so! That doesn’t make them people you would want to live next door to. You naughty boy.

          • Never Reinforce Failure says:

            Still got the Serbs and then Turks to turn up over 2017-2022. Don’t worry the only ‘state’ benefit you’ll need by then is a looted SA80 and make sure you’ve got your own militia to defend your food supplies. What possible benefit to the nation was to be had from letting the poor, the ignorant and lets face it in not a few cases the criminal of the failed states of Eastern Europe into Britain? We should be getting a full refund from the EU just to cover the bill this lot have caused to the social infrastructure. The low paid jobs they do attract more in benefits to top them up than they contribute in taxes. They are a net drain from what I’ve seen.

          • It’ll be the Isle of Sheppey next!

        • 62
          Anonymous says:

          It is not 400,000 expected is 4,000,000 plus.

        • 211
          P l e b says:

          You all forget this is John Major’s fault. He who signed the Maastricht Treaty.

          An absolute traitor who should lose his knighthood.

      • 53

        This story about the immigrant mother sums up all that is wrong with the UK,if things dont change in a radical way we are sleepwalking to disaster and no politician other than probably Farage grasps the danger.Gawd helpus

        • 173
          Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

          She’s obviously not from Sunderland. Where would she buy her designer clothes now that Armani and Versace have closed their Fawcett St branches.

        • 191
          Rufus says:

          “we are sleepwalking to disaster”
          No that is not strictly true. Those “in charge”, by permission of those who are really in control, know full well what they are doing because they have been told what they must do (and are too dependant on their controllers to do anything other that what they are bid to do). One of the things they have been told to do is to provide bread and circuses to as many as possible, by any means they can, in order to provide the sleep of which you speak.
          Sadly, a very large portion of the population take every thing at face value. You only need to look round and question the veracity of pretty nearly everything you see or hear, to realise the world is operating on distorted facts and lies in virtualy every thing.

          • The Frankfurt School says:

            Everything going exactly to plan.

          • MI6 says:

            Well Said Rufus.. Thats Why the State has a load of Spooks keeping them all in Check.. Did No one think that we didnt have the INFO on Sir Jimmy.. Of course we did.. We use the pictures to control them.. All the Dodgy Fu-kers who supported the Secret Courts Legislation.. Now can any one tell us Why the Fu-k The once leading legal system in the WORLD would want to have Secret Courts??


            When you talk about those in charge as opposed to those really in control who do you mean?If those in charge are the political class who really have the same philosophy then the majority of this country reject them,General Election and other election turnouts are proof that democracy as we know it is dead,as Livingstone once pointed out if voting changed anything they would abolish it.Those in control are the real menace because no one really knows who they are an Establishment clique who have been in control for centuries unelected unaccountable and so far unchallengable,I repeat that if things dont change then the consequences for the UK are dire.Power economic and political has moved east and wont be coming back the decline in the Westen world is irreversible.

          • Rufus says:

            Well, IT WILL BE BLEAK IN SUNDERLAND IN 2013 WITH ONLY ONE FOOD BANK AND THREE USELESS LABOUR MPS, there is an old adage about “when in doubt follow the money”. Look how easily they have got out of the latest batch of trouble. When watching a magician he does his best to attract your attention to the hand that is NOT doing the trick.
            You night have noticed that virtually everything these days is a lie. Everything is not what it purports to be from the “natural” look of as woman to the price of crude oil. From a televison advert to the national debt. All is illusory.

          • carry hole is a complete hunt says:

            Rufus, the debt is real, and the interest on it is being charged to the little people aka us.

      • 336
        Britain the ruined country says:

        Police arrest six men and one youth in Leicester (where whites are in the minority) re exploitation of a 14 year old girl – media blackout on the ethnicity of the arrestees. Quote “It is a complicated difficult enquiry.”………….. Quel Surprise!

        • 339
          Non sequitur says:

          What is so complicated about identifying the ethnicity of the people who have been arrested.

          They are all English after all, aren’t they ?

    • 21
      Anonymous says:

      Surprise is the establishment didn’t know what he was up to until he died. He even spent time with PM during Christmas, took kids to No. 10, having a show on BBC where number of other BBC staff were present, spent lots of time in hospitals and care establishment where there were other staff, etc.

      He even had keys to hospitals and touched nurses inappropriately and invited them to his bedroom. Still top management or establishment didn’t know. Even the news paper that went after MPs for having affairs didn’t know either.

      • 28
        Putr1d Labour ruined my Country says:

        The BBC still don’t get it, they’re so far up their own arsehole they can’t recognise bias or bad reporting!

    • 45
      Sir William says:

      Was that William Hague, moonlighting?

    • 98
      Owen Jones says:

      Bears no relation to what I’ve said. Again, an invented caricature of me you’d love to exist

    • 142
      c.eng says:

      Lesson’s will be learned. Ha, ha, Ha, ha, Ha …. (to the tune of the laughing policeman)

      Do be a good chap, and pass the Chardonnay, Chris.

    • 144
      genghiz the kahn says:

      BBC forgot that sorry doesn’t come between Saville and shit. Is Chris 10 Jobs Patten going to do something other than offer feeble excuses.

  2. 2
    The BBC says:

    This is normal, children. This is the sort of adult you should trust and regard as harmless. Isn’t he funny with his white hair and his silly clothes and all his gold chains. Come closer, children. Sit on his lap.

    • 310
      T'old Fella says:

      Did Jimmy $avi££e do it for Guido when he was a little boy in the 70′s, I bet Guido watched J$ on Top of the Pops when he wasn’t working in his dad’s shop and said to himself I could do that only better.

  3. 3
    Terrible But True says:

    “This… is the BBC. And here is today’s apology..”

    They keeping doing one thing, and saying one thing afterwards.

    It really is an apology for a broadcast monopoly.

    Maybe the only lesson really getting learned is that where there’s no accountability, there’s nothing anyone can do?


    • 10
      Bill Payer says:

      Did you hear the story about Lord Patten ? Hmmmmmm

    • 49
      This beggars belief (again) says:

      Slow learning centre – make it an academy.

    • 108
      T'old Fella says:

      Seems a little like NI

    • 145
      c.eng says:

      Everyone is to blame, the nation has been groomed.

      Quite right that you’re all sorry and you should be, ’cause we are the Blameless Broadcasting Craporation.

      So why don’t you all get stuffed while we count our endless income from the useful fools.

    • 231
      Ken Dodds Dads Dogs Dead says:

      So you’re all getting your knickers in a twist over a show that was made nearly 12 years ago and repeated for children so young that they wouldn’t have a clue what the reference was?

      Are you being offended on their part?

      How many of you actually saw the rerun to be offended by it?

      Most of the ranters on here need to get some perspective. Or would that interfere with your Daily Mail-esque rushing to judgement a la Jack Whitehall recently. No one saw it, but if we tell you about it, you can get all in a tizzy about it.

      • 246
        Blowing Whistles says:

        You wouldn’t be a paid professional troll – paid to distract and minimise the issue as a damage limitation controll Troll would you?

        • 280
          Ken Dodds Dads Dogs Dead says:

          I wish I was a paid troll. Posting here on a sunday would be at least time and a half surely.

          But no, not paid and not posting for anyone but myself and my point still stands. A show made for kids over 11 years ago on a childrens channel who wouldn’t get the reference and people getting their knickers in a twist over it?

          For perspective, how many hostages have been killed in Algeria in the past couple of days?

          Its someone trying to make and anti-beeb story from nothing. I’m not the troll here, but someone sure as hell is

          • T'old Fella says:

            The next thing they will be talking about that “cartoon” Captain Pugwash and the suggestive names of the character, I will say no more about that, we know know the characters’ names don’t we Guido. Wasn’t there some fuddled yank who warned everyone to beware of Tinky Winky because he was purple and carried a handbag.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            For “perspective” how many hundreds of thousands of innocents’ deaths is tony Bliar guilty of while he fills his boots with the dough of the corporations who still bankroll him? You need a bigger perspective.

  4. 4
    Gary Glitter, Jonathan King, Fred West, Myra Hindley says:

    When can the Tweenies dress as us too please?

    • 279
      Anonymous says:

      when it comes to luck, happiness and what is auspicious for travel and financial speculation, the world is a triangle.

