January 18th, 2013

MacShane Gets Off…This Time

macshane-cakeShamed expenses cheat Denis MacShane will not be prosecuted…for swearing down a megaphone during a demonstration last year. The former Rotherham MP was reported to the police after launching a four-letter tirade in front of a crowd in October, but no further action is to be taken due to lack of evidence.

He might not be so lucky the next time the cops come calling…


  1. 1
    A Wig says:

    Let Justice Be Domed

  2. 2
  3. 3
    CPS MacShame : Unless the DPP have been bunged says:

    Nothing wrong with a 4 letter tirade, provided he did not utter any death threats or attempt to incite the crowd to riot or commit other illegal acts.

    • 6
      Airey Belvoir says:

      Agreed. This blog cannot have it both ways, against repressive laws on freedom of speech unless its someone dodgy you don’t like much.

      • 37
        Anonymous says:

        Then how come P.C.Plod gets plebs arrested & charged for swearing in a public place?
        Silly me,I forgot that this was a politicon & not subject to the same Laws that are applied to the rest of the population.

    • 43
      Hugh Janus says:

      Good job he wasn’t tempted to utter those immortal words: “Excuse me but I think your (police) horse is gay”……

      Let’s hope the authorities are saving themselves for some really meaty charges over his allegedly fraudulent expenses.

  4. 4
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Did Vicky give him a lift home?

  5. 7
    Britain the ruined country says:

    The thread is non action by police, as the bbc et al do not want you to hear about the vile atrocities perpetrated on 11 and 12 yearolds by the enrichments gifted in their millions to this country, google Oxford Mail.

    At least they are reporting on Operation Bullfinch, action could have been taken years ago, as it couod have been in Bradford, Rochdale and hundreds of other places in this country.

    Better never late than never you say? I say only when the police are dragged kicking and screaming into taking action. Remember the chief of Lancashire police saying to a mother, “It happens, get used to it – we’re not going to do anything.”

  6. 8
    Owen Jones"The Cheekie Chappie" says:

    I checked the use by date on my Tesco burgers just now…and they’re off!

    • 11
      anonymous says:

      and heading down the first bend

      • 26
        Lord Mandelbum of Fondleboys says:

        Owen Jones as out of date and out as touch as his namesake – all the horsing around at Tesco’s expense has been done to death – but we could send Owen to the knacker’s yard I suppose – handy for anyone who needs a large chip on each shoulder, an empty skull, a pitiful attitude and a large, muscular gob.

  7. 9
    anonymous says:


  8. 10
    Bof says:

    Wonder what hAs happened in his girlfriend’s trial

  9. 13
    EU Watch says:

    Interesting piece in Turkish press on ‘Europe in denial’:


    Curious phrase: ‘Managed democracy’ in reference to Greece.

    The term Euroskeptic should be dropped though.

    There is no skepticism. The reality is no one asked for it or wants it.

  10. 14
    Anonymous says:

    Heres someone else “getting off” . This is the guy who replaced Stephen Purcell at the helm of Glasgow City Council. Same old same old


  11. 16
    Meet the new Sky Football pundit says:
    • 41

      FFS what does she know about football?just more grandstanding from this overrated arsehole.

  12. 17
    Field Marshall Abu Qatada says:

    A Muslim man said to me, “what do you think of when you hear the word, Allah?”

    “la la la la bamba,” I replied

  13. 18
    Superman says:

    Have the police and Guido nothing better to do than worry about a few swear words? For fucks sake!

    • 38
      Anonymous says:

      I think the concern is not over the use of swearwords in a public place but the perception he,due to his job,has been treated under the law in a way that would not be shown to ordinary citizens.

  14. 19
    "Bull" Horne, with his loud hailer, says:

    Did you hear that, folks? Next time I’m in Rotherham (*ahem*) “***I CAN SPEW ANY OLD BLOODY FUCKING SHITE BOLLOCKS CURSE WORDS I WANT, ‘COZ THEY DON’T PROSECUTE!***”
    Mind, I still can’t foster any children if I belong to UKIP, so there IS still a limit to free speech, I suppose…

  15. 23
    Observer says:

    No evidence? Surely someone had their mobile recording?

  16. 30
    Albert Hall says:

    So there were no witnesses then?

  17. 33
    Public Sector Parasite says:

    Denis MacShane is vile. Denis MacShane is also a Zionist. Is there a correlation between the two?

  18. 36
    Back@woodsman says:

    Shirley there must be an of duty copper to report that tourists were visibly shocked ?

  19. 39

    Reblogged this on maltbyblogger and commented:
    Lack of evidence ? What sort of evidence could there be apart from those who were there and heard him ? As it was also reported in the Rotherham Advertiser, is this a sign that all that we read in that paper is not correct information ? Or more likely, another sign that not matter how disgracefully our MP’s behave they will not be prosecuted and can continue being above the law which the rest of us have dutifully obey.

  20. 40
    Postal Votes are Labour Loo Paper says:

    Here’s another 4 letter word- McSnake is a thieving cnut.

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