January 18th, 2013

Piers Trounced By the Amish

At last some good news for Piers Morgan: six times as many Americans watch his show as signed the petition to have him deported. But the cheers for Piers end there. The latest cable news race figures for Wednesday have the CNN host at the bottom of pecking order, with less than a fifth as many viewers tuning in to his show compared to Fox’s Bill O’Reilly. The humiliation was completed by 3.2 million Americans watching Amish Mafia, Pennsylvania’s answer to Made in Chelsea, compared to just 600,000 viewing Piers Morgan Tonight. At least Obama’s a fan

H/T Politico


  1. 1
    Rip Van Yankee Go Home says:

    That would be some American bollox. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. 2
    B Boyd says:

    Please complete your sentences – Obama is a fanny.

  3. 3
    Smig says:

    Piers who? Looks like a moonfaced twat with a dose of the clap.

  4. 4
    Pierced Organ says:

    Anyone know the password for the ratings system?

  5. 5
    Smig says:


  6. 6
    Raving Loon says:

    Morgan comes across as a smarmy arrogant annoying Huhne on both sides of the pond.

  7. 7

    Obama has to be a fan. Its the democrats broadcasting arm.

    For him not to watch would be like Owen Jones saying he thinks BBC News is a bit partisan and he watches Channel 5 instead.

  8. 8
    Pen4old says:

    It’s not quantity, its quality.

    I’m just surprised at the 600k of complete dickheads……..

  9. 9
    Call me Dave says:

    I love the new Channel 4 fly on the wall “The Unelectables”

  10. 10
    Smig says:

    599k are using it as their daily “two minutes of hate”.

    Pierced Organ is Emmanuel Goldstein for some happy critters.

  11. 11
    Sir William says:

    When Guido has nothing to report, he writes about Piers Moron.

  12. 12
    Sir William says:

    So the Amish have driven a horse and carriage through Piers’ audience figures?

  13. 13
    Gordon the medicated says:

    I think we need to move our gold reserves back inside our borders.

    Someone should go and buy it all back so we can do so.

  14. 14
    Call me Dave says:

    Agreed. Soon we will have some pathetic caption competition with no prize

  15. 15
    Putr1d Labour ruined my Country says:

    I see Obama is instructing Cameron not to leave Europe. Since when di the US tell us what to do?

  16. 16
    Call me Dave says:

    Oh; around 60 years ago

  17. 17
    T'old Fella says:

    channel5 is Guido’s favourite channel, he works the owner Dirty Des, at least when he is not watching Sky

  18. 18
    T'old Fella says:

    Who’s Piers Morgan, a sort of French Welshman?

  19. 19
    "Lebanon" Levi Stoltzfus says:

    More people would rather watch a sleazy operator who promotes keg parties and smoker fights in rural Pennsylvania amongst the Plain Folk, than Piers Morgan. Was ist los? They’re not even showing the REAL stuff I do, just “recreations,” for chrissakes! Ach du lieber! Is Piers THAT unwatchable, that they tune in to see ME?

  20. 20
    Casual Observer says:

    One does wonder if he abused cortisone when he was younger…

  21. 21
    Life imitating art, and is still more watchable than Piers Moron says:

    To be fair, Dog the Bounty Hunter is better and more relevant than Moron’s show.

  22. 22
    Point of information says:

    Politico were being kind. Check the relevant 18-51 demographic and you will find Moron is lucky to get 300k / night. The others on the list do not show similar reduction.

    What this means is that the Moron show ratings are heavily supported by TV’s being left on in nursing homes and kindergartens.

  23. 23
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Piers Morgan should interview Lance Armstrong. The we could see a liar and a cheat being interviewed by a liar and a cheat.

  24. 24
    you must be 'avin a laugh says:

    sod the pleb figures
    stewart rules
    would like to see guido interviewed by him
    &or the amish mafia

  25. 25
    check your own spelling first you illiterate - bushes was the cunts says:

    bastard boyd

  26. 26
    filipinomonkey says:

    600 000 Americans actually watch it?

    Still, I suppose it’s better than waterboarding…

  27. 27
    Over There And Over Paid says:

    Looks like Billy Connolly’s “Morgan fails upwards” is a tad more accurate than Morgans “I am a very talented person”

    How does the lying drip retain a job? Can CNN not see through him or was it his rich wife paid to get him a job.

  28. 28
    spanows says:

    worth pointing out the Piers was top CNN show last year, unfortunately this was still about 15th overall (top 11 were Fox news shows)

  29. 29
    lojolondon says:

    Yup, Obama would be sucking off the Moron – just like Brown did because Piers also brown-nosed him, defending the indefensible in public!

  30. 30
    Busted Nokia says:

    Piers is a dinosaur and does not understand the future:

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