  5. 5
    Jersey Boys says:

    Do not watch, it’s verboten!

    • 247
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Bircham Dyson Bell

    • 337
      Blowing Whistles says:

      As posited in the Observer today – there is a big JR case in the RCJ this very ‘busy’ week about deaths caused by failings / wrongs by soldiers under orders.

      If its anything like the D.r Kellie Davi.d JR that I witnessed ‘first hand’ in the courts – we’re in for yet another hutton / chilcot / leveson style whitewashing day of rhetorical bull5hit.

  6. 6
    The BBC causes serious mental illness says:

    Never figured out the ‘blatantly fuck up’ then ‘apologise’ approach.

    Is this meant to condition people down and project a caring concerned tone ?

    Like: Just fucked your dead mum, again, however am ever so sorry it will never happen again.

    They must think people are really retarded.

    • 39
      Realist says:

      They are retarded. They vote LabLibCon.
      Joe and Josephine Public are stupid bastards.

    • 43
      Ex-Conservative voter says:

      Well, at least they apologised. Joyce Thacke, Director of Children’s Service for Rotherham Council, blatantly f*cked up when she ordered her minions to abduct foster children from UKIP members, but she didn’t apologise. She hasn’t been sacked. The children have not been returned.

      This bitch should have been dragged out of her office and shot in the head. But no.. she carries on as if nothing has happened.

      • 69
        Casual Observer says:

        Cannot agree with physical harm.

        However, she should have been removed from her position on the simple principal that by leaving her in place it is clear that state social services who wish to make political affiliation a child protection issue have a green light to do so.

        In any open democracy that is a clear red line of course, which if followed to its logical conclusion should end in the actions you outline.

      • 72
        Lawyers for U...employment tribunals a speciality..No Win.No Fee...Ring our 24 Hour Helpline to-day says:

        Er slight problem for daily Mail Readers…. She has not committed any disciplinary offence and was acting in accordance with guidelines regarding fostering so if the Council move to dismiss her she can sue for wrongful dismissal

        • 134
          Vote UKIP says:

          Guidelines from who? That is the question that needs answering. Since when was it an offence to support a mainstream party like UKIP? I could have understood it if it had been the Labour party, who are well known child abusers.

        • 248
          Blowing Whistles says:

          There are issues which must be put onto a ‘criminal footing’ not that kangaroo civil tribunal cr.ap / acting / stagecrafty stuff.

      • 74
        Jimmy says:

        She was obviously wrong to allow children to fall into the hands of Lemon Party members, but the error has been rectified.

      • 275
        Jarvis Cocker says:

        Sing along with a common purpose

    • 151
      c.eng says:

      Our re-esearch has shown that British people are retarded by lifetimes’ exposure to BBC grooming,

      And therefore we are free to treat them all as retards.

      And the best thing of all is, we are totally protected to carry on and on and on and on.

      So you oddballs must just get lost or fall in line.

  7. 7
    Jimmy says:

    In other news Al Qaeda in North Africa has announced it is postponing this week’s planned operation as it would be inappropriate given the hostage situation developing in London, where the British Prime Minister is being held hostage by members of the extremist Lemon Party faction.

  8. 8
    • 20
      The BBC says:

      Of course even the bankers are’t literally buggering your kids, like we are.

      • 120
        T'old Fella says:

        Are you sure, the bankers seemed to have done a good job on that score on the UK while feathering their own nests

    • 46
      Not-Sir Fred the Shred says:

      I hope the next Labour government return the Knightood the Tories took away from me.

  9. 9
    Max Cliff Leon Jess Harris Priests says:

    Get over it.

  10. 11
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    +++Sigh+++ Remind me again . Why are we paying the beeb a License Fee?

    • 15
      (I don't need no doctor) says:

      For inflated salaries, massive pay-offs, expense claims, and repeat after repeat after repeat.

      • 38
        Can't use me old moniker says:

        . . and trips abroad into exciting disaster areas, and fancy out-of-the-way places.

    • 59
      Lol says:

      I’m not!!

    • 155
      c.eng says:

      We pay them to groom us, to do their bidding.

      Most of the population have no idea of this, or their brainwashed condition.

      As one of my ‘friends’ says, ‘It must be true, they said so on ‘the News’ ‘

    • 213
      Ex TV licence fee payer says:

      “+++Sigh+++ Remind me again . Why are we paying the beeb a License Fee?”

      Because you’re all dumb enough to keep paying?

      • 326
        T'old Fella says:

        Wasn’t it Maggie told them they could raise the licence fee so that they could compete with the commercial stations, it got a bit ridiculous when a DJ got £5 pa if they want go let them go

        Wan’t it Maggie who said in the 1980′s that they could raise the licence fee to compete with commercial stations, there were big rises in pay eg DJ’s on £5M pa, if they want that monmey they can go elsewhere, just like football did, I am not interested in either, so good riddance to them.

      • 340
        Anonymous says:

        To pay for Miranda Hart & Graham Norton….silly.

    • 274
      carry hole is a complete hunt says:

      It’s not paid, the tax tax is extorted.

  11. 12
    Wife Beater says:

    I thought the “character” looked like Chris Patten.

  12. 13
    Algerian special farces says:

    Bit late in picking that up it was shown earlier in the week Sunday was a repeat of a repeat, still nothing new with the beeb.

    • 16
      albacore says:

      You couldn’t expect them to watch their own drivel
      The first showing’s enough to make your brain shrivel
      Don’t they hire stuntmen to check repeats for slime
      Before re-transmitting them for the umpteenth time?

      • 261
        Anonymous says:

        I remember well and would remind all others. Dithering Dave must have known he needed to sort out the BBC as an initial priority, but no they were grand chaps and should be protected. A bit like the boundary commisssion, just another thing to undo him. Yet a pattern emerges, the most likely thing is that he is a Labour wanker who has been placed as a mole into the Conservative Party.

        Fat cheque and job from the EU eh Dave – not like we ever suspected or anything. Question is what do we do. Both ED and Dave are both shallow socialist wankers out to line their own respective nests. Nobody believes a word they say but the tribal vote ensures their continuity.

  13. 14
    Damned Impertinent Questions says:

    In the interest of Diversity, Ed should make him a Shadow Minister – better than whats there today

  14. 18
    Meanwhile says:

    The peadoes at the BBc just can’t give up can they…..

  15. 19
    Media Hysteria says:

    All getting a bit silly. They used a Savile catch phrase, big deal, so what?

  16. 22
    Middle Class Child says:

    Like ‘Rastamouse’ that particular programme isn’t one we are encouraged to watch. In fact Mummy and Daddy turn it off.

    • 60
      Islington Mother says:

      How did you get past the block we put on nasty right wing sites like this Damien? You know we only allow you to look at Owen Jones’ blog and the Guardian.

  17. 23
    Anjem Condemns Flashers says:
    • 25
      Nelson Mandela was a Terrorist Dave says:
      • 27
        Iron Age Dave says:

        Would that be a Cast iron resolve?

        • 92
          Pearly King says:

          The only thing I can think is that it must be some sort of rhyming slang. “Iron resolve” is obviously rhyming slang for “David Cameron is a completely and utterly useless c**t”

        • 186
          any old iron says:

          I don’t know, start a twitter account and ask Dave yourself.

      • 31
        • 78
          Vote UKIP to stay in EU says:

          “Wee Douggie ” speaking for Labour on BBC Sunday Politics Show says that when(no if as Cameron is unlikely to win election) Labour becomes Government in 2015 that they see no requirement to hold in/out referendum and refuses despite persistent questioning from “Brillo”to give assurance that Labour will not repeal Referendum Act in the first parliament after they win in 2015

          • i despair says:

            That ‘referendum act’ is worth fuck all anyhow. Its a con trick foisted upon the people as well. There is absolutely no imperative for the PM to call a referendum if he deems it unnecessary.

          • old SHEP says:

            No more worthless promises, If it is worth doing then do it NOW. Won’t get fooled again!.

          • Anonymous says:

            I wish the climate change act was worth fuck all.

          • rebekah aka nellnewman says:

            If labour win election in 2015 you may expect a further raid on your pension, a further raise in your taxes and rates, a further raise in welfare benefits, a further raise in immigration, a further increase in our contributions to the EU and more closeness with talks of joining the collapsing euro, a significant rise in the number of government non-jobs and increase in mp’s salaries and expenses and a significant decrease in your personal standard of living to support them!!

          • Useless lawyers says:

            can we have more inquiries too.

          • Southern Softy says:

            I hope Ed’s Balls turn cubic and fester at each corner.

          • c. eng says:

            Just more of what we’ve had from Cast Iron Davy, then.

          • South of the M4 says:

            You mean, sort of more of what we have now then. Only red, not blue & yellow.

          • You're so vain says:

            Wee Dougie’s hair looked suspiciously darker this morning-has he been let loose with the hair dye?

      • 33
        EU Watch says:

        So, you are suggesting quit Europe, bomb France ?

      • 41
      • 47
        Dave would you credit it is a greater Twat than Gordon says:

        I have a feeling by Global he means Western Europe, the states and the Antipodeans. And is ignoring the other 95% of the Globe’s population.

      • 48
        Ex-Conservative voter says:

        And which presumably doesn’t involve using British troops. Because Dave’s sacked them.

        • 140
          British Foreign Policy in the 21st Century.Discuss. says:

          As an aside the jihadists that attacked Gas Plant at In Amaenas were using arms and military equipment snatched from Libya ….now let me think who was involved in the Liberation of Libya…it was plainly stated at the time by many commentators ..lost least a few on here…that we knew fuck all about who we were supporting(some were plainly affiliated to AQIM) bringing Democracy(LOL) to both Libya and Egypt in the so called “Arab Spring” and probably created an even worst threat than Gaddafi and Mubrak regimes were to Western interests…but never mind the Guardian approved

          • rebekah aka nellnewman says:

            And militwit and balls foreign policy is what exactly?

          • Anonymous says:

            Not only the Guardian, but the BBC, the Torygraph, the Mail, and the rest of the spewers of state propaganda.

            Let them all hang with their precious Liblabcon.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Some powerful and monied group behind the scenes are and have been fermenting all this chaos and division (for decades) – it really is not that hard to work out who they are – now come on some of you be honest with yourselves – yes thats right it’s them – who constantly laugh in the background at the Ch.ristians being pitted against the Mu.slims.

          • old SHEP says:

            I don’t do religion, so where does that leave me?.

          • carry hole is a complete hunt says:

            “Liberation” please. Just like the fact that egypt is imploding (bbc ignoring that one)

          • Anonymous says:

            seeds of division.

            one religion is designed to make wimmin a source of sin.
            the other is romantic enough to think it is the only truth.

            create your own triangle of luck, happiness and auspicious acts. anyone can.

      • 54
        Blowing Whistles says:

        “intelligent” Dave. That counts you out then.

      • 56
        Motherhood Statement says:

        We need a global response to the A threat that is P, Q and R. On the one hand X, on the other hand Y. Make no mistake, we are determined to Z so that W becomes a thing of the past.

      • 68
        Blowing Whistles says:

        “We” Dave. Is that the same “We” as the vast majority of the British Public who want out of the EU, don’t want gay marriage and who ain’t been ‘fooled’ by the climate change mongers?

        You do not speak for the British Public – you are a puppet on a string.

        • 86
          old SHEP says:

          Gives ten billion a year away in foreign ‘aid’ which never gets to aid anybody but cannot afford 2 billion to supplement the cost of care homes for our old aged, hasn’t got a clue what’s going to happen when we are invaded by another 3 million from Eastern Europe, etc, etc.

      • 94
        Mornington Crescent says:

        Meanwhile, I supported the Muzzy-led Arab Spring in Libya and Egypt and fully support the towel-headed thugs in Syria.

        Consistent? Not me!


      • 101
        i despair says:

        a tweeting PM!

        The most shallow excuse for a leader this country has ever had.

        • 112
          Pope Benedict XVI sends his first Twitter message in Latin says:

          Maxime vadosum excusationem, ducem hanc regionem umquam habebat.

          • Pope Benedict XVI sends his first Twitter message in Latin says:


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            is that you SC?

          • @BW

            No! Adseveranter. Non uti habitu.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            SC I will take the risk (without knowing that esperanto 5hit or whatever it is/was you meant) of saying “same to you too with knobs on”.

          • @BW

            I am pleased to learn that you don’t wear a dress either! :-)

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            @SC You’re comment is noted – I am a normal male who likes his women. What could you mean about that you have learnt that I don’t wear a dress? You’re so cryptic – but hey at least I don’t live in a crypt. Its a pun SC thats all.

            BTW I am not effing intersted in what happened in history 800 or 1500 years ago – It matters not one iota in the scheme of things today. I am interested in the past 150 years or so and of attacking those who spin bull5hit / injustice etc – in the here and present.

            Lincoln: You can fool some of the people for some of the time … you know the rest.

            I sse you repeated your Lloyds Sharia comment on both of todays blogs BTW. ‘clocked that’.

          • Last part already answered here:


            As previously noted, you are not forced to read my posts. If you think they are rubbish, then bully! That is your prerogative and I support your right to think it.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            @SC I read the 26 or so comments on your site – now they do reveal a closed little shop of old boys … that was very interesting indeed.

            btw – you don’t have to respond to my comments either – so bully to you too with bells on.

            I could say we march on for the truth … at least you and I can have within all reasoning civil discussions – whereas there are those who at the merest mention of a particular hollow subject – get all huffy and bom.bastic …

          • @BW OK That is fine.

            You have to understand that I have a site not because I wanted one but because it was necessary to gain access to this site for a while. That situation is now gone but a few people have posted and, if I feel so inclined, I respond.

            It is a totally different proposition to o-o which is a business.

    • 376
      Raving Loon says:

      A bit of a shift since you were best mates with Gadaffi.

  18. 24
    A BBC Weather presenter says:

    Pant-pissers, the BBC.

    All of us. It’s what we do, and it’s what we want you to do.

  19. 26
    mea culpa guido says:

    I think we now know the originator of the YouTaff vids.

  20. 36
    Observer says:

    The other day, Radio 4 played a between-programmes trailer for WATO coverage of Dave’s Dutch jaunt after having already reported that the speech had been postponed.

  21. 37
    Anonymous says:

    Surely, though the hair may have grown a bit, the face is a dead ringer for Mike Smith?

  22. 40
    Conspiracy Watch says:

    Now that’s interesting: Niger Ambassador to Belgium found dead with wife in Brussel’s.



  23. 42
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    That’s more an apology to those professional complainers out there who are aggrieved about just about everything! Do little little kids really know or care that it’s a Jimmy Savile parody? Indeed, do little little kids really know or care who Jimmy Savile was? However, it does show a singular lack of thought on the BBC’s part (or maybe they just don’t give a shit!) that the Guido Fawkeses of this world would have a field day with something like this. My money’s on the latter, though the former certainly cannot be ruled out.

    • 64
      Casual Observer says:

      The BBC were fully aware of what was going on when the program was commissioned and made. That we know now, and that should have prevented it being produced in the first place.

      Easy to have it go out again upon release, demonstrating that either have not the resources to check programming properly, or that they do in fact tacitly approve of child abuse and its promotion.

      It is not that the young people watching it are not aware. By that argument it is fine to repeat the old Jim’ll Fix it Shows. That is of course false argument and very wrong.

      Destroying the credibility of the propaganda organ which is the BBC is in everyone’s interest. However, it is a shame that it is happening this way. In the meantime, boot in and cease watching.

      • 125
        Tay King-dePisse says:

        My point was that, unless he was saying “Hello, children, my name is Jimmy Savile,” really small children, those not likely to have read a newspaper or seen the TV stories on him, are not likely to associate the character being portrayed with nonciness and just all-around sleaze. It is somewhat hard to warp children’s minds with inoffensive spoofing of someone, the reference to whom is likely to soar well above their heads. It’s not the effect on children that’s at issue, more like that the BBC knoweth not arse from elbow, and careth even less.

        Of course, if you re-ran the old Jim’ll Fix It shows, the more bright of the children out there might cotton onto his being a bit of a rum character, and the slower ones would probably think he was slightly off, and not in an endearing way, anyhow. Even then, the character in that snippet would probably draw derision from the kids, in the vein of, “Oh, he’s playing that ridiculous git Jimmy Savile, isn’t he?”

        • 153
          Casual Observer says:

          Can take that reasoning.

          However, as a parent who is aware I would prefer my kids not to be exposed to this. It proves that the state broadcaster can for sure no longer be trusted in it’s output.

          But to your point: Would Charlie Chaplin still be acceptable if the person he parodied was known to be a serial child abuser rather than a despotic murderer.

          eg. If he parodied a certain doctor of ill repute rather than the fuhrer ?

          This does raise an interesting question over acceptance of censorship and where the bounds are. Perhaps keeping children away from BBC output unsupervised is the best option.

  24. 44
    The Elephant in the Room says:

    Hmm… curious as there was supposedly a glut of gas:


    Price spike coincident with cold winter in Europe, and noting global warming is fiction is interesting. Ball is back with those who have an interest in production…

  25. 50
    Another Elephant in the Room says:
  26. 51
    Sir William says:

    Hard to get excited about.

  27. 58
  28. 61
    Anonymous says:

    “With One Finger, One Thumb..” that’s how it’s done !!!

  29. 63
    R.U.Shaw says:


    • 320
      Jimmy says:

      “Daily Hitler gives me barely enough to get by”; Shit stirring bigot forced to struggle on 150k a month.

  30. 65

    Dateline 20 January 2025

    The Islamo-Western War has been raging for ten years now since the end of the Sahel War. The death toll to date is 35 million Muslims, 27 million Europeans and one million Americans.

    The caliphate has been restored to Spain and eastern France as are all points south of the Danube and east of Prague. Britain has been ruled by The Muslim Brotherhood for six years and Qur’anic law is now the only recognised code and is strictly upheld.

    All baby girls are circumcised by the age of two months. Stonings are held in Hyde Park every morning at nine. Amputations are performed in what was the Ballroom of Buckingham Palace at noon. Lloyds Sharia is the only bank allowed to trade. But this is just the start and further plans include…

    • 71
      Casual Observer says:

      You missed a couple of elephantine factors in that analysis:

      Russia / Ch!na.

      Ch!na may end up de facto controlling Suez, Russia will be de facto controlling the economy via energy and raw resource supply once they have finished removing US NMD sites stationed across Western Europe through Myanmar.

      Russia of course will use Muzzie’s in the proxy war and prefer to trade without incurring interest.

      So to complete the picture: !srael evacuated to North America and Palestine restored to full state run by Fatah / Hamas with Hezbollah in opposition ?

      • 88

        I did not miss it! This is the BBC reporting in exactly 13 years time.

        Of course, they will have been delighted with the fall of Israel but will, by then, be keeping rather quiet about it since their entire office had been slaughtered within one month of this during a banquet there to celebrate the creation of Greater Palestine.

        The news item is for home consumption only and the internet will be blocked from transmitting it outside.

        • 126
          Anonymous says:

          12 years surely?

          • Ah! Well spotted!

            The calendar is being moved on by two years every year so that, when it becomes exactly 600 years in front of the Hijri calendar, it can be shifted back to become compatible with Umm al-Qura.

        • 146
          Casual Observer says:

          I did miss the BBC bit.

          The report you portrayed was so unbiased and factual, only excluding some of the bigger picture, that forgot that aspect.

          So, things looking up for the Beeb in the future ? :-)

          • Indeed.

            It will mean that they will not perish until a few years later in a similar style to the massacre at the middle-east office mentioned above.

            (I must not give any appearance of smiling – you understand.)

      • 95
        Anonymous says:

        So leave EU and find some real trading partners. Why stick around with the down and outs.

        • 104
          Millibands and fellow travellers says:

          No way. Even if Cameron commits to a referendum act before the election, we’ll cancel it as soon as we are in power.

          • Vote UKIP says:

            Is Cameron’s solemn promise of a Referendum any better than a cast-iron guarantee? If so, how?

      • 100
        Franks says:

        The Israel/Palestine argument boils down to,”Do you want the”Holy land”to be
        Christian or muslim controlled…??

        • 147
          Casual Observer says:

          You may also want to check out the demographics.

          Palestinian population will dwarf !sraeli by 2020, unless something is done to cut down the birth rate.

          • Interesting that it will only be the German tribes that resist the surge of Islam. Sweden of course will fall very early and the rest of Scandinavia will follow suit with the exception of Finland which will be annexed by Russia.

            It will bring back memories of how the Roman Empire was held back in its northwards expansion.

            The otherwise pan-European Islamic Empire will hold together for about five centuries before its own inevitable decline documented, by an amazing coincidence, by one Edward Gibbon (no relation), who was born at the Railway Inn, SW15 6TD.

    • 73
      Joss Ayinglike says:

      I wish this were simply a joke, BUT, having seen what the UK was like in 1997, comparing it to today and then imagining how things could degenerate by 2025, nothing would surprise me.#Neathergate

    • 76
      1984 says:

      “Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia”

      • 84
        The Libor party says:

        Phrases like that, ‘Asian invasion’, White flight’ have been banned and replaced with ‘celebrate the rich multi-cultural diversity’. If you refuse to have your mind conditioned, you will be dealt with accordingly.

        • 188

          The new Great Mosque covers the land formerly occupied by The Palace of Westminster, St Margaret’s, Westminster Abbey and all land south of Victoria Street up to the junction of Bressenden Place but, for cultural reasons, the McDonalds Restaurant there was spared from the bulldozers.

          Everything east of Vauxhall Bridge Road and north of Millbank back up to Parliament Square was also demolished along with their idolatrous contents and a magnificent space was created around the new Faisal Masjid.

      • 91
        Red Egg Millitit... says:

        The mooosies will certainly attempt to breed their way to a majority.

        Just as in the US where a certain section of the population voted 99% for Obama….. the mooooooosies will be voting for their own or will hand over their postal papers to others to complete on their behalf :)

    • 251
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Ain’t that somethin – my little comment [up earlier] about a beth uhhumm din bank just disappeared off into the ether !!!!!!! NOw that speaks volumes of some people who really are worried / cant stand the real heat etc etc?

  31. 70
    Calamity Clegg says:
  32. 77
    Nerd says:

    Hey, the snowflakes on my tablet’s wallpaper are getting REALLY big. Must be awful in there.

  33. 79
    David Cameron says:

    I’m impersonating a Prime Minister.

    • 87
      The blasTed Heath says:

      That’s my boy.

    • 137
      Gordon Brown says:

      He hasn’t totally destroyed the economy yet so it can’t be me. Has anyone seen my red pen? I drew some beautiful red lines on the EU contribution rebate treaty with it. Now that was art. I called it ‘Art of deception’.

  34. 80
    Lord Jensen Interceptor says:

    That’s not a puppet – it’s van Rentboy dressed up. Barfly, van Rentboy’s pal is in this programme – so is Baroness Arseton. They both shag her dirtbox while she sucks off a reptile.

  35. 90
    Lord Jensen Interceptor says:

    You cannot post anything on this site anymore. The formatting is shite, the review system is non – existent and if as much as mention anything worthy of debate the post is obliterated.

    Waste of fucking time.

  36. 93
    Ah! Monika 2013 +1 says:

    Give ‘em time

    UK General Election
    Tories cannot be trusted on crime says Huhne – “A vote for the Tories is a vote for more crime; a vote for… http://tinyurl.com/7ey6l7q

    • 179
      The Downing Street Cuckoo says:

      A vote for the LibLabCon is a vote for more crime. Period.


      Good job no-one’s figured that out yet.

      • 190
        Court appointed jester says:

        That’s the same Huhne presently up in front of the beak….mhahahahahahahanahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

        • 254
          Blowing Whistles says:

          But there’s a seperation of the powers don’t you know – or is it the percieved seperation that the public are meant to swallow?

  37. 96
    Hope Springs says:

    Yes the children watching this were all alive in the 1970s.

    They all read the papers and blogs. We must censor this White alleged Pedo.

  38. 97
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Fawkes, can we please have a bit less Harry Hill-narrated ads for Cillit Bang but a “reply” function on comments that actually works?

  39. 101
    Rabbi Owen Jones says:

    The US and the EU, which have been funding and training the the Palestinian security forces, need to bang on the table — now — for Abbas to rein in the Fatah militiamen, before scenes of anarchy, violence and lawlessness return to the West Bank.

    After keeping a low profile for the past few years, Fatah’s armed gangs have resurfaced in the West Bank.

    The reappearance of the masked gunmen could only mean one of two things: either the Palestinian Authority is really losing control, or that it is using the gunmen as a means of intimidating donor countries, especially the US and EU, into resuming financial aid to the Palestinian government in the West Bank.

    Either way, the sudden reappearance of the masked gunmen, who are believed to be members of Fatah’s armed wing, Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, could pave the way for a new round of violence between Israel and the Palestinians.

    The gunmen first took to the streets of the Balata refugee camp, near Nablus, carrying assault rifles and firing into the air.

    The gunmen then held a “press conference” in which they denounced the Palestinian Authority security forces for arresting some of their friends and confiscating their weapons.

    Yet at the same time the gunmen heaped praise on Palestinian Authority President, and Fatah head, Mahmoud Abbas, saying they “fully supported” his policies.

    A few days later, another group of Fatah gunmen made a public appearance in Jenin, where they too criticized the Palestinian Authority security forces for arresting their friends and seizing their weapons.

    The statements made by the gunmen in both cases left Palestinians in a state of confusion.

    How can the gunmen condemn the Palestinian security forces for their actions and, in the same breath, praise Mahmoud Abbas, the commander-in-chief of these forces?

    Do the gunmen assume that the Palestinian Authority security forces act independently from the leadership in Ramallah? Or, as some gunmen have suggested, perhaps they believe that these security forces receive instructions from Israel or the US?

    Or is it possible that the Palestinian Authority wants the world to see the gunmen on the streets in order to send a message that it may completely lose control unless it gets more funding?

    In any event, to have Fatah gunmen once again roaming the streets of West Bank villages and refugee camps proves that the Palestinian Authority’s claims that the Aqsa Martyrs Brigades had been disbanded and disarmed are untrue.

    Unless the Palestinian Authority leadership takes immediate action to stop the Fatah gunmen, scenes of anarchy, lawlessness and violence could soon return to the West Bank. The Aqsa Martyrs Brigades was responsible for hundreds of armed attacks against Israelis during the second intifada.

    The US and EU, which have been funding and training the Palestinian security forces in the West Bank, need to bang on the table — now — and demand that Abbas rein Fatah militiamen, most of whom receive their salaries from the Palestinian Authority government.

  40. 106
    Ah! Monika 2013 +1 says:

    NEARLY a quarter of all European nationals living in the UK are not working, new figures show.
    According to the Conservative Fresh Start group, more than 551,000 out of 2.3 million are economically inactive and 146,000 have never worked in this country.

  41. 107
    Kebab Time says:

    Let every frog and every cat, every girl and every boy, join the caravan of love. And then invade Mali.

  42. 109
    Cardinal Owen Jones says:

    Pope Benedict XVI has posted his first Twitter message in Latin.

    A month after sending his first much-anticipated tweet using his personal account – @pontifex – the Pope said: “What does the Lord ask of us as we work for Christian unity?”

    And he answered: “To pray constantly, do justice, love goodness, and walk humbly with Him.”

    The Pope personally approves tweets sent in his name in nine languages and has some 2.5 million followers.

    Most of them follow his English account.

  43. 111
    Calamity Clegg says:

    Can’t wait till I’m on the Eurogravy train. I want to be in First Class too then…

  44. 117
    Bogeyman says:

    Why are kids being fed this crap anyway? Bring back Bill & Ben the Flowerpot Men. And Rag, Tag and Bobtail.

  45. 119
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    I absolutely despair at these evil people that use religion to further their own violent aims.

    The algerian terrorists are nothing more than criminals and have as much relationship to Islam as hi tler did to christianity!

    • 214
      Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

      He left many European cities 99.9% Christian.

      Look at them now!

    • 288
      carry hole is a complete hunt says:

      No, youre dead wrong. The terrorist’s islam is the real islam from the quaran.

  46. 128
    Sacra Vacca @pontifex_in says:

    Jimmy Savile unus erat ex nostra.

  47. 131
    Owen Jones says:

    Now in warm again after several hours clearing snow 4 us & neighbours. Hope all my bitter but very perfect right wing political blogging stalkers have done same.

    • 148
      old SHEP says:

      You’ve been making a snowman, what a hero!.

    • 150
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      Not a good idea – according to laws labour left us – if someone slips on your cleared snow they can sue you!!

      • 240
        A Claimant says:

        Funny you should say that. I feel a bout of whiplash coming on. I presume Owen Jones has a trust fund I can sue?

    • 165
      Soshalismus says:

      Never knew a soshalist to help any one else.

      How much did you charge, or have you wormed your way into their confidence to tuck them up later.

    • 234
      Casual Observer says:

      Don’t you live in a flat in a high rise ?

    • 330
      The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

      ‘Ang on Mate! You should leave that to fully paid up members of the Amalgamated Snow Shovellers and Ice Shifters Union. YOU SCAB!!

      As for them Right wingers they would have been and gone and done it without boasting or waiting for state intervention.

  48. 132
    old SHEP says:

    An inquiry into the legal profession would be a good idea, but who could we possibly get to conduct It?.

    • 152
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      OMG! Well it has to be cherrybliar doesn’t it?

      • 158
        old SHEP says:

        The crow flies straight across Chancery Lane and Lincoln’s Inn Garden, into Lincoln’s Inn Fields. Here, in a large house, formerly a house of state, lives Mr Tulkinghorn. It is let off in sets of chambers now; and in these shrunken fragments of its greatness, lawyers lie like maggots in nuts.”
        Bleak House.

        • 212
          Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

          Sounds bleak!

          But at least is was London then and not Londistan.

    • 159
      Blowing Whistles says:

      I would happily volunteer; I have the required ‘beating of them’ at all judicial levels on my legal tour of the court system over the past 10 years.

      • 328
        Anonymous says:

        I’m slow sorry. I have just got your name. I assumed a referee.

        Nice to know there is also someone else that tried to take on the corruption. Mine is beyond the courts now. When a government threatens the life of someone to silence them, and the courts use the same threat for their own purpose, it is time for a change.

    • 181
      Tomás de Torquemada says:

      I’m free !

  49. 138
    BBC Director General says:

    I’d never heard of Jimmy Savile till this happened. I apologise for this error.

  50. 139
    Chris Cowpatten says:

    When did I stop beating my wife?

  51. 141
    This isn't your fucking country, ragheads says:

    In light of this week’s muslim patrols story, I just want to say I hope every muslim on earth dies.

    • 290
      Wise Words says:

      There are only two things guaranteed to all… lets just hope they pay their taxes as well.

      • 346
        Britain the ruined country says:

        Bit difficult thinking they may pay taxes as something like 75% of them are on benefits and they’re not going to pay tax on all those cash in hand jobs at the takeaways, taxis, etc., etc.

        • 364
          A View says:

          So they’ll be boosting the economy by actually spending all their own money instead of handing half of it over to useless effin politicians. Good for them!

  52. 143
    David Cameron's Office says:

    Heathrow announce 10% reduction in flight schedule tomorrow.

  53. 154
    An Admirer says:

    Just heard the sad news about Wilko Johnson. Hang in there, buddy:- You are a shining star.

    • 218
      He does it right says:

      Such a shame. A legend

    • 258
      Made In Britain says:

      One of our most underestimated beat-combos. Best wishes to Wilko and his family in these testing times.

      • 375
        restore the monasteries says:

        Saw them a few times,Malvern Winter Gardens,fantastic.
        (it comes to us all) Best Wishes,thank you for the memories and LP’s.

  54. 164
    Keen nose says:

    I resent school being closed so soon after the recent weeks they just had off, I really do. All because of a poxy bit of snow.

    And yes it costs me money to look after kids when parents have to not work so they can look after the blighters.

    And yes teachers really do get 14 weeks off a year, fully paid, no matter how much ‘planning’ the poor buggers have to do during these huge stretches of time.

    I havent had bugger all holiday for some years myself, during which time there has been one heck of a lot of unpaid for work-related planning let me tell you.

    • 291
      carry hole is a complete hunt says:

      Every parent should pay for their kids education. Then school closure = no money for the school.

  55. 166
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    OK so militwit has said what about the terrorist attack in Algeria?

  56. 177
    Propaganda Watch says:

    Interesting piece on Algeria, almost ‘goading’ one could think:


    Lays blame at feet of UK / US (who are apparently France ??).

    Considering the Syria talks will be starting soon, this is a very interesting counterpoint at this time.

  57. 182
    Funny old world says:

    Odd that the BBC can apologise and just carry on considering they hounded a government minister out of a job solely based on a policemans lies.

    • 300
      Phil says:

      Sir Jeremy got a bollocking on the same subject “did not know, did not want to know, none of his business, wasn’t asked so didn’t bother”. That’s probably why he is the head of the civil service. His explanation to the select committee as to why he never joined the dots on the log,email and cctv footage was a masterpiece of political correctitude.
      I hope he never makes the p.m. a cuppa it would probably go like this;

      p.m. “Thanks for asking I would like tea please, two sugars”
      Sir Jeremy “There you go”
      p.m. “But it’s in a glass not a cup”
      Sir Jeremy “You did not specifically ask for it in a cup”
      p.m. “but it’s stone cold”
      Sir Jeremy “I was not asked to boil the water”
      p.m. “Tastes like there’s no sugar in it”
      Sir Jeremy “I did not think it was in my remit to stir it”

  58. 183
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    “Prolonged winter freezes were very rare in past decades, until cold spells in the 2009-10 winter and December 2010″

    This ABSOLUTE LOAD OF TWADDLE has just been printed in the Daily Mail.

    They obviously never lived through 1953 , 1963 or 1979 when folks got snowed in!!

    It happens !!

  59. 187
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    OK anybody have a vision of what militwit in no 10 and bullyballs in no 11 are going to look like?

    Blank sheet of paper – no foreign policy – no fiscaL policy – but a mega spend up on mp’s and ministers pensions, salaries and expenses!! Loads of government non-jobs – loads of uncontrolled immigration, replacing sterling with the crashed euro and giving merkel free rein over UK government!!

    • 196
      Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:
    • 262
      Blowing Whistles says:

      They will be just like every local council across the UK – totally neutered and controlled in fact by the EU’s tenticles. That’s where the EU have already invaded – via that they do control all Local Councils already – try the Monitoring Officers of any LA you like. But get a politician national or local to admit to it and you’ll be doing pretty damned well good. It’s their gold plated pensions you see…. Pigs / Trough Power / Corruption.

    • 347
      Britain the ruined country says:

      to 187 -No 10 and No 11 – two houses with nobody at home.

    • 365
      A View says:

      Nell, if you had watched Mr Shrimpton’s interview somewhere above here, you would have already known that the Krauts apparently already have free rein (or should that be reign in this case? What is the root of our royalty who signed the country over to a bunch of unelected foreign tossers?) over the UK.

  60. 192
  61. 193
    The Loony Left says:
  62. 195
    Operation Crossbow says:

    I love the comment from Andrew Neil on Twitter that ALL the well paid jobs being advertised in the Sunday Times were in the public sector.

    Nice to see the Tories cutting back on public spending….yet another broken promise.

    • 206
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      Imagine how those public sector jobs would be multiplied by thousands in a militwit/balls labour government!!

  63. 198
    Alky Ada says:
  64. 199
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Posts vanishing ONCE AGAIN.

    • 201
      A pedant says:

      When this happens, try switching your router off, waiting a minute, and switching it on again. This will change your IP address (unless you have a fixed one, which is unusual), and you will be revirginised.

      • 289
        Anonymous says:

        Probably wont work unless you leave it real ages, IPCONFIG release, IPCONFIG renew, should work if a) you give it time and b) I remember the commands right – its been a while. This works if you are directly connected to the modem and not a router. Otherwise turn off your router and leave overnight, if that doesnt work its an isp dhcp thing and you will need to ask them. Mind you a dial up was guaranteed to give you a new IP each and every time – which may have been handy.

    • 204
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      calling edmilitwit and bullyballs

      Do tell what your fiscal policy is ? what your policy is on immigration? what your policy is on economics?

      How are you going to fill that blank sheet of paper??!!

      • 205
        rebekah aka nellnewman says:

        Oh and donl’ forget to tell us what you are doing about the EU and kinnochio’s £millions!!

    • 266
      Blowing Whistles says:

      I had one disappear way above – it was up then 2 hours later – it walked off into the ether. Must not have been liked by some pale faces who have lots to hide.

  65. 215
    Lord Charles says:
             CCCC    A    MM   MM  EEEEE  RRRR    OOOO   N   N
            C       A A   M M M M  E      R   R  O    O  NN  N
            C      AAAAA  M  M  M  EEE    RRRR   O    O  N N N
            C      A   A  M     M  E      R   R  O    O  N  NN
             CCCC  A   A  M     M  EEEEE  R    R  OOOO   N   N
                      II   SSSSS   N   N  √ TTTTTTT
                      II  S        NN  N       T
                      II   SSSS    N N N       T
                      II       S   N  NN       T
                      II  SSSSS    N   N       T
           W         W   OOOO   RRRR    K  K  II  N   N   GGGGG
           W    W    W  O    O  R   R   K K   II  NN  N  G
           W   W W   W  O    O  RRRR    KK    II  N N N  G   GGG
            W W   W W   O    O  R   R   K K   II  N  NN  G    G
             W     W     OOOO   R    R  K  K  II  N   N   GGGG
            =++,      :~IZ88OZZI                                       
       ,7$777$7777$ZOOZZZ$$ZZ7$$Z$$$:         :+I7$I:           
         ,~7$ZZO88OZ$$$$ZZ7+=ZZZ$$ZZ       :ZZ$7Z$$$$$$+ 
         ,++ :~?$$$$7II=:::~Z$$$ZZZ$     ,7$Z$$$ZZZZ$$Z$= 
       ,=?,           ,+?I+7Z$$$$$$$+,,:IZ$$$$$$$$$$$$$Z$:            ,=7$$$:
    , ~??,           ,:~~~+ZZ$77$$$$$$ZZ$$ZZZ$ZZZ$$$ZZZZZ?          7Z$7Z7$$Z7
        =,           ~=+??$Z$777$$$$77$$Z$$$ZZZZ$$$$$$$$$Z=     ,~IZZZZZZ$7$$ZI
                    ,~~~~=Z$ZZZZ$$$$$$Z$$ZZZ7+~~I+?$$$$Z$$$Z$$$$ZZZZI+~,  ,:$7I:=I$7
                    :~==++$$ZZZZ$$$$ZZ$$ZZ$7~~~:=~::$Z$$$$$$$Z$7ZZI~:,      I$$Z$?,
                    =??I???7ZZ$$$$$$$$ZZ?~=?+~,    ,?77ZZ$$$ZZZZI~,
                    :+??+=~:?Z$$ZZZZ$I?=:~~~,       :~~:7$$Z$$7I=:
                     ,~?~~~~~~+??+~~=?I+,,.            ,=+=~::::            
  66. 219
    Owen Jones says:

    Government’s Flat-rate state pension branded a con trick by OAP group & Guido Fawkes,a right wing political blogger!!! http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2013/jan/14/flat-rate-state-pension-con … …

    • 221
      Anonymous says:

      fvck off!

    • 230
      Big Boy talk to little Owen Jones says:

      Good to bring up pensions.

      Contrary to propagandized sourcing from the regulated British media, the worlds population growth rates have been slowing over the past 20 years. In fact at present, there is concern that if current demographic trends continue, then the population +10-20 years from now will not be able to support domestic tax base enough to provide basic services required for current levels of economic development.

      Pensions are directly affected by this as aging demographics require the rate of growth of new taxpayers to be increasing at fairly well defined rates in order to remain solvent.

      The following article is of interest:


      Japan is likely to be the first to fall economically as a result of this altered growth dynamic.

      The re-writing of the social contract in Europe can also be viewed from this point of view, and the pension systems there may well be next to collapse. There is a remaining question mark hanging over the US which cannot be ignored.

      • 294
        carry hole is a complete hunt says:

        Pensions are simple to fix, you work longer and are retired shorter. In fact bin the retirement age and state pension and let people choose when to buy an annuity.

  67. 222
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Fair to say that I am totally fucking pissed off… Site still down and fuck knows when it will be up.

    • 224
      Tachybaptus says:

      That doesn’t sound like our Nell. And I just looked at her blog and it is working, though the last entry is rather old.

  68. 225
    News for Owen Jones from history says:

    We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions.
    - Adolf Hitler

    • 229
      Owen Jones says:

      There’d be a special place in Hell for journalists who rake it in by trying to turn poor people against each other. Vile, despicable people.

      • 232
        News for Owen Jones from history says:

        Socialism can be considered to encompass all of the classical circles as recorded in the Divine comedy, but Owen Jones will likely be sent to the sixth, unless of course he does something ‘heroic’ for his cause in which case the ninth will be his final resting place.

  69. 233
    Jimmy Savile says:

    I saw Giovanni Plowman in the bar last night so I asked if I could buy her a drink.

    “Sure” she said “I’ll have a Bloody Mary please.”

  70. 243
    Spokesperson for the Nasty Party says:

    Housing benefit debates will shine light on ‘discriminatory’ rule due to affect families with disabled children http://www.cafamily.org.uk/news-and-media

  71. 245
    EU Watch says:

    Another illegitimate piece of reasoning for staying in the EU:


    The EAW is somewhat ontroversial and the scope for abuse very high. Several member states have already been shown to have been abusing it’s use for some time.

    There is no advantage to the UK in continuing to be party to this system.

    Information sharing is one thing, but exercising discretionary control over extraditions fundamentally protects citizens from risk of abuse by remote nations and should be brought back: Preferably mutually.

    • 260

      The Grauniad article is highly anecdotal. The case it cites may be worthy but it lets in a raft of other dangers.

      We have had law made per news item for too long.

      • 282
        EU Watch says:

        Not sure if you mis-read it or not familar (I do not want to question the wisdom of the cat… :-) ), but:

        The EAW stuff came into force back in 2004 in the UK.

        It is in dire need of reform at the least:


        For the UK, revoking this legislation from it’s domestic law and reverting to the pre 2004 extradition law should be fine.

        Arguments against exiting from this legislation are weak. Grauniad article above is a reverse case for getting justice abroad. The typical argument is that it has made extraditing sex offenders from EZ countries to UK easier.

        In practice, under the old system, there would be no objection to a remote country extraditing on such terms provided they were satisfied the request was sound.

        The current system is a complete dogs breakfast which is abused by many member states. However, UK citizens are not those who are predominantly victims of mis-use of the mechanism.

        For the UK, the US extradition arrangements additionally need to be reverted.

        • 293

          Very simply. I do not trust a politicised police force.

          The four months or more test is simply an incitement to these boys to rig it so they get to their objective.

          I am all for proper enforcement of the law but the law must be:

          1. right (it ain’t half the time) and
          2. applicable to all (yes, we know Mr █████.)

          Blackstone’s formulation should still apply and it patently does not.

          • carry hole is a complete hunt says:

            You forgot another one. The law must be understandable.

          • Anonymous says:

            CH you are spot on. I have a transcript were the Judge pronounces that the public can not understand the law and it is only lawyers that can do that. A standard argument to avoid action against any tax paid quango.

            It is time to show how the law really works in this country.

    • 319
      Anonymous says:

      We either have sovereign powers, or have given them away. Which is it?

      If we are a state that has control of its own lands and citizens then the country has to put a case into our courts first to prove the need for extradition.

      There is no excuse for getting away with a crime. The failure is that a country does not give up its person when the evidence is produced. This reflects back on the country providing the evidence or the country that is refusing it. The victims will always criticise the country that refuses. But the innocent will always criticise the country asking for them. So the argument can be proven either way on a case by case basis.

      The argument for centralised databases is also bogus. It is actually better to have regional and country based databases. In organized crime, covering many areas, a corrupt administration can facilitate the alteration of the evidence in a central database easily. People can be protected. With multiple databases the corruption has to infiltrate into every area. Therefore it is actually better to have divided databases. Access to these databases can be universal for detection, but monitored. The ability to alter the data is restricted to a single area. Crime that is within a single areas has no advantage to being held centrally.

      It is just like healthy competition in a market. It serves to bring justice. We need regional and state divisions in crime databases to fight real organized crime.

      The argument goes for most concepts of centralising control. Hence why the EU lost its track when it morphed from trading concept to a policing entity. If it only had powers over companies it would have never got into the mess it is in.

      • 329
        EU Watch says:

        At present in terms of extradition requests the UK has given up most of it’s sovereign impartiality with respect to honoring requests from abroad with respect to EU member states and US.

        The situation right now is simply this. If someone makes a claim that you have committed a crime in another member state and the authorities there decide to proceed with an extradition request, if you are located in UK for example, the state here has no real discretion in processing that request.

        You will be picked up, no real questions asked and sent off to the requesting state.

        This is wrong.

        It may sound far fetched that this could happen arbitrarily, but there have been cases on the continent where political opponents in particular have been nobbled by bogus requests being processed through in another country to get them out of their home country.

        The precedent for all this appears to be based on the way inter-state extraditions work in the US Federal system. Seeing as the UK has not signed up for that Federal system it is half baked in the extreme that it has been imposed, and was done so under the radar of most until the Assange case came up.

        Look at that carefully and you will see further problems with EAW and why it is not in the UK’s interest to be signed up to it. Nothing to do with evading the law, but all to do with UK civil rights.

        There is no security at present from being extradited wrongly. And given that countries in Europe have very different legal protocols, procedures and indeed languages, etc., adopting a US style model really is ridiculous.

  72. 249
    Canada is a racist cesspool, send Carny back says:

    Confirmation that Canada and by extension Carny is $hit with money so should be kept out of the BoE at all costs:


    Racism on bank notes and screwing up the national symbol is one thing, making the head of state look like Chuck Norris is interesting, but don’t forget that these new Canadian notes melt if you leave them in the sun.

    Should the pleb Carny be allowed near UK printing presses ? No.

    • 259
      Tachybaptus says:

      The rot started when they took the loon off the $10 bill and put it on the $1 coin. We water birds have long memories, and do not forgive.

    • 366
      A View says:

      He is a Goldbergsocks plant. Nothing good will come of this appointment.

  73. 253
    Owen"Steampunk"Jones says:

    Ricky Tomlinson calls on government to lift ‘veil of secrecy’ on Shrewsbury 24 http://gu.com/p/3d7m3/tw via @guardian This stinks of coverup.

  74. 255
    • 270
      Reams of shite, Steve says:

      You’re addicted, aren’t you?

      • 278
        Steve Silman says:

        You need medical attention, Bob.

        • 298
          nellnewboy says:


          I get what I can afford : )

          • Steve Silman says:

            You may laugh but I am mightily pissed off by your recent approach. Whatever your situation is, it is not my fault. Few people do not have problems but some seem to think that they are the only ones.

            You do what you want, my friend. Don’t blame anyone if it rebounds on you because life has a habit of doing that.

    • 271
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Try ‘St Paul’s Travellers’ – if the links still exist. Got my copies down from the net years ago – all the funds by all the worlds dirtiest banks … Barclays atop the investments.

      • 272
        Blowing Whistles says:

        You Mooody mooding Bar Stewards.

        • 393
          Grandpa Birdbrain says:

          Hey, what happened to the vid about nine-eleven? I’m sure I saw it up on here earlier. Must be the vanishing cream at work again.

  75. 263
    If only I was adventurous says:

    Wanted: ‘Adventurous woman’ to give birth to Neanderthal man – Harvard professor seeks mother for cloned cave baby…Mail ( where else )

    • 332
      Phil says:

      I wouldn’t bother going to that extreme just perm any one from twenty adult Neanderthals sitting on the shadow front bench or parked in the Lords.
      I would not be surprised if they all carried a rogue gene or three.

  76. 269
    Auferstanden aus Ruinen says:

    Jimmy did nothing. He is innocent and I hope the BBC shows this episode every damn day you right wing fascists.

    • 276
      Official BBC Spokesperson says:

      Jimmy came to us from the, highly successful, Northern dance halls of the late-fifties. He was a heavyweight in the world of “light” entertainment and he was an ex-coal miner. We had no idea how to amuse the masses and he fingered his way into our consciousnesses. He presented programmes, from his caravan, very cheaply and even repaired his own punctures.
      Sir Jimmy was a legendary broadcaster and his rings have left an imprint on many people.

  77. 273
    Relevant and Interesting says:

    Counterinsurgency seems to be the watchword. Good article on Aligeria / France and the matter:


    Another historical note is that Algeria served as nuke test site for the French in 1960, about two years before they were kicked out.

    Very good film on the matter + modern warfare: (Subtitle / English)

  78. 287
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Snow in Britain; The only thing that settles here from off the continent that doesn’t claim fucking benefits.

  79. 292
    T.E. Lawrence ("Lawrence of Arabia") says:

    The printing press is the greatest weapon in the armory of the modern commander.

  80. 305
    Blowing Whistles says:

    “A vodka, please.”

    “Erm, this is McDonald’s.”

    “OK, a McVodka, please.

  81. 312

    1 Million users in 24 hours…

  82. 316
    not a machine says:

    I am going to have to think on Lord Justice Laws line , somthing doesnt quite ring true in his intonation ..

  83. 323
    Butch Cameron's Midas Touch says:

    “David Cameron hasn’t actually given his long-delayed Europe speech, but today’s YouGov/Sunday Times poll shows the widespread media coverage and the debate around the speech is already having an effect upon public opinion.
    At the start of the month YouGov was showing people would vote to leave the EU in a referendum by 46% to 31% who would vote to stay in – figures that were pretty typical of YouGov’s polling on EU referendums for the last year. Last week those figures had shifted to 42% get out to 36% stay in. This week they have moved even further and now 40% of people say they would vote to stay in compared to 34% who say they would vote to leave.”

    [uk poling report]

    • 325
      old SHEP says:

      All pretty irrelevant as it is obvious nobody is going to get the chance to vote on the issue under lib/lab/con.

    • 349
      albacore says:

      Do you reckon that’ll give Dave enough grit
      To give the speech and see if folks swallow it
      Or even to strike while the iron’s still hot
      And honour the cast-iron pledge he forgot?

  84. 324
    Owen Jones says:

  85. 334
    Saffron says:

    Cammorons speech couldn’nt give a shit about what this Quisling says.
    The only thing I would say to this asshole re the EUSSR is,how about getting us out of this Commie failed lets control everyone attempt to dictate.
    We have already seen this lot fail,why are we now not telling this lot to piss off whith their failed agenda.

  86. 338
    Japan Watch says:

    Hmm… Looks like Senkakus Islands may be renamed Diaoyu sooner than expected:


    Ch!na will want to get in quick before any further nonsense spouted about Japan joining NATO…

    • 345
      Ch!na Watch says:

      And it does look like Ch!na is stepping up to the plate:


      To be fair, both Ch!na and Japan appear to be locked into a mutually escalating path, particularly if the Diet election goes as suggested.

      One thing not mentioned is the fact that Europe’s $hit economy at the moment is contributing enormously to the economic slow down Ch!na is experiencing at present which in turn is making life tough for Jiabao.

      Domestically this does put pressure on the party to do something to boost its image with its people.

      • 356
        Wooden nickel meets real life says:

        You have Europe that is so screwed up, it can’t see it’s ar$e from it’s elbow, you have a USA that’s following the same yellow brick road down to hell and the crap house, now who really won the cold war, who is really playing the long term game of divide and conquer.

      • 357

        I posted this the other night but you may not have seen it so I repeat.

        BTW Where is your main focus of interest, and why, if that is not too impertinent a question? Are you in education, industry, IR or emeritus?

        I am interested in your scope of interest.

        • 363
          Misc Watch says:

          @SC: Sorry I missed your post the other night – please forgive, was not ignoring you intentionally.

          Main focus of interest: IR / Defense / Political Economy+Science – in Industry / Personal Interest.

          Scope of interest fairly broad. Gold, energy, food and ‘political transitions’ high on the list at present.

          Prefer to see political transitions towards the libertarian.

          Enjoy this blog as it seems to be the most advanced politically and is responsibly censor free.

          Chucking some of this broadly unreported-in-the-UK-MSM stuff up as some are interested in stepping outside the EU. Good to know roughly what sort of dragons are out there, and if you know what you are doing you can profit to boot. Also helps fill in the gaps on some of the surreal policy decisions which government adopts.

          (May also help with figuring out what scams the scamps in Westminster may be getting up to – the really juicy stuff – as well.)

          Personally think EU exit is a good idea, if enough agree, as the UK + commonwealth + non-communist US is the worlds missing axis of ‘good’.

          Interesting (and from some angles funny ;-) ) one for you which actually has big implications for some:


          Not sure if the knock-off F-35 will be involved in the confrontation with Japan, but a few of these would out match Japan’s F-15′s easily. One thing for sure, the engines in it will be Russian.

          Certainly has done a lot of damage to BAE rep though, which is a shame.

          • That must have been a fun article to write! I imagine the problem for Mr Moss is when to know his joke is actually real.

            I remember a recruitment cartoon once in which the interviewer was explaining We are looking for someone who can lie convincingly. Trouble is, knowing when we have found him.

            Had not read The Diplomat until you started to post it here but it does look interesting.

            Your description responsibly censor free is very apt but one might find difficulty in getting a judge to agree to that.

            We have a large area of congruent thought. The EEC was fine for me but the EU was a step too far, too fast or both. The ability to travel in large parts of Europe without customs or passport is on balance a good thing in my view and a point which is sometimes missed in the UK for obvious reasons. If we had border checks into Scotland, Wales or even South Yorkshire :-), it would be regarded as odd.

            My view is one of a continuum in which we are just a minor part. In order to make sense out of the world one has to know what went before and my interest in Art, Music, Architecture, Archaeology, History, Literature and Philosophy all help to that end. Being a counter cyclical fellow, suspect that I now almost instinctively row against the stream in many ways. Whilst that approach is not understood by many, it often allows me opportunities to develop which would not otherwise happen.

  87. 350
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Dave’s off on a jolly to Davos this week.
    Actually it’s a very busy body week for so many political numbskull and boneheads all week.

    O Huhne & Obambi 21st / O Merkle enoughversary & O Bibi 22nd / RCJtrickery – well all week actually 23rd / something will come along 24th / 25th/26th/27th – it’s beat up stoopid chri.stians over that hollow story annual crap that I am sick and tired of listening to and our children should not be forced to listen to it any more.

    • 361
      Not Blowing Whistles says:

      Knowing roughly what goes on in Davos, stays in Davos until !cke leaks it, what do you reckon they are going to be saying about In Amenas – if anything ?

  88. 359
    BBC P℮ⅾo Ring says:

  89. 360
    It's Snowing from Istanbul to Colorado says:

    The kind of stuff you don’t see much of on the BBC:


    Wonderful photo’s. If anyone bothers to cover the !srael elections next week you may see some snowballs being thrown.

  90. 374
    Owen Jones says:

    I step out in the compacted snow, taking tentative steps like an Irish politician on the lookout for snipers.

    • 382
      albacore says:

      That’s more than Fawkes is doing this morning
      Bestir yourself, Fawkes – it’s way past dawning
      Withdrawal symptoms are what folks will get
      With no Rich & Mark inspiration yet

  91. 377
    Raving Loon says:

    Wake me up when the licence fee is abolished.

  92. 378
    This isn't your fucking country, ragheads says:

    To all muslims, I’d just like to say: muhammad can suck a fart out of my arsehole.

  93. 379
    George Entwistle says:

    I’d never heard of the bbc until this happened.

  94. 380
    Owen Jones says:

    The UK economy will see “sluggish growth” for the next two years unless the Treasury and Bank of England adapt a more innovative approach to boosting its expansion, a study has said.

    The call comes in the latest report from Owen Jones.

    It wants the government to spend more on infrastructure, and do more to support the housing market.

    A Treasury spokeswoman said the government was continuing to ignore economic advice from Owen Jones. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. 381
    George Entwistle says:

    I just found out I’m married. I never thought to ask who the woman in my house was.

  96. 383

    Neo slumbers.


  97. 384

    Is this an Ed Balls production ?
    Just like”Busters World” the children’s website he set up using millions of pounds of taxpayers money
    There was a massive launch , only for children to find when they logged on , a strange bloke doing bizzar things whit ballon’s on a Gay porn site of the same name

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Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

